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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  October 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> there is no doubt about it, fall is here. next on abc7 news, how low will it go and when the warmup will come. and a big break for bookworms in the district. a local library stays open despite money issues that closed rest of them on sundays. now at 6:30. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. fall has arrived in a big way across the d.c. area. abc7 news was in arlington today where people broke out the jackets to get from here to there. just a couple days ago it was shorts and t-shirt weather. today a much different story as temperatures didn't budge much
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past 50 degrees. weather also too windy to get back to work on the washington monument today. inspection crews stayed off the structure the day after a worker got blown around on the monument. the national park service will decide tomorrow whether it's safe to climate back up there to look for earthquake damage. check on just how low the temperature will go. meteorologist is in the weather sent earn has our first check. steve, we have been talking about it all night. chilly out there. >> cold, cold day. last time it was this cold on this date was back in 1939. the official high now goes down at 52 degrees. reagan national airport. look at temperatures outside at this hour now down to 48 degrees. manassa at 48 and winchester 46. doppler radar, yes, we have more rain on the rain later on tonight and into the early morning hours. already beginning to push into western maryland, garrett and
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allegheny counties. mixing in with a few wet snowflakes. what can we expect in the seven-day outlook sunshine and warmer temperatures. details in a few minutes. scott? >> thank you, steve. another weather headache from last month. still hitting hard prince william county. that's when flooding destroyed a mobile home park near woodbridge. but today a big benefit to help the victims of that disaster. although it's just a drop in the bucket for people who lost everything richard reeve is live at that mobile home park with the update tonight. richard? >> scott, this is an awesome and frightening display of the power of mother nature. look at this neighborhood devastated. many residents scrambling, trying to find new places to live and now the debate goes on, whether to rebuild here. much of holly acres' mobile home park -- >> i don't know. >> is a storm-ravaged wasteland. >> i don't know what happened. >> 66 of 108 trailers condemned
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unlivable after the september 8 floods. >> it's horrible the devastation. people put their life savings into some of those trailers and they have nothing left. >> on sunday the group mexicans without borders sponsored a musical festive event to help 150 displaced residents. >> every day kids asking, where are we going to be living? >> for many of these families, the biggest concern is to find the money or place to live. >> would you like to move back? >> i would. with my family and my friends and everything. >> the owner says he wants to rebuild. the problem -- federal regulations say it can't happen in an area that could likely flood again. >> it would be irspom for us and it makes sense as a fema regulation to be able to say look n. a flood way, we don't want that tough being rebuilt. you know this type of damage will occur again. >> so it is a difficult waiting game. >> we're renting a basement from a friend. >> as weather approaches, pressure is on for those who
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call holly acres home to find a new one. >> everybody needs help. >> the owner could file an appeal as soon as monday. we're told the county allocated $70,000 to help some of the residents find new homes but the question remains, will this once again be a living community? live from woodbridge, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> thank you richard. it was a steamy mess in downtown washington this morning. look at this steam pouring out of the man hole on 10th street northwest. right across from ford's theater. the stretch was shut down for some time as they repaired that leak. road is once again open and no one hurt. investigators still trying it figure out what caused that leak. also developing in the district tonight -- staying open on sunday, at least for one of the libraries threatened by cutbacks. the m.l.k. library will be open seven days a week now and city officials were there for the big
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announcement. we're live at the library with more tonight. awe treia? >> scott, this is a big deal. people were upset to hear that the only library in the district to be open sundays would be closing because of money woes. today leaders were here to welcome those to the library and said they're not going anywhere soon. a line of people were welcomed by those responsible for keeping the door opened. >> flipped, flipped. >> flipping out over the news the district's only library open sundays will remain so. for this homeschool teacher and tutor that means no more frustration over finding a new place to plan her lessons. >> i was disappointed because i know this is the only library in the city that was opened sundays. >> afs announced a shortage of cash would mean shutting the district branch, mayor gray and council member tommy wells worked yoferte to scrounge up
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the $316,000 it takes to keep the facility open the extra day by rebudgeting other areas. >> i have been coming to it this library for years, long before i got into political life. and back to, you know, 15 20 years ago. >> one of the lobbying local leaders alicia rutger who said she relies on the library's 70 computers to help her two girls because she doesn't have internet access at home. >> i don't want the energy of internet into my home so we come to a public place to use it. >> they turn out approximately 500,000 bocks and d.v.d. rentals each year, 10% of that circulation comes from the sunday crowd. >> you have a school report due monday, sunday really matters. >> the rebudgeting that was done was just for this fiscal year alone which means we will be looking at the same problem again next year should there be a short fall whfment asked about that today mayor gray said let's take it one day at a time and be happy today the doors are still open. live in northwest autria godfrey abc7 news. >> it may soon cost you more to
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take a cab in the district. starting this week, the $19 cap on fares is gone and that means the meter will keep running until the ride is over. fees for extra bags and extra passengers will remain in place throughout the middle of next month and the dollar surcharge for gas also stays in effect. still to come on abc7 -- major move in the case of amanda knox. we have a look at what's expected tomorrow in an italian court. plus, presidential candidate rick perry under fire for a racially charged sign going back decades. see who's upset about it. >> it was the last call for the hawk and
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>> welcome back. tomorrow will be a critical day for amanda knox. the american student will address an italian court and plea for her freedom. knox has been jailed since 2007 after she was convicted of murdering her british roommate meredith kutcher. knox appealed her conviction and jury has a range of options from complete freedom to life in prison. it's become an issue on the campaign trail. a hunting camp that texas governor rick perry and his family once leased was known by a racial slur. a rock placed at the entrance of the property had the n word
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painted on it. perry said the rock was painted over in 1983 but "the washington post" reports at least one witness said it was still visible until a few years ago. rival presidential candidate herman cane said he's appalled. >> since governor perry has been going there for years to hunt i think it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. >> a spokesperson for perry said parts of the story were wrong and an attempt was made to paint over it years ago. a hospital spokesperson says that doctors believe john hinckley should be allowed to go home. hinckley's been held at a mental hospital since 1981. doctors believe hinckley could live with or near his elderly mother in virginia. the prosecutors insist he's still dangerous. next on abc7 news -- a bit of a
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warmup in the forecast. welcome one. steve rudin has a look at what to expect for the work week. final call for a popular watering hole near capitol hill. we will take you to the hawk -n- dove for look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ ♪ that's why right here in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest
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they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. >> this is it. the time night for one of the most popular hang outs in the capitol hill area, the hawk -n- dove fpblet after more than 40 years the bar will shut its doors and contents auctioned off but not before one more big night. chris van cleve is live with more on closing time for the hawk -n- dove. chris? >> scott, a lot of people inside are very sd, as you can imagine. the bar as been open 44 years. to say it's a fixture on capitol hill would be understating just how important this bar has been
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to many people in this neighborhood. but tonight is truly last call. let's take you inside. it was very very busy today. you had the usual packer crowd who was here to cheer on their team one last time from inside the hawk -n- dove. while many other people stopped in just to say good-bye to the neighborhood bar that's been like an old front. as you can imagine, everyone here has at least one favorite memory. >> i think it was when the kitchen caught on fire and we had to drag baseball bill over the top of the bar because there's no exit going that way. to go out that window just as the fire department broke the window and turned the fire hose on. and -- and everybody had to -- everybody ended up on the floor. >> i was -- it was rich and poor, auto mechanic, lawyers, lobbyists and congressmen. and it was our place. we're going to miss it.
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>> owner of hawk -n- dove had hoped to have the bar open for at least 50 years but learned this summer that he had lost his lease. when it opened back in 1967 it was a place where pro vietnam wore hawks and ante wore doves and others could eat and dine in peace and has been a landmark ever since. the name hawk -n- dove will still be on this building. the new owner will move in and do 100% renovation n. their words, and reopen under the same name. certainly, there will be a lot of differences inside than what we're seeing close tonight. in many ways it's an end of an era. live on capitol hill kris van cleeverb, abc7 news. >> a lot of stories out there. >> indeed. >> kris was all bundled up outside. temperatures will fall over the next few hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning, one of the chilliest mornings we had in quite some time. >> you say that with a smile.
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>> it will get better, i promise. looking outside now clouds are out there. this is a -- this is annapolis. mostly cloudy skies for the most part. heavier showers getting ready to move in from the north. rest of us will look at doppler in a minute. 52 is the official high at reagan national. last time it was this cold on this date back in 1939. normally this time of year we see highs around 73. record 89. it's 48 degrees at the airport right now. winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. 45 at children's hospital. little over a quarter inch of rain. about a third of an inch in mchenry, maryland. look at the temperature 34 degrees with winds out of the north and west around 10 miles per hour. temperatures outside in the 40's to lower 50's. head down to fredericksburg, they're at 52. same at lexington park maryland. the warmer air it's out there. mid-60's chicago. indianapolis 70 in st. louis. look at minneapolis.
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they're at 79. we're locked under the cooler air under an area of low pressure that continues to spin and spin. the milder temperatures on the way but we have to wait until tuesday. nice break by wednesday. here's the area of low pressure continuous until then. spin of the atmosphere, heavier rain across western pennsylvania getting ready to move into garrett and allegheny county in western maryland. may see a few wet snowflakes out to the west. not expecting any accumulations but yesterday about three inches of snow out in west virginia, nothing like that on the way for us. keep the showers and forecast for the overnight hours. quick update on hurricane ophelia. winds at 100 miles per hour. futurecast looks like this -- showers for the overnight hours. periods of rain to the west and our skies finally start to clear as we move into tuesday. upper 30's to mid-40's for nighttime lows. tomorrow grab the umbrella. daytime highs 50 to 55 degrees. here's the extended outlook back into the '70's by wednesday,
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thursday, friday and upcoming weekend. warmer air on the way with lots of sunshine. >> all right. sunshine smalls. a lot of smiles on the redskins' sideline today. >> except for the coach. coach into the too happy. redskins back in action. wanted to get back in action and erase the bad tastes in their mouth after monday night's loss to the cowboys. up-and-down performance by the skins q.b. today but the running game and defense bailed them out
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>> here's the good news redskins win. and still sitting on top of n.f.c. east after winning a game that shouldn't have been as close as it turns out. that's the bad news. skins dominated the rams most of the game. rex grossman pretty pass to santana moss. second quarter sam bradford feeling the heat, feeling the heat. nobody open. looking around. ryan torian is there. fumble redskins recover. play of the game off the bench. first action of the year. ryan tore rain finds a huge hole -- torian, huge hole p skins took a 17-0 lead into the
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fourth. they didn't score again. rex grossman scores the first of two interceptions on the day. justin king brings in the deflection and takes it back into skins' territory. rams get a field goal. rams come back again. bradford to steven jackson. boom boom, touchdown 15 yards. suddenly we have a ball game folks. big trouble when the skins get the ball back. grossman -- what was he thinking? rams knocking on the door again. rams fourth and 13 now. bradford's pass off the mark. skins take over. thank goodness the rams aren't very good. two minutes to go, ryan torian seals the rin. redskins win 17-10. they're 3-1. coach shanahan is pleased with the win but not totally happy with his team's performance. >> they had a chance to throw it away a couple of times. third and three, through santana's hands. unusual. usually touchdown there.
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all-out blitz. third and two, a chance maybe the game is over there. plays we normally make. >> we have to score a lot more points than 17 today especially. in those tough games we're going to need to -- >> given the fact we could respond after a turnover and end of the game, good turn for the rest of the season. >> let's look at the eagles and san francisco 49ers. late in the fourth quarter, 23-17, philly. fran gordon gets the handoff. bangs his way twisting into the end zone. touchdown niners beat the eagles 24-23. lions/cowboys. fourth quarter. matthew stafford throws jump ball up to calvin johnson. touchdown detroit. what a catch. 30-24, cowboy cowboy. under two to play. lions added a field goal. another great pass and catch. lions remain undefeated. cowboys go down 34-30.
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and in game two of the american league divisional playoff series, yankees and tigers it was detroit's day. tigers ending the series a game a piece. they win 5-3. >> good
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>> steve rudin's back. talking cold temperatures out there. >> how quickly we gorte the summer we had. temperatures well into 90's. now a change. sunshine is coming back. grab the umbrellas for tomorrow. you might need it during the early more than hours of tuesday. look at wednesday and thursday. back into the lower 70's. october, the most beautiful time of the year in washington. those humidity, sunshine and we will see it. >> 70's look good.
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>> that will do it for us for now. see you back here after "pan am." >> good show by the way. >> endorsed right there. have a good night. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? , there's a prize, all right.
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