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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine. good morning, washington. approaching 5:00 on this monday, october 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden on the traffic on this holiday columbus day but restart with adam caskey. people have no excuses today to get outside. >> you will miss an opportunity. another day of sunshine. we have not seen sunshine like this since last november. no clouds in the sky since last november 10. there are some high, thin clouds over and this morning. overall, mostly sunny today, far more sunshine than cloud cover still with high-pressure in place. p-51 in olney -- 51 degrees in
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olney. highs near atv this afternoon, relatively mild considering the average high is 70. tomorrow we will transition. increasing clouds and slight chance of late-day showers south of the metro area tomorrow. in the 70's. a good shot of rainfall on wednesday. how is the commute? >> quiet is of our. we are good south into richmond, north into baltimore, and to the airport and into the district. clear on 95. in good shape is 66, the greenway, the toll road, and 270. our top story this morning no end in sight for the economic protests. dozens of demonstrators are still camped out all across the country but there permit to protest ends today.
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>> some say, they are not going anywhere. jummy olabanji has more about tensions growing as protests keeps spreading. >> at freedom plaza the protesters are still here. the intensity is still behind us even though the permit expires today. for the past couple days they have had a peaceful protests all around city, but things got a little aggressive on the weekend and some protesters tried to get inside air and space museum. this youtube video shows exactly what protest officials say they did not want damp and cool, a woman on the ground after security guards had to pepper sprayed several people. this morning a permit problems could cause problems as freedom plaza. several dozen protesters have
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set up shop in a tent city. park police say it's time for the protesters to leave, but many said they are not leaving. >> this is a movement and a cause that is worth the risk. >> there were a handful rasps = -- there were handled arrests this weekend. similar marches are planned today against corporate greed. many of the people here this morning. the same -- many of the people here this morning say that they feel the same, but they are willing to get arrested. they are planning to march to the u.s. capitol later. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. the occupy wall street protests continuing to spread. the protests have taken place in about 250 u.s. cities.
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house majority leader eric cantor is one of the politicians points and concern over the movement -- voicing concern. craig stammen this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against americans reject som-- >> some in this town have condoned. shaw street, u street, and columbia heights metro stations are closed. between mount vernon square and georgia avenue, there will be shuttle buses. normal operations resume tomorrow. at the christopher columbus statue in front of union station this morning everyone will be laid. the federal level and will be closed today for columbus day.
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in d.c. there will be no trash collection or parking meter enforcement. why it's under way in egypt, believed to be the deadliest clashes since hosni mubarak fell from power in february. 24 people died yesterday in cairo. after recent rash of tourist attacks, many christians are angry with a lenient response from the country knows the military council. it's been nearly zero weeks and the 10-month-old baby disappeared in missouri. neighbors held a candlelight vigil last night for lisa irwin intends visiting. the girl's parents say that she vanished in the middle of the night. investigators say the parents had stopped cooperating with police. the mother said police told her that she failed a polygraph test. a medical examiner's report today could said new light on a grisly crime in montgomery county. >> police found the bodies of a man and woman in a home in the
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5400 block of westbard avenue in bethesda. the victims of an apparent murder-suicide. the philip stewart is live at one gallia county police headquarters with the latest. >> good morning. police in an accounting trying to determine what a letter this apparent murder-suicide that you mentioned. it happened in a quiet bethesda neighborhood. 38-year-old martin o'toole and 35-year-old tracy vu were found in his 12th-floor apartment of river road. a couple was discovered saturday by concerns family member who had not read from martin o'toole in several days. the woman lived with her parents in silver spring and attended church regularly and sang in the church choir. the couple attended services as recently as last weekend. this morning police are not releasing any details. if it is not clear how they died but police have told us that they recovered two handguns from that apartment. we expect to learn more
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information today. live in montgomery county philip stewart, abc 7 news. 5:06 on this monday morning. >> still ahead religious tolerance on the campaign trail. why faith is the latest hot button issue. >> pushing recess on the oprah winfrey network. how she hopes to savor struggling new channel. >> all good things come to an end. how much
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welcome back. five minutes after 9:00 on this monday morning. time for traffic and weather. 5:09. >> we still have a lot of adjusting after the weekend. >> react to get moving and get aipac and your staff -- get a jump in yourt step. there are some clouds that is
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what we will have about the day some high clouds mostly sunshine. 48 degrees incumbent, 56 in quantico. near 80 degrees this afternoon. a lot of sunshine with high thin clouds. increasing clouds tomorrow. slight chance of late-day showers especially south of the metro tomorrow. better chance of widespread rain on wednesday. traffic moving nicely. no troubles around the beltway. hov restrictions are lifted for everyone except 50 in maryland. that never changes. in maryland, is things are moving nicely. overnight construction put to bed for the most part. things are clear not only in maryland but also on the virginia side of town. this is springfield. looks good in the george
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washington parkway camera north of reagan national airport. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11 right now, 56 degrees. >> coming up, unfinished business. as the peak at what steve jobs had up his sleeve before the died. >> first, an appetite or stomach ache. the first ever guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. looking at our top stories, occupy wall street protests will continue today from new york city to washington. protesters are taking a stand against greed and corporate -- agreed in corporate america. a murder-suicide under investigation in bethesda. the bodies of a man and woman were found inside an apartment on westbard avenue on saturday. the victims have been identified as 38-year-old martin o'toole
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and 35-year-old tracy vu. encoding accident off the florida keys has killed one woman. four people including a girl survived by treading water 20 hours. president obama plans to visit wounded war veterans today. this afternoon the president will stop by the walter reed military center in bethesda. the president made a similar trip in june. no word on how many service members the president plans to meet with today. his jobs bill is expected to get its first real test tomorrow. that is when the senate plans to hold a test vote on the $447 billion measure. the bill would cut payroll taxes, extend unemployment benefits, and give tax credits to certain businesses. the chairman of the house oversight committee could send subpoenas to the obama administration as soon as this week. representative darrell issa of california suggests officials knew about the fast and furious
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mexican gun trafficking operation in earlier than has been acknowledged. in 2009 the 80th reportedly allowed the -- the atf purportedly allowed to intermediates to buy weapons. hopes of an on-time start to the nba basketball season are fading fast. theythe commissioner says the first two weeks of the regular- season will be canceled if they do not reach a deal today. today is the final day of the taste of d.c. yesterday's highlight was the chili-eating contest. >> eat. >> i cannot even what this. joey chestnut has won the
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competition, eating two gallons of ben's chili bowl chili in 6 minutes. it takes place along pennsylvania avenue would west between 10th street and 14th street 10:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. today. 30,000 runners took part in yesterday oppose the army 10- miler. the race started in arlington and cross the memorial bridge to the national mall, and back to the pentagon. registration fees will benefit soldiers and soldier family programs. there's no stopping demand for the iphone 4. and there's a sneak peek at what steve jobs left behind. rob nelson has more. >> if at&t says the iphone 4s has enjoyed the most successful iphone launch ever. apple's website says reorders sold out 24 hours after they
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began friday morning. customers can get one this friday if they don't mind waiting in line at an apple stores. more avenues, apple founder steve jobs left behind plans for several generations of his most popular devices. iphone, ipad ipod, and netboodk. -- netbook. sony pictures bought the film rights to his upcoming biography. there's a new line of portable tv sets. each of them is very thin and light weight and designed to be installed anywhere. the sharp television sets were unveiled in japan last week. there's no word on when they will be available in the u.s. open winfrey is open a fresh start will help her struggling network. her channel will launch with a today, including one of her former daytime competitors. "rosie" will lead into zero
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propose the prime-time program in the same space where the oprah show was recorded until it ended its 25-year run back in may. we will see how rosie o'donnell does the second time around. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. did you get out this weekend? >> of course it was beautiful. it's rare that we don't have any clouds in the sky. >> it's wonderful. >> we deserve this. we could probably use a few showers by the middle of the weekend we will get some. >> are we in a drought? >> when you have days and days of sunshine and mild temperatures, it starts to dry out the soil. a little rain coming on wednesday. >> nothing wrong with that. >> take a look at the high, thin
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clouds overhead. from the south to the north, you can see them on the satellite picture, the dark gray. mostly sunny today with a few high, thin clouds. notice the stream of moisture coming in from the tropics. some showers developing in the southeastern part of florida. that is an area of low pressure continuing to develop that will push northward as our high pressure system will slide east word. that will move out of here and will open the door for the low to move into town and that will bring us showers may be late tomorrow, but especially wednesday. rolling into tomorrow, and increasing clouds and we will have its chance of isolated showers. our chances man is out of the metro play tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. on wednesday all of us will get at least a little rainfall with some locations up to overdependence. a 58 right now in the district
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40's in martinsburg. 65 in lexington park. mostly sunny at 80 degrees this afternoon. a little cooler tomorrow with an increasing clouds. wednesday will be the rainiest day of the week. traffic this morning is nice. around the beltway, interstate travel. we will show you on the way to the pentagon. hov restrictions lifted in virginia today. this is 395, looks quiet period leading the beltway, through landmark to king street, beyond to the pentagon, and then across the 14th street bridge looking good. looks good in rosslyn and headed across the roosevelt bridge. looks good on the memorial bridge and in georgetown. of overnight construction at university boulevard is gone. a nice drive getting to the beltway out of colombia in silicon silver spring on 29. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 56 degrees.
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craig stammen up next, professional high and personal low. it was the best of days as well as the words for michael vick. >> on my next show, an investigation into black-market baby spirits from the worst cases of greed and deception. human embryos created in laboratories overseas by people looking to make money. how much money have you given the lawyers? >> i had only given them 100 and thousand dollars and that was not a whole amount. >> and syrups as pawn. >> today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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pharmacy you can get your flu shot. and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. and the swing and a drive to right-center. taking the lead are the brewers. >> will walk exploded for six runs in the vicinity overtakes a lewis and they hold onto the win. game two is this evening. >> in the american league, texas will play detroit this afternoon in texas and the rangers are leading the series. >> now to america's passion. aaron rodgers continues to make the case that he is the best quarterback in the nfl. >> from the 30-yard line.
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it is caught by jones. >> greenwise signal caller was 26 of 39. they beat atlanta and 25-14. there is good news for philadelphia quarterback michael vick. he ran his way into the nfl record books yesterday. he passed randall cunningham as the all-time leader in rushing yards in the league. but he was terrible going the ball. a career high four time. the eagles fell to buffalo 31- 24. >> stadiums around the league observed a moment of silence to remember oakland raiders owner al davis, who passed away on the weekend. the raiders honored him in a way probably would've wanted most, they won the game against houston. 54 degrees.
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the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30. >> it was a crazy day for golf superstar tiger woods. >> and a permit the problem could force hundreds of protesters to pack up their makeshift tents in the district. and jummy olabanji at 3 plaza. full story coming up. >> in the belfort furniture weather center, tracking a shift in the weather pattern. if we will see some changes soon. first, 5
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. don > i think this is a movement
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and a cause that is worth the risk. >> retina, a weekend the wall street protests in washington. so far, there's no end in sight for demonstrations. good morning, washington. about 5:30 on this monday, october 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. tap the columbus day. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check the roads in a few minutes, but we start with adam caskey. if it was a gorgeous weekend. >> it has been a beautiful stretch of weather. today it will continue into today. however you will notice a little extra cloud cover. still mostly sunny. clouds moving from the south to the north. tomorrow we will notice a shift in the weather parents. that will lead to areas of rain tomorrow night especially into wednesday. let's focus on today. 48 incumbent 48 in walkersville, 59 in northwest d.c., to 51 in waldorf, in a
5:31 am
fairfax. sunshine, 80 degrees this afternoon. a mile day considering the average high is 70. slight chance a late-day showers tomorrow south of the metro area. good chance of widespread rain on wednesday. it's a smoker for the middle of the week. >>-- a soaker. policy would be can find on the highway. we will do it together. 270 edsall road is moving nicely. no worries, are 95 or 66. if east on 66 after 123 they did some overnight construction, but that has been moved. we're moving nicely on 95 between richmond and baltimore travel times in our favor. back to you. >> thank you. 5:31. our top story this monday morning, after a weekend of demonstrations, protesters camped out in d.c. say they are not going anywhere.
5:32 am
there permit expires in a few hours. >> protesters came to d.c. from all over the country with the anti-war and other messages. jummy olabanji as the latest developments from a freedom plaza. >> promedica, was issued by the national park service. it does expire in a few hours -- the permits that you mentioned -- the permit was issued by the national park service. on the weekend things got a little aggressive as some protesters tried to protest a drone demonstration at the air and space museum. by security guards when some of them tried to bomb rusheget pas tt
5:33 am
the guards at the museum. the protestors are planning to stay here even though the permit does expire. we spoke with the man this morning and said they were here to occupy the park even if it means getting arrested. a lot of them say they believe this movement is worth getting arrested over. a lot of the folks this morning say they don't plan to go anywhere. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. the occupy movement has proposed to portland. protesters were demonstra ting and some were arrested. house majority leader eric cantor has called the mobs. but nancy pelosi says that he did not speak out when there were tea party protests of this kind. settle buses are being
5:34 am
operated between mount vernon square and georgia avenue stations. normal operations will resume tomorrow morning. a wreath laying ceremony will be held on this columbus day at 11:00 this morning at the christopher columbus data, which is in front of union station. the program will be closed today. ntc there will be no trash collection or parking meter enforcement. breaking news from egypt. riots are under way, believed to be the deadliest since president hosni mubarak fell from power in the february. people died in cairo after a recent rash of the surtax. many christians are angry with what they see as a minute response pillich -- from the country's military council -- a lenient response from the country's military council. little lisa irwin's parents
5:35 am
say that she vanished in the middle of the night, but investigators say that the parents had stopped cooperating with police. and the baby's mother said that she failed a polygraph test. a medical examiner's report could reveal new details about an apparent murder-suicide. >> the bodies of a man and woman were found a weekend in an apartment in the 5400 block of westbard avenue in bethesda. philip stewart is live at montgomery county police headquarters in joining us with details. >> police in montgomery county trying to determine exactly what led to this violent crime in a normally quiet and family friendly community. >> i am so sorry about her. >> friends and family mourning the loss of 35-tracy vu yeartracyv -- a 35-year-old tracy vu
5:36 am
found dead in the apartment of martin o'toole dead as well. >> you don't expect this kind of thing. >> police found two handguns after family member was concerned. >> one party did leave a note behind. >> dozens from the vietnamese american community came to pay their respects on sunday. >> by tests on her last sunday. she was too young. -- i just saw her last sunday. >> the investigation is ongoing and they are awaiting the medical examiner's report that will be out later today. philip stewart, abc 7 news. >> we will bring the latest ones the report is released. 56 degrees. >> still ahead why religion
5:37 am
could take center stage at tomorrow night's gop presidential debate. >> talk about a distraction for tiger woods. one fan was arrested at the tournament. >> we
5:38 am
5:39 am
, and franklin kelly. the national gallery of art has
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the greatest collection of original light sculptures by edgar degas, including his most famous "the little dancer, age 14." come down to see her. good morning washington. it's monday morning. we have some high, thin clouds overhead. a few clouds in the sky. in a big increase in the clouds tomorrow as the weather pattern starts to shift. rain chances by the military. the light gray color is the high, thin clouds cover cover. 46 at frederick, 58 in the district, 50 at dulles. 59 in annapolis and 56 in quantico? to start the day. while this afternoon. near 80 degrees. that is 10 degrees above average for this time of year. still some high, thin clouds. better chance of rain on wednesday.
5:41 am
some areas will receive over an inch. traffic is great. uncomplicated to reports in maryland or the district or virginia. hov is lifted for everyone except 50, the john hanson highway. don't forget reversible lanes two way traffic through rock creek park and along beach drive, clara barton parkway, and canal drive. things do change on a holiday. no troubles in maryland. this is a live picture on 270 at the lane divide or the beltway. back inside. 5:41, 56 degrees. >> coming up, paul mccartney gets married for the third time. >>
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welcome back. let's look at our top stories this monday. occupy wall street protests will continue today in new york and in washington. protesters say they are taking a stand against gregreed in corporate america. murder-suicide in bethesda. on saturday the bodies of 38- year-old martin o'toole and 35- year-old tracy vu were found in an apartment. the famous chicago marathon has ended in tragedy. a 35-year notes sold firefighter collapsed and died as he was about to plead the 26-mile race -- a 35-year-old firefighter collapse. republicans and religion. a preacher with ties to another candidate has called mitt romney's mormon faith a cult. >> john hendren is live in a request with the latest. good morning.
5:46 am
>> good morning. it has come to this. one supporter of rick perry is using mitt romney's religion against him saying something that is used only whispered on the gop presidential campaign. the m-word is out in the open now. >> mormonism is a cult. >> pastor robert jeffress endorsed texas governor rick perry before a crowd of religious conservatives. he described jon huntsman and mitt romney as members of a cult. mitt romney saw to rise above religion. it's a problem for some among the gop faithful. rick perry has been explicit in saying that that religion is not a cult, abut many of his
5:47 am
supporters are not convinced. john f. kennedy had a similar problem when he saw to become the first catholic president. the senate is expected to hold a key test vote on president obama's jobs bill. of the $450 billion bill will cut payroll taxes extend unemployment benefits, and give tax credits to some businesses. even if it survives the senate, it faces a tough battle in the house. the contract negotiations will begin this spring between d.c. public school officials and unions representing teachers. the washington examiner reports the evaluation tool known as impact could be a sticking point in the talks. under impact, as much as 50% of the teachers ratings are tied to a student test scores. gas prices are continuing to go down.
5:48 am
aaa has reported the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.40. that is down 26 cents in just a month. d.c. at the average price of its $3.48. in maryland, $3.32. in virginia, $3.25. if you still want to check out the taste of d.c., today is your last chance. >> with one hand only, eat. >> you don't have to do this. this happened yesterday, the chili-eating contest. chestnut won. \ it's from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight on pennsylvania avenue nw betweenn 10th street and 14th street. tiger woods could not win the golf tournament on the weekend. >> bodies getting the headlines
5:49 am
after a bizarre incident yesterday. we do not have video because the pga decided not to show it. a man in the gallery called tiger woods' name and then through a hot dog at the golfer. >> the gallery started getting into the commotion and i could hear security behind me. when i looked up, the hot dog was already in the air. >> needless to say, the 31-year- old man was arrested. >> that is not nice. >> that is not good. what is good is the weather. it has been so beautiful. >> the taste of d.c. is going to be beautiful. >> today will be perfect, an extension of the weekend. then we have some changes. this cannot last forever. we don't want it to. >> i do.
5:50 am
>> then we turn into a desert. there's going to be some rain on wednesday. until then, beautiful. we have some high, thin clouds over a period of a few clouds in the sky throughout the day today. moving from the south to the north in response to an area of low pressure in florida. there is the low pressure system pulling moisture into the tropics, off the ocean and all the way up to the mid-atlantic but we still have high pressure over head. that's giving us one last beautiful day. however, we will have the low pushing into the heart of our area giving us quite a transition in the weather pattern. fears the futurecast, which shows a lot of sunshine today. we will have high, thin clouds overhead. tomorrow, increasing clouds the route the day, morning sunshine, becoming cloudy by the afternoon.
5:51 am
slight chance of a few isolated showers mainly south of the metro area. that's tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. into wednesday widespread rain and there could be a few embedded downpours. over an inch of rain is possible in some locations. 58 in the district now, to 55 in lexington park. sunshine, near 80 degrees this afternoon. a little cooler tomorrow, mid to low-- middle 70's. raining on wednesday into thursday. clearing on the weekend. 66 and 95 looking good. hov is lifted not only on 66 and 395 as well as the dulles toll road and 270. 50/john hanson highway they never change anything on there. a reminder, a two-way traffic on reversible lanes. once the overhead signs
5:52 am
indicating what happens on a holiday. not much happening on the roads on this holiday. this camera shows it's clean on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:51. there's good news and bad news on what will cost more and what will cost less. >> linda bell explains from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. if you are looking to buy a car used cars are getting cheaper. that is good news. prices hit record highs in may because of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the disasters disrupted automobile production, causing a surge in demand for used vehicles. demand is back up since then and prices are easing. that's according to the latest index. price at the pump are on the decline. the latest lundberg survey says the average price for regular has fallen 12 cents in the past weeks, $3.42 a gallon. in d.c., gas prices are at $3
5:53 am
dissents. now the bad news. you may have to pay more for health insurance. many large companies are passing on rising costs of health insurance to employees in the form of higher deductibles can and co-payments. you may also have to pay more for dependent coverage or even surcharges on spouses when they use your health care coverage when they have the benefit from their own job. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 56 degrees.
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♪ don't blame it on the sunshine moonlight good times blame it on the boogie ♪ >> tens of thousands of fans packed the stadium in wales on the weekend for a tribute concert to michael jackson. cee lo green and christina aguilera or on hand. some of? and's relatives as well. latoya jackson. absent were janet jackson the band and jermaine jackson and randy jackson. they opposed the concert coinciding with the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's dr. conrad murray. speaking of music, good the third time be the charm for sir paul mccartney? >> on sunday the singer tied the knot once again. >> thank you.
5:57 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> he married an american heiress named nancy at london's city hall. if that's the same building where he tied the knot with his first wife linda in 1969. hundreds turned out to see the ceremony including his former band mate during co-star and abc news' barbara walters. >> for the third time. there's lots more ahead in the next hour. >> coming up, george clooney versus hue jackson. -- hugh jackmon. >> and a murder-
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coming up, worldwide rage the wall street protests go global. >> a man and a woman found dead inside a montgomery county home. police are looking for answers. >> good morning washington continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning washington, 6:00 on this monday, october 10, columbus day. >> it


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