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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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broken apart. it is not as heavy as it was an hour-and-a-half ago, with the exception of king george, virginia. if their thunder and lightning and downpours. that is stretching into culpeper where we have a band of rain moving northward. spotty showers around the beltway, in montgomery county and fairfax county, and even in laytonsville, areas of rain. farther to the south, west of richmond more showers lining up. the rain will be coming to an end later this morning. especially around lunchtime. then it's patty drizzle and a little fog into the afternoon with a few thunderstorms for the drive home. 74 degrees for the high temperature. clearing for the weekend. things are getting worse on the roads. road spray and rain are not helping, along with heavier volume of traffic. there's an accident in crofton on 301 near 50. d.c. 295 know about leaving
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pennsylvania avenue, there's an accident. the beltway looks good at old georgetown road. 270 accident is northbound at falls road, impacting southbound traffic as well. in virginia, looks good near the pentagon. now to breaking news. the breaking news is coming from montgomery county. an amber heard technician afford an 11-year-old boy. investigators say his disappearance is related to his mother's homicide. jummy olabanji joins us in germantown with new details. good morning. >> good morning. police and detectives from montgomery county are still on the scene in this apartment complex behind us searching for clues into this homicide and also the missing persons case. yesterday police found 51-year- old jane mcquain dead inside a
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bedroom in her apartment. they also noticed that her 11- year-old son william was missing. police got a call from one of jane's friends that they had not seen her in quite sometime. that is when they came in to find her dead and made the discovery about her missing son. >> her 11-year-old son william has not been seen for about two weeks since about september 30. we are hoping to confirm those details today when more people are awake and we are able to contact sources. maybe he has been seen since then, but right now we're working from the september 30 date. >> william described as light skinned black male, by racial 5 feet tall, weighs about 85 pounds. he is believed to be missing along with his mother's car. a black honda crv, a small suv
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with maryland tags 5ag9405. if you have seen william or that vehicle, give police a call at 911. jummy olabanji reporting. police and parents in fairfax county are on the lookout for a would-be kidnapper. >> a man tried to abduct a teenage girl early tuesday along blake lane near paul ministry -- near palmer street. she was walking to oakton high school at the time. he was talking to her and try to force her into his car. >> i would caution people to stay away from strangers. it ruins the community atmosphere. >> the robber away and was not injured. the suspect was driving a small white four dorcas r. a sticker on the driver's side. -- four-door car.
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a lot patrick henry drive yesterday a pipe with metal pieces in it was found along with a gun and a middle school was locked down temporarily. two amtrak trains collided at an oakland station. the low-speed crash happened around 10:00 pacific time. there's no word right now on how serious any of the injuries are or what caused the accident. a bitter custody battle might have led to a deadly rampage at a california air salon. this happened in c.o.p., south of los angeles. -- seal beach. 42-year-old scott dekraai began shooting. eight people died and others injured. he had several weapons in his car. his ex-wife works at the salon.
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-- metro will vote on service changes to the blue and yellow line, aimed at easing overcrowding on the orange line. some trains which do share some orange line stations will be routed across the yellow line bridge over the potomac. that would add 2600 seatsd to the orange line during peak times. a d.c. council committee will discuss the response to recent emergencies including the august earthquake. traffic was snarled for miles after the quake. among the witnesses scheduled to appear d.c.'s transportation director, the deputy mayor, and homeland security director. there's going to be a sight to see at the washington national cathedral this morning. in a few hours the engineers will start to use a massive crane to remove two tons of debris from the pinnacles. the structure was damaged during the august earthquake.
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officials say moving the pieces will make the tower is more stable until the stonework can be repaired. we will have more on that story in a live report off in about 30 minutes. the first votes in the 2012 presidential race could be cast in less than two months. that is because new hampshire may move its first in the nation primary to december 6. >> if that vote were to take place today, there might be a surprising victor. john hendren joins us in northwest with the latest. >> good morning. here is something no one expected to hear. the new republican front-runner is herman cain. and street journal/nbc poll finds that he is leading the pack with 27%. mitt romney with 23%. that is within the margin of error. herman cain has a simple plan that calls 999. that includes a 9% national
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sales tax. mitt romney is focusing his fire not on herman cain but on another rival. he's been criticizing rick perry for not denouncing a supporter who says that mitt romney is not a real christian. rick perry does not believe mormonism is a cult, he says. but mitt romney says rick perry is tolerant of intolerance. president obama is focused on jobs. he says he will not accept the defeat that the senate handed him on the jobs bill. this is now senators will have to vote on a plan item by item. live in northwest, john hendren abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is rolling out a red carpet to the south korean president. the president will host a state dinner at the white house tonight. first lady michelle obama this morning and the south korean first lady will visit annandale
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high school in fairfax county. the area is home to a large caribbean american population -- korean-american population > a new survey shows promising trends regarding the teens and sex. >> and how millions of us are coping with the blackberry meltdown. >> more rain in the forecast. adam caskey will explain how
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>> my name is matt. aimak club reptile discovery
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center at the national zoo. we are with a giant tortoise. we hope your day is moving at a faster pace than mine is. good morning, washington. -- i am matt evans at the reptile discovery center. there's rain around the beltway, northwest, arlington getting some rainfall. rockville is getting a moderate showers crossing over 270, and towards college park. college park as light showers, pushing off to the northeast. down to the south heavy showers across the potomac. light rain stretching towards culpeper. we are in the 60's locally. shenandoah valley, mid to upper 50's. mid 70's in the metro area this afternoon, but cooler to the
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north and west of town. steady rain will come to an end, then patchy drizzle that at lunchtime with a few thunderstorms possible this afternoon. still a little activists friday. -- -- still a little active on friday. no problems out of sterling into tysons. route 5, plenty of your neighbors on the road out of all door. 210 had crashed near swan creek road. northbound on kenilworth avenue and at pennsylvania avenue there was an accident, but that should not take long. looking at traffic on the beltway, building in montgomery county. 6:12, 64 degrees. >> walgren "buffett" tax goes public with his payroll. >> first, an update on breaking news. and 11-year-old
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tracking our top stories right now. investigators are searching for clues in the death of a germantown mother and the disappearance of her son. police found 51-year-old jane mcquain's body last night. her 11-year-old son william is
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missing. one person was hurt in a burning apartment billion building in beltsville. no word on the cause. surveillance video shows the mother of a missing missouri baby shopping just hours before her daughter went missing. police have no suspects or leads in the disappearance of lisa irwin. we have the latest on the foiled plot against the saudi ambassador. u.s. officials said apply to kill at a d.c. restaurant can be linked to the highest levels inside the iranian government, but they say the applause was amateurish for an iran for an action units. public sanctions are being encouraged from the u.s. government. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded guilty yesterday to a pair of charges, admitting that he tried to blow an airplane on christmas day in 2009.
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attorney general eric holder said that the trial proves u.s. courts are an effective tool in the fight against terror. prosecutors are focused on medical evidence in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. several experts have testified that dr. conrad murray did not have equipment or expertise to administer the anesthetic propofol and pass a sleep aid. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case soon. an alleged hollywood hacker faces more than a century in prison if convicted. yesterday at the fbi announced that agents arrested 35-year-old christopher chaney, accused of breaking in to e-mails and phone records from actresses scarlett johansson, mila kunis and singer christina aguilera. investigators say that a florida man accept new pictures, financial information movie scripts, and personal conversations. blackberry's blackout is spreading. the maker research in motion,
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says that's service is improving. a worldwide e-mail and internet outage has reached the u.s. and canada after europe, asia, and africa. this is the company's biggest outage in years. the company blames the failure on its european infrastructure and for the mass of data meltdown. making news, foreclosures rise along with home heating prices. until you hear how much one of it makes. rob nelson has those stories. >> good morning. more foreclosures. the number of homes receiving a first time default notice in the third quarter was up 14%. that is the first increase in more than a year. last night congress easily approved three new trade agreements with south korea colombia, and panama. the agreement could boost exports and add thousands of jobs especially in the automobile and agriculture industry. it will cost a little more this winter to heat your house. 8% more for oil this year.
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propane will be up 7%. electricity should be 1% cheaper. billionaire warren buffett is revealing his income. he says he made almost $63 million last year. $40 million was taxable pandy pay just under $7 million in taxes or about 17%. i am rob nelson. -- and he payexd does under $7 million in taxes. the weather is unsettled. >> it will be for another day. big improvement for the upcoming weekend. that is what we are looking forward to, saturday and sunday, sunshine. there is rain to talk about this morning and more showers and and the storm's expected this afternoon. look at madison, virginia. rainfall totals since tuesday
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evening. that's when active weather began. 3.38 inches. bear river in madison is experiencing -- bear river in madison is expected to be 1 ft. above flood stage early this morning. remington, 1.8 interest. 1.5 in rockville. over an inch in spots a bang as well. there are areas of light rain around the beltway mainly in montgomery and prince george's and moving through college park, wheaton, rockville getting some rain, moving towards laytonsville and olney. northeast d.c. is getting some showers. in king george county, crossing over the potomac into charles county heavy downpours with a little lightning and thunder. blue arrow's indicates a dip in the apparel level follow. we will have more shower action
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tomorrow. not as widespread as today, a skillet chance of showers. 74 this afternoon. currently in the mid 60's in the metro area. the steady rain will come to an end later this morning. then patchy drizzle into the midday with thunderstorms possible into the afternoon with a piece by the storms possible and tomorrow. high pressure on the weekend with sunshine. breezy on saturday, a 60's, near 70. traffic and road spray and rain. moving at speed on the beltway at andrews air force base. plenty of our neighbors on the road in virginia. 66, 95 395 headlights are northbound. traffic out of sterling and leesburg and reston. no troubles on the and dulles toll road. 270 accident is northbound and falls road, impacting southbound with curiosity issues. back to you. >> thank you. 5:20 63 degrees.
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>> it is really six clocke 20 -- 6:20. >> sorry about that. >> cruz does it again and the texas rangers are one game away from the world series. >> >> seemingly happy marriages turned upside down after the truth was revealed. >> i discovered my husband had married another woman while married to me. >> husbands hiding secret lives. today of 4:00 on abc 7.
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into left center. that is the wall. goodbye. home run cruz. >> texas rangers and one win away from a return to the world series. cruz had a three-run home run in
6:25 am
the 10th inning, giving the rangers a 7-3 victory over detroit and a lead in the series. game 5 is this afternoon >> in the national league, what should of been a pictures gold turned out to be anything but. >> the cardinals against the brewers. an rbi double in the first innings. the cardinals holding on to lead. the fans go crazy. still another half-hour. >> sounding off in silver spring. students complain over proposed teenage curfew to lawmakers. >> in the belfort furniture weather center amtrak unsettled weather. over 3 inches of rain in madison county. it a
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, breaking news. and 11-year-old abducted and his mother found dead. we have a live report coming up. good morning, washington. it is 6:29 on this thursday, october 13. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> still unsettled outside. some areas of rain. it's not raining everywhere all the time. spotty showers. even heavy rain in western charles county, even crossing over the potomac on 95, of stafford northward towards the prince william county line and fauquier county. prince george's county, a few showers and light rain. there were heavy downpours early
6:30 am
this morning. 64 in the district, 66 in lexington park. another rainy day. patchy drizzle at lunchtime. a few thunderstorms possible into the afternoon. 74 degrees for the high temperature. pillich tens of rain tomorrow. a big improvement on the weekend, sunshine, a 60's. loading up his the beltway. this sums up the trip on the outer loop leading greenbelt through college park and around silver spring, no accidents. the road spray is not helping in virginia? in the patchy clouds-- and not helping in virginia in the patchy fog. there's a missing 11-year- old boy. it is related to his mother's homicide. jummy olabanji has new information from germantown. >> good morning.
6:31 am
we can tell you and at this hour montgomery county detectives are still inside the condominium that's in the complex behind us, searching for clues into the disappearance and also the homicide investigation. the victim in this case is identified as 51-year-old jane mcquain of germantown. also missing this morning is her 11-year-old son william. what police are telling us is yesterday afternoon they got a call from one of jane's friends who said that he had not seen her in quite some time and was worried about her. police came into the home and found her dead inside the apartment. they also noticed in the investigation that her son was missing. william is 11 years old and is described as a light skinned black male, 5 feet tall, 85 pounds. they are also looking for jane's vehicle. a black honda crv, a small suv
6:32 am
with maryland tags 5ag9405, 200 m-- 2000 model. anyone who has seen the vehicle or william disaster call 911. to millibarns reporting. police and parents in fairfax county are on the lookout for would be kidnapper. >> a man tried to abduct of a teenage girl early tuesday on blake lane while she was walking into oakton high school. she broke free and ran away. she was not injured. the suspect was driving a small white four-your car. two developing stories.
6:33 am
a powerful earthquake rattled an indonesian island resort. the 6.0 magnitude tremor struck 60 miles off the coast of bali. it caved in ceilings, leaving 50 people and broken bones and head injuries. no stsunami alert was issued. at california hair salon yesterday there was a rampage south of los angeles. 42-year-old scott dekraai walked in and opened fire. eight people died and another was critically injured. he was arrested shortly after the shooting. his ex-wife was a worker at the salon. it may have been caused by a bitter custody battle. in rockville last night more than a hundred teenagers attend a town hall meeting, concerned about a bill that would force people, under the age of 18 without parental supervision to
6:34 am
be home at 11:00 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on weekends. >> you care more not to about your election results but also about crime and you think this will actually solve the problem. >> it is asking a fairly modest sacrifice. >> some teenagers also expressed concern that police could target minorities. the meeting took place as another meeting was being held on gang violence in silver spring. looking at the day ahead metro will begin considering potential changes to its complex fare structure. metro plans to eventually phase outsmarted cards and have an open payment system. that means you could start using your credit card at the gates, a plan would require a simple rate plan. metro says there are now more than 34,000 possible fare combinations -- 44,000. the national right to carry reciprocity act will be
6:35 am
introduced today in the house to assure committee. an amendment would allow people who have a concealed carry permits in another state to legally carry a concealed gun in d.c. it's going to be a sight to see at the washington national cathedral this morning. >> in a few hours the engineers will use a massive crane to remove two tons of debris from the pinnacle. the structure was damaged during the august earthquake. autria godfrey is live in northwest d.c. with an update. good morning. >> good morning. if you remember some of the video that we had right after the destruction from the 5.0 magnitude quake -- 5.8 magnitude quake, you remember the peace is crumbling, unable to withstand the structures weighiswaying back and forth. at 9:00 today is when they will get started.
6:36 am
the damaged upper portions of the pinnacle will beco removed by a crane from the central tower. the earthquake knocked down parcel of the four pinnacles as well as gargoyles and other ornaments and structures. there was more damage a couple weeks later when a crane fell. since then a crane has been used to build custom scaffolding around the structures. they will need to do w stabilization work before they began the process. the head stone mason will be here today to talk about that. he said that peer renovation could take more than a decade and the cathedral is set to open on november 12. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. 6:36, 62 degrees.
6:37 am
>> still ahead, the underdogs no longer. a new poll shows herman cai's white house hopes surging. >> and par
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thursday morning, 6:40. there is some heavy rain in charles county, west of 301 and crossing over the potomac. this is pushing up north and marching up the potomac. heavy rain, like scattered rain in montgomery county. then some more showers around richmond, to the west of richmond. steady rain should be coming to an end later this morning with just drizzle this afternoon.
6:41 am
a few thunderstorms this afternoon. unsettled in terms of the weather pattern. a few showers possible tomorrow. mid-70s's today and tomorrow. on the weekend, big improvements. sunshine by saturday and sunday. you'll notice gusty wind. highs near they should be, a 60's, near 70. there's rainfall for everyone. that is not easy. that means as low commute. that is what we have. accidents from virginia state police on 66, 95, 395. toward the pentagon this morning, starting to get heavy near duke street. no troubles in rosslyn, at the wilson bridge, 270. there was a crash at falls road earlier. out of college park and greenbelt, heavy delays. no troubles in the district. earlier accident on 295 at pennsylvania avenue is gone. stick around for more. 6:41, 62 degrees.
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>> coming up, herman cain, a closer look at the gop's latest front-runner. >> and an update on our breaking news. and 11-year-old missing. and an amber alert issued
6:43 am
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welcome back. 6:44 is the time. there appears to be a shake-up in the race for the republican presidential nomination. a poll of gop primary voters says that a businessman herman cain is at the top of the pack with 27%. mitt romney now in second place at 23%. texas governor rick perry in third place, 16%. what is next for this latest
6:45 am
front-runner? >> now a closer look at it. herman cain are callin, some people are calling him the surprise front- runner. he is not part of the washington establishment. >> the surprising is that he is doing almost none of the things that you typically have to do, like go to iowa or new hampshire, higher campaign staff, have economic advisers yet he has this big personality the tax reform plan has really caught on with tea party voters looking for that kind of outsider. >> speaking of a non-traditional campaign herman cain has been promoting and new books -- promoting a new book, rather than focusing on his campaign. >> he has gained 22 points in
6:46 am
the last month. rick perry has lost 22 points in last month. herman cain must decide if he's really going to get serious and start hiring campaign staff in the early states. he will have to be arraigned is scheduled to spend less time selling books. >> does he have the staying power is the question in the upcoming weeks. >> the two things we have seen consistently is mitt romney stuck in day below 20's and conservatives looking for an alternative. right now that is herman cain. we will see. >> he says that he is not the flavor of the mock. thank you so much, alex. and learning more about the itinerary for president obama khan in north carolina and virginia. the tour begins on monday with stops in asheville and millers creek, north carolina. the president has not said where he will stop in virginia. he's using the poor to make another push for his jobs plan.
6:47 am
president will do some entertaining in the meantime before hitting the road. he will hold a state dinner for the south korean president tonight. this morning the first lady and the south korean first lady will visit annandale high-school. the area is large to -- is home to a large korean-american population. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded guilty to a pair of charges yesterday, admitting that he tried to blow an airplane in 2009. attorney general eric holder pruettsays this proves u.s. courts are good for terror trials. mohamed sued was videotaping protests and would send them to
6:48 am
syrian authorities. he will be in court. several experts testified that dr. conrad murray did not have the equipment and expertise to give michael jackson the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case in the next few days. attorneys for john edwards want federal charges against him dropped. yesterday edwards' attorney filed papers accusing federal prosecutors of making a case based on political motivation. the former presidential candidate is accused of using campaign funds to cover up an affair whipped riel hunter. there's a new study about teenagers and sex. the results might surprise you. according to the government survey, 80% of male teenagers say they are using condoms the first time they have sex. that is up from 71% in 2002.
6:49 am
the percentage of teenagers having sex is lower than in 1988. it is in the low 40's now. the study as a variable margin of error appears 3.3%. -- up to 3.3%. is the fog lifting? >> not really. we have some moving over the potomac towards the beltway. we will talk about it more. >> it's one of those days. >> tomorrow will be as well. but by the weekend, changing. let's look tech rainfall totals if since the weather pattern began. 1.25 in reston. 1.1 in manassas. under an inch in annapolis. under nine0.9 in frostburg.
6:50 am
in madison, virginia over 3 inches of rain. in culpeper and orange county flood warning through this evening. the reverse should get 1 foot above flood stage later this morning and start to drop this afternoon. -- the river should get 1 foot above flood stage. west of 301, downpours. the downpours are between 95 and 301 march northward across the potomac. manassas will get another brief downpour shortly. west of richmond, another heavy batter brain pushing northward. we will keep an eye on that. that should be the last of the morning rain showers. by midday, i don't think we will see much in terms of steady rain. the dip will swing through tomorrow and give us a chance of more showers on friday. 64 in the district now.
6:51 am
on our way to the mid 70's with thunderstorms this afternoon. a few showers possible tomorrow. on the weekend, sunshine, highs near 70. we have to get through the morning commute. 95 66, 395, plenty of traffic roundabout way. 95 maryland, an accident outbound after 198. we will move quickly. 270, father hurley boulevard has delays to the beltway. now to the beltway at river road, across the american legion bridge is open. delays ♪ ♪ [ female announcer
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good thursday morning. the latest on the gunman then opened fire and southern california at a beauty salon killing at least eight people. witnesses speak out and we will reveal pops -- a possible motive. and a texas woman is suing maryland over turbulence. can it really caused posttraumatic stress? you'll find out next on good morning america. >> one more update on the breaking news. >> police in montgomery county right now are looking for a missing 11-year-old and investigating his mother's homicide.
6:55 am
jummy olabanji is live in germantown. she has been following this throughout the morning and joins us with the latest. >> police are looking for her 11-year-old son william, after they found his mother, 51-year- old jane mcquain, of a germantown, dead in their home. friends of hers called police because they had not seen her in some time. the authorities found her dead in her bedroom. and they found williams had been missing at least two weeks. the last time anyone saw him was around september 30. he could be with his mother's car which is also missing. a black honda crv, a small suv. if you have seen william wore his mother's car, call police immediately by calling 911. reporting from germantown, jummy olabanji. we will get a last look at traffic and weather every ten
6:56 am
minutes. >> hello, lisa. >> it will take you longer this morning. there's an accident southbound 95 in maryland between 198 and 212 on the left side. look at 270 raining in the dark. >> there's rain in prince william county moving northward at the beltway. highs in the mid 70's today with rain. some more rain tomorrow. big improvement on the weekend with sunshine, but rather gusty on saturday as we transition into the sunny weather. the upper 60's to near 70 on the weekend. unsettled today and tomorrow, but the big improvements because the sun will shine again. >> if i can take the raindrops as long as my weekend is not touched. that does it for us. good morning america is next. >> have a great day. we will see you at noon.
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