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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. >> we begin with the summer scorcher. we are already cranking up the heat this man.
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get ready to feel like triple digit -- this noon. get ready to feel like triple digit temperatures. >> we are looking for a break over the next 12-18 hours. with the sun set tonight slightly cooler temperatures overnight, and tomorrow, drier air will move in. it is 90 degrees already at reagan international airport, 89 at dulles. the heat index makes it feel like 96 at reagan. in fredericksburg, 105. there is a heat advisory in effect until 8:00 this evening. it includes the district and surrounding counties. we will take a look at the extended outlook in just a few minutes. >> thank you. the heat wave is a big worry for thousands of people packing into the nation's capital. we are not the only part of the
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country baking in this heat. our coverage continues live from the national mall. >> many people are looking to get into the water or seek shade. throughout the day, the heat is going to keep on coming. >> it is awful. >> the scorching sun combined with the heat and humidity is making it a difficult day to be outdoors. >> it was 82 when i came in at 6:00 this morning. it is going to be hot. >> these sweltering conditions caused runners to hit the pavement early. >> in an hour, it will be too hot. >> also in an attempt to stay cool trash trucks in the district started an hour ahead of schedule. the heat index makes temperatures feel well above 100. and we are not alone. half of the lower 48 states have
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heat advisory's or warnings. in oklahoma, temperatures are rising. in illinois, the heat claimed the life of a man whose air conditioner was not working. >> we get increasing calls. it takes a toll. people need to hydrate, a slowdown. >> across washington, many are already eating those warnings. >> i drank a lot of water before coming down here. >> is that part of your plan to stay hydrated? >> yes. >> the key is hydration and shade throughout the day. one group in arlington is asking people to donate bottled water so that they can pass it out on the street. in the meantime, labor secretary hilda solis is giving outdoor workers plenty of breaks and water to keep them safe.
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>> the weather team is tracking the forecast all day long. go to our website to read more about the dangers of heat related illnesses. just go to now to a developing story on a major maryland interstate. traffic is back to normal after a six-hour nightmare last night. a gas leak caused the highway to close during rush hour. we have the latest on the frantic repairs. >> crews continued to work last night. >> once the mud is removed then contractors can go into the hole and assess the damage. >> officials from washington gas say the intense rain that came down did not make the process any quicker. the broken main is located
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about 20 feet underground, what is now a muddy mess. yesterday, gas shot into the air 30 feet above ground. they blew -- the air blue the windshield of a piece of heavy machinery. it is not yet clear why no one knew the line was there, whether it was unmarked or unidentified. >> until they get the whole open, they will not be able to say which of the two it was. >> officials say they have turned off the gas in the area, but people who live, work and commute around here say they hope today is nothing like yesterday. >> i am concerned. i was thinking of going to a friend's house because i am a little panicked. >> driver sat on closed roadways for hours last night. officials received dozens of calls about the rush hour nightmare.
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>> we in acknowledge that it was an extreme extreme inconvenience from a traffic perspective. but there were no lives lost, not a single person hurt, and that is our job. >> we are following some breaking news this manoon. a woman convicted of running down two men will spend 20 years behind bars. she is convicted of vehicular manslaughter as well as drunk driving. prosecutors say she killed the two men in february of 2010. of former democratic leader in falls church is in court at this hour facing charges of sexual assault. he is accused of sexually assaulting three young girls last month. two of the alleged victim's, ages 9 and 10, attended a slumber party at his house.
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his lawyer says he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. police found an 8-year-old boy hours after issuing an amber colored. darrick charles brown jr. was in an abandoned row house in baltimore. someone reported seeing him grabbed and put in the trunk of a car. the suspect's name has not been released. meanwhile, on the hill, talks between democrats and republicans are going nowhere. the clock continues to tick. there are just 20 days left until the government defaults on its debt. both sides are saying that will not happen. pamela brown is following the story and follow -- and joins us with the latest. >> the gap between democrats and republicans is wider than ever, but president obama insists the
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deal will get done. president obama has made it clear he wants a long-term deal by the august 2nd deadline with no exceptions. >> i will not sign a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day extension. it is not going to get easier. it is going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. >> following the press conferences yesterday by president obama and speaker john boehner, the debate has become more contentious than ever. republicans continue to call for a more modest package that would only include spending cuts. >> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> but democrats say they are blocking a deal on a landmark compromise. >> republicans are blocking the deal.
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>> congress will increase the debt limit in time for us to avoid default. we are a country that pays its bills. i appreciate the statements by the leadership that they recognize default is not an option. failure is not an option. >> if the government does default on its debt, americans could immediately feel the effects. it could be worse than what happened at the start of the great recession. >> thank you for that report. the first of two memorial services for former first lady betty ford will be held in california this afternoon. michelle obama and three other former first ladies will attend the service. a second service will be held thursday in grand rapids, michigan. mrs. ford will then be buried next to her husband gerald ford in the presidential museum in grand rapids.
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the soldier is going to be the second ever medal of honor recipient from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the army ranger lost at hand and suffered shrapnel wounds when he threw a grenade away from fellow soldiers. 38 militants were killed in pakistan after american missile strikes. pakistan was brought over 12 hours. relations between the u.s. and pakistan are already strained. earlier this week, the u.s. cut of $800 million in aid to pakistan. it turns out the taliban is claiming responsibility for the assassination of the half brother of the afghan president hamid karzai. ahmad wali karza was considered by many to be the most powerful
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man in afghanistan. his bodyguards killed the attacker. coming up on abc-seven usenews at noon new details in the privacy scandal affecting the world's biggest media mogul. and, a facelift for a local shelter. volunteers are making major changes. but first our
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>> fire officials are investigating a fire that destroyed a manhattan synagogue last night. firefighter suffered minor injuries when the roof collapsed. the fire left much of the upper east side blanketed in smoke. the historic synagogue was undergoing renovations, and now the congregation wants to rebuild. today is the last space walk of the shuttle missions. ♪ i love you more than the sun and the stars in the sky. ♪ astronauts are currently working to retrieve a broken ammonia pump. they will end their 13-day mission next week, marking an end to the shuttle program. in britain the phone
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hacking scandal is widening, with more allegations being leveled against media mogul rupert murdoch. earlier today, gordon brown accused murdoch of hiring criminals to obtain information about his family and others. brown says murdoch did not like his politics and was trying to smear him. >> i am genuinely shocked to find that this happened because of known criminals undertaking this activity. >> murdoch's management team did know that the paper had violated privacy laws, but kept that information away from police. turning now to the weather i am thinking of all the people who have no air conditioning today. my heart goes out to them. >> there is a heat advisory in effect. temperatures will start to
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settle down later this evening. did you hear the lightning and see the fund -- hear the thunder and see the lightning last night? this is looking toward national harbour. lot of lightning. thank you for sending us the shot. the lightning and thunder storm was loud last night between 8:00 and lig9:00. nothing like that is under way as we move into the daytime hours. looking at annapolis right now a few clouds here and there. 90 degrees already at reagan national. the record high as 99 degrees. the dew point level is hovering just around the 70 degree mark. over in delaware, 87 degrees already with wins just around 7 miles per hour. temperatures in the 80's-lower- 90's.
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the big story though, the heat index, what it feels like outside. it feels like 101-102. a heat advisory has now started and it will extend until 8:00 tonight. this is for the district and immediately surrounding counties. there is cooler air out there. it is going to take some time to arrive. in the meantime, it is going to be uncomfortable to dave -- today. the heat advisory stretches all up and down the coast. no showers and thunderstorms right now, but a few may pop up later this afternoon. 95-99 for a daytime high. tonight, temperatures will fall into the 70's. tomorrow look for temperatures around 88-93 degrees. here is a look at the extended outlook. temperatures will cool on
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thursday into friday. we will increase humidity as we move into sunday and monday. >> thank you. pepco admits it has a lot of work to do to earn back the public's trust. the facility has the distinction of being the most hated company in the country. they suffered a 23% drop in customer satisfaction from last year. that is the largest drop in any utility in the country. they say they're committed to improving their service. marion barry wants to keep new apartments out of work 8. he will introduce legislation tomorrow that will ban any apartment building from being billed unless they -- being built unless they are already under way. he wants to see boarded up
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houses renovated. right now only 24% of ward 8 residents own homes. volunteers are spending the day sprucing up a shelter planting trees painting walls and making needed repairs at the city's largest homeless shelter. this is sponsored by alexandria 's economic opportunity commission. great work out there. meanwhile, another community service project is taking place at the washington navy yard. high-school students from across the country and from london's spent the morning packing care packages for military families. the london students are spending one week in the district as part of a leadership summit. coming up, caching and -- cashing in. could you write a scholarship essay on twitter?
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this is unbelievable. another fan plunges over the barrier at a baseball game. today on oprah, the out of
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>> this was almost a tragedy we played last night at major league baseball's home-run derby. a fan leaned over to catch a ball. he lost his balance and was only saved by the quick action of his brother and a handful of other fans who quickly grabbed his legs. on thursday, a texas rangers fan died after falling onto the
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concrete while trying to catch of all that was thrown by a player. a partnership encourages students to report bullying when they see it. the anti-bullying campaign will be on television, radio and magazines. facebook will release a new application that encourages people to stop falling. -- stop bullying. the university of iowa is offering a scholarship worth $37,000 for a tweet explaining why a student might be a good mba candidate person the person with the best tweet will receive a full scholarship. keep it clear and concise. still
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>> of marine stationed in afghanistan is going on a date with the girl of his dreams. with some help from justin timber lake, he invited her on the date with the help of a u-2 -- youtube nvidia. >> i would like to invite you to the marine corps ball.
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take a second to think about it and get back to me. >> that video has had nearly 500,000 hits. just and timber lake saw the video and decided to help out. -- justin timberlake saw the video and decided to help out. >> do it for your country. this needs to happen. >> i will do it for you. >> i love it. it turns out, she is holding good on her promise. the marine and the actress will go on a blind date to the ball in november. >> that is fantastic. >> i admire her for doing that. >> are you ready for the extended outlook? we are looking at cooler air for thursday and friday. we have
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