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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 8, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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after that, just some laboring in showers. a lot of sunshine coming up for the weekend. so far no reports of flooding, but there has been some damage. a busy and a nasty evening as we go to the next couple of hours. >> it is not nice on the roads right now. john gonzales is live in bethesda with more on that. [no audio] we have been driving through montgomery county for the last hour. the rain has been coming down for several hours. very heavy at times. this is already causing some problems with standing water on westlake drive. you can see montgomery county police have the road closed off.
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there are power lines and trees down. police are directing traffic. the rain is not doing them any favors. we are told that these power lines and the standing water are creating some sparks, some fires. it is a very dangerous situation right now. this is westlake drive. police caught it closed off. the rain is really coming down and creating a lot of standing water. it could not happen at a worst time, rush hour traffic. the water is starting to really fill up. we have seen some storm drain problems. folks are trying to clear off some of the debris. directly in bethesda, we have power lines. montgomery county police are directing traffic as best as
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they can. they say that it is going to be a while. tucker meant -- tuckerman lane will be closed for several hours. >> keep us posted. the weather is causing some major delays at local airports. there is an hour and 45 minutes delayed at reagan national. we will be monitoring the storms and any damage throughout the evening. if you have any pictures or video, sound and to us. -- send them to us. the weather in florida was cleared today and history was made. >> the final lift off of atlantis. >> the final shuttle launch. it went up without a hitch as millions of people watched around the world. today's liftoff was a proud moment for an asset and
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americans. -- nasaa and americans. >> just an hour before the launch nasa said this is a no- go situation. it did not look good. for 30 minutes later, it turned for the better. they gave it the green light and what a sight it was. the cheers of almost as loud as the launch itself. as atlantis roared into space the masses aboard, too. -- roared, too. >> i cried a little tear of joya every time i see a shuttle launch but i do not think there was a dry eye out here. if you understand what this really means. >> what this means the beginning of the end. atlantis returned home and the shuttle program will be over for good. an entire fleet retired. for the astronauts, mixed
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emotion. >> i am a person who celebrates at a wake. there is so much else going on. >> a great vision, it pulled me through all of my experiences. >> the program has just proven to be too costly and too dangerous. as nasa hands over some of the reins to private companies, and there is a reflection. >> absolutely fantastic. >> plenty of pride. >> amazing what we have developed, the techniques. i remember sitting up there and looking down, this is a miracle. >> 12 days now of space travel then atlanta's will return to earth on the 42nd anniversary of the moon landing. it will make its way into a museum, like the rest of the fleet.
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>> other than being in cape canaveral to watch the launch, what better place to watch this moment in history than the smithsonian and space museum. pamela brown was at today's watch party. >> over the past 30 years, the space shuttle program has been filled with hopes and dreams, tragedies and successes. today marks the end of an era. a lot of people came to the air and space museum to share in the special moment. >> 3, 2, one. >> a applause inside the air and space museum erupted and the crowd watched with all as the final space shuttle soared for the sky. >> it is the last one. >> the first time ever seeing a real -- >> it is the first and last time
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for many kids here today. astronomy teacher said would missing this is better than anything you're going to learn in a classroom. >> we were able to come out here to the smithsonian for free and witness history. >> bemis the endeavor launch in florida two months ago. this has made it even more momentous. >> when i heard it was going to be here, we thought this was the second place -- second best place to see it. >> you are just holding your breath. >> then it was pure excitement. >> you get goose bumps. >> for many, the feelings were bittersweet. even though a chapter is not closed many hope space exploration will continue to grow to new heights. even if it takes a little time. >> even though the program is
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over, there are other ways to go into space. many of the kids say they are inspired by the lift off and they said they hope one day to explore space themselves. >> to see a photo gallery from today's historic lunch, you can go to our web sites a trial date has been sent for brittany norwood. she is accused of killing her co-worker. she left court today with their head down. -- with her head down. >> today's proceedings was a pre-trial hearing about scheduling issues. we did not hear any new evidence in this case. we did get a hint of a possible defense strategy. we got a chance to see brittany norwood for the first time since her arrest. brittany norwood left court today in the backseat of a
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sheriff's cruiser. the lawyer says the four months in jail, her state of mind is good. >> i think she is doing pretty well under the circumstances. >> she is charged with the murder of her co-worker jayna murray at lululemon. it is alleged to brutally be her to death after closing the store and staged an elaborate set up an story that she was a victim of two masked men. the store has reopened. customers say the murders still haunts them. >> it hits everybody really hard. >> we follow casey anthony 24 hours a day. i kind of want to see what has happened with this crowd behind bars. >> the defense attorney declined to rule out its and incompetence seat defense. >> you have to explore every
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possibility did you discover certain things in the case. >> an investigation is still ongoing. no strategy decision has been made. in bethesda, they say they will be watching closely. >> i would like to see her be accountable in some way or another. >> she is competent to stand trial. >> there could always be delays, but the trial is set for the middle of october. it is expected to take eight days. a high-school coach faces charges tonight accused of having consensual sex with a 16- year-old student. the 31-year-old turned himself in wednesday night. he is the field hockey team coach. he met the girl while working at a substitute at that school. he faces up to 10 years in prison. there was a tragic accident
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at the texas rangers baseball game. a fan tried to catch a baseball and he fell 20 feet ball is down somewhat spread the man died on his way to the hospital. >> the rangers will play their scheduled game tonight but only after lowering the flags to half staff and observing a moment of silence for a fan who died in a freak accident. the 39-year-old was on a father-sent out into a ranger's game when a decision to reach for a foul ball toward a fatal. the texas firefighters lead over a railing to grab the souvenir and fell 20 feet. >> just as the ball hit his hand it threw him off balance. he went headfirst. it looked awful. >> after the fall, as dawn was conscious and told paramedics to watch after a six-year-old son.
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he went into cardiac arrest. nolan ryan said the rangers will investigate whether it needs to make the stadium sabre for fans. -- safer for fans. >> it is one of the saddest things i've ever seen in this ballpark. as a father and as a grandfather, my heart goes out to that family. >> josh hamilton, who tossed that fell ball into the stands, is said to be very distraught. the outside nationals park today, phan said going after a foul ball is part of the fun of being asked -- and a game. >> it is unfortunate that it did happen. i am not sure if baseball can do anything about that. >> this is the second fatal fall this season. last season, and another man fell at a ranger's game.
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this time, 30 feet from the second deck. he, however, survived. coming up, a local teenager is found not guilty in the stabbing death of another teenager. sparking outburst from both sides. >> he was raising his foot. he was screaming. nobody came over to him. >> a story of survival, how local motorcycle rider survived a crash and was stranded for 22 hours. >> legal action being taken that controversial her treatment are safe. >> you are in labor and there is nobody there. >> her frightening story of abduction and rape that lasted for 18 years.
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[ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. jaycee dugar is speaking not for the first time. >> diane sawyer said down with a young woman who was kidnapped when she was just 11 years old.
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>> jaycee dugar talks about it all. being held captive in a dirty backyard. she is a survivor, one of the most correct -- horrific kidnapping stories of all time and she is ready to talk. kidnapped from her home in the fifth grade. she was handcuffed, raped and kept in a makeshift backyard prison for 18 devastating long years. >> you cannot be imagined being kidnapped and raped. you do what you have to do. to survive. >> when she was 14, she delivered the first of two babies. she was alone and in labor in her backyard. >> it was painful and then i saw her. she was beautiful.
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i felt like i was not alone. i did not know how i was going to do that. but i did. >> she explained to diane sawyer that she is extremely protective of her two children also coming forward is her own mother. she was rushing to work and would not kissed her goodbye. >> 19 years i kicked myself. i did not kiss my baby good-bye. >> she will also talk about being rescued after 18 years. >> you can watch all of the interview sunday night at 9:00 right here on abc 7. the fund backing scandal is
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now widening british police raided a second tabloid newspaper today. searching for information. earlier police arrested the former editor of "news of the world. " they are investigating allegations that journalist paid police for information. he served as communications director for the prime minister david cameron. a major cleanup is underway for some neighborhoods outside of baltimore. a violent storm moved through the area last night. this was the scene some residents were forced out of their homes and the red cross has helped to find a temporary shelter. >> meanwhile, we are in the thick of it. >> some nasty better. -- weather.
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the heaviest is just to our east. here is how it looked a little bit earlier today. it has been a nasty evening commute. our temperature right now in washington is down to the 70's. our record rain for today, this is for washington, is over to wenches. folks up in frederick have already had that. -- 2 inches. folks up in frederick have already had that. look at the temperatures now. let me show you the results of the last couple of hours. we are still officially under a flash flood watch. the heaviest rains are now beginning to move to the east. look at the lightning, though. that line stretches down from the upper eastern shore down through baltimore and then on into the south around frederick. you folks in southern maryland, you have this line yet to come. here we are in washington.
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some of the heavier rains are over to annapolis. it stretches south into prince george's county. the southern edge of that line is now at stafford. all of this is yet been to move into charles county. in the next couple of hours, all of this will be pretty much clearing. look at winchester, there were some very heavy rains earlier. that is not clear and has begun to move east. you get an idea look at the amount of rain pact into our network. frederick, md., some spots -- some stock -- spots over 2.5 inches. there is that heavy rain. by midnight, it moves up towards new jersey. there are some lingering showers out in west virginia. that will be more of the flooding after we get to another
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couple of hours. temperatures to marble be up to about 90 degrees. we will start out with a lingering sprinkle. the sun comes up and by the afternoon, temperatures will be near 90 degrees with a reasonable humidity. our average is now 88 or 89 degrees. after that, more sunshine. a little more humid on sunday. the next chance for showers is tuesday. i think we will be getting into some refreshing aired the middle part of next week. next week looks like a good vacation week. >> what does refreshing mean? >> low humidity. >> fabulous. >> next couple of hours a very heavy rain. >> anytime you can use refreshing and this summer. it is time to give away a another $50 itunes gift card.
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>> today's winner is cindy good. go to our facebook page to sign up for your chance to win. >> coming up, the royal couple sports a cowboy hat on their last day in canada. the next up for them is california. >> we intend to develop the technology that will allow the other satellites to be serviced. >> we will tell you more about the special technology on board the space shuttle atlantis. >> a local man survived 22 hours stranded after crashing his motorcycle.
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we have an amazing story of survival. >> a young man spent 22 hours demobilize, at a site and unable to call for help after a horrific motorcycle crashed in manassas. >> a motorcycle shot off the road and into the woods last thursday night. the 29-year-old flu 54 yards. he languished in and out of consciousness for some 22 hours. >> he did not show up to work.
5:26 pm
>> the impact shattered several vertebrae in his back. he could barely move, but he knew his cell phone was in the compartment of this motorcycle. he managed to grab a hold of a stick. >> started poking at the bike. he spent the whole day until the fund fell out. >> on friday night his cell phone rang. on the other end do you think the voice of his brother. >> i said, where are you? >> i do not know where i am not. >> pieces of the broken motorcycle and clothing remained at the scene. the first words were an apology for wrecking his younger brothers motorcycle. he told him not to worry. bikes are replaceable. brothers not so much. >> he definitely had some willpower to spend that much time know when that it would
5:27 pm
take that long to get it. it is incredible. >> his family said he was wearing a helmet. he underwent a successful final surgery and they do expect him to regain full control of his arms and legs. >> coming up, even before the storms moved in, and national park service employee had a close encounter with a tree today. see the damage, next. >> when i tell you that she is my inspiration, she is. >> her family is overcome with emotion as a young maryland girl steals the show [ man ] i got
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a large tree came toppling down trapping and national park service worker in his car. >> this happened at fort marcy park this afternoon. >> this man was still able to reach for his cell phone and make two phone calls looking for help. one of those calls was to his friend, who spoke with me right after the rescue. >> it is crazy. >> it was lunchtime. a worker for the national park service pulled into fort marcy park. the co-worker got a phone call. you picked up the phone and what
5:31 pm
did he say? >> the tree has fallen onto the track. i said, are you all right? >> another friend rushed to his side. >> it makes my heart skip a be every time. >> this large tree fell across the truck, crushing the cab smashing the windshield, and trapping the driver. >> this could have killed him. >> he was eating a sandwich when it happened. despite being hit in the head, he was still alert to call for help. >> i was feeling good when i said -- i am going to the hospital. >> talk about timing. rescue crews say that if he was sitting in the other way in the truck, you may have not survived. >> i think he has somebody looking over his shoulder. definitely. >> firefighters say he should be ok. he was conscious and talking on
5:32 pm
the way to the hospital. >> an emotional day in fairfax county courtroom today as a not guilty verdict came down for a local teenager accused in a brutal stabbing. courtney robinson explains what happened in court today. >> for the family of why it campbell, today's verdict is not justice. nine months later, the wounds are still fresh. on october 14, 2010, someone stabbed him nine times. he died 30 minutes later at a hospital. officers charged stephen smith with second-degree murder. fairfax county tried him as an adult and found him not guilty. >> it would have been better for everybody how this person been kept in jail. >> the family worries this is
5:33 pm
not the end and fairfax county officers agree. they are maintaining a very visible presence in the area. this afternoon, we tried to speak with the smith family, but the homeowner demanded that we leave. she is not angry with the jury, but stephen smith himself. >> i do not blame anyone. the other -- the only person i blame is the person who murdered my child. the latest standardized test scores show students are doing better in the district. there are some questions of cheating in d.c.'s schools. secondary math scores rose in every grade. the school with the biggest improvement is hospitality high school. one year, math scores jumped from 27% to 51%. >> we work hard.
5:34 pm
every day. >> the test scores, after allegations of cheating in some d.c. public schools. an investigation found dozens of schools had unusually high numbers of erasures. that is when wrong answers were changed to correct ones. the mayor called on the inspector general's office to finish the investigation. quickly. time now for a check of the traffic situation. we have to expect that it is a bear tonight. >> every interstate dealing with heavier than usual delays. let's talk about the mess on 395 south. slobodan near quantico. a serious accident -- slow near quantico. heavier than usual delays on
5:35 pm
westbound 66. very heavy traffic between college park and northbound 270. old georgetown to college park and every interstate you are on, heavier than normal delays. >> thank you. coming that, should d.c. government get involved in gun sales? >> this week's working mother bring smiles to brides. we will meet her next. >> the president is forced to do some damage control following in your report that was the economic recovery at risk.
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wedding season is in full swing, of course. these working women are longtime best friends and they are taking the bridal business by storm. picture-perfect rides on the biggest days of their lives of wearing the dress as they always dreamed about. they found them at a petite bridal salon in georgetown. -- a boutique bottles line in georgetown. >> do what you want, it is your big day. you should do it the way that
5:39 pm
feels more comfortable. >> the number one piece of the device is find something that makes you feel like the best version of view. >> they look -- if they look comfortable together, they can finish each other's sentences. rewind to middle school, when they bonded over the bank calls. >> my first memory is on a school bus in the seventh grade. that is how we bonded and became friends we both heard the bangles song. >> their friendship lasted through the years. when they both were getting married they felt like the d.c. bridal market needed something new. they decided to put their entrepreneurial. spirit to the test. they knew going into business together could be the end of a
5:40 pm
rare friendship. they say it is a perfect partnership. >> there is nothing better than going to work every day with your best friend. >> it is working. since a hitch opened in 2005, the business has grown 20% each year. they just expanded in may. >> a great story, thank you. of next, another reason for you to quit smoking. one of the largest cigarette manufacturers is hiking its prices. >> i am leon harris at the kennedy space center. engineers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their experiment.
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have the rain moves through the area. >> john gonzales is live in the past. -- in bethesda. >> the rain has stopped.
5:44 pm
the heavy rain has slowed down. it has created a lot of problems in bethesda. standing water and a lot dovecote -- and a lot of -- >>, the weather is having an effect on the report. but he is ok. >> you could see that huge tree in the middle of the road. let's go back to our top story. nasa and the final flight of the space shuttle. it has been a bittersweet day for nasa workers at the space shuttle atlantis blasted off on the last mission of the shuttle program. this morning, hundreds of people gathered at the flight center to watch atlantis' launch. many people say they cannot believe the shuttle program is ending. >> they have played a role in every shuttle launch.
5:45 pm
>> this final mission will be no different. experts are testing an experiment that could keep forgetting satellites on the job even longer. leon harris has the story. >> atlantis is flexing its muscles one final time. >> space walking astronauts will begin an experiment designed by the researchers. >> a few weeks later the dexter robot will pick it up and transport it over and house permanently on a different part of the space station. >> this is a replica of the robotic machine that astronauts are taking up to the space station. >> we intend to develop the technology that will allow the other satellites to be serviced. >> experts said the purpose is to develop the technology to refuel satellites already in orbit, even if the satellites
5:46 pm
are not designed for refueling. oftentimes the sensors on any of the 400 existing satellites are still healthy, but when they run out of fuel, the satellites become space junk. >> we are trying to break that paradigm and allow companies to continue their revenue stream. >> he says that nasa has no plans to get into the long-term business of retooling satellites, this technology could directly -- could be replicated down the line. full testing will not begin until later this year. it will continue for the next two years on board the international space station. 7 is on your side with a proposed new guidelines for dietary supplements but the federal government wants to update a 1994 law that requires supplement makers to notify regulators about a new ingredient in their products.
5:47 pm
under the new rules, companies must notify the fda before selling any new variety of supplements. congress is trying to smooth out the controversy surrounding chemical hair straight nurse. at least 10 lawmakers are asking the fda to investigate the character and based hair treatments. it contains formaldehyde which is classified as possibly cancer causing great stylist use gas masks to apply the treatments. lawmakers are asking for better regulation. this is another reason for smokers to quit the habit. philip morris is increasing the price of its cigarette brands by 9 cents a pack. the increase went into effect today. they make marlboro as well as other brands. the makers of camel cigarettes, reynolds tobacco, is considering a price hike. >> royal watchers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of prince william and kate to the united
5:48 pm
states. they are scheduled to arrive in los angeles and a couple of hours. the couple just wrapped up their nine-day visit to canada. earlier today day dawned cowboy hats as they watched eight rodeo in calgary. -- watched our rodeo in calgary. >> we have a look at what is coming up tonight in prime time. "what would you do?" is at 9:00 brea. the night wraps up with abc 7 news at 11:00. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson joins us from the newsroom. >> the space shuttle atlantis has lifted off for the final time did we will have a live report from kennedy space center.
5:49 pm
also a setback and the country's economic recovery. but what the president is saying about today's disappointing unemployment numbers. more than disappointing. let's hear what bob ryan is saying about the weather. >> not for us right here in washington bridge look out live doppler. that is a nasty line that continues to move south of manassas. there is one hot spot. some rotation moving right toward the comfort. there are still severe thunderstorm warnings out for another 10 to 20 minutes. that is an area that has a lot of cloud to ground lightning. here are some of these spots. we will keep an eye on that.
5:50 pm
the amount of rain downtown, a quarter of an inch. at the same time, frederick md., over 2.5 inches. all of this continues to move to the east at about 25 miles per hour. there will be some lingering showers if you are heading out to the beaches tomorrow. but then sunshine for saturday afternoon. look at the beach temperatures. the water temperatures are into the 70's right now. a nice day around here on sunday. next week, some great weather with a lot of sunshine. every with every -- everything is right there on you have a very uplifting story tonight. >> what i love about sports is just the game. it is how you can bring people together. we are all fans of something. there's more to the nfl then money and a lot out.
5:51 pm
at its core, there are players and the fans that support them. in some cases those to come together. bobby mitchell held its annual golf tournament to raise money for cancer patients, including one very special young girl. dozens of hall of famers are calling lansdowne home this weekend. >> sometimes i would really think and say, i am going to get through this. >> she was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 8. >> when you consider that this young girl is probably taking 100 or 200 pills a day she knows her friend cannot do that. >> i knew that my friends could not handle left -- handle it.
5:52 pm
>> her mother has never heard of bobby mitchell the football player before fate brought mitchell and tailored to gather. >> it is just hard. it is hard to see how much somebody cares. somebody who really does not even know taylor. >> in his 20-year run the tournament has raised more than $7 million to fight for kids like taylor. her cancer has been in remission since december 1. >> there were days when she was sick and i was crying. she would comfort me. to have your nine-year-old kid -- it is unbelievable. >> amazing. amazing. i can help to get a little torn up about that. it is good to have the
5:53 pm
tournament. sunday, you can go, $5, i believe. >> bobby mitchell is a super guy. >> absolutely. >> he raises so much money. thank you. coming up, the ongoing debate over gun sales in d.c. is heating up. >> what some officials want the city government to get involved.
5:54 pm
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the sale of guns in the district has always been a controversial topic. >> a city official had an idea that will heat up this debate even more. >> he has come up with this idea, it was just a few years ago that district officials went all the way to the united states supreme court in order to block the district residents right to own handguns. a few years later the same officials might be getting into the gun business in order to
5:57 pm
make it easier for district residents to own handguns. handguns have been illegal in the district since the supreme court ruling in 2008. in the first year of being illegal, about 1000 handguns were registered. but there are no gun stores in the district. in april, the only guns -- residents have not been able to register their handguns. >> where does that leave d.c. residents? >> she is suing the district to make it easier for gun stores to open. cathy lanier says it is a problem that needs a solution. one solution being considered would be for the city to become a federally licensed firearms dealer. a move that would be a first in the nation. >> i think that is brilliant yes. it is very typical of d.c. government and their brilliance.
5:58 pm
>> most residents did not think it was a good idea. >> i think it could work. in fact, i would prefer that. >> i guess you have to have gambling and guns at the same time grade going down the wrong path. >> d.c. government has enough to worry about. and enough to fix. >> if the district is to become the first jurisdiction in the nation to become a federally licensed firearms dealer, it would have to be approved by the d.c. council then the mayor and then the federal alcohol tobacco, and firearms bureau. that doesn't for us at 5:00.
5:59 pm
at 6:00, severe storms are moving through the region. our storm watch team is tracking the information you need to see. all systems are a go for nasa's final space mission. we are live at the kennedy space center. fears of a double-dip recession grow after a disturbing new report. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6, on your side. we begin tonight on storm watch with serious storms moving into the region. parts of arguing area are under a flood warning. let's go to bob ryan, who is tracking the system. >> it has been an afternoon of some nasty heavy rain. a lot of lightning. let me show you where the area that is still under a flash flood warning until 8:00.


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