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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, washington. nearly 6:00 a.m. on this monday october 3. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. we are in the 40's to start the day. below average in terms of temperatures. it will be gray for one more day. then big improvements as a high- pressure system moves into place for the middle of the week into the weekend. there's a rainfall right now. the woman's body showers off and on throughout the day. it's raining from martinsburg to winchester dense fog royal. hagerstown southward to harrisonburg. and from prince george county through st. mary's county and calvert county, light rain. lower southern maryland is getting in on the action. that will circulates off and on over to allow the day. 55 is a high temperature today.
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put that into perspective. that is the same afternoon highs in mid october and equivalent to our average morning low temperature. back in the 60's tomorrow with sunshine. on the roads, pretty good. 95 in and out of baltimore, 95 between fredericksburg and springfield, normal volume. 66 eastbound growing in manassas and centreville, 50 at the beltway. looks good at the wilson bridge and american legion bridge. 270 southbound, everything open to gaps between -- to get around frederick. there's an accident northbound at 198. normal travel times to and from the american legion bridge. breaking news from italy. amanda knox has wrapped up her
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emotional plea for freedom. in an address to the appeals court the american called the murder accusations against her unfair and groundless. >> according deciding great right now and we could have a verdict as soon as this afternoon. brianne carter is live in our satellite center with the latest on the story. >> good morning. this is a crucial day for military -- four american college student americanamanda knox. she told the appeals court she did not kill the british roommates, asking the court to give her back her life. she and codefendant raffaello sollecito were convicted of killing meredith kercher in 2009. amanda knox was sentenced to 26 years and the man was sentenced to 25. they are hoping to wrap conduct an overturned. a visibly nervous, amanda knox said "i've lost a friend in the worst, most brutal, most expensive " way possible. i'm paying with my life for something i have not done."
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the court is deliberating now and is expected to come back with a verdict this afternoon at which time we will find out if amanda knox can go free or perhaps end up spending more lives behind bars. reporting live in a satellite center, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we will have more reaction to that verdict in 30 minutes. stay tuned for a special edition of good morning america from italy. one person is in custody in connection with an overnight double stabbing. this happened at 12:30 at at the regency house apartment on connecticut avenue nw. police have not identified the suspect or the victim. -- the suspect or the victim's. jummy olabanji is outside fairfax county court with a preview of a grandmother on trial. >> good morning. the trial is expected to pick up
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again at 10:00 this morning pat corrales in fairfax county. the defense is expected to continue their case trying to prove to a jury that the defendant here in this case carmela dela rosa killed her granddaughter last november because she was insane. it was last week the prosecution tried to paint a different picture in the case, to say that carmela dela rosa was not insane, saying that she was angry at the pregnancy of her daughter and angry at her son- in-law because okey that. that is why she killethrew her two- year-old granddaughter angelyn off a sixth floor walkway. the person to take the stand for the defense was the woman's husband, and they brought a series of mental health experts. that is expected to continue this morning. no word on whether the defendant will take the stand this week yourself. we are closely monitoring the
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story and will updates later. reporting live in fairfax, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. testimony also resumes today in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's position. dr. conrad murray. prosecutors will continue to question an emergency room doctor who gave paramedics permission to declare the pop star did. conrad murray is accused of giving tax and a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol. the supreme court is back in session today and it will be busy. the justices are expected to review legal challenges to the president's health care reform law and they will decide whether police can attach a dgs tracker does suspect poses a car without a warrant. yesterday's six justices attended the annual mass in northwest d.c. which offers pressed for judges, attorneys, and other legal professionals. inspectors could be back at work on the washington monument
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later on today, weather permitting. the national park service suspended examination yesterday because of the rain and wind. the engineering team is looking for more damage from the august earthquake. you might have to shell out more for a ride in a taxicab in the district. starting this week the $19 cap on fares is gone. that means the meter will keep running until the ride is over. other fees or extra bags, extra passengers, and gas will remain in place at least through the middle of next month. rex grossman may not be the best quarterback in the nfl, but so far his powers have earned a solid ratings of our for prognosticating. >> touchdown. >> he predicted that the redskins could challenge for the nfc title and here they are tied atop the nfc east after a victory over st. louis on
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sunday. the redskins quarterback knows that he must execute better to keep winning. >> we have to score a lot more points. in a tough games we will need to throw a knockout punch. >> a lot of the credit for the victory goes to the defense. now the redskins will prepare for the philadelphia eagles coming to town in two weeks. >> we will be ready. i have to give a shout out to the detroit lions because they are playing great this season. >> and used and texans. >>-- houston. >> 47 degrees. >> a campaign controversy. rick perry is under fire for a racial slur painted on his property. >> this is what i look like in real life. are you surprised? >> after more than 30 years
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andy rooney signing off from ""60 minutes." >> the at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible.
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i am dam it from the invertebrates exhibit at the smithsonian national zoo. this is our octopus and he loves seafood for breakfast. good morning, washington. 6:10 on this monday morning. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a dreary day. but the payoff is in the works for the middle of the week all the way through the weekend. first, 41 in germantown, 44 in gainesville and north was d.c.,
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46 in springfield. a little rain out there. lower st. mary's county, much of calvert county, southern maryland hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester southward along 81, areas of rain in the shenandoah valley and points west where. spotty showers throughout the day on and off. 55 degrees for the afternoon high. that is equivalent to the afternoon mornin -- that is equivalent to the average morning low. tomorrow cooler. afternoon sunshine after some morning spotty rains. wednesday through the weekend, a total sunshine, highs in the 70's it. we are looking forward to the drive. first we take to rockville and bethesda, no problems. looks good about the mormon temple on the beltway. 66 and 95, heavy volume, but no
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accidents. looks good on the george washington parkway north of reagan national airport. quiet is. noaa shuster reports at dulles airport. looks good on the greenway and dulles toll road. looks good on route 7 between sterling and tysons, no accidents. mass transit on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 47 degrees outside. >> coming up, animals continue raining over the box office. >>-- so many great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start.
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geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance.
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amanda knox is waiting to learn her fate. an italian court will decide if the american college students will go for your go back to jail. the case against carmela dela rosa address its second week in court. the defense is expected to present more evidence about her mental health of the time of her granddaughter's debt. and ryan led the redskins over the rams on sunday helping the burgundy and gold hold on to first place. all today's top stories, log on to our web site, >> republican front-runner rick perry is under fire all over the name of a hunting camp that his family once leased. a racially offensive name was
6:15 am
printed on a rock outside the property. the texas governor's campaign says his father painted over the rock but that has not stopped another presidential hopeful from accusing him of insensitivity. >> it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word of a basket rock and renaming the place -- not taking the word off the rock. >> and chris christie says he will make an announcement in the next few days. a group is upset over issues ranging from global warming to gasoline prices. on the weekend police arrested 700 people after demonstrators tried to block one light of the brooklyn bridge demonstrating regarding the stock market and financial issues. concerns about a worldwide
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recession have international markets on the way down today. the japanese nikkei plunged despite a government survey showing that japanese manufacturers are feeling more confident. in hong kong, they plunged. greece it will not need a deficit target imposed by international lenders. the country is trying to reduce its debt as it while receiving huge loans. foreclosures can actually make people sick. as the number of local foreclosures went up, so did extended hospital and emergency room visits. dolphin taleail was tops at the box office this weekend $14.2 million. i am rob nelson. weekend bookworms still have a place to read in the d.c. area.
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despite a threat to close the martin luther king jr. library on sundays, it was open for business yesterday. d.c. mayor vincent gray and council member tommy wells found money in the budget for that. the hawk and dove bar on capitol hill is officially closed after four years in business. dozens of people were there for last night's finale. a rival owner took over the lease, forcing a landmark to close. the new owners say they will keep the name, but that's all. the bar is set to reopen in about six months. >> are they going to keep the packers fans? that has become their headquarters. >> i know. i've been there so many times. >> i am going to miss it. >> are to see it go. let's look at the forecast. it's cold outside right now. >> it is cold. conditions are more indicative of mid to late november. >> and today is the third. >> we are fast forwarding.
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we have a payoff coming our way a big improvement. we will finally get what we deserve. this is a good thing coming. i wrote about the cool weather this weekend. the record high temperatures we hit yesterday or rather record cold and high temperatures. go to for that blog. or you can scan the code on your screen to go directly to that. it's 48 in the district, 45 at dulles airport and winchester. 43 in cumberland along with frederick and lexington park at 48 degrees. spotted showers out there already this morning. later on today we will have a few more spotty showers and lingering into early tomorrow. but then sunshine starting tomorrow afternoon. light rain in anne arundel county and prince george county east of bowie. most of calvert county and in
6:19 am
st. mary's county and moving into lexington park and stretching over the bay. off to the west of the metro is where we have more rainfall. from hagerstown to martinsburg winchester, all the way down to harrisburg, about to close over the blue ridge. this is part of a broad area of our global low pressure that is stuck over said. it's caught off from the main flow of the atmosphere. it's a cold core system. yesterday was the coldest october 2 afternoon at reagan national in recorded history. here's the counterclockwise rotation. tomorrow we will have a sticker system that will open up the flow and pushed and low off to the northeast. did willwe will be stuck in and other weather pattern, but we will be on the good side of the weather pattern later on this week. 55 this afternoon. that is our average morning low
6:20 am
temperature. that is where we should be starting the day. gray skies, accused by the showers off and on. tomorrow, morning clouds with a few sprinkles will lead to afternoon sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 60's. there is the payoff. here's what we deserve. after a cold several days, finally dry, warm weather with sunshine expected wednesday through the weekend highs in the 70's. bear in humidity. much to look forward to later this week. how's the commute? >> looks ok. looking at 66 traffic. looks like it's moving ok near the beltway, through falls church. normal volume started to grow, on 66 eastbound from manassas to centreville. no problems on 234. the starting to heat up near a ball sport rroad.
6:21 am
looks good to chantilly. no issues on 95/virginia. 95/maryland in good shape as well. back to you. >> thank you. still dark outside, 6:20, 47 degrees. >> andy rooney's swan song. the legend and delivers his last commentary on "60 minutes." >> on my next show we are talking about bullying and teen suicide. the jacobsens just lost their 14-year-old son. they told me what needs to happen to stop the senseless tragedies. >> we have made a decision not to point the finger and find some sort of solution so the next generation of children don't have to go through this. >> a real conversation about bullying that no one should miss, it could save a child's life cur.
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captioned by the national captioning institute taking a look a day ahead.
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a teenager will face manslaughter charges in connection with a crash in a market that killed two classmates. 18-year-old christopher suarez originally faced reckless driving charges in april 20 christ and killed kendra tucker and savanna mouratidis, both teenagers. heads up, eastbound 66 will be closed at the beltway during the nighttime hours this week. there's bridge demolition. metro says red line trains will be single-tracking between gondar avenue and rhode island avenue happening from 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. monday through friday. something to remember. after 33 years spanned 1097 un-air commentaries, and denise said goodbye light. >> bought the 92-year-old says he is not retiring. >> i wish i could do this forever. i cannot, though. i am not retiring.
6:26 am
>> his final address was called "my lucky life." he >> i spent my first 50 years to try to become well-known as a writer and the next 30 trying to avoid being famous. i don't say this often but thank you. although if you do see me at a restaurant, please just let me eat my dinner. >> he began his career writing for television and radio and switched to on-camera work in 1978. an amazing career. >> 1097 commentaries. that's a lot of stories. >> a lot of opinions. still another half-hour of "good morning washington ahead. >> why the washington region rates so low in a survey on manliness. \
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>> around the trial of a local grandmother in court continues this morning. i am jummy olabanji in fairfax. details coming up on the court case. >> adam caskey and tracking the unsettled weather pattern for today. of little rainfall already. we will take a what's the one best
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. i'm not what they say i am. >> it had come a crucial day ahead for a man that knocks. she is waiting for a verdict. 6:30 on this monday, october 3 belmont will begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa baden in a moment but here is adam caskey. it is still very unsettled
6:31 am
and gray, damp, and cool. we have a few spotty showers and this will be the case throughout the day with areas of very light rain. only 5/1 hundred accumulation of rain in martinsburg. hagerstown down ideas 81, though light rain is drifting to the southeast. along 50 in anne arundel county has a few light showers. cool again 48 in the district, 43 in hagerstown. we're only making it to the mid 50's today so it will feel like a mid-november with off and on spotty showers. 52 marlton sunshine by the afternoon. we will go to newschopper7 flying over woodbridge. there is a broken-down bus on northbound 95.
6:32 am
that boss was moved onto the shoulder but it certainly did a number on traffic out of woodbridge to get into lorton. everything is open but it is very slow. northbound 95, a broken-down bus on the shoulder. we will be back with more in 10 minutes. amanda knox has wrapped up her emotional plea for freedom. it was addressed to the appeals court there. she called the murder accusations are unfair and groundless. >> the court is deciding her fate and we could have a verdict as soon as this afternoon. brianne carter is live in a satellite center with the latest. >> this is a crucial day for the american college students. it is our final opportunity to make a statement carried she told the appeals court she did not kill her british were made.
6:33 am
she asked the court to give her back her life. her codependent was convicted along with her of murdering the roommates back in 2009. amanda knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and they hope to have the convictions overturned amanda knox said -- she insisted her innocence. her family says they are hopeful. >> there is no case left. i am very hopeful that by the end of the month, we will get to bring amanda home. >> the court is deliberating and hopes to come back with a verdict late this afternoon when we will find out if amanda knox can go free or will end up spending life behind bars. >> thank you. for more reaction to the
6:34 am
verdict, stay tuned for a special edition of "good morning, america." defense attorneys will begin a second week of testimony in the trial of a woman accused of killing her two-year-old granddaughter at the tysons corner mall. jummy olabanji is live outside fairfax county court. >> good morning. this trial is expected to start back up at 10:00 this morning. we are expected to hear the defense attorneys for carmela de la rosa continue to try to prove to the jury that their client was insane. last november when she picked up for two-year-old granddaughter and through our of a walkway at tyson's mall. the prosecution was trying to prove that she did this because she was angry at her daughter and her son-in-law for having
6:35 am
this child out of wedlock. this is something the defense says is not true. carmela de la rosa has pleaded not guilty saying she was insane at the time. her defense attorneys are expected to say she was suffering from depression and had suicidal thoughts and has been hospitalized because of this. we saw them called the defendant's own husband to the stand and several mental health experts. there is no word on whether carmela de la rosa will take the stand herself. we're watching the case very closely and we will have an update on line later this morning. >> thank you so much. the supreme court is back in session today and this will be a busy new term. they are expected to review legal challenges to the president's health care reform law. there will also decide whether police can attract a gps tracker to a suspect vehicle without a
6:36 am
warrant. six justices attended the annual red mass in northwest d.c. weather permitting, inspectors could be back at work on the washington monument later today. the national park service had to suspend the examination yesterday because of rain and wind. the engineering team is looking for more damage from the august earthquake. >> i am always hit with a sense of history and culture. >> after we are off the building and able to sit back and think about this and write a report, we will realize that this is something that was pretty important than that team members say repeling down the side of the monument is fun but tiring. more people have walked on the mon and the washington monument. a new report shows construction at the metro rail extension to dulles airport is six months behind schedule for
6:37 am
the delay means the first phase of the silver would open in the summer of 2014 instead of late 2013. that could push up the price of the project. construction costs are about $40 million per month. redskins fans had lots of reasons to rejoice this morning. the ground at a 17-10 road win in st. louis. it was thanks to their defense. >> he carries again and that as a redskin touchdown. >> he rushed for 135 yards in the victory and the redskins will go into their by week. they are tied with the new york giants at the top of the nfc east. >> the time is 6:37 and 47 degrees. a beating in baltimore -- a retrospective look easy taking on the jets and we will have highlights. >> president obama wades into
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welcome back -- it is monday morning and we have some areas of light rain at 6:41. 5/1 hundred of an inch which is not much. so far it is still running in these locations. 40 degrees so another cool start to the dead. it will be great, and damp and cool. we will get the payoff we deserve by the end of the week. light showers in annapolis and
6:42 am
especially i-81. this is slowly rotating overhead. we will have a spotty showers throughout the day today. 48 degrees will -- right now and 55 will be the afternoon high. 43 in frederick and 48 currently in lexington park. we will have spotty showers here and there and the average height is 73 degrees. and we will be in the 60's tomorrow. it will be slow for anybody coming of 270 in frederick there's an accident to get down to 109. this is live on route 50 in cheverly. the beltway in college park is moving at a normal pace right now for this time of morning. we will go to the map or have an accident coming out of oxon hill
6:43 am
onto to 95 northbound at the 11th street bridge. we will give you a closer view on northbound 95 and that accident in the center of the roadway. 66 and 95 have of volume and good on the greenway and the dulles toll road. >> 47 degrees and we will be right back honeyclustery things have
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth ofiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. will he or won't he? republican party members are looking to chris christie to join the presidential race that he may be the only one not talking. good morning, james. all the morning talk shows are talking about this. everyone continues to speculate. there is a wide-open space and
6:46 am
republican field. republicans are not satisfied with the candidates they have. the indications are that mitt romney should be the front runner and they are not excited about him. rick perry was supposed to be the alternative but his controversies have made people turn on him. a bigger prize -- republicans are looking for someone. chris christie season opening but he is not sure whether he wants to enter. if he does, there's a chance he could get beat pretty bad. when you have a shot at that brass ring, is hard to turn it down. >> where does it stand now? he has said no but he is deciding with his family? >> right, he was that the reagan library in california but he says he is not running.
6:47 am
the polls said there is no way obama can lose but they believe that obama is vulnerable and they have a path to the nomination within the republican party. >> it might make him look like a flip-flopper. we will see you soon. the obama administration issued a world wide travel of our efforts to the death of a wanted terrorists. the state park and says retaliation could be sought against americans. anwar al-awlaki died friday after a drawn attack. as prices continue to fall. aaa reports the national average price of a gallon of regular is now $3.42. that is down 9 cents from one week ago. it is down 23 cents from one month ago. in d.c., the average price is
6:48 am
$3.55 and in maryland, $3.36 -- $3.336 -- $3.36. several pages of the bank of america website have been made accessible. the bank says it is a problem but does not say what is causing it. a spokeswoman says it is not because of hacking and note customer information was compromised. dozens of flood victims in prince william county are getting help. they lived at the holly acres mobile home park in woodbridge and the flooding last month destroyed 56 of the 108 trailers there. mexicans without borders had a benefit for families whose homes were ruined them up people put their life savings into some of those trailers. they have nothing left. >> would you like to move back? >> yes i would. it is my family and my friends and everything. >> prince william county has given the red cross and other
6:49 am
agencies $70,000 to help the families. the cardinals rallied to win 5-for it and gained three gets under way in st. louis tomorrow. >> ball is loose. sunday night postgame was one for the ribbons to remember. reagan's defense scored a record three touchdowns and are ravens improve their record to 3-1 with a 34-17 win over the jets. >> four offensive touchdowns that game. >> i enjoyed air. >> it is football weather but i'm glad it will not stick around. we are all a little sick of this.
6:50 am
even without a lot rain, it is just dreary. we had a little bit of some late last week. we will get a lot of sun here coming up. the payoff is on the way. let's talk temperatures. we are in the 40's right now. we are running below average. we broke record high temperatures yesterday at all three major airports. we had record cold high temperatures. 45 degrees in winchester and 43 in hagerstown and cumberland. a little bit of light rain out there. most of the rain is off to the west. it is martinsburg south through inwood.
6:51 am
it tapers off toward harrisonburg and this is slowly drifted down to the southeast. it is starting to cross over the blue ridge. to the south east of the metro area calvert county is seeing more rain but the highest accumulation is 5/1 hundred of an inch. it is not all that much rain. it is a nuisance or rain. notice the pinwheel rotation in our atmosphere which is clad -- counterclockwise. that is a big up or level low pressure that will hang around through tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon a kicker will come in and boots that baby out of here. we will have sunshine from wednesday until next weekend. 60's tomorrow with afternoon sunshine and wednesday through the weekend is looking sunny and comfortable, in the 70's. we were looking at traffic
6:52 am
in '95, virginia. intense delays coming out of woodbridge from a broken-down bus that is now gone. it has been a struggle to recover from that. on to 95, metropolitan police have an accident northbound before the --on june 95, metropolitan police have an accident northbound. normal travel times from father hurley boulevard to the beltway on 270. we will be back with more in a moment.
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>> coming up, amanda knox please for her freedom in front of a packed court room. two judges and six jurors are locked in their operation. will they sent her to america are back to prison for the rest of her life? we will have coverage from [erugia coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning, america." if you are looking for a man legman, you might have won -- trouble finding one in d.c.. >> a report on the manly as cities -- manliest cities. this is the list.
6:56 am
they have lots of nascar enthusiasts, hunters fishermen barbecue restaurants -- it sounds like places adam caskey would enjoy. that is a place where you can filet fish. i think adam caskey can hang anywhere. he is a man's man. this is from newschopper7, northbound traffic has been slow out of dale city to get across the occoquan from a broken-down bus. it is slow out of springfield and on 395. [bark] a few more guys around here could learn how to feel like a fish. filet a fish. the payoff is coming and the temperatures will climb into
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