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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 18, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america, schoolhouse horror. >> a teenage boy 5 under arrest accused of p pnning a deadly attack on his classmates. how a secret tip stopped the plot. then cancer break. an amazing new drug that could help millions fight one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. the contest being held to find the best storiesf the worst parking violations. good morning, i'm diana alvear. >> and i'm rob nelson. friends say the tampa teenager charged in a bomb plot did not know how to control his anger. >> they say jared cano was venting when he wrote a detailed
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plan to bomb the school but the material the police found proves otherwise. karen travers has details. >> reporter: good morning. police in florida say they were very familiar with jared cano. he has an extensive criminal record and was on a police watch list but what this teenager is accused of n n is chilling. tampa police say 17-year-old jared cano meticulously planned his attack for the first day of school next week. >> he also mentioned his desire to cause more casualties than were suffered at columbine. >> reporter: yesterday he was arrested for plotting to set off bombs at his former high school. his target, 30 students and two assistant vice principals. but thanks to a tipster they prevented mother nast kerr. at his apartment they found elements to make pipe bomb, shrapn shrapnel, plastic tubing,
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accentants. >> they found a manifesto that outlined minute by minute to include detonating explosive devices through the school. >> reporter: police say cano acted alone and had no accomplices expelled from freedom last april and had not enrolled in classes this year. the teenager has an extensive criminal record arrested four times on charges ranging from marijuana possession to carrying a concealed weapon. the 17-year-old's facebook page shows him with pages of malt lick yore and machetes and wrote a crazy mind makes for a crazy life. his favorite quote, lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten. >> a lot of people might not even show up to school. >> reporter: freedom high school's 2,100 students are scheduled to start school as planned but officials say there will be more security present. rob and diana? >> karen, jared cano had an extensive criminal record so why wasn't he already in jail.
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>> reporter: none of those previous incidents stuck either tossed out or no further action taken except for being placed on the watch list. he was under a court ordered curfew but police say they did check up on h h from time to time and, diana, he is next scheduled to appear in court on september 2nd. >> all right, karen travers live in washington. thanks, karen. turning to politics, president obama heads to martha's vineyard for a ten-day vacation for his family. when he returns mr. obama is set to make a major speech on creating jobs and reducing the government debt. >> republicans, though, have been quick to cast doubt and housepeaker john boehner says he should just send the plan to congress and skip the speech. people making a big deal of the fact he's going on this vacation in light of the current economic crisis and all this. but people love to do math and check the stats. he's been in office 31 months and taken 61 case of vacation at the same time during -- >> 61 days. >> and george w. bush took 180
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days at this point in his presidency, reagan, 112 so he's lower. clinton was less than -- >> 28 i believe. >> so -- >> there we go. he's not beating any records. texas governor r rk perry is still stirring up controversy on the campaign trail. this time, though, about climate change. perry told a group of new hampshire residents he does not believe in man-made global warming. >> fact he called it a terry that hasn't been proved and accused scientists of doctoring ta for financial gains. >> yes, our climate has changed. they've been changing for -- ever since the earth was formed. but i do not buy into that a group of scientists who have in some cases found to be manipulating this information. >> texas happens to lead the nation in the a cashing dioxide pollution which contributes to greenhouse gases. health officials say three people have died from a brain eating microscscic amoeba that
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lives in stagnant water. the bug moves into the body through the nose and tacks the brain. the latest case involves a louisiana man who used tap water to flush out his sinuses. a 16-year-oldloridada girl died after going swimming in a river and a 9-year-old virginia boy died one week after being dunked at a day camp. a federal judge ruled that the nigerian man known as the underwear bomber is fit to stand trial. he is accused of trying to blow up a jet in 2009 using explosives hidden in his underwear. it was foiled and the flight landed safely. the trial is set to begin in october. attorneys for casey anthony filed an appeal hoping to keep her from having to returur to florida where she would have to serve a year-long probation sentence for check fraud. anthony has been in hiding, of course, since she was acquitted of murder last month in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> another website linked to san francisco's transit system has been hacked. this time the cyberattack
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targeted the union representing the b.a.r.t. policicofficers. they posted home addresses and other personal information of more than 100 officers. this is the second hacking incident since b.a.r.t. cut off cell phone service to prevent a protest last week. as pope benedict arrives in spain some pilgrims are marking the occasion with a tasty treat. >> a bakery in madrid is whipping up special souvenir biscuits, three varieties featuring a picture of the pontiff, the vatican flag and world youth day. they're sellingngike hot cakes. >> eat well. a look now at morning weather from around the country. stormy in the middle of the nation, hail and 70-mile-an-hour winds from minneapolis, des moines and sioux falls. pop-up showers from little rock to shreveport and much of florida a chance of some widely scattered showers from pittsburgh to atlanta and some late day thunderstorms in the desert southwest. >> phoenix climbs to 109.
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colorado things 99. 80s from fargo to detroit and much of the northeast, 95 in new orleans and a sweltering 106 in dallas. i love how you say new orleans. in my honor, thank you very much. >> coming up next the new weapon in the battle against skin cancer. then why the agency behind the united states' credit downgrade is under investigation. the rock star once called the worst investor in america who now has made one investment he definitely likes.
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overseas markets are mostly lower this morning about pessimism about the u.s. and european economies. tokyo's nikkei average lost more than 113 points today. hong kong's hang seng was off 99. in london the ftse opened lower. on wall street the dow rose 4 points. the nasdaq index fell 12. well, there is more trouble for standard & poor's. the justice department is investigating whether the nation's largest credit rating agency gave inflated grades to dozen of mortgage securities. "the new york times" says the justice probe actually began before s&p downgraded the federal l edit rating earlier this month. there are also questions about securities and exchange commission actions leading up to the economic crisis. the s.e.c. is accused of destroying thousands of documents relating to preliminary investigations such as those involving bernie madoff and major wall street firms.
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going green may not have to mean driving a small car. it's working on an electric cadillac, the elr that will borrow from the chevy but will offer more styling. bono was once called the worst investor in america but who's laughing now? his investment company's stake in facebook two years ago has more than quadrupled in value from 210 million to nearly a billion dollars. on the other hand, some of the group's earlier investments did go belly up. >> no sneezing at a billion dollars. it's a beautiful day. >> yeah, made some of the most money on concerts too. >> living a good life. when we come back on this thursday, the first day back to school f f students in the hard-hit town of joplin, missouri. the giant rodent the size of a small dog spotted in california. you won't believe your eyes. i love this time of year but my nose doesn't.
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[ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. incredible pictures out of new york. a sanitation worker and his salt spreader ended up dangling from a building and lost control of it and burst through a second floor wall of a repair facility. the firefighters used their ladder to pluck him from safety. he was hospitalized now in stable condition. >> good to hear. a look at morning road conditions. a slick ride in the midwest on 35, 80, 90 and 94. mostly across iowa and minnesota. monsoon flooding on i-10, 25 and 40 in arizona and new mexico. wet on i-80 and several other roads in the east from pennsylvania to virginia. >> if you're flying today airport delays are possible in miami, kansas city and minneapolis. speaking of weather, the wild weather so far this year has caused the nation about $35 billion in damage. new government research shows there have been nine weather-related disasters this
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year alone. >> i'm sure of that. the most expensive the series of tornadoes that devastated the south and midwest back in april. second was the drought, heat and wildfire combination hitting the center of the country. it's been an astounding few months of weather, wow. >> of course, joplin,, missouri was one of the cities hardest hit by a weather dis. students are heading back to classes just three months after a devastating tornado left a third of their city in ruins. >> to help ease the transition, eachch student was actually gen a backpack with a brand-new laptop inside. all the supplies were either bought or donated. officials there say there's still a lot of donations coming in. new hope this morning for patients suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer. a first of its kind drug just approved by the fda. >> testing was stopped early in order to administer the drugs who needed it most. dr. richard besser has details. >> reporter: susan's life has been all about it.
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battling deadly metastatic melanoma. five clinical trials and hope nearing zero. >> i had no other options. this was it. >> reporter: then she tried a new drug czar. a cutting-edge targeted therapy. it goes after the specific genetic mew takes that make the cell grow out of control. the drug attaches itself to the mutant protein and simply kills the cancerous cell quickly. >> the first day i had time to realize that my tumor -- tumors, sub cututeous tumors poke out of my skin were substantially shrinking were day seven. >> reporter: now she relishes the new numbers. in one month they shrunk 47%. eight months, 78%. >> this is the first pill that will shrink your melanoma and know will lead to you living
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longer. >> reporter: in two weeks this patient's tumors practically metropolitaned away but this is not a drug for everyone. it only helped half the people with melanoma. >> this does not kill your normal cells. this kills only cells who were dependent on this mutation. >> reporter: which makes susan strangely grateful that her cancer cells have the right kind of mutation. because the results were so promises the studies the fda used were stopped early. so researchers are going to need additional time to tell us anything about long-term survival. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. a suspected bank robber nicknamed the bad hair bandit has been arrested in california. investigators say cynthia von holland had a special affinity for wearing ugly wigs when she hit 20 banks across 4 states. her and her getaway driver were picked up monday after a bank heist near sacramento. well, david letterman would probably be the first to admit not every joke he tells is that
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funny but now a radical muslim website has posted a death threat against the late night shoshanna host after he joked about an al qaeda leader killed in a drone attack in pakistan. it urges followers to cut out his tongue and break his neck. no comment yet from letterman. his show is on hiatus for the week. new bombshell allegations have sent the athletics programs at the university of miami reelelg. a former booster now serving 20 years in federal prison claims he treated athletes, primarily football to sex party, nightclub outings, cash, cars and other gifts, the head of the ncaa says if allegations are proven a fundamental change is needed in college sports. >> well, with the brighter side of sports here's adnan virk at espn news with all of last night's highlights. >> good morning. an uncharacteristic loss from roy halladay and the philadelphia phillies, cliff lee trying to atone. gamemewo of their series against the arizona diamondbacks. top of the second. d'backs down 1-0 and paul
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goldschmitt. good-bye, baseball. two-run home run to left center off lee. third homer of the season and d'backs up 2-1. bottom of seventh. game tied, valdez off saunders, chris young's got a beat on it but loses sight of it. can't make the catch. two runs come in. they go on to win easily, 9-2. elsewhere. former cy young winner grienke.. matt kemp strikes out swinging. matt kemp strikes out swinging. a base hit up the middle. two runs score and brewers take a 2-0 lead and win 3-1 your final. a strained right knee and braves hosting the giants. cabrera at the plate with two on. aubrey huff scores and giants take a 2-1 lead. eli whiteside, he'll deliver, as
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well. base hit to left. another run n score, giants up 1 at that point. an explosion for their offense and win 7-5. rangers and the angels. top of the sixth rangers down 2-1. mitch moreland doing that texas two-step off santana. a solo bomb. his 14th. tied at 2. top of the eighth bases loaded two outs, ian kinsler goes down and fetches that ball for a blooper to left. two runs will score. the rangers take a 4-2 lead, 4 life 3 was the final. you are up to date for now. don't forget for all your highlights join us for the highlight express on espn. you'll love this story. >> the world's largest rodent has made a rare cameo appearance and, yes, it was caught on camera. recently spotted at a wastewater treatment plant in california. they believe someone brought it into the country as a pet and got away or was released.
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[ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums can be confusing... ♪ for most people, it's a game of chance. ♪ for his dentist, the choice is clear. fact is, more dental professionals brush with an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. so choose the brand more dentists use -- oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use, oral-b. now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this thursday. prosecutors are deciding whether the 17-year-old bomb plot suspect should be tried as an adult. police say jared cano not only had bombmaking materials but also a detailed plan to carry
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out the plot. after some meetings at the white house this morning, president obama will head off to martha's vineyard. set to spend ten days there vacationing with his family. presidential hopefuls aren't taking a break. michele bachmann camamigning in south carolina. vice president joe biden is continuing his visit to china. he was welcomed to the national guard ceremony in beijing ahead of official talks. he is there to discuss economic problems w wh chinese leaders expected to push for china to allow its currency to rise in value against the dollar. the white house is ready to make an explicit demand of syrian president assad step down over the deadly government crackdown on protesters. assad meanwhile, claims the military operations have actually stopped. series is getting underway in d williamssport. 16 teams from the u.s. and other countries are competing for the chance. a fun weekend. for some of you now your local news coming up next. for everyone else, the contest to find the best order
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with zyrtec® i can love the air®. and finally this morning those pesky parking tickets
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every driver dreads. >> and san francisco is notorious when ticketing cars so business owners have found a creative way to bring the problem to light. jonathan bloom explains. >> i'd rather not relive it. >> reporter: eric's parking tale begins new year's eve waiting for a spot next to this walgreen's. >> the lady was loading a bunch of stuff from walgreen's into her trunk. >> reporter: to avoid blocking traffic he pulled over in this bus zone. when t t space opened he parked and went on his way. >> two months later i get a parking ticket in the mail and i think it must be a mistake. >> reporter: no mistake, a $250 ticket for blocking a bus stop. he appealed but the mta wouldn't budge. shaw won honorable mention in a contest to find the most outrageous parking ticket story. sophie constantino was another contest tent with two ticks in one week for overstaying a two-hour parking zone. >> i don't know why i got this ticket. >ou moved your car. >> reporter: but the mta told
4:29 am
her she didn't move it far enough. >> you can't movee down the block. you have to be a complete city block away from where you were originally. these sign, that doesn't say that. it says two-hour parking report she lost her appeal but won the grand prize. >> they're going to pay my ticket. i'm very excited. >> reporter: the small business owners say they're trying to prove a point, their parking enforcement is scaring away customers. >> if you walk into the business, you come back, within five minutes you get a ticket for $50 or $55 or more. >> reporter: grocery store owner sabi says it makes it hard to compete with stores with parking lots. >> if we didn't enforce the parking spaces we would see them sitting there all day long. that would mean less traffic for businesses in the area. >> reporter: spokesman paul rose says they've written fewer tickets this year than last. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc news.


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