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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there is no visual side of the helicopter so it went under water very fast. >> we are now very close to the east river. you see what looks like an investigative unit. we have some breaking news -- we are hearing from the associated press that one person has perished in this crash and four were rescued. we know the ntsb is heading out to investigate. while the exact cause of the crash is unknown, reports suggested mechanical issue may have been to blame because the helicopter only lifted 25 feet off the ground before spinning wildly and dropping quickly into the water. >> thank you. we will keep you posted on that story. more breaking news on a deadly crash involving a pedestrian has grossed -- has closed down part of a busy commuter route. just one lane is getting by on
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interstate 395. we have a crew headed there and will give you details as soon as we can. amanda knox is heading home to seattle. it took less than 24 hours for her to head home after being acquitted. we have been following the developments from our satellite center. >> amanda knox is expected to land in about three hours. we know her parents and an attorney will speak at a press conference. she is apparently making a decision as to whether or not she is ready to face the cameras. >> it just hours after her dramatic acquittal, she began the return to the united states she has long for a while sitting in an atoll in prison. the seattle native that flew over night surrounded by family members and then boarded a british airways flight to seattle.
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her sister spoke on the family's behalf. >> we are thankful the nightmare is over. she suffered for a crime she did not commit. >> but another family is left at what they call square one. the family of meredith kercher say the verdict has them searching for answers. >> we are obviously looking at this again and thinking how decision that was so certain two years ago has been so emphatically overturned now. >> it may be a case of waiting another year to get the truth. we cannot decide that. we have to leave that to the police and the court. >> she road a thank-you letter to the italy foundation expressing her gratitude. it said to those who stayed close to me and offended me, we are forever grateful.
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she may not completely be out of the woods yet. prosecutors who saw their case against the american and another man collapse, say they plan to appeal the case. >> thank you. let's turn now to the race for the white house. one popular republican says his name will not be on the ballot no matter how many times he is asked to do it. chris christie says he will not run for president despite growing pressure from conservatives. he says he made a promise to the people in new jersey. >> again, what i always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. >> coming up at 6:00, we will have more on this including what it means for the rest of the republican field. >> for the first time in a long
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time we can say things are looking up in the weather department. >> the sun came out and stayed out. we've got the word on what's coming the rest of the week. >> it is about time with the damp and chilly weather. we're coming out of a transitional day. first up, let's check out a live shot of the chesapeake beach. the skies are slowly clearing but there are promising patches of blue with temperatures in the '60s. this is part of the storm center just moving offshore. it is a process under way with clearing skies and we will be in fine shape. 70 degrees in quantico. we will see sunny to partly sunny conditions for the next couple of hours and temperatures will drop into the 50s. diminishing winds and here is
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the seven-day forecast. it is a thing of beauty. >> very good. >> in other news, police are searching for a man who attacked a woman in her silver springs home. we have a composite sketch. he showed up in the victim's home on sunday night. let's go to silver spring's for more details. >> this is a very unusual crime a commendation and attempted rape. -- a home invasion and attempted rape. but there is hope with that composite that there could be a break that could lead to an arrest. the computer-generated image looks a very realistic. his victim believed him to be at between 35 and 42 years old. her neighbors hope somebody recognizes him. >> i love our neighborhood and think it's usually very safe. but i think we need more police
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presence here. >> police say they were called to the 9400 blocked by 56-year- old woman who reported for hours earlier, the man appeared in her kitchen, threw her to the floor and attempted to take off her clothes. when she fought, he ran. with her help, they created this image. >> it is unusual. we do not see it a lot. this is a reminder to make sure your doors are locked even when you are home. >> the composite is being passed quickly around the neighborhood. she says she does not recognize the man that says people will watching. >> i think there are enough of us on the street that we can see what is going on. >> that's the bottom line. police hope folks will look at the composite and if someone can identify the man, please give
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police a call. >> the trial for the grandmother accused of throwing her granddaughter to her death. the key expert testified today. let's go live now for more on what happened there. >> a clinical psychologist testified today that carmela dollar rose of suffered and you could even be psychotic. between the episodes, you may appear to be normal. that is critical in this defense of temporary insanity. he testified that carmela de la rosa was having a severe episode when she tossed her granddaughter off an elevated walkway last november 29th. he said she had illusions and paranoia. when the family was eating dinner she was looking more and more like james and she saw
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hurting her as a mean of hurting and james. her daughter had gotten present -- and got pregnant out of wedlock, a source of shame. she said there were increasing suspicions her family was talking about her behind her back, triggered by the delusional quality of thinking she was being walked out. she is pleading temporary insanity which means she did not know the difference between right and wrong at that terrific moment. she was so stuck in this, it had not occurred to her, this question of right and wrong. she sat stoically in court, staring straight ahead throughout the testimony. >> under cross examination the commonwealth attorney plans to challenge the diagnosis because one of the tests indicated elevated levels of what they call malingering which means
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faking or exaggerating symptoms of mental illness. closing arguments and the start of jury deliberations could come tomorrow. >> thank you. this trial of the so-called underwear bomber began what they startling outburst today. he at shouted "on our is alive." he was allegedly referring to the al qaeda terror leader the u.s. has said was killed in a strike in yemen. he is accused of trying to bring down a plane by setting off a bomb in his underwear. the bomb did not explode. >> for men are accused of a $20 million bribery and kickback scheme involving bribery and kickbacks. >> to u.s. army corps of
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engineer employes had been working with outsiders to rip- off taxpayers to inflated government contracts. they were arraigned this afternoon on bribery charges and -- they are employees of the u.s. army corps of engineers. his son and a contractor. fbi agents made it one of arrest at the headquarters in dc. >> today, we are here to announce the arrest of four individuals. >> they say they were or ranging encryption and other services through a virginia company. one of the subcontractors was double billing. the employees were splitting the money with creeks in the government, $20 million worth. >> it is one of the most brazen
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federal procurement fraud scandals in our nation's history. >> this house in northern virginia stands out because it is so opulent next to the houses around it. >> the house looks different from everybody else's house. >> there was a house that looked just like ours but they tore it down and built this one. >> the fbi has seized expensive watches and bank accounts. they say that fbi's after 14 homes in northern virginia. >> i was kind of joking around and said what can you tell me to the -- that the road to success is. he said he was an ex-marine and engineer and now works in government contracting. >> still to come, the new iphone is revealed. will it have everything users
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want or will they be disappointed? >> you know that song signals the start of monday night football. what hank williams jr. is saying about his controversial comments that let espn to poll his song. >> details on one of the phone calls.
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several witnesses gave gripping testimony today in the trial of michael jackson paused personal physician. >> that includes testimony from the woman he called when michael jackson died. >> when michael jackson lay dying, prosecutors say conrad murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress it -- cocktail waitress. >> i said hello hello, i did not hear anything. i pressed the phone against my ear and i heard mumbling. it sounded like the phone was in his pocket. i hung up the phone and tried calling back and there was no answer. >> she was not the only of his
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girlfriends to take the stand. she tangled with prosecutors when she talked about receiving the payment contract honor fax machine. >> she says that is not what she testified at a previous hearing. >> you said you were curious and you look at it and that's how you knew details about the contract. you would agree you told the truth when you told mr. waldron that. >> absolutely. but as of this moment, i don't recall that specific moment. there has been a lot going on over the past two years and things become very blurry. >> she admitted receiving packages at her home addressed to conrad murray. >> did you have any sense of what these packages contained? >> no. >> did you open them? >> no. >> the pharmacist said he shifted the order to his home. >> they have learned jackson's fingerprints were not found on any of the propofil bottles
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found in his home, which is important because that -- >> now to a woman who vanished on vacation in aruba. a team of dogs have are arrived to search for robin gardner. the dogs arrive from the netherlands. she disappeared in august during a trip with a gaithersburg vision and. he is jailed in aruba on suspicion of her presumed death but he denies any wrongdoing. we are about one day away from the end of a certain engineering inspection. inspectors are looking for cracks and other problems left behind by the august earthquake. crews spent time inspecting the structure today, but high winds forced cut their work shirt. on of friday, one of the workers
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was blown up 30 feet from one side to the other great >> that gave the spectators a show. i would describe this day as this is a make good for the blowsy weather pattern we've had for the first -- for the last four weeks. let's give you a look at how weather conditions have changed. this is just before sunrise. a look at the fog -- this transitional day as the storm system pulls off to the east. then we get a sky like this. as we get through that evening skies will continue to clear. a low this morning of 41. 42 degrees -- 43 degrees in herndon. current temperatures are very cool. 48 degrees at right now. 66 at washington dulles.
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69 -- temperatures just a few degrees below average. the numbers outside are significantly different than yesterday. is 16 degrees warmer that was this time yesterday. we will see temperatures go up a bit tomorrow and then up for the weekend. you could even call a warm this coming weekend. but as the skies clear the wind will diminish and temperatures will fall off. temperatures across the eastern part of the country are still pretty cool. los '60s through new england. go farther west and the temperatures are changing in a hurry. 88 degrees in omaha. 89 in rapid city. we will get some of this once, but by the end of the weekend near that 80 degree mark. the key is high-pressure. it is expensive.
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high pressure building all the way to the rockies. it is an enormous area of clear skies. probably no chance of rain for the next six or seven days. we will see changes in temperatures. as we get through thursday morning, the front will drop through and drop the temperatures and that will rebound as we get to paris tonight and friday. it is a large system and it is in charge. it will be straight through the weekend. 58 degrees tonight. checking out the next seven days, here are the numbers. as we get into the weekend upper '70's to near any. still in the mid to upper 70's. it has been a while since we have seen that. >> only if it is true, please. >> that is a good looking weak.
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>> enjoy it. with our luck, the way things have been going this year? what are the best streets in america? we will walkie down three of them right here in our area. we will show you what makes them so great. from the best street to wall street, what you can expect to see in the c >> the best place for a vacation
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if you have been holding out for the new iphone, the wait is over. >> it is not the iphone everybody has been waiting for but it does have some things to get too excited. >> there was so much buzz about the arrival of this new phone and so much anticipation about what it might be able to do that when the announcement was made, in california at apple headquarters there was a little bit of disappointment. but still a lot of smiles on customer faces. has it really been a year since they announced they have invented the greatest telephone and to man? here we go again. >> this is america at its best. >> i am pleased to tell you all
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about the brand new iphone4s. with new features, including voice recognition that enables you to write messages. there are improved camera and video capabilities. >> we know how awesome the camera is, so we're making it better. >> it is not the iphone 5, but nobody seemed to care. it's the first new major product release not announced by steve jobs, is that down from his post earlier this year. but even without him, it appears apple has not lost its magic. >> i am very excited, especially because there will be more of video apps. >> so what would make somebody just bought a new iphone last year so excited about ditching it? >> i want to be on top of
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whatever is happening to. >> i have the old one. they have to be waterproof because i'm a disaster. >> you can start placing orders for the new phone on friday. it will be in stores like in this one started on october 14th. coming up, how a mistake at the checkout counter made this woman $25 million richer. two people are violently attacked next to dupont circle.
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[ speaking french ] [ speaking french
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and o northwest. let's go live to the red for more on this. >> we spoke to the male victim earlier today and said it thinks this morning -- things from this morning are still a bit fuzzy. he remembers walking down the sidewalk with his female companion when there were attacked from behind, hit in the head with a weapon and knocked to the ground. it was in this quiet residential neighborhood that police say 25- year-old man and woman were assaulted in the early morning hours. >> it is crazy. you don't expect something like that in a neighborhood like this. >> the victims took a cab from red rocks restaurant. moments later, the male victim, who did not want to go on camera, told us he was attacked from behind, hit in the head and mud. >> this is real. people get hurt.
5:31 pm
i'm sure i will be watching my back from here on out. >> when he turned around, he saw his female companion had been knocked unconscious with a bloody head injury. >> people are unaware stuff like that can happen and should take precautions. >> the woman remains in hospital tonight after undergoing surgery. neighbors are shocked by the violent nature of the attack. >> there has been some crime but not where they come and hit you in the back of the head. >> that incident happened right outside this man's door. he says they hope to work with the community so assaults like this don't become a trend. >> if we have a good working relationship with the police, we can come bought that and make sure we are on the offensive. -- we can come back to this and make sure we are on the offensive. >> the female victim is still in hospital, but she is expected to
5:32 pm
be ok. as for the male victim, we are told this is the second time he has been assaulted and mud in d.c. in less than a month. -- a salted and mud in d.c. prosecutors say he picked up writers in virginia and passengers say he drove up to 95 miles an hour and hit one of the passengers with the car after the man demanded to be let out. we begin our look at top stories with an update on breaking news in new york. one woman is confirmed dead after a private helicopter crashed into the east river this afternoon. rescuers pulled four survivors from the wreckage. hours from now amanda box turns -- returns home to america. her murder conviction was overturned in italy.
5:33 pm
she was convicted of killing a british exchange student in 2007. she is expected to arrive in seattle around 8:00. police have put out a sketch of a suspect wanted in a sexual assault. he threw the woman to the floor and tried to take her clothes off after breaking in. what does it take to make a great street? three streets in our area made the top 10 list of great streets in america. davis in culpeper, u street in d.c. and king street in alexandria. they're celebrating on king street tonight. >> what do you do when your name of the top 10 greatest treats in the usa? you have a party. that is what they're doing here. let's take you across the river to an area once known as black broadway. it used to attract artists like
5:34 pm
duke ellington and was the heart of black business. this flower shop has been in the family for the three generations. from its perch on the corner, it has watched the street developed into one of the city's main arteries and made attractions. >> it has been through so many changes but it is back up again and i'm happy about that. >> being named one of the top 10 greatest streets in america is just part of a story for a street whose roots run deep in african-american history gary >> -- african american history. >> i am glad to see the diversity come. the complexion of the city is changing the complexion of businesses changing. >> there is something to sing about across the river where a cobblestone street in alexandria was also named one of the top 10 greatest trades in the usa >> i like the fact that king
5:35 pm
street is oriented around the artists. >> is a great place to be and it is certainly romantic. >> king street earned the honor because it retains its historic fabric. >> the scaling is nice, the proportions are nice but, the people are interesting and the shops are interesting. >> in culpeper, another notch on the top 10 greatest streets list. not even the recent earthquake could shake it. revitalization efforts saved it from a light. >> we're back in old town alexandria where they are handing out cupcakes. we have a few of the other top- 10 streets -- they include washington avenue in st. louis and santa monica avenue and los angeles. police are canceling nearly
5:36 pm
three dozen tickets after the camera made mistakes. on sunday, september 25th, the problem as the camera is only supposed to be working on monday through friday. police up are waiving the tickets and paying back drivers. residents say they're glad at the camera is in place. >> people don't know how well it is operating or anything like that, so just seeing it there slows people down. >> everybody has been slowing down. i have been slowing down. >> police say this was an isolated incident and the cameras fixed. all the other department-shown cameras are working properly. you have been warned. let's get a check on traffic. a bad accident on 395. we can show you the live picture from our camera -- it is really
5:37 pm
hung up from landmark. you are not off the hook yet because beyond that, more slow traffic getting from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge into southwest. we had trouble on the southbound side of 295 near the 11th street bridge. in maryland, 270, report of an accident near shady grove. beltway traffic will get jammed up out of the interchange heading toward bethesda and silver spring. the elder loop will slow toward tyson's. 66 is tied up east down because of an accident near westmorland. back to you. coming up, recipients of that nobel prize for physics are announced. they are all american and one lives in maryland.
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if you watched monday night football last night, you may have noticed something was missing. >> the traditional hank williams song was pulled because of comments he made about president obama. >> there was a lot of reaction. for 22 years, monday night football fans have been asked are you ready for some football? now hank williams jr. is in hot water for comparing mr. obama to hitler. he has been the man behind monday night football for decades. but last night hank williams jr. signature question was missing. it was an absence that left
5:42 pm
football fanatics confused. >> monday night football. where is jr.? >> it was yanked after hank williams jr. made these comments on fox news when asked about president obama golfing with john boehner. >> what did you not like about it? >> it would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. >> espn down the comparison out of line, justifying the removal of the song, we are extremely disappointed with his comments and as a result, have decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast. williams has cents not -- has since walked back is comment. >> some of football plans -- some football fans seem to be split. >> if they yanked the song, i think it is pc. >> it's wrong. he's comparing him to somebody is not like. >> for other, it is hank to?
5:43 pm
>> monday night football is not met for politics. i just prefer watching the game. fast forward to kick off and watch the game. >> williams did issue more of apology. he says his comments -- he says his comments that the best of him. espn has said it has just suspended his song and it's unknown whether the song will be back on the airwaves next monday night. >> interesting. i remember when they first changed to that song. >> we will see what they end up doing. coming up next, the newest addition to the white house staff is the first in the president's home. she one homecoming queen and then she won the football g everybody
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d we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled. occupy wall street protests are expanding. corporate greed and other issues they say are plaguing the nation has people taking the streets and other cities. >> a march is underway in
5:47 pm
washington at this hour. >> there are about 40 or 50 demonstrators out here along 14th. they have been marching from mcpherson square down past the white house and are now in front of koch industries. the messages they don't like corporate influence in politics. could this be the anti tea party? they are condemning corporate greed, global warming and other issues. they're taking their complaints into the third week. it started small but when this video of cops pepper spraying protesters went viral, the protest group. over the weekend, 700 people were arrested when they stormed
5:48 pm
the brooklyn bridge. major unions are starting to join as our major celebrities like susan sarandon. >> 37% of our use in this nation live in party. that's unacceptable. that is why people are here. it has everything to do with case street, right here. >> the occupation is small so far but they expect the numbers to grow at a big rally on thursday. >> we're not going to sit idly by and let you sell off our votes. >> in north carolina, a democratic congressman called for higher taxes on corporations and the rich. >> what starts here is a movement to provide the support for that kind of specific change. >> this is a relatively small group who are going to watch -- who are going to march back to
5:49 pm
mcpherson square. a much bigger rally is expected on thursday in a freedom rally. [inaudible] thank you very much. there is a new first for the white house to tell you about. next month there will be the first female chief usher at the white house. the chief usher is in charge of all white house operations including tors and state dinners. she is currently the general manager at the ritz carlton in alexandria. the current chief usher is taking a job at the department of homeland's security. a mistake at the checkout counter turned into the right ticket for a georgia woman. the clerk accidentally gave her a power ball ticket and that ticket turned out to be worth $25 million. she plans to use the money to travel and build a house for her
5:50 pm
mother and grandmother. she says she wants to give back to a new homeless foundation. >> what a great twist of fate. the "dancing with the star's" score is on tonight. ricki lake got the highest score from the judges dedicated to her fiance. but it was the dance honoring the military that stole the show. >> relative -- rarely do people get to see the struggle. tonight, i think i was able to share that. >> chaz bono finished at the bottom of the pack. abc seven news is at 11:00. we won't be sending doug home. >> he is the man of the hour.
5:51 pm
>> wait to see what we have to the next seven days. from up the road, low clouds this morning, but we had sunshine and a fair weather clouds with no rain. skies will continue to clear. the wind will diminish and temperatures will be 48 to 53 by the morning. a bit cooler and upper 60s with lower '70s on friday. a warming trend over the weekend with some sunshine with highs near 80 degrees. no rain on a single one of those days. redskins, redskins -- they're taking some of our and our. -- taking some r &r.
5:52 pm
the skins are 3-1. they've shown improvement in every phase of the game. the big concern is still the quarterback. rex grossman ranks 24th in the league. >> one last practices all that stood between the redskins and there playoff. >> i will deal with it when it comes. >> it is proving to be a good buy. >> guys enjoy coming to work and playing with each other. >> the players are cautiously optimistic. >> we played four games and they are a little banged up. >> relax. >> that's it? >> nothing planned, just straight relax. >> i plan on staying with the
5:53 pm
family and maybe checking out chris tucker. >> i will always stay in football mode. >> they will be back to get ready for the philadelphia eagles. >> we still have a lot of football to play. >> more on the redskins coming up at 6:00. my favorite story of the year -- a terrific soccer player, so the varsity football coach in michigan asked her to kick field goals. she does a good job at that as well. she kicked the game-winner from 35 yards out. that was shortly after being named homecoming queen at halftime. >> and her uniform -- a look at that. >> she goes from being a football kicker to homecoming queen. >> way to go.
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here is something to celebrate tonight -- the recipients of the nobel prize for physics are all-american. >> and one on is a professor at johns hopkins university. >> this astronomy professor received a phone call this morning from stockholm he will never forget. he's one of three scientists to share this year's nobel prize in physics. >> i was pretty stunned. it's an amazing thing to learn at 5:30 in the morning. >> there was an amazing buzz today. he called the announcement unexpected and jaw dropping. he is credited with discovering the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. it's a stunning revelation break >> we measure a surprising fact about the universe that not only is expanding, it is expanding faster and faster all time.
5:58 pm
>> albert einstein first suggested this scenario in 1919. the professor of it has uncovered more questions than answers. >> these are hard measurements to do. it takes all lot of repetition and science before people are convinced something is right. >> he will share the prize with two other american scientists. how does the winner of the most prestigious awards celebrate? >> go home and have a glass of champagne and be with friends and family. >> he is the 35th nobel winner associated with johns hopkins university. >> a big congratulations to him. coming up, the latest on the deadly helicopter crash in new york city. the new jersey governor will
5:59 pm
not jump into the presidential poll. and a shutdown averted -- the house makes the decision to keep the government running. let's get to the latest on the breaking news out of new york city. >> we now understand the body of one person has been pulled from the water. four others were rescued shortly after the crash. let's go live to the satellite for the latest on this deadly crash. >> for the five people aboard a private helicopter that crashed into the east river. >> moments after the helicopter went down, one or possibly to survivors were captured on camera clinging to the skids while another scrambled to make his way into


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