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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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n 2007. we go to scott thuman with the latest details. >> a highly emotional scene inside and out of that italian court room in one of the most watched cases around the world. in the end, they found the dna evidence was shoddy and knox was free to go. >> knox-amanda is free. silence, please. >> it was dramatic and a funny turn of events. amanda knox, after serving four years in prison for murder, is free and in tears. the american had been sentenced to 26 years convicted of murdering her roommate, meredith kercher, in a drug and sex- filled stage. they called her a she-devil. earlier in the day, she insisted in this speech that she had nothing to do with it. >> i am paying with my life for
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something i have not done. i am not what they say that am. i am not permitted or violent. >> her boyfriend at the time also made his plea and was also set free. knox was found guilty of a defamation for earlier accusing a local to a crime and was sentenced to a fine and time served. outside, several gathered, some cheering, some chanting "shame." >> she suffered for a crime she did not commit. >> beckham in seattle, friends anxious to get amanda back home. >> this has taken four years of these two young people's lives. there were absolutely innocent on day one and eight two. >> keep in mind, a third person, a local director had been convicted in taking part of her murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison and is also appealing.
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it is likely she will leave italy very quickly. her passport expired while she was in prison and the u.s. embassy will take care of that matter. there will be much more on the amanda knox verdict coming up on "abc world news" at 6:30 p.m. a fee fight on one of the nation's largest banks. a new $5 debit card feet has taken a hold of the major stock. rebecca cooper is live with more on this battle over fees. >> many bank of america customers say they will take their money elsewhere in there is outrage on facebook and other web sites. with new rules limiting fees for retailers, they could go up at many banks nationwide. ever since they announced the new charges, bank of america customers have been crying foul. chris johnson says he is angry
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about multiple new fees. >> for my free checking account, there is a $12 monthly fee for something, i have no clue. >> 75% of customers say they plan to switch banks as a result. the ge power house and associates say despite the hassles of moving money and automatic bills, 66% who threaten to switch usually do. beware. many banks are hiking fees on a number of services. she is heading into her new bank, wells fargo. >> they said they do not have any charges. now they are starting to do this and it is ridiculous. >> to reduce your fees, consider giving your bank or money. premium customers will get free debit card services but must keep a daily balance of $1,500 or more. he prefers his community bank
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for customized accounts. besides community banks now is a good time to find that if you qualify for any credit unions. we found it one website and i found several banks with easier rules for membership. the national institute of health credit union accepts any member of the works in the heel -- field of health care or biomedicine. reporting live in the news room, rebecca cooper, abc7 news. president obama says he expects congress to vote on his jobs bill this month. he said he will press leaders from both parties to act quickly. the bill would cut payroll taxes and extend long-term jobless benefits, said a fine -- set aside funding for infrastructure. more changes coming to the
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primary calendar in the race for the white house. this time, south carolina is bumping up their primary. it will now be held on january 21st in south carolina. this comes after florida announces they will move there is up to january 31st. those states are now debating a new dates. a major study under way to deal with transportation issues in virginia called super-novell and stretch as much further than northern virginia. it is going to look at traffic flow as well as mass transit options for the commonwealth. then eisner's live with details on this report. >> gov. bob mcdonnell announced the supernova steady to relieve traffic congestion. as you might imagine, drivers cannot wait. >> during rush hour, it is really, really bad. >> antonio has worked as a professional driver in northern
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virginia for seven years and knows the traffic situation as well as anyone. he spent four hours per day sitting in it. >> i have a lot of appointments that have to make it too. it is bad. >> he hopes the new study will help turn things around. >> it should improve the lot. if not, do not know what else they can do. >> will analyze computer -- it will analyze commuter traffic patterns. >> if you go into the d.c. are maryland, 495 is the only way. >> of a look from the shenandoah valley culpeper, as well as the eastern-no. and will take into account not just virginia but those coming in from maryland, west virginia, and d.c. the goal is to provide a transportation options for those with the worst traffic problems. [unintelligible] the virginia department of rail
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and public transportation is expected to complete the study within one year. then is larkin abc7 news. still to come, the good news about gas prices. we have the latest prices and why those prices may keep going down. >> plus, major work on the metro this holiday weekend. see which stations will be closed on columbus day. >> i am outside the supreme court where they will decide the fate of a local drug dealer. >> i am bob ryan. enough of the clouds, the rain, the drizzle, the chill.
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[ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buff this film is tres bien, bbut the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times thinterest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. we continue with its bold play for the supreme court this session. >> that will take up the obama health care plan and whether the indecency rules violate rights.
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and whether they have the right to track suspect via gps. >> the issue for the justices, whether or not antoine jones was convicted and permission they obtained without a valid search warrant. d.c. police and the fbi were investigating jones when they placed a gps tracking device and tracked him for one month leading them to a house in maryland where they found anyone dollar million in cash as well as a large quantity of cocaine. -- found $1 million in cash. the overturned the convictions saying they needed a valid and a warrant before using technology to track him. people were divided as to whether or not police should have a search warrant. >> i think they should. as a criminal intent -- defense attorney, i'm all about rights. >> i think police should have
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the ability to track criminals and find people. >> d.c. is not the first jurisdiction to use this technology without a warrant. for many, it comes down to advancements in police technology versus privacy. >> there should be an expectation of privacy. >> others feel a gps device is no different than police following a suspect. >> i do not feel it should be necessary. >> this could impact the use of surveillance and traffic cameras. at the supreme court, abc7 news. coming up next, apple getting ready for a big guy phone announcement and we have a preview. >> good news. warm weather heading back to the area. bob ryan has the forecast. >> wait until you hear what he says about his allegiance to maryland. the redskins are excited about being 3-1 but 12 games left in the regular season.
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the new quarter and a 12-month low. >> which is good news for gas prices. the national average is down 7 cents from last week. d.c. remains the highest with prices at $3.57. maryland is down to $3.35. virginia is down to $3.27. analysts expect prices to drop even further. metro work planned over the weekend. they will reopen on tuesday morning. shuttle buses will operate between mount vernon and other stations. the anticipation is building about the unveiling of iphone 5. not much is known. it is believed apple will also offer a less-expensive version of the iphone 4.
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>> we also have some anticipation about the sun. equally building to the iphone 5. 70 degrees, but not today or tomorrow. patience is a virtue. outside come here are some of the spots. if you say that does not look like october, the average is still in the low 70s. there is snow on skyline drive in a big meadow. there was snow on the ground this morning. there were snowball fights at in snowshoe, west virginia. at early elevations this morning, there was snow. 53 degrees for the high temperature. the average? 73 degrees. 20 below. out in the tropics, and there is
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what had been ophelia now just a nasty storm. look at this spinning cloud. it will take awhile to get rid of that. 52 degrees right now, in the mid part of the country is delightful. we are 20 degrees below average. there is the super circulation in the atmosphere staying around us just spinning with the cold air over us. eventually, that will break up and move off. here is how things go as we move into the overnight hours. we will be back in the overnight wind itwill look out west. by the time i get to wednesday temperatures will be in the low to mid 70's. that will be a day to look forward to. tomorrow when you get up and head out another chilly morning with temperatures in the 40's.
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warmer temperatures by noon, and by 4:00 p.m., partly sunny skies with temperatures still below average. look at the weekend. a lot of sunshine and temperatures into the 70's for the weekend. better weather is to come. that is the latest. the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving it forward. >> forget about the clouds, sunshine and smiles for redskins fans today. >> let's enjoy it while we can. 12 games remaining. everyone still talking about the win over the st. louis rams. washingtonians are optimistic. they are showing a lot of positives right now. the offensive line and the return of tiran all positives.
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now you have three baxter share the load. the defense continues to get better. they were at the bottom of the nfl last year and they shut down stephen jackson. now they could get after a sambradford with seven sacks. >> it with the difference between winning and losing. big drives, third downs, that is the difference. the fact that we were able to go out there and blow out, respond after turnovers and at the end of the game is a good sign for the rest of the season. >> the skins should have pounded out 30 points and rex grossman will always turn this over. forget about the call from shanahan. you have to execute the calledg. rossman has now thrown a pitch with five interceptions ranking 24th in the league, and that is a concern. >> the thing about the quarterback is that you have to wipe out. if you start reading different
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things on how bad you are or how good you are, chances are you are not focusing on the job at hand. rex as a tough job mentally to understand you are responsible for those interceptions, like it or not. >> look at the stats and nothing buyt the stats. do not tell me you're not jumping out of your chair watching that game. bye week this week bit for the eagles. how about a tonyromo yesterday? three interceptions, two returned for scores. they lost it 24-point lead. lost the lions' 34-30. it was incredible the way they did that lead away. grate catches by calvin johnson, 6 foot 5 inches. tough body, soft hands. cowboys dropped to 2-2. a lot believed the former maryland coach got a raw deal.
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come on, coach. time to get over it. he was asked if it is painful to watch the terrapins now. >> i watch it for the kids. i earned my diplomas and die and fine. -- and i am find. you either do the job or you get fired. >> bitter, for one? you burn your diploma? alexovechkin has flown back to russia, a death in the family. that is it for sports. is that incredible?
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we have been a contest under
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way on their facebook page. you can win a weekend getaway to the outer banks of north carolina. >> just become a fan of our facebook page. the deadline to enter is 4:00 p.m. friday afternoon and we will announce the winner friday on abc7 news at 5:00. the look to you. >> and will be warmer than it is now. as you can see, for those of you out toward the blue ridge, there are some lingering sprinkles. here is how they have moved the last hour or so. north of baltimore and still a few around. overnight more and more dry air coming in and it will be chilly. bundle up the youngsters tomorrow morning. finally, i think we will see more and more outdoor recess and temperatures, not tomorrow, but later this week we will be well into the 70's. temperatures tomorrow into the 60's. >> better.
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