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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and discovering his backyard of for years suddenly looks a lot different. >> i heard this huge roar, and then everything turned black. >> the snapping was trees out ripping apart narrowly missing his home. >> i was lucky. i was really lucky. it did not hit the house and take me with it. >> a trampoline and a tree, electricity out. all over oakton, it is easy to see. >> the wind was coming from all directions. we knew if it was not a tornado it was something very close. >> it could not get much closer than it did here, leaving a giant lin on top of this house. but that it was a little nerve wracking. it punched a hole in the house.
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>> back out here alive underneath all of the tree limbs is another truck. that tree actually came from behind the house just click the gutter. otherwise could have been worse. everybody we spoke with said they were very lucky a lot of damage but very little of it to the homes. fortunately, no injuries. scott thuman, abc 7 news. that was nasty stuff. but things have changed for the better. >> it looks like the weather will stick around for the weekend and adam caskey has a first look at the forecast. >> a lot of sunshine for the evening, clear skies tomorrow. one caveat saturday it will not be perfect. the conditions right now, this is the time lapse from arlington, starting at noon.
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going through a time into the afternoon, the cold front moves through, swept away the cloud cover. now just patchy clouds. the wind gusts frostburg, 40 m.p.h. germantown 35. frostburg 51 degrees manassas 66, round hill 63. for the most part we are in the 60's, near 70 downtown. dropping through the 60's, close to 60 degrees at that time. isolated showers in the potomac highlands, but they will end quickly. the rain clears out, and little action in west virginia, falling apart at sunset. the wind will subside at nightfall. more about the weakened and the next chance of rain coming up. >> for more on the weekend weather and to see pictures of the storm damage, go to caught on surveillance tape,
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masked armed men run into a convenience store in fairfax county and head straight for the cash register as the store clerk pleads for his life. gail pennybacker is live at the store on at sole road with more of the dramatic video. - at edsel road. >> tonight you'll hear for yourself what happened inside of this store sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. a surveillance camera spots two men wearing masks armed with a handgun, scrambling up of a car charging into this convenience store. they shot the man to the terrified store clerk who was forced to the floor. as he begged for his life, the robbers raid at the store. one masked man holds the gun in his hand, rifles through the cash drawer. the clock continues his please.
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bridget the clerk continues his pleas. the crime happened october 9. the words and deeds and had admitted to a violent crime that store customers say is astonishing. >> it is scary. >> the robbers were last seen running to their getaway car. one man dropped something and ran back to get it. the car was found by police and it had been stolen. detectives believe there are critical clues in but the sounds and images from the saddle station -- from the shell station on edsel road. >> i think it will make a great impact for the people. i think people will speak out. >> fairfax county police say despite the fact the robbers were wearing masks, they think somebody will recognize how they move and the kind of clothing they were wearing.
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call the police and help them make an arrest. live in alexandria, gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. we are getting a first look at some of the evidence presented at the trial of the accused lululemon murderer. suzanne kennedy was in the courtroom and has all of the details. >> the issue that was being dealt with today was whether won the case goes to trial, will the jury be able to know that nor wood was suspected for shoplifting and that was possibly the motive for murder. we saw surveillance tape at but car mechanic police headquarters where he pleads with his sister to tell what happened that night. norwood's older brother had a brutally honest conversation
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just hours before she was charged with murder. christopher norwood said to his sister "you will top be very honest with us, it does not look good because you try to cover it all up." he asked "ag -- meaning murray, ever accuse you of shoplifting? she later said, i did not take any thing." she later asked if the whole thing was planned. he emphatically replied know. at one point, the brother said they had two options one claiming that nor would this temporarily insane, but he acknowledged that would not work because she had already talked to too many counselor since the murder, stating that she is not insane. norwood sat in court today still and emotionless, and in the front row was her parents and brothers and sister-in-law.
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norwood is charged with first- degree murder. her trial is expected to take eight days and is set to begin october 24. reporting live from montgomery county in rockville suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. we are following developments from southern california where prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty against the man who walked into his ex-wife's hair salon and opened fire. eight people were killed, including his estranged wife. investigators said the couple was involved in a bitter custody dispute over their son. new york city officials back down from their plan to evict protesters from a park in lower manhattan. the city says it is indefinitely postponing plans to clean up the area. protesters say the tactic was a move to kick them out. organizers claim a small victory. >> i was just so happy people
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supported us. >> many of the protesters have been camping out in the park for an entire month. in denver, what started as a peaceful protest turned to panic. two dozen demonstrators were arrested. officers took protestors from their tent city and even dragged some of them away by their arms. the group had been protesting about three weeks in support of the national occupied movement. tonight, out the search for a germantown woman son continues. william mcquain has not been seen since some tambor 30. his stepfather is in custody for his mother's murder. -- he has not been seen since september 30. brad bell as the latest. >> the police and friends are holding out hope that william will be found alive and well, but the focus is on the man in
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jail. he is in north carolina. what we are hearing is he is not helping. curtis lopez remains behind bars and charlotte, north carolina accused of the murder of his estranged wife, jane mcquain, in germantown. the concern is what lopez may know about the whereabouts of his stepson, 11-year-old william mcquain. according to sources lopez is the only suspect in the disappearance of the boy and he is not talking. >> i pray to god i don't know how long that it will find him alive. >> this never knew the mother and son well. when we showed an image of lopez, she recognized him, too. >> he stood right there. >> that was a week and a half ago, several days after she last saw them alive. it was september 30 when she noticed mcquain and lopez sitting on the front porch. after that, she only saw the man
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she believed to be lopez. >> i saw him walking this way. at belmont on october 5, she watched a man load atv into mcquain's car and drive away. there has been no trace of william. >> every day they cannot find him and he is missing you never know. >> we want to see him back and safe. >> he is the youth pastor at their church. he knows william well as a happy, lively, sixth grader, organizing a vigil for the boy tonight. >> we're getting together to pray for william. >> they are two vigils both at 7:30. the church will be held at martin luther king middle school in germantown, and the other by the football program at the gaithersburg community center. brad bell, abc 7 news. coming up, we are just two
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days away from the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. today, some very special guests arrived. b>> sophie ferrara turns 102 years old tomorrow and she has a big goal she is trying to reach. how you can help. >> i was almost relieved when they came into the computer. >> the man accused of attacking into celebratory -- celeb
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new twists and the case of a maryland woman who is missing. a judge will hear arguments from the man's lawyer to see if he can continue be held in jail. a new high-profile attorney is doing his defense team. he successfully represented two security guards in the natalee hao lowercase and he says there are few similarities between the cases. -- in the natalee holloway case. a man is accused of
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invading the privacy of celebrities from his home computer. alison starling has the details. >> it started as a curiosity and turned into being addicted to seeing behind the scenes of what was going on. >> he has been hunting hollywood from 2500 miles away. christopher janney from jacksonville fla., used three different computer names to hike into computers email, and cell phones. >> he was able to access nude photos of some celebrities, photos that were unfortunately up loaded onto the internet. >> authorities explain how he was able to hack into the accounts by figuring out the passwords from information that he learned about stars and tabloid magazines and articles. >> it alleges three broad
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classes of crimes, computer hacking, aggravated identity theft, and wiretapping. >> i know what i did was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy someone could experience. >> if convicted, he faces 121 years in prison. >> i know what i did and that was wrong. i just have to face that and deal with that and go forward. >> his next court appearance will be in california on november 1. the iphone 4s has arrived. people lined up in the wee hours outside of the apple store in chinatown. everybody wanted to be the first to get the new phone. a similar scene in new york. more than 250 people waited outside in the rain. the new iphone looks like its predecessor, but it hasn't of
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credit camera, faster processor and improved -- but it has a better camera, faster processor and improved voice recognition. >> if something called the iphone 5 came out next month they would be back in line next month. >> they come out and they literally cheer. the first person people clap for. i have seen that. i was not waiting in line, i was covering it. we are applauding the weather forecast. >> after the rain and cloud cover, sunshine. >> good. >> but gusty wind. at the sky conditions over damascus noticed the pavement, very damp and the trees changing colors. the clouds cleared out at noon. now we are off to a lot of sunshine.
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the cold front moved through gusty wind as well, in excess of 30 miles per hour. temperature of 63 in frederick, a beautiful picture. that is our live camera at st. john regional catholic school. just a few isolated lingering showers, one moving into westminster, carroll county, pushing off to the east, and a few more in the potomac highlands. we still have some unsettled weather through 7:00 p.m. cumberland martinsburg hagerstown you could get a little sprinkle, but that would be about it. the rain that pushed through it came down hard at times. reston has picked up over 4 inches of rain the last 24 hours. a few more sparkle off in west virginia, that is it. the overall weather pattern the
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shift we are getting the low pressure off to the north. this is the strengthening low pressure system that will park and camp over hudson bay over the weekend. this high pressure system is building in that will give a sunshine. because we are wedged in between the systems tomorrow, it will cause the pressure contrast and very gusty wind, probably up to 30 miles per hour. out west, they could be closer to 45 miles per hour. the wind out of the west gusting at at 38 miles per hour in martinsburg airport, more costs in the shenandoah valley. the temperature is comfortable. low humidity. it was a tropical air mass that we were in but comfortable now. good night to open the windows. 64 winchester, cumberland 59. tonight, northwest of town
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hagerstown 44, but around the beltway and the waterways closer to 50 degrees. good night to open the windows. tomorrow mostly sunny comfortable temperatures, low 70's downtown, upper 60's north and west of the metro area, especially the potomac thailand's. -- the potomac highlands. a little disturbance slides then. that will come in at sunday. that will increase the cloud cover, partly cloudy. still pleasant but late in the day, by the evening, we cannot rule out an isolated showers closer to pennsylvania, near the mason dixon line. the next chance of rain is late tuesday and wednesday. we are getting another could break from the rain showers. we will not lose the leaves and the wind because they have not really changed color jet.
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-- they have not really changed colors yet. thank you. it is now time to give away our vip trip for two to the country music awards. >> the winner gets airfare hotel, and two tickets to the cma. congratulations to sean wieland. >> the next to the weight is $700 of groceries delivered to your door by peapod. we will announce the winner next friday on abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up, cab fares that could be going up in the jurisdiction. >> plus, a church fight comes to a head in court. >> why do we need a new version of
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the "footloose" remake is in theaters this weekend. >> does this of version have the right moves? arch campbell has his review. >> new movies include a bird watching comedy with steve martin and remakes of a sci-fi
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classic and a remake of one of the most beloved musicals of all time "footloose." the new "footloose" updates the music and the dancing, same old story, the town that at all dancing. deadbolt harder to believe in 2011. -- a little harder to believe in 2011. two stars, pg-13. go if you want, but i think i will sit this stands out. "the thing" brings back a space alien, a stomach turning special effects extravaganza that feels like "aliens" on ice. competitive birdwatchers in the "big year," silly at first, a nice message at the end.
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have a nice weekend. in arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. now here is what is coming out in prime time. diane sawyer brings a special " 20/20" hit in america, children of the planes, -- hit in america, children of the plains, who worked to create a brighter future for themselves. that is at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. coming up, no school for students in d.c., so why were these teachers going to students' homes? >> the stage set for the crowd of thousands, the dedication of the martin luther king national memorial has arrived.
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make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. following breaking news from winchester virginia. the police are looking for a bank robber they say is armed and dangerous. >> he is from maryland. they say he held up a united bank this afternoon. during the holdup, he exchanged gunfire with the police. no officers were hit and he got away. 48 hours away from the highly anticipated dedication of the martin luther king jr. national memorial. >> the planned event in august was canceled because of. k9 rain, but beautiful weather is promised this sunday. >> arriving from atlanta, and nine young women from the korena
5:31 pm
scott king academy. leading to the sunday dedication to the martin luther king jr. national memorial, dr. king's own daughter. >> my father has this memorial in washington, d.c., and for us to be up to stay that, it is so humbling. >> she will be among those speaking sunday to the crowd. the stage where aretha franklin and others will perform is set. 50,000 shares line west potomac park. >> just being here, enjoying the moment. >> this is his second visit after the planned ceremony in august was canceled because of hurricane irene. friday's rain did not deter the groups. >> it is inspiring. >> sunday's forecast is sunday, and the park service is
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expecting large crowds, no tickets required. expect tight security. president obama will deliver the dedication address at the site of the statue. as a result, the memorial itself will be close to the public all day. >> you will see the big picture. >> he is in charge of the jumbotrons. he was 11 years old when he saw reverend king deliver his "i have a dream" speech. am i am proud of that. >> metro is open early sunday morning. for that information and the road closures, go to watch live coverage of the dedication on sunday, from 9:00 in the morning until noon on our sister station, news channel 8. a major cleanup is underway
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after yesterday's ferocious storms. parts of northern virginia felt the wrath of a suspected tornado that hit near quantico. parts of oakton also got hit hard. powerful wind knocked down trees and power lines. this but the damage, nobody was seriously hurt. surveillance video shows two robbers holding up a gas station in alexandria. the store clerk on the tape is pleading for his life. the robbery happened last sunday morning at a shell station on edsel road. montgomery county police are still searching for 11-year-old william mcquain of germantown. his stepfather, curtis lopez, is in custody in charlotte. he is accused of murdering his mother and the police say he is the souls sot -- the sole suspect and the boy's disappearance. it has been one year since jericho city praise church lost its pastor, betty peoples, but
5:34 pm
there is a bitter fight between the family and the board of trustees. greta kreuz was in the courtroom and she is live at the landover church. >> they are having a one year commemoration tonight at the church, the passing of bettey peebles. it has been overshadowed by doling boards of trustees over who gets to control all of this. the 20,000 member jericho city of praise church came together last year for the funeral. but battles over money and leadership have sharply divided the church ever since. in a packed courtroom, attorneys for her son and current pastor argued that he and his board of trustees are the legitimate church government, not a board elected they allege in secret in march of to the asinine. -- of 2009.
5:35 pm
others say the truth is that betty before her death put into place another board that did not include her son jolt. she thought he was a good preacher, but not capable of running the multimillion-dollar church complex. supporters of pastor joel are confident he will win. >> he is a wonderful man of god and a great pastor and a great leader. >> the church is gearing up for the one year commemoration of her passing and downplaying the schism. >> we have a few people who are confused right now. the church is not divided. >> the judge took the case under advisement, saying only that he will rule on it soon. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. it may cost more to catch a cab in arlington. they're considering a proposal to raise the basic fare by
5:36 pm
twenty-five cents and add fifty cents for each passenger over the age of 12. the county raises the fear this way, it would be the first increase since 2008. if the fare goes up, taxis will have to accept credit cards starting in april. let's check the traffic situation. >> it is friday. we have the typical delays. right now heading south, solid on the westbound freeway from the 3rd street tunnel to the 14th street bridge. southbound i-95 virginia slow from newington to dumfries, often on to quantico. -- off and on to quantico. let's look at the maryland cameras. the outer loop is solid old georgetown to leesburg. the inner loop, accident has been cleared of the way but heavy delays at the american legion bridge, solid from old
5:37 pm
georgetown 2 georgia ave. heavy in each direction. i-270 not found -- northbound slow to father hurley, back to the lane divide. coming up, two men charged with stealing something few people would think of touching. >> i did not want to go on, but i had to. >> this week's working woman had a tough road. she was once homeless. how she made it through to become a nurse. >> then, a disturbing report on air traffic control errors.
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with the unemployment rate holding at 9.1%, many families are struggling. >> tonight's "working woman" went from being homeless to being a nurse. alison starling shares the story of triumph. >> megan is using her personal touch to help patients as a registered nurse at washington hospital center, a far cry from the like she was living with her
5:41 pm
husband and young sons just a few years ago. >> we were homeless quite a while. we stayed in people's basements. >> for eight months, she and her family were homeless. her husband lost his job and his automotive job in michigan, then she lost her job and had to drop out of a nursing school. finally, they lost their home. and both of her parents passed away. >> i did not want to wake up in the morning. but i had to. >> she tried to keep things normal for her boys. babbitt has been hard for them, but we just kind of carried on and it kept our happy face and we did ok. >> her brother, a d.c. police officer, suggested the family moved to d.c. to find work. it worked, and she also apply to marymount university nursing program. she got a full scholarship and
5:42 pm
graduated in two years. >> when they called my name, i was happy. it my kids were very happy. >> now her husband also has a full scholarship to study art and she is living her dream to follow in her mother's footsteps as a nurse. she hopes her example of perseverance will encourage her boys, now 7 and 12, to always work hard. >> you can do anything. if you want it badly enough. i wanted it badly. >> for next challenge is to go to medical school and become a doctor. alison starling, abc 7 news. she will go all the way. coming up next, this maryland want is fighting to become a facebook sensation at the age of
5:43 pm
102. how you could help her. >> enjoying a day off from school
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d.c. students had the day
5:46 pm
off from school today, but some sot bill spent quality time with their teachers. >> anacostia high school teachers made rare home visits today and they invited sam ford all along. >> they alerted no one. they just showed up. anacostia teachers and the school principal took field trips to their students' homes. the staff development day meant discussing teaching spreadsheet and also all 120 faculty and staff hitting the streets for unannounced visits. the idea of the school principal. >> for too long we have sat back. we decided instead of waiting for them, we will engage them. >> we followed his group, the visiting students, past the police to jump out squad. first stop, anthony smallwood.
5:47 pm
the school principal says he is chronically late for school and wants to meet his parents. >> if you are not coming to school how we make sure that you are successful? you are too smart. we have to make sure you come to school every day. >> change the time. >> ok, what time did you want us to start school? >> 11:00. >> he said not a chance, but they will give him a wake up call. his parents' reaction? >> shocking. i did not expect him. it is a beautiful thing they are doing. >> the teacher said the trips are helpful for them. that is not enough to just come to high-school every day. the need to understand the environment. >> do you like it? >> no, it is bad enough that i see them at school. >> the school principal said
5:48 pm
this is the second time anacostia has done this, and he thinks it is a good way for the school to build a relationship with the parents who did not visit the school. reporting live from southeast sam ford, abc 7 news. and long wait is over for a local woman. >> i cannot believe the day as here. >> she picked up her brand-new redesigned 2012 volkswagen beetle in sterling. she won the car caught on oprah winfrey's show last year. she said that oprah inspired her to do community service work, including housing exchange students serving as a life coach, and helping local children. >> thank you! >> she went on the show with her longtime best friend, and today she drove to pennsylvania in her new car to take her friend to pick up her new matching car.
5:49 pm
sophie ferrara of chesapeake city md., is marking a big birthday tomorrow and is inviting all of her friends. she met more than 2800 on facebook. she is turning 102 and she wants more friends. she wants to reach the maximum that facebook allows, 5000. she hopes to reach that goal by tomorrow. she has a loyal following on facebook. >> even though i don't see them, i know they talk about me. it and i would love to meet them. >> her granddaughter said she started using facebook when she turned 100 and she is booked. she updates for page several times a day with her granddaughter's help. we posted her story on our facebook page, and we have a lot of birthday messages for you. a plea all of our friends will
5:50 pm
help her reach her birthday goal -- hopefully all of our friends will help her reach her birthday gold. now let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has a look ahead. >> more on the aftermath of last night's storms, how residents of one neighborhood had their hands full with the cleanup today. also, protesters still on the streets of washington. why business owners would like them gone. that is coming up at 6:00. the weather is starting to improve. >> looks like a nice weekend. adam caskey has the details. >> there is one little exception, which will be tomorrow. good kiteflying weather. annapolis, the view from the naval academy over the severn river, the cloud cover 66
5:51 pm
degrees. just southeast of the naval academy, we have showers approaching annapolis over downtown annapolis. speaking of the rain, look at reston over 4 inches of rain the past 24 hours. manassas centreville and chantilly also in the bull's- eye. impressive rainfall totals. the temperatures dropping into the 60's. harpers ferry 68. inwood is at 60. the temperatures dropped into the 60's and 50's tonight. i think low 40's in the outlying areas, the downtown closer to 50 degrees, within the beltway near 50. tomorrow comfortable low 70's, sunshine through the weekend. a little bit of cloud cover sunday. the next chance of measurable rain will be wednesday, may be late tuesday. that is the latest from the belfort furniture weather
5:52 pm
center. we have been talking about this is the best time of year. >> hockey, football, basketball. the nba is not ready to go, but college is. college basketball begins with midnight madness, tonight. in college park, the 2011 team on the the new coach will be playing a team of alums. juan dixon steve blake, they will all be there. it will be joined by steve francis at and that vasquez. >> to have those guys in our building again, i think four of the five starters will be here. hopefully word spreads quickly. i am not sure the last time steve was back. hopefully that will create a huge buzz. this is another high-school football friday. as always, would like to showcase the prep athletes to
5:53 pm
understand the sport prepares us for the game of life. tonight, the spotlight -- >> the best way to introduce him, the touchdown says it all. >> he keeps the team up and keeps them going. >> it is at home where he works on his leadership skills. this past summer his mother batteredbattle during cancer. she was forced to have a hysterectomy but she was not alone. >> he sat with be the whole day permit -- he sat with me the whole day. >> thanks to his mother, his love of football started early. >> my mom always pushed the dolphins on me, so i always liked them. >> with one of his hardest years behind him, he is just enjoying
5:54 pm
his last school season. >> to overcome the stress and focus on the field, has been important. >> catch all of the highlights on our sister station, news channel 8. i will see you on "high-school sports final" at 11:30. meanwhile, we have the capitals, the redskins, all of that coming up. 6:00, the redskins, one of their star players is questionable for sunday. next, a security guard got suspicious when he noticed a truck other than the freight rail delivered caterpillar to peoria more than 100 years ago. and they're still delivering cat machines today. you can find us on every continent. and the journey starts here on freight rail america's freight rail companies. helping deliver jobs across this country and goods around the world. reinvesting billions of their own money every year to
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build a rail network that powers our economy. nobody moves more dirt than caterpillar. and we rely on freight rail to move us.
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two men are charged with an elaborate theft. >> the object of their theft it is something that few people would think of is a hot property. >> used cooking oil. it usually ends up in a fat like this.
5:58 pm
yuck right? not to those in the biofuels business or these two men. they are charged with grand larceny. they allegedly stole used cooking oil from a series of restaurants. >> for the better part of the last year we have been experiencing a lot of deaths of our accounts and is a significant problem. -- a lot of thefts at our accounts. >> a security guard got suspicious. >> it is not good. that a number of restaurants contract with green leave biofuels. they turned the used cooking oil into biodiesel. >> we take a waste product and put it back into the market as a renewable fuel. >> the men allegedly drove to the restaurants and pretended to be green leaf employees.
5:59 pm
that is one that got caught. they face serious charges but there are questions that remain primarily, where did the stolen cooking oil go? stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> that is what i was wondering. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, cleaning up the mess left by mother nature. one neighborhood especially hard hit. and nearly a dozen in jail. captioned by the national captioning institute the big story at 6:00, the big cleanup underway after last night's severe weather. that the storms moved through quickly, but the damage was widespread across virginia. one storm that stopped traffic was caught on video near quantico. people hit by the


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