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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live and in hd, this is "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. >> dramatic pictures caught on tape. storms moved through the area. take a look get this. this is video of a funnel cloud interstate 95 in quantico, virginia, last night.
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storm hits at the height of hour.ight's rush we have live team coverage with a damaged left behind. with meteorologist in thean de graaff weather center. we have moister working across the area right now. few lightning strikes earlier. the rain is losing its intensity. see rain through the first half of afternoon. half of the day begin to clear the wind will pick up a little. work into the mix. you can see showers from fairfax montgomery in rockville -- rockvillesburg gaithersburg. there are big raindrops' coming down in frederick. showers will move away and a weekend will develop. more coming up in a little bid. good dangerous storms region all evening
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long. far from over. the cleanup has begun. brianne carter continues coverage from vienna. andith trees splintered snapped, trampolines tossed, residence in virginia " to discover the rack of mother nature. >> it was very powerful. looks like it was a tornado. the crews worked this morning get a callback on. to get the power back on. this apparent tornado on interstate 95 shows skies is wind whipping, creating cause for concern for the evening rush. >> we don't want to be here. you see them rotating? this is the bottom of the clouds turning? >> for some the biggest problem
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was a heavy rain. on walney road in chantilly, rising water left drivers stranded. >> the water came up higher and higher, really fast. >> a look at the mess from this willng that residents continue cleaning up. many are wondering whether or was a tornado. serviceonal weather will send some people out to area and confirm not a tornado did touchdown here. the cleanup continues. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> arkstorm team will continue weather throughout the day. local weather anytime, log on to our new developments in to the desperate search for missing county boy. year-old william mcquain was seen two weeks ago. police found his mother jane murder and wednesday night in
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their germantown home. curtis lopez has been arrested in connection with the mother's?'s >> montgomery county police say have travel to charlotte, north carolina, where taken intoas custody, to interview him. has not fully cooperated in for his stepson. william was last seen september germantown middle school. the school are explain theo disappearance to their children. >> i am trying to explain to the girls that cases like this happen and we are just hoping for the best. her daughter attends class william at martin luther king middle school. >> she came home yesterday with a .ote from school we are waiting to see for more information.
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police issued an amber alert , 51-year-oldher was found dead in her apartment with trauma to the upper body. i feel so bad for her and the children. she's very upset. 45-year-old curtis lopez, victim's estranged husband, in charlotte north carolina, where police also finding the victim's suv. now the focus has shifted to finding william. friends and parents are going to and taking it one day a time. >> hoping that everything turns out fine. >> william is a sixth grader at king middler school. as 5 feet tall, 85
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pounds, african american with a light complexion. anyone with information is urged to contact police. this step father has been charged with first-degree murder. reporting live from the coming rockville, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> that charge is in relation to the murder. chilling video shows two robbers holding up a gas station clerk in alexandria. store clerk is heard on the surveillance tape pleading for his life. >> [unintelligible] >> one of the suspects had a gun. the robbery happened last sunday morning at a shell station on edsall road. away with money and drove away. county police force are for anyone who might recognize the suspects to give them a call. on 01-year each of the of his death, the of ali mohammed will file dollar wrongful death lawsuit. the family will make the
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outside the dc9 nightclub. he died outside the club during with club employees. if the owner and four employees were eventually cleared of murder charges. lawyers for the suspect in case want toder their client gets a trial. brittany norwood is accused of killing her co-worker after an at a store in bethesda in march. with the will meet safety andsure our proper treatment in the courtroom. she could face life in prison without parole. a serial bank robbery face a judge today. 44-year-old samuel lewis pitts severalged with robbing seven banks. he was on the run for year between october 14 and year and september 2 of when the robberies were committed. if he is suspected of robbing six other banks as welcome.
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the virginia board of getting involved in a child abusease of on a school bus. the aid attacking bomb special- education bus in 2009. state officials are reviewing for school bus drivers and their helpers. the kill patrick family has lawsuit.20 million and police are caused ating what trailer to jackknife on last night on in college park. there were significant traffic as they pulled the truck from its side. taken to hospital injuries.ife setting turning to the campaign trail, republican presidential hopefuls are trying to gain momentum on herman cain. the businessman is sailing past opponent in the polls. could be because of his
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controversial and intriguing plan. rick perry was once the republican front-runner. struggling to climb back to the top. if the texas governor released the first page of his economic plan that he says would create 1.2 million jobs. >> the quickest way to give our shot in the arm is to the american ingenuity, american energy. >> it's been a roller-coaster ride. race two months ago and quickly took the lead. has plummeted, points in a recent poll. brought out a secret weapon, his wife, not holding back her opinions on the state of her husband's campaign. >> i think the debates have not been fair. think he has been the arrows.t of >> herman cain has been surging his economic plan. >> 9% personal income flat tax,
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9% national sales tax. weighs in on this as well. this, i want to call 911. ratee texas unemployment is 8.5%, the highest in nearly 25 years. what it was when rick perry first took office. he says americans want jobs and not katy slogans. day it is ad of the big tax increase. >> he may be struggling, but he raised $17 million last quarter, keep him inough to the race. karen travers, abc news. forrepublicans rival obama's job, and the is taking the south korean president to michigan to visit a general motors plant. chevrolet is building its first compact car in 40 years.
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we're learning more about his itinerary. stops in asheville on monday. he will also visit of charlottesville, newport news, and fredericksburg in virginia. 7 on your side. the new apple iphone 4s has its stores. the district, folks lined up chinatown at the apple stores. all of them hoping to get their hands on the new phone. if similar scene in new york city this morning. the new iphone looks similar to previous iphone, but this as an upgraded camera, faster processor, and improved voice activated software. huge crowds are expected in washington for the dedication of king jr.n luther memorial. scheduled forlly the weekend hurricane irene hit. now it begins on sunday at 11:00 a.m. president obama, desi?
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and, and aretha franklin are among those expected. the arrests, king leadership academy are arriving today. metro will open at 5:00 a.m. morning to help accommodate traffic. coming up -- >> i was almost relieved when came to take the computer. a surprising confession from admits tosingwho stalking hollywood's biggest stars. >> good girl. >> it feels like the 11th hour this 11 day of the search for missing baby. what former missing child elizabeth smart passed to stay -- has to say about the case. and where you could soon be bicycle around town.
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the search for missing missouri baby is entering its 11th day. is trying toily's private bring more attention to the case. >> there's never enough you can to keep your child safe out they disappeared. but media is a powerful tool, them as muchze possible is the best thing the can of family has released new their daughter. someone snatched 11-month-old last week from her kansas city home. a man charged with hacking mail of celebrities expected in court today. year-old christopher chaney targeted hollywood stars including christina aguilera, , and milaohansson kunis. what he did was wrong, obsessed. clark started as curiosity and turned
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into addictive to being behind going ons of what was see on the bige screen every day. >> he faces 26 counts of identity theft and wire tapping. convicted, he faces up to 121 years in prison. turning to the weather. we can get through today, the weekend will be all right. >> the martin luther king jr. memorial is on sunday. this week and it's going to be great. be the better of the two days. >> i love that. >> showers working their way area. the will be pushing away. then a breeze will bring some air and will signal the change of the energy getting out of fear and a more subtle as we get deeper into upcoming weekend. some showers in manassas and of prince william county
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parts of fairfax and loudoun county and proper anddistrict into question and prince and easternnty montgomery county, across the continue through the afternoon. in springfield and alexandria , showerssda and reston at the prince william parkway as well. and east of town we have rainshowers. the midsee this through afternoon and then drying trend heading into later in the day. across the area we continue dismal skies. temperatures, numbers starting down as the cold air in.s is a shot from frederick. raindrops there. 65 in lorton right now, 62 in arlington. 60's. samper and will continue dropping through the afternoon. clouds should start and we sunshine. a little
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that will be in time for the sunset. a few clouds in the evening. 50's and 40's tonight. lots of sunshine even into sunday. next weekhalf of looks fine. temperatures continuing clear and cold tonight and quick wind out of the west. a nice day on saturday, windy at times. even more pleasant on sunday. next week looks good. the showers possible and by the middle of next week. thank you. coming up, casting a cab could get more expensive. more willing cost to get around arlington? >> later on "anderson," a family opened their home to thirty foster children. becameenerosity then contagious. 7.0 on abc [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
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captioned by the national captioning institute 7 is on your side with about taxicab fares in arlington. they might be going up. county is considering basic fareraise the by 25 cents and at 50 cents for 12 andditional passenger older. if the county raise the fare, it be the first increase since 2008. if it goes up, taxicab must accept credit cards beginning in april. gas prices in our region high, many people are getting to and from work. the capitol bikeshare program ago inegan a year arlington and the district has
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been hugely successful. people now use the service. expanding into alexandria. >> we are very excited to have another jurisdiction. think that it will be a terrific complement to the existing services already provided. >> six stations will be set up alexandria. the city council approved $400,000 of federal funding. the bikeshare program may be expanding even further. other local jurisdictions such as rockville are considering to join. what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen.
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come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea.
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time is running out. about the latest page.t on our facebook away a vip tour to the country music on november 9 in nashville. do is become a fan of wjla on facebook. will announce the winner in a hours, the clock. . meeting some new friends the bucket list of sofia. she is from chesapeake city, maryland. turning 100 to tomorrow. more than 2800 friends on facebook. meet all that's i can of them. >> her list of friends keeps growing. she wants to reach 5000 friends
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by her birthday tomorrow. that is the maximum number of friends allowed by facebook. she would have to move over to a after that. happy birthday. it's going to be better for the weekend. a few more showers this afternoon. by thell be over games this evening. if a little gusty tomorrow with sunshine. warmeron sunday and even next week. thank you. thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us.
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