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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a little bit cool but wait you hear what is hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight? [ female announcer ] new ultimate cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. our cheesiest macaroni flavor. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that'! why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant five big stories beginning emotional arrival home. reminding me to speak in english. >> awais what else amanda knox
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told reporters. >> a rescue after a splash landing. this went like that. and earth shattering price tag. john gonzalez with the that may surprise you. >> another candid it is growing strength. >> caught on camera. the sequence of events that happened next. this is abc7 breaking news. >> our news is coming in from knoxle where amanda arrived tonight for the first four years. moments after she landed, the spoke about the closing this chapter that has gained international attention. have her emotional words tonight. >> it was another emotional day. knox saab that she was by scores of
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people. a day that seemed so unlikely at times. a 26-yearrving sentence. enjoying her first taste of freedom. that first moment back in the before lot once and a media gathering, is seen to take her breath away. -- it seemed to take her breath away. >> i am really overwhelmed right now. looking down from the airplane. like it waseem real. >> she arrived on this british in an area where she pondered what to say once home. >> thank you to everyone. >> we could not have made it through it without all of you supporting us. >> and financial support, too,
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raisers toh fund- on homes.tgages all to appeal her conviction in that brutal murder. her attorney assistant -- insisted she had nothing to do with. for what is next -- my family is the most now.tant thing right be with them. thank you for being here for me. [applause] >> she did not take any questions after the press conference. she was taken to a welcome home party. spokesperson asked that everyone gives the family space for the next few weeks. >> thank you. "nightline" is tracking developments on the return home. have the latest from seattle once we finish at 11:35. new developments on the of the night, the deadly crash of a helicopter. >> one woman is dead and two
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their are fighting for lives. regiongators from our their way to try to find wrong.t went take courses live where he spoke to an aviation expert. >> local flight instructor has that area where the place many times. he knows the area well. stretches -- stresses a helicopter is safe. >> we witnessed a man holding chopper when we arrived. screaming that there people in the chopper. the seconds after a helicopter spun and plunged, grab onto what they could. bottom of the aircraft and flotation rings. witnesses say it crashed moments off from a nearby
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heliport. five were aboard. when it took office made the move but then started around and it was in trouble. >> one passenger, a woman celebrating her birthday, was killed. were pulled out in in critical condition. for the pilot, he swam to safety. >> there are really incredible pictures. he has been identified as paul dudley who is also the manager at the helipad. in a successfully landed brooklyn back in 2006. considered an experienced pilot. i had 1 inch in failure. this flight instructor tells us that the pilot in the had very little time to react. >> the reaction time is still
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half a second. there is only so much you can do. >> while shapiro says he does have enough information to on a cause, based on read the he thinks investigators -- one of the to look is're going of the plan. it is the tail rotor. there could have been a failure on this part of the machinery. news.rff, abc7 you so much. we know who become next governor of west virginia. tomblin fakedray was declared he the winner in today's elections. with 96% of the precincts reporting, he defeated the republican challenger by about 3%. joe who stepped down seat in the u.s.
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senate. marylandt 11:00, be a state divided. of themveals 40% sex marriage while 49% are against the idea. this is says michael mallee favor of gay marriage. appears in favor of gay marriage. the dream match would allow the immigrants illegal state tuition. of let's turn to something going to light, the end cloudy, and jury conditions. of a sunny and warmer weather. o'brien joins us for the first at what we can expect.
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>> use -- you said it better than i could. pattern,t great, wet, hanging around our neck forever. to see nothing on doppler. will there be tomorrow or days.xt few 70 degrees today which was below average. the next days,h more of the same. some wonderful classic october whether. sunday, delightful days. here is how the our looks as we into tomorrow. when hundred% sunshine. after waking up to some spots in sunshine.50's, 100% temperatures are about average. this is a wonderful time of the year. >> that sounds great. thank you. up, the price tag is in the plan to repair the
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cathedral following the earthquake. we will tell you why this number .ay surprise you christie will not run for president.
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turning to the race and president, the big name who will not join mitt romney, rick perry, herman cain and the rest of the front-runners. christie says he will in the garden state and step into the race. he was pressured by several the party to run but said that now is not his time. >> i have a commitment to new jersey and will not abandon. that is a promise i made to the of this date when i took office. to fix a broken new jersey.
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>> he may consider a run for in 2016. the popularity of herman cain growing within the gop. one sign of his attraction is memoir has surged into amazon's top-10 booksellers. cain asset mitt romney and rick floridaen he won the poll just over a week ago. as for president obama, he on eric cantor during a rally at a community college. accused him of blocking the jobs bill while millions of americans remain out of work. the house will vote on the parts agreeable to republicans. a dangerous dust storm leads to carnage on the highway. dozens of drivers are in harm's way. also, an incredible tragedy. what one driver did after this
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and national symbol of their faces a long road to recovery hefty price tag. officials at the cathedral say will start at $25 million. >> that price could go up. john gonzalez is there to explain why. >> we can tell you that 35,000 visitpers in guests who each month will as thiswait longer structure undergoes a very expensive restoration. for more than a month, visitors forced to admire the and thee from outside waiting will continue. the cathedral will not reopen until november. it is a beautiful sight in the skyline. hope it opens soon. >> visitors and residents are shocked at the amount of money repair what the
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did.quake $25cathedral will seek out in an aggressive fund- raising effort. >> it is shocking. know they said it was minor. so that it is in the millions. is a member of the arts of washington. >> where are they going to get it? >> tonight it is surrounded by fencing. a crane is in position as scaffolding is being constructed. the tower sustained the most damage. money couldnts of to a lot of other worthy causes. others say whatever it takes which welcomes people to celebrate and mourn. can agree reopening soon is great news. >> we will appeal to the people helped build the building as everybody who fills call up and help.
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>> the cathedral is scheduled to reopen for the consecration of bishop.-- it could take some 210 years. -- up to 10 years. a dust storm in arizona cost three major pileups. least 30 cars and trucks were involved killing one person. visibility was near zero because of dust in the air. driving was restricted until the cleared up. dramatic video from oklahoma. a racing fans watched in horror as two cars exploded into flames. spun out before catching fire. driver jumped in and safety as out to put outters raced to the flames. minor injuries.
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>> amazing. >> also of the nine couples on stars and a the voted off.e was >> the bottom contestants were -- votee audience booed the home this was surprised by result. of strange results so far. >> we will have to stay tuned. >> new tonight at, you can read more about the support received from her ex .iancee also from -- for the latest who yound the poland off, clickd be voted the cabot sitting in the
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audience. >> maybe he didn't vote. navy that was the difference. he said he was going to vote for home. [laughter] really beautiful weather after all of the great we have had. it is passed a quarter. that is the hunter's moon. already missed the fall harvest moon. getting higher and higher the southeast tonight. temperature is a but cool 60 degrees. they're wonderful time of year. -- a wonderful time of year. you do not need the air conditioning or the heat. the last of those pesky clouds moving out toward the east as the sunshine came up. a beautiful day. some of those puffy clouds and a of sunshine.
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is our part of the world. heading toward bottom. toward theding spring time in south america. is a tropical storm. no problems at all. no concerns for the east coast. temperatures are in the 90's. a record high in south dakota. 95 degrees. temperatures in this part of the been above average. with the pattern that is shaping up, a big ridge in the atmosphere. is oneans high pressure us. lot of sunshine and dry air. our futurecast tomorrow morning. i cannot see any clouds. do not think there will be any. maybe patchy fog. winds -- about one pattern continues. watch temperatures into the mid tomorrow afternoon. only dipping into the 50's with some a friendly clouds
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with more delightful whether continuing into the weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning, on the cooler side. the shenandoah valley, probably some 40's. by the afternoon, just delightful, scrumptious temperatures. the light northwesterly wind. more of the same into the weekend. be into the will mid to high 70's. a little bit above average. the mornings are cool and comfortable. i do not hear any complaints at all. continue into next week. continue into next weekit's about building cars in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker.
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most innovative bed sets. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at j jt $699. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the redskins' practice this hit the road to reenergize the body. they are feeling better about themselves right now but they
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also cautiously optimistic with 12 games left to play. they have to play the philadelphia eagles when they come back. coming early in the season even though the rental it is not tos worry me. >> if you put training camp in there and the preseason, it is midway. get aways you time to rejuvenate for the long haul. games and hopefully postseason. to baseball and update you on the playoffs. not back downhave at all. was tied at one. ben francisco takes it to deep .enter field a three run home run. the phillies went 3-2 and take control with a bead in the series. let's go to phoenix. arizona got on board first. is me go.
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he takes it to deep center and, look out. he is running. he will score. the diamondbacks will lead to 3- 1. let's go to destroyed. -- detroit. watch curtis. how about that hatch to end the inning? curtis, zero what they grab. -- oh, what a grab. this is what he imagined when he texas in the off- season. runs today to the -- win.the rangers to a the camera guy just tripped. [laughter] rangers won the series three to one. at him and said, what? our high school player of the from carson city, nevada.
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he drills a field goal with 30 left in the game to bishop. 64 yards. the nfl record is 63. the high school kid just did nfl player has ever done a real game. the nba and as cans of the preseason schedule. out the first two of the regular season if no labor agreement by monday. it looks like that it would a 5 yardsgood from back. had helium in he
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some great weather coming up. to wjla and click on our weather. have for you.e meanwhile, we have a tornado in
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