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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from the overwhelming reality that she is a free woman. >> my sister amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered for four years. >> earlier in the day, she plied her case. >> i am not what they say i am. >> but they portrayed her as a perverse violent killer it that slit her roommate's the road. >> i have not murdered, i have not raped, and have not stolen. >> she's the victim of a justice system that manipulated her words and imprisoned for four years. in this appeal the defense argued successfully that the forensics evidence that helped convict them to 30 years in prison back in 2009 should be thrown out. prior to the verdict, they insisted the victim in this crime should not be forgotten. >> everything that she went
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through, the feeling, the terror of not knowing -- she did not deserve that. "the prosecutors have not said they plan to appeal. the victim's family was stunned by the court's ruling and said they are not ready to forgive anyone in the murder of meredith kercher. live in the satellite center, jay korff, abc news. this has gripped the world from italy, to seattle, to washington, d.c. >> this case has gotten a lot of attention here in the united states. it has intensified since the appeals process has been under way. amanda knox has received a lot of sympathy from the american public. many people we spoke with said they were surprised that the jury's decision. >> i think the way the italians
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handled the case was really badly. the way the media handled the case was terrible. i am not saying that i know for sure that she is innocent. i am just saying the way the case was handled was not fair and therefore the trial, to me, was moot. >> we're pleased to hear just as was done. as an american, i do not like to see fellow americans committing crimes abroad. hopefully she was innocent and that is what the jury found. >> the recent public testimony by her father on her behalf certainly may have swayed american ears that issue is a sympathetic character. when the case started, she was not presented sympathetically. >> he believed it was amanda knox's plea before the jury today that she did not kill her roommate that ultimately may have swayed the jury is decision. live in arlington, horace
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holmes, abc7 news. >> we will have much more on her overturned conviction. we will go live to italy in a few minutes for more reaction from the streets. closer to home as of diners in and eatery became victims when two armed robbers broke in to th this restaurant in glen burnie. >> this is a truly bizarre and potentially dangerous restaurant. this friendly's restaurant was packed when two masked men demanded everyone hit the floor and empty out their pockets. the bad guys were anything but "friendly." two of them burst in about 8:45 p.m. armed with a knife and a gun and brutally ordered more than two dozen customers and employees to the ground.
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one man had been slashed across his torso. another was hit over his head with the gun as they systematically took cash and property from their victims and left with a third suspect command have been their lookout. >> it is a part of the economy going on. >> the restaurant owner rushed to the scene, and now he is worried about his customers employees and business. >> it is an unfortunate situation. >> the police searched but failed to catch the robbers. today, they call that a bizarre dangerous, and unsettling crime. because >> we will see if there's anything similar in other jurisdictions. >> they say the movie plot-like crime has to be taken seriously. >> it scares me. you do not hear this often living around here. >> out here? no. >> the owner of the restaurant
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said that it seemed to him that the two masked men were familiar with the restaurant. they did with it wanted to do and got out very quickly. sadly, police do not have a good description other than two men wearing black ski masks and dark clothing. brad bell, abc news. regulators say they responded appropriately in the aftermath of the august earthquake. it caused two reactors at the plants to automatically shut down. they spent three weeks checking for damage and did not find anything specific. still, the station remains closed and no word on when it might reopen. let's talk about the weather on this monday. more rain. an unseasonably cold temperature to start off a new work week. >> another weather changes dust around the corner. bobwhite is standing by with a
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first check of the forecast. >> that was a bit of an order. i like that town. we are beginning to finally see this whirlpool that has been sitting around our neck of the woods forever. inside is very, very cold there. there are some lingering sprinkles for you up around baltimore and some of browne the mountains of west virginia. this is really beginning to break down. look at big meadows of on top of beautiful skyline drive 0.3 inches of rain. these temperatures are at home if this was the end of november. look at kansas city right now. 81 degrees. as we go through the remainder of the weak, high pressure will be coming in, and tomorrow we
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will still be on the cool side but at least some sunshine coming back. i will give you the details in a few. an amish buggy and pick up truck collided in st. mary's county killing a child on route 5 saturday night. a 12-year-old girl riding in the buggy was killed. altria godfrey has the story. >> she recalls the aftermath of the accident that left a 12- year-old girl dead. >> any time you hear of a loss of life, it is very heartbreaking, but especially when it is a child. >> they were trying to cross route 5 saturday night with her father and sister. before they get through the intersection the oncoming traffic light turns green and a truck rolled over them.
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>> the little girl had been ejected out of the buggy. >> of the entire homage community is trying to come to terms with -- amish communities trying to come to terms with this. >> we just try to forgive and forget. >> police say the investigation is still ongoing, but it does not appear neither is at fault. >> but these are nothing new along the streets of st. mary's county with a large amish population. it is not the slow buggies that are to blame, but rather the cars that will not slow down. >> this is a bad intersection, on measure or not. >> it does not appear that alcohol, drugs or speed were reconsidering factor. autria godfrey.
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authorities are looking into a crash that killed a woman. the small plane crashed yesterday afternoon off of smith island. he swam to the island after the plane went down and his mother was also on the plane. she died while they were in the water. the search team recovered her body this morning. 300 new police officers will soon be hitting the street. the newest recruits started training today and they come from many different backgrounds. sam ford is live in southwest with the story. >> the d.c. police academy had been emptied for nine months. mayor vincent grave says he has found money in the budget to hire 300 new recruits, the first group arriving here for training this morning. after an earlier meeting with mayor and police, they walked in
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as a group. 35 men and women the first police recruit class in june of last year. here from dallas, he worked in a fitness gym as he waited. >> i am glad to be here. >> when did you first applied? >> october 2009. and i waited, and waited, and waited. >> they will spend the next six months training, of physical fitness, and the law. they are hired because of the shrinking number of police officers. they are now at 2800 and shrinking. >> we will be able to put new recruit officers in from october until july and they will start coming out of the academy in april. >> violent crime is down and homicide down 16%, but property crime is up and overall crime up
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3%. >> it is the exact opposite of the national trend. >> for a large number of recruits their second generation law-enforcement. >> my dad is an officer. >> my dad was a cop for 15 years and an l.a. district attorney. >> with jobs starting at $49,000 per year, recruiting is not difficult. the chief said that she had it thousands of applications who wanted to work for the d.c. police department. considering attrition, they believe that the force will go from 3800 to 3900 although the union disputes that. they say attrition is bad and at most they will be able to hold their own. sam ford, abc7 news. coming up on news that five working on the washington
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monument. >> jennifer aniston spotted going into a local hospital. >> by the time mr. jackson was my patient, he had been dead for some time. >> an e.r. doctor talking about michael jackson's death. >> and we go to italy on the news that amanda knox's conviction has
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developing news out of dallas were a major fire is burning at a chemical plant in waxahachie. at least 25 employees have been evacuated from the scene, as were children from a nearby school. no reports of any injuries, but texas officials are monitoring the air quality. now we turn to the michael jackson trial. the emergency room physician who handled jackson's case came under heavy questioning today. >> dr. michele cooper announced
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michael jackson dead, but what happened next was something she had never experienced. >> the attending an emergency room physician the day michael jackson died said she authorized paramedics to pronounce him dead at this home. >> we are going to call it here, time of death as 12:57 p.m. >> i felt the pronouncement of death in the field was appropriate. >> they questioned her about her experience with propofol and when she felt nothing else could have been done. >> you're comfortable preventing him dead unless you felt there was no chance. is that correct? >> at the time mr. jackson was my patient, he had already been dead for some time. >> cooper said it was like and like she had any other handle. >> i have never given a time of death in the field and had the
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patient brought to me in the room. >> under questioning, she knowledge it was dr. murray that wanted to continue resuscitation efforts. later, an at&t employee testified about his cell phone usage. records show only the time, duration of qualcomm and numbers dialed. >> they do not identify the person using the phone, correct? >> correct. >> one of dr. murray's former girlfriend's also took the stand today. some good news on the way in the weather department. >> i cannot deal with it anymore. the good news is wednesday thursday, and even into the weekend -- i will tell you. there was some sunshine this morning that broke out.
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one of the hd cameras in time lapse at damascus elementary. there you can get a hint of the future in what is coming our way. here is the time lapse to get an idea of how that was moving but then came in the clouds again. we have had enough of that. my goodness. outside right now, the current temperature is a chilly 52 degrees and the high temperature has been a 53. 53, not 58, which is exactly average of this were the end of november, not the beginning of october. look at the temperatures. under that area of clouds a showed you earlier meanwhile look at dallas. 86 degrees. here is the view from space. here is dallas, and you can see downtown. here is the smoke from that terrible chemical fire south of
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dallas shown from 400 miles into space. here is what has been going on forever. this has been in atmosphere come and in the center, this cold air creating all this instability. meanwhile, here is the area of rain and showers that seemingly will not go away. there is another batch for people around blue ridge. you can see these spinning around. essentially, that will be moving away and breaking down, but it will take time. in o'clock p.m. tonight, still some lingering showers and an idea of the circulation and in the atmosphere. for tomorrow, you can get an idea of some of the breaks in the clouds. temperatures into the low 60's around hagerstown. finally, this will get pushed out with a nightstick northwestern wind so that by wednesday it will be cool in the
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morning but a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, a nice northwestern wind bringing in the mild air, with a temperature in the 70's into wednesday. later on tonight, still a few lingering sprinkles, chilly, damp temperatures perhaps as low as the low 40's. tomorrow, not as chile and some breaks during the afternoon. temperatures into the 60's but look up thursday, friday, and beyond. perfect october whether with the warnings about 50 degrees afternoons in to the 70's. we have a new blog about some of the strange things going on including a comet colliding with the sun. that is not the reason the sunshine is coming back. more now on the breaking
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news coming out of italy. amanda knox has left an italian prison after serving four years in the death of her roommate. >> at the appeals court has overturned her conviction. but there is a little bit of a delay from italy, but intense reaction here in the states. what is reaction like they're in the streets of italy? >> more or less the same. good evening to you. all day today, there was an air of anticipation. when the verdict was read out it was a mixed emotion, really. some tiered up others boo'd. inside the courtroom, there was an enormous eruption of joy and tears. tonight, it has calmed down. we could hear the cheers earlier
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on, in the court house is just down the road from where we are. >> have you heard anything at all about how soon she may be leaving? >> essentially, amanda knox's now a free woman. it just depends on the technicalities and formalities. she could be released within hours. it depends on when they can resolve these come and that is what her family is waiting for. essentially, she is now free to go back home to the u.s. back to you. >> thank you so much, reporting live from italy. coming up, a big announcement that will affect how you get your news. >> plus, back to work on the washington monument. how much longer the inspection will take and what will change after the wind knocked one of
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i'm jack, and we're at minute clinic, inside mcvs. just got her flu shot, like a champ -- mom! taking on the master of disaster the flu! it's the fight of the season! your flu shot's next, champ. let's do this. flu shots. every day. no appointment needed. most insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. find us at i'm jack, and i took the flu down. there were more demonstrations in new york and all over the country by the growing occupy wall street movement condemning corporate greed and other movements. 700 protesters were arrested as they tried to cross the brooklyn bridge. celebrities including susan sarandon and michael moore have joined the protest.
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there have also been protests in boston and in the carolinas. a canadian-born scientist is the latest nobel prize winner even though he died three days ago. >> than as the prize to ralph steinman. he died of pancreatic cancer of september 30th. the nobel committee is only supposed to consider living scientists and were unaware of his death. in an apparently unprecedented event, they said that he will still be awarded his prize for the discovery about the immune system. abc news and yaw who have joined together for a new powerful partnership. -- abc news and yahoo! have joined. today, the first of three on- line series of the debut. george stephanopoulos interviewed barack obama. >> 55% think he will be a one-
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term president. are you the underdog now? >> absolutely. given the economy, there's no doubt that whatever happens on your watch i do not mind. >> in the coming weeks, posting about international affairs and a forum on hot tech gadgets on abc news and jennifer aniston joining forces with joe biden for a very special cause in virginia today. >> one grandmother who tossed her two-year-ol what's the one best
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thing about vacation on the gulf? the great outdoors in mississippi. our seafood in louisiana. na our beaches in florida. alabama beauty. choosing between them might be tough. but everyone agrees, the gulf is vacation at it's best. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. so come on down to mississippi. louisiana. florida. alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquartrts, and we're 100% open for business.
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. you are watching abc7 news at 5:00. on your side. they two in the trial of a
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local grandmother accused of throwing her two-year-old granddaughter of of a bridge. >> a neighbor and a psychologist testified today as they prepare to call their next expert witness. lisa fletcher joins us live with the details. >> it was a long day of testimony. must've it going to the mental state in leading up to her killing her granddaughter. the testified about de la rosa be nice to children and planning neighborhood potluck dinners. they dismantled the testimony when she offered her testimony of her mental state the week before she killed her granddaughter. "we are not interested in what you felt your thought. when want to know what you saw and heard." the witness recanted several statements that she made. sheep had been treated for major depressive disorder on and off for nearly a decade.
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she testified that she generally effectively used techniques to overcome grief and loss, was an active participant, and made good use of therapy. but she threw her granddaughter from a 44-foot bridge, was hopeless, and possibly suicidal. in all the years she had treated her, she'd never been more concerned. their main expert witness is expected to take the stand sometime tomorrow afternoon and then the testimony will be rebutted on wednesday. they think it will be in the hands of the jury by late wednesday afternoon. live in fairfax county, lisa fletcher, abc7 news. the suspect is under arrest after a double stabbing in northwest d.c. two people were stabbed at these apartments on connecticut avenue in northwest. but the victims are in stable
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conditions. residents in frederick will get an important update tonight about the testing of agent orange at fort the trick. they will deliver the scientific standings from 1992-2008. it looks at the rate of specific cancers in two-mile zones around fort dietrich. they believe the water and soil are contaminated. time now to update the top stories. an italian appeals court threw out the murder conviction of an american college student. amanda knox collapsed in tears as the verdict came down. she was cleared of charges that she killed her british roommate and meredith kercher. few leads to go of the other as they search for the man whom robert it -- robbed this
5:34 pm
restaurant. one victim was slashed with a knife when he refused to give up his cell phone. a child died when an amish buggy and a pickup truck collided in st. mary's county. she was riding in the buggy whip her father and sister when the crash happened. the buggy and the truck had green light but the bundy did not make it across in time. it engine is back on the washington monument to they looking for earthquake damage, but with one new safety change. chris van cleve is live with what has changed. >> certainly, the biggest changes the weather. conditions cool enough to allow them to get back on the face of the monument. they spent much of the day rappelling up and down the structure. they just went back in side in the last 10 minutes or so. with calmer wind and new safety
5:35 pm
measures in place, the propelling engineers are back in place. they're checking by hand the 36,491 stones for earthquake damage. >> at that is the way you find the notes and crannies you can fix before the whole thing falls down. >> she may be overstating the level of damage, but this is how they will find it. >> we start with a visual assessment is the with the conditions are. we're looking for signs of distress and displacement and then we document that with a digital photographs on the ipad. >> they are soft designed to test the stones and are collecting any loose pieces. >> we are sounding this down to listen for hollow areas which is indicative of a failed spot in the stone. >> the work stopped on friday when the engineer was blown off 30 feet by a wind gust. adjustments were made to limit the amount of horizontal movement that occur. >> that is a big job to do
5:36 pm
hanging off the side of the building. >> curtis nelson is still trying to get to the top. 33 years ago, the monument was closed then. >> here we are again. looking up from the outside. >> there is no word when the monument may reopen. the national parks service says the work to be over by tomorrow or wednesday depending on how much progress was made today. live on the national mall, kris van cleeve. let's get a check on at the traffic. >> here is the beltway and legion bridge. going away from us and some delays coming off of the 270 server. this continues over toward 270. slow traffic beginning on connecticut avenue continuing into college park where we had an accident on the inner loop
5:37 pm
near the interchange that has now been cleared. in virginia, 95 southbound, looking at that. not doing too bad. it will be slow near woodbridge where the express lane merges. fairfax from centerville on and off to manassas. back to you in the studio. still to come, expanding bus service for the d.c.'s circulator and going somewhere it has never gone before. >> one of broadway's most exuberant shows will celebrate the life of a nigerian musician rebel. i am arch campbell with entertainment coming up. >> at 6:00, fed up over fees? bank of america's new plan as people outraged. guided only by a dream.
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another broadway show coming to the capital in this one has a lot of big names backing. >> arch campbell joins us with what to see on the stage and at the movies this week. >> sam ford asked me if i had seen it.
5:41 pm
it arrives in d.c. after winning multiple tony awards. jay-z and will smith back to this biography of a nigerian musician and a political rebel. there were also demanding that two actors rotate the lead. ♪ ♪ music buffs remember him as the inventor of afro-beat jazz and african rhythms, and gave him a voice to speak out against government corruption. on stage, he replicates his nigerian club. >> it is about standing up for your beliefs supporting family and not taking no for an answer if you feel things are unjust. >> he shares the lead in an exhaustive role which keeps him
5:42 pm
singing, dancing, performing without a break. >> the audience is with us responding when we say something, and they are just doing it. >> i was there on wednesday night with the full house. >> "dolphin tail" edged out "moneyball" for first place. and you can catch fela on stage. also opening "les miserables" through the end of the month. a lot of stuff going on in a think you will see a lot of people talking about "fela." >> what was the actor's name again? >> i do not know. [laughter] >> thansnks, arch. >> i thought i was going to go for it. coming up, and what more
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parents are choosing to skip getting their childrens' shots. >> why jennifer aniston and jill bi
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>> jennifer aniston and jill biden visited what will be a state of the art breast cancer center. >> we are live with why these two joined forces today. >> breast cancer awareness is very important to these two women. this will be the new nobel alexandria breast care center opening one week from today to the public. they will have a battery of specialists all under one group. hollywood and winehouse paid a visit. actress jennifer aniston and jill biden visited this soon to open a comprehensive center. >> we got a call from the white house asking it they could come. of course we said absolutely. >> how many women do you expect
5:47 pm
to be here? >> along with health and human services secretary kathleen sibelius' committee toward the center, a one-stop shop for breast cancer treatment. >> you will not be running around from one place to another. you are usually going from one department to another, so that will be nice. >> it is time to get the word out which is why we are all here today, to get the word out and encourage other women to get mammograms. >> jennifer aniston is a producer of an upcoming television movie showing five women dealing with breast cancer. this center has something to celebrate on its own but a little star power does not hurt. >> she looks just like on tv. it is nice that she is trying to
5:48 pm
promote breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis. >> jennifer did not say much of anything here today during this 90-minute visit, but she will be speaking tonight hosting is screening of her new movie " five" at the ronald reagan center. greta kreuz abc7 news. many parents are choosing to skip or delayed their children's shots. one in 10 say they refuse. other parents follow with alternative at vaccination scandals or set their own. they're recommending a vaccinated against 14 diseases by the age of six. prince harry will deploy to the desert for training. england's young girl prints is heading to arizona. he will finish learning how to
5:49 pm
fly a helicopter and get a chance to fire a live missile. prince harry is expected to spend two months in the american west. in prime time, the 10 remaining couples hit the dance floor. david arquette almost got eliminated next week, so we will see with have in store tonight in a two-hour "dancing with the stars" followed by "castle." abc7 news at 6 is coming up. >> and maureen joins us with a look ahead. >> ahead at 6:00, brand new reactions to the verdict handed down two hours ago. amanda knox will walk free after her murder conviction was overturned. a new study under way on how to handle transportation is used around northern virginia. it is eight story everyone will not want to miss coming up at 6.
5:50 pm
>> absolutely. see you then. here is this week's facebook giveaway. >> a two-night stay at the outer banks. and we will announce the winner on friday at 5:00. i wonder if it is as chilly there. >> if you're going to get away commis might as get away somewhere where it is nicer. it will be sunny in the next couple of days. right now, as you can see, we still have a few areas especially out for the blue ridge, warrington, marshall. 52 degrees, winchester 50 degrees, and this is part of the swirl in the atmosphere still around us.
5:51 pm
you're going to have to bundle up again tomorrow morning. fear not. after a get to some of these tomorrow, as low as the low 40's and finally this persistent. cloudiness that has been here since late last weekend will slow the break up and move on which will allow drier pressure to come in and confidently, by wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures will be in the 70's. this pattern change will be continuing right on into the weekend. warm afternoon than just delightful october weather coming up. how 'bout them redskins? >> they're 3-1.
5:52 pm
a burst in place in the nfc east with a bye week. yesterday's win over the rams had good things but it highlighted some serious concerns. mike shanahan and wanted to talk about accomplishing his goals which was another win. >> is nice to be 3-1, but we know if we wanted is sending special we need to improve. >> that was mike shanahan following yesterday's the submissive -- the size of win over st. louis. >> we are playing well. >> they made it look easy for the most part. he ran for 135 yards, but after the fourth quarter lead was cut to seven grossman tossed it straight to a rams player. >> that was a mistake on my
5:53 pm
part. >> and they never got any closer. >> thanks to this rally by the lions andin dallas. tied with the giants ahead the nfc east. >> this is a marathon, not a sprint. >> 12 games left and those skeptics, like leon, will have more coming up at 6:00. spanning the globe to bring a variety in sports. we take you to china. i cannot bear it. this is not lance armstrong in a bear suit but the real deal. this one-year-old bear winning. >> next will teach that bear how to read sports and i will be out
5:54 pm
of here. [laughter] >> that needs to be an olympic event.
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d.c.'s circulator has a new route. >> live up from washington why this is such a big deal. >> it is a big deal because this is the first time the circulator is on this side of the anacostia river. we have won about to pull up behind me right now. these are nice buses, an upgrade from your average city bus and only cost $1. it runs every 10 minutes and has been a running like clockwork today. they say this is long overdue. it circulates through high- profile neighborhoods such as the dupont circle and picks up
5:58 pm
and drops off at hot spots like union station. the upgraded bus is never traveled across the anacostia river until today. >> i think it is great. it is convenient. >> it is the first time the limited network with service every 10 minutes has moved into this area of the city. the circulator buses run from alabama avenue. >> they rode the bus over the river. it took two rivers to get these buses across the anacostia. did to the blue line which circulates throughout georgetown.
5:59 pm
>> this runs from 6:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. on like the the blue line which runs until midnight and 2:00 a.m. untilon weekends >> reporting live up from se, jennifer donnelly, abc7 news. abc7 news at 6:00 begins now. captioned by the national captioning institute abc7 breaking news. >> amanda knox freed in an italian court after they toss out her murder case. >> this video just in of knox leaving prison in the black mercedes. this is the major british as been waiting for sensor


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