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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, breaking news. a 15-year-old teenager found, rescued with four adults a philadelphia dungeon, after she was kidnapped from her home thousands of miles away. now, authorities are in a desperate race against time to find out how many more were taken and where they are now. dust storm emergency. blanketed cities in texas. flipping jet planes and tractor-trailers in an instant. sam has the latest on this freak of nature. caught on tape. the stunning confession from that father who says he was too drunk to drive. so, he put his 9-year-old daughter behind the wheel of the
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family van. why she told police it was not the first time. and close encounter of an amazing kind. one kayaker's unbelievable close encounter off a california beach. you won't believe this whale of the tale. good morning, everyone. that really was a whale of a tale. >> and the pictures to show for it. >> the question, george, isn't the kayaker getting a little too close? but the pictures are spectacular. >> that is close. the missing baby lisa mystery. her mom was drunk the night that lisa went missing, they have blacked out. we're going to speak to the mom's new attorney and private investigator. >> they're here right now.
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and alarming news from selena gomez. the singer finding out about a stalker who already has a record. we have the latest on all that. on a totally different front, michael jackson's daughter, paris, looking to make their mark. not in music. but on the football field. >> she would be the first to play on her school's team. 15-year-old girl discovered with four disabled individuals, held captive in a tiny basement. pierre thomas has the latest from philadelphia, where police and the fbi are expanding the investigation overnight. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, this morning, a teenager missing since the summer has been found. possibly caught up in a horror story that went on in an apartment building behind me. police say that was a dungeon. and they fear, there could be more victims. only 15, benita rodriguez has been missing from florida since july 4th.
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overnight, her family learned she has been found in philadelphia. rodriguez's family says she played with the children of this woman, linda ann weston, and may have been taken by her. overnight, police showed reporters the open space. only six feet by ten feet, where they say weston and others held four mentally disabled adults as prisoners, along with three dogs. they were found in a basement room under he's blankets. in a crawl space too shallow to stand up. one was chained by his ankle. philadelphia station, kyw, talked to the vic testimonies. >> that was dirty of you. that was wrong. >> if you look at the conditions under which they were kept. it was something out of a dungeon, actually. it makes you sick. there's no other way to describe it. it's it's unconscionable.
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>> reporter: one of the victims may have been held for up to 11 years. >> you understand what i'm saying? let alone, adults or human beings. >> reporter: the alleged ring leader, linda ann weston, was convicted of locking a man in a closet and starving him to death in 1981. now, the fbi is launching a national investigation, fearing there could be more victims of identity theft. and that there could be others locked away or worse. police have discovered documents of the names of 50 people, from 3 more states, including florida, where weston last lived in a palm beach home. one of the victims was herbert 'noles of virginia, with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old. his family reported him missing three years ago. police say they've never seen anything like this. and they're calling this a case of pure evil. george? >> boy. that is almost an understatement. years and years in captivity. going to move on to the
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fatal crash of sunday's indy car race in las vegas. two drivers have been released from the hospital on monday. but the sport is still reeling from the pileup and death of champion driver dan wheldon. ryan owens is in los angeles with the latest on all this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. autopsy results show that it was head injuries that killed that young driver. meanwhile, track officials are vowing to figure out exactly what caused that chain-reaction wreck that has stunned the racing world. the fiery debris. the mangled metal, is gone now. but the skid marks are still here. and so are many questions. was this track too fast? too crowded? late monday, the speedway's president answered critics for the first time. >> people who are the experts in crashes have been here, on many occasions. and have looked at our facility.
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they've been very satisfied. >> reporter: the las vegas track is relatively small. a mile-and-a-half oval. in a sense, drivers are constantly turning. compare that with the indy 500. that track is 2 1/2 miles long. more room for drivers to spread out and to see in front of them. >> about as close as you can get without going on the track itself. >> reporter: scott meadow has raced the vegas speedway countless times. he took us on a ride on the virtual g.t. race simulator. he's racing 220 miles per hour through the very turns that claimed dan wheldon's life. the margin of error on that thing, is next to mog nothing. >> when you go this speed, it's like having 30 airplanes side-by-side all the time. >> reporter: for a novice like me, it's nearly impossible to stay on the track, even when you're the only one on it. wow.
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still, it is that speed, that danger, the indy 500 winner craved. just days before his death, he told the show, "extra," he couldn't wait to take on this challenging track. >> i think it's going to be, you know, one of indy car's greatest races outside of the indianapolis 500. >> reporter: now, that race will be remembered for robbing the sport of a champion and this young family of their husband and father. >> daniel was born to be a racer. and yesterday, he was doing what he loved to do. he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. >> reporter: indy car has promised a thorough investigation. and the truth is, there's no hurry here. the las vegas race was the last of the season. the checkered flag will not drop again, robin, until march. >> going to be a long off-season. all right, ryan. thank you. >> robin, thanks. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and the next big republican debate tonight in the key western state of nevada. president obama on the campaign
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tour, too. jake tapper is with him and we're going to get to jake. i want to get to the president in a second. first, the republican debate. more polls showing herman cain is, indeed, the front-runner. his opponents didn't play a glove on him in the last debate. they're going to have to try tonight. >> reporter: that's exactly right, george. herman cain is running a very nontraditional campaign. and the attacks waged against him in the last debate were not effective. herman cain was able to brush them back by saying your facts are wrong. and some of them came across as rather condescending. the chief complaint that many republicans have about herman cain is he's not qualified and not a serious candidate. someone forgot to tell the voters that. and so far, none of them have been able to make an effective argument against herman cain. >> the first votes will come sooner than people expected. maybe in new hampshire as early as december. but i want to turn to president obama. he's in north carolina today, moving on to virginia in his bus
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tour. those are both states he won last time around. but he's digging himself out of a hole now. >> reporter: you know, george, in north carolina, a majority of voters, according to polls, do not approve of the job the president's doing. and a number of voters in virginia, where he's headed later today, do not think the president deserves re-election. so, he's on the bus tour, making an argument for his jobs bill and himself. there is some evidence that this -- the salesmanship for the jobs bill has had a positive impact on the president's poll numbers. voters trusting the president more than they trust republicans to handle jobs. about a 15-point swing in the last month. >> a lot of campaigning on the bus tours. what kind of reception is the president getting out there? >> it's positive. but the crowds are so much smaller than they were when i did these tours with then-senator obama in 2007-2008. it's remarkable how much smaller the crowds are. they love him, but there are
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fewer that do so. >> not widespread enthusiasm yet. jake will be sitting down with president obama later today for an exclusive interview. that's going to air on "nightline" tonight. >> all right, george. to the bizarre attacks on the amish community in ohio. it's a developing investigation right now. a renegade amish gang, accused of forcibly cutting off women's hair and men's beards. abc's sharyn alfonsi has more on these attacks. nothing you would thought you would say, amish-on-amish crimes. >> reporter: a personal attack because the attackers are also amish. the victims have included a 14-year-old girl who had her hair chopped off. and a 74-year-old man who had his beard shaved. for the close-knit amish community, the piety is pride. a rogue group has broken all of the rules, stripping away their most recognizable and sacred feature, their hair. >> for them, it is really a prime public symbol of their
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amish faith and identity. very shameful to have your beard cut. >> reporter: in at least four incidents since september 6th, amish, up to age 74, allegedly have been held down, as their long hair and beards were violently hacked away. >> amish people are living in fear. >> reporter: investigators say sam mullen, and an estranged member of an amish community is the ring leader in the attacks. three of the five arrested are his sons. bob cullens spent years as his driver, a necessity for destinations too far for buggies. >> i saw a side of him that was extremely angry and mean. >> the hair-cutting was the renegades' retaliation for the fact that other amish leaders were outing him, so to speak, and criticizing him. >> reporter: though shaken, few of the victims have come to the authorities for help. amish traditionally handle
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disputes inside their community. mullet admits the attacks were in response to criticism. but denies ordering them directly. he has not been charged. and many of the victims of this case have refused to testify, saying it goes against their religion. they believe in forgiveness above all things. at the same time, however, a local gun shop owner reports that sales of firearms has spiked in the last few weeks as families look to protect themselves. many of the victims have been dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night, as their families watch. federal investigators are said to be considering hate crime charges. george and robin? >> sharyn, thank you. we're going to turn to josh elliott with the other top stories of the morning. >> good morning. this is a shocking story we begin with. you have to see it to believe it. this morning, a father in the detroit area is accused of forcing his young daughter, just 9 years old, to be designated driver. and it was all caught on tape. on this gas station surveillance tape, a shocking admission from the father of a young girl.
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>> 9 years old. 9. gas, brake. listen, we're leaving. and she's driving. i'm drunk. >> reporter: the man, bragging that his 9-year-old daughter had driven them, in their red van, at 3:00 in the morning to this gas station, because she was too drunk to take the wheel. >> just watched a van pull out of a citgo gas station. a 7-year-old girl was driving it. and her dad is drunk. and he's in the passenger. >> reporter: here, you see father and daughter. in the video, the dad appearing to dance on his way back to the van from the register. >> i was definitely very upset about it. i wasn't happy with the fact that someone would allow their daughter to be driving them around when they're under the influence. >> reporter: even more shocking, police say that when they finally caught up to the van, the girl, sitting in a booster seat, admitted that this wasn't the first time that it happened. >> she explained that he did let
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her drive before, operate the vehicle. but on this night, indicated that he was drinking whiskey, for whatever reason. instead of the little girl being in bed at 3:00 a.m., he decided to go for a ride after drinking. >> this appearancely had become so common, the girl asked the officer why he pulled her over. saying she thought she was driving pretty well. the father now faces child abuse charges. for the first time since february of 2009, credit card late payments rose last month. analysts call this a worrisome trend. meantime, the major banks are reporting major profits. citigroup's earnings rose a whopping 74% during the last quarter to nearly $4 billion. also on the rise this morning, gas prices. they rose last week for the first time in six months. up 6 cents to a national average, now, of $3.49 per gallon. and a wild ride for a truck thief who took the bait in
7:15 am
texas. police had planted this truck on the street. keys and camera inside, as a sting. watch as the man, with gloves on, speeds up. you're going to see the door open. while he takes a turn. he barely hangs on here. seconds later, crashes into a house. the air bag deployed. he took off running. here's the problem. police are still looking for him this morning, guys. >> they put the video on youtube, hoping somebody -- >> he was getting out like it wasn't moving. >> a and perhaps not worried abt being caught again. still on the loose at this hour. >> strange. thanks very much. time for the weather. sam's over there. and you have the latest on the huge dust storm whipping through the midwest. >> we're going to show you wild pictures, george. an incredible force of nature. you have to imagine your dinner time weather starting this. 70 to 75-mile-per-hour winds. and this choking cloud of dust moves through your town. some folks in lubbock say it felt like the end of the world.
7:16 am
>> holy cow. look at that. >> reporter: from the light of day. >> i thought we were having a tornado. >> reporter: to the pitch-black dark of night. this massive dust storm enveloped the city of lubbock, texas, in minutes. >> i thought it wasn't going to take me away. >> reporter: winds gusting 70 miles per hour. tearing across west texas, forming this massive, 8,000-foot-high mountain of dust. visibility near zero. >> no one knows what's going on because no one's ever seen this before. >> reporter: planes, including this large fedex jet, knocked over like toys. massive tractor-trailers, not a match for the winds. trees also down. and damage estimates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i live in west texas. and we get red skies. but i've never seen anything like that. >> how in the world does this happen? they're in such a drought. the biggest one-year history for
7:17 am
that part. 13 to 22 inches below normal in rainfall. when thunderstorms develop, they try to rain out. but all of the moisture gets absorbed. it's one hit of dry air that hits the dry ground. big traveling cloud of dust. this is going to continue for them until they get rainfall. and they're not going to get any during the day today. here's where the rain falls. leaving texas alone, that rain moves east. miami, south florida area, will get two to three inches of rain today. never stormed a tropical storm. but it combines with a low traveling east. and here's the second low, traveling east. it drops the temperatures to 45 in dallas. dallas went from 90 yesterday, to 66 today, to a 45-degree temperature. that's an impressive front. that's the front that caused that dust storm.
7:18 am
here is a beautiful picture chesapeake beach. you can see the sun rising over the rise and with some high streaming overhead. 57 and the district but 46 in frederick. 70's andy to the low look and feel like yesterday. changes to marwick rainshowers. it will still be near 70.
7:19 am
>> when we come back in the next half hour, a big round of very strong to severe storms in the southeast today, george. >> thanks. look at this amazing video. a once in a lifetime encounter with a pod of blue whales. they're the world's biggest creatures. bigger than any dinosaur. and they can capsize boats with the flick of a flipper. but the kayaker says it was worth the risk. >> reporter: nature's largest mammal -- >> there we go. >> reporter: meets one of man's smallest vessels. whale watching. and there's this. >> wholly cow. we're paddling out four to five miles in our kayaks. and if the whale's going to get close, it's up to the whale. you have no ability to chase the whale down in your kayak. >> reporter: so close, they can literally reach out and touch the blue whale. >> they're a beautiful, magnificent creature. we've been blessed that you can go out there and share the same
7:20 am
water with them. >> reporter: the heart of a blue whale is the size of a compact car. getting close to a mammal this size can be risky. whales have been known to capsize boats that stray into their path. some would say these kayakers got too close. >> i would hope by sharing this footage of our experience, it inspires the public to love the local whales even more. >> reporter: the gentle giant, now closer than ever. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> it does look gentle. >> uh-huh. looks that way. >> beautiful, too. >> all right. coming up on "gma," new questions about baby lisa's mother. we're putting her private eye and lawyer in the hot seat, after her admission she was drinking and blacked out the night her daughter disappeared. and new warnings for selena gomes. why she's worked about an extremely dangerous stalker right now. and michael jackson's daughter, paris, getting ready to set her own record.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning at 7:26 on this tuesday, october 18.
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the search for a missing to antown boy moves clarksburg park today. looking for the 11- been missinghas about two weeks. this step father, curtis lopez, suspect in the murder of his mother. he waived extradition from north carolina yesterday. have a lot ofwill story inreport on this just a few minutes. been a difficult in northerndrivers virginia. an officer tried to pull over a northbound 95 in springfield car fled and officers vehicle and managed stop at near the edsall road exit on 395. an officer and the driver were hurt. get more information from lisa baden. the latest in maryland was an accident at the icc. this is newschopper7 and they at the georgia ave. accident has been moved off
7:28 am
of the road. will next take you to road.ound 395 at edsall on the exit was ramp as you saw but the delays extend for 15 miles. a beautiful picture of the the bay and 58 at chesapeake beach. 48 degrees in cumberland. 72 and comfortable and the outing clouds will clear today. will want your umbrella and with often on throughout the day and cooler,day, breezy and near 60 thursday to saturday. >> that your joining us and we at 7:56.ack
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there's selena gomez. she is facing a serious death threat right now. los angeles police are trying to track down the stalker who made it. and there's real concern for her safety this morning. we're going to get into that in a little bit. there she is, much happier times this summer. >> summer concert series. and we're going to have donnie roz monday come along with the dish from last night's "dancing with the stars." don't call him j.r. last night, he was jose rene martinez. and he's on the top of the leaderboard. >> we'll talk to donny all about
7:31 am
it. we begin with the latest in the case of the missing 11-month-old baby, lisa irwin. we talk to her mother's attorney and private investigator in a moment. first, linsey davis is on the ground in kansas city. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, there are mounting questions about baby lisa mother's time line of the evening in question. first, there's the interview, where she doesn't exactly rule out that she may have blacked out after apparently having too much to drink. and she now says it's possible she may have last seen baby lisa hours earlier before she told police. the family now has an attorney. in a series of interviews monday, deborah bradley's timeline of the night her daughter disappeared seemed to change. bradley first said she check ee on her daughter at 10:30. now, she says it may have been hours earlier, when she put the baby to bed at 6:40.
7:32 am
>> i was drinking. it had nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. >> reporter: as her story began to shift on monday, so did the family's legal team. with the addition of a new attorney. >> i believe in them. and i believe they're telling the truth. >> reporter: and he's not just any attorney. joe tacopina is one of new york's fiercest defenders. his long list of clients includes joran van der sloot, the prime suspect of the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. almost immediately, tacopina defended her admission. >> it's truthful. i guess, in theory, perhaps they never would have known for sure. but that's something that she did. and she was willing to tell the truth. >> reporter: the search for the truth and for baby lisa continued into the evening monday, as the fbi used pumps, shovels and metal detectors, while draining the water out of
7:33 am
a creek behind jeremy and deborah's residence. >> it's been entire viewing people. this is another step in the investigation. >> reporter: the fbi was back again yesterday, searching at this, the family home. as for the attorney, he won't say who he is paying for his services. it's not baby lisa's parents. it's the same benefactor who is providing the $100,000 reward. george? >> linsey, thanks. joe tacopina joins us now. he is representing deborah bradley and her husband. and bill stanton. you remember bill as our former "gma" security consultant. thanks for coming in. joe, let me begin with you. is it fair to assume you would have taken on this case if you thought the parents had anything to do with the disappearance? >> it took me over a week to speak to this family. investigators over a week. and i did not want to get into this case if i believed they were guilty because it's not the sort of case for me.
7:34 am
that being said, understanding the evidence, understanding things that have not been put out there yet, and spending time with them and really understanding them, and getting a visceral reaction that was very intense, there's no question in my mind that deborah and jeremy had nothing to do -- >> what convinces you that we haven't seen? >> there's some things that have been shared with p.d. that i'm not going to reveal at this point. but there's enough that clearly eliminates them in my mind. some of their actions. their candor. the immediate reactions. missing from the house, when jeremy came home. >> we found out over the weekend, and we have to address these questions, that lisa said she had been drinking. >> sure. >> fairly heavily. >> she said that. >> did she black out? >> blacking out is a scientific term. i don't know if we can say that. she had some wine that night. it was deborah who said that. when she put lisa to bed, she had wine. the fact that she's acknowledging that. >> created a new four-hour gap
7:35 am
in the timeline, as well. >> that's another thing that's been put out there. there's not a four-hour gap? >> why not? >> she puts the baby to bed around 6:30. at 1 point, during the 13 hours of interview, she said she believed she checked on her at 10:30. it's not an inconsistency. it may be a recollection to be refresh at a later point. other witnesses were there that fixed the timeline. >> you've been working on this case for close to a week. 18 to 20 hours a day. where is the evidence leading you? >> it's leading me outside the home. when i first came here, george, i told that family, i am not working for them. i kept saying, i'm going to go where the truth takes me. you go in with an open mind. the more i'm doing an optic on this. and it's not just me, it's my
7:36 am
team. we're starting to look outside the home. my feeling is, that baby's alive. and someone has her. >> any proof that the baby is alive? >> that's my feeling, that the baby is alive. when you look at the statistics, no one's taking a 10-month-old to do harm. taking it, either trafficking, or to have their own. >> and that is obviously, all of our hopes. why is it -- why aren't you at liberty to reveal who is paying your bills here? >> i have an anonymous donor. that person wishes to stay anonymous because they want the focus, along with the reward, to stay on lisa and retrieval of this beautiful baby. it's as simple as that. they don't want any accolades. they're charitable people. and they're tied to the family. there's a direct tie to that family. >> and, joe, you're so convinced that the parents have nothing to do with this. why are the other family members so convinced they're going to be arrested?
7:37 am
>> because of some of the conduct by the investigating police officers. i'm not talking about the fbi. but some of the local police officers in this case, have conducted themselves in a way to me is baffling. within hours. >> what have they done that's wrong? >> for instance, within hours of anywhere reporting this baby missing, which was instantaneously, when deborah was trembling, one of the interrogators actually accused her of murdering her baby. without a stitch of proof. within hours. now, just imagine for a second, assume that this baby was kidnapped or taken. and this mother, who's in terror, is being accused without any evidence, by the person that is supposed to be helping her find her baby, of committing murder. it's unbelievable to me that that should go on. i'm not saying on the entire k.c.p.d. they're doing their job. they want to find lisa. >> george, you have to understand, the minute dispersions of misspeaking, or
7:38 am
misspoken words. you have p.d., family, friends, the spouse, questioning. you start to question yourself. and that's with any witness in any crime. >> deborah says her other two kids heard noises the night baby lisa disappeared. what more can you tell us about that? >> they heard some clicking noises. one of the boys heard some clicking noises. they were fully vetted and interviewed by the p.d., it's my understanding. i firmly believe someone from outside the home had taken this child. and when they do the searches, and they come up with nothing, that is nothing but encouraging to me that this baby is safe. >> the parents have a hunch. do they think they know who took the baby? >> they have theories they've gone through in their heads and scenarios. a list of people. but quite frankly, i heard they are looking for an individual who is a homeless person who was in the area and now has disappeared. you know? >> how about the person who first heard about it after the incident, correct? >> that's the problem with the
7:39 am
questions. there's such a quest for information. you have to distinguish what's real and what's not. and they don't know. all they want is -- they're going around. they have the shirts made up with the tip line number. this beautiful little girl is out there, hopefully. and a facebook page. and a call-in number. all they want, the priority and the focus has to remain on finding this girl. >> anybody unusual buying baby good that they've never seen buying before, et cetera. that's what you need to look out for. >> we hope that baby lisa turns up. thank you very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everyone. two areas of rain in the country today. one that goes from louisiana/arkansas, into missouri. the other, in south florida. they get together, the areas of low pressure. and will cause pretty powerful storms. not only is there a possibility of tornadoes. but 75-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rainfall there. one of the place that's gorgeous is out west. it's the mild, mild west today. it's 60s in the northwest.
7:40 am
but down south, it's 70 here is a look at your extended for kasparov today will and sunshinee today. son sen will break out later often am rear areas of rain tomorrow and much cooler weekend with the ties closer to 60. >> all that weather was brought to you by kraft macaroni and cheese. back to george. >> thank you, sam. coming up, the dangerous death threat against one of today's biggest teen stars. the police investigation on the stalker going after selena gomez. i've seen this before -- the old "impromptu in-law visit." dad's a real cleaning machine. and look at mom whipping up some kraft homestyle mac & cheese. sure it's easy to make, but it looks like she's been busting her hump in the kitchen. [ doorbell rings ] ♪ let the fireworks begin. hi, it's so nice to see you. something smells good.
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we're back at 7:43, coming up on 7:44. a frightening development to one of the young stars today. investigators are taking it very seriously. abc's yunji de nies has that story. >> reporter: she's the disney teen queen with a hit show, chart-topping singles and a high-profile romance with justin bieber. now, selena gomez says she's living in extreme fear, after receiving a death threat so serious, los angeles police are involved. a man with a history of mental illness allegedly stalked her at work, traveling from chicago to los angeles to meet her.
7:45 am
visiting her workplace at least three times and threatening her life. according to legal documents, 46-year-old thomas brodnicki told psychiatrists he had conversations with god and entertained thoughts of killing miss gomez. he made the revelations while being held for psychiatric observati observations. >> when you have a mentally unstable individual, who make disclosures to psychiatrists an want to murder an individual, you have to take that seriously. >> reporter: brodnicki has a history of stalking women. a sentence of three years in prison for cyber-stalking a woman, police say he was infatuated with and pursued for eight years. a judge has imposed a temporary restraining order in the gomez case. brodnicki is required to stay 100 yards away from the actress. that order could be extended to last three years in a hearing set for next month.
7:46 am
gomez now joins a string of other high-profile stars like halle berry and paris hilton, who have endured stalking nightmares. >> you have to be security-conscious for the foreseeable future. she can't be protected by lapd around the clock. she may have to hire her own security. >> reporter: and unfortunately, this is not the first time selena gomez has gotten death threats. back in may, pictures of her and justin bieber vacationing together sparked a jealous hate campaign. bieber fans posting threatening messages online. this threat seems a lot more serious. >> a lot different than those before. yunji, thanks so much. you should stick around. josh's "play of the day" is you should stick around. josh's "play of the day" is coming up next. or the adorable hand crocheting. or the cute sounds for hours of play. it's knowing that they provide all the fun...
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familiar music. it's "the play of the day,". >> so far. >> it comes from wagner college, stanton island, new york. and it was a slam dunk contest. with his mom standing there. now, that is what i call an assist. look at mom. >> i love this. >> get up. >> stay up. >> just a little bit, hunching down. coming up, "dancing with the stars." simplifying your life. true or false? waking up in the morning, can an alarm clock actually affect your health? so, true or false? get the simple answer now at starbucks via® is planted the same...ale a] ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪
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coming up, donny osmond is here with the dwts play-by-play. stay with us. the time is 7:56, good morning. man who tried to of duct and oakton high school student last it may be responsible for abduction. attempt. to of duct two girls along blake lane on friday.
7:57 am
our sister station, newschannel it will have more on the top of the hour. residents of the six council choose a newl today in prince george's county. lesley jon stewart resigned after pleading guilty of a case.l corruption polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.. the focus for several hours been northbound virginia and 395. there was a police chase ended ramp forthe exit road. northboundyou live everythingll said theyeopenedvdot just wrapped up the investigation. is a back up with the delays out of dumfries. picture a look at that damascus, currently 58 degrees. some clouds overhead with a few
7:58 am
parted that clouds will clear out and it will look with al like yesterday sun and clouds and around 70 this afternoon the district right now. we're on our way to 72 this afternoon and tomorrow, we will on showers and breezy thursday. us.hank you for joining another news update at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] hearty souls out there in times square, braving the elements. >> with the umbrellas. >> yes. we have all the inside scoop on "dancing with the stars" coming up. who rocked the ballroom? who struggled to stay on top? we'll get into all that, with none other than the champion himself, donny osmond, weighing in on who he thinks has the right stuff to win it all. >> we should lead with who has
8:01 am
the wrong stuff. >> he's very tough. also, we're going to show me the money today. looking at the toys of the '80s. g.i. joe was huge in the '80s. now, it may be worth big bucks. we'll tell you how much, just ahead. paris jackson is seeking stardom. she is getting ready to set a record at her school. and not doing what you probably think she is. >> this was a big surprise. also, my dog is better than your dog. charlie and howie face off today. you decide who wins. cute, little ones. >> what do they do? other than being just adorable. >> we find out. first, let's get news from josh. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with another victim in that heartless scheme to apparently steal social security checks has been found now in philadelphia. 15-year-old beneita rodriguez
8:02 am
turned up in days after four adults were found in a squalid basement. three people have been arrested thus far. but police found documents with at least 50 other names, leading them to believe there could be many more victims. and truly apocalyptic scenes from texas, as a giant dust storm turned day tonight. an 8,000-foot-high dust cloud, across lubbock. pushed by 70-mile-per-hour-plus winds. airplanes, trucks, no match for it. they were tossed around like toys. no injuries, though, have been reported. a high-profile show of support for the new libya this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton has just arrived on an unannounced visit. she is delivering a new aid package, including help for weapons that used to belong to moammar gadhafi. president obama continues his tour of north carolina and virginia today. this morning, we're learning of an unusual crime. someone stole a truck containing
8:03 am
about $200,000 worth of equipment. including presidential podiums, audio equipment, and the president's teleprompter, from behind a hotel in virginia. officials insist there was no classified material in the truck. meanwhile, a new study out this morning supports him gettige getting mammograms every other year after the age of 50. it shows no difference whether women were screened annually or every two years. researchers also found false positives among women in their 40s and 50s, were more common than previously thought. and now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. tonight, we're going to take you to some of the nation's best-kept secrets. boom town. startlingly low unemployment. tens of thousands of new jobs ready now. tonight, come with us. we'll tell you where they are and what the jobs are on "world news." and now, to the humble potato at the center of controversy.
8:04 am
the government has a new plan to limit the amount of spuds in school lunches. and it's become something of a political hot -- >> go ahead. go ahead. just say it. >> not going to do it. but john berman will. >> reporter: why is this man frowning? these are tough times for the tuper. you can almost hear the ominous thud for the spud. potato consumption in the u.s. is at its lowest level in nearly 30 years. down 20% since 1996. now, the little guy might face his biggest challenge yet. the government is seeking to limit the amount of potatoes in school lunches to two servings per week. >> kids are overconsuming potatoes, compared to other vegetables. >> reporter: but mr. potato head has powerful allies in the senate, from big potato-growing states. you might say defending the potato against incursions from miss lettuce head.
8:05 am
>> one, medium white potato has nearly device as much vitamin c as this entire head of iceberg lettuce. >> reporter: but nutritionists say kids are not simply eating the simple white potato, with 275 calories and no fat. the problem is not with mr. potato head exactly, but with dr. fry. 380 calories and 19 grams of fat. the concerned senators are working with the usda to come up with a solution, to find a healthier potato for schools so mr. potato head and mrs. lettuce head can live happily ever after. and turn that fraun upside down. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> you have the solution, don't you? >> i do. don't fry the potato. how about that? roast it. bake it. how about "pop news," lara?
8:06 am
>> good morning, guys. good morning to you all. bill clinton, proving once again, he's in on the joke. the former president makes a cameo in a really funny new spoof just released on it's a brainstorming session for the clinton mock foundation. as they ponder ideas like creating a softball team called the clinton clobberers. and a global bake sale. it's sean penn who steals the show with his missing lunch bag problem. check that out. in honor of the clinton foundation's tenth anniversary. and apple, breaking records. selling more than 4 million iphones, in the first three days. no wonder we can't get them. strongly holding off the competition. customers who lined up said they were enticed by the 4s's updated camera and siri, that allows
8:07 am
users to get directions or restaurant recommendations by talking to your device. really amazing. and michael jackson's only daughter wants to be a star. but not in the way you probably think. paris jackson has joined her school's football squad to prove that girls can dominate on the gridiron. yes, it is only flag football. >> that's all right. >> the 13-year-old has become the very first female in the history of her exclusive l.a. private school to join the team. >> good for her. >> you go, girl. that is great. and finally, a very creative way to quit your job. one hotel worker had had enough after 3 1/2 years, he gave his job the heave-ho with a little help from his friends in his band. take a look. >> i'm here to tell you that i'm quitting. one, two, three, four. ♪
8:08 am
>> just the last few days, more than 500,000 people have checked out this video. and that is your "pop news." a special surprise right outside the window. josh? [ cheers and applause ] we go to the weather and sam. guys? ♪ >> the band playing what we have called the i quit polka. if you just need to send that
8:09 am
message to a boss, that's the way to do it. i love it. i think it's fantastic. not only do i quit. i quit with a band. let's go. we'll show you what's going on this morning. one or two things we wt you to know as you head out the door. how about the colder air? the coldest air of the season so far that moves into the deep south. and we have a musical refrain. 60 degrees in raleigh. 63 in d.c., as well. atlanta dropping into the 50s. get ready for that. here's the showers up the eastern seaboard. the heaviest rain of the day today, with several low pressures getting together. 58 degrees in arlington. a picture from washington lee high school. you can see the cloud cover over had like yesterday morning. that -- we will break into of sunshine. we will call a partly cloudy today, 57 in the district now cumberland.,
8:10 am
trouble today, in the lower 70's tomorrow butle umbrellant your with often on rain showers and much ♪ >> all right. back to you. >> all right. have fun out there, you two. and, everybody, here's a look at what you have coming up on the "gma morning menu." inside dish from the ballroom, on last night's sizzling "dancing with the stars." donny osmond's here. we will show you the money. and take a look at charlie. will he have the right stuff in our doggy showdown? is my dog better than your dog? find out, coming up on "gma." e emotional here? aren't you getting a little industrial? okay, there's enough energy right here in america.
8:11 am
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a revolutionary new way to keep track of, organize, and manage your entire home. go to to register and learn more. lowe's. never stop improving. imitation is the best form of flattery. that's why we were great to see "dancing with the stars" follow up on our '80s week, with their own look back. donny osmond gives us his take on all of the dancers. first, look another these highlights. ♪ just another manic monday >> reporter: it was a "manic monday" tribute to the '80s on "dancing with the stars," as ricki lake's three-week dominance of the leaderboard was soft. chaz bono got down. nancy grace rumbas. and hope solo channeled her inner rock star. ♪ living on a prayer
8:16 am
♪ tainted love >> reporter: david arquette won praise for his "tainted love" tango, delighting his daughter. >> you have to show up or shut up. you have shown up. and it was fantastic. high praise, indeed. >> reporter: rob kardashian took control of the room with his rumba. >> a great performance, darling. >> reporter: and j.r. martinez took the top spot with his samba. but carson and anna failed to jive the judges with their jive for the second week in a row. will they be the next couple booted? find out tonight on "dancing with the stars." we can find out right here, right now, from former "dancing with the stars" champ, donny
8:17 am
osmond, live with us from provo, utah. thanks for coming back, donny. is this the last week for carson? >> my pleasure. so happy to be here. first, the ousting of chynna. who knows what's going to happen. clearly, it was jose rene's night last night. let's talk about carson right there. carson, clearly the worst dancer on "dancing with the stars." but, man, the guy can entertain. that's what i love about carson. >> is that going to be enough to keep him in? >> sorry? >> i think you just answered my question. let's talk about j.r. that was terrific. and he is every, single week, he brings it. >> clearly the front-runner. nobody's close. i will say, the judges were way too harsh on ricki lake. but you watch. just the way his body, his movements. he's having fun on stage right now. look at him go. he loves every bit of it.
8:18 am
and that's what's keeping him at the top of the leaderboard. i think they were way too hard on rickiki lake. yeah, she didn't do the roger the rabbit right. whatever. who cares? she was fantastic. and i don't think she deserved 24 points. she deserved somewhere around 26. >> ricki will be fine. she admitted it wasn't her best last night. but i agree with you, she should have gotten higher scores. we need to give a little credit -- >> you know who i think runs the risk of going home tonight? >> who is that? >> two people. not going to be chaz. last week, i was sitting in the ballroom with dr. phil. and after the rocky appearance, he bought himself another week. last night, he bought himself another week. you know why? he was dancing out there. but this is what sold it. he was having fun. and that's such a key factor. right now, we're halfway. everybody has a little boost of energy. you watch in two weeks. week seven is a critical week. that's when people start falling
8:19 am
apart emotionally and physically. i think chaz got himself another week. the person at risk of going home is not just carson, but nancy grace. even though it was the best dance of the season for her. i think nancy will be in jeopardy because she's in that no-man's land area of the leaderboard. watch out, nancy. watch out, carson. >> she was really emotional after the dance. and very quiet after her dance last night. >> look at her. >> there's grace. there's grace there. you know? she's working it. and she wants to be in it. i think she has to be careful. >> what about david arquette? he seems to be getting technically better every week. >> okay. david arquette and rob kardashian, in my opinion, are in the same category. but rob surpassed david last night. i didn't like david's outfit. i didn't like "tainted love." i think it was the wrong song for him. he was with my partner, kym,
8:20 am
who, in my opinion, can do no wrong. but i wasn't convinced last night with david. he's going to be safe, i think, this week. >> and you said, early on, you picked rob kardashian to go far. you saw potential in him. and carrie ann, the same way. each week, he's gotten a little bit better. he's crept up that leaderboard, donny. >> you're right. week one, if you recall, i said watch rob kardashian. after the interview, turning to me and saying, what are you talking about? and watch it. he has shown the most progress over the last five weeks. he has the sex appeal. everybody loves him. he has a great attitude. he's popular. i think rob, if he keeps going the way he's going right now, could end up in the semifinals. >> donny, you said j.r. is the center. but you think it's a pretty closely bunched pack. >> well, the weeding out process is going to start now. the fun is over with. now, it's a dance contest. popularity has a lot to do with it.
8:21 am
and that voting audience is so powerful. look what happened to chynna and kristin. but i think the neck and neck will be ricki and jose rene. >> and i don't think rob should try to do the splits again. he tried that. >> if i see that -- if i see that one more time, i'm going to throw up because -- >> that was horrible. >> that was horrible. don't ever do that again. >> okay, donny. you're always so much fun. thanks for coming in. "dancing with the stars," we'll find out who goes home tonight. now, over to lara. >> thank you, george and donny. we're outside in the middle of times square. josh is living the dream, frankly. he is playing centipede on the jumbotron. we were thinking last week when we did our '80s week, so much interest in the '80s, it got us to thinking that our stuff, the toys and collectibles might have serious value. and bianna looked into it for
8:22 am
us. there might be gold in your closet. >> reporter: what was your favorite toy? care bears, my little pony, cabbage patch? i found out how much they were worth. and it's surprising. some are worth a lot. and some are worth next to nil. take a look. the super sweet. >> strawberry short cake. >> reporter: snuggling soft. >> i love you. >> reporter: and shockingly strong. ♪ g.i. joe >> reporter: cartoon characters of the 1980s fall in line after line of toys for all ages. >> they want to get back the warm fuzzy feeling. >> reporter: like jeff and his family. jeff's massive collection is worth more than $800,000. what if your '80s toy collection is more modest, like jason's? >> none of my stuff gets to go upstairs. >> reporter: could it still be worth serious cash?
8:23 am
we'll tell you in a moment. what's classified as toy gold? and which toys have lost their luster? to find out, we visited jordan, a vintage toy dealer. he says boys toys are where it's at. >> vintage "star wars" from the '70s and '80s, now is the time to sell. this originally sold for $9.97. right now, i can get upwards of $400 for this piece. >> "star wars," "return of the jedi" collection. >> reporter: it's not just "star wars." ♪ transformers, more than meets the eye ♪ >> reporter: transformers are more than meets the eye. he-man is still master of the universe. and thundercats have roared back to the top of the heat. what makes the resale value so high when it comes to the '80s toys? >> no one thought to collect them. >> reporter: something is
8:24 am
missing from this picture. i have the strawberry short take bedspread. i have the dolls. the cabbage patch kids. my little ponies. none of them here. >> less women collecting right now. >> women are probably more mature and don't long for their childhood as much as boys? >> if you feel comfortable putting it that way. >> reporter: all is not lost, if you still remember brushing the hair of your my little pony. >> my little pony. ♪ i take her wherever i go >> huge '80s twist. >> reporter: stasia is a buyer in pennsylvania. best-selling girls lines at her store, besides my little pony, care embassy and strawberry short cake. which toy does she always turn away? >> that would be cabbage patch kids. ♪ their one of a kind >> reporter: there were so many in production, they're very easy to find. >> reporter: the best tips for
8:25 am
finding toy gold, keep it in the package. keep the condition pristine. and make sure the toy is from a major brand. what about jason's stash? we had jordan take a look and call him while cameras were rolling. >> i would estimate your bravestar collection alone to be worth about $2,000. >> that's spectacular, actually. >> reporter: that's not all. jordan estimates jason's total collection to be worth about $4,000. not too bad to recapture the delight of your childhood. not too bad at all. just a few tips for making the most money. check the dates that the toy was made. the toys made earlier and at the end, their due dates are worth the most. those in the middle, not worth as much because more were made back then. we're talking about cabbage patch kids. not worth as much, unless you have a limited edition. i had a limited edition russian doll. worth a little. you didn't have one, josh.
8:26 am
playing atari. >> yes. >> reporter: completely preoccupied here. >> i feel the need to say hello to skip and matt ward. i wasted far too many days doing this very thing. >> just to point out, atari's not about value. it's about -- a lot of it is for value. yeah. they're now selling the games, you can download them for ipod and get the joy sticks. relive your past, josh. >> it was often that our parents would let us put suits on and throw makeup on our faces and go out in the rain to play. it was fun. just like it was when i was a kid. >> in times square. on the jumbotron. >> reporter: and those at home who want to resale those, it's not just in the u.s. overseas, there's a huge demand, as well. >> thank you so much. great information. we're not the only ones who like to play. coming up, check out haley. will she get your vote? stay with us at our dog meets
8:27 am
dog showdown continues on "gma." >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. atand good morning to you 8:27. gosar for a missing germantown board will focus on a park in clarksburg today. they're searching for the 11- old who has been missing than two weeks. his stepfather is a suspect in of the boy's mother and waived extradition from north carolina. newschannel 8 will have an in- up in just acoming few minutes. are turning up for exercise.
8:28 am
want to make sure they work disaster strikes. capital shield will take place today and tomorrow at the lorton youth detention center. it has been a busy morning agoit started several hours northbound 395. chase ended on board exit ramp to edsall road and opened after three hours. behind itat was stuck is now going to move. we'll take you live to show you things are starting to ease just tad at edsall road. near the pentagon and beyond to bridge there is the delight. of the same more southbound on 270 with delays from father hurley boulevard to american legion bridge. it is going to be another comfortable day with sunshine breaking out of mostly cloudy, 47 degrees in frostburg. 57 degrees downtown part in
8:29 am
on our way to 72 with a mixture of sun and clouds and tomorrow with off and on rain showers and comfortable temperatures. will have another update at 8:56. [ siren ] [ applause ] [ jackhammer ] [ crowd cheering ] [ speeding car ] [ siren ] [ horse whinnying ] [ bell dings ] your true self -- uncover it, embrace it, protect it. wh's healthier than that?
8:30 am
♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire ♪ look at johnny cash. listen to that voice. we'll hear a lot more of him this morning. his son is here with a brand-new, revealing look at his life. it's terrific. a scrapbook, right? >> a scrapbook. a coffee book. even his dad's diploma. it is fabulous. >> and home movies, as well. >> we're going to share that all ahead. also, patricia heaton, one of our fave tv moms and one of our favorite guests here. she's going to fill us in on what's ahead for her hit sitcom
8:31 am
"the middle." and she will be taking your questions, as well. lara will be talking to patricia heaton coming up. >> questions. >> questions. >> do you watch the show? is i love it when he does that. we're getting ready to make one family's dreams come true. it's an "extreme makeover." we're doing it live. and josh, you asked -- >> dogs. lots of dogs. speaking two dogs. it's round two of our my dog is better than your dog contest. you've been sending in videos of our dog's best tricks. this morning, two deliver canines going nose-to-nose, snout-to-snout. first up, charlie. a dog who, definitely, has its
8:32 am
ups and downs. 4-month-old golden retriever. owner tracy lansbury said when charlie was 4 weeks old, climbed the steps to her tree house, and did this. go, charlie, go. >> the whole way. >> no teaching. figured it out by himself. did he expect him to parachute off the top? >> he's only 4 months old. >> that's charlie. now, meet hallie, 1-year-old yorkie-poo. without being taught, the dog knows the name for every, single toy she has. take a look. >> where are your keys? where are your keys? oh, good girl. good girl. hallie, where is your pink bone? where is your pink bone? where is your pink bone?
8:33 am
>> not a very close call today, is it? >> influencing the voting. >> wow. you sneak them in. >> it's rough. whatever said one day she started doing it. she knew by herself. i'm kind of with george. i smell a rout today. >> you think so? >> i do. >> i don't know. charlie was cute there. >> i'm -- >> looks are not, you know -- >> they are part of it. a golden retriever. come on. >> i had many goldens. >> i love the golden. >> to you, while they talk amongst themselves. is it charlie? is it hallie? the use your app or go to our facebook page. we'll have the winner this friday. both very cute. now, let's get over to sam with the weather, as it's happening. outside, sam?
8:34 am
>> little rain, josh. by the way, it's been an important competition. i don't want to spoil it in any way. hallie. hallie, the dog. let me say thank you, for you guys standing out in the rain this morning. i love our crowd. give yourself a really big hand because -- [ cheers and applause ] there's not just five people. there's not just 50 people. this is a giant crowd standing in the rain to watch "good morning america" through the windows. we love that you're here. get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. this is key west. key west, 10 1/2 inches of rain in a couple of days. they were canoeing through the streets of key west. and this low. there's the dust storm in lubbock, as well. there's our live shot in jacksonville, florida. we'll get to the boards. watching the rain fly up the coastline to the carolinas. new york has got its rain.
8:35 am
those showers go up into maine. entire eastern sea currently 52 degrees in degrees atd 57 reagan national. a comparable day today, 72 and somertable tomorrow but of off and on rain and >> all that weather was brought to you by lowe's. robin? >> sam, thank you. johnny cash, an american original, music giant. whose timeless voice and unforgettable sound will be around forever. while he was a household name throughout the world, we've never really known much about what made the complicated man tick. until now. >> hello. i'm johnny cash. >> reporter: strip away the screaming fans and the 90 million records sold. and you're left with this. ♪ when the lord
8:36 am
comes acalling ♪ >> reporter: that clear, unmistakable voice. these are the never-before-seen home videos of johnny cash. ♪ peace in the valley for me ♪ >> reporter: the private moments of a very public man. for millions of fans, cash was the man in black. the crooner who song of folsom prison blues. ♪ stuck in folsom prison >> reporter: and the ring of fire. ♪ and it burns, burns burns the ring of fire ♪ ♪ i hurt myself today >> reporter: cash died in 2003, after a late in life musical renaissance. and in 2005, a new generation was introduced to cash through "walk the line," the biographical tale of cash's addiction and redemption, thanks to the love of his wife, june
8:37 am
carter. >> marry me. >> reporter: now, the couple's son, john carter cash, is opening an window to an even more personal side of his father. through letters and family photos, all part of his new book, "house of cash." and we are happy to welcome the author of "house of cash," john carter cash, here with us. i have to tell you, this is a wonderful, wonderful book. >> thank you. it was a matter of inspiration. my father's life, in so many ways, was an open book. i think so many people out there might have a consumption of him that he was a dark and foreboding figure in some ways. this book to me, shows a much deeper view into my dad's real life. his heart. it's about love. it really is. it's about respect and trying to pay homage to a great man. >> you've doing a beautiful job. >> thank you. >> in doing that. it's a cool book.
8:38 am
it has his diploma. old family recipes. how did you go about compiling all this? and why did you want to do it now? >> well, after my parents passed away, it became necessary to go through their things and go through the storage vaults. there were piles and piles of junk. also, of course, in there, great treasures. and through that process, you know, it became a sort of a mission, you know, in my heart, to want to share this deep view of my father. in a way that i felt like had never been shared before. and the book is full of his handwriting. >> i saw that, yeah. >> i wrote the text myself. but in reality, his pen is there more than mine. >> and his artwork, too. >> his artwork. he had great creativity, beyond just a singer/song writer. he was an amazing artist. sketch artist. and great photographer. you know? poet. so much. >> all of it.
8:39 am
renaissance man. what do you want us to learn about your dad through this book, john? >> hopefully the leader will come away with a better understanding of my father's gentle nature. you know, and the fact that there's, you know -- he was deeply spiritual man. family man. great love for his family. never faltered. great faith that stayed with him. and he was a persistent man. at the end of his life, he was suffering from great pain and struggle. after my mother passed away, he never stopped. he continued to work. he continued to make music. it was healing for him to do so. but he did not stop. >> it was quite a love story. >> yes. >> between your mom and dad. and there's beautiful letters in here. but you're quick to point out. they had their issues. and you think that's part of the story, too, to truly know how they were together? >> they had their issues. they definitely did. and perhaps it may be that folks
8:40 am
feel like it was happily ever after after 1968. but it was happily ever after after everything. they stayed there it all. and their love remained strong. and it was stronger than it had been through their life. and part of that strength is due to the fire that survived. >> yeah. you were out on the road a lot. you won some grammys yourself, young man. what is your lasting memory of being out on the road during those days with mom and dad? >> i remember the good times. my parents were always there for me. they were always there emotionally and spiritually. i mean, of course, my father had struggles. but at times, my father would take me fishing. you know? or we would spend -- in different cities going to museums or not. and my young memories city with me. i miss him dearly every day. but at the same time, i'm blessed with being able to see them here, you know?
8:41 am
and with being able to do this book, i became reacquainted with my father in so many ways. the intimate side. the cutout valentine he made for my mother. >> so sweet. thank you for sharing them with us and with this book, as well. you'll be proud. a little man in black there. >> there's some black in here somewhere. >> just a little bit. i know how proud you are of them and they of you. thank you very much for sharing this. >> thank you for having me. >> "house of cash." coming up, everybody loves patricia heaton. she's here next. co [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffbu this film is tres bien, bbut the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any babank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet?
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were you crying? yeah.
8:43 am
8:44 am
now, two-time emmy award-winning actress, patricia heaton, hilarious on her hit sitcom, "the middle." the show kicked off the season with some of its best memories ever. and here to talk about the show's success, patricia heaton. >> hi. nice to see you, too. >> how was your summer? >> it was good. the segment you did on the woman talking to her dog. it that's exactly how i talk to my boys. i realize. backpack. where's your backpack?
8:45 am
look for the deodorant. >> wow. >> constantly. >> isn't that going away as that get older? >> it gets worse, actually. i spent the summer with them. we were in nashville, speaking of johnny cash. went to nashville to look for a college for my son. >> how was that? thinking about that big jump? >> it's great, actually. it's really exciting. it's great to go around and see all of the colleges that i've never been to before. we were in boston. it was fun. and i discovered montana this summer. i fell in love with montana, big sky and all that. yeah. and then, we went to seattle, to watch man united play the founders. >> josh, a huge fan. that's a little-known fact about you. >> my husband is british. yeah. it was actually really fun. and the founders fans are really
8:46 am
super supportive and have a marching band and all that. that was great. when we were there, we visited world vision, which is a great nonprofit charity organization. they have their headquarters there. >> before we run out of time, i need to talk about the show. >> oh, yeah. >> your show is fantastic. >> thank you. >> we want to show a clip. so many good things happening this season. >> yes. >> take a look. >> we need a new roof. but we can't pay for a new roof and still make our mortgage. look at this. we're above and below water at the same time. >> are you talking about walking away from our house? >> maybe. i don't know what i'm saying. i'm just thinking out loud. >> frankie, that's not the way it works. you struggle for years and years and fall behind on the payments, until you get evicted by the sheriff who throws your stuff out on the lawn in front of your neighbors. that's how you lose your house in america. >> it's great that our show can take difficult situations and find humor. >> and ray romano. how is that? >> it was so great to catch up
8:47 am
with him. to sort of spend the whole day together and get rained on. and watch him forget his lines. it was great. >> is there a chance we could see him come back? >> i don't think so. that was a one-time thing. but we have molly shannon coming on as my sister, which i'm really excited about. we get to explore my family that we haven't met yet. >> biggest similarity between you and frankie? >> probably can't cook. it was the same with deborah barone, too. >> life as a star. you know what i mean. always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> love being with us. >> thanks. >> check out patty heaton on "the middle," wednesdays, 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. coming up, we're gearing up to give one family the surprise of their lives. this is an incredible "extreme home makeover." >> wow. >>
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
move that bus. our friends at "extreme makeover: home edition" is making the series so memorable. and we're about to move our own bus. and sam, you're ready for it. >> we're going to surprise a family live with their own home makeover. it's the first time we've done it on this show. but first, unforgettable door knocks. you watched with us on sunday night. >> good morning. good morning. good morning. >> reporter: imagine if you woke up to find your life had changed in a blink of an eye. that is exactly what happens to lucky families all around the country, when the modern-day miracle workers of "extreme makeover: home edition" arrive
8:51 am
on the doorstep, armed with a bullhorn and a vision. >> this is really 4 lly happeni. >> i thought i was going to faint. >> going to change so many lives. >> reporter: like a genie from a bottle, the gang grants a wish for a family that faces an illness or a hardship. the result, a magical new beginning. tracy hudson is a designer on the show. >> it's neighbors helping neighbors. people meeting that never would have had an opportunity to. amazing thing to witness. >> reporter: the moment of reveal, accompanied by a chant, now recognized far and wide. >> you guys know what to say. say it with me. bus driver, move that bus. >> reporter: join us this week and next week, as we take a journey for an unprecedented move that bus live. i'll join the "extreme makeover" team for their biggest makeover ever.
8:52 am
>> now, the longer we stay on the couch, the greater the dangers we're going to give away the secret. >> that's right. >> what do we say? >> if you follow sam on twitter, you may have a few clues. >> we're going to a place that can very much use their help. we're glad to be there. it is west of here. how about that? it's west of new york? >> at sam champion, by the way. >> thanks, josh. >> go there. >> got to go. we'll be back. they'll be back. i won't be back. i'll go back around, though. bye. see you guys. >> safe travels. hope they serve peanuts on the flight. >> see it live tomorrow. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we unveil the all-new 2012 m-class, we're actually introducing a vehicle built upon 125 years of engineering excellence. which is why, no matter what is happening in the world outside, there is such a sense of complete confidence inside. introducing the 12 m-class.
8:53 am
quite possibly the most advanced suv ever. from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:55 am
are you seeing this? josh has a baby. if there's a baby in the
8:56 am
audience within a five-mile a radius, this man has a way with them. >> she's visiting with us today. and she's been terrific. >> yeah. on tv, too. >> yeah. we have to give some results to our contest, our doggy contest. we asked you to vote for the most clever canine. and let's see, the winner. is -- hallie. yep. we knew -- everyone was pushing for hallie. feel bad for charlie. hallie advances in the bracket. >> bye. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
morning at 8:56 on this tuesday. i am cynne simpson. and engineers will rappelled the national cathedral looking for more damage from the august earthquake. four-person team is the same one that inspected the washington monument. closedhedral has been earthquake but is set on november 12. civil rights activist not faceest will arrestedfter being outside the supreme court. the princeton university professor and 18 others were custody sunday after to leave the area. protesting corporate influence. prosecutors yesterday decided not to press charges against the group. we turn to lisa baden for a look at traffic. things are starting to get better. northbound 95 in virginia,
8:58 am
now begin north of triangle. they carry us through the but then it improves northbound out of springfield. we can see actual pavement this maryland south of delays are from 95 around 2 georgia ave. across the american legion bridge, things have more action. tomorrow, we will see a little bit of rain showers off and on throughout wednesday. this morning, little gray out there but some holes in the and more sunshine and afternoon. low to mid 50's right now. 72 will be a high and comfortable by this afternoon rain, more often on comfortable but cooler thursday weekend >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
8:59 am
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