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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. massacre at the beauty salon. terrified customers getting their hair done, suddenly under fire. a man in a bullet-proof vest shoots nine. stunning surge. herman cain, is he now is front-runner for the republican nomination? a new poll says yes. but can he stay on top? on the run. 1 of warn jeffs' 87 wives has left the cult, looking for a place to hide. why the 25-year-old is fleeing now. and taylor swift. so many fans lined up all night at our studio waiting for the superstar. she's answering your questions live, right here in times
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square. ♪ getting a little tutorial on taylor swift from robin roberts. >> wonder struck is her new perfume. we have a big crime story out of hollywood. the fbi says it has arrested the hacker who targeted some of the biggest movie stars. getting access to their most private information. we have the latest on the case and why it's a warning, really, for all of us. >> it wasn't that tough to get into these accounts. we had so much fun with our series "love live" we're going to do it again today. matt winer of chicago is going to propose to his girlfriend,
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becca. she has no idea. she thinks she is going to be in a meeting at the karl dealership where she works. and he's going to surprise her. we're all going to be in on it. will she say yes as we watch? >> logan and leeta yesterday. it was beautiful. i'm sure it will be again today. >> she was surprised. let's turn to josh elliott with the top stories for us. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with the shooting rampage at a hair salon in southern california. police identifying the gunman, as we learn new clues as a possible motive for the shootings. david wright joins us from seal beach this morning. david? >> reporter: good morning, josh. you know, seal beach is such a close-knit community, the locals refer to it as mayberry by the sea. but this morning, because of what happened here, mayberry is in shock. when the gunman started shooting in salon meritage, every hair dressing station inside was
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busy. >> all i could hear was pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: 1:20 p.m. local time, witnesses say a man dressed in body armor and carrying an arsenal of weapons stepped into the salon and began shooting everyone in sight. >> everyone was shook up. >> he said he had a knife in each pocket. >> reporter: after shooting nine people, the gunman calmly got into his truck and drove off. police caught up with him a half-mile away, where he surrendered without incident. >> they had him by the shirt. when they pulled his shirt up, they realized he had on a bullet-proof vest. an they took the vest off. by that time, they already had him handcuffed. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as scott dekraai, an exmarine, ex-husband of a stylist at the salon named michelle fournier. her relatives told ur afill yot, kabc, that michelle was killed in the shooting and she was the main target of the attack because an alleged custody
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dispute. police cordoned off the light blue bungalow in huntington beach, dekraai's home for the past two years. neighbors told reporters they've often seen him out in the yard, playing catch with his son. >> seal beach is a small, safe community. we don't experience these things, ever. >> reporter: seal beach is such a small town that a lot of people here knew somebody inside that salon. eight people dead and another in critical condition. josh? >> thank you, david wright. there in seal beach, california. meanwhile, two amtrak trains collided in northern california. in oakland overnight. one was parked. the other traveling about 20 miles per hour. 16 people were injured in the collision. it's unclear how the trains ended up on the same track. and this morning, tainted cantaloupe has claimed two more lives. a total of 23 people have now died from listeria-contaminated melons in these 23 states. it was all traced to a single
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farm in colorado. it's the deadliest food-borne illness in a century. a school bus driver faces criminal charges because of what you see. attacking a 14-year-old, even biting him. the attendant said she had been kicked in the face and the boy had thrown another child over a seat. but now, it is she who faces one county of child abuse. also in florida, the pilot of this small plane is being praised, pulling off an emergency landing, as you can see, on a highway, north of miami, with just minimum damage. avoiding all of the cars below. he and his passenger suffered only minor injuries. forget no texting while driver. one chicago suburb may ban eating while driving. it would be part of oak park's crackdown on distracted driving. everything from doing the hair, to getting that last slice of deep dish.
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the plan only under christi consideration right now. when you are impaired, you are impaired. we're going to turn to politics. your voice, your vote. and the latest candidate to excite the tea party is at the top of the pack. herman cain is on top of mitt romney in one national poll. does he have staying power? jake tapper has more from washington. jake, we knew cain had momentum. but i was surprised to see how much. >> reporter: that's right, george. this poll is absolutely stunning. this brand-new poll, cain leads the pack with 27%. romney, holding steady in the throw 20s, at his heels with 23%. rick perry has plummeted. he only has 16%. george, this is a very, very volatile republican race. meet the new republican front-runner -- >> herman cain. >> reporter: at a diner in new hampshire, a voter
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confronted cain about one of his reasons for his popularity, his catchy 9-9-9 tax plan. a plat right for corporate tax and 9% sales tax. cain seems unaware. >> people don't like sales tax. >> i know. >> there's no new hampshire in this state. >> don't confuse the new hampshire sales tax with this. >> new hampshire doesn't have sales tax. >> i'm still speaking. >> reporter: instead of pushing back on cain, mitt romney is focusing much of his attention on rick perry. figuring the texas governor ultimately will be the tougher challenger. >> governor mitt romney on "the laura ingraham show." >> reporter: romney continued to take umbrage with rick perry not addressing a supporter saying romney is not a true christian. >> mormonism is a cult.
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>> that's not within the spirit of our nation's heritage. >> reporter: perry says he does not believe mormonism is a cult. but he's refused to go any further. feeding criticism he's tolerant of intolerance. he needs to start focusing more on cain. or is cain just another flavor of the week, of the republican baskin robbins? like perry, michele bachmann, donald trump, chris christie, mitch daniels, and on and on. cain insists he's not. >> there's a difference between the flavor of the week and haagen-dazs black walnut because it tastes good all the time. >> reporter: for its part, the obama campaign held a conference call in which senior adviser, david axelrod, attacked mitt romney. saying the republican challengers were not doing a good enough job. some other breaking news. the obama campaign has reported
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$42.8 million has been raised in the final quarter, putting them far ahead of anyone in the republican pack. george? >> thanks very much. george, you've heard of the paparazzi, of course. now, to the hacker-razzi, who has been haunting hollywood. the fbi has arrested a florida man for allegedly breaking into the cell phones and e-mail accounts of a number of stars. our cecilia vega has more on this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. authorities arrested this man yesterday. he is now out on $10,000 bail. but if he's convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. this florida man, authorities say is the mastermind behind one of hollywood's biggest scandals. the fbi says 35-year-old christopher chaney hacked into the yahoo! google and apple e-mail accounts of actresses like mila kunis, scarlett johansson and singer christina
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aguilera. for nearly a year, chaney apparently taunted tinseltown, the fbi says. stealing not just movie scripts and financial information. but the private conversations and personal pictures of hollywood's a-listers. >> unfortunately, mr. chaney was able to access nude photos of some of the celebrities. photos that were, unfortunately, uploaded on to the internet. >> reporter: some of those photos, which we can't show you, showed up on gossip blogs and celebrity websites. but what may be the most shocking part of the case is not who is doing the hacking but how. authorities say chaney used deductive reasoning, studying the details of the stars' lives printed in magazines and posted online to get their e-mail passwords. once inside their accounts, he stole their e-mail address books. he rigged the e-mails so they were forwarded to him. >> these people are, frankly,
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scum. we need to get a message out that we're going to take this seriously. >> reporter: security experts say there is a lesson here for celebrities and noncelebrities alike. do not use passwords that someone can easily get. >> pets' names. maiden name. things like that. >> reporter: birthdays. don't do it. >> thanks so much. now, to the desperate search for 10-month-old baby lisa, missing for more than a week. as police track down every lead, abc news has obtained surveillance tapes and 911 tapes that might shed some light on what happened. and abbie boudreau is live in kansas city this morning. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: good morning, george. baby lisa has been missing for ten days now. police are looking at every clue, trying to piece up exactly what happened, leading to her disappearance. this store surveillance video, shows baby lisa's mother, just hours before lisa disappeared.
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>> they seemed very nice. they would pop up. they're doing great. >> reporter: here, you can see deborah bradley smiling, shopping with this man, who a family spokesperson says is her brother. police confirm she bought a box of baby wipes and baby food. >> she is walking at a normal gate. if anything, it exonerates her from the standpoint she's being normal. acting normal. >> reporter: this morning, abc news has obtained these police dispatch tapes as officers discuss the moments after the baby's father called 911. >> he noticed his screen is busted and his 10-month-old daughter is missing. he didn't witness anything. >> reporter: that was ten days ago. since then, few solid leads. on wednesday, police scoured wooded areas and fields close to the family's home. >> where is the baby? seriously, where is the baby? >> reporter: the irwin family is being assisted by private investigator, bill stanton.
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he's a former new york police officer. he says a wealthy benefactor is paying him to work the case. >> i'm not here for notoriety. that's why it's called anonymous. >> reporter: for now, the house where baby lisa was last seen in her crib sits empty. her mother says the family will never move back home. the family says they plan to have a meeting later this week to announce their entire investigative team, which include two high-powered lawye s s who they say will be working on their behalf. george? >> we hope they find her. we're going to move on now. so many of us have been on rough flights, experiencing major delays, turbulence. now, a texas woman is suing continental airlines for what she calls physical pain and mental anguish. andrea canning is here with more. >> reporter: i've never heard of anything like this before. colleen o'neal is suing both airlines because of the merger. it was a continental flight that she says left her with
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nightmares and extreme fear of flying and the need to be medicated. she believes her posttraumatic stress will last forever. it can be a terrifying experience. your plane starts shaking in midair. drinks teeter. the aircraft suddenly plummets. colleen o'neal, sitting alongside her attorney remembers the day in 2009, when her continental connection flight from college station to houston hit terrible turbulence just minutes after takeoff. >> i was thinking about my family. i was thinking, are they going to be okay without me? >> reporter: court documents show the 20-minute flight turned into 2, long hours, as the aircraft, quote, repeatedly rose and fell, as if it had lost power and was falling out of the sky. alarms were repeatedly sounding in the cockpit. >> there was a lot of screaming going on. there was a lot of chaos. one woman had brought out her rosary and was praying. >> reporter: o'neal is now suing
7:15 am
continental for damages relating to posttraumatic stress. >> the most graphic nightmare i experienced recently was of the plane cracking open like an egg and all of us falling into the abyss. >> reporter: she claims the airline risked lives by flying into bad weather. the lawsuit claims weather reports available to the pilot, showed a threat of tornadoes, wind shear with rotating thunderstorms. >> the decision to go and not to go is not just the captain. it's the captain and the dispatcher and the culture of the airline, along with faa rules and all the other inputs. this is a rather complex thing. >> reporter: continental and united say they're reviewing the lawsuit. colgan air told abc news, in part, airplanes fly and sometimes encounter bad weather. our crews are trained the handle those situations. and experts say the airline could responsible if the pilots knew there was bad weather or
7:16 am
knew there was inclimate weather and they went ahead anyway and weren't vigilant about it. >> it's very complex. so many factors that are in play there. >> reporter: absolutely. >> we'll see what happens. andrea, thanks so much. let's get over to sam and our first check of the weather. >> good morning, everyone. so much rain in the northeast over the fall, a lot of people are complaining about the fall colors. not what you want out of it. and there's more rain today. big, soaking, heavy rain. new york, connecticut, long island. we're talking about more than three inches of rain in some locations today. and josh wanted to mention, talk a little about the detroit situation. there's more showers today. that game was delayed because it rained two hours yesterday. there's more rain in the area today. big-time high temperatures on the west coast. look at santa anna, 105. long beach, 102. these are the santa ana winds that are just roaring. 99 degrees in l.a. and the record, 104. san diego, about four degrees off their record, as well. this may be the last 24, 48, 6
7:17 am
hours of big warmth there because we're looking at cool air off the coastline. it's drier in texas all the way up to the middle of the country. all of the rain is shoved east. and believe me, that rain will stay in the northeast, in the mid-atlantic, until we get out of the day on friday. and looks right around the great lakes, as well. it's not going anywhere. >> heavy rainfall marching up crossing over 66 and very
7:18 am
shortly. on the beltway mainly in fairfax county. county, showers moving towards the beltway. is pushing off to the north as we speak. see the morning rain come to an end to close to lunchtime. areas of drizzle and missed. high temperatures for >> cooler today, minneapolis, cincinnati, cleveland. those areas a little cooler. robin? george? >> sam, did you survive without your blackberry yesterday? >> i didn't look because i use the iphone. i heard everybody complaining. >> it was standing room only. that blackberry outage spread through europe, asia, africa. came right here to north america. it was peaceful for me at first. but i confess, it also got very irritating. abc's john berman takes a look at how all of us coped. >> reporter: the human will to survive is powerful. we can go more than 30 days
7:19 am
without food. seven days without water. weeks without sleep. but take away our blackberries and we crumble. yet, the black death of the 14th century spread over europe, killing millions. the epic blackberry death of the 21st century started in europe three days ago. spreading over africa, asia, south america and finally hitting us right where it hurts. in the thumb. as many as 40 million people worldwide have been unable to e-mail. research in motion, the company that makes blackberries, say they have likely fixed the switching glitch in europe where the problem started. but they are clearing the message backlog in order to eliminate delays. thank you for your patience. we didn't find much patience in the videos you sent us. we did find a video on youtube suggesting what you could do with your blackberry while it wasn't working.
7:20 am
a door stop. toe separator. this is not what the company needs as it struggles to survive against iphones and droids. as for disgruntled consumers? they had to go through extraordinary measures to communicate. as extreme as -- [ phone ringing ] >> reporter: phone calls. >> hi. this thing isn't hard to work. >> reporter: tough times. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> you were fine yesterday. >> i was more than fine. you have two blackberries that he carries around. >> i do. man walked on the moon was decades ago. but there's a switch that they have to flip to -- >> there. >> let it go. >> it's going to be okay, buddy. >> checking for life. the cheem kreez you used. coming up, the stunning move by lawyers defending michael jackson's doctor after damaging testimony. we have the latest. and look at the fans taking over times square. they've lined up overnight for taylor swift. we can't wait to talk to her
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>> live, and in hd, this is an update.s >> it is 7:26 on this thursday. i am at tauscher barrett with
7:27 am
your local news update. investigators are searching in the murder of a woman and the disappearance of her son. found jane mcquain's body last night. old son william was seen at the home on september 30. was adoptedve he alert.e issued an amber metro will begin looking at farees to its complex structure. the agency plans to phase out smarttrip cards and let drivers pay with credit cards. allow metro to simplify plan.qte i hope it is simpler in traffic, .isa >> patchy fog this morning. caskey will fill us in in just a minute. it will take you a long time to
7:28 am
here to there. major wreck on the beltway, in a saturated.led allow yourself some extra time. long will it last? >> through tomorrow we will be in this unsettled weather pattern. heavy rain in red and orange on your screen. through the beltway and fairfax county, heavy downpours moving through the district. of clinton, maryland, down 4. otherwise, light rain. on our way to the mid-70's this afternoon. >> we will be back with
7:29 am
7:30 am
that is michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, on trial for manslaughter. his lawyers made a major concession yesterday. a big shift in his defense strategy, after hearing some damaging testimony. we're going to get into that twist and what it means for conrad murray. >> we'll have dan abrams to talk about that. plus, the runaway wife. why a 25-year-old fled warren jeffs' polygamist cult. why she was desperate enough to go on the run. >> took a lot of courage to do that. also, taylor swift. she is here live. so many fans in times square cannot wait for that. they've been lining up all night long. got here at 4:00.
7:31 am
they were running around. >> it will be worth the wait. taylor swift, coming up. let's get to the stunning day in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. conrad murray's defense backing away from a key theory on how jackson died. and an expert prosecution witness placing the death on murray. jim avila is in los angeles with the latest on this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was a tough day all over for the defense. first, a bombshell of their own, conceding that one of the major pillars of their case, set before pretrial hearings, that michael jackson actually swallowed the fatal dose of propofol makes no medical sense because studies show drinking the anesthetic won't kill you. and that was before the damaging prosecution witnesses took the stand. >> had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson would still be here today? >> yes, sir. >> and there's no doubt in your mind about that? >> no doubt. >> reporter: one after another, the prosecution's medical
7:32 am
experts hammered away at what they called dr. conrad murray's grosnegligence. >> he caused michael jackson's death. is that accurate? >> that's correct. >> reporter: insisting that propofol should never have been allowed into michael jackson's home to help him sleep. >> it really has no role for the management of insomnia. there's really -- it's inconceivable. >> reporter: a member of the california medical review board listed ha he considered conrad murray's negligence. using propofol as a sleep aid. using it at home. with no backup emergency personnel standing by, in case a problem. no pulse or oximeter. and dr. murray was severely criticized for not immediately making the life-or-death 911 call. >> he had delayed calling for help. and if they would have gotten
7:33 am
there, six minutes later, mr. jackson would have been alive. >> reporter: leaving jackson alone in the room, even for just two minutes, as dr. murray claims he did, is no excuse, according to the prosecution cardiologist. >> it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen countertop. you look at it and it's probably going to be okay. but you would never do it because there's a small, very, very small chance that the baby could fall over. so, you always monitor the patient. >> reporter: the prosecution may get to their final witness today. and the defense is expected to start its case next week, basing it mostly on its own propofol witness, which will say that propofol is a safe sleep aid. robin? >> jim, thank you. for more, let's go to "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, in cincinnati this morning. dan, when you hear the expert testify that if conrad murray had called 911 sooner, michael jackson would be alive. when you hear that, how does the
7:34 am
defense -- how do they come back from that? >> it's devastating testimony. i think you're going to hear the defense argue that because dr. murray was a doctor, there may not have been the need as someone else may have to call 911. not something that many would agree with. but it's not just the 911 calls, as jim just laid out. it's the fact that he's administering propofol in the home. and the fact that he gave cpr in a way that is not generally accepted. and the fact that he didn't call 911 and didn't then tell them that propofol had been in play. all of these together is what makes this so difficult for the defense when it comes to the standard of was he grossly negligent? >> then, you have the defense changing their theory. saying wait a minute. no. he didn't ingest -- michael jackson did not ingest the propofol. he injected it. what do you make of that change of strategy? >> you know, they're claiming
7:35 am
that they just got the results of studies in. and as a result, they're not going to move forward with this. that's very hard to believe. as the prosecution's case is ending, suddenly, they're getting new studies in that suggests their theory isn't going to work? that's a very bad sign for the defense, on what is really the most important issue of this case. i don't think dr. murray is going to be able to overcome the gross negligence. it's going to be tough. they're going to call experts who will say that it wasn't. but that's going to be hard. their best argument is going to be cause of death. that michael jackson somehow did something that dr. murray didn't know about, couldn't have known about, didn't see, that caused his own death. and one of the major points here had been that he could have ingested propofol. at this point, to come forward and say, no. that's not a theory we're going to pursue anymore, is a very bad sign at this time. >> can you give us more of what you expect from them this week?
7:36 am
we heard from jim that the prosecution will be wrapping up soon and the defense will start early next week. >> the key is going to be the experts. i do not expect dr. murray to testify. i think the tape that played in court is going to effectively serve as his own testimony. and so, i think you're going to hear experts attempting to refute what you heard from the prosecution's experts. the fact that they will say that propofol can be used as a sleep aid. they will say that dr. murray not calling 911, for example, wasn't a horrible, horrible thing, as the prosecution has laid out. probably talk about some sleep experts. maybe even a cpr expert. but the key's going to be expert testimony. >> all right. dan, thank you so much. enjoy your day there in cincinnati. back over to sam now. >> good morning, everyone. heavy rain in the boston area. really heavy rain moving in. i wouldn't watch anybody but wcvb in boston. we're using their tower cam.
7:37 am
we might as well do the traffic while we're here. heavy rain in the boston area from the chopper. you weren't supposed to see that. more rain between now and 11:00 a.m. probably about three inches of rain by the time that system pulls away. it's this area of low pressure that drags up the shoreline and does not go away. it combines all of the moisture on the map today. east of the mississippi and shoving into new england, for the most part. we're going to see heavy rain before the day is done. it is dry for taylor swift here in times square. new york city gets cooler by the time we get to saturday. about 65 degrees. it's dry. it's cool. a very >> a few downpours from ashburn to the district, down into clinton, maryland, pushing northward. 70's this afternoon. shower >> weather and traffic, brought to you by walgreens.
7:38 am
robin and george? >> we bow to you. we bow to you. >> just a little traffic copter sound. on the way. >> back then. all right, sam. coming up, the 25-year-old woman fleeing warren jeffs' polygamist cult. the inside story of her dramatic escape. i had children first... and i'm the first to get this haircut. i was the first to get a flu shot. you didn't make an appointment yet. don't need one at walgreens. strolled right in and got my flu shot early from my walgreens pharmacist. they're all specially trained. so now i'm number one. it only took you 77 years. [ female announcer ] arm yourself with a flu shot from all walgreens and take care clinics. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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warren jeff, is serving a prison sentence for taking teen wives in his border community. now, one of the wives has escaped with the help of state officials. abc's john quinones is here with what it took for officials and what she can expect. >> reporter: it's an ugly reminder that polygamist is alive and well, in the isolated community of colorado city, arizona. warren jeffs, the leader of the church has dozens of wives. this week, one of them has fled the confines of that bizarre community. it's a secluded world of about 5,000 residents. a world where outsiders, especially journalists, are not welcome. >> just go to hell. >> reporter: i'm john quinones of abc news. can i shake your hand? >> no. you guys can leave. >> reporter: now, a 25-year-old woman who knows colorado city better than anyone has apparently escaped. arizona authorities say she was 1 of warren jeffs' 87 wives.
7:43 am
willie jessop, a former flds spokesperson, says women were under duress when jeffs was with them. she was barefoot when she was found. this morning, she's in hiding. >> to the point where death was better than continuing the way she was living. >> reporter: caroline jessop knows that darkness too well. she also fled polygamy and colorado city and wrote a book about it, "escape." >> she must have reached a point where it didn't matter anymore. she was willing to take whatever risk and consequence if she didn't make it. >> reporter: we know exactly what that's like because we met other young women who made the same, desperate journey. two teenagers on the run. leaving 32 brothers, sisters, 2
7:44 am
mothers and 1 father. in phoenix with new friends, it's as if after a long sleep, the girls are awakening to the ordinary mredzs of being a teenager. you've been living in a real dark place. >> yeah. >> i hope it's going to send a message to authorities in utah and arizona that this is not a problem that's going away. >> reporter: authorities in arizona have not released the name of the woman who fled colorado city. she's reportedly going under counseling and psychiatric care at a women's shelter. her husband, warren jeffs, the husband of 86 other women, is serving a life sentence in texas for convictions of child sexual assault. >> polygamy is illegal. why don't officials just move in on the town? >> because the people of the town marry the young girls in a religious ceremony. they don't marry them on paper. >> no marriage license? >> exactly. coming up, this is a huge surprise twist. a little girl's big moment on
7:45 am
stage. that's ahead in our "play of the day." and get ready for a sneak peek. a "gma" exclusive look at the new "modern family." >> oh, my god. new "modern family." >> oh, my god. >> what? planted the same...r ] ss ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries.
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7:49 am
here's the "play of the day." >> so far. >> so far is right. how do you spell happy? really, really happy? take a look at this. 9-year-old skylar johnson hadn't seen her father since last christmas, when she headed on stage to compete if her school's spelling bee. she was asked to spell out sergeant. watch what happened next. >> g-e-a-n-t. sergeant. >> oh, my gosh. chills. >> chills. >> that is -- >> i love you, baby. >> oh. >> i just did my makeup, josh.
7:50 am
now, i'm crying. gosh, that is beautiful. >> he's been away for several months, right? >> several months. maybe we should -- i should screen the video before. >> oh, come on. >> she knew he was coming home. she didn't know when. >> this was an elaborate surprise. the whole school was in on it because he had called and said, i want to take her out of school for a few days. they cooked this all up. and it was fantastic. let's look at a little more. >> were you surprised? >> yes. >> you're crying, huh? but you spelled sergeant. you knew i was a sergeant. i didn't know if you knew i was a sergeant. >> my heart is beating harder and faster than it ever did before. so, i'm still really shaking inside. >> she said she hopes he didn't bring her a present because nothing was going to be the present he brought. coming up, it's hard to beat
7:51 am
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7:55 am
and still ahead on "good morning america," fans have been outside, lined up all night to see taylor swift. she's here, coming up. on "good morning america."
7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an 7:56.e >it is good morning. and natasha barrett. are preparing for a operation at the national cathedral. will remove part of a by the augustged earthquake. will stabilize other pinnacles repairs can be made. we have a heads up for people
7:57 am
who plan on riding metro this weekend. trains willays that ofre the same track on parts the red, orange, blue, and lines all because of track work. should add at least 20 minutes to their travel time. let's find out what is happening on the roads with lisa baden. >> not a lot of movement. we are saturated with the rush drive. city to the beltway, 95 from 216 to 495, and on is the pace from the beltway. in virginia, more of the same, city to springfield, beltway allm the way past the pentagon and on the 14th street bridge. adam caskey is going to tell you weather.t the ismost of the rain westward to the district,
7:58 am
pushing through an exiting out ofra and moving clinton, maryland. mid-70's this afternoon. a few thunderstorms possible later on today. sunshine by the weekend. you will notice the breeze on be sunny but it will over the weekend. tomorrow, still another chance of showers.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] they are screaming for taylor swift. she is out there, signing autographs for all of her fans. they've been lined up here in times square since last night. >> she's out there. she wanted to be out there. i don't care if it's raining. these people have been here all night long. i want to be out there. >> a lot of excitement in times square. we have a lot of excitement in chicago this morning because something huge is about to happen there, as well. look at this young man. matt winer there with cameron mathison. oh, you can see the nerves on
8:01 am
his face. okay. it's going to be fun. he's got the ring. their families are all there. his girlfriend has no idea. this is really something. >> what does she think is happening today? >> she thinks she will be talking to us about car sales in chicago. >> of course, she is. okay. >> couldn't even find a kind heart. freaking out. we're rooting for him so much. and we have something very exciting for everybody. we have fall fashion deals. they do not get better than this. big steals only for you "good morning america" fans. and you won't believe how much you are about to save. >> tory johnson's special. josh, let's get to top stories. >> lots of news to get to. good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with the shock following a gunman's deadly rampage in a southern california beach down.
8:02 am
former marine scott dekraai is in custody this morning. police say he burst into a salon in seal beach, on wednesday, and started firing. among the dead, that woman, dekraai's ex-wife. they apparently had been fighting over custody of their son. meanwhile, police in arizona are asking for the public's help as they search for a missing 5-year-old girl. jesse shockly disappeared from her o home tuesday, while her sibling was baby sitting. there are reports that a woman in a black suv picked up a child in the area. investigators have expanded their search area. the latest poll finds herman cain as the new front-runner in the republican race for president. his lead over mitt romney is within the poll's margin of error. cain's rise is being fueled, if part by his so-called 9-9-9 tax plan. president obama's campaign
8:03 am
this morning says it raised some $70 million between july and september. a big advantage over his republican rivals. but far less than ha they had raised just last spring. meanwhile, more american homes are headed for foreclosure. a report out this morning finds foreclosure filings increased some 14% in the third quarter. a growing backlog has lengthened the painful foreclosure process for thousands of americans. and for many americans struggling to pay their mortgage, another monthly bill is about to increase. home heating oil prices are rising. the average homeowner who heats with oil will spend almost $200 more this winter. finally, after getting stiffed and insulted, a seattle bartender is turning to the relentless power of social media. victoria liss served a customer only to receive a receipt can zero win in for the tip. and if you can't read it, it says, you can stand to lose a
8:04 am
couple pounds. liss so angry. she went to facebook. threw the receipt up there, name and all. and now, hundreds are expressing their outrage. unfortunately, innocent men with the same name are now feeling the facebook backlash. >> what a jerk. >> you will feel the backlash. fast and furious. >> when they put it out there. >> you don't mess. >> no. give us the pop news. >> pop news is on, everybody. it used to be the fashion faux pas. now, trend setters are embracing their roots. celebrities are deliberately dyeing their roots dark. and there's a gradual lightening of the color towards the tip. it's the latest and greatest way to, dare i say, hide those grays. dye your roots a darker shade and celebrate eternal youth. i thought i was tardy to the
8:05 am
appointment. little did i know i'm an icon now. >> fashion forward. fashion forward. >> very fashion forward. miss piggy is starring as an editor of "vogue" in the muppet movie out next month. but the bombshell blonde is taking fashion by storm as the new face of m.a.c. cosmetics. piggy will have an exclusive new line of colors with m.a.c. it comes out in a few weeks. the fashion icon style has landed her a guest spot as a judge on "project runway." >> of course, it has. >> can't go wrong with the muppets, though. >> i know. >> it's all good. >> we love them. and finally, you know, we also love "modern family." so funny last night. now, only on "gma," we're giving you a sneak peek of what you'll see on the next episode. here's a look at what's coming up next week. >> no way. haley, no way. check it out. after a few beers my buds and i
8:06 am
would jump on these lunch trays and race down this same hill. hop on. >> seriously, you'll get the gig ets. >> i don't want the gig ets. >> hey, honey. >> how is the trip going? >> so good. >> go bull frogs. >> it's dogs. >> sorry. how is haley doing? she's loving it. she's loving it. i showed her the student union. we visited the dorms. we sat in on a class. i think she's starting to see what college has to offer. hang on, claire. go, bulldogs. >> he is so funny. >> so funny. >> you can see all of "modern family" wednesdays at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. guys that is "the pop news heat index." >> a good one. sam, how about some weather? >> here's why i love taylor
8:07 am
swift. i honestly tell you i have never seen anyone do this before. she takes a picture with her fans. she's holding the camera. she's one-arming it. she is one-arming the photo. that's why i love her. one of two things we want to talk about. good morning, everybody, by the way. huge crowd in times square. on the west coast, santa ana, long beach, l.a., santa barbara, at record temperatures or close to them. then, that marine layer moves in. we're talking cooler temperatures. if you're tired of l.a. at 100 degrees, it's gone by saturday. vegas will drop down, as well. here's what happens in the northeast, today. we're not worried about the misty sprinkles right now, right? we don't care. but later tonight, we're going to get >> scattered showers this morning. come to an end close lunchtime, and then we will drizzle.hy rain in southern maryland.
8:08 am
people -- a little bit of rain .co outhern maryland this is all marching off to the north this morning. temperatures right now in the to-mid-60's. cooler northwest of town. still unsettled into tomorrow, but sunny by the weekend. >> this is one of the reasons i just love being in times square. taylor swift, hanging out with fans this morning. lara, let me tell you. these kids have been out in this misty drizzle all morning long. they're thrilled to get a little face time with taylor. >> she is so lovely to be out there. and the kids who love her. and frankly, so do we. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." she is live. taylor swift. next stop on her world tour, right here, times square, where fans have been lined up for hours. she is delivering a big way. and get ready for "love
8:09 am
live." that guy is about to propose. and that girl, the girlfriend -- no clue. yeah. he's a little nervous. stay tuned, everybody. and don't be left out in the cold. we have unbelievable fashion deals and steals only for you right here on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries.
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] that is taylor. how does she get used to this? fans have been going crazy here in times square for taylor swift. they lined up all night just to catch a glimpse of her. she's been out signing autographs. we'll talk to taylor in just a moment. first, a look at her extraordinary career. ♪ why can't you see you belong with me ♪ ♪ you belong with me >> reporter: taylor swift is one of country music's brightest stars. ♪ >> reporter: her self-titled debut album released hen she was just 16 went platinum five
8:15 am
times. ♪ a love story baby just say yeah ♪ >> reporter: she followed that up with the 2008 release of "fearless." the six-times platinum selling album was at the top of the country and pop charts. >> we got to win album of the year at the grammys. thank you. >> reporter: her third record, "speak now," sold more than a million copies in its first week. >> i'm just having the best time doing this. thank you so much. everything that i have ever wanted just happened to me. >> reporter: so, what's left for the 21-year-old, four-time grammy-winning singer/song writer? she's launching her first fragrance. >> wonderstruck. the beginning of something magical. >> reporter: what else is magical? taylor's on a world tour, delighting fans all over the world. ♪
8:16 am
>> and in case you can't tell, we're thrilled to have taylor swift back with us this morning. you don't flinch anymore. you're so accustomed to it. >> it's amazing. it's so awesome. it's been a really amazing tour because every time we go on stage, it's that. so, it's been amazing. >> it really has been. and i know you -- gosh. you have 98 stops that you've had already. you come up to thanksgiving. first of all, let me say to you. you don't remember, but we do. we remember talking to you for the first time. you were 14 years old. we went to nashville. >> i remember that. that was like the biggest deal of my whole life then. >> we have a clip. let's take a look. here's taylor. >> when i go through something, i have to write a song about it. i have to write a poem about it. writing is everything to me. >> you know what was so cool? you were going to play at blue bird cafe that night. >> that was the night that i played at blue bird cafe that ended up getting me a record deal. that's amazing to have that on
8:17 am
film, with you guys. you've been so amazing to me. >> it's been easy to do. you go from so excited to play at blue bird cafe, which is a legendary place. a lot of stars. to billboard. getting an honor from billboard magazine, the youngest to ever do that. when you heard about that, what was your initial reaction? >> when i heard about billboard woman of the year, it was an amazing, amazing honor. it's one of the jump up and down moments. of the whole year? it's amazing. i'm so thankful. i get so excited about stuff like that. it's continued to stay exciting, all of this. you know, putting out this new fragrance. this tour has been a new thing. getting back to playing stadiums. everything feels new, even though it's been happening since i was 14. >> let's talk about the new fragrance that i am wearing.
8:18 am
wonderstruck. i love it's a lyric from one of your songs. tell me how this all came about. >> exactly. it's a line from my song "enchanted." i've always loved that line and that phrase, wonderstruck. you don't hear it very often. so, i just felt like if i ever got the chance to make a fragrance, which i dreamed about doing since i was about 14 years old. >> sure, okay. >> you know, ever since i wrote that song, i thought, that would be the title. and i'd want to create a fragrance that smells the way that word feels. >> and a lot of little girls are going to be buying it. and we have the bottle. it has hidden -- the hidden messages. like the trinkets that are on it from your travels and that, the bottle? >> we spent about a year creating the fragrance. that entails creating the fragrance itself. also, i took the designers through my apartment and showed them all the different things i've collected. antiques from all over the world.
8:19 am
i had a lot of bird cages hanging in my house. and i had a lot of star lanterns. that was where we got some of the ideas for the charms around the side of the bottle. >> and i found the hidden 13, your favorite number. >> yes. >> you are about the hidden messages. you take this very seriously, knowing that young people, especially young girls, look up to you, don't you? >> it's sort of a serious thing. you know? i mean, it's been so much fun to have this relationship with my fans, where they get me. they understand me. and i feel like it works the other way around, too. and so, you know, i just -- you have to respect that bond. there's a trust there. and it's been so fun with the way they made my life so beautiful. and i just -- i am constantly trying to think of ways to pay them back and thank them. >> they have been flooding our website with questions. i want to get one good question. and this is from sara in new jersey. she asks you, you always have song quotes going down your arm for every show. how do you choose them?
8:20 am
>> i choose them based how i'm feeling that day. it's sort of a mood ring. it's random. always other artists' lyrics. if i think a line's clever or a line applies to how i'm feeling that day, it can be anything like that. but it's always something that for some reason applies to me that day. >> how do you still find the time to write as much as you do? you're so busy. you're on the road with your second world tour. i know it's important to you. >> i'm up late a lot. i usually write between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. i try to go to sleep. and i wake up with an idea. and then, i'll go to the piano and just write until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. i've been writing more than ever before lately. it's crazy. you know, i think it's just kind of my way of figuring things out and understanding life and love and feelings, and the whole thing. >> thanks for always letting us in. and thanks for coming out here. most people wouldn't have come out with this kind of weather. but i know your fans are
8:21 am
important to you. >> it's just sprinkling. not a downpour. >> congratulations on everything. i know wonderstruck, let's say, we all have it on. it's going to be a big hit as everything else. >> thank you so much. >> next time, we're going to have you sing. >> absolutely. i love you guys. thank you. >> again, taylor swift. let's go back inside with george. >> okay, robin. thanks. now, it is time for "love live." you remember yesterday. a perfect happy surprise when leeta britton's boyfriend, logan, proposed in front of her students and the whole "gma" audience to watch. and look how surprised she was. round two in chicago. cameron mathison and matt winer have been preparing all morning. they're out of the car dealership where becca works. tell matt to take a deep breath. we've all been there.
8:22 am
we know she's going to say yes. >> it's amazing, considering that you are about to propose to the woman you love, in front of all her friends and family and most of america, you think you'd be pretty nervous right now. but you're not. you're so relaxed. >> yeah. it's about the most calm i've been in two weeks. now, that it's all set up, it's smooth sailing. >> smooth sailing. let's get a shot of the ring. a great story about the money you used to buy this. >> yeah. when i was 13, i bought and sold beanie babies. made a bunch of money. this is what i've decided to spend it on. >> speak from your heart. forget everything else. you guys ready? >> those guys get ready for the big moment, look at this very special couple's love story. matt winer and rebecca have been together for three years. his cousin was dating her best friend. then, came the setup. >> when i first met matt, i knew
8:23 am
becca would be the perfect fit for him. >> immediately, we hit it off. and we've been together ever since. >> looking at becca, she's so in love with him. >> he loves her. he takes care of her. and she does the same for him. >> the first time i told her i loved her, we were watching a movie. i took my fingernail and on her back i edged i love you. and she leaned back to me and she whispered in my ear, i love you, too. for the last 2 1/2 years, there hasn't been a day when i haven't imagined myself ending up with her. i don't know what i'd do without her. >> reporter: as they were falling in love, tragedy transformed their relationship. >> two years ago, her father passed away unexpectedly. it was one of the worst moments of my life. having to tell the girl that i love that such an important figure in her life had left. >> reporter: matt knew right then he wanted to spend his life with becca. using money he started saving at
8:24 am
13, matt designed becca's dream ring. it's also a tribute to her late father, michael. his initial "m," engraved in the settle. >> oh, my god. >> an "m" in the ring, that's going to mean the world to her because her dad meant the world to her. >> reporter: and when it comes to celebrations, becca is more outgoing. matt, more private. >> i want to prove to her that i have it in me to do something extravagant and sort of out-the box that she would never think that i would have in me to do. i'm thrilled. i can't wait. >> he is proving it now. matt and cam are on their way. you see them right there. we told becca we're going to interview her about car sales in chicago. she's standing next to her boss there. let's open my mic to becca. becca, it's george stephanopoulos here. thanks for doing this. tell us, is the car market picking up in chicago at all? >> well, it's picking up a lot, george. >> becca, what else can you tell us about it?
8:25 am
>> it's a great company to work for. infinity's an amazing brand. >> becca, i'm sorry. i can't really hear you. and i'm a little distracted because something's going on behind you. can you turn around for a second? >> oh, my god. what's -- >> becca, i love you. you're the girl of my dreams and the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with. will you marry me? >> oh, my god. yes. >> i love you. i love you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my god. it's amazing. oh, my god. you look handsome. >> you look so beautiful.
8:26 am
i love you. >> congratulations. surprise. everybody, come on. absolutely. way to go, matt. you did it. how did you possible pull it off without her finding out? >> i was so scared. the car kept moving. i couldn't stop it. i got out. she turned around. it was wonderful. >> congratulations. yes. you've been on "good morning america" all morning. we've known, yes. everybody in. welcome. hugs and kisses. this is beautiful. yes. that's great. george, what do you think? >> happy wednesday. matt and becca are getting married. what a beautiful moment that was.
8:27 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> good morning to you. i am cynne simpson. crews are preparing for a operation at the national cathedral. a crane will remove part of a pinnacle damaged by the august earthquake. it will stabilize the tower until repairs can be completed. hostdent obama is playing to south korean president lee , in the united states visit.tate night, the two had dinner
8:28 am
at a korean barbecue restaurant at tyson's corner. a state dinner will be held tonight. here is lisa baden with a check on traffic. >> it is going to take a long there. get are very slow on 270, 95 maryland, on 395. we had a crash on the freeway on the other side. outer loop, slowing from college greenbelt now to get to georgia ave. of clarksburg.t adam caskey, how long will it last? by lunchtime, and we will transition into more of a mist.e and for the ride home, you could have some thunderstorms. most of the rain right now, the moderate rain, is moving northward towards at
8:29 am
olney and at the laurel area, along 95. tomorrow, mid-70's again. showers, still unsettled. sunshine by the weekend.
8:30 am
♪ got to cut loose footloose ♪ out there in times square. the music you hear is "footloose." it is back. cannot wait for it to come out. star julianne hough is here to tell us all about it. >> you were fantastic on "dancing with the stars." and the whole crew out there. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> that was fun. >> it really was. how would you like to make your thanksgiving pie recipe right here with emeril lagasse on "good morning america." emeril is kicking off his pie in the eye today.
8:31 am
i'm walking over. good luck. here i am. guys, it is time to give you guys some great steals, deals. and tory johnson is here with all of them. tory, what have you got? >> so much amazing stuff today. first, let's start with dav rain boots. these are perfect today. you are have a rain boot with a little fleece lining. and they're comfortable to wear throughout the day. regularly starting at $90. but get this, honey. we got you covered. depending on the style you choose, there's four different ones. $29 to $45. and here's what's key. to get any of the deals you see today, you have to have a special link and a special code. and the only place to get the links and the codes is at all of the stuff you see, >> you got to love it. up next. >> up next. these are amazing. they're called boot tights. when you wear boots you want the comfort of a nice, beautiful
8:32 am
trouser sock to protect your feet. but then for your legs, the beauty of tights. >> i love it. >> you love it, right? this is all in one. today onliiry regularly start a $0. we have you covered with a 50% discount. >> you are great. >> this is a hit in the studio. scottie took it off. we're going to make him put it back on because he looked adorable. khloe kardashian, david arquette. they come in kids, adults. men and women. regularly $79 to $129. but we got you covered. they start at 40 bucks. 50% savings. look. check him out. is he adorable? >> he's not watching. >> there he is, our stage manager. and scottie, will you demonstrate how they have pockets in them? >> he can't hear you. they're so warm. >> there you go.
8:33 am
that's why khloe kardashian and others like them. >> not i know. i've had to train myself to say that. august silk, tried and true. fashionable. three, different sweaters. >> i love that. >> they're beautiful. lightweight. beautiful, transitional pieces. regularly $51, $52, 26 bucks for "good morning america." 50% discount. >> booty wrap. we had to put this on just to say the word. put that on your waist. put that on the back. you see the pockets? you get to put your stuff in there without the bulk of a sweatshirt. this is made by a mom on the go. regularly 30 bucks. comes in all different colors. >> can i ask a question? why wouldn't you put a sweatshirt around your waist?
8:34 am
>> the bulk. you can take the bulk. but the rest of america, i don't think so. >> hit my soft spot. >> really did. >> 50% off. >> it beats a fanny pack. this ain't your momma's fanny pack. stella & dot. we love that. new pendant, regularly $79. 50% discount. you're going to find all this at and you're going to find exclusive deals on dotcom from shoes to wine, and more. >> everybody check that out. let's go outside to check out mr. sam champion. sam? booty wrap for you? >> emeril's cooking segment is coming up a little bit later. but i like to eat in the kitchen. i can't help it. >> i'm glad you're here. >> i can't help it. >> you have pies and then you have weather, you know? >> we'll do the weather. this apple pie filling is like
8:35 am
the best. i can only imagine what it's like when you bake it. >> yeah. when it had a crust. >> that's coming up later. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about. you head out your doors. we show you our twitter pictures. there's been complaints about the fall color in new england because it was such a wet season. but look at what it looks like in nanuet, new york. you get to see the difference in sweetwater, that hasn't changed yet. and the fall leaves are beginning to kick in now. new york city, it is cooler. but the big news here, it is drier. you have to get through friday. saturday, sunday, the better days as you get into the weekend. in the northeast, look at seattle at 57 degrees. it's cool, dry and quiet today. >> spotty showers on the doppler screen this morning. moderate rain moving towards laurel, maryland, around '95, in the rockdale area
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by progressive. lara? coming up, getting ready to cut loose. talking with julianne hough about "footloose" and more. is that it? we're out of time? >> we're out of time. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community.
8:37 am
[ kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge
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to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kikimberly ] i manage a netwk of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah. [ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. learn more at
8:39 am
it is your chance to get "footloose." the remake of the 1984 classic tomorrow. we're going to look at the star of the new "footloose," julianne hough. here's a look at one of our favorite movies. it was the quintessential dance
8:40 am
movie of the '80s. the music and dance moves were just as important as the plot. it spawned not one. ♪ almost paradise >> reporter: not two. ♪ let's hear it for the boy >> reporter: but three top ten hits. including, of course -- ♪ everybody cut footloose >> reporter: the movie made kevin bacon a star. but believe it or not, the studio wanted tom cruise or rob lowe for the part. bacon's final screen test convinced them. >> you're beautiful. >> reporter: that famous hair cut, inspired by sting. and really expensive. >> they hired some dude to cut my hair. and that was $1,500 or something like that. >> reporter: the movie also stars lori singer as ariel, the preacher's daughter. an 18-year-old sarah jessica parker. and now, there is a new version of this movie classic for a new generation.
8:41 am
the new ariel is julianne hough, who has gone from "dancing with the stars" to dancing on the big screen. has she ever. julianne hough, the star of the new "footloose." how does that sound? >> it's so exciting. i can't wait for it to be out. >> it takes some nerve to remake a classic like that. but you pulled it off. tells how it's different but very much the same from the original. >> we didn't want to mess it up. it's one thing to do a remake. but another thing to do a remake with an iconic movie. our director is very much in love with the original. we kept it to the original, like with all the things everybody wants to see. but then, we made it more current and up to date for this generation. and it's great because you don't see a lot of teen movies with that kind of message of like fighting for what you believe in. you know, just the communication between parents and kids and
8:42 am
stuff. >> so positive. >> it is. it's a positive, fun, uplifting film. >> all that. all that rolled into one. and you got to have your family. >> i did. >> didn't know about it until later. tell us. your mom and sisters were in one of the line dances? >> yes. my mom and my three sisters. we're in the line dance in the country club. we were all dancing, having a good time. that's my sister in the yellow shirt behind kenny and i. and we like to say there were 4 1/2 people there because she's four months pregnant with her sixth kid. >> whoa. >> she's pretty incredible. she's supermom. >> your mom was holding her own, too. >> yeah, she was. when you see her in the movie, she's shaking it around a little bit. we're like, yeah. go, mom. >> let's play a little bit of "footloose," the new one. you're ariel. you're the preacher's daughter. doing some stuff behind his back. and this is the iconic scene from the drive-in. >> oh, yeah. i don't have a --
8:43 am
>> shh. here it is. ♪ ♪ dance the night away >> what? you can't keep up? >> you can put on a show for that guy, which means i'm gone. >> attention, ariel, will you come up to the front of the line. >> you said you shot that all night long into the morning? >> we did. the last shot we did was actually the girl, from the original, that twirls her gum in her finger. it was like at 6:30 in the morning. once the music comes on and we're dancing. all of the dancing and energy. i think we were drinking coffee at like 3:30 in the morning.
8:44 am
it was an amazing experience. it was like summer camp, with all of the cast members and everything. >> you have been dancing forever. and growing up in utah, you said you were always encouraged to dance. but some of the outfits for mormon country was a little much. >> yeah. i've been dancing my whole life. my mom put us in the lessons. kept us out of trouble. but, yeah. the costumes were a little racy. but it's dancing. and my dad, he understood that. but i got to say, at 7 years old, dancing the way i was dancing, it was pretty sexy. my dad was like, maybe you should use that in just your dancing. that's when i went to london and trained there for that. >> and your brother, derek, who is doing a fantastic job again. and you were so great with him. and you got emotional when you returned to "dancing with the stars." >> you know, that's where it all started. that's my family and my home. i feel so blessed and so fortunate that everybody has supported me from day one. i know. i mean, i was definitely very
8:45 am
emotional. >> i hope he's feeling better. >> he is. yeah, he is. >> and a final question. does your boyfriend, ryan seacrest, does he dance with you? >> he danced at the l.a. premiere with me the other night. and he busted a move. >> oh. >> yeah. he was committed. i loved it. i was like, let's do this more often. come on, babe. >> i don't blame him at all. julianne, thank you. >> thank you. >> all of the good things your way. >> thank you. >> you're one of our own, growing up with us. really appreciate it. >> i appreciate you having me. >> "footloose" hits theaters tomorrow. go check it out. coming up, how your recipe could become the
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are back here in times square.
8:48 am
great to welcome back our friend, emeril. and bringing back one of your classic segments. pie of emeril's eye. i love this. >> how american is pie? that's what it's all about. it's the season for it. >> it is the season. we want all of you to send in your recipes, some stories to go with them. and the top three finalists will come in here to times square. >> a cookoff. >> and the winner will cook with you. what are you looking for? >> originality. or maybe it's a family tradition. maybe it's something that's been passed on. crust is important. but just taste. you have to have a great tasting pie. >> and also a little twist there. >> a little twist. >> what have we got today? >> a basic apple pie. we're going to caramelize sugar in a pan. granulated sugar, brown sugar, with lemon juice. and let that caramelize. we're going to add butter to that. and then, we add our apples. this is also, george -- it's a
8:49 am
good cooking apple. like a granny smith. this here, this is a good cooking apple right here. there's different types of apples. you want to have firm, fleshy. you want to cook that, what you're doing right there. then, what we're going to do is we're going to add, believe it or not, a little pinch of salt. cinnamon and nutmeg. then, we're going to add some flour, which is going to be the thickening agent. that's going to hold it together. now, some people like cornstarch. i like flour. then, pecans. we're going to cook that for about eight to ten minutes. this is what it looks like. >> okay. then what? >> so, there are good store bought pie crusts out there. but if you make your own, some people like lox, some people like butter, some people like margarine. lox or butter is my favorite. we roll out the bottom. then, we have the second -- what we're going to do is take our filling and let it cool a little
8:50 am
bit. take our filling in here. and really, just try to get it nice -- >> you're going to have a high one. >> yes. good filling. now, we're going to take our top. and we're going to put this right over. >> now, what happens if that happens at home right there? >> if it happens, we're going to make a slit anyhow. if it happens, it's one less slit. >> no big deal. >> we're going to crimp it. and we're going to bake it at 350. >> brush it with egg. >> that's going to give a nice golden brown. i have other pies, too. this is a traditional apple. if you want, what you can do is take some good cheddar cheese. good, vermont cheddar cheese. the real deal. put some cheese on there. let it bake. it looks like that. and i have to tell you, you can do an individual pie. this is one that we did right here.
8:51 am
or we made this -- >> that has pear and cranberry, right? >> pear and cranberry. look at the apple and cheese we have. this is pear and cranberry. >> the official pie tester. >> how are you doing? what's his name? >> c.j. >> hey, c.j. hold on to it. two hands. >> oh, yeah. >> how is it? >> good. >> can you say emeril's pie of my cry. >> tell them enter the contest. >> chewing. >> i have a chocolate peanut butter pie. i had the chocolate cookies but josh has given half of them away. i had pie for everybody. but we're missing one plate of pie. >> why is that? >> because molly -- the first time -- i've been doing this for years with you guys. for the first time, molly ate
8:52 am
the pie. molly, how was the pie? how was the pie? >> molly wants a little more. >> i'm sorry. i'll tell you what. i'll give you the whole pie. the whole pie. >> all of you want to enter the eye of the pie contest. go to >> what do you think, george? >> love it. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] i am a face unclogger.
8:53 am
i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies. can the aetna app make you healthier? well, that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view claims, get reminders for mammograms, find in-network doctors,
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there is the moment, just a few minutes ago. matt winer asking becca, will you marry me? she said yes. >> matt finally exhaled. >> i think becca still isn't breathing. we want to bring them in right now. becca, matt, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> a lovely moment. becca, you were doing a gret job selling the infinitis, what did you think when you turned around?
8:56 am
>> i don't know. he's amazing. >> and we love the story of that ring. >> thank you so much. >> it's a beautiful ring. i want to add, i will tell you, that matt did not want to do this without being surrounded by friends and family, knowing the importance and the significance that is for you. and you guys were awesome today. [ cheers and applause ] >> they will drive off now into the sunset. >> happily ever after. >> in an infiniti. >> have a great day, everybody. live, and in hd, this is
8:57 am
an abc7 news update. >> good morning to you. i am cynne simpson. gun isg a concealed illegal in d.c., but that could .hange reciprocity carry today inbe introduced judiciary committee. it will allow people who have a concealed carry permit to carry concealed gun in d.c. today a d.c. council committee district'ss the recent emergencies, including the earthquake. was snarled for miles hit. that quake among those to appear, d.c.'s transportation director, deputy securityd homeland director. is lisa baden with the traffic. a lot of accidents, two on the outer loop heating springfield. we will take you to a camera live in maryland. traffic barely
8:58 am
through now on the left side. beltway, in college park greenbelt, i love this it tells these tale for just about everyone. one more camera into virginia we go. are, leaving shearling at the 14th street bridge. over to adam caskey now. >> we will be stuck in this pattern today and therrow, but clearing and sunshine will return by the weekend. from southern maryland all the way into ofthern maryland and parts virginia. it is all marching northward. 64 in the district. cooler northwest of town. drizzle by midday. a few thunderstorms this afternoon a lingering into tonight. clear by the weekend. [ speaking french ]
8:59 am
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