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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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portedly originated from iran and a plot to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. they all wanted to -- they also wanted to plan the saudi and israeli embassies. two have been charged and one man still at large. there will be sanctioned for that country's role in this plot. >> as we have alleged in the complaint, saying this was directed and approved by elements of the iranian government specifically senior government officials of the military. >> kris van cleev is live from the embassy with the reaction. >> d.c. mayor vincent reyes said he had been briefed on the situation as far back as july
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and expressed his gratitude to the fbi and other law- enforcement agencies that would have targeted people in the district. as for people here at the saudi arabian embassy, you can imagine they were shocked to hear. our cameras are rolling as people leave that the saudi arabian embassy just hours after news of the foiled terror plot broke. the fbi has started to charge two men. >> it was a surprise to hear that. >> this is a saudi exchange student. he says word of the failed attack is concerning. are you worried about your safety? >> yes, of course. >> thank god that everything was uncovered before any damage was done. thank god. >> it is stupid, very stupid. what did they accomplish? nothing. >> these couriers come in and
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out of the embassy all day and the news has him spooked. >> to find something like this is going on, it makes you fear to come to work. >> i come here every day to pick up accounts. i know the under embassador personally. she is a nice lady. i did not know why anyone would do this. >> the saudi embassy put out a statement today thinking the united states government and added, "the attempted plot is a violation of international norms and standards, and conventions and is not in accord with the principles of humanity." live in a northwest washington kris van cleave. >> there will be more on this terror plot on nbc news. you can get more online at breaking news in clarendon where a person was struck by a
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metro train. >> john gonzales is live at the roslyn the station where there is quite the back up. what is going on? what the situation here has worsened and intensified. hundreds of people are now out here outside of the roslyn metro station and it is utter chaos. a lot of confusion with people trying to figure out where exactly they are going. the tracks were closed just before 5:00 p.m. and we understand matra officials have said one person was struck by a train. it had done now is they tried to set up shuttle buses at rosslyn to get people around the accident. there is not enough buses for the amount of people trying to get home during this rush hour commute. talking to one gentleman here, he was downstairs when all of this happened. what happened?
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>> i get to the train and there is this huge mass of people in the train station as well as getting on the train. there were people coming in the station as we try to come outside, there was no coordination. people were suffering trying to get air. there was a pretty significant situation. >> good luck getting home. one person confirmed dead hit by a train, not sure how it happened but hundreds of people trying to get home tonight. reporting live, john gonzales, abc7 news. meanwhile watching a developing story on capitol hill where we are awaiting a senate vote on president obama's job bill. it is almost certain defeat from republicans. date oppose the surcharge on millionaires. he has been waging a campaign- style effort behind his $447 billion measure. he is willing to break the bill and the pieces if congress does
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not pass the entire measure. major developments in the republican race for president. new jersey gov. chris christie has endorsed mitt romney. this comes as they gear up for a debate on the economy this evening and a new poll among voters shows a big jump for herman cain, tying mitt romney and a big tumble for taxes gov. rick perry. >> mitt romney scored a big endorsement today. >> america cannot survive another four years of barack obama. mitt romney is the man we need and we need him now. >> summer hoping that chris christie would run for president, practically begging. he says he has unfinished business in new jersey. his good friend mitt romney will benefit. he is the front-runner, but still trying to win over skeptical republicans. his endorsement make that easier. tonight's debate focuses on the
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economy. rick perry will either of bounceback -- will need it to bounce back. >> we are very focused on raising money, and now we will focus on the debates. >> national polls and determined the seating arrangements and herman cain is in second place putting him next to romney and could make him a target. the former godfather's pizza ceo has been spending most of his time promoting his new book. >> i have never felt pressure going into the debate, not because i am overly confident but because i am myself. >> president obama record will be certainly discussed. he said he will be watching baseball as said. abc news, washington. rudy guiliani will not be
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running for mayor. he said today that it is too late for him to run for president. still to come, new names for metro stations may be on the way. how many may change and who is next? >> also, please are stepping up patrols in prince william county. >> a brazen attack at a local target store. what happened? >> i am steve rudin in the belfort to furniture weather center. the clouds have arrived and now we are waiting for the rain. everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever.
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mississippi has wonderful people great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo crab cakes etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled.
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[ male announcer ] it's true... consumers prefer wananai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourset . [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant ♪ >> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. new details about the woman accused of stabbing a woman outside a target store. >> the victim is wounded in the neck and please confirm the
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suspect has a past. but they have identified the suspect as 55-year-old antoinette starks. she pulled out four knives that had been taped together. an officer tased her and she is now in the hospital. she stabbed two other people in 2005. police said had apprehended a suspect believed to be responsible for to the sexual assault on said the suitland metro stop. phillip fleming facing charges. one woman groped, the toher robbed. 00-- other robbed. senator tom coburn is recovering from a procedure to treat prostate cancer.
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a spokesperson says he is expected to recover fully and be at work later this month. he was also a physician and has survived two other forms of cancer serving a second term in the senate. coming up next, a major milestone for the cell phone industry. how they seem to be invading the country. >> major changes in the weather on the way. steve rudin has a look at the rainy forecast. >> redskins gearing up for the eagles. the terrapins may have a quarterback controversy. and the capitals still one last night. i will show you the goal everybody is talking about.
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we continue with finalizing the name changes for a number of metro stations. >> thursday, metro board will review revolt -- revised names. service will increase to the yellow and orange line and will increase the silver line construction. you can see the revised map for yourself on
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a parking crackdown is under way in the prince william county. police are handing out citations for parking in the grass and passing lanes. a blackberry added in its second day has expanded to four continents. europe the middle east, latin america, and africa. there are messaging and browsing delays caused by a switching problem. the reports of any problems here in the u.s. americans use their cell phones a lot but a new study shows that sell funds actually outnumber people. the study from a trade group estimates 327 million devices are now in service which rose 9% of the first six months of the year. the census says about309 million
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people live in the u.s. and wireless use has doubled. rain is on the way, later on tonight into tomorrow. it will hold lot for this evening's rush hour commute. take a look at what is going on outside. here is chesapeake beach, md. with increasing clouds from the south. they allow the ranid to start probably after midnight tonight. 71 was the official high after a morning low of 62. the record high was 90 setback in 1919. look how cold it can get in this day. 33 back in 1906. at reagan national, when data the northeast at 10 and temperatures are slowly cooling. -- wind out of the northeast at 10. 70 at george washington university.
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newington virginia now at 69. cooler air just off to the west the last and look for temperatures to slowly fall from the 70's into the 60's and eventually the 50's. the warmer air keeping sunshine out in the west. temperatures about 6 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago and in the d.c. area which is an indication of what is on the way. cloud cover beginning to increase to bring us right after midnight and into the day tomorrow. most of the day should be out of here by tomorrow night with just a few lingering showers thursday and friday. doppler radar shows light showers that will not amount to a lot this evening, but the rain chances will increase overnight into the day tomorrow. as this system moves out, high pressure to the west will gradually build meaning lots of
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sunshine and comfortable temperatures for the upcoming weekend. forecast for tonight -- 55-60 overnight, times of rain after midnight, on a massive rush hour commute tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. -- a messy and russia are to meet tomorrow morning. 63-68 tomorrow with northeast wind out of t-- we wind 6-12 mph. sunshine will return on saturday and sunday. the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local tweeted dealer. moving it forward. -- by out local toyota dealer. the weather has ever won just a little bit off. mike shanahan knows the wounded
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eagles will bring their a game every time they come. you'll be able to see if the skins will be successful and it will come with the running game. they will all play and they start turning out yardage, you know they will control the tempo and keep vick on the sidelines. hightower says the skins have not even hit their stride offensively yet. >> our defense has played great, and we have been good at times. we have not been good in the red zone and sometimes in third downs. we have a long way to go. we are 3-1 at the top of the division right now. the lions manhandle the bears bringing their record to 5-0. calvin johnson says she is even, he is leaving. the most sketches by a receiver since 1940 and fans are talking
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about a thanksgiving matchup between green bay and detroit. the packers and the lines both unbeaten and they will play on thanksgiving. --packers and lions both unbeaten. broncos say tebow is the new starting qb. the terrabins have not annoucned their starting qb. he struggled last saturday at georgia tech with a very short leash. a c.j. brown came in and rallied. now he says he is not sure about the quarterback. >> we will just about which the quarterback position just like we do with every other position. what we will do is evaluate it and come saturday night we will make a determination of who is going to be our starter this week. we will go from there. >> i am still fired up about
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last night's caps game. they rallied to win it in a shootout. the goal everyone is talking about is not the goal in the shootout. wide, almost lost it -- then bam! caps steal one from tampa bay. >> he has good hands. >> that is about the only movie i've got. that is something and learned a long time ago. >> major league baseball texas and detroit playing game 3. here is how game two ended last night -- a walk off grand slam. the first lot of grand slam in postseason history. nelson cruz gives the rangers all the momentum going into detroit tonight. milwaukee and st. louis will play tomorrow night. day 103 of the nba labor talks
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and the first two weeks canceled, neither sides are talking. not a lot happening in the nba which is bad for everybody.
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