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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc7 breaking news >> out breaking news begins in montgomery county, where police are releasing a new details in the case of must've father charged with murder. police have charged david
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hang months after jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death. >> police say it has been a very tough five months investigating this crime mainly because there was no forced entry into le home where jessica was found murdered, and because many people had access to the home they had to take their time. in the end, they had enough to bring charges against david hang jessica nguyen's stepfather. police found evidence of the crime scene, including a knife cover any blueprint. they say that after the investigation, they were able to find david hang's dna on the knife cover and the boot print. also, he took off work the day of the murder. he is the girl's stepfather, and
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he lived in the palm from 2005 to 2006. what is troubling to them is figuring out why chesaco was his target -- jessica as his target. >> the parents were going through a difficult divorce, a lot of bad blood, from what we've been able to find out. the suspect is married to a least one other woman, and maybe more. beyond that, it is difficult to tell the motive was. >> david hang has a 1:00 bond hearing. he was arrested yesterday in montgomery county, where he does face charges of first-degree murder. >> thanks for the update. breaking this noon, a man is dead after a tree branch fell on him earlier this morning in
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northwest d.c. it happened along adams mill road. a limb fell on the victim as he was walking around 6:00 a.m. all we know at this point is that he has an adult male. -- is an adult male. it is gray and gloomy out there but we are watching a system that could bring us severe thunderstorms this afternoon. adam, phyllis and. >> priest -- adam, fill us in. >> pretty calm right now. this evening is the chance for more thunderstorms, some of which could be strong and severe. it cannot rule out the chance of isolated week tornado later on. check out this rainbow. it was captured by our own brianne carter this morning. beautiful pictures there. we also have rain from culpeper to manassas. moving into fairfax county.
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call barbara county is seeing the bright -- culpepper counties is seeing the brunt of this. the chance for severe thunderstorms is best after sunset, up until about midnight. >> grief counselors are on hand at a local middle school today where students are in shock at word that one of their classmates has been found dead. search crews found the remains of a 11-year-old william mcquain in clarksburg. the man accused of murdering william's mother could face charges for both deaths. brianne carter has the latest. >> at martin luther king and two-year middle school, an emotional start as a day. -- martin luther king jr. middle school, an emotional start to the day. this man's son in new the 11- year-old boy well. the two were classmates. >> my son is very sad.
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>> the day began with a tribute to william, followed by a moment of silence. >> everybody is hoping for the best, but it is so sad that it happened. >> yesterday, montgomery county police found remains they belief thatver were those of mcquain. jane mcquain was found stabbed to death in their home. curtis lopez is facing charges in connection with her murder, and authorities suspect he could be possible -- he could be responsible for william's death. authorities as saying what led them to the area where they discovered -- authorities i'm not saying what led them to the area where they discover the tot's body. so many who knew the two question how this could happen. >> we are all distraught really
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bad thing to happen to really good people. >> lopez is currently in a north carolina jail and will soon be brought back to montgomery county, where he could face additional charges. >> emergency road work caused major delays on i-95 this morning. according to our new partners at wtop a section of pavement failed along northbound 95 at prince william parkway. it was a mess for morning commuters. all lanes are back open at this hour. the section of problem baseman was installed last night but could not set properly because lorrain -- because of the rain. icc officials tell "the washington post" that they have found cracks in three bridges on at georgia avenue, at emory lane, and meadwood road. a spokesman says that the cracks do not pose a safety issue.
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it results from a design flaw that the contractor will pay to fix. now onto a bizarre and dangerous situation -- wild animals roaming free, may be near homes as well. police are on the hunt near zanesville ohio, shooting to kill. officials tell us of the wild animal's owner set them loose and then killed himself. residents are being warned to stay inside. >> call it a suburban safari. lions, tigers, bears, and cheetahs on the loose in a suburban ohio. the owner found dead. fences and ages left open. >> we feel that mr. thompson died from a self-inflicted wound. we also feel that he released these animals at some point. >> police teams with assault rifles shot and killed this lion
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after finding him roaming along the road. this video shows another line, as well as a bear killed by sheriff's deputies. >> these are wild animals that you would see on tv in africa. >> schools have been close, area residents told to stay inside. >> if the cops cannot catch them, they will be running wild, crazy. >> staff from the columbuses you are on the scene hoping to tranquilized remaining -- staff from the columbus zoo bar on the scene hoping to tranquilize the remaining animals. >> you have the officers in danger, losing their life, and other people. that is why there was not tranquil as asian done at night time. >> last year kerry thompson was sent to prison. his wife had left him recently. a judge had ordered him to remove animals from his farm in
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20 days. >> it is not a secure area. highly volatile area. >> and will remain on dollars. -- animals remain on the loose. >> authorities have removed more than 80 cats in maryland. animal control workers arrested the cats from the home on palmer road. crews were evacuated due to the toxic fumes in the home. no word on who owned the animals. we will have more of the story tonight at 5:00. also new at noon a local food pantry is shut down because of a lack of donations. the action and community is through a service and p -- action and community food service third country was in dumfries. many of the patients lived in a nearby mobile home park that was damaged by floodwaters from tropical storm lead.
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maryland's first responders are preparing for a first case scenario today. the so-called capital shielded disaster drill is underway in montgomery county. teams from 13 maryland hospitals are gathered at the training academy for the ecstexercise. the crews will perform of responses to terrorist attacks by staging rescues and transport and treatment to area hospitals. coming out -- >> are you just going to keep talking? let me finish -- >> where is the manners? sparks are flying, candidates in a shouting match. the latest gop showdown. and did a tornado care through? ready or not, it will feel like christmas in the capital. our stormwatch continues.
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>> in the race for the white house, temperatures and tempers were running high in las vegas last night. republican presidential candidates faced off in the most competitive -- combative debate yet. >> last night's republic in debate was the most feisty, explosive showdown yet. >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking. if you want to become president, you have got to let both peoples speak. >> it was personal. >> you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals.
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>> even physical. >> i don't think i have hired an illegal in my life. >> you did not tell the truth is that you had illegals working on your property. >> five years ago, illegal immigrants did it do yard work on mitt romney's paul, but they were hired by a landscaping of money that romney later fired. here is romney and rick santorum squaring off over health care. >> your plan was the basis of obamacare. >> rick you had your chance. let me speak. >> herman cain's 9-9-9 economic plan came right under attack right out of the gate. >> that is the tax plan, not a jobs plan. >> the knee-jerk reaction is telling republicans to have the fight, especially how personal it got. that helps obama. >> last night's debate kicked
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off the sprint to the primaries and the candidates' punches are only going to get sharper. >> president obama is spending a final morning on the road wrapping up the three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. this morning the president and first lady stopped by a military facility in camping virginia but the white house calls the bus for an official trip. republicans say it is just a campaign tour. 13 special americans will be welcomed to the white house today, including one from frederick county, maryland. president obama is honoring the recipient of the presidential citizens medal the nation's second highest civilian honor recognizing people will provide a great service for other citizens or their country recipients include a generous and, maryland, resident who founded -- a garrison, maryland,
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resident who founded a support for troops and their families. homeowners are cleaning up after a possible totornado touched down. it's left up two-mile trail of debris, tearing off roofs. no serious injuries were reported. still scary. we had a little bit of wet this morning, but it tapered off. >> it could pick up after sunset. that video, the weather trying to determine a tornado or not -- sometimes straight line winds do more damage than tornadoes. people hear the t-word tornado, but straight line winds that can be worse. >> we are just doing rain
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though. >> for now. we could have rotation in our atmosphere. wind shear could lead to isolated tornadoes later on today. not the biggest chance. we cannot rule it out on a day like today. here is a picture of the foliage from a couple of weeks ago. here is another good one. this the right across the river from our studios. -- this is right across a river from our studios. mary said in her e-mail that you do not have to travel too far to see the fall colors. beautiful picture of trees changing. cloud cover overhead. don't get your hopes up from the sunlight, because it only destabilize the atmosphere. a little damp out there especially in parts of northern
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virginia. also winning, you are seeing more rain. you already had over an inch -- spotsylvania, you are seeing more rain. already had over an inch of rain. preston and chantilly, even blue not had a little sprinkle half an hour ago. kind of a damp and gray afternoon. the two blows came together in want pressure system. what we are watching is a storm system to develop down here. nothing to widespread. it should be isolated or widely separated. even if it is widely separated one or two those could become strong to severe. temperatures falling through the 60's, only make it get into the lower 60s tomorrow. it is going to be gusty great windy tomorrow. friday saturday, sunday, outlook is still great. leaf-viewing as well.
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>> beautiful to see those leaves turning. new at noon, hard to believe that it is that time of year, or almost. the national park service announced plans these for this year's christmas tree lighting. it is 5:00 p.m., thursday, december 1. 17,000 free tickets will be available through an on-line lottery system beginning november 3. need a job? a local school system is looking for good bus drivers. the first of two job fairs is going on right now in prince george's county. officials are accepting applicants until 2:00 this afternoon that the glendale/park saturday, prospective drivers can stop by the elementary school in mitchell bill. starting pay is $10 an hour. all new hires receive paid training. coming up, closed doors at apple stores this afternoon.
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find out why. later -- >> on my next show, every day, the terms of millions of people are right at your fingertips. c what is living at the bottom of your purse. >> it can cause all sorts of different infections on the skin. >> and in your children's play areas. >> stuff that causes meningitis and gonorrhea. >> i children taught to play area? today
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>> 7 is on your side with a big
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announcement for social security recipients. 55 million senior citizens are going to get a raise next year. this morning the social security administration announced a 3.5% cost-of-living increase. it is $38 a month for the average recipient. there was no hike last year or the this year, because inflation was so low. apple employees are pausing to remember the memory of company founder steve jobs. apple stores will close at 1:00 this afternoon for at least an hour so that employees can watch a memorial service celebrating his life. friends and colleagues are gathering at apple headquarters in california. jobs died of pancreatic cancer two weeks ago. students involved in a local nonprofit are celebrating educational achievement.
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last night, the group of college bound inc. celebrated 20 years of helping children make the dream of college a reality. our own cynne simpson was mc. every single student in the program has graduated from high school, and at least 95% have gone on to college. but for them.
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you have a chance to win $700 of free groceries from peapod. go on to our facebook page. we will announce the winner this friday on abc7 news at 5:00. only in alaska -- grocery shoppers got treated to an unusual visitor. it is up her -- a bearcub thing on the produce in the store. it made quite a mess. the store owner said she had to get rid of thousands of dollars of produce, but nobody was hurt. pretty amazing. >> only in alaska do you pick it up and toss it out the door. take a look of the forecast. approaching the weekend, looking pretty good. still, on track for a lot of sunshine friday as the weekend. still precede tomorrow.
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