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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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october 3 in recorded history yesterday. becoming sunny today. gusting up to 25 miles an hour. sunshine tomorrow through the weekend. mostly sunny and seasonable, average temperatures tomorrow in the low 70's. what about the traffic? >> there's a crash in woodbrige in hov lanes. that's headed toward route 1. we will take you to springfield. hov is the traffic in the center of your screen. the headlights under the word "live." that's normal volume. 270 as a pretty good run out of frederick, normal volume. a crash program near the street bridge in the district. and nightmare is finally over. firstmarks amanda knox's
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day of freedom since 2007. american college student is after an italian court threw out a murder conviction. she is at an airport in ready to come back to u.s. >> the family of a murder met its curtain has its own message. amanda knox is boarding a london where then she will catch a connecting flight to the united states. it has been four years of by anainty followed plea in court and an even more emotional verdict. getting ready to life.t her after four years behind bars in italian jail, american islege student amanda knox .ree and ready to head home >> 30 suffered four years for a
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time critic she suffered four years for crime she did not convict. they should be immediately released. overwhelming moment knox and her family that ended four years of uncertainty. u.s., supporters of on tv and a world- cla -- and it was cause for her hometown in seattle, washington. numb and a little ecstatic. hundred outside the courthouse in italy shouted "shame." prosecutors are planning decision this latest according to the family of the meredith kercher.
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that remains to be seen. >> thank you. a suspected rapist is on the run in silver spring. police in montgomery county are o attacked aa man wh woman inside her home sunday night. detectives tell abc 7 the man the woman on the floor, then tried to report. off and was able to get away. her.ried to rape yesterday we learned more mentalarmela dela at the time of the murder of her granddaughter. treated for depression. say that she was insane when she threw her granddaughter angelyn off a center at tyson's corner last year. interest in the involuntary
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manslaughter trial of michael doctor and will hear made onut a call he that day. trying to murray was practice, hisical life, and his superstar patient at once. he is charged with giving of aon a lethal dose powerful anesthetic propofol. looks like president obama is facing an uphill battle on win a second term. a new abc news washington post finds a majority of americans believe he will only be a one-term president. but in an exclusive interview , mr. obama says he's fight.or the >> i used to being an underdog. at the end of the day, what heple are going to say is for the future that ordinarylly help families to recapture the american dream. that heresident says vote on hisss to plan this month.
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but republicans say they will all oralong with an nothing vote on the $447 billion package. republican michelle bachmann with two more from our president campaign. a source tells the associated her senior adviser quit as pollster. 7 is on your side with with the growing anticipation ahead latest announcement. knows for sure, but today the technology giant is expected unveil the next-generation izone. updated smartphone is reportedly sleeker with a bigger screen and a better camera. will reportedly be available on three major carriers. at&t, verizon, and sprint. will be the company posted product launch under the new ceo tim cook. should be interesting. this to a discount to police
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dozenay back more than a of a speedause cameras stay. >> late last night the announced it has a a glitch and is looking for whoever got the wrong tickets. explains this for bowie. >> good morning. you can see the camera behind us. problem that princeton discounted police say happened theto do with what day of camera was giving out tickets. what police tell abc 7 news is minor error the new automated speed enforcement program. on sunday, september 25, 18 were given speeding violations along the 6800 -- approach. of a hybrid the drivers who received the faulty tickets will either have waved or if you have party them, the departments as back. get your money this is not a widespread
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problem. with this onedo camera, that the vendor accidentally programmed to give out tickets on sundays when it outonly supposed to give tickets from monday through between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. of the problem with thisixed individual camera and now .hey're looking for the drivers did get a ticket on sunday, september 25, you will back orur money ba ticket waved. somebody's lucky day out there. 49 degrees outside. >> still to come, code red, agent orange. expert will keep monitoring a possible cancer cluster near fort detrick. >> ♪ rumbaki lake's romantic seasonthe highest or the last night. better.s getting
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and we have sunshine in
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i am franklin kelly. national gallery of art has greatest collection of original sculptures by edgar including his most famous, the little dancer, age 14. come down and see her. good morning, washington. tuesday on this morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. what's going on outside? >> we are transitioning today pattern cold weather very pleasant and dry
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pattern and a good of weather. tracking it in the belfort furniture weather center. with the satellite and radar composite. the upper level pressure system drifting off to the north and east. that'll get kicked out of our .egion throughout the day will move into town. into a lot of sunshine especially over the next couple days. become sunny.l 51 now in the district, 45 in gaithersburg, 46 in dallas. 45 in hagerstown. patchy fog northwest of the metro. 50 in quantico. later on today, mid to upper 60's. becoming sunny and breezy. northwesterly gusting up to 25. sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the low 70's. hov drivers with i-95 coming of woodbridge, accident near route 1. will take you to the camera
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picture inu a virginia, beautiful near king to theon the way pentagon, beyond to the 14th street bridge. maryland traffic, plenty of your 270hbors on the road, southbound, headlights are the southbound direction at also. volume, but moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12, 48 degrees. >> coming up, a backlash against the banks. is telling bank of america bolt.ers to >> are you ready for football? >> [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! ts film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average.
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captioned by the national captioning institute looking at the day ahead, a man who was once the nation's list a soldier and is enter a plea in the road-rageh incedent last year. indicted ony was wounding and reckless charges after allegedly man that he picked up line.ugludge line jury selection begins today accusedrial of underwear bomber. abdulmutallab is charged with detroit- bring down a in 2009 by setting bomb in his underwear.
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the bomb did not explode. engineers will be back outside the washington monument today looking for more damage the august earthquake. their inspections yesterday. inspections were suspended weekend because of high wind. by newly released report officials show no evidence of a cancer clustered around fort detrick. years we have been investigating residents' claims chemicals were not disposed of properly. residents say that the chemicals soil and water that caused an increase in cancer cases. >> there was no difference we cancer ratestween cancerfort detrick and in the county. me they aret tell not helped-related issues surrounding one of the most toxic sites in america. the state report does say that the percentage of lymphoma cases around fort detrick is 20% in the state as a
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whole. residents are not happy the report's findings and are launching their own investigation. the occupy wall street s spreading. hundreds of demonstrators camped york close the financial district have drawn support from facebook groups like occupied boston and octopi philadelphia. the economic protests in the big some celebrity power from actress susan sarandon and actor alec baldwin. stocks are plunging, foster will levels of the year yesterday. america closing new critics. high-profile has those stories and more. >> good morning. u.s. markets this morning are lowest levelsir year. european debt crisis is a reason, especially the greece may default and there's concern about u.s. manufacturing. one stock leading the dow jones amr, the parent of
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american airlines. yesterday lost 1/3 of value popover fears that bankrupt, but the as rumor.smisses that bank of america's web site has been up and down several da ys. they say it is blamed on too not related tod an announced fee for debit card usage. the wall street journal says to get the iphone, is committing billions of purchase the device, taking a big risk. i am rob nelson. falling a developing story from new york. it could be a key day in negotiations to end the nba lockout. committees for the players will meet today in new york to try to out a new collective bargaining agreement. as an aggrieved if an agreement not reached, regular-season games could be canceled. buccaneers' quarterback john
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or 287nths through fi yards and a touchdown in tampa overn their victory indianapolis. peyton manning and the colts zero and four for the first time since 1998. there was controversy monday night football staple. ted williams jr. performed the game's intro for decades, but night espn pulled the project for controversial comments the singer made on fox news. you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> yes, and joe biden and -- >> what did you not like about it? >> come on. that would be like hitler playing golf with benjamin netanyahu. >> espn said that it is hisemely disappointed with comments. songnot clear whether his week.eturn next
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if it does not, who should do it? we are talking about madonna doing the super bowl. >> fayetteville does the sunday one. >> maybe tim mcgraw. -- faith hill does the sunday night. back into more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures by tomorrow. notice the difference struck the day-to-day and especially into tomorrow. let's look at conditions right now. doppler 7 is clear for the most part. sprinkles left over on the eastern shore. leave the umbrella and home. tens of isolated sprinkles early morning and that's all. 51 and the district, 46 at airport, 41 in 45 in gaithersburg. a little fog get there on this tuesday morning. 0.3 miles at the airport.
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miles visibility in hagerstown. reduced visibility northwest of metro area this morning. have a counterclockwise rotation over dead. that's the upper level pressure system that's been over us all weekend. getting kicked out of another system that will andinue moving up the coast plant itself in the canadian over the next couple days. is highway from us sliding into place and mean pleasant weather next several days. the whole weather pattern will have an omegaill blcok pattern on wednesday. block pattern. the jet stream takes the shape a three quarter omega. with gusty winds up about 25 miles an hour out of the northwest. you'll notice warmer temperatures. mid-60's's today.
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back in the 70's tomorrow. is average for this time of year. nearly total sunshine wednesday weekend, comfortable temperatures with los humidity. by sunday, 80 degrees. what is the latest on the commute? >> marching slowly on 95 northbound accident in after the occoquan in lanes, traffic getting through. 66, and all stackups' in manassas, centreville, before and after 50. on the beltway near andrews air base, it's quiet. are good in and out of baltimore. there was a car fire earlier control northbound near the jessup exit. 295 has acted in northbound at suitland parkway. traffic can get by. thank you. 6:21, 48 degrees. is at the top of
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fiance. chynna phillips was in second place and acknowledged a with her dance. and j.r. martinez honored the military. rarely do people get to see side, the struggle. tonight i was able to share that. four dancers are tied for fourth place. kardashian, kristin cavallari, solo, and david arquette. bono danced to a song that wrote.e father he's in last place. >> we will see what happens tonight. competition. will have to go. >> as always. still another half-hour of washington." >> trading personal information for the chance to fly faster. a new security rules taking airports today. >> amanda knox finally leaves but could eventually if
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> [unintelligible] >> amanda knox celebrates her freedom, but the family of a murdered british it brings things to square one. good morning, washington. tuesday, october 4, 6:30. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barratt. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >> very good tuesday morning to you. today the transition from the pattern to a dry
6:31 am
stretch of water. and an overall pleasant weather pattern. the in the district, 50 degrees gaithersburg, 48 in springfield, 46 in germantown. the air is saturated and we areas of fog.e we are seeing that north and west of the metro area in particular. gaithersburg, 41 in with reduce visibility. the to lexington park, 50 in quantico. becoming sunny today, 67 for the high temperature. highs around 70 degrees on the weekend. nearly 80 degrees by sunday. we are zooming in at boulevard looking for accident on the outer loop between new hampshire and university. just saw a fire truck and an by.lance go looking for something not landedve anywhere.
6:32 am
i will change cameras and look at springfield, virginia. on the left in northbound traffic. accident in the hov lanes near the occoquan river, the shoulder.o screen looks normal to springfield. will, marc rail, vre on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. knox will soon be on american soil for the first time four years. the college student is heading after panattle italian appeals court threw out her murder conviction. in just about -- about 10 ago she and her family left italy. >> the family of the murder has itseredith kercher own message. >> amanda knox is restarted her morning on a flight to london where she will then catch connecting flights through the united states. two years after being convicted
6:33 am
assault. and sexual yesterday an appeals court .cquitted her it was an overwhelming moment family thather four years of uncertainty. was not cheers for everyone in the courtroom. of meredith kercher ofted the original sentence 26 years upheld. however they are left with many questions with this decision. >> we are a bit in shock. we were prepared for any outcome, but you don't know how news until it's actually given. it was very upsetting news. >> the family says they are the truthching for mereditht happened to four years ago. the family says it is their understanding that prosecutors in italy will appeal the .ecision
6:34 am
brianne carter reporting. or more on the amanda knox trial, stay tuned 4 good morning america coming up right after this newscast. it will be another day in rosa, ar carmela dela with killing her granddaughter. we learned more about mental state at the time of the crime. a psychologist testified that the carmela dela major depressive on and off for a decade. her lawyers say she was legally insane when she threw angelyn of f the walkway at tysons corner mall last november. turning to politics, obama says he's the into nextetting year's campaign. comes in the wake of a new many americanss expect him to be a one-term president. mr. obama also said he does not regret his administration giving government loans to solyndra, a company that went bankrupt.
6:35 am
the president said american businesses need help. it appears the federal open atnt will stay next few weeks. congress is set to approve a fund the will through november 18. that gives lawmakers time to legislation needed to keep federal agencies operating the 2012 fiscal year. 7 is on your side with the anticipation apple's latest announcement. sure, but today technology giant is expected officially unveiled the next generation iphone. the updated smartphone is reportedly sleeker with a bigger better camera. it will also reportedly be majorble on three carriers. at&t, verizon, and sprint. this will be the company posted featuringuct launch cook.o tim some area drivers are getting their money back after a glitch, and store discount is the camera. jummy olabanji is live in
6:36 am
with all the details. tell us about it. this is the camera that was .n question behind us we are located in the middle of a school zone. this does county police are wasing us that this camera tickets on a long day week. store discount to police is a postingra about tickets monday through between 6:00 in the morning at 8:00 at night. sunday, september 25, it about 18tickets to drivers in this area. ofs is near the 7800 block bridge road in bowie. the store does county police say youryou will either get or you'll have your ticket waived if you're not paid it. they say this is an isolated problem, that it is not systemwide. one camera that the vendor if accidentally programmed to give out tickets
6:37 am
on sunday. problem has been fixed and everything is ok. did get a ticket, that be waived or you will get your money back. reporting.nji >> you don't often hear about getting your money back. the 49 degrees. >> still ahead, speeding up airport security. new rules taking effect today. >> first,
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welcome back. 6:40, for a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. , good morning. chilly.tle tiliku string ofinning a
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beautiful days. bring on the sunshine. we havening around area that cool and around the region. the metro west of area. 43 degrees in frederick, 50 in quantico. problems, a 0.8 miles in gaithersburg. 0.3 incumbent. 10 mile visibility at reagan national. the storm's center is finally out of here. the last one hung around the midwest several days. is moving to the east. pressure is locked in keeping storms away, giving sunshine and an -- warmingwarning trend for the next five days or so. becoming sunny and breezy and warmer tomorrow, mid to upper 60's. even more improvements in the weather later in the week. more coming up in 10 minutes. that's the latest.
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>> thanks so much. now to lisa baden. what's going on? >> accident, hov lanes, delays out of the city to be a to woodbrige. woodbine 95 live from .ewschopper 7 citye lays out of dale woodbrige. watch for that is getting across toward lorton. now to the beltway in an accounting. police reported a crash between avenue andre boulevard in the center of the highway. volume out of gaithersburg toward rockville. 6:42, 49 degrees this morning. another shake-up for michelle bachmann's presidential campaign. we have a look. they have one. postseason,, an update
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welcome back. 6:45. maryland officials have a new about cancer cases found around fort detrick. they were mixed findings. the report concludes there knows a dip in difference between the around fort detrick frederick county as a whole. it said the percentage of cases abound fort detrick is 20% higher than the state as a whole. some travelers could soon get throughto airport security. the transportation security administration is testing a new to screen passengers. people willing to tell the tsa more about themselves could find easier to get us through
6:46 am
security checkpoints. tested atm is being in atlanta, detroit, dallas, and miami. add-ons -- a johns hopkins professor and two other scientists will receive the nobel peace prize. they did research on supernovas. the three will receive a 1.5 in dollar award in sweden in december. a scientist will still forive the nobel prize though he is dead. died three days before it was discovered that he was to win the nobel prize for on the immune system. the white house is pretty in pink. pennsylvania avenue was lit support ofht in breast cancer awareness month. the president signed a yearamation last designating october for breast
6:47 am
cancer awareness. two american league baseball thes are on the verge of playoffs, which means two are on the brink of elimination. >> is good. a home run. o oneoit has a two t colleague over the yankees. has the same lead over atlanta. play at 2:00 with \ys.angers and the ra >> michelle bachmann has two more defections from presidential campaign. her e senior adviser and have what does this mean for michelle bachmann's campaign? >> it does not take a nobel prize to realize that this is a
6:48 am
bad sign for michelle bachmann. she has a few months to go before the iowa caucus. these defections are deadly. is operating without a pollster in a place where to vote isple out what matters. >> do we know what really happened? what is the real story? our people losing hope in her? >> i think the real story starts materialize in the fund- raising members. thise second quarter of raised $3.6y million. is not enough to sustain a campaign crew the republican primaries. to be's also going in the months ahead. no one likes to talk more than a disaffected campaign worker. will this incentive for to gethristie perhaps into the campaign? >> he will make his determination, i think, based in on his ability to win and infrastructure in place. don't think michelle bachmann
6:49 am
of a consideration for its campaign to begin with. >> thank you, joshed. .e appreciate it time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. going on, doug hill? >> it's a little cloudy and a little foggy to start this tuesday, but that will clear way and we have a delightful sunny ahead. the northern edge of calvert county, its chesapeake beach, blue skies. the clouds moving across eastern shore of maryland. 48 at chesapeake beach right now, 44 in manassas. damascus with saudi skies. degrees in annapolis. satellite reveals a coast,tion along the over long island. been there few
6:50 am
days with low clouds and areas of rain and cold temperatures, that's gone. the high pressure building in. a massive area of high pressure referred to as an omega block.essure it gives the general impression omega.greek letter a beautiful weather today. sunshine increasing through the day after clouds and allot fog this morning, in the upper 60's. 60's tomorrow. until you see the seven-day outlook. beauty, even if i say so myself. there is a blockage in the traffic patterns this morning. >> very true. 295 notes found on the way to
6:51 am
street bridge there's an accident. loop and enter ave. two accidents on 95. no sound, one of the hov lanes and one in the main lanes. shoulderg is on the .or both of them more in a moment. ♪
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[ caroline ] i'm caroline moore and i'm a junior at warwick valley high school in warwick, ny. since i was a little girl, i've always been curious about the world around me, and i think that definitely plays a big part in my interest in astronomy. it's a hobby i share with my dad. [ dad ] once she got more and more involved, i decided to build an observatory, where we could have all the equipment permanently mounted and start observing. so, i'm what they call a supernova hunter. i take pictures of the night sky and i scan them looking for noticeable changes. one night, i was looking at some images and i came across something that looked kind of interesting, tho that's when i googled the galaxy to s what i could find. after searching for a while, i realized that i might have discovered my first supernova. so, i sent it into the international astronomical union. [ dad ] and it was late one evening and a friend of ours called up and said he needed to speak to caroline and then he broke the news to her that she had discovered
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and became the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. and i just started jumping up and down screaming and everything. it was great. i would just come into school and kidwould just chant supernova, supernova. [ dad ] so, yeah, very proud, but again a little jealousy, you know there's competition between us. [ caroline ] he's out in the observatory every night too, so i definitely need to find another one. ♪ good morning. knox finallyanda home, boarding a flight beginning her journey back to the u.s. a stunning reversal of fortune
6:54 am
four years in prison, and verdict that setter free. the anglesring all italy to herfrom hometown of seattle. that's coming up next on good .orning america we are taking a look at the day ahead. back tonox on our way u.s. after spending nearly a your years in an italian prison. this was after an appeals court overturned her conviction from the 2000 murder of her roommate meredith kercher. the british students family say back atl like they're square one. the d.c. council is expected take up the burtonsville on access reform. the council will debate, cut bill that sets up a task force examine the "council close- up" ethics guidelines. members haveil criticized for ethical lapses. it was an institution will the next three days. in the west isl plumbing work.o the work began yesterday and continue through the
6:55 am
weekend. the american planning association is out with a list greateston's 10 streets. 3 streets are right here in our area. davis street in culpeper as charm and economic vitality. street in northwest d.c. is for their about a lesson that has taken place. -- honored for revitalization that has taken place. street as 18th-century buildings and charm. we will get a last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. maryland.n in crash on the outer loop near hampshire avenue and boulevard. bring extra patience. this is the beltway near route 1 college park. waitingts are patiently. in virginia, two accidents. about 95 before the occoquan river, at extra time.
6:56 am
accidents moved to the shoulder. left in the main lanes. we still have some areas of patchy fog. becoming sunny today. transitioning from the damp and pattern into a pleasant and warmer weather pattern. big dry stretch of weather plus for wednesday through the weekend. we deserve this. been waiting for this all september and early october now. today with a breezy conditions. be gusty air out there. a lot of sunshine tomorrow and the races from there. temperatures until the weekend. near 80 by sunday. still inspecting the washington monument today. them,l be gusty for 25thwesterly winds up to later on, so that could affect their job. thank you. that does it for us. good morning america is next. >> for continuing local news coverage, channel 8. if we will see you at noon.
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