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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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car pileup. >> and a mother dead and her child still missing. today the man of the center of the case goes to court. >> the redskins quarterback controversy, still, six weeks into the season. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a thanks for waking up with us this morning. good morning, washington. monday october 17, 6:00 a.m.. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. but we start with adam caskey. another warm day. >> very profitable today and tomorrow. -- very comfortable. active on wednesday. early this morning in and around the potomac highlands between cumberland and hancock
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and moving east there is a shower. there's a special approach in martinsburg. accused by the sprinkles coming to an end right now. 52 degrees in berkeley springs 53 in lusby and king george. 58 in remington, 59 in chevy chase. mid 70's today, a mixture of sun and clouds. and it's 70's again totomorrow. camp springs, maryland on allentown road at branch avenue a truck lost its load of lumber on the side of the road. a lot of cleanup left to do. allentown road and branch avenue nobody getting through. you can see all the emergency equipment. branch avenue is open to get over allentown road right now. we will have more updates as they develop. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01.
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our top story, the racing world is morning a step in driver who died doing what he loved. dan wheldon was on the second turn of lap 11 in las vegas. millions of people wanting when something went terribly wrong. >> multiple cars involved. it looks like dan wheldon may be involved in it. >> 15 cars crashed in a fiery pileup. his car went airborne and then crashed, cockpit first into a wall. he and three other drivers were hospitalized. officials announced his death and immediately canceled the rest of the race. >> we lost one of my best friends, one of my greatest teammates. >> we are all going to miss him. a little bit of everyone in
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indycar driving died today. >> sunday's race was his third start this season. he was scaling back time on the track in order to spend time with his wife susan and two young sons. he was 33. yesterday police and cadaver dogs combed two local parks looking for william mcquain. more than two weeks after his subduction there's still no sign of a young boy. >> today the man at the middle of his disappearance will be in a north carolina courtroom. mike conneen joins us with details. >> good morning. curtis lopez is expected to make an appearance at an extradition hearing in charlevoix later today. he faces a charge of the first degree murder. officers used cadaver dogs in
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nearby parks in montgomery county looking for a and body, but they are still holding out hope that william mcquain could be alive. friends and family are holding out hope as well. >> i thought, let's get together as one community and be together. >> classmates and parents held a vigil on sunday to pray for the safe return of missing 11-year- old william mwilliam mcquain and to pray for his mother. >> i would laugh with her one more time and i would hug william one more time. but i know that she's not coming back. we want to get williams back. -- william. >> they cannot find william anywhere. >> where is he? >> detectives have arrested the
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estranged husband curtis lopez served 13 years in a pennsylvania prison for attempted murder. he will not cooperate in the search for william. cadaver dogs searched damascus regional park searching for the child based on what police are calling a turn in the investigation. >> any way you look at it, this is a tragic scenario? for everyone involved. >> again, police say that the search efforts were not successful this weekend, nothing significant turned up. but officials say investigators continued to develop leads in the case and they say they will decide today, they will regroup in montgomery county to decide the next step in their search for william. reporting live from montgomery county in rockville, mike conneen, abc 7 newscast. now to the latest in a mystery in aruba. the disappearance of frederick a
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woman. gary giordano of gaithersburg will be back in court in aruba this morning asking for his freedom. in addition to his legal team, jose baez distrust of the casey anthony trial. gary giordano claims robyn gardner was swept away by a current while snorkeling and in august. the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor is on hold. there will be no testimony today if because a witness's father died on the weekend. prosecutors say that the doctor's testimony is crucial in try to prove that conrad murray's negligence letson michael jackson's? . no word on when the trial will resume. president obama takes his jobs plan back on the road today with a bus or in the tar heel state. the trip through north carolina and virginia is as much about jobs as shoring up support in two southern states that he won
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in 2008. thousands of people flocked to washington on sunday for the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. >> among those celebrating was his daughter and his sister. >> we should never adjust to violence of any form. >> i have witnessed a baby become a great hero to humanity. >> president obama also made a speech spanking dr. king's for making it possible for an african american to reach the white house. d.c. mayor vincent gray addressed what he called the irony of d.c.'s lack of full representation in congress. the redskins entered familiar territory yesterday. unfortunately, not mean many trips to the end zone. there is a quarterback controversy brewing after four interceptions by rex grossman washington lost to philadelphia 20-13. john beck scored the only
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touchdown for the redskins. there will be announcements on wednesday regarding who will start against north carolina. the texas rangers in the world series. >> assign louis cardinals are headed back to world series. >> the fact louis cardinals captured their eighth national league pennant in the 12th straight win. the rangers will travel to st. louis for game 1 on wednesday. 59 degrees. >> still ahead a gridiron clash between two coaches. words to exchange. >> a final farewell to a modern- day visionary. apple paying tribute to founder steve jobs. >> we will be back with the workweek forecast data but temperatur
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hello from food and friends. as you prepare for the holidays, please don't forget food and friends. we have five different pies. visit our website it. good morning, washington. 6:11 on this monday morning adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a changing weather patterns trauma the week. it is fall. big temperature swings. let's look at conditions right
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now outside. most of the light rain coming to an end north of 68 around cumberland and north of cumberland crossing into pennsylvania, a few sprinkles coming to an end. partly cloudy through the day. 61 right now in the district. 50 in cumberland. 65 in lexington park. this afternoon, low to mid 70's. comfortable tomorrow, mid 70's, partly cloudy. close to 60 by the end of the week. it has been a busy morning. we begin in the district. a hole has developed in a bridge, southbound to 95 after malcolm x avenue where it crosses over south capitol street. southbound 295 has only one lane to the left open southbound. northbound is open out of accokeek to oxon hill and beyond
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getting into maryland. breaking news on the maryland side. near andrews air force base, a live camera crew. this is allentown road in camp springs, closed under branch avenue. a truck lost its load of lumber on the highway. allentown road, if you are trying to get to andrews air force base, the main gates will not be an option, but branch avenue is getting through. as far as virginia, we have one picture for you. showing you a picture of northbound 95. the headlights on the way to the pentagon. metro rail, marc rail, in good shape. back to you. >> thank you. 6:13 59 degrees. >> coming up, fighting robots bursas a "footloose" remake. -- verusus a "footloose" remake. >> where is president obama
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the president starts a swing through southern states and is talking about jobs again. >> it is the big topic. this comes amid economic frustrations still playing out in the wall street protests nationwide. autria godfrey is on capitol hill, with a preview of the president's terpsour and a the state of the economy. >> it's going to be a bumpy ride. north carolina is historically redstate, but he was able to carry it in 2008 by 14,000 votes. he's talking about jobs and its plan to help get people back to work and that will hopefully help keep the state in his
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pocket. >> as tough as times may be i know that we will overcome. i know there are better days ahead. i know that because of the man watching over us. >> president obama at the m.l.k. memorial dedication, embarking on a bus tour through north carolina and virginia, drumming up support for his jobs bill. talking to the tar heels' first if mr. obama has his work caught out for him on a state with 10.4% unemployment and businesses struggling. republicans are still trying to court that job-seeking crowd. the rising stars herman cain not helping to bridge the economic divide. >> if you are not rich don't blame -- >> 1% of americans have 36% of
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the nation's total well, people still protesting. president obama's message will be aimed at those on capitol hill. the white house announced his trip last week. the president will be challenging congress to work this week to pass every element of the american jobs act. it will be a tough sell as the senate already shot down his bill last week. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. family and friends of apple founder steve jobs gathered yesterday to say goodbye. a private memorial service was held on the campus of stanford university. apple would not release any details about the celebration but to the guest list included top technology leaders california corp., and rupert murdoch. steve jobs died october 5 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. california governor jerry brown has declared today steve jobs day in the golden state. making news in america's money, safeguards.
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now you will know when you read the mobile phone limit. >> did movie fans go for real steel or "footloose"? >> preventing wireless bill shot. many wireless customers are hit with big penalties when they go over their monthly limits to avoid -- limits for text or data. there's an argument over whether harrisburg can file for bankruptcy. harrisburg, pennsylvania, is not able to pay its debts. the picture is improving for eastman kodak, getting cash by licensing some of its digital patents. kodak gets $10 million upfront from imax to brighten and expand its big screen movies. "reel steel" beat off the
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challenge from "footloose" at the box office. but the tally was very close. 6:18 now. 2000 people joined me at a walk for parkinson's disease entered at nationals ballpark. it was the first year for this. it raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. lots of awareness as well about partparkinson's disease. we were fortunate because the sun was shining and was perfect for being outside and walking. >> a good day and a good time. >> we were thankful for that. it's that time of year where it's all or nothing. it's the perfect or very windy with areas of rain and drizzle we had been experiencing. on a weekend there was sunshine
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and comfortable temperatures. that will continue today and tomorrow in the mid 70's. big changes by the middle of the week. first, a cold front this morning. 50 degrees in cumberland. 65 in lexington park. culpeper, 61 along with the district, 55 in frederick. changing temperatures this morning. here's a look get the cold front moving into place. it caused areas of rain in pennsylvania and the potomac highlands northwest of the metro area earlier this morning. that is coming to an end. i want to talk about the overall weather pattern. in florida this is an association with an area of low pressure that will track your words tuesday and wednesday. an area of low pressure will attract eastward towards the washington area as well and that will add to the dynamics of the
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atmosphere, the shifting weather patterns. all this will lead to a damp wednesday, areas of rain and then gusty on thursday pushing colder air in place for friday and the weekend. mid-70s's today, mixture of sun and clouds. the same tomorrow. after the rain on wednesday friday near 60 with sunshine. low to mid 60's into the weekend. what is the latest in traffic? >> an accident on allentown road at branch avenue. the road is closed. 295 southbound after malcolm x avenue in d.c. emergency road work. track is getting by in one lane. kenilworth avenue at east capital street as an accident. northbound from oxon hill, lanes are open up to the 11th street bridge. i have this picture in maryland moving nicely at 270.
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>> i love it. >> 59 degrees. >> coming up, a daring rescue attempt at the bottom of the world. > later, on "anderson," a psychic medium who claims to communicate with the dead talking with members of my crew. >> my niece died in an accident 19 years ago. >> even my mother. he could make a believer out of view. today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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take a look in the day ahead. parking violators included can expect a little more than a warning. state police begin today will start writing tickets as well s as towing. drivers parking in a grassy areas and travel lanes will be targeted near the prince william parkway. two years since the adoption and murder of morgan harrington. her parents are marking the day it. her body was found but her killer is still on the loose.
6:26 am
maryland lawmakers return to annapolis today for a special session,. senators and delegates will vote on new boundaries for the eighth congressional district in the state. a sixckck american woman working at the south pole is ready to make a treacherous voyage. >> the new hampshire woman has been working at a research station at the bottom of the world. she suffered a stroke or develop some sort of a brain tumor that caused her vision and speech problems in august. blizzards have delayed several attempts to fly the woman to the hospital including one this weekend. ato try to make it to a hospital in new zealand to get some help. there's still another half- hour of "good morning washington." >> telephones and radiation, a disturbing reports about an
6:27 am
everyday danger. >> john hendren, more details on a 15-car pileup that killed in the driver dan wheldon, coming up. >> >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. there's a cold front moving
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in the car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from and survival injuries -- unsurvivalble injuries. >> a tragic situation. good morning, washington. it's monday, october 17. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. more on the story in a moment
6:31 am
but we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment on a hole in the road. but we start with adam caskey. >> a few degrees warmer than yesterday. big changes by the end of the week. we typically see this in the fall in washington. 52 in hagerstown, 59 at dulles airport, 65 in lexington park. a big disparity in temperatures. this afternoon, ms. 70's locally, a 60's in hagerstown romney, the potomac highlands a little cooler. highs in the mid 70's tomorrow, partly cloudy. sprinkles this morning will come to an end in the potomac highlands. a few systems will converge overhead on wednesday for the next chance of rain. near 60 for a high temperature on friday. southbound d.c. 295 near
6:32 am
malcolm x avenue there's a hole in the bridge. and a portion of allentown rd. is allowed to get through under branch avenue. branch avenue is open entirely. you will find restrictions allentown road and branch avenue. tons of cleanup underway for some lumber. we will have more on breaking news coming up on our next report. stick around. our top story, the racing world is mourning the loss of its champion driver. he died doing exactly what he loved. in the 500 winner dan lunddan waldenheldon died yesterday. the drivers were reaching over 200 miles an hour during practice. >> now a sports that he leaves
6:33 am
behind and his family. >> good morning. it was supposed to be a showcase event for the struggling indycar series but with speeds than high in a crowded field of 34 cars aggressive driving was a big concern from the start. >> i think i am getting old. i've been to too many of these already. >> we are all going to miss him. a little bit of everybody in indycar driving died a little today. >> drivers and fans alike called the worst crashes but never seen. british indycar driver dan wheldon was trying to win a share of a 500$5 million bonus. he crashed into a wall in a 15- car pileup allows data speedway. all drivers and fans mourned the loss from of the two-time indianapolis 500 winner.
6:34 am
he was 33. this was his third start of the season. he had taken more time off recently to spend more time with his wife susan and two young sons two and one just born in march on -- one age two and another just born in march. police, cadaver docks certification two local parks for william mcquain. no sign of the 11-year-old boy. >> the man at the middle of the disappearance will be in montgomery county court today. mike conneen has details from montgomery county police headquarters. >> good morning. curtis lopez is expected to appear later today in court in north carolina in charlotte for an extradition hearing. he has been charged with first-
6:35 am
degree murder. officers used cadaver dogs in two local parks in montgomery county this weekend, but with no socks. even though they were certain for body, but not given up hope that a little william will be found alive. neither have family members or friends. classmates and parents held a vigil on sunday evening to pray for his safe return. the 11-year-old william mcquain went missing two weeks ago. they also remembered his mother, 51-year-old jane mcquain. her body was found stabbed and beaten in the bedroom of their apartment. they cannot find william, but police have been trying to work quips her estranged husband. he has not been cooperating with the investigation. police will regroup today in montgomery county to decide what the next step is in their surgical william. mike conneen reporting from rockville. a manassas woman has been
6:36 am
accused of setting fire to a neighbor's home. a residents of this video in the this thous10100 block of woodberry drive. tanisha bates is being held without bond. president obama is taking his jobs plan back on the road today in the tar heel state. database spreads through north carolina and virginia beginning with a speech in asheville. the president's trip is as much about jobs as shoring up support in two southern states and he won in 2008. the occupy wall street movement has exploded since it was born. only 500 people attended the first protest in new york's citicorp. demonstrations against corporate greed and economic inequality are now taking place in nearly 1000 cities all around the world, including in washington.
6:37 am
protests have been mostly peaceful. let's talk sports. six weeks into the season, the redskins have a quarterback controversy. >> a repeat of the preseason battles between rex grossman and john beck. on sunday rex grossman through four interceptions before he was replaced. he scored the only touchdown for the redskins, but washington still lost to philadelphia. coach and quarterback wade been on the disappointing performance. >> i believe in myself no matter if the whole stadium does not or the coaching staff does not. crackdown beck has been practicing very well the last weeks. with four turnovers we thought it was time to make a change. >> a little rusty on some things here and there. being in and out of the hubble -- huddle. i don't know what will happen next. >> the carolina panthers will
6:38 am
play the redskins on sunday. it is 6:37, 59 degrees. >> cell phone radiation if a news reports that parents need to hear. >> thousands of people were in the tidal basin to honor the legacy of martin luther king. >> and a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back. when you spendore days t than not separated from your own life... wh the only ththing you can be sure of is migines with 15 or more headacache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and yomay be living with chronic migraine. but knowing that this thing y're goinghrough has a name, means knknowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to mychronicmigraine.comm to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life.
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6:41, monday morning. we will have to transition this week. rathere's a cold front this morning with a little to no fanfare. a few sprinkles in the potomac highlands have come to an end. look at the temperature difference. cumberland 49. 44 in frostburg. st. mary's county, 61 in california, maryland. 66 in saint indigos. 60 woodbrige and arlington 59 in capitol heights, 56 in montgomery village. scattered clouds across our skies. a mixture of sun and clouds
6:42 am
throughout the day. mid-70's locally today. the same tomorrow. rainshowers on wednesday. much cooler by the end of the week. plenty of traffic this morning. you will find heavy volume right now on 95 and 66. breaking news. we will 270 southbound at father hurley boulevard -- we will take you to 295. creeping along to 495. no count 395 as normal backup to the pentagon. there is an accident under branch avenue on allentown road. some traffic getting true with police direction -- getting through. > 58 degrees.
6:43 am
>> two coaches started fighting in nfl football after the game was over. >> mike allen gives
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. the president's figh 40 1/7t for two southern states that he won in 2008. >> his bus tour will go through two states. >> virginia and north carolina two states that the president won in 2008 have been red states all along, so he wants to get them back.
6:46 am
the secret service bus that is black and looks very opposing runnirumbling through the countryside, the closest place will be fredericksburg. if you want to go. the president will be pushing his jobs measure through congress. >> there is another gop debate tomorrow, this time in nevada. he won that so easily last time but a lot has changed. >> it was great for the president last time. both parties will pour a lot of resources this time. another republican debate, can you believe this? the candidates will be asked about housing issues which have
6:47 am
not, before. foreclosures is a big issue in nevada and some parts of virginia. >> we will be watching closely. thank you, mike allen. >> battleground of data. -- battleground nevada. >> thank you. the martin luther king jr. memorial was yesterday. >> among those in attendance were his daughter and his sister. >> we should never have violence of any form. >> i witnessed a baby, a great hero to humanity. >> president obama thankexed king for making it possible to reach the white house. and vincent gray spoke of the irony of d.c.'s likes of full representation in congress. >> all these years later, those
6:48 am
in our city are still denied the basic rights of self- determination and representation that is accorded to other americans. >> as tough as times may be, i know we will overcome. i know better days are ahead. i know that because of demands towering overruns -- >> hurricane irene delayed the original august dedication. for more speeches from yesterday and a photo gallery, log on to our website, we should soon know the full extent of the earthquake damage at the national cathedral. the same engineers who inspected the washington monument will now take a closer look attica people this week. last week approved a move to a pinnacle from the central town work in order to stabilize the people. it has since been closed since the earthquake. officials hope to reopen its sometime next mumps. federal investigators looking into allegations of bill regularities in vincent gray's
6:49 am
campaign have granted immunity to at least one witness. there's a report that payton broke received immunity in exchange for his cooperation. the mayor's office hired him as a special assistant, but then he resigned amid allegations of cronyism against vincent gray. -- peyton brooks. cornell west, a princeton professor, was arrested among 19 other people's demonstrating yesterday as part of a stop the machine protest movement. new information about the radiation risk from cell phone use. a new study in a journal says that the child's brain a source twice as much cell phone radiation as that of an adult. the report says that cell phones carried in your shirt or pants pocket exceed guidelines
6:50 am
set by the sec. scientists believe children are particularly at risk from cell phone radiation because there's call is thinner -- their scull is thinner. >> that is frightening. let's talk about some good stuff. the weather. >> today and tomorrow, fantastic. overall this week will be fall like. a big change by the end of the workweek. >> leaves are starting to fall. >> yes. and i want more pictures of fall colors. we have some on facebook, the beautiful fall colors that we get in washington. let's look at live super doppler 7 the starting. there is nothing being detected by radar at this time. no rain showers at the moment. we had isolated sprinkles far northwest of the metro early
6:51 am
this morning, but that came to an end. cold front dropped into town. cumberland at 50, 62 in papers -- 52 in hagerstown. the 55 in culpeper. the cold front is slowly dropping in tainting the temperatures. there were rainshowers in the potomac highlands early this morning, now just cloudy. a mixture of throughout the day and today. there is a shifting weather pattern as we go through tomorrow and especially into wednesday. we will have two areas of low pressure. one of them coming into the great plains and the other coming from florida with a sharp dip in the jet stream pad into the dynamics. those two will converge overhead and become one bigger low pressure system by tuesday into wednesday, giving us active weather at that time. that means areas of rain off and
6:52 am
on for the middle of the week. 75 this afternoon in the district, 69 in hagerstown. cooler north west of the metro area. same story tomorrow, partly cloudy and comfortable. a few showers off and on wednesday. gusty on thursday. near 60 on friday. now to lisa baden for the commute. a beautiful thing. but we are singing the blues on the outer loop, 95 at georgia avenue. you can see traffic is backed up p. no crown 95, the latest from woodbridge to the pentagon. in the district, looks good at the reagan building. i love this city, it's beautiful. 14th street, south of pennsylvania avenue. if breaking news when we return.
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[ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news. we just at a news that the sixth american woman working at the south pole has survived safely in new zealand. >> renee-nicole douceur is from new hampshire. she has done working at a research station at the bottom of the world. she suffered a stroke or somehow
6:56 am
developed a brain tumor that caused her vision and speech problems. this started in august. several earlier attempts to apply her to the hospital failed, but now she is getting some help. san francisco and detroit may surprise a lot of people. battling on the field. >> nobody could have expected the battle that broke out yesterday after the game. the 49ers coach walked over and gave his counterpart and enthusiastic handshake. then the two had to be separated by players and staff members. let's find out what's going on. >> acted in cleanup on allentown road under branch avenue. if a truck lost its load of lumber. now to adam caskey. typical fall weather in washington.
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