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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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by her familyd the attention to her young granddaughter fuel this criminal act. the prosecution said she suffers from borderline personality , but that she is not psychotic. defense attorneys have been today that shert is severely depressed and that guiltyuld be found not reason of insanity. reporting live from the fairfax courthouse, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. thank you for the latest out there today. week of thehan a high-altitude assessments, completed their assessment of the washington monument today. found cracks and resumes -- removed book-size pieces of emonument. he there is no time line for when begin or howill long the process will take.
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now that inspection work is done there, the engineers who work days repelling the monument around, this time work on another dc landmark. the same inspectors will help earthquake-damaged church as well. the same problem exists here at the washington national cathedral. easy access to an up close a structure. october 13 the climbers will to check outpes the cathedral's three towers. their job at the national complete, they are now setting their sights across town. here to steal the washington national cathedral. start with the twin look atll towers to start w earthquake damage. the major damage happened at the
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output center tower. 301 foot center tower. it has been closed since the earthquake. the could be grouped figures it $25 million to make the building whole. they now figure it will cost make the building whole. the national to leadl is responsible raise the to necessary funds. we will have to rely on a lot of prayer and confidence. believe with my whole heart about ane not talking impossible number. the cathedral has 10,000 supporters across the country. now depend on them. those we talked to today said respond. l it is a national icon. >> these are only temporary. they will come down. we will be as strong as we were
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before, and even stronger. >> now crews are working very to shore things up to make the public to for on the inside. they are scheduled to open the the cathedral, on november 12. chorus' homes, abc7 news. abc7 news. holmes, beautiful day to be outside. talking abouts went today. u seems like it will be here for a while. >> i have not heard one complaint. anye better not be the weatherfter all had and those persisting gray clouds. i want to show you there is on intely nothing going around us. it is nice to reaffirm that. go to annapolis. way the day began.
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beautiful sunrise. 100 percent signed sunshine. with the dry air we have around not a cloud in the sky. was a cool, crisp autumnal morning. temperature started out of 43 have risen 30 degrees. 73. still a 74 degrees. 100 percent signed sunshine. you how we look from space tomorrow. think we will do it all over again. there is one-. not want to tell you about it yet. join you in a few minutes. purse-snatching suspect she bargained for. a woman that she thought was to flee the crime beeen -- seem turned out to hero in disguise. >> took place in this little
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alley downtown. a good samaritan heard all of aroundus and drove th the block and caught her with childr safety locks. i could not get over it. to have the presence of mind to like that. >> ashley saunders cannot what she did either. it was instinct. of the womenives friday ined last downtown hagerstown. the lives of the women could friday in downtown hagerstown. she told me she had a back in one of my purse. i tried screaming. >> saunders, who happen to be by, circle back to see
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wrong. she saw the purse snatching outing her way, i figured happening, and did incredible. she tricked the feat into into her car. >> you were pretending to be her get away. ief cked the th getting into her car. if i were in her position, i i wouldnow the have done that. i was not scared. i had adrenalin running through may. the suspect is identified as theresa conway. is charged with the crime. ms. saunders says her dad was happy with what she did. said it was stupid and dangerous. the police chief said he is citizen stepped upd
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right thing. will be getting an award from the police. >> may have been dangerous, but certainly brave. andy. story that is scar y. now return to california. a man opened fire in cupertino, but his crime spree did not end there. >> what we have our police investigating two separate shootings at this hour. a massive manhunt continues in silicon valley area where a man who was once a tv producer author on book of domestic angry at hisme job and opened fire. clara police department believes the disgruntled employee is this be in his 40's. the person is armed and
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dangerous. have sheriff deputies tried locate the person right now. he allegedly stormed into a business and shot at least eight people, three of them fatally. a woman allegedly shot in an attempted carjacking. has beenerson male thatas a black with a possible hand gun and rifle. was employed,he he was a tv executive producer for a cable access station. he is seen as interfering jesse laston in september of year. at alice say he was routine safety meeting at the at 4:30 in the morning disgruntled and left. at 4:30 in the
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he becameen disgruntled and left. >> three are confirmed dead, a couple wounded. carjacking woman is expected survive. police have located his vehicle weapons, seized but still no arrest this evening. anso, tonight we know australian woman visiting new birthday died in esterday's holiday -- helicopter crash in east river. withas taking the ride family with the reported problems and return while trying to helipad. investigators suspect high winds role in the crash. hernda knox is spending day at home. last night she and her family arrived at the seattle airport juryays after the overturned her murder
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conviction. spoke with a crowd of were there in seattle to greet her. >> what is a forum for me to say just think you to everyone me, who defended has supported my family. for me tomportant is to say thank you to in me,e who believed me, who has supported my family. meantime, the legal fight is over just yet. italian prosecutors said they appeal this case to the highest court. suv beryl'sp, an through a home. what police say the driver and accomplice had done just minutes before. it will be two months lost aaron andi it evereen wearing since. lost herould go
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in the helicopter crash. now she's pleading for help. the unusual weapon this man keep an intruder out of this house. what the pop star told about his famil
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we're following breaking news. of union members and demonstrators are in new york. wall street movement is still growing. the protest started last month. criticizings are from congress -- to company leaders. phone conversations between conrad murray and michael jackson were played in court today. we have the latest on the trial gripping the nation. and >> it is disturbing to hear, mumbling about lack of love he received from his family. >> i did not have a childhood. i had a childhood. >> it is part of his personal
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conversation from his conversation with his position. >> i just need to do it. hiscall was retrieved from computer forensic analyst. also recovered several e-mail the doctor anden staff. which involves a patient named omar arnold, one of names used by jackson. he showed medical logs that he was prescribed to various including valium and xanax. ship toanted it to residential address. you agree to ship a product to the california address? she said orders were shipped murray's las vegas home.
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office? >> the court also heard a voice jackson'sdr. manager. a virginia woman need your help tonight. vaughn per has spent two months ago. returning from a trip to that she's lost something strength, her husband's wedding band. losing a spouse is obviously difficult, and then to the ring -- it is my fault, something that was a show of our commitment to one so it is crushing. >> she said she remembered having a ring on which to let the hotel in houston.
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she thinks she lost it somewhere the plane or wind rushing to make the connection fight ahead her in a car which area are the connecting flight in at charlotte. >> you hear stories where you so we will ring, hope so. a good story to tell in the weather department. spectacular day and special because i wanted to show what our own jeff groves . w of all legal. it is a sign of the help of the potomac and our area. it -- it is a bald eagle. threee our temperature, hours less they like today than threee our temperature, hours less they like today than we
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>> and northern virginia man has become known as a guitar hero. >> that is because he used a good start as a weapon to defend himself against a man tried to get into his manassas home. he used a guitar as a weapon defend himself against a man trying to get into his manasseh's home. today he told us the best not be so lucky. >> just after midnight police say john mayhue broke into his home. he was drunk and did not know what he was doing. >> he tried the firsront door first and then went to the back broke in. he used a guitar to defend
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himself. he smashed him over the head with a guitar several times. >> he got hit here. he got hit with this side. i think there is still here on it. they say he dropped to the ground and police had to wake up when he got there. a tow truck driver and ex firefighter said he got the guitar as a get a couple of months ago. used to play but does not anymore, so he will not fret over the loss. neither of them men knew him but seen break-ins before, just nothing quite like this. -- break-ins here before, does nothing quite like this. >> police say he spit at an officer at the hospital. they charged him with unlawful entering, assault and officer, and i.
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agents sirescue dozens of forces. the owner was charged earlier this year with failure to provide adequate care for an animal. her trial is set for december. time out to update tonight's top stories. in fairfax, closing arguments are under way in the trial of a grandmother accused of killing her two-year-old granddaughter. a forensic scientist said that told him that she planned to kill the child. he said she suffers from borderline personality disorder, but is not psychotic. >> a third person is dead and still on the loose after a shooting in california today. a disgruntled employee opened by your. all, eight people were shot. police believe the same suspect
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shot woman in a carjacking nearby. inspections are over at the national monument. now those same workers will move town to the national cathedral. they will scale between west bell towers to document damage by the august earthquake. let's go to the dozens of new jobs coming to the district. many of the new positions will go to unemployed district residents. sam ford joined us with a look these jobs mean to local families. at the >> grand opening at the mall, 40 of the 65 people it hired were unemployed. for the mayor it is a reason to celebrate. ross is opening its first store ever in d.c. next week and of workers. the mayor was so anxious for people to know, he held his biweekly news conference in
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of the store to welcome town and your employees like tracy anderson. -- and here employees like tracy anderson. with the unemployment rate at 11.1%. >> we had a great group of associates to run the store, and i am excited about it. >> the ross folks asti seek employment workers to find workers, and the big sign brought in applicants to apply online. this mother of seven have not in four years. >> big sign now hiring, apply online. applied and the call me back. >> have no doubt. i knew this was my season. >> throughout the day a steady of workers approached and told to apply online.
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>> showing up every day. showing up on time, having a good attitude. >> grey has been asking d.c. employees to each higher -- hire one d.c.ach resident. ross will open for business in about 40 hours. it will have the grand opening on saturday, october 15. reporting live from northeast sam ford, abc7 news. or next visit to the national zoo could take you more your car. the zoo is raising its parking the. $22 for anything over the first three hours. and-- the zoo is raising its parking fee. friends of the national zoo will still park free. local parents and school
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employees through on their shoes very special event. they took part in international walk to school day. and prince george's county had least two of the schools event. ate in the purpose is to create safer walking and bicycling and exercise. now let's get a check of the traffic activity. >> nursing delays on southbound 395. slow on southbound i-95 from newington. an accident on both shoulders. north on 95 in virginia, fantastic. 3095 is low pentagon often on to this 14th street bridge. very heavy delays on the inner loop. slow as to make your way between route 1. slow again from 66 to route 50. back up between the dulles toll road into hundred 70 spur. -- 270 spur.
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having a conversation about preventing teen pregnancy is scary enough, but there is a launched to face that issue head on. that is what makes thithem this week's harrison heroes. >> you want to cover all the of the topic. >> these students say they want
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get teenagers in the community talking open and ofestly about every aspect teenage pregnancy. the average is twice as high as the state. that is nothing new to these teenagers. >> last year there were a lot of teenage pregnancies. >> with the guidance of the alexandria campaign on pregnancy, the group called teen talks launched the campaign this weekend. make it happen, the teenagers themselves designed a logo on their shirts, passed out fliers and they even wrote and song atd an original the kickoff event. >> it is about preventing having sex. m i say it is about preventing from having unsafe sex.
5:42 pm
>> they know what the issue is. they know they want to help peers, as well as get community members to get the conversation reinvigorated. >> they are doing a good job so far. check out the ideas they come up with so far. holding a video conference in to raisea club awareness for teenage pregnancy prevention. thank you. coming up from a list of the best casual restaurants in the country as voted on by diners at themselves. >> i need a match. a bone marrow match. >> this girl is a fighter, and gets it from her parents. the light-sa
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we are falling more breaking in occupy wall street movement. we will show you a deal coming in streetsht years from mcphearson street. what lawmakers to take a stand against corporate greed.
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>> a local teenagers time in college has been cut short because she is been diagnosed with their rare form of cancer. she >> has been searching for hope in the form of a bone marrow donor. -->> she has been hopinsearchinr of a bonee form marrow donor. >> needs to find a bone marrow match soon to beat this. carla is glad to be back from the hospital, back with her family. she had long chestnut colored hair and was 18-years-old and they found a tumor last spring. she has nktz lymphoma, which is rare. she now needs a bone marrow transplant. family members match.
5:47 pm
>> if she does not get it, she be heard tomorrow. their mother and father did tours in iraq the afghanistan. they are waging this battle for a way for people to dope -- joined the donor registry. it is a simple step to be tested, to save a life. will have to have our own stem cells harvested if a match is not done within the next two weeks. that is riskier and a bigger of the cancer coming back. she wants to be a veterinarian, she wants aall chance. >> you can be a super hero despite getting swamped. i state it tested, because even it is not a match for me, there is someone out there you can save. there were >> be a bone marrow
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drive this saturday in fulton, you can also become a donor on line. kid in the mail free. swap the inside of your cheek and mail it back in. more information on all of this our web site. back to you. sweet news for the cheesecake factory. a national survey has made it america's favorite casual dining restaurants. is the second consecutive year. more than 4500 consumers took in the survey. they were asked which restaurant they prefer. the results were calculated of votes andnumber locations. texas roadhouse came in second, followed by the olive garden y.r jay s. manning with a fund raiser, and clear cracks dowairn speeders.
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>> one of these days someone will come speeding through here and -- >> ok. ok. hey, guys. "modern family" on at 9:00. a look ahead at what's coming up is 6:00 this evening. the protests are getting bigger and louder. we will have a look at how and why the anchor about wall street growing. see who is joining the demonstrations now. -- have a look at how and why anger about wall street is growing. that and more at 6:00. to go a lot of controversy a lot of people talking about about one. to go a lot of people talking about the weather, too.
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-- >> lot of people talking about the weather, too. >> outside it todatoday, is a gy to have your yacht out. temperatures still 74 degrees, even out at cumberland across western maryland. here is a great spot. and this is up looking at the beautiful shenandoah valley. a bit of color beginning to show up. couple of weeks away. is a great weekend coming up to head to far northern parts vermont, because it will be of there. so skylineek or .rive, look at the temperatures with the dry air. see the temperatures dipped into
5:51 pm
50's.w malraux once again beautiful sunshine. winds.sterly -- tomorrow once again beautiful sunshine. pattern continuing. this is a better pattern that we over the weekend. the weekend right now, temperatures in the high 70's to near 80 degrees. back to you. tim brant checking in. >> the rookie niles pall as beehas been charged 20,000 for e hit in the game. the redskins now know he will out have to you. he just has to bring the helmet bit lower. e speaking of the redskins, it has
5:52 pm
been well documented dan schneider has been researching new stadium sites. ownership of buttocks field the county in 15 years, and the redskins would be free to move. can you imagine a new state-of- art stadium? rfk's 50 anniversary celebration kicked off today. >> it is washington's other monument, rfk stadium. the memories have only gotten better with time. >> the former redskins defensive was one of the vips at that pa50th birthday party. >> the fans went crazy and were and everything else. it was a wonderful moment for the city and team.
5:53 pm
>> and there is perhaps the most iconic moment. captured by nfl films. at rfk 50,000 fans proved to be one big family. >> my wife sat in the same seat for 11 years and watch the around her get married, children, watched the children go. and >> it was also home to major is 50 baseball and still dc united.] >> so many people walk through here. everyone at the memory of this place. >> i was there for all of those events and still remember the d.c. championship game, which set the attendance record. d.c. championship game, which set the attendance record. >> sta
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harvest time at the white house. take of that is right.
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-- >> that is right. >> jennifer donna lynn was today's harvest. the food they harvest directly from the official white house next week'sll go to formal state dinner, and at a local soup kitchen. we're going to harvest and pull up vegetables. >> i think we are here to learn how to stay healthy. >> delivered by the first lady herself. >> do not just pick these for the white house. we are quite to eat these vegetables. -- going to eat these vegetables. >> president obama and a group students can pick vegetables in the white house lawn.
5:58 pm
>> what do you think about the first lady? >> was nice. >> jessica worked up the nerve her a question. i asked her if she wanted to sit us, and she said okay. >> i feasted on homemade vegetable pizza. -- they feasted on homemade vegetable pizza. >> i giver a her an 8 to her. >> like 10? >> she was talking too much when was picking vegetables. and [laughter] >> straight talk in politics. kids had a great time.
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>> that is all now for abc7 news at 5:00. coming up on a decent news for the job market. plus, stepping up their p protest against wall street. the recovering congress is coming back to town coming up now at 6:00. >> life, and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 on your side. -- live. is in members from the job market and democrats tweaking the plan for more jobs. reports >> they show expansion the service sector and private company payrolls. same time president obama continues to push for more jobs as senate democrats are touching up his plan. >>


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