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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a breaking news from montgomery county with a tragic breakup in the search for a missing boy. investigators say they have found remains believed to be those of wiliam mcquain. the body was discovered near
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rte. 355. that is where we're joined live with the latest. >> police say that they just made this discovery a few short hours ago. there is a very active seen here. as you can see police and investigators are continuing the work. they say they made it this discovery at about 9:00 this morning. they found the remains of a young african-american male about 50 yards off of this road. it is believed to be wiliam mcquain. they believe that the body has been here since october 1st. they have video of wiliam mcquain and a suspect in this case, curtis lopez on october 1st. they are seen walking in and out
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of the storage units on that morning. the clothing that william was wearing on that morning is similar to the clothing here. >> at 9:11 a volunteer canine handler located the remains of a young african-american male in a wooded area off of route 121 a quarter mile west of 325. we believe that the remains are wiliam mcquain. we believe that william has been here in this location since october 1st parent to we have camera footage of curtis lopez the suspect in this case with william at a storage facility in germantown. this was from the morning of
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october 1st. the clothing on the body is similar to what william was wearing on october 1st. our forensic investigation is just beginning and we will have updates later today. >> the chief also telling us that dozens of people surged 30,000 acres of the woods here before they made this discovery. they said what led them here is following the suspect. wiliam mcquain's mother was found stabbed to death at their condo back on october 12th. they are expected to be brought here from north carolina in the coming days. authorities have yet to release a cause of death. they say that this investigation is ongoing.
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they say that lopez is the prime suspect in this case. there is no word on when charges will be filed again. authorities made a discovery of remains. this is about 50 yards off of the road. they believe that these are of wiliam mcquain. >> this is so tragic. stay with us for updates on this still unfolding story. you can go to our website police in fairfax are investigating what could be a new possible abduction attempt. two young women are reporting similar incidents after an attempted kidnapping. local school officials are taking action. >> it just three days after fairfax county police say a student walking to oakton high
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school fought off on a doctor, they sent an e-mail to parents warning them about another possible objection on the same stretch of the road. >> horrified. this is scary. i cannot leave that this would happen in our neighborhood. >> the latest incident allegedly happened friday afternoon. two female students were walking home when a man approached them and tried to get them to come inside of his car. the complaint filed is very similar to the incident that happened last tuesday. girls walking were approached by a man that tried to force them into the car. they were able to run away. >> they were able to run away and get help as soon as possible. >> police are investigating whether these two cases are related while parents are hopeful that whoever is responsible will be apprehended. >> whoever is try to do this,
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people will be vigilant and they will get them. >> fairfax county police say that the victim told police that the suspect drove away in a four-door white subcompact car. a baby on board side could be on the driver's side of the vehicle. police are encouraging anyone with information to give them a call. >> a routine traffic stop turned into a high-speed police chase across fairfax county. police say they tried to stop the driver along interstate 395. they say that the driver tried to flee the scene. the suspect and an officer suffered minor injuries. only traffic charges have been brought. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a motorcycle. we were over the scene this
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morning. police say that the motorcycle driver crashed at an intersection. still not clear what led up to that crash. a man is dead after he was struck by a tour bus. this happen at about 6:00 last night. the victim has been identified as carlin biles. the driver of the's failed to yield the right of way. -- the driver of the bus failed to yield the right away. a disturbing discovery in philadelphia. a ishaqi travel across the united states. they found four mentally disabled adults locked up in the basement of a home. -- a shocking discovery in philadelphia, this has been across the united states. the victims are talking about
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what happened. >> they were bleeding. >> it was real dirty. >> the victims are recovering now at a philadelphia. living facility. three people have been arrested in the case. they found social security numbers of 50 people live in them to believe there could be more victims out there. -- leading them to believe there could be more victims out there. this is for the annual capital training exercise. they will practice for worst- case scenarios across the region. the army, air force, d.c. national guard will perform. they will also have some related injuries. they will prepare a mock alerts.
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the hour streak of good weather keeps on going. -- our streak of good weather keeps on going. >> we're keeping an eye on two systems that will come together to become one bigger system. let's focus on today first. some clouds early this morning a lot of sunshine. you can see this, the cloud cover is clearing on out over arlington. we are currently at 68 degrees. clarksburg 66. upper 60's northwest of the metro. changes coming with those two systems merging together. >> the man charged in connection with a crash that killed a virginia family is scheduled to be in court today. he faces involuntary
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manslaughter and other charges in the crash. they say he was drunk when he slammed into a jeep cherokee just off of interstate 81 off of inch -- off of winchester. the race for the white house republican hopefuls will face off tonight. it looks like herman cain is the man to beat. he is rising quickly in the polls. jon huntsman plans to skip the debate to protest nevada's plan to move their caucuses ahead of the new hampshire primary. president obama returned to virginia today. he will stop after spending yesterday in north carolina. this is called official business to sell the jobs bill to congress. republicans call this a campaign trip designed to drum
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up support from virginia and north carolina supporters. there is a report of a very unusual theft. thieves stole a truck filled with $200,000 worth of presidential equipment. it includes audio equipment mr. obama's podiums and seals, as well as teleprompter is. the truck with the equipment inside was recovered in a parking lot. the investigation continues. coming up, behind the wheel a father under fire for his unusual designated driver. buried under dirt and dust, the massive dust cloud taking west texas by storm. all of that and add them returns with the rain clouds. how s
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>> we want to return to our breaking news in montgomery county. the tragic end in the search for a missing boy. investigators say they have found remains believed to be those of wiliam mcquain. we're joined live with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> well, police say they made this discovery just after 9:00 this morning. as you can see behind me, still a very active scene. they say they found the remains off of 121. just 50 yards off the road where you see police.
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they believe that these are of wiliam mcquain. they believe that the body has been here since october 1st. they have not given a cause of death in this case. they say they have video of wiliam mcquain and the suspect in this case curtis lopez at a storage facility on october 1st. in this video, they're walking in and out of the storage unit. the clothing that wiliam mcquain was wearing at the time a similar to what was found today. >> the footage shows william appearing to be in a playful mood. it is not appear that he was under any distress with what we see on the camera. >> >> it is believed that wiliam
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mcquain had been missing for about two weeks. his mother was discovered stabbed to death inside of their condo. lopez is facing charges in that case and is expected to be brought back here to maryland from north carolina. in this case, authorities have yet to release a motive or a cause of death but they say that lopez is the prime suspect. at this point no word on when charges will be filed in this case. at this point just after 9:00 this morning authorities discovered remains off of the road. they believe that those remains are of a 11-year-old wiliam mcquain. >> a michigan father is under fire this noon after this controversial choice caught on tape. this surveillance video shows a young girl getting behind the wheel at a detroit gas station.
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the girl is only nine and driving because her father was drunk. the clerk said that the father told him that his daughter was the designated driver. he told his manager who then called police. the father is facing child abuse charges. now to the very latest on a historic prisoner swap between israel and the palestinian authorities. the palestinians handed over gilad shalit in exchange for thousands of palestinian protesters. the prisoners include some who are serving life sentences for deadly attacks on israel. take a look at this, residents in lubbock texas say they have never seen anything like it.
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a massive dust cloud enveloped the entire city. this happened in just minutes. the wind gusted 70 miles per hour stirred up the 8,000 foot high cloud. it knocked over airplanes tractor trailers. damage is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. amazingly, no one was hurt. that happened at a time when you really don't want it to happen, when people are out and about. thank goodness there were no injuries. >> that is good that that happens to be the case. around here, we have these two storm systems becoming one. one of them will affect us tomorrow. we are getting there. >> we are. >> i want pictures from all of you out there. hit me up on facebook, send me an e-mail. i just did a blog or you can get more information on how to send us your pictures. do you see that bar code on the side of your screen?
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all you have to do is take your smart phone or tablets and scan that code and it will take you to the blog. this was taken last night. this is closer to sunset. you can see the colors changing. farther to the west, we have more vibrant colors. this was taken over the weekend. we have these high thin clouds overhead. no rain showers to speak up until later on tonight and as we go into tomorrow, our rain chances will be increasing especially by the morning rush- hour. notice the area of active weather. this is right along the mississippi river. this tropical moisture is down in florida. this is an eastern gulf of mexico. these will merge together just to the south. they will hook up south of the
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sea and will become a bigger storm and deepen and strengthen as they head through tomorrow. it will not be anything major but you will notice the off and on showers. some cooler air and gusty wind will follow that system for thursday and into the weekend. low to mid 70's this afternoon. in the upper 50's scattered showers and off and on rainshowers. an inch or more possible. there you go, thursday. it will be in the 60's thursday and saturday. >> voters in prince george's county hit the polls for a special election. this is to replace leslie johnson. they will be choosing that a
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sixth cancel seat. carlin biles -- leslie johnson was found guilty and a federal election probe. a once in a lifetime and counter. getting up close with some of the biggest animals on the planet. -- a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. >> a mother has a favorite. why do you say that? >> i think it is the parents' best kept secret that they have a favorite. >> i was really offended by that assumption that everyone
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>> this was a once in a lifetime in counter a kayaker had the chance to pull alongside a pot of blue whales. this happened in southern california. they are the largest creatures on the planet. they can capsize a boat with the flick of a flipper. in this case, it was simply an amazing sight. a study says that women should get mammograms every other year instead of annually. more than 60% of women who get tested will be called at one time for tests that turned out not to show breast cancer. cutting the number of mammograms reduces the risk of false alarms. still ahead adam is back with a final look
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>> cool weather at nice conditions for getting under the hood of a car. >> 10 minutes flat, no problem. ok here we go. tomorrow some of and on showers. much cooler thursday into the weekend. it will gust on thursday.
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>> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here
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