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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, washington. it's tuesday, september 27, approaching 6:00 now. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist steve rudin. what can we expect today? >> we are looking at a few showers and embedded rumbles of thunder to the north and west of d.c. 70 in gaithersburg, 72 at dulles. frederick reporting 68 degrees. the cap the showers attitude thunderstorms, moving through frederick into hagerstown. down towards damascus and rockville, looking at just a few showers at this time. that's enough to wet pavement on interstate 270 as you are moving along during the busy rush-hour commuters. satellite and radar shows an area of low pressure across the great lakes. this has not moved in the past few days, but it will finally
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moves out of here if. that will bring us sunshine and cooler temperatures as we move into the weekend. harper seven the's today to the low 80's -- upper 70's to low 80's. let's get an update on the commute. >> broken-down vehicles eastbound 66 just before the beltway. the right lane is blocked. that is causing delays from nutley street to get to the beltway in addition to the volume. stay to the left before you get to that interchange with the beltway. in montgomery county, 270 at father hurley boulevard there's wet pavement. take it easy because it's a little slippery. 395 at duke street, a little heavier up to the 14th street bridge. that will last all the way into town. >>back to you. >> thank you. a six-year-old is dead.
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police and is stored as county are trying to figure out what happened. a family member from the girl's body in a bathtub around 9:00 last night. this is along the 3500 block of hubbard road in landover. investigators and not identified the girl or said how she died. no word if anyone will face charges. a search is under way for a man who broke into an apartment in oxon hill and then sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl. this happened at around 6:30 yesterday morning at a home on livingston terrace. he got into the child's bedroom window, saw to the girl, and then left. if they plan to go door to door today to try to find information about the attacker. the washington monument will stay closed while crews take a closer look at the extent of the damage from the august earthquake. this comes as get an inside look back scary moments when the ground started shaking. autria godfrey has details. >> good morning.
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crews will be here at 8:00 this morning. they will be rappelling down the entire sides of the washington monument surveying the damage to the exterior to see exactly what is needed to try to repair it. in the meantime, the extra surveillance video released, we're getting a firsthand look at the terrifying moments for the tourists trapped inside the monument the shaking and swing met with moments of sheer terror for the people stuck inside boston's and monuments as the focus of 0.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the region last month. part rangers went running to get tourists out safely. >> it was hard to stand and there was a mystery that it committed difficult to walk. >> the the swaying seconds seemed to last a lifetime. >> it is just like you are seeing your life to go before your eyes. >> goes on outside witnessed
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rocks falling down. >> if we looked up and start a monument started to swaybacked and forth. tons of stuff coming down from the top. >> the following mortar collect a 1 and 1/4 inch crack along the top. the beloved monument closed indefinitely. they have already spent 207th thousand dollars already to try to revamp the monument. once they take inventory of the damage today, that number is expected to increase. another issue that will drive costs up, one of the elevators used to take tourists to the top is also in need of repair. autria godfrey reporting from the national mall. we have the flexibility on our website. testimony resumes today in the trial of a fairfax woman charged with killing her two- year-old granddaughter. carmela dela rosa admits that she threw a angela steward? from a sidewalk at tyson's corner center.
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-- threw angeline from a sidewalk. her defense lawyer says she was legally insane at the time. a shutdown has been averted for the federal government again. >> the motion is agreed to. >> late last night the senate voted 79-12 to keep the federal government funded until november. the spending bill does not include money for fema, which found there was enough funding to get through the fiscal year. later this week the house is expected to sign off on appeal. speculation is running rampant that chris christie will throw his hat into the race for the white house no matter what the new jersey governor said. >> he speaks today at reagan national and that could fuel more speculation. >> john hendren joins us from northwest washington with details. >> good morning.
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is scheduled this week makes him look a little more like a presidential candidate than governor of new jersey. he's making stops in st. louis california, and louisiana. one prominent ally, former new jersey governor tom kane, said that the speculation is for real anti seriously considering a run for president. but a christie's spokesman says nothing has changed with regard to the governor's decision not to run for president in 2012. christine may make its plans a little clearer later today. that will be a talk at the reagan library. that is one-stop of several. so we have many chances to hear if he's going to come out this week. president obama meanwhile hits to colorado to top jobs. former utah governor jon huntsman might not even make the roster at a cnn debate in las vegas next month because he's been pulling from 1% to 2% and you have to average 2% according to debate rules. -- he has been polling 1% to
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2%. with a victory against the dallas monday night, the redskins would have asked a 2 adn-- 2-0 record for the first time since 2005. >> rex grossman was sacked and fumbled on the final drive of the game. the redskins came up short against the cowboys, 18-16. >> 48 seconds left 25 yards could not convert. we are going to have to do swallow this one and regroup and go to st. louis. >> keep on looking forward.
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the redskins, cowboys, and the giants are tied at 2-1 in the nfc east. >> it was so close. >> we were almost there. >> let's hope they pulled through on sunday night > 70 degrees on this tuesday. >> still ahead, a doctor at the center michael? and's sudden-death finally faces trial. >> rob kardashian impresses the crowd. and nancy grace, did she show little
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i.t. to visual arts at sitar arts center in adams morgan. -- i teach visual arts. we offer classes for infants through adults. good morning, washington. welcome back. a mild start to this tuesday morning from the belfort furniture weather center. temperatures are holding in the 70's. off to the west where they have had some rain showers, and temperatures are the 60's at this hour. quickly moving through frederick county walkersville showers will come to an end over the next 15 or 20 minutes. scattered showers will stay in the forecast for the day. grab the umbrella as you head out the door with daytime high temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. the humidity will stick around
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for banother day or so. then a cooldown. first, the rush hour commute. we have added another incident to the mess. a broken-down vehicles eastbound 66 just before the beltway, still in the right lane. toward the bottom of the screen, on the inner loop of the beltway near telegraph road is an accident blocking the left lane. you will encounter the incident near alexandria. watch for that. over to springfield getting heavier and from newington to springfield. still seen delays from past dale city across the occoquan river. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12. our facebook giveaways continue this week. we have our most popular
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contests. another shot at winning and ipad 2. go to we will announce the winner on friday at 5:00. >> last time we gave away two of them. >> exactly. that was a great story of a military family, so we decided to up the ante. >> and you got to meet them. 6:13 on this tuesday 70 degrees. >> and we have news on the self checkout. >> the main suspect in the disappearance
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in our top stories and store discount the police
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investigating the death of a six-year-old girl found on responsive in a bathtub in and over last night. there's not identified the girl or said how she died. engineers later this morning will tell down the sides of the washington monument to check for damage from last month's earthquake. a check out this surveillance video. numerous cracks and chips have been found inside the national landmark. the washington monument remains closed indefinitely. video from peruvian authorities show joran van der sloot admitted to the murder of stephanie flores. the 21-year-old was arrested last year in connection with her death. he was also the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. that case is not solved still> new this morning, this is it. two years after michael jackson's? , a person -- two years after michael jackson's death his personal physician faces trial.
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defense attorneys claimed tax and gave himself a fatal dose of the sedative. the son of d.c. council member marion barry will be sentenced on drug targets today. 31-year-old christopher barry pleaded guilty in july after being caught with pcp and marijuana in his apartment. if prosecutors are recommending nine months in jail for both drug charges. fire officials are trying to figure out what sparked an explosion at the university of maryland chemistry lab that left two students badly burned. this happened yesterday around noon. firefighters said the students were mixing nitrogen and sulfuric acids. those two chemicals would not normally trigger an explosion investigators are trying to figure out if a third chemical was involved. 7 is on your side with a major announcement from the maryland health department. later today health officials will reveal the findings from their investigation on crib bumpers pads. in may they were declared a hazard after studies linking
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them to pass dixieland's death in infants. -- linking them to a asphyxia and death. coffee lovers may like this. coffee could lower a woman's risk of depression. long-term the 30-year study found women who drank four cubs or more per day were 20% less likely to become depressed compared with others decaffeinated drinks. the study also found no link between decaffeinated coffee and depression. >> that's good news for us. making news in america's money, and many americans are also angry because they cannot afford things in this economy. now peanut butter prices are going. >> good morning. optimism about europe. stock rockets are rallying today as european governments increased their efforts to contain the region's debt crisis.
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component will be agreed economy. the bad economy here at home is forcing many americans to make tough decisions about their health. they're putting off doctors' visits not selling prescriptions, and declining medical tests. those are some of the cost- cutting measures taken by almost half of us. the price of peanut butter is increasing. this could be one of the smallest peanut harvest in decades as the result of drought, disease, and a shift to other more profitable crops. one brand is raising prices 30% in november. many stores are dragging their self-serve tech out lanes. customers are moving back to the staff to register is because they are more satisfied when dealing with a real person. i am tanya rivero. the u.s. postal service has a new plant to bring young customers back. today the postmaster announced for the first time the stamps will honor living people. there will include american musicians, sports stars and other nationally known figures.
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people can submit suggestions on facebook twitter, and through the mail. the old-fashioned way. >> i don't know about that. people can pay their bills online. i wonder if people will use the regular postal service desk because the water sports star on the stamps. i have a cold right now. you are like a german folphobe. it's been cloudy the last couple days. it is 72 degrees with dew point levels in the upper 60's. feels like late summer this morning as opposed to the beginning of autumn. 69 degrees currently in middletown. over a third of an inch of rain has fallen so far this morning. the same in wintergreen, virginia.
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urbana, maryland, has had a quarter inch of rain and the temperature is 70 degrees. 72 at dulles and fredericksburg. cooler off to the north and west of us. that's where they have had rain showers. now pushing towards the north and east and now through thurmont and walkersville. frederick showers will be coming to an end and 15 minutes. we have showers in the forecast for the morning and into the afternoon. scattered showers. there could be a few heavy downpours. don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder. here's the forecast. harper seven the' -- highs in the upper 70's and 80's. wind out of the east tonight with lows into 50's and 60's. tomorrow, scattered thunderstorms possible. 75-80 degrees. better weather is on the way.
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the upcoming weekend the taste of bethesda on saturday, 60's in the daytime. by sunday morning we could wake up to a little frost especially across the shenandoah valley and the potomac highlands. let's go to traffic with steve. a look at the beltway at university boulevard getting heavier now. a little activity on the shoulder in addition to the volume. 270 at father hurley boulevard volume building south of paris. nothing reported in the way all the way around the beltway. a couple of incidents eastbound 66 at the beltway, broken down, using the right lane. inner loop at the telegraph road, an accident blocking the left lane. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 69 degrees. cracks coming up, rob impresses the crowd. >> ended nancy grace show a little much?
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we will wrap up week number two. >> >> later today on "anderson," you'll never believe the food he survives on. a diet intervention, 4:00 on abc 7.
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[ cow mooing ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ ♪ now there's open nature foods from safeway. no preservatives, no artificial anything. all within budget. a wide choice of natural foods that meet your high standards. ♪ ♪ open nature. only at safeway. captioned by the national captioning institute who will be the next celebrity to leave "dancing with the stars?" in the ballroom last night there
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were showing off their fancy footwork. >> ricki lake and her partner impressed the judges. they got the highest score the night with 23. kristin cavallari and martinez tied for second place. ben elisabetta canalis kardashian, and nancy grace came in fourth place with a tie. >> i know people thought that carson kressley practice the most. but that's not true. they were not there saturday night at 8:00. >> nancy grace is a determined woman. >> internet rumors are swirling about her wardrobe malfunction but she says that your wardrobe stated place just fine. we will find out tonight who will be the next contestant to leave the ballroom. >> she looks pretty good out there. surprisingly good. >> she was working it. still another half-hour of
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"good morning washington." >> how long the average driver spends stuck in traffic. how long the average washington driver stays in traffic. the difference might be depressing but you will not be surprised. >> the woman who through her granddaughter six floors to her death, her defense coming up. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. a few scattered showers today it's ours -- high
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington"on your side. we felt the ground shake a lot and heard a loud noise. >> straight ahead come inside the washington monument when the earth started shaking. good morning to you.
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it is tuesday, september 27. could morning to you. i am pamela brown. here is your meteorologist steve rootudin. >> look at doppler radar, and you can see how things are moving off to the north and east but we are cord to watch for pop up showers and embedded thunderstorms to work their way across the region later on today especially into the late afternoon and evening and overnight hours. mild start to work tuesday morning. 72 at dulles. same for raided national and quantico. cooler air or off to the north and west of us. -- same as for reagan national and quantico. temperatures tonight will fall into the pick these to middle sixties. tomorrow around 75 to 80. -- temperatures tonight will
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fall into the 60's to middle eighties80's. we will take a look at the beltway and new hampshire avenue to start off with where it is pretty slow right now. it is hardly moving as the outer beltway tried to get from college park to silver spring. we're still dealing with a couple of incidents on and close to the beltway. on the inner loop at the bottom of your screen, an accident blocking the left wing. east from 66 just before the beltway with a broken-down vehicles in the right wing causing significant delays. in springfield we're dealing with delays from dale city to the springfield interchange. back to you. thank you. new this morning a six year-old girl is dead, and police in prince george's county are still trying to figure out what happened. the body was found in about that
6:32 am
last night in landover. investigators have not identified the girl or said how she died. meanwhile alexandria police are missed -- are searching for a missing man they believe is in danger and a person of interest. lenny harris was last seen wednesday night. his cell phone was found the next day of the wilson bridge. police say the person of interest used his cell phone early thursday morning. crews will be back of the washington monument in just a few hours. it will propel dow monument assessing the damage from last month's earthquake. we're getting the person inside a look at what happened when it the earthquake happened. >> those crews are expected to be out here at 8:00 this morning. they will propel dow outside of the building to survey the
6:33 am
damage on the outside and see exactly what needs to be done to prepare -- repair it. they have already served a bit into the damage. today they will get a first-hand look at how bad things are on the outside. tell me about what this will entail when the crews are out here this morning? >> they will go up for the first towards the monument. -- they will go up worp first towards the monument. there will be a slow examination of very small or maybe not so small cracks that will only be visible to the eye that close. we have to be correct and accurate. what we're doing before we can begin repairs, and all the after that point will the monument reopened to the public. it is indefinitely closed. it is work that needs to be done to fully and accurately assess
6:34 am
the full damage from the earthquake. >> we have the new surveillance video that was release of the inside as the earthquake struck. you have to be really proud of your rangers for getting the people out safely. >> courageous. any human beings reaction is i want to get out of here. our ranger nikki williams went up to the second level a second time to make sure all the visitors were out. she helped them get out safely. our other rangers were helping people get a out safely. thank god no one was injured. they are all professionally trained. we're very proud of them. >> they did their job very well. as we said, the cruise will be out here at 8:00 this morning. -- the crews will be out here at 8:00 this morning. >> thank you. looking at the video it is
6:35 am
amazing the monument is still standing. we have the surveillance video up on our web site. if you would like to see it, go on to a jury will hear more testimony in the trial of a grandmother who is accused of throwing a two-year-old girl to her death. prosecutors say carmela dela rosa killed her granddaughter in an act of revenge. we're live in fairfax with the very latest. >> prosecutors say she planted this crime but because she is a devout catholic she resented the fact that her kitcat and out of wedlock child. on november 29 the unthinkable happened, carmela dela rosa through her two-year-old daughter -- threw her granddaughter to her death. in opening arguments the defense
6:36 am
claimed she suffers from major depressive order, and that she was insane at the time of the offense. she did not understand the nature of her action. her attorney said a debilitating history of mental illness intensified in the days leading up to the crime. she claims was left home alone when relatives traveled did not shout work or eat. prosecutors say that the evidence will show she knew she was throwing the child off her bridge into the child would die. they added this is a spiteful woman who wanted her to die. she insisted she loved her granddaughter. if convicted she faces life behind bars. we will continue to watch them closely. 6:36 and 69 degrees. monday morning
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quarterbacking. how the redskins put the game slip away with two minutes left to play. >> it was painful. wait until you hear how much time you
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my old start to work tuesday
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morning, and temperatures will remain slightly above average for the day today. -- milk d start to the day today. grab the umbrella, because most likely you will need it. 72 degrees. temperature's only in that it be in detroit and indianapolis. that is what is on the way for the weekend. low pressure across the great lakes will move out of there and allow improving conditions for us for the weekend. wynns outwinds out of the south at 5 to 10. keep the umbrella handy. we will take a look at the extended outlook coming up in just a few minutes. pretty slow traffic all across the region right now. we will start on 70. here they are hardly moving as we hit southbound. nothing reported blocking the
6:41 am
road way, just heavy traffic. over to the beltway now, near university boulevard, that it's also very heavy. moving towards as is the outer loop. the outer loop is low from college park around silver spring. over towards the interchange the way from silver city to silver spring. thank you. 69 degrees. coming up, stopping the shutdown. a closer look at the senate deal and how long it will last. opening statements in the conrad murray [ cow mooing ] ♪ ♪
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>> it is 6:43. lawmakers avoid a potential
6:44 am
government shutdown, at least for now. >> late last night the senate approved a stopgap spending measure. the main sticking point was fema funding. now we're hearing there is enough funding to get through the next fiscal year. is that the reason why this was passed? >> they did find a couple extra billion dollars. more money than they thought. they do not have to pay for things as fast as they expected. ultimately republicans decided they could reach a compromise. democrats gave up some ground. they gave on energy programs that were important to them. fema was not as bad as people expected. >> wish our government could find billions of dollars in other programs that are needed. chris christie has been emphatic in saying he is not
6:45 am
going to run for president. now there is a different story. >> there are people who desperately want him to reconsider. people do not really like mitt romney so i'm chris christie looks more and more attractive. he has been hearing people out. -- so chris christie looks more and more attractive. when you gives speeches, it creates a buzz you may be running. even then, he continues to say he is not going to run. ultimately we think he likes the attention and having his name in the mix. at this point anything could happen. shockingly the end of september the president of field remains wide open. >> you city is giving a speech later at the reagan library. hopefully hewe will find out more information then. -- you said he is giving a speech later at the reagan library.
6:46 am
the man by michael jackson side stands trial today. conrad marie begins the trial today. -- conrad maurry. >> good morning. jurors are expected to hear opening statements and witness testimony in this high-profile case. it is expected to be the first time the public hears heis account of what happened the michael jackson better back in 2009. prosecutions will argue he administered the deadly combination of drugs. in the defense will zero in on jackson's health, suggesting it was jackson himself responsible for his own death. witnesses will talk about the performers condition and state of mind in the months before his death. the court room, as you might imagine, is expected to be
6:47 am
packed. jackson's family will be present. along with them, dozens of reporters covering the case. the proceedings will be televised and broadcast on line. one other note regarding the jury. 12 loss to joe was county residents. -- 12 los angeles county residents. if convicted, she could face up to four years in prison. the trial is a threat to last through late october. -- is expected to last through late october. the man accused of shooting a military installations in virginia faces more charges after trying to escape from his prison cell. corrections that discovered the david's last friday. the detention center was but of lockdown but officials say the public was never in danger. a new study ranks of d.c.
6:48 am
number one when it comes to the worst traffic in the nation. texas a&m researchers found the average commuter found -- spend 74 hours per year in traffic more than doubled the average national average. it burns more than $1,000 in lost wages. commuters are learning more about hot lines planned for i-95 from fairfax county to stafford county. drivers with two or more passengers could still using -- could still use the age of th hov lane for free. a hearing was set last night in woodbridge. more hearings are set for this week. to find out when and where, go to our website shifting our focus to sports, you probably heard the sound bite last week. the one where the quarterback
6:49 am
suggested he would target tony chromromo. take a look at this. >> at the 40 yard line. that is all tony romo. >> that set up the game-winning field goal. >> at the end of the day you either find a way to win or you do not. we had opportunities in the game and did not take advantage of it. we had our opportunities in the fourth quarter, and obviously did not get it done. >> for redskins have a short week to prepare for the game in st. louis. -- the redskins have a short week to prepare for the game since it was. we are getting full allfootball weather. >> if the upcoming weekend will
6:50 am
be fantastic weather. take a look at what is going on outside chesapeake beach md. the clownuds are holding the cup. some will eventually cause thunderstorms and showers later on today. -- the clouds are holding tough. over half an inch of rain since midnight in myers bill, maryland. -- myersville, maryland. and the heaviest of the showers now living off towards the north and east out of the d.c. metro area. we will see scattered showers in the forecast for the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon, so grab your umbrella because you will probably need it at some point later on today.
6:51 am
a better chance in the evening and overnight hours. cooler drier air off to the north and west of us with mid- 50's in chicago. satellite and radar you can see this been in the atmosphere. this area of low pressure has hardly moved. finally it will start moving off to the north and east, and that means better conditions for us closer to the weekend. future cast looks like this in the next 48 hours. showers creeping up on this later this evening. 11:00 tonight we could hear some grumbles. finally clearing skies by friday. 78 to 83 for a daytime high today. tonight lows and the upper 50's. 75 to 80 degrees tomorrow. we will talk about the extended outlook of the upcoming weekend next. we will start with a look at
6:52 am
the map. top to bottom. we have an accident in college park causing delays. it is continuing around the beltway to georgia ave. in the middle of the screen that is on the inner loop. still blocking the left wing causing delays. the bottom northbound 95. accident blocking one plane with a back up out of dale city to get past that. -- accident blocking the inner loop out of dale city.
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>> a good tuesday morning to all of you. that the weapons have disappeared in libya. they can take down a passenger jet, so who has them? also donald trump meeting with mitt romney. will he make an endorsement? what difference would it make? we have answers to those questions today. also, a good old fashioned fishtail. the five-year-old girl who got a bit more than she bargained for when she reeled in a piranha. that is next here on "good morning, america." there she is. ricki lake is in the lead on "
6:56 am
the dancing with the stars." the contestants performed the drive and quickstep. any injury slowed down jazz bonchas bono that came in last. now a check with traffic. take a look at the springfield interchange. it is very slow. that accident -- that delay beginning in dale city. back to the accident, it was back on the outer loop of the beltway and rte. 1. a look at the weather. here is a look at the extended outlook. near 80 today, a chance of thunderstorms and showers. same tomorrow. look at the upcoming weekend. pride and sunny with temperatures in the mid-'60s. >> thank you for
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