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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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researchers wanted. >> all of us were hoping we had that little strut of hope that we would find wm. >> -- william. they brought a few items they thought he would have liked. >> he was a free spirit. he was just happy. >> police will not say how they knew to search this quiet stretch of road. they had been back tracking the movement of william's stepfather, curtis lopez. lopez is charged with the murder of william mcquain's mother and is believed responsible for the murder of the boy. they were caught on tape the morning of october 1. william appeared happy. police say his body was found
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dressed and the same clothing. they think he was brought here that today. >> i do not know who could do this to some kids. who could do this to somebody? >> you can see that this memorial is growing. in the background, you can see a gas station. detective spent a good deal of time going over the security cameras, trying to see if mr. lopez was caught on tape coming here. police are telling us their focus is on building a case for two counts of murder. >> william mcquain touched many lives, from his school to his
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church. >> it was a really tough day for students and teachers. counselors spent the entire day breaking the news to williams closest friends and helping everybody come to deal with a loss of a little boy. even at only 11 years old william mcquain knew the kind of young man he wanted to be. >> dear god, please tell me be more loving and patient and kind. >> these are his words, in his handwriting, from his weekly project. >> he shows it to his mom and she signed it as well. >> they attended the attorneys crossing church for the past three years. the pastor says jane wanted to be a good example for her son. >> she was trying to be a positive influence.
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he was a very cheerful boy. >> members are taking william and jane's death hard. >> who can you trust? >> he had hopes and dreams and thoughts for tomorrow. it hurts. >> the school says it will take time for students and teachers to come to terms with this. they want to be able to send information home to parents. >> we have more on this developing story on our website,
5:04 pm we are following breaking news from northeast washington. a metro bus and a front end loader collided near north capitol street and new york avenue late this afternoon. >> the crash took place on the edge of this construction. you can still see the boss over there. we have learned six people have been taken to the hospital. rescue workers rushed to help about half a dozen people injured in the collision. the crash happened along a busy stretch of road. >> the driver of the truck ran into it. >> witnesses said the front end loader brent -- rammed a bus. it came close to plunging into
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the construction site. witnesses who raced to help immediately after were described in gruesome scene. >> one guy's arm was halfway off. >> rescue workers treated the injured. investigators talked to members of the construction crew. all of the people who were injured were on a bus. neither of the drivers however, were hurt in this collision. members of the construction crews said they saw him back and talking with police. six people were injured but none of those injuries are life threatening. a team of engineers captured the attention of tourists for another day outside the national cathedral. the engineers continue to look for earthquake damage this afternoon. the team is the same one that
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rappelled down the washington monument. inspections began yesterday on the tower at the front of the church. the cathedral has been closed since the earthquake in august. it was a great day to scale the cathedral. >> i guess. sunny skies and mild temperatures but a change is on a the way. we hate to tell you that. >> we had a lot of clouds today. during the afternoon, we have seen a lot of clearing develop. you can see the rain moving across the carolinas. check out our camera in annapolis at the naval academy. rain is on the way though. a developing low pressure to the south. look at these numbers well above average. low 70's right now.
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70 is the average temperature. overnight, heavier clouds developed from the south and southwest. the rain will develop. what about the weekend? a lot of questions and i have the answers. a first grade teacher is on trial in montgomery county accused of physically assaulting summer for students. susan burk was a teacher in silver spring. some of for former teachers told -- some effort students told the court stories of abuse. >> little boys testified today all of them former students. they could barely even see over the table. they talk about a teacher who got so angry, she literally would put her hands around their necks.
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former elementary school teacher susan burk faces 10 charges of second-degree assault and to charges of second-degree child abuse. several former first graders testified in court today that there teacher choked them. the defense attorney asked the first question, do you know it was three or five times? the boy answered, just five. the boy's mother took the stand telling jurors that he was having nightmares. he said he did not want to go to school. the prosecutor asked the second little boy, when you get in trouble what happens? she chokes us, he applied. it felt like rhino standing on my neck. the boys said mrs. burke was
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choking me a lot. the boys often contradicted themselves on the stand. he first said he was choked to times. minutes later, he said 10 times. he said he did not tell anyone because -- credibility is going to be a key issue during the trial. the teacher does not deny that she touched her students, but she says it was never inappropriate. a local college. turned into something unexpected in downtown washington. a fight broke out between students and that forced the entire event to be shut down. we are live downtown. >> the morning session ended early and by midafternoon, the convention center said, that is
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its. there will be no evening session. college ferris -- fairs -- only here in washington, d.c., did a behavior of the few students shut it down. thousands of students were forced to leave the washington convention center after a fight broke out just after 11:00 this morning. d.c. police were called and when a brawl escalated. >> a lot of people got scared. we decided at that point let's get everybody on the buses and out of fear. >> 10,000 students from maryland virginia, and washington d.c., were attended that -- were attending the national college fair. by midday, police and security were posted at at least one door.
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some students arrived as the event was being evaluated. >> a lot of people were rushing to get in. >> for many of these students, this is their only opportunity to meet with college recruiters. >> i was upset. >> i think is crazy. we did not even get in to enjoy the college fair. >> 350 colleges and universities are now packing up and heading home. the organizers say it is unfortunate that the action of a few students attended this event. as for any arrests one juvenile young man from southeast, was arrested today.
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still to come, a drug fogger catches a ride to the store from his -- a grandfather catches a ride to the store from his nine-year-old daughter. >> the d.c. council makes a decision on a controversial law. >> their renovated wilson high schools offers thousands of dollars in damage. we will tell you who is to blame. >> held captive in a boiler room, we will hear from these disabled prisoners.
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a group of disabled adults found trapped in the boiler room living in terrible conditions, those victims are now talking. >> it is hard to imagine the cruelty leveled against the victims in this case. now they are talking about this ordeal. three of the for mentally challenged adults, found saturday, walked and starving in
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a philadelphia basement, or speaking about the abuse. >> it was wrong. >> you were afraid? did she hit you, too? >> this victim was referring to gregory thomas. police said the alleged ringleader, linda weston, was convicted in 1980. the suspects imprisoned their victim so they can steal their social security disability checks. >> we just kept hope that nothing was wrong. but we knew that something was wrong.
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we did not know where to find him. >> they are beside themselves with anger over the inhumane treatment that he has endured. >> he is a trusting person. they took complete advantage of him. >> investigators say there may be more victims out there. they found dozens of identification cards belonging to other people. a task force has been assembled to determine if those victims have been victimized. we want to tell you about this once-in-a-lifetime encounter. it shows a kayaker paddling alongside a pot of bewails -- pod of blue whales. they are the largest creatures on the planet, and can be dangerous.
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>> exciting. you sense of their size, it gets your heart pounding. >> the kayaker was pretty lucky. experts say the whales have been known to capsized boats that straight into their path. >> i would say to paddle and the other direction. >> that is an incredible sight. we have changes in the wake of weather. it could not have lasted forever. >> it is delightful out there now. in damascus, this was the sky this morning. as we hit early afternoon, a cleared on out. many parts of the area are enjoying the blue skies. heavier clouds are on the way
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from the south and those clouds will bring rain before sunrise tomorrow. 72 right now in quantico. temperatures are around the region are above average. our average is 68. 70 in gaithersburg. we will see the temperatures drop tonight into the 60-degree range. 50's and the suburbs. -- in the suburbs. temperatures across the region, a very warm. norofolk 73. -- 83. 50 degrees in chicago. that cold front is on the way. that will mix things up. atmospherically. it was felt that long ago when
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we were talking about those big numbers in dallas, now they are 68 degrees. the cool air will get your just- in-time for the weekend. this low pressure will expand our view. airline and showers developing to the west and this area of rain has been spreading pretty quickly during the afternoon. this is the area that we will be dealing with. this is what our futurecast has to say about it. we will have some periods of rain. the precipitation will split east and west of here. we will continue to monitor it. this is a progressive system that will not clean air. the cold front will sweep through late tonight.
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tonight, cloudy, 63. 59 in the morning. areas of rain and during the afternoon hours too, some heavy. we will see the changes start to show up with cooler temperatures on thursday. friday saturday sunday look terrific. a lot of sunshine, low 60's. >> it looks pretty good. prince george's county police take action to make sure they are prepared to handle a riot. >> get ready to pay more to mail a letter. stamp prices are going up again. >> 5 evacuation's only two months into the school year [ female
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this is what wilson high school looked like two months ago. things looked a little different tonight. >> for students are in serious trouble for allegedly doing more than $100,000 worth of damage to the brand new school. >> woodrow wilson high school senior was excited to start the year and is newly renovated school. two months and, not everything
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has gone as planned. >> a fair amount of evacuations. >> to modify the evacuations were caused by students. -- two out of the five evacuation's were caused by students. >> we have this new renovation and you would think that students were treated with a little bit of care. >> the same students started another bathroom fire. >> its is chaotic at wilson. you can not to get away from that. caused >> didn't say the principal announced this morning about -- student said the principal announced it this morning that the students will be responsible for paying for the $150,000 in damages. >> i think he is telling students that. probably just trying to scare them.
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>> they should not have to pay that much. >> he also -- some people thesay the punishment does not fit the crime. >> school officials said security cameras have now been repositioned for clear views of all the back rooms. -- bathrooms. there is still plenty of time to sign up for our latest facebook giveaway. >> $700 worth of groceries delivered right to your door. go to we will announce the winner on friday. still ahead, they know what it is like to live through tragedy.
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>> adc lot that can land you in jail for driving with expired plates comes under fire. >> the man charged with driving drunk and killing an entire family is headed to court
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 on your side.
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steven boyce is accused of driving drunk and crashing into a jeep, killing an entire family. the accident happened in june. >> this was the very first time relatives of march and demand the salt steven boyce in person. it was very -- mark and amanda saw steven boyce in person. it will be up to a grand jury to decide whether to indict him. the mother of the defendant left the court house in tears today. relativity of the family after a brief court appearance by steven boyce of winchester. he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. authorities say he was drunk
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when he plowed into the back of their cherokee that sunday morning in june. the jeep burst into flames killing the family. the family was in route to a picnic. boyce faces a single charge of aggravated involuntary manslaughter. a grand jury could increase that. >> he has to be held accountable. >> that one count could increase? >> yes. it certainly could. you have four victims. >> the family is very -- it is still awaiting a final marker. their relatives await final judgment for the man that killed their loved ones.
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both families declined to comment today. steven boyce remains in the county jail. it depends on what the grand jury decides when it convenes november 10. each count of aggravated involuntary manslaughter carries with it up to 20 years in prison. taking a look at the day's top stories, the tragic end to the desperate search for the missing md. boy. police found the body of william mcquain. a search team discovered his remains in a wooded area. the boy's mother was found dead in their apartment two weeks ago. her estranged husband curtis lopez, has been charged in connection with her murder and is expected to be charged in the boy's murder as well. an elementary school teacher accused of assaulting her student faced a judge today.
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she was indicted last winter with nine counts of second- degree assault. the evening session of the national college fair has been canceled after a big fight broke out between several students. one student has been arrested. d.c. city council today voted to repeal a controversial law that has been on the books for more than 80 years. this law gives police the right to arrest a person for having an expired tab. -- tag. >> the law and tax anyone caught driving in the district with expired tags. city council change that today but people are not happy. >> he asked me to put my hands on the trunk. they took all the objects out of my pocket.
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>> this naval officer was put in handcuffs and arrested by d.c. police for driving with expired florida license plates. >> this was scandalous, over the top. >> motorists we talk to agree. >> there is not room in our legal system to lock people up for that. >> after highly publicized arrests, the american automobile association pushed d.c. mayor and city council to repeal the city's harsh law. today, they did just that. >> the provision dates to congressional action in the 1930's. >> capped a linear thinks so, too. cathy lanier thinks so, too. >> that is really our goal.
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>> motorists thinks the law is still too strict. >> they are not arresting people but telling your car does not demand the right thing to do. -- towing your car does not seem like the right thing to do. >> that trust will remain on their criminal records. -- that arrests would remain on their criminal records. dozens of national and local agencies spent the day of training for the disasters. it is part of a training operation. more than a dozen local hospitals took part in the exercise. officials prepared mock alerts for residents all designed to make sure agencies are prepared for worst-case scenarios. it is time now for a check
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on the traffic situation. >> big problem in northwest on m street. there is a serious accident involving a bus. there is significant delays. let's take a look at 395. that is very heavy on the northbound side past the southeast freeway. on the beltway the outer loop is slow. also slow on the outer loop leesburg pike. coming up confusion over a new traffic pattern. >> she is writing pretty good.
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a 39-year-old michigan father is facing child abuse charges for letting his daughter drive them around while he was drunk. >> his daughter was only 9 years old. >> after bragging about letting his nine-year-old daughter drive him around -- >> listen. we are leaving and she is driving. i am drunk. >> gas station surveillance video shows of this man at 3:00 in the morning. >> i was definitely very upset about it. i was not happy with the fact that someone would allow their daughter to be driving them around. >> i just watched the van pull
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out. her dad is drunk. >> one of the witnesses called 911. >> she is driving pretty good. i cannot believe it. >> when police caught up to a van, the girl was in a booster seat. >> she explained to me-that he did let her drive before. she indicated that he was drinking whiskey. he decided to go for a ride after drinking. >> police arrested him. he now faces several charges including child abuse. >> the father now says he was wrong to allow his daughter to drive. he claims he is a good dad do
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just made a bad decision. he was ordered not to see his daughter, who is living with her mother. coming up, we are all about to hit a milestone in the earth caused history. -- earth's history. >> the prince george's county police department prepares for a
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this comes after the riots at the university of maryland last year. two officers were indicted after the beating was caught on video. for the first time ever, they let our cameras inside. >> why information -- line formation. >> it helps officers stepped in and read them -- rhythm.
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it lets the crowds know they are coming. >> nice and easy. >> the prince george's county police department held its annual civil disturbance training. >> this is the first time the media has been allowed to watch this group train. >> the department has instituted a number of changes to protocol this year to increase accountability. all officers now have numbers on their helmets for a clear identification. a supervisor will oversee fewer officers so they can keep better tabs on them. >> roll calls will now be videotaped so that there is photographic evidence of what took place prior to this group heading out to the particular event. >> the units will be allowed to
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target specific individuals. >> more accountability, and more oversight to ensure that everything goes as it should. >> the police will be -- >> in the kind of extra training that our police can get is very good. students at the george washington university -- phones for hope. the donated funds -- phones will be recycled. we have news that the price for a stamp is going up again. starting january the cost for a first-class stamp will climb 1 cent. it will now cost 45 cents.
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international postage rates and the price for a postcard stamp are rising, too. prices for express mail and. e-mail will stay the same. it will increase revenue for the struggling postal service. bank of america is posting some big profits a few weeks after announcing plans to charge customers monthly debit card fees. the bank reported a net income of $6.2 billion in the third quarter. last year, the bank lost more than $7 billion. in a couple of weeks, the human population of planet earth will hit 7 billion. the united nations says the population hit 1,000,000,002 centuries ago. by 2025, we are expected to hit 8 billion. by 2083, 10 billion. scientists have narrowed down to india. >> so interesting.
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maureen bunyan joins us now with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. president obama makes his way back north after a night in north carolina. we will show you what the plan got some sharp criticism on capitol hill. if you are on social security, some good news for your bank account. someone else will be going home on "dancing with the stars" tonight. the men took the top three spots after the judges' scores. only one of them got a 10. >> we got our first 10. >> the son the -- samba was really hard this week.
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>> "dancing with the stars" is at 9:00. how about a little dancing into the weather center? >> we have got ourselves a beautiful afternoon. fall colors are starting to come on very quickly. how cool it would be to have your back yard back up to skyline drive? it will not be all that long before the lake closes. go to if you want to learn more about the fall colors. please share your pictures.
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let's talk about the rain that is coming. clear skies now. increasing cloudiness tonight. a couple of systems are out there. 56 to 61 degrees in the morning. a cold front comes through tomorrow night. as a result of that, we will below 60's on thursday. sunday monday, tuesday look nice as well. that is the latest. caps on the ice tonight? >> they are and they are rolling. they are going after their fifth straight win. they have been battling hard.
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77 saves. tonight, the defense has to play better. danny to protect their house against -- they need to protect their house and the florida panthers. we saw something in sports to a double loss away. we all know how popular soccer is. the next time they complain about all the running. remind them of a story that you are about to see. this was soccer at its finest grade only better. >> it makes me a stronger person. it makes me believe that i can do anything. >> the u.s. national amputee soccer teams skirmished a team from thehaiti. >> it is unbelievable. it is great for our guys.
5:53 pm
these guys do not need help. >> he lost his right leg to cancer 20 years ago. >> when i lost my leg, i thought it was over. >> most of the visiting players fell victim to the earthquake that ravaged haiti in 2010. >> my life is not over. >> today's event hit home before d.c. united star who was in a life-threatening car accident two years ago. >> i have a lot of respect for these guys. >> i believe i can say that my dream has come true. >> incredible persistence. they will play an exhibition
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game at halftime tomorrow night.
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it is a stretch of road notorious for being dangerous. some drivers on interstate 66 face fines. " the east bound 66 left lane has been closed for a few weeks. the signs say that it is still open. >> we made the drive today and we can tell you there are signs that seem to make it confusing. the overhead signs say there is a left exit from east bound 66 to northbound 495. in reality that >> it is closed. >> i did not know which way to go. >> i tried to stay in the middle
5:58 pm
and hope for the best. >> two signs indicate the left -- the left exit still exist. the only way to get on 495 is a right exit. >> it is confusing. it could cause a lot of problems. >> there is this message board on 66 that states collect exit is closed. it changes its information when the hov lanes are open to traffic. >> it is really tough. >> and ddot -- vdot has and working to keep up with the constant changes. >> sometimes you miss your access. -- exit.
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it is tough, but you cannot do anything until it is over. >> vdot is looking for feedback. let them know where they can do better. that is abc 7 news at 5. >> the hunt for a missing boy has a nightmare ending. >> president obama set his sights on virginia voters. >> the secretary of state land and libya with a message for muammar gaddafi. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. are big story, the search for a missing boy results and the worst outcome possible. >> police in montgomery county found the remains of a young


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