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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> and a family divided after local grandmother is convicted her grandchild. >> 10 years later, today marks a u.s. went tothe in afghanistan. mixed emotions on progress in the battle zone. if good morning washington at begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's 5:00 a.m., good morning, washington. friday, october 7. i am natasha barrett. >> i am cynne simpson. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it's a little cooler than at this be warmings will day and through the weekend. the study's numbers. d.c., 45. 44 degrees in and warrenton.
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areas of patchy fog especially west of the metro area. 46 in hagerstown. prize in the low 70's today with sunshine. average high is 71. the weekend, 80 degrees. low 80's by sunday. morning temperatures on 50's. overnight construction barrels being put to bed. 66 eastbound had to exit on to loop, but that is changing. southbound 95 virginia 7100, an accident is gone. in maryland we have a live camera of the beltway at avenue and road and over to the boulevard, things are improving. 395 north of duke street in camera, looks ok, traffic is headed away from us. the growing unemployment
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rates and dissatisfaction among americans. if the labor department will the september employment report. analysts say it is likely to in a fifths. of no jobonth creation. unemployment rate is atected to remain unchanged 9.1%. those numbers are fuelling the allpy wall street movement across the nation. us of noten joins less d.c. this morning. >> good morning. frustration over the stagnant economy is spilling out into the streets. this is not a tea party movement. is like the liberal counterparts. the occupy wall street movement few protesters in of the new york stock exchange and has become like occupyre america, of spreading as far west as los angeles. they are protesting corporate profits forssive banks.l out it is a movement not embraced by many republicans. herman cain said the jobless
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blame wall street, and they should blame themselves. called thebama example of people upset that wall street does not always follow the rules. plan will be paid for through a tax on the wealthy, a tax cooper republicans greeted a tax that republicans have resisted. some blame both parties for attecting corporate interest of workers. reporting live with for abc 7 news, john hendren. back to you. >> thank you. these occupy protesters are cities all across the country. marched through new orleans.f they are denouncing corporate greed. in philadelphia, hundred city hall.utside 10 people were arrested during a rally outside a bank of america branch in los angeles. say they plan to keep
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up the rallies for months. today marks 10 years since the afghan war began. in the country say that the getting worse bear. many afghan people say they don't feel safe. with u.s. and nato forces find themselves targeted by the taliban. 1700 u.s. troops have died since 2001. president obama has said combat afghanistan will end by 2014. 35 years in prison. ahat is the sentence recommended -- a fairfax county jury recommended killingman convicted of granddaughter. her attorney said she was insane she threw the towel off a at tyson's corner mall. -- through the title. child.w the
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>> there are no winners in this case. young parents lost their grandmothernd a could and the rest of her life behind bars. when the guilty verdict was read, carmela dela rosa remained as her daughter and son- in-law wept in the courtroom. she wasense says she and tossed her off a walk way past november. >> i disagree with the verdict. >> the the jury agreed with grandmotherthat the murder to get back law, forgetting pregnant before were married. >> she did understand what she doing and if she did it for a really bad reason. we thought she needed to pay for that. parents victim's
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husband, everyone lost a piece of their part in the courtroom. -- their heart. >> this is deep and is forever. >> the jury recommended to be next 35 years. the judge can reduce the term increasegh he may not it. sentencing is scheduled for january in this case. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. following a developing story as d.c. police searched for a hit-and-run driver. in this casefamily after athat he died at 43 and webster in northwest d.c.. been identified as miguel --. one man and ran him over and not theyminivan after were arguing. for a 2003looking maryland seat liberty with most the front grille torn off.
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50 degrees on this friday morning. caught on tape. an autistic child kicked and on the school bus. the surprising person accused in the attack. >> new efforts to d biking and do
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time for a check on traffic and weather that we do every 10 minutes. off to a chilly start, but that's ok. it's friday. things are going to warm up. >> if the time of year when we more darkness than daylight. means colder temperatures of and an afternoon ton the -- up intoand today low 70's. a little foggy in piedmont, virginia. 0.8 mile visibility in culpeper time.s 51 in the district, 45 in winchester, 50 in quantico, warmer along the waterway, 49 in lexington park. going to warm up with
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sunshine quickly. air on thewarmer weekend, highs in the lower 80's by sunday. be very sunny, but not fall.y alike -- like fall. low 80's by columbus day. 66, 95, a green light. here comes the volume of traffic .tarting to wake-up is 270 southbound at shady grove road. nowautiful ride right to rockville pike eventually the american legion bridge and tysons. reporting for strains out on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 50 degrees. cracks coming up, sprinting to computer, customers may the applering smartphone today. >> are you headed out this weekend?
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the jury recommends a 35- for grandn sentence onher convicted of killing granddaughter. carmela dela rosa was found of throwing two year-old angelyn off a walkway at tysons last november. sentencing is set for january. hasamanda knox's family former boyfriend to visit them in the u.s. earlier this week she and the sollecito were cleared charges in connection murder of meredith kercher.
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wanted arizona congresswoman's gabrielle giffords made her second trip to d.c. since being shot in january. pictures of a whitece, attending retirement ceremony for astronaut and navy captain mark kelly. 7 is on your side with a this holiday alert weekend. today, metro will close stations for maintenance work. there's the occupy wall street protests. r going on asile as the taste of d.c. not a great weekend for this. are at the east falls church metro station. at 10:00 tonight morning,ntil tuesday be buses running between here and the west falls ofrch metro station instead of continued work on the dollar's real extension
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project. if you are using either of those at 30 minutes to your trip. tonight and10:00 running until tuesday morning. another heads up. three stations in the district will be closing this weekend. street, and columbia .eights if you are driving around town, quotienclosures. sections of pennsylvania avenue wallace and street through 13th street will be closed for d.c. that of the state starts tomorrow. and there's the army 10-mile race this weekend. for if you areut out this weekend. for more information, log on to our web site, brianne carter, abc 7 news. when permit county executive
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theleggett is asking $40ense department for brqacn complete -- brac-related construction projects. council tothe money forhe on route 355. he says what is not covered by uperal money could end taxpayers. county as a statue of former ronald reagan is for theheadaches airportstan washington authority. under fire fors spending $80,000, on-site work. spokesman says that the money leftover funds and itself is being paid by the reagan presidential foundation. the statue is expected to be unveiled november 1. the white house is taking steps to prevent another wikileaks. and teenagers could use some cybersecurity help. tanya rivero has more.
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sprint finally get the iphone. today its customers can and an older model. on limited data plans available for this. today issues new policies on cybersecurity. are designed to prevent year'ss like last release of hundreds of thousands documents by wikileaks. the executive order build upon stop cabral's put in place by the pentagon, state department, and the cia after last year's embarrassment. teenagers are especially vulnerable to online hacking. a poll finds. out of 10 teenagers and young accountsve had their hacked into. are pranks, a 46% were experience. the i am tanya rivero. time to check the weather and traffic.
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5:18. >> good morning, adam. >> you lose track of time in the and you will soon need your headlights to drive to work. it's that time of year. like it because it helps me sleep at 6:30 p.m. definitely cooler than yesterday time, but some areas of fog as well. some of the cold december as i could find. all that cold, but cool.onably woodbine, 40 degrees, 41 in , 42od, 42 and barnesville in leesburg. national, 44 at dulles, degrees at the waterways. otherwise in the 40's. airport, 39nicipal degrees. overhead with the
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of morning fog just west of the metro area. that will burn off quickly switchesfter sunrise 7:09. active weather in the upper midwest. we have a big rig in our temperatures. a big bump.e whenever you are under that, means nice weather. we will have a pleasant a strong high- pressure system in place, sunshine today all andway through the weekend columbus day it will be singleessed to find a cloud in the sky. despite a little morning fog, but sunshine. for the high temperature. calm wind through the weekend, mostly sunny skies. the army race at 8:00 a.m. morning but temperatures the go from the 50's into 60 posted throughout the race. pretty good running weather. i remember being above 90 thates in afternoon for
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run. next week on wednesday a chance of showers. caskey said not a cloud .n the sky it is almost like being in love. are we in love with traffic? yes. beautiful on interstate travel beltway traveled a starting up and make the trip 270 inthe beltway, along 95 sans 395, construction barrels being moved to the side for the most part. metro rail and looks good in the district. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 is the time, 49 degrees. party time in the bronx, but invited?ombers stick around for the series finale highlights. >> celebrating our love of pets.
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you'll meet my dog and we will tips. >> you have to brush your dog's teeth every day. by a producer brought a surprise all the way from florida. is six months old. >> extravaganza you don't want miss, 4:00 and abc 7.
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strikes out alex rodriquez. detroit tigers are headed to american league championship series. >> the tigers win and move on to face texas for the right to go to the world series. the national league match up decided tonight with the phillies asd the the diamondbacks and the brewers. >> tim brant as the rest of exports. >> good morning. tiger woods had high expectations in his first tournament. he missedayed since at the pga championship. if he was almost as inconsistent back then. was in california 1/7 of 14 fairways. he could not get anything going greens. struggled there all afternoon. tiger was up and down, inconsistent. tiger woods is six shots off the .ead >> i am just trying to get
5:26 am
competitive and win a golf tournament. i need to put together a good and get myself the tournament. >> , a state with high school go to a high- wi school football. mark green takes it. in montgomeryed county. have a great day. the chicago bears on the 1985-1986 season are one of the beloved team's of the nfl. they were deprived of the that super bowl champions always get. a whites never got house visit. shuttle challenger accident disrupted the timing of it all. those associated with famous team will meet the also aer in chief, was bears fan. .r. barack obama day for them.
5:27 am
>> that will be very cool. i love that barack obama made it priority to get his team baron to the white house. >> i had no idea. i loved that team, the super shuffle, all that. dad and i used to watch. 5:27, 49 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. another assault at a popular metro stop. police may have a serial attacker. >> the jury finds a fairfax grandmother guilty of murdering her granddaughter. coming up, how long they recommend sheets be locked up and how lawyers on both sides to a verdict. >> locked into a very pleasant weather pattern. start today. and the district, 39 in start today. and the district, 39 in fred
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's my money and i wanted now. >> predecessor, politics and protest. the target of all the here inion is right washington. good morning, washington. 5:30 on this friday, october 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. >> perfect weather today to the weekend. veryt's not going to be like in terms of the weekend,on near 80 degrees, low 80's by sunday. there is patchy fog right now especially west of the metro in of virginia. visibilitylso has half mile. has 1.3 miles.
5:31 am
51 degrees in the district, 45 winchester, 39 degrees in frederick, 46 in fredericksburg. cooler than yesterday morning. a former afternoon. it's that time of year. we will have a warm afternoon. 73 this afternoon and with wall- to-wall sun shines through the weekend with mornings starting the 50's. army 10-mile race on sunday at 8:00, temperatures in .he 50's sunshine through the weekend. there's a crash reported for on the beltway in maryland. first we'll go to the outer loop near 50, the john hanson highway. that's where the crash was reported. route 4, route 5, looking okay. no problems in baltimore, on 95 295. looks good on the beltway in 270 dead inounty,
5:32 am
yellow arrows out of frederick into my stomach. 66 and 95, heavy traffic forming manassas that and woodbrige. 395 and 66. 66.pened onto 395 and a shooting or stabbing your convenience store in temple hills. the is a live picture from scene. three people have been taken to the hospital. on the extent of what might lead to incident. police are still on the scene as you can see. we will have more details as they become available. a developing story. nationwide protests could wrap up after today's unemployment report. >> economists expect little or creation and for the unemployment rate to stay the d.c. and other cities people are staging marches, rallies, citizens to
5:33 am
protect corporate greed and economic inequality. call themselves the 99% struggling while the 1 percent profits. are in it until something change, until we can spark happend of to push legislation through. >> they have to hear us. >> demonstrators are targeting street and congress. have vowed to keep going until something is done. and you can see pictures of the protests in d.c. on our website another big story we are following this morning, a guilty and now a recommended sentence for the grandmother dropping her two- granddaughter to her death at tysons corner mall. jummy olabanji is in a satellite center with details. good morning. >> good morning. the jury convicted carmela dela of first-degree murder and a 35 year jail sentence. grandmother will officially when she is face by a judge in january.
5:34 am
when the verdict was read yesterday, the 50-year-old remains stoic. men and four women of the rejected the defense claim that dela rosa was spun insane when she threw the baby off the sidewalk at tyson's corner november.t jury sided with prosecutors argued that she was by anger patterson and offer getting her daughter wedlock.out of during sentencing, angelyn's to the standully the jury how difficult ordeal has been. the prosecutor asked the jury to rosa the maximum, which would of been like to present. backw know the jury came with 35 years, a sentence the judge denied increase, but likely will not decrease. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we are learning more about an autisticof on a school bus.
5:35 am
newly released surveillance year-old on a 12- special education costs. kilpatrick. the bus driver joins in on the fight against the boy. the boy's father is out of $20 million lawsuit now. prince george's county serial attacker's women near the suitland metro station. women have recently been a long silver eel road in suitland. suspect attacked the women on three separate .ccasions in two incidents a suspect with gun approached a woman. was sexually assaulted. a second bannister get away. -- managed to get away. in the third case, the gunman ordered a woman into a 711 to get cash from an atm. she stayed inside the store and was not hurt.
5:36 am
two army corps and denair others are ino morning, charged in bribery andion kickback scheme. argue they flight risks. all four accused of steering contracts in exchange for kickbacks to pay for houses, clothing, georgia, and airline tickets. authorities consider the case largestne of the federal contracting schemes ever. bicycle parked outside metro stations have become prime targets for thieves. metro starting work on a cyclists peace of mind. construction corps started this a $400,000 bike and ride facility. this one is at college park metro station. has surveillance cameras, secure access, and bright lighting. >> it gives you a reasonable expectation that your bicycle where you left it. that is a major barrier in biking to the metro.
5:37 am
>> this is a good area to see if workrks here than it could in other places. for a few since per our customers will be blocked a bicycle and a facility. if the program is successful, it the wholexpanded to system. 49 degrees. tackling ahead, traffic. we have a major alert for drivers and metro riders this weekend. >> a local newspaper launches an archive cataloguing the history of the d.c. community. >> first another check on of the d.c. community. >> first another check on traffic and weather
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air moves into town. clear skies overhead. there's no active weather around the the exception of of the if and parts upper midwest. have a big rig of high- pressure overhead. nothing but sunshine and calm wind. over the next several days. degrees in oxon hill and burke --50 degrees. crash on the outer loop at the john hanson highway. police on the scene. accident on 95 northbound in maryland on the ramp that would you to columbia/edessa, route 32. virginia there's volume on northbound 95 and eastbound 66. everything is open to get inside the beltway. clean as a bell is 95 traffic. heavy volume, so it's bound, an open all the way up to the pentagon. for metro rail, marc
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rail, or vre. . coming up, competitive eating in d.c. and ben's chili bowl have a perfect recipe. >> if you are headed out for events, what you need to know to navigate the roads and rails. details coming up in a live report. >> one health group makes a up in a live report. >> on[ male announcer ]es a at the saweway pharmacy you can get a flu shot from an experienced professional. we've given over 5 million flu shots over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy.
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that shoululd make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. second our top stories. there are expected to be more downtown d.c. in today. peopleay's thousands of in a protest. they are against corporate greed and economic inequality. were several scenes in other cities. president obama held a news conference to respond to those protests.
5:46 am
virginia grandmother will prison afters in guilty ofund her teen-year-old granddaughter also walk away at tysons corner center last year. carmela dela rosa's lawyers jury she wasince a insane. a health group is set to recommend that men not be prostate cancer. the u.s. preventive task force the blood test does more harm than good. prostate cancer foundation alled the recommendation tremendous mistake. drivers beware. it's going to be tough to get around d.c. now this weekend. metro will close three stations road closures due to all the big events. carter joins us to tell what spots to avoid if you want a smooth ride. good morning. >> good morning. there's a lot to navigate if you out this weekend. a lot going on as well. if at the east ballston metro
5:47 am
station starting at 10:00 tonight, buses will replace here and the west metro station as they continue the dulles extension rail projects. using the station, about 30 extradd to your trip throughout the weekend. and three stations in the district will close this weekend. -- shaw, u heightsand columbia metro station. section of pennsylvania avenue pennas well as portions of street through 13th street nw tonight will be closed for the taste of d.c. that kicks weekend, including the bowl eating competition. thousands ofy industries for the miler, which will have streets closed. more information, log on to
5:48 am, brianne carter, abc 7 news. 7 is on your side with if for appliances. this weekend is a great time to do it. virginiaax holiday in begins today and monday. the 5% tax will be suspended on star and other qualified product. they must cross $2,500 or less purchased forbe non-commercial use. several local colleges are running medical marijuana programs in maryland. the state health secretary says three institutions have expressed interest. group is putting together a toical marijuana proposal present to lawmakers. the proposal suggests academic allowed tos to certainmarijuana patients and monitor their use of the drug. the washington blade is toviding increased access
5:49 am
its photographs. the gay-rights movement back to its origin. they are organizing and ofitizing the archives 1969ographs dating back to when the paper was lost. the staff says there have been a fromf requests for access academics, researchers, and journalists. >> this was long before the and other papers paying attention. to findno where else these images. they can be accessed on that paper's website. the taste of d.c. is holding i-eatingt-ever chil contest. that is attracting some well- known competition. -- well-known competitiveness eaters. sonya thomas of alexandria, as the black widow. -- joey justnut
5:50 am
not plans to eat two gallons of .hili competitors will have six minutes to read as much as possible. see isat to 60 regular bowls chili. >> i will hold all my comments goingerything that is through my head. sinking what everyone else is thinking. let's talk weather. >> let's keep going, that's right. cool mornings and warm afternoon. will see that into the weekend. chili.e gallons of these are the coldest temperatures i could find. degrees in woodbine and in would -- inwood.
5:51 am
41 in rockville, 43 in stafford. frederick at the regional airport, 39 degrees. quantico, 50. 44 at dulles airport. ander this morning yesterday morning. darkness thanore get coolero you morning, but comfortable afternoons. you need a light jacket in the sleeves inen short the afternoon. areas of fog or divisibility especially west of the metro. as visibility at 0.3 miles. similar story in culpeper. this will burn all around 7:09.e, we will have a similar weather .attern this jet stream stretches into hudson bay. that's pulling the warm air from northport -- northward. 73 this afternoon.
5:52 am
by sunday afternoon, 10 degrees warmer than that. a very light and variable wind. wall-to-wall sunshine today weekend and even into columbus day. starts at 8:00er morning, the temperature is around 55 degrees when that starts. lower 80's by that afternoon. chance of rain by wednesday. good news. care of the crash on the ther loop marylanders near john hanson highway. newschopper 7 is looking at a vehicle off the road and into interstate northbound, the ramp that would take you want to 32. you can see the vehicle went off the exit ramp and into the trees. there was a quick response. a very common the exit ramp. will try to do a u-turn youhat was the direction
5:53 am
--ted to go toward an asset toward nsa. traffic getting away from us on nicely in a good stead. looks nice in germantown. this is a picture of virginia. looks decent. some people are trying to make money off steve jobs' death,. >> and it's all about jobs on wall street today. employment. linda bell has the latest. >> good morning. in a few hours we get the report from the labor department. be interested in open and get a bat. says online.demand is still holding strong. doing hiring is well, typical for .his time of year administration continues lagging. t-mobile may suffer as the
5:54 am
to stopdepartment tries from acquiring the company. the fourth largest wireless will see customers drop .he service some people looking to benefit of steve jobs.g are several online domain names on the bay related to its debts up for sale such as a tribute that's $1 million. steve jobs doll and $99. and the turtleneck shirts that also being sold. live at bloomberg headquarters york reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. steve jobs becoming a style icon. 49 degrees. >> you are watching "good 49 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washingto
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but in our roomy suites, you can spread out and live a little. with breakfast, dinner, and drinks included, you'll feel right at home. ♪ la la-la-la-la la la la ♪ there's lots more still to come in the next hour. already time to the holidayng about travel plans. tickets will cost more. are some ways to save. >> the jury finds a fairfax murderingr guilty of her granddaughter. how long they up andnds to be locked both sides arem reacting to the verdict. coming back tos
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help you navigate your friday morning commute.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. ahead, two big breaking stories. one person shot and


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