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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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arbabsiar are set it up who on knowingly hired -- unknowningly hired an informant. >> whether it should be indoors or outdoors, a bomb or other wines -- or otherwise. they also discussed explosive devices. they agreed it would happen at his favorite d.c. restaurant and soon arbabsiar told the informant they want that guy gone. if the hundreds go with them, [bleep [] them. investigators say this was just beginning and other attacks would follow. new sources say the news target, the saudi c and and
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isreali embassies. arbabsiar has confessed. the other suspect, and gholam shakuri, is at large. they are saying this is nothing but a child story to distract from the u.s.'s on domestic problems. >> not everyone thinks this is a child's tail. security is tight at the saudi arabian embassy right now where chris van cleve is live tonight. word is spreading quickly about the intended target. >> it surprised a lot of people. let me give you what we just received in a statement. "the attempted plot is a despicable violation of international standards and
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conventions and is not in accord with the standards of humanity." just looking at the building, we do not see any visible changes in security, but we have seen some fbi agents come and go. inside, we understand to be a very secure facility. the people coming in and out admitted that it was shocking news. >> thank god that everything was uncovered before any damage was done. >> i come here every day, so i am concerned. to find out something like this was getting ready to go on? it makes you scared to go to work. >> we have also received a statement from d.c. mayor graham says he is grateful that the law enforcement agencies have stopped this plot and added that he has been fully briefed and updated on this since july. clearly they were aware of this for the last couple of months and people are still learning
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about it. live in washington abc7 news. hillary clinton says the u.s. is preparing new penalties against iran because of the plot. they are thinking mexico for getting rid of the plot that has been under way since spring. more details coming up on abc7 news at 6 and the other big story is a horrible scene outside a target in lanham. another woman walked up and stabbed her. tonight, please are trying to figure out if this was a random attack. pamela brown is live from martin luther king jr. high way. what can you tell us? >> authorities believe this was a random attack, but everything is under investigation. the target opened back up and it is business as usual.
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earlier today, this was the scene of a gruesome crime. authorities say a female shopper walking out of this target was stabbed in the neck. >> we walked up and we could not go in there. all i saw was a chair with a lot of blood. >> and off duty police officer was immediately alerted. they gave a description of the female attacker which led police to this home depot. when they discovered the suspect in the parking lot she pulled out two pairs of knives taped together. >> she showed it to them as evidence. >> this issue would not put the weapons ban and was being uncooperative. that followed her until an officer with a taser arrived on the screen -- scene. >> there were able to deploy the taser. "shoppers are now left wondering
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why the attack happened. >> we do not know, but maybe next time. >> when you hear stories like this you think it would not be two women. >> she says the incident has put her on high alert. >> i am scared and nervous to shop here anymore. anything can happen. >> authorities are looking at video from this surveillance camera right outside this target and they are talking to witnesses trying to piece together exactly what happened. the victim is still in the hospital in stable condition. pamela brown, abc7 news. a metro bus rider is under attack accused of a brazen attack on a bus driver. he stabbed the driver near the wii and metro station. he was stabbed during a fight with a passenger. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening
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injuries and he is charged with first and second degree assault as well as possession of marijuana. let's switch gears to talk about the weather because we are on storm watch tonight. >> the clouds just took over today. steve rudin is tracking at from the weather center. yesterday's weather giving way to clouds and the clouds will continue to thicken up moving into the overnight hours. tomorrow, it appears to be a wash. a temperature-wise, not so bad. 70 degrees is near average. mid 60's in winchester, 64 petersburg. beclouds arrived earlier today and now widespread showers and rain will arrive later on tonight, just in time the morning rush hour commute tomorrow. tomorrow, temperatures in the 60's and wind out of the northeast. what can we expect in the seven-
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day outlook? coming up in a few minutes. women who walked near the suitland metro stop are relieved after police claim they have caught a sexual assault suspect. the man is responsible for at least two assaults. altria got three is live with the details. -- autria godfrey is live. >> police believe they do have the man responsible. they have linked him to two armed robberies and sexual assaults. they're working to determine if he is responsible for another that happened three days before his arrest. they believe it will help to bring a rash of insults to an end, but he is tied to at least two of the incidents. >> it is ridiculous and i'm appalled. at least they caught the guy. >> to lead james fleming of district heights, maryland, has
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been charged with armed robbery and sexual assaults stemming from two separate instances. the female victim was walking along silver hill road to the suitland metro station. in one case, the victim was become in the other rate. but appeared to be crimes of opportunity. >> it was very early in the morning, dark out, and they were walking by themselves. >> please say it is possible he could be connected to a robbery at a 711 and another sexual assault last week. suitland metro riders say they will continue to keep their guard up >> i take the train early in the morning. it is good they finally got somebody. >> to look fleming has a lengthy criminal record with multiple handgun arrest and an
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indictment for first-degree murder. live in suitland autria godf rey. protests today ending in arrest at freedom plaza. we have been watching them for a few days now. suzanne? >> most of the activity has been here at freedom plaza or over toward the white house. today, the intent was to take over a congressional office building with the hope that their message would be heard. >> the people, united, will never be defeated. >> and the-war protesters stopped to stage a midday demonstration at the atrium in the heart of the senate office building. >> we need to bring them home. people are hurting right here in america. >> i feel like i am in a city without a heart. but they did not seem to realize what is going on in the rest of the country.
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>> six people arrested as they attempted to take over the building that has offices for members of congress. retired dayton, ohio, police officers as they should be spending money to help the economy not to fight a war. >> the majority of the people in this country do not want more. they want jobs, health care. they are not listening because they do not work for us anywhere. >> he worries about the future holds for his children and came here from vermont to send a message. >> we can do it. we have all this potential and we are just wasting it. our representatives have been bought by corporate interests. >> the permit for this group to remain here and freedom plaza has expired. they have been told by the national parks service that they must reapply in order to stay here. paperwork for know, the group camping gear right now says they
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plan to stay. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy abc7 news. >> nationwide, tensions are flaring during another day of protests. take a look. this is outside tends city in downtown boston. six people were arrested after not listening to warnings to leave the area. protesters in new york marched two by two past some of the homes of new york city's wealthiest residents. coming up, amp a two-year- old maryland boy is taken off of light support. >> and americans stranded at the south pole? what she is doing there and why she has to get out now. >> i am about to tear up right now as we speak. >> tear-jerking alert.
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after being away for almost two years to present his daughter a school. >> the dr. conrad murray trial is back
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learning new details to land at the hours immediately following michael jackson's death. the man on trial, dr. conrad murray resumes today. >> the police played a two-hour tape explaining how he broke the news of his death to his family and children. paris was inconsolable. >> i will wake up in the morning and i will not be able to see my daddy. >> he kept suggesting that someone else was involved in dr. jackson's care. he wants president obama to see the damage for himself. fema denied any help. the earthquake cost $15 million in damage and about 1000 homes.
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in the letter, gov. mcdonald invite him to tour it personally during his visit next week. we got a rare glimpse between the commander in chief and a wounded warrior. he delivered a purple heart yesterday at walter reed. the 22-year-old lost parts of both legs, several fingers when an ied will up back in august. this is their rare look inside this ceremony and family posted the video on youtube. speaking of a car for a moment, here is another. if florida elementary school helped an army sergeant create the perfect surprise for his little girl. the boca raton elementary school held a spelling bee. he asked her to spell the word sgt. look at this. moments later, hard data -- her dad makes an entrance.
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this is him hugging her for the first time since last christmas. >> i think everyone's so much -- i thank everyone. [laughter] >> he is only home for the next few days on a leave, but for this family, all that matters is right now. >> just beautiful. anyone out there with a child cannot look at that and not get it. leading into weather and you are wiping your eyes. >> can you top that? >> but he is going to give us something to cry about. we have had a stretch of really dry days and sunshine. here is a look at what is going on in chesapeake beach, md.
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the clubs will stick around them probably will leave the area until at least thursday, so a good 24-36 hours of cloudy skies with showers developing later tonight. 70 degrees is the current temperature reagan national airport. the do. levels are into the 60's. -- the dew point levels into the 60's. mid 60's winchester. fredericksburg, 72 degrees. cloud cover kept our temperatures cooler for today but where the sun is shining temperatures well into the mid 70's in chicago detroit indianapolis. tomorrow appears to be even cooler than today. dew points to the west cooling out. 9 degrees cooler to the cloud
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cover will have an impact. this is the reason why. this area of low pressure will slowly move off north, northeast during the overnight hours tomorrow. it is scattered showers across central virginia and and a lot of this is not even reaching the ground yet. this will be just in time for rush-hour tomorrow morning. here is the 48-hour futurecast. scattered showers becoming a little bit more widespread and then pick up in intensity going to the daytime hours, and they appear to stick around for the day on thursday, but limited to about 30%-40% chance. by friday, the skies will start to clear and the sun will shine with a beautiful weekend forecast on the way. here is the forecast for tonight. cloudy skies cool with temperatures into the mid 50's. rain will develop after
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midnight then tomorrow, it appears to be a washout. rain heavy to the west of the d.c. with daytime highs only in the 60's. we may see some strong guard costs which will make the temperatures feel more like mid to upper 50's, so a bit of a wind chill tomorrow. improving temperatures thursday and friday into the mid 70's. once we get a shower and ran out of here, a beautiful week ahead. daytime highs around 70-75 degrees on saturday and sunday. check out the daily iwonder on country music fans, listen not. this week's facebook giveaway is just for you. a vip trip for two to the country music awards. to sign up.
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it includes airfare for two hotel for the star-studded awards. we will announce the winner friday at 5:00. hi cancer survivor was able to raise thousands of dollars and who he donated it to today. >> he weighs more than 200 pounds and he could be yours. i am ben is the with that story next. >> a local com
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a hagerstown person is in jail. >> logan sellers family decided to discontinue life support. police have now charged someone in this case. >> it is the boys' mothers boyfriend. this is the hagerstown city park, the place where he would come to play, the dickies and docks, and it has become a gathering point for a community that is absolutely outraged by what has happened and is trying to show was much love and support as they possibly can. late this afternoon tina and her daughter released three green balloons and then fought back tears. the balloons are for 2-year-old
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boy, logan sellers, who was removed from life-support and died yesterday. a family friend said he loved balloons. >> i want them to reach heaven. >> the death of sellars has outraged people in hagerstown and beyond. his home is plastered with the notes and balloons with a candlelight vigil around this pond drawing more than 100 people. it facebook page has messages from around the world. she lived across the street from logan and says everyone feels the same emotions. >> a little rage, a lot of grief. >> i hate the thought of how this guy could do this to this innocent baby. it is so, so heartbreaking. i hated. >> brian miller is the one charged in the death.
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he admitted to police that he threw the 2-year-old down for trashing your room last week. he is charged with child abuse but will likely be charged with murder. >> everybody said he is a good guy. he was an animal. >> mr. miller remains locked up and bond has increased today from $500,000 up to $750,000. while he is now charged with child abuse, it is very likely that he will be facing much more serious charges in the very near future. brad bell, abc7 news. coming up, celebrating breast cancer survivors. see how chris cooley helps. >> spotted in manassas a boar named wilbur comes into town.
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breaking news from northeast where police say a person must them to death. they recall to virginia avenue to investigate a disturbance call and they are now looking for a female suspect. they believe the crime as a domestic in nature. the search is on for the suspect who gunned down a 17- year-old boy. >> he was shot and killed in front of the temple hills home. sam ford spoke to his mother who witnessed the shooting. >> he was a 17-year-old living his life to the fullest comic high school senior with a part- time job and was a rapper on the weekends. last night, he sat here on a quiet street in temple hills and
5:31 pm
someone drove up, fired multiple times, and sped off. police canvassed the area for anyone who might have an idea why 17-year-old justin isaacs was shot in front of his home last night. >> i heard gunshots and they sounded so close. >> she looked out front and noticed her 17-year-old son has slumped back on the concrete. she hoped he was playing. i said "justin, what are you doing?" i touched him and i saw the blood on him. i started screaming and i just lost it. >> he had just returned from the neighborhood library working on a class paper. he was a student at nearby potomac high school. >> most people are crying. >> he had an after-school job at a cleaners. they were shocked today.
5:32 pm
>> we was a rapper in a gogo band called "all or nothing." >> the most common statement we heard today was that justin was just a typical teenager. a lot of people including a mother lost her only son would like some answers. police had an extra heavy presence at potomac high school. they did not know what was behind the deaf and did not want to take any chances. at this point, there were no incidents at the school. reporting live from temple hills, md., sam ford, abc7 news. authorities have new clues as they search for missing activist from alexandria. they found his toyota. investigators are still asking for help identifying the man spotted in this white van used
5:33 pm
his credit card hours after he disappeared. taking a look at the day's other top stories. the u.s. has filed a terrorist plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. to the people have been charged, one was american, and the other is on the run. u.s. officials say iran is behind the attack. a spokesperson for mahmoud ahmadinejad calls it absurd. investigators say antoinette stock and two people outside the montgomery mall in 2008 -- stabbed two people in 2008. please have arrested a sexual assault suspect responsible for at least two attacks. phillip fleming preyed on women
5:34 pm
outside of the suitland metro station. and gas leak in howard county prompted the evacuation of a luxury town home community. we are told contractors stroked a four-inch gas pipe and they investigated several homes. itbge -- bge has repaired the leak. yesterday, a massive black boar named wilbur was found wandering around the lake jackson area of manassas. they say he weighs more than 200 pounds. as ben eisler explains, he could be yours. monday morning was anything but a "boar." they found 200-pound wilbur
5:35 pm
strolling down the road. >> i got him off his feet and went to got him on to his side or back, they are not too tough. >> he was quickly restrained in a ditch on the side of the road. it is like that is why he loves his job, a heck of a way to bring home the bacon. >> you get these weird calls every once in awhile that makes it exciting. >> this is the shelters educational arm for children. they have to keep him separate from the pot belly pigs because of his tusks. >> when you get these animals, you just have to make sure what you're getting yourself into. >> his former owner lives just up the road and said the pig kept escaping and did not realize how much he would grow so she surrendered him to the county. >> think about it before you get a little piglet. it gets bigger just like any animal. >> now they must find a home. so far, no takers, but other
5:36 pm
groups have joined in the search. he hopes his future honor understands and appreciates him. while he may not be man's best friend, he sure does grow on you. >> now we get along just fine. >> in manassas, abc7 news. >> talk about a face only a mother can love. >> it has a slobbering issue. [laughter] here is a check on the traffic situation. >> do you think wilber would like a 1-bedroom apartment? i think he is cute. usual delays southbound on 95. a bit slow in the woodbridge. here is the parking lot on the belt way right now. ms on both sides. backed up between university boulevard and northbound 270 and
5:37 pm
slowing down again to route 7. innerloop of the belt way south between georgetown pike and 270- spur, an earlier accident has been cleared out of the way let's look again at connecticut ave. on the innerloop of the beltway and incidents at arena drive shutting down the right side of the roadway. in northwest washington constitution avenue has a rally in process -- in progress. follow police directions. coming up on abc7 news at 5, how the nba lockout could affect the see workers. >> new developments in the search for a missing 10-month old. >> coming your way at 6, some say they have taken over our lives. see how they have overtaken the u.s. popul
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and this kid is spent the day searching for missing baby in some -- lisa irwin. they searched a well but found nothing. she disappeared from her bedroom one week ago. they claim that an intruder to
5:41 pm
occur. they say despite public accusations that her brother and his fiancee are innocent. >> it is just not true. she is genuine and love that child. that is her baby. she would never do anything to hurt her. >> police say they have no suspects. developing tonight, and american scientists in desperate need of medical care and stranded at the south pole. she is trapped in a laboratory and it is believed she suffered a stroke more than six weeks ago. she is alone and the temperature is -74. it has make it really different to -- difficult to rescuew her. >> i need to get out of here and get on with my medical treatment. >> rescue workers may attempt to get her out next week.
5:42 pm
her speeech and vision are now impaired and rescuing her could risk the lives of others. next, a stroller recall. >> and partner permission for women who take a daily vitamin. >> you should never looked back. always look forward. >> an amazing message from an amazing 8-year-old boy. how he raised more than $80,000 and is now benef
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breaking metro's news. i person has been hit by a metro train on the orange line. >> we are live with the details of what happened. >> we are at the roblin metro station and it is controlled chaos. confusion as people are trying to make their way home this evening. metro workers and arlington county police are directing the large crowd, as you can see, on city buses trying to divert everyone around closure. service has been suspended
5:46 pm
between roslyn and boston metro stations potentially five stations impacted. metro has confirmed that one person has been hit by a train just before 5:00 at the clarendon metro station. it is not confirmed this was a suicide attempt or if the person fell one to the track. not only do we have large crowds out here with confusion trying to get to where they need to go and but you can see in the metro station, to make matters worse, all four escalators are now out of service and it is a trickle down effect. it started as the two leaving the metro station, and five minutes ago all four are now out of service. and of a hectic afternoon for people trying to get home. one person confirmed dead hit by a train at the clarendon metro station.
5:47 pm
abc7 news. >> keep us posted. hard work and dedication comes in many sizes. >> in this case, and 8-year-old cancer survivor. greta kreuz joins us. >> having a child is hard enough without worrying about paying for treatment. this family with one amazing 8- year-old son is doing something about it. ryan darby is a little boy with a big check to help families of kids with cancer. >> they can get the water come up could come and transportation they need. he was acute -- then nosed with acute leukemia. -- diagnosed with leukemia.
5:48 pm
>> seeing your child in pain and not being able to take it away is awful. >> for molly, ryan, and chris they decided to help other families just tryan it has raised $80,000. >> you can alleviate the burden of some families and let them focus on getting those kids better, that is what we are trying to do. >> this third grader raised $25,000 in five minutes of this year doing the dougie at the gala. that helped him beat the cancer. >> they said i was going to make it. >> his other goal? to become a professional football player someday.
5:49 pm
ryan also recently addressed members of congress on capitol hill and the doctors at georgetown sate his cancer has a 90% cure rates of his prognosis is excellent. >> we need to play that video again. [laughter] 7 is on your side with a warning for parents. the government is announcing the recall of 400,000 stroller's manufactured by b.o.b. this can detach and causes a choking hazard. the single and double strollers have been sold from 1998- present. women, listen to this. when new study suggests older women who take vitamins are at higher risk for dying of heart disease and cancer. women over the age of 61 who have taken daily supplements are the most affected. the study did supplement that the users are more likely to
5:50 pm
have a poor diet overall. many have a lower intake of energy total fat, and saturated fatty acids. this afternoon i but dissipated in the celebrity guest bagging for cancer even that safeway. i was bagging groceries. the entire month of october safeway will be raising money at all stores for breast cancer research. the money raised will go to local hospitals and charities. i did not break anybody's eggs so i was happy about that. it firefighter can buy and showed me a picture of his wife suffering from breast cancer. let's raise as much as we can. >> of it would have raised more if you would have done the dougie. >> it would have paid me to stop. [laughter] changes on the way from the belfort furniture weather center.
5:51 pm
look outside at satellite and radar, and the clouds continuing to increase. scattered showers during the evening hours and rain by early tomorrow morning, throughout the day tomorrow. take a look at the doppler radar, just beginning to pick up a few showers south of the seed really not a lot to the north of us in baltimore, and it will remain dry for the remainder of the rush hour commute. shower is sticking around through the day tomorrow mostly to the west. we could pick up to 1 inch of rain. temperatures tomorrow only in the 60's. a better forecast on the way for the weekend, details coming up during the 6:00 hour. tim brant is checking in. >> october, as you know, is
5:52 pm
breast cancer awareness month and i am sure you have seen some of the fiercest athletes on the planet wearing tank. as a matter of fact -- wearing pink. dan snyder's wife is a breast cancer survivor. they opened up redskins park to other survivors and they listened to chris cooley, who knows this disease personally. he has seen firsthand what breast cancer can do. today, he continued his mission to do something about it. >> bringing women who are currently battling breast cancer and only to spend a day at redskins park. >> his mom nancy is a survivor. >> we can give them hope to make them feel good for a day. >> dozens of survivors got the run of redskins park complete with a makeup sessions and new genes to go along with the whigs and other gifts. -- jeans and wigs.
5:53 pm
>> we have just started but it has been fantastic. >> tonya snyder is a breast cancer survivor herself. >> on many of these women have families and a reason to fight. a lot of single moms are here. they want to live. >> she is from germantown and was diagnosed in july 2009 and left today -- >> with a new energy, a new feeling about life. it is rough going for breast cancer. everybody's path is different. you just smile and take it day by day. >> they are all doing it with a smile on their face and a huge results. when the women were ready to leave, they were given all pink
5:54 pm
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the first two weeks of nba games have already been canceled and the entire season is now in jeopardy as players and owners come -- struggle to come to an agreement. >> gail hops is live at the verizon center with whose lives could be effected by this lockout. >> we are talking met anybody who works around here, whether they are a vendor, sell souvenirs, a restaurant, a bar or work inside the venue. a lot of people will be losing a lot of money. they are singing the blues around here. no magic will get these wizards to report before november 14th. >> without practices and the season being delayed, you have to wonder how bad it will be.
5:58 pm
>> the wizards home games were officially canceled against new jersey on november 2nd our land and november 4th, and chicago on the 13th. two road games are also off miami and orlando. >> it hurts everyone in the long run, the fans, the league, and the players. >> i was considering buying season tickets, so that was a disappointment. >> for nearby businesses, it means much you were customers since an average of 15,000 fans attend every wizards game. the have already lost eight preseason games. >> we base ourselves on those games, and even with the preseason we could not tell. >> we are hopeful the two week delay will not be too bad. >> if the nba lockout lasts past november, there are serious concerns. >> it is long term, there will
5:59 pm
be a bigger impact. >> up there is a deal, then the wizards will have their season opener at the greitens center on november 22nd, very late in the season. that would be against the boston celtics. gail huff, abc7 news. >> that will do it for abc7 news at 5. coming up at 6, a terror plot caught and stopped in its tracks. the plans to assassinate the saudi ambassador. the big night for republicans again. what is expected tonight and who got a major endorsement from a favorite in the party today? changing names. the metro gets ready to change the names on some of their stations. all that and more now what 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute abc7 breaking news. >> a terror plot against the district has been boiled. >>


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