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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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time in four years. her emotional homecoming and what's next for the former college student. a hefty price tag to fix the national cathedral. how much it could cost and how long it will take. >> some sunshine in the seven- day forecast. adam caskey has details. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> 6:00 a.m., good morning washington. it's wednesday, october 5. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> we are selling into the new weather pattern -- settling into. short sleeves this afternoon, long sleeves this morning. it's 52 in harpers ferry and damascus, 52 in waldorf.
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54 in the district, 47 in remington and 49 in west virginia. this afternoon sunshine, warmer than yesterday, 75. but that is going to be a little above average. the average is 72. tomorrow back down into the upper 60's. sunny dry weather today all the way of the weekend. how was the traffic? >> moving well. 95 66, no surprises. growing volume on the way to the pentagon on 395. a little volume spotted in oxon hill on swan creek road. open into southeast from brandywine. in montgomery county we're flying over connecticut avenue. grain now the construction on the beltway near the mormon temple has been taken care of. but look at the mess they made.
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now to the news desk. a little less than 24 hours after an italian court tossed out her murder conviction, and after four years in an italian prison, amanda knox is back on american soil. she was greeted by cheering crowds in seattle last night. >> she and her family spoke out about turning the page on such a painful chapter of their lives. >> brianne carter as the emotional words and what is next for the former college student. >> the thing that they describe it is overwhelming. her entire family used that word to describe this on coming. for amanda knox it was almost as if she was at a loss for words in describing what it was like to be backing. finally she was living the dream she had hoped for for four years. speaking publicly for the first time as a free woman, amanda knox almost seemed at a loss for
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words. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. >> back in seattle for the first time since she left for italy four years ago. she thanked those who have stood by her. >> thank you to everyone who believed in me, who defended me, who supported my family. >> it's a homecoming that potentially could ever happened years from now. that is if her 26-year sentence had not been overturned. welcome home signs posted all over, if it appears your hometown could not be happier. >> i feel like a big rock fell off me and now i look forward to sleeping at night. >> as to what is next, a stance to return to what life was like before all this began. >> the most important thing for me right now is my family and i just want to go be with them. so thank you for being there for me. [applause]
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>> you can hear the motion there. amanda did not take questions when speaking to the press. if she celebrated with her family last night at her father's house and is waking up for the first time this morning at her mother's house. the family has asked for privacy as they are trying to get back to life with amanda around. reporting live in a satellite center, brianne carter, abc 7 news. federal investigators are run aground in new york this morning trying to figure out what caused the helicopter carrying five people on a private store to crash in new york city's east river. -- on a private tour. >> one passenger died and three others or seriously hurt yesterday. a person killed is a tourist from australia who was visiting the city to celebrate her 40th birthday with her family. >> new this morning, police across the nation are on the lookout for a missing 10-month- old kansas city girl who disappeared from a trip inside
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her home, sparking fears of a of an abduction by an intruder. she has been missing since monday night. an amber alert was activated and later canceled. investigators have no suspects or motive. closing arguments could get underway today in the murder trial of carmela dela rosa. she is the woman accused of killing her two year old granddaughter in the parking lot of tysons corner mall. jummy olabanji has been following this story all week and is joining us from fairfax with the last of the testimony. >> good morning. we are expecting things to pick up at fairfax county courts around 10:00 this mont. then we expect the jury might have this case and over to them so they can begin deliberating sometime after lunch. this comes after some pretty explosive and i opening testimony that happened yesterday in the defense when they brought forward their key witness for testimony. that witness is dr. michael hendrickson who she
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suffers from major depressive disorder and was having an episode last november when she talked angelyn off the walkway at tyson's corner. he told the jury that she had a delusional and paranoid box that day. he said she was temporarily insane and that she did not know the distance between right and wrong at the time everything happened. during cross-examination by the commonwealth attorney, prosecutors really try to discredit and downplay the diagnosis that the doctor had before, saying that she was able to fake and exaggerate some of the mental syndromes that she had. this will be an emotional trial and it should wrap up sometime later this afternoon. we will give updates from the courtroom as we get them. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. the involuntary manslaughter
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trial of michael jackson's doctor is now moving to a new phase. the detectives will take the stand. and the prosecutors will show an interview from 2009. a long road back to normal for the earthquake damaged national cathedral. yesterday officials announced the church will reopen november 12, but it's still needs to raise at least $25 million to fund a full restoration. that could take as long as a decade. three of four spiders of the central tower crumbled during the earthquake. -- four spires. in denair is will be back at work on the washington monument today after a delays yesterday. the team has finished surveying the east and south sides of the monument. today they will work their way down the north and west sides.
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54 degrees outside. >> still ahead, distracted driving, is dangerous as we know, but that does not mean we are willing to stop. the results of a new survey. >> kristin cavallari. >> heading for the bills, we will hear from the latest castoff from the ballroom. >> first, a mid-
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i'm at the bakery in ballston virginia this precept
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of the year. , and find out why. >> good morning, washington. >> that looks good. i had a few cupcakes last night. we celebrated the one-year birthday of our gold fish. no kidding. it was a blast. and the anniversary my grandparents. they are going strong. a few clouds in west virginia and western maryland, sunshine otherwise. 56 at dulles, 48 in gaithersburg, 46 in culpeper, 45 in orange. those articles by. mostly sunny today, ms. 70's on this wednesday. a long stretch of dry weather. tonight in the upper 40's. up here 60's tomorrow. by the weekend on sunday, 80 degrees. moving slowly, that is
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expected during rush hour. no accidents as far as the beltway travel. a minor incident on the inner loop near 7/tysons, but to everything is being moved out of the roadway. normal volume expected at braddock road and gallows road and again at 66. now a picture of 270, moving edsall road and there's 395 and headed away for must is duke street. coming up, a fight over cost could mean the end of the depots longest-running cartoon, and " the simpsons." >> one half of the american and you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving peop m money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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more potential jurors will be interviewed in the quality accused underwear bomber. abdulmutallab is charged with trying to bring down a detroit- bound plane with a bomb in his underwear. he is acting as his own attorney. he'll be interviewed one potential juror yesterday. the occupy wall street protests are expanding to washington and other cities. some protesters of will march on capitol hill today to demand an end to what they say are job- killing budget cuts. a small group rallied in downtown d.c. yesterday.
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michelle obama today will harvest vegetables from the white house garden. she will get help from students at two elementary schools. some produce will be used at next week's's state dinner and the others will be given to the food pantry merriam's kitchen. west virginia voters have chosen their next governor. democrat earl ray, and was declared the winner. he defeated the republican by distancing himself from president obama and his policies. he replaces joe manchin, who stepped down after he won a seat in the u.s. senate. chris christie has made it official after weeks of speculation. the new jersey governor will not run for president. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me.
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chris christie admits that he flirted with the idea of seeking the republican nomination. the decision means the gop race is still wide open. president obama will sign a bill to keep the federal government running a few more weeks. >> is today the house passed legislation to fund the government through november 18. later today the president will meet with the presidents of honduras to discuss efforts to restore democracy in the central american country. four people indicted in connection with a government contract fraud scheme are expected to be in court tomorrow. prosecutors say two army corps and air employees received kickbacks all in exchange for directing contracts to a technology company. the authorities say that the four defendants made $20 million from the scheme and spent it on real estate, what is, and other luxury items. a dire warning from the nation's chief banker and a salary showdown could mean the end for america's favorite dysfunctional family.
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rob nelson has those stories and more. >> topping america's money, gloom but also hope from ben bernanke. these of the economic recovery is close to a faltering because poor job growth is depressing consumer confidence, but also told congress the fed is ready to step in. apple stocks fell yesterday after the company failed to announce and iphone 5. instead it upgraded and up here -- instead unveiled an upgraded iphone 4. recent college graduates were paid 6% more than last year's college graduates. computer-related jobs paid almost 10% more. petroleum and engineering jobs of 7%. a salary dispute could end "the simpsons." the actors are making $8 million and they want them to take a pay cut, almost half. nba commissioner has pulled
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the plug on preseason basketball after four hours of labor talks with the union failing to reach a deal. if it decides to not come to terms by monday, the league will scrub the first two weeks of the regular season. after a an incredible run to overtake boston for the american league wild-card, the tampa bay reyes ran out of luck yesterday. >> there is the pits. now to second. the texas rangers going to the american league championship series. >> the rangers beat them. the new york yankees even their series with detroit at two games apiece. there's some work by curtis granderson. also winning yesterday was arizona and philadelphia. >> fun to watch. >> are you happy with that? >> i am not a yankees fan, but i
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love curtis granderson. he is so athletic. he's fun to watch. that game kept me up last night. >> it will be hard to sleep today. >> it's going to be perfect today. >> finally. >> it's about time we get into a nice, long stretch of dry and sunny weather. here are some of the coldest temperatures i could find this morning. harrisonburg 43, 45 in mchenry, 46 in rockville 46 in madison. those are the exceptions. we are in the low to mid 50's for the most part. 55 in the district, a 66 at dulles airport, 50 in winchester in the shenandoah valley, 65 in lexington park, 87 in annapolis. clear skies overhead to start the day. we will have a beautiful sunshine, clear skies, baby blue collar, no humidity. a big shift in the weather pattern. yesterday i was calling a
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transitional day. today we are saddling -- settling in nicely. the jet stream takes the shape of the greek letter omega. we will be on the good side of this pattern for change. we ended aug. and sept. individually over 5 inches above average in terms of precipitation. every day this month so far we have had at least a trace of rain. that is changing today. nothing but sunshine, 75 for the high temperature. has the last time we had that. a lot of sunshine here. not much to talk about other than sunshine. of course 60's tomorrow. 80 degrees by sunday and monday. newschopper 7 flying over 66 traffic, eastbound near nutley street, minor incident moved to the left shoulder.
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normal backup sleeping zero to get to vienna. eastbound 66, the headlights in this camera. now to route 4, route 5 has a normal run up to the beltway. looks good throughout southeast d.c., no problems on 50 between boeing and northeast. back to you. >> thank you. 54 degrees. >> next, a dose of reality for kristin cavallari. we will hear from the latest reject from the ballroom. >> what really happened to michael jackson, secrets of his final hours, the truth about his drug use was his doctor to blame, the evidence is eye opening. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and then told me to put them in a bag. >> exclusive conversations with members of his inner circle. >> to have a drug issue not during my watch. >> today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> she had the best quickstep in the second week, but kristin cavallari did not have enough fans to keep her on the ballroom floor. >> now the reality star is headed into the hills. she lasted three weeks before hearing the surprising news. she does expect to be back in the ballroom. >> i had an incredible experience and we've become such a family that it's hard to leave. i will miss seeing everybody every day, but i'm glad i did the show and would not take it back for anything. >> i don't think she deserves to be in this position, but it is up to the viewers. sadly, we did not get enough votes. >> there was no problem with the dancing. chaz bono and lacey schwimmer are had the lowest score is by far, but the fans saved them.
6:26 am
cher says that you will see her in the audience on monday night if chaz bono survives the elimination. >> maybe that will be an incentive for next time around. 6:26, still another half hour. >> coming up, a high-profile murder trial against a virginia grandmother could be coming to a close. we will medalist and a live report. >> $25 million is how much officials say it will cost to repair the damage to the national cathedral left behind from the august earthquake. autria godfrey and livein northwest. >> yesterday was our transition and today we are saddin
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>> live, and did 80, this id in hd,
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this is "good morning, washington." >> i really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane, and it seems as if nothing is real. >> good morning. i am cine simpsonynee simpson. >> very good morning to you. yesterday was a transitional day. we're friends in the shooting -- we are transitioning into a new and warmer weather pattern. this will persist for a least a week. take a look at the numbers. yet met at 51. montgomery village 51 degrees. leesburg 52.
6:31 am
-- vienna 51 degrees. mostly sunny today. mid-70s this afternoon. definitely warmer than what we did yesterday. looking ahead that in but sunshine. a few degrees cooler tomorrow at the upper 60's. >> a truck broken down on the beltway close to these pike. -- lee's pike. they're on their way toward 7 and 123. it does not look like the broken-down truck is broken down any longer, just saturate with the normal volume. a minor crash. we saw that earlier on the shoulder, so anticipate delays. more from new stoppers of it but now to the latest in news. >> for the first time in more than four years amanda knox
6:32 am
is waking up on american soil. she appeared to be at a loss for words after arriving in seattle last night. she did say she was overwhelmed and thankful that she received all of this support. >> what is important for me to say is thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. >> her troubles are not over yet. she faces more than $1 million in legal bills and italian prosecutors plan to appeal the ruling that set her free. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the helicopter carrying five people to crash in new york city's east river. this happened yesterday afternoon here united nations building. one passenger died. three others were seriously
6:33 am
hurt. the victim has been identified as a tourist from australia. closing arguments coul andd d get under way today for the grandmother accused of killing her granddaughter. and >> good morning. this case resumes at 10:00 this morning. we are expecting closing arguments to begin for the prosecution and defense. we are expecting that sometime after the lunch hour that the jury could get the case handed over to the of so we can begin deliberating. we may find out the bait for carmela delarosa. michael hendricks testified that she suffered from major depressive disorder and was
6:34 am
having an episode last november when she tossed her two-year-old granddaughter of the walkway at tyson's corner. he also told the jury that she had delusions' and paranoia that day. the lawyers say sheik separate from temporary insanity and did not know the difference between right and wrong during that tragic incident. -- lawyers say she suffered from temporary insanity and did not know the difference between right and wrong during that tragic incident. of course this case will be unfolding as the state moves forward. we will bring you any updates on air and on line as used as we get them. we are about to learn more about what authorities uncovered during their investigation into michael jackson's death. police detectives are set to
6:35 am
take the stand in the involuntary manslaughter trial. prosecutors plan to show the jury an interview police conducted with the doctor after his death in 2009. a team of cadaver dogs are searching are ra rebuff for robert gardruba for robin gardner's remains. >> the earthquake that hit our region back in august damaged structures at the national cathedral. now we are hearing how much it will cost to fix. these repairs are not going to be cheap i understand. >> know, a pretty hefty price tag. how about $25 million?
6:36 am
that is, the official said the price tag will be to start repairs here at the national cathedral of the damage that was left behind from the earthquake. that number is expected to go up. we're also learning that 35,000 worshipers to come here on a weekly basis, they will still have to wait another couple of weeks before there will come back inside. after admiring the majestic place a performance, workers are finding out it will be november before the doors officially reopened. the repairs left behind from the earthquake are slated to start at 25 million and expected to climb. >> it is sad. it is heartbreaking it will be that much money. where will they get it is the big question. >> officials are asking the same question. and some visitors question if it is worth it. >> it is a really big number.
6:37 am
that is a big number to spend. i have family significance to this building. i would like to see it repaired, but i feel like that amount of money could go to worthier causes. >> the part most damaged in the quake -- others say it as part of the d.c. skyline that must be repaired. >> i think has to be weighed against all of the priorities, but i certainly think it is something that should be fixed. >> when the doors reopened on november 12, just in time for the consecration of the ninth bishop of washington, that does not mean you will be open. officials say it could take up to 10 years. thank you. meantime engineers will be back to work at the washington monument today. the four-person inspection team has finished surveying the east
6:38 am
and south sides. today they will work their way down the north and west side. now 6:37 and 54 degrees. still ahead a lucky break for democrats and a smaller field of republican presidential contenders. plus numbers showed texting is still a major distraction for drivers. to go first, a check oh... ( sigh ) you... you haven't got a longer straw, have you ? it's not funny i'm gettin'... gettin' straw stress. is that drink ready, huh ? yeah, sure. here... i'll just... oh, don't worry about it. i'll get it the next time i come around... yeah ? cheers, hon !
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50 in trying go. 51 in alexandria. -- 510 in triangle. annapolis 54. beautiful day today with a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-'70s.
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open the windows today and let the cool air circulate. the next couple of days looking fantastic as well. a few degrees cooler in the upper 60's, but still comfortable not just tomorrow but into the weekend. warming up a little bit by sunday. that is your forecast. georgetown pike now closed between springdale road and aaron walker road. 95 out of dale city crash in the mainline. 66 your eastbound commute very slow. an earlier crash between 123 that moved three lanes to the shoulder. a live picture. looks good. no problems to report right now on the secondary roads. thank you. 55 degrees. coming up, how you can pick
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the next president from a field of people that are not even running. >> drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. french vanilla. iced coffee for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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hey, what are you drinkin'? dunkin'
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iced. the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up. i love iced coffee. drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. west virginia governors have picked their next governor. earl ray tomlin was declared the winner. he distance himself by president obama and his policies. -- he distanced himself against president obama and his policies. after weeks of speculation chris christie has made it official. the new jersey governor will not be running for president. now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that is simply will not
6:46 am
abandon. new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me. >> he admits he flirted with the idea of the republicans nomination. the gop race is still wide open. >> politico has a new way for you to pick the winner among a crowd not officially running. >> we will explain the political primary. this is thinking out of the box and getting your readers involved in the process. >> these are folks that leaders are nominating they're saying this republican field, we are not so satisfied with it. president obama, not so craz about how he is doing either. these are people that are not even in the political system.
6:47 am
someone like john chambers, a technology guy. a former white house chief of staff under president clinton. people who have not held public office but could bring an adult attitude to it and could bring something new to the process. >> there are names that have been floated in the d.c. circuit. what are you thinking? >> i kind of like david the trieste. each started a new job as cia director so i do not think he will start that right now. -- i kind of like david tri petreus. >> it launches a little over an hour ago and up for the next several days. go online and tweet away and make your next pick.
6:48 am
take those seven is on your side with news about smart phones. -- 7 is on your side with news about smart phones. the new iphone will be faster and will not need a computer to see content. while consumers may be thrilled, wall street was not. a new survey is out on texting and driving. a traffic groups surveyed more than 3000 people. nearly 35% said they text or send a text message while driving in the past month. 37 percent said they talked on the cell phone while driving last month. almost a third said they do break early. 95% said they considered texting while driving a serious safety threat. talk about a happy accident. a georgia store clerk accidentally sold a powerful ticket when she asked for a mega millions tickets. she ended up winning $25
6:49 am
million. she is been looking for a job since last spring and said she plans to buy a car trouble and help her family. what about helping out the door just store clerk? >> the store or is it a little bit of it, right? >> but not the clerk. >> that is the point the store gets it, not the clerk. getting lucky with the weather. >> finally. the nice, long stretch of dry, sunny weather. we are saddling in nicely into the new and improved weather pattern. this is how you wake up in the morning. have a nice cup of coffee overlooking the sunrise on the bay. this is chesapeake beach. what a gorgeous start to the day.
6:50 am
elsewhere across the region, clear skies and a lot of sunshine to start our day. this must be an old picture. 51 degrees in northwest d.c. centerville a little bit cooler at 47. 55 in the district. 48 in gaithersburg. the low to mid '50's but a few upper 40's. clear skies to start out in for the next few days as we settle into the weather pattern. a big ridge in the middle of the country. it is a bit of a locking mechanism and the atmosphere. the jet stream takes on the shape of the greek letter omega. this will mean a good stretch of dry, sunny weather. mostly sunny today. 75 this afternoon. a little bit warmer than what we
6:51 am
had yesterday. tomorrow a few degrees cooler. dry and sunny to the weekend. by sunday we will be at 80 degrees. georgetown pike serious wreck. we're going directly to news trapper seven. -- news chopper seven. route 7 is the way you will want to go for the time being. next i will take you to virginia because of a crash on 66 eastbound in manassas. tractor-trailer involved in that one. 95 north band found. northbound. the headlights is northbound. adam has the ball
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here are the stories that are making news. occupier wall street protest in new york city are spreading to the nation's capital. a small group of people rallied in downtown d.c. yesterday. later today a rally on capitol hill to protest a what we did against what some called stop killing -- to protest against what some called job killing bills.
6:55 am
>> bernie madoff is serving a 150 years prison sentence. of his release scientists has won the nobel prize in chemistry. -- an israeli said his has won the nobel prize in chemistry. he has won it for crystals. we also have a local nobel prize winner. the looks like washington redskins owner dan snyder, has a new ride. how about taking this baby out? the washington post reports he brought a 224 ft super yacht called lady ann that reportedly cost $70 million that will accommodate 16 people plus a crew of 18. this features a library jim theater, six state rooms.
6:56 am
the spokesperson did not say whether the yacht was intended for personal use or as an investment. either way he should holler at us because we agree suggestions on places to travel. what do you need a library for on a yacht? >> does not matter. we are going directly to news chopper 7 where we had a serious crash. georgetown pike traffic able to get through. here is a look at the forecast which is great for yachting the next couple of days. we do not even have a chance of rain through early next week. a good chance for us to dry out. near 80 degrees by sunday. here is a look at the sunrise in damascus this morning. >> thank you. have a won [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot
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