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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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most of our region is already under a tropical storm watch. >> adam caskey has been tracking the storm's strength in path in the weather center. >> it is a category 3 -- category two. we just got information from the hurricane center. they have downgraded it to a category two. maximum sustained winds are down to 110. the path has not changed much from what i see here. here are the latest statistics on irene. this information is literally coming in as we speak. we are tracking the storm watch from the atomic down to the bay. we expect the path of the storm to brush along our coastline. that could have been vigil winds and heavy rainfall.
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locally in our metro area, there will be a sharp cut off. the further east you are of the district, the heavier the rain will get in the higher the winds will be. the for the west, the lower the accumulations will be in the lighter the winds will be as well. we could receive two to 4 inches of rain. right now we have a few areas of rain, mainly in southern maryland. partly cloudy a few showers. 88 the high-temperature. time is flying for rain. >> yesterday i stood in line at the hardware store to buy sand and sandbags. i back for bags of sand yesterday to put around the basement door. i live on the western shore of the chesapeake bay. people are buying water and batteries. good idea. make sure you have candles but be careful with that.
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we are going to fill the bathtub with water in case the power goes out so with you can have the water reserves. we learned the hard way. what have we been to this morning? not much. beautiful. 66, 95 -- all lanes are open. a pretty clean shot around the beltway. we will have more to come from the traffic side. now back to news. >> glad you are making the preparations. this is the calm before the storm. irene is expected to make landfall in north carolina this morning. it could be the strongest storm to hit the east coast in seven years. if it stays on the path, the damage could be in the billions of dollars. >> we are live in alexandria with how the region -- with how the region is getting ready for this. quite good morning to both of you. evacuation orders are in place for portions of the east coast,
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including north carolina and virginia as well as maryland. irene is working her way closer to the united states. more than 65 million people in line of this powerful category two storm. it hit the bahamas -- the bahamas on thursday. it now stretches 1,000 miles wide. it is expected to make landfall in north carolina with winds as high as 110 miles per hour. people are boarding up their homes and getting ready. >> it is rated 1 for30 miles per hour. -- it is rated for 130 miles per hour. >> i know it is hard for people with small businesses to leave. everybody to take this very seriously. >> the storm will bring with it powerful winds drenching rains as well as massive flooding. it could be the strongest to hit
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the east coast in seven years. suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. >> keep us posted. meanwhile in ocean city, md. everybody except emergency personnel is being ordered to evacuate by 5:00 this afternoon. when, at a tent -- parental rain, and beach erosion is expected -- wind, torrential rain and beach erosion is expected. despite what you may have heard, loral is not evacuating. some faked robocalls began around 6:30 last night telling people to leave. police say residents should ignore the calls and not evacuate. officers are trying to track down the source of that hoax. meanwhile, the hurricane could have a big impact on your travel plans. amtrak is canceling several
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planes today tomorrow, and sunday. airlines are canceling flights involving planes. be sure to check with your airline if you plan to fly over the next couple of days. >> people living in low-lying areas -- it seems everyone is getting ready for whatever mother nature throws our way. we are live now with the hurricane preparation. >> we are here in all town this morning. this is one part of the region that is prone to flooding even will we get a few inches of rain let alone a storm like this. they will be handing out sandbags letter on this morning. across the region, people are gearing up for this hurricane. with hurricane irene approaching this morning alexandria officials are preparing for the storm. shoppers are stocking up on supplies. >> looks like a might lose
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power. >> water, flashlights, paper plates, pop tarts. >> irene could bring waves more than a dozen feet high to the shore. 40 to 60 boats will be pulled from the water. dozens were pulled out yesterday. >> during a hurricane trees fall over. it is a multi day event. >> pepco is bringing in hundreds of hours they crews to help. the sandbags in alexandria will be handed out at 11:00 this morning. you can also pick up sandbags in your local jurisdictions as well. visit our website at for more information and other tips on how to prepare for the storm. >> we are committed to keeping everyone say. stay here with abc 7 on air as well as online for continuing coverage of hurricane irene.
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coming up, how the storm threat is delaying moving day at local schools. >> irene is causing quite a shake-up. we will see some havoc here. >> the dedication of the martin luther king memorial has been postponed. >> still ahead the redskins come up short against the ravens. plus, still picking up the pieces from the east coast earthquake. first, another check on traffic weather, everything you need to know about the hurricane.
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>> category two hurricane irene. the wind dropped a little bit. it was downgraded at 5:00 a.m. winds at 110 miles per hour, down from 115. here is a look of the predicted path. not much has really changed with the path. it has moved a little bit to the east.
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really not much has changed. we are expected to brush right along the coast. it will impact our weekend weather, mainly saturday evening into early sunday morning. heavy rain, especially along the eastern 95, and some gusty winds. at the not take much to down a few trees. be ready for the potential for power outages. partly cloudy today. 88 the high-temperature. this morning, the clout that you see are from the blowoff cloud cover. a few thundershowers later on this afternoon and evening. the biggest impact will be saturday night while we are sleeping or kept away. >> everybody is away and started to hit the rose this morning. we are going to take you to some of the traffic center cameras. some of your neighbors are already on the highway. this is the beltway at university boulevard.
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270 javed looks pretty good from interstate 70. in virginia, good shape. 66 95, and 395 at edsall road. >> it is 5:12 and 70 degrees. >> id the traffic is the only good news. >> what is next for apple? plus president bush reflects a one of his darkest days in august. woman: downloading music can be expensive. so to save money, i trained my dog and this cockatoo to play all the hits of the '80's woman: hit it, mr. butters. ♪ ♪ ♪ take on me... ♪ ♪ ....take one ♪ ♪ take me on... ♪ anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save
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>> welcome back realistic car top stories. several east coast dates are under a state of it courtesy as hurricane irene closes in on the east coast.
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evacuation orders in parts of north carolina, maryland, and virginia. the storm is expected to make landfall in north carolina before moving up the east coast. the d.c. area is getting ready for the storm. people are stocking up on emergency supplies. the power company is preparing for possible power outages. more clashes broke out in the libyan capital -- capital. gaddafi's whereabouts are still unknown. rebel leaders say that their interim government will move their headquarters to tripoli. >> hurricane irene is delaying the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. it was supposed to take place on sunday but officials announced last night the event will now be held sometime in september or october. the memorial project's project made the decision when he saw the updated hurricane forecast. >> in concern for public safety,
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we do not want chairs flying. in the words of dr. king, we must accept the finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope. >> a prayer service will take place today as scheduled. the other events have been cancelled. the memorial will be open to the public tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until noon. despite the postponement in the dedication ceremony, our special will still air tonight as scheduled. the program is called "dedicating the dream. -- dedicating the dream." >> east coast refineries are already closed in advance of a hurricane irene. the shutdowns are already boosting gasoline prices. three years ago gas prices jumped 21 cents a gallon in eight days as a hurricane ike swept to the gulf of mexico. >> earthquake damages will keep
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two local landmarks close. the washington monument or remain closed indefinitely. officials say the damage is more significant than originally thought. the national cathedral will be closed until september 4. officials said they have not found work damage there. the building is still structurally sound. six schools in prince george's county are still closed after the earthquake. you can also find a full list on our website >> this time is 5:17. weeks before the anniversary of the september 11 attacks former president george bush is speaking out. it will air on the "national geographic" channel. >> obviously i was horrified like everybody else. unlike everybody else, i had a
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job to do at that particular moment. the first thing a leader has to do is project calm. >> the pettitte was visiting a florida elementary school when he learned that the up country was under attack. the show will air this sunday on the national geographic channel. >> facebook breaks 1 trillion hits. apple ponders a future without steve jobs. >> in today pause attack bites apple after steve jobs. the new ceo wasted no time reassuring employees that apple will not change. michael gartenberg agrees that the company will do well without its guiding force. >> the products are good products. >> steve jobs is not completely
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gone from apple. is expected to continue to weigh in on decisions. another tech giant facebook, passed a milestone this summer. it had one trillion users. facebook also raised at least 47% of all web servers. the real numbers are likely to be even higher. those are your attack bites. i am rob nelson. >> let's go straight to adam caskey to talk about hurricane irene. >> we got a lot of new information at 5:00 a.m. us get right to the maps. we have a tropical storm warning, not watch. it is time to update these as they quickly come in. a tropical storm warning in effect for locations east of the 95. that is mainly for saturday
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night. all the county's shaded in red you are included in that tropical storm warning. even montgomery and howard counties. let's get into what we can expect. category two hurricane irene. winds gusting up to 132 miles per hour. hurricane hunters have been flying to this consistently. it consists of the flight lovell wins. 124 miles per hour from last night and early this morning. by saturday, it could be a category 3 right over the outer banks are around 2:00 p.m. as we go into saturday night and sunday that i mean, right along it. we will be on the west side of that which is not as dynamic as
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the east side. still, we are expecting very gusty winds in excess of 45 m.p.h. at times. in terms of a one minute average? 39 miles per hour or greater saturday night mailable we are sleeping. here is radar right now. there are areas of showers in southern maryland. temperatures near 70 degrees right now. on a way to 88 with thundershowers. it is going to be tight. towns west of the blue ridge 7 inches. locally we could see anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of rain. east of '95 the further you go, the more you're rainfall totals will increase. on the eastern shore by sunday morning, we are expecting 10 inches of rain from the system. >> right now, no problems to report on the highway. metro rail has normal -- normal service. we are a good along to 70. we will take you like to the
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geico traffic center camera. but the other neighbors on the road. as you can see they are moving at speed. we are moving nicely in and out of baltimore along 95. good in at annapolis in northeast. more to come. news chopper 7 in just a little while. >> thank you so much, lisa. coming up next on this friday morning, another chapter in the quarterback battle. we'll have highlights on last night's battle of the beltway. >> later on oprah meet the guest who changed the show forever.
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>> as the third preseason game, last night was a dress rehearsal for the ravens and redskins. it was another chapter of "as the quarterback turns." >> grossman split time with john beck. joe flacco all the way. he is gone. he goes 53 yards for the pick six. even when you thought he with going to stop but he still hits the end zone. finally, it is john beck's time. he goes along. 31 guard duty to antony
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armstrong. anthony makes a case for himself. running back, tim hightower with the star of the show. but as this run. the dots of that -- the offensive line did a good job of giving him a whole to run through. it helps when you have your offensive line with you. rex grossman -- delay of game penalty helps him. third down again. there you go. santana moss always adjust. a quarterback best friend. that is not out of the race just yet. he finds terrence austin. he may make the 53-man roster. the ravens when the game 31-24. >> sticking with the nfc east the eagles rallied behind michael veeck to be the grounds -- beat the -- michael vick to
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beat the browns. the final score 24-14. >> we have 68 degrees. 5:26 is our time. >> still ahead, complete coverage of hurricane irene. how the storm is already wreaking havoc on storm -- on school schedules. >> irene is bearing down on no
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead, we are tracking hurricane irene. highways and swells hit north carolina's outer banks this morning.
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good morning to you washington. it is friday, august 26. i am cynne simpson. >> happy friday, everybody. i am pamela brown. we want to start with hurricane irene. the coast is already feeling the impact in maryland and virginia. they have declared states of emergency. president obama declared a state of emergency in north carolina. sunday's dedication ceremony for the martin the king memorial has been postponed. >> tropical storm watches and hurricane watches are out for parts of our region. adam caskey is in the weather center. he joins us now with what to expect quite a few changes. it was downgraded to a category two. it only lost a little bit of strength. maxxam a service winds maxxam110 -- maximum service winds of about 110 not for our.
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we have a tropical storm warning in our metro area. that includes all counties in the north -- in the dark red. basically along the potomac and the bay. the biggest effects for us will be saturday night. here's the latest half from the hurricane center. around sunday at 2:00 a.m., that is when we are expecting the center of the storm to go along the mid atlantic coast line. we will see some moderate affects from this, mainly in terms of heavy rains but also gusty winds. they could average anywhere from 39 to 50 miles per hour for a few brief minutes. we'll be right on the edge of the tropical storm when speeds. rainfall will be a heavy especially the further you are eased from the district.
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lisa. >> right now we have an act that reported on 270. just like to the geico travel centered camera. it is supposed to be southbound in the area of shady grove road. police are looking for one vehicle that has rolled over. traffic is moving at speed but we'll keep an eye on it >> thanks so much, lisa. we are tracking the latest developments hurricane irene takes aim for the u.s. goes. this is a live picture from north carolina. the outer banks are seeing higher wages and swells as the storm approaches. >> millions are bracing for the storm's impact. a dark picture here, but you can see the coast. live coverage as people in our area prepare for irene. we will begin with suzanne kennedy who is live with the very latest on irene's path. >> people are boarding up their
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homes as we are about a day away from landfall in the united states. the hamas took a beating thursday as irene -- the bahamas to a beating thursday as irene blew through. irene is expected to make land fall saturday on north carolina's outer banks. people have been told to evacuate. >> i hope people heed the warnings. i know it is hard for folks to a small businesses to leave but everybody should take this very seriously. >> residents are securing their property before heading out. >> our windows are rated far 130 miles per hour. i hope that is true. there is only one way to test it. i do not want to find out. >> in atlantic beach the coast guard is taking no chances. >> people do not realize the strength of hurricane winds.
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>> and watches and warnings have now been posted all up and down the eastern seaboard. president obama has declared a state of emergency for north carolina in advance of the storm. that frees up federal resources to help respond to the hurricane. suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. >> and thank you, suzanne. the time is5:34. an evacuation order took effect at midnight in ocean city maryland. the mayor wants everyone except for emergency personnel to be out of there by 5:00 this evening. lines were long at gas stations last night. many people boarded up their properties before leaving. >> moving dates at local colleges are being changed due to the hurricane. university of maryland are offered an early move in today or a late move then on monday or
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tuesday. george mason university is encouraging students to arrive whenever they can and do so safely. >> hurricane irene could throw a monkey wrench into your travel plans. amtrak is canceling a number of trains heading south from washington this weekend. airlines also canceling flights as the hurricane moves closer to the coast. check with your airline if you plan to fly in the next couple of days. i am sure people will try to head out ahead of the storm so as not to get trapped here over the next several days. >> people in our area are bracing for the impact. power crews businesses, and homeowners are making plans to do with heavy winds and strong rain. we always want to keep a close eye on alexandria when storms are coming. >> you are absolutely right. what a different story this is one to be over the next 24 to 48 hours.
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we are here in alexandria because this area is prone to flooding in this part of all time. people are preparing for this storm all across the region. in alexandria bill be handing out sandbags early this morning. that will do the same in other virginia jurisdictions as well as in maryland. yesterday and overnight crews worked cleaning storm drains to prevent flooding. on the eastern shore, they are expecting waves as high as a dozen feet or higher. further inland on kent island, dozens of boats have been taken out of the water. boaters taking precautions. pepco crews are out. they will have a number of out of state crews coming in. metro we placing sandbags in key places to up the system to try to prevent flooding there. the governors of maryland and virginia are meeting later on this afternoon -- this morning with their emergency management
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teams as the the mayor of the district of columbia. we are expected to get some more information in terms of the plans going forward across the region as we wait for the storm. for now, we are live in alexandria this morning. >> keep us posted out there. be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and online for continuing coverage of hurricane irene. coming up next, a live report from the coast of north carolina. >> 5:37 is our time. it is 67 degrees. bidding up the pieces from the east coast earthquake, two d.c. landmarks shutdown and more schools still closed. >> first, a dream deferred. the martin luther king memorial is delayed. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> we offer classes in visual and performing arts for infants through adults. good morning, washington. >> adam caskey here. a very good friday morning to you. in the weekend we will see some big changes. today, not a bad day.
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take a lot -- look at live super doppler seven. a few showers to the north. many in st. mary's county. 71 in the district. 67 in chantilly. heating up to 88. showers, especially in the afternoon. a tropical storm warning is in effect for the metro area, including montgomery county, howard county and the immediate d.c. in metro area. here is the latest path. by sunday to o'clock a.m., a category two hurricane should be just off shore outside of ocean city maybe along ocean city with the eye wall. here is a quick look at what we can expect. becoming ready tomorrow afternoon with winds increasing throughout the afternoon and evening. overnight saturday night, expect steady north winds at 32 45 miles per hour with higher gusts, especially further east of the metro area.
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much more rain for the to the east. lisa? >> road 5 in an accident near 4 88. we are good up through andrews air force base. we was to give you the green light on 95. a little more volume on two 70 southdown. they did find an overturned vehicle in the local lanes at shady grove road. the greenway, the toll road, 66 and 95, all moving at speed. pretty quiet here in springfield. metro rail is that normal service. >> 5:42 and 68 degrees on this friday morning. >> making major league baseball history. why the yankees game will go down in the record book.
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>> a woman than as two years ago. investigators searched
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>> welcome back, everybody. it is all about hurricane irene this morning. because of that, the dedication of the martin luther king memorial will be delayed. the event will now take place sometime in september or october. the project's president said he made the decision when he saw updated hurricane forecast. >> as a concern for public safety we do not want chairs flying. in the words of dr. king, we must accept the finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. >> a prayer service will take place today as scheduled. all other events have been cancelled. the memorial will be open to the public tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until noon.
5:47 am
despite the postponing of the dedication ceremony, our memorial special will air tonight. the program is called "dedicating the dream." you can watch it here on abc 7 at 8:00 tonight. >> crews will demolish a culpeper building damaged beyond repair in tuesday's earthquake. officials want to bring down the building on north main street before hurricane irene arise. about 20 people who lived in the building are searching for new homes. >> the time now is 5:47. two memoirs will stay closed all crews do with damage from tuesday's earthquake. the washington monument will remain shut down indefinitely. the damage is more significant there than first thought. the national cathedral will be shut down until at least september 4. officials have found no more damage in the building is structurally sound >> one quick
5:48 am
note for students in prince george's county. six schools are still closed after tuesday's earthquake. they are -- you can also find a full list on >> we want to turn to the very latest on the crisis in libya. deadly clashes between rebels and forces loyal to libyan leader, muammar gaddafi. the rebels planned to move there and from government to the capital of tripoli. they are making checkpoints across the city. many businesses remain closed today. >> japan will soon have a new prime minister. the prime minister resigned after just a few months on the job. his approval ratings tumbled over the response to the march earthquake in tsunami. a new leader will be elected
5:49 am
next week. the struggling economy has not helped them. a lot of turnover. >> it is 5:48. tie for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. our focus today on hurricane irene. >> it is a difficult storm to predict. now we are getting a better idea of what to expect. let's get the first order of business out of the way. showers in southern maryland this morning. they're pushing off to the north. starting office in the one in the district. 66 in winds were. 68 in college springs. 88 for a high temperature. partly to -- partly cloudy today with a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. a tropical storm warning. it includes the metro area, howard county, prince george's county.
5:50 am
hurricane warnings on the eastern shore. here's the latest forecast path from the hurricane center. it is a category two expected to strengthen to a category 3 and make landfall along the outer banks tomorrow morning. there is pretty good agreement that should make landfall over the outer banks. by 2:00 a.m. sunday, that is when we will be in the worst part of the storm. it should be just barely off shore. right near or over ocean city. here is what you can expect in terms of a wave height across the region. let's put this into motion. let's start at saturday at 8:00 a.m. by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, not all that much in terms of weight and height. we are not expecting much wave height. lookit ocean city. 14 foot waves by 2:00 a.m. sunday.
5:51 am
then it starts to improve from there on out. for us, we are on a nicer side of the storm if you will. the right quadrant is the worst. we are going to be on the left front quadra. wins many of the north pushing the water down out of the bay. winds in excess of 45 miles per hour on saturday night. sunday morning is when the rain tapers off in the wind will subside. >> the rep to constitution avenue, we have construction. manassas at 28 in centerville. 95 virginia. heavy volume spotted, but no accidents. we will tell you to 270 traffic. there was an accident in the local lanes at shady grove road that they are tending to. metro rail is on normal service.
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>> thank you lisa. and looks like the economy could take a direct hit from this hurricane. >> everyone is worried about that. let's go straight to bloomberg. quite good morning. hurricane irene has not hit us yet but it may be costing us more. gasoline futures this morning are hovering near the highest level in three weeks. that is of concern that irene may cut output at refineries. the 10 oil refineries operating on the east coast make up about 7% of u.s. operating capacity. estimates by conn analysis say that irene may cost $14 billion in losses to insurance companies. not everyone is worried. even though new york city has started evacuating the sick and
5:53 am
elderly from low-lying coastal areas, some social plans are not dampened at all. in fact, one restaurant owner is not canceling any reservations and still plans to remain open. they plan to move their deck furniture indoors and cover their holes. try to stay safe everyone. >> id iit is
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>> welcome back, everybody. the latest battle of the bell wyck turned out to be a tough one for the redskins. >> rest grossman and john beck each to a touchdown pass. the burgundy and gold had the lead for most of the game, but the ravens made a late comeback to win 34-31. the redskins are 2-1 for the preseason. they take on the tampa bay buccaneers next thursday. >> last night was a tough one for the washington nationals. the arizona diamondbacks crossed their hopes. the diamondbacks destroyed the nationals eight-one last night. they swept the four game series. >> baseball history. the third grand slam of the game for the yankees.
5:57 am
never before done in the history of baseball. >> the bronx bombers certainly lived up to their name yesterday. the yankees are the first team in baseball history to hit three grand slams in one game. the combo helped propel new york past oakland. final score, a 22-9. >> very impressive. we have a lot more to come in the next hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up, man's best friend until the end. >> the reason gears up for what could be the biggest storm in seven years. i am live in alexandria.
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tracking hurricane irene. it's headed for the east coast, forcing thousands to head for tighter ground. we have live tv coverage of where irene has hit and how our area is bracing for the storm. >> irene has forced a change of plans for the dedication of the martin luther king memorial no. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington.


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