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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 21, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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insert and shot and killed. and triggered celebrations in the streets of tripoli. and caution at the white house. >> we are under no illusions, libya will travel a long, winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: gadhafi seized power in libya in 1969 and soon became one of the most fervent anti-americans. in 1986, gadhafi's agents, targeted a berlin disco popular with american soldiers. president ronald reagan ordered an air strike on gadhafi's compound. two years later, gadhafi retaliated, blew up pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, scotland, 190 americans on board were killed. after 9/11, invasion of iraq, an about-face. gadhafi condemned osama bin laden, gave up nuclear and chemical weapons programs.
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in 2003, he accepted responsibility for the lockerbie bombing. brian flynn was just a teenager when he lost his brother on pan am flight 103. >> dreaming abut this day for 20 years. >> president obama said the people of libya now have a responsibility to build a tolerant, democratic society. he said the united states will be a committed partner in that effort. rob and yunji. >> dramatic images and videos from yesterday. one that stuck out unmy miin my. the guy that claims to have shot and killed moammar gadhafi did so with the golden gun. taking credit for the final shot. >> the golden gun. the whole situation, everything with gadhafi is so surreal from the costumes and grand palaces now even in death. >> even in death. all right. shifting gears now, senate republicans voted again to block part of the president's big jobs plan. the deal would have given state and local government, $35 billion to avoid layoffs of
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teachers, cops, and fire fighters. republicans called it a temporary sugar high for the economy and that will do nothing in the long run. more trouble ahead for amanda knox. last month an italian court acquitted her. now kercher's family is preparing to sue her for millions. knox stands to earn a lot of money for the media rights to her story for the four-year ordeal and the kercher family feels they're entitled to some of it. >> for the big game hunt in ohio that left dozens of animals and their owner dead. family tragedy could happen again. because thousands of animals are being kept in homes, and doing so legally. abc's chief investigative reporter, brian ross has more. >> reporter: as seen in this documentary there are lions in living rooms. baby bears in the front yard, and monkeys in high chairs. cute when little. deadly when grown. at least 60 death as tributed to wild animals in homes and
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unlicensed zoos in the past 20 years. >> these are some of the most powerful animals in the world. and the last place they should be is confined in our homes. >> in seven states there are no laws restricting ownership of wild animals. in fact, the humane society of the united states says, there are likely more tigers living in american communities than in the wild. >> the laws, don't exist to forbid people from having tigers as pets. >> and federal and state laws and the trade in tigers and exotic animals is booming all legal. this hidden camera video was made at an auction in ohio. on sale this day were baby monkeys, cougars and hyenna. the video for a documentary, elephant in the living room. community efforts of animal right activists. >> it's important to see, you can walk out with a deadly snake
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without anyone saying boo to me. >> reporter: as we found in a previous abc news investigation, even monkeys, dressed up like children can be very deadly. >> it is more than just the dangers of physical strength, it's disease risks that these animals pose. >> reporter: the death toll from the exotic cats and animals is eye opening. 41 people killed by lions, bears, tigers, monkeys. 21 by poisonous snakes including seven children. brian ross, abc news, new york. welcome news this morning for millions of us who rely on cell phones. danish researchers say they found no link between cell phone use and brain tumors or cancers. the study was the largest ever of its kind following around 350,000 people over an 18-year period. researchers compared people who used cell phones to whothose wh don't before reaching the conclusion. they did not study how much time
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users spend on their phone. people in two states are recovering from big jolts. two earthquakes hit the san francisco area yesterday. biggest was 4.0. centered in berkeley. followed then by a slightly weaker quake a few hours later. a rare record breaking 4.8 quake rattled the rural texas town, and that quake was felt 50 miles away in san antonio. no injuries or major damage reported in either quake. >> good news there. >> yeah. a look at your weather. a wet day, pacific northwest. rain, seattle portland. showers, pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse. wind diminish in the southeast. sunny, dry, in the west, 100. >> 62 in atlanta. 75 in new or leans. 50s from fargo to detroit. phoenix, 92. sacramento, 78. 60s, in billings. fire fighters do courageous deeds every day. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a duck. probably the most courageous.
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>> keep reading. >> off the bravest arrive at a burning house where a 7-year-old labrador was trapped on the second floor. >> they got through the thick smoke and found the dog barely breathing? what do they do -- mouth to snout resuscitation, of course. the two men say they were doing their jobs. the job, quite simply saving lives by any means necessary. >> i love that. look at the dogs like they're going to beep just fine. >> those guys are heroes. they really are. they really are. >> would you do that? >> we'll have more "world news now" right after this. ♪ come on baby and rescue me
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okay, conspiracy theorists start your engines. not like a sound track to get us in the mood for the next story. some strange doings in the skies over the heartlands. >> uh-huh, no one seems to know what it was that streaked across the sky over nebraska. but as a correspondent reports there are of course plenty of theories. >> reporter: while most people were fast asleep, cameras at the airport didn't blink, catching a flash across the northwest skid, 3:24, wednesday morning, shortly after, phone lines lit up at the lancaster sheriff's office. >> thought mate be a meteorite. got a couple different calls on the object. >> reporter: deputies rushed out to where callers thought it may have landed. >> we were unable to locate anything. any damage.
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>> yeah, i was kind of watching. we were in that section that they were talking about that the lights came down. i had been looking a little bit in case i happened to see meteor or something. >> reporter: there is no guarantee this mysterious object even came down in this area at all. one viewer called to say he and his wife had seen a bright light at the same time to their north. and maybe not knowing what fell from the sky and where it is now, makes for a better story. >> called my wife and told her, had somebody for -- to come for supper tonight. i said i found a little martian out there. she kind of got a kick out of that. >> ha-ha. >> ooh, strange. >> mystery. >> we have had a few look that on the overnights of "world news now." you never quite know what is going on. >> some strange encounters here. >> yeah, never know. >> do you belief in ufos? >> it's arrogant to think there
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is nothing out there the i keep my mind open. you never know. >> time to head to nebraska for an investigation. >> i'm getting out of here. >> football, nfl style. the "world news now" picks competition. stay with us. >> are they gone?
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rob has got his football app. that can mean one thing. week seven of the nfl season. this one could be crucial in the ongoing increasingly fascinating "world news now" nfl picks competition. >> that's right. let's get right to it. the good news i remain on top of the leader board. my lead has been cut down. i promised i can move out to a healthy need against tanya
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rivero again. >> fireman bob in the middle. >> we're picking early games sunday. the experts in the desert thing they will be close. the largest spread for our games is just three points this week. >> okay. here it goes. first up, bears, buccaneers, game being played in london. jets underdogs at home against the chargers. >> and then the texans and titans play on tennessee. seahawks come east to take on the cleveland browns. as for my picks this week, i am going with tampa bay, san diego, tennessee, and da-browns. >> this is where it gets interesting. the only pick you share with tanya is tampa, she is going with jets, houston, seattle. >> pivotal week. i love it. fireman bob can gain big on me or lose big. losing likely. the bears, super bowl bound jets. not biased at all, writers on the show. and houston. cleveland too. >> jack takes tampa bay, the chargers, texans and cleveland. >> david myers, only differs on
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one game. he has tampa, san diego, houston and cleveland. and now we are once again joined by picks competition commissioner, jack sheehan. tanya on temporary duty on the set. gone, but here in spirit and in cardboard. welcome back to you and tanya. >> it's good to have the four of us here for the big celebration on a friday morning. >> what will you be watching for this weekend, sir? >> well it is a week of change in the nfl. i think. hang on. i think i hear the bells ringing. >> oh. >> that its the coach's changing quarterbacks. are you ready for this? that right there, tim tebow, in at denver, kyle orton, taking a seat on the bench. it's his, his first start though. he played second half last week. minnesota, christian ponder, got some time in a -- excuse me, disastrous game monday night against the bears. ponder in for his first start. that is carson palmer. picked up by the raiders this
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week. and he -- he takes over for jason campbell who unfortunately broke hisle collarbone. he is all done. and also washington the redskins have a -- have a first start for a guy named john beck, rex grossman. he has been lepew, as the commercial says. >> and they played the saints, the colts are -- >> we know how that one is going to go. it is going to be close until they kick off. >> thank you, sir, that's what i am talking about. quarterback situation, revolving door, ends well. and the word unyour script was super bowl bound jets. do you believe? >> i don't. absolutely not. i wrote it. i picked san diego. and, there was some -- butting of head between the coaches. you know, got a little bit, and see what is going on. tomlinson. >> i got to ask, who ever wins
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this, what do they actually win? >> the loser of the competition, on the staff, has to buy the rest of us grub one day. we will eat well some time in december. >> bragging rights. awe always bragging rights. thank you, jack. thank you, tanya. looking lovely. we will be back with "morning papers" after this. oh. f stabbing your fingertips to test your blood glucose, we have news that could change your life. if you're on medicare with diabetes, then you need to know there's an alternative method for checking your blood glucose every day. you don't need to stab your fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> time for your morning papers. i will kick it off. urban outfitters appeared to have caved to navaho nation, story out of the l.a. times this morning. apparently urban outfitters, popular clothing chain for hipsters and folk as like. they have a clothing line that they sort of branded navaho with designs that they deemed sort of, i guess, native american theme. the navaho nation was clearly displeased. sent them a cease and desist letter. and urban outfitters, said they will take navaho out of the branding.
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>> a nation of protests, protest maybe you will get your way. this comes out of tallahassee. school administrators at the school trying to reward youngsters who had taken part in a fund-raising drive, giving them slap bracelets. some kids got curious, started peeling back the cloth that wrapped around their wrist whevenlt they peeled it back, on the bendable metal were pictures of nude women. now they're trying to get their bracelets back from the kids who got an early biology lesson. on the bright side, the thing, young men who got the bracelets were studying hard. with that, here is your morning polka. the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow ♪ ♪ stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- dictator's death. moammar gadhafi was killed. >> public enemy one, finally gone, libyans take to the streets in celebration as the country enters a new, hopeful era. it's friday, october 21st. and tgif. good morning, i'm yunji de nies. >> i'm rob nelson. moments after his capture, gadhafi beg ford his life. but families who lost loved ones in the boppimbing of pan am fli
3:01 am
103 have waited decades for justice the we will look back at his dictatorship and years as as enemy to the united states. >> this morning, one day after an los angeles judge hammered lindsay lohan did she show up at the morgue. unfortunately for her she did not. and we will hear her explanation. >> should be interesting. as it always is with ms. lohan. later this half our, insight into steve jobs from his official biographer, why he regretted one key decision he made about his health and why he says he named his company apple computer. great, great tidbits into his life. >> interesting stuff. first the big news, new pictures have sur surfaced of the earliest moments in the capture of gadhafi. we must warm you images are graphic. the libyan dictator raises his hands and begs captors not to kill him for his sons. >> that was not to be the. the long time libyan leader was shot and killed. karen travers looks at moammar
3:02 am
gadhafi's life and now his death. >> reporter: good morning, rob and yunji. president obama said moammar gadhafi's death marks the end of a long, painful chapter for the libyan people. these are the gruesome final minutes of moammar gadhafi's life. libya's rebel government said the former dictator was cornered in his hometown of sirte and shot and killed. word of his death triggered celebrations in the streets of tripoli. >> reporter: and caution at the white house. >> we are under no illusions. libya will travel a long, winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: gadhafi seized power in libya in 1969 and soon became one of the world's most fervent anti-americans. a ruthless dictator, gadhafi funneled oil revenues to terrorists. his agents target aid berlin disco popular with american soldiers. president reagan ordered an air strike on gadhafi's compound. two years later, gadhafi
3:03 am
retaliated by blowing up pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, scotland. 190 americans among those killed. but after 9/11 and invasion of iraq an about face. gadhafi condemned osama bin laden. began to give up chemical and nuclear weapons programs. in 2003 he formally accepted responsibly for the lockerbie bombing. brian flynn was a teenager when he lost his brother on pan am flight 103. >> i have been dreaming about this day for 20 years. >> reporter: president obama said the people of libya now have a responsibility to build a tolerant, democratic society. he said the united states will be a committed partner in that effort. rob and yunji. >> karen, thank you. gadhafi's humiliating, bloody end was a sharp contrast of course to the proud and powerful man and leader he once was. abc's barbara walters actually met him at the height of his power back in 1989 and she told him face to face that many around the world considered him to be crazy.
3:04 am
>> he was crazy like a fox. he knew what he was doing. at that time, we pointed out. he thought he was going to be the king of the arab world. where we did the interview is so interesting to me. it was in his compound in the middle of tripoli. in a tent. though we did it with an interpreter, he did speak some english. i asked him if he would. this is what he said. can you give any message to the american people in english? >> belief that american people doesn't hate me. these people is good people. we must -- cooperate together, arabs and americans. >> when i said he was going to be cunning king of the arab wor. he dressed like that. a vai ncht man, he -- a vain ma. in the flowing robes. he said they loved me.
3:05 am
they loved me. they sure didn't. >> amazing turn of events. walking with barbara walters. looking like royalty and in the street begging for his life. >> bloody saying don't shoot me or his sons. and whether the second son is safe, or not, his where abuts are unknown. reacttion around the world. uk tabloid the sun, headline showed the still of gadhafi, bloody near death. and said that was for lockerbie. that was the headline in the paper this morning. that says it all as people feeling a sense of justice now with this, this guy is finally gone. >> still a lot of question for libya now. nato officials are meeting today to decide how to wind down the international bombing campaign over libya now that it appears it is no longer necessary. u.n. secretary-general says it will be made in cooperation with the leaders of libya's interim government. throughout the war, libya kept 200 aircraft engaged in the operation led mostly by britain and france. president obama getting high marks even from critics over his
3:06 am
handling of the libya situation. gop front-runner, mitt romney was asked in iowa if mr. obama deserved credit for killing gadhafi. romney answered yes, absolutely. obama's rival, john mccain admits the administration deserves great credit and says the world its now a better place. president obama must do much more to impress the american public with plans to turn around the economy. a poll shows seven in ten americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. 43% said the economy is very poor. that's an all-time high. but 40% believe the plans, president's plan to turn around unemployment will significantly improve the job market. >> a government loan program for green technologies is now creating a new controversy, just days after the scandal. an electric car company got $500 million loan from the federal government is building the cars in finland. the sports car was engineered and designed in the u.s.
3:07 am
the company says no american facility could build it. they have built 40 of the cars and delivered two. bad news for basketball fans. looking like the nba season will be pushed back again if it gets started at all. owners and players met for a fourth day thursday and parted with no deal. and no plans to meet again. revenue-sharing and salary caps remain the big stumbling blocks. the first 100 games have been canceled. and more could be announced soon. >> some gridlock there. >> pro footballer jerome harrison may not have been happy being traded from the detroit lions. stand at 5 and 1. the move may have saved his life. doctors discovered a brain tumor during a routine physical that harrison got after being dealt to the eagles. espn says the tumor is being treated and harrison's long term prognosis is good. he will not play again this year. to entertainment news, a tongue lashing from a judge was apparently not enough to get lindsay lohan back on track. on first scheduled day of
3:08 am
community service at the morgue, the actress was marked a no show after arriving 40 minutes late. kabcs reporter, reports from los angeles. >> if ms. lohan bales out she is to immediately before the next hearing if wants to mitigate any potential sentence if found in violation, do a minimum of 16 hours at the morgue. >> despite the clear warning from the judge in court, lindsay lohan failed to show up on time at the county morgue. >> supposed to be here at 8:00. we received a call at 20 minutes to 8:00. advise she'd was 10 minutes away. 8:00 came and went. and by 8. 20. . she was late, a no show. >> l.a. county coroners office, ed winter says lohan did arrive 40 minutes late and was turned away. a representative for lohan said the actress was late they were trying to avoid media cameras and unsure which way to enter the building. >> she was given directions, she
3:09 am
was supposed to be here. she has been here prior, so she knows where we are at. and at 8:40, she showed up at the back of the building. >> reporter: this tardiness doesn't look good for lohan. the judge revoked probation for failing to show up at downtown women's center on nine scheduled visits. the women's center kicked her out and suggest she'd serve at the county morgue before returning to the center. lindsay lohan tweeted with stress and pressure from yesterday and today i have never been so happy to go to therapy. i am sorry for confusion i may have caused to those at the coroner's office. won't happen again. now i know where to go. thank you for your help. now it may be up to the judge to decide whether lohan can return. the actress's representative she's will be back for her orientation. >> running on celebrity time there, you know they always show up late for premiers, parties. following that schedule. >> community service may want to
3:10 am
show up particularly after getting a tongue lashing from the judge. >> severe tongue lashing. the judge was very clear on what she wanted from lindsay lohan. get this when sheep does get to work there she will be assigned janitorial duties, cleaning restrooms, bathrooms, mopping the floor and washing dirty sheets. think she has ever done that. >> i think that sound just about right for lindsay. enjoy that scrubbing. >> here is your friday forecast. rain out west, portland, seattle. spokane, lingering showers, pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse. dry across the south. carolinas, to california. >> 92, phoenix. 50s from fargo to indianapolis. kansas city gets up to 66. dallas, 78, new orleans, 75. 64, boston. 59 here in new york. >> okay, well nba is on lockout. but you want to talk sports drama. we got it last night in game two of the world series. cardinals took a 1-0 lead, bottom of the seventh and held it until the ninth.
3:11 am
>> when the rangers caught fire. back to back sacrifice flies gave texas a 2-1 lead. that was really all they needed. rangers tie up the series now, one game apiece. >> guam three saturday night. back in texas. if the cards don't win one of the three being played there, then it is all over. >> all over. >> now i know you said you watched some of the game. i of course was taking a little nap. >> you had a long sleep. get used to the shift. >> tell us about it? >> i am not a huge baseball fan. i tune in for the world series. i enjoy playoff mode. not rooting for any team. want tight be close. nobody likes a blowout championship. >> we're both switzerland on this. neutral. >> neutral. more "world news now" coming up right after the break. ♪ put me in tcoach i'm ready to play the game ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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welcome back, everybody. what promises to be a fascinating read will be published next week. authorized biography of the late steve jobs. we are already learning some very interesting tidbits. >> maybe most importantly that jobs delayed surgery that could have at least extended his life. very interesting details. more now from abc's sharon alfonsi. >> reporter: he had access to the best medical in the word. steve jobs, refused to allow surgeons perform what could have been life saving surgery. fearing it was too invasive. instead he tried alternative therapies and later said he regretted that decision. it is just one of the stunning revelations in the steve jobs' authorized biography. walter isaacson who conducted 40 interviews with jobs for the book taped before his death said no subject was offlimits. jobs revealed he was often bullied in school, he stopped going to church at age 13 after
3:17 am
he saw a photo of a starving child on the cover of "life" magazine leading hum to later study zen buddhism. jobs experimented with very yurs diets and said he was on one of the diets when he decided to name the company apple had just come back from an apple farm thought the name seemed fun, spirited and not intimidating. of the design that became so distinct apple his inspiration was a food processor at a department store. so impressed by the sleek design he desooded to make the case out of the apple out of molded plastic instead of metal. and mike scott is interviewed for the book too. he says one of his first projects was to get jobs then ceo to shower and it didn't really work. the book comes out monday and like so many things jobs touched, it is already a best-seller. sharon alfon sichsi, abc news,
3:18 am
york. >> the reason he did. he was a media shy kind of guy. he said he agreed to do the book, do some of the interviews because he wanted his kids to know him. what he left behind. >> i love the detail about being on a fruit diet deciding to name it apple. love the story behind the name. >> in fact in the book too, a huge beatles fan. one of his wishes before he died. he wanted to get the beatles on aye tune itunes. if you want to hear more, walter will be on "good morning america" monday. fascinating read. >> we will all be tuning in and reading of course. coming up, touching moments from the last gop debate. >> lady gaga's unusual serenade. the last gop debate. >> lady gaga's unusual serenade. friday rewind is coming up next. [narrator] afwas injured in iraq his young wife faced the daunting task of getting their v-a benefits.
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there's a lot of forms to fill out. foyears, paralyzed veters' trained experts ha helped injured veterans and their families.. we are a able to fill out all f thforms and applications and ask for all of the benefits that veteran's entitled to. u too can hehelp paralyzed veteterans. visit p-v-a dot org.
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welcome back, everybody. a busy "newsweek" in the books that can only mean one thing. time for the friday rewind. >> a look at what made this week unlike any other, a dictator, driver and some dancing. check it out. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted and with this enormous promise, the libyan people now have a great responsibility. >> indy car is very sad to announce, dan wheldon has passed away from insurvivable injury. >> they crumpled, caught afire and everybody gasped. it is the most horrific race i have ever seen in my life. >> there were grisly bears, and blackberries, there were cheetahs, lions and tigers. >> they don't know where they're at. if the cops can't catch them they'll be rung wild. >> it is unconscionable. no way to describe it. >> it looks like a dungeon. the people were stored like
3:21 am
surplus meat in the basement. >> a person who had a stroke and needs an mri and every other testing is that just a convenience. i don't think so. >> if you don't have a job, and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> you stood here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property. >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking. i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states you have to let both people speak. >> lindsay's attitude is to simply continue to blow these things off, to not do her community service. to ignore her obligation to engage in counseling. >> i would look to say that you know dreams do happen. never give up hope. to always believe in yourself. >> i wish you were tonight, baby. >> lady gaga and i will have a heart attack celebrating my 65th birthday. >> we came, we saw, we
3:22 am
bedazzled. >> hard to be serious and thoughtful dressed as a skittle. >> we came, we saw, we bedazzled. >> stars dancing monday. this time broadway. >> here we go. >> we did dance earlier this week. we were ready. >> doing the disco. take the show on the road, baby. it's new! ahhh-ahh-ahh!
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♪ ♪ >> and finally this half-hour, time for insomniac theater. >> love the way he says that. >> class up the joint. some intriguing films on offer at the box office this weekend. we'll make a margin call in a moment. >> first, it is martha marcy may marlene, tongue twirstwister, starring elizabeth olsen, younger sister of the olsen twins, of full house fame.
3:26 am
interesting story, a woman escapes a cult but apparently not her own past. about all right horrible things she witnesses being in the cult. then her transition back to the real world if you will and all the flashbacks she has throughout. take a listen. >> i thought you quit. >> i did. >> i waited for you. >> i know. >> i'm sorry. >> don't apologize to me it's your body, zoe. look after this girl. for once in your life she deserves some real care. >> elizabeth olsen getting rave reviews for her performance. really her first debut. everyone says she steals the show. this film won award at cannes, sun dance film festival, toronto, the indy film the new hit. >> doing well. all right. this movie, my pick of the week "margin call" business financial term and movie filled with
3:27 am
basically. another one of the films just like -- "inside job" or "too big to fail" on hbo, all the things that led to the 2008 financial mess. $3 million, cheap by hollywood standards. kevin spacey, jeremy irons, demi moore, stanley tucci. this is going to have you would think resonance with the country, we are living through the aftermath of what went down in 2008. great reviews so far. 24 hours leading up to the news breaking that national, international economies were on the brink. here is a clip. >> it's legit. can't kill it. the formula is worthless. >> what does that mean? >> it's broken. >> there are $8 trillion of payer around the world relying on the equation. >> we were wrong. >> no, you mean you were wrong. >> don't get me started. we discussed this. >> some tension. the writing is really good.
3:28 am
acting is strong. of course a theme these days everyone can relate to. you know, just amazing scrutiny of what got us into the mess. if you look that kind of stuff. >> going to make me
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- end of an era. libya's moammar gadhafi has been tracked down and killed. during his final moments we are learning he begged for mercy. >> as his notorious dictatorship ends, libyans are celebrating a new beginning. but what really happens now? it's friday, october 21st. good morning, everybody. happy friday. >> thank you. >> yes, indeed. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm yunji de nies. gadhafi's regime responsible for the pan am 103 jetliner bombing
3:31 am
back in 1988 and for decades, the victim's families have demanded closure after unforgettable tragedy. we'll hear more from a pan am crew member's widow who waited years for this day to come. >> justice in the making. strong reaction from the white house. libyan americans out there, celebrating and chanting, loving this moment. such a cry amongst the libyan people to see photos. never saw that with bin laden. gadhafi, videos, footage, and of him and his son, is out there, bloody, gruesome photos. people wanted confirmation he is gone. we now know he is. >> we are seeing it. >> and this morning, ohio's governor is demand ing action and indepth investigation into this week's escape of dozens of exotic animals. he wants some answers now about exotic animal ownership and the way sheriffs deputies dealt with that wild situation earlier this week. >> that seems very necessary after everything we have seen. jack hannah leading the charge there. and later this half-hour, a fun story. going postal, the mail route in rural indiana passed on from generation to generation with
3:32 am
these postal carriers. it is all in the family. >> for like a century. an amazing story there. before all of that, celebrations as we said outside the white house last night as libyan-americans gathered to mark the death of gadhafi. pictures right there. >> they waved the libyan flag, danced, chanted, "no more fears, no more tears" after more than 40 years. with more on the death of the libyan leaders, here is abc's christiane amanpour. >> reporter: gadhafi's final hours began when revolutionary fighters stormed his last stronghold sirte. soon after, a convoy of 80 vehicles was seen fleeing the town. when from the sky nato attacked. the french and the u.s., are both claiming to have fired on a convoy but could not say it was gadhafi's. at first, the bbcs gabrielle gatehouse reporting from sirte said that he heard the rebels had found the former dictator hiding in a drainpipe. >> they say they discovered him
3:33 am
here before 12:00 -- they pulled him out of the hole. and one fighter told me, that moammar gadhafi said to him "what did i do to you?" >> reporter: another report later said that he was pulled from the damaged convoy. officials say gadhafi was shot in the head, and died on his way to the hospital. >> translator: we have been waiting for this moment for a long time, he says, moammar gadhafi has been killed. >> reporter: one of gadhafi's sons is also confirmed dead along with his female bodyguards. but his heir apparent, saif al-islam, may have survived. in his last television interview in february, gadhafi, defiant and deluded to the very end emphatically told me that he still had the support of his country. >> they love me, all my people with me. they love me all. >> reporter: if they do love you -- >> they will die to protect me, my people. >> reporter: as for stepping down or leaving libya?
3:34 am
>> ha-ha-ha. >> reporter: in the end, it's the libyan people who have had the last laugh. but the real challenge now is trying to form a real government that can unify libya's disparate warring factions and prevent the country from falling into sectarian struggle. christiane amanpour, abc news, new york. >> and really is one of the more important parts of the day. some times, killing the dictator is the easy part, building government following the regime is the hard part. that's what begins to day. >> big power vacuum. a lot of questions and concerns this could erupt into a deep civil there are perhaps gadhafi supporters left in the military. a lot of questions what to do with all those weapons and what happens next. >> lots of questions. no matter what, good time in the way for the obama administration. he is getting kudos for foreign policy. look what happened the past year, dismantling of al qaeda, now, moammar gadhafi gone, really is kind of impressive, dismantling of terror leaders and networks across the globe in 2011. kind of an amazing time, foreign policywise.
3:35 am
all right, now here at home, news of gadhafi's death brought a sense of relief to families who lost loved ones aboard pan am flight 103, the libyan leader behind the terror bombing that killed nearly 300 passengers most of them american. and the kabc reporter has more and reaction on this from los angeles. >> reporter: judy avritz's life forever changed in 1988 when pan am flight 103 was blown out of the sky by a bomb over lockerbie, scotland. her husband, jerry avritz, a flight engineer was on board the boeing 747. in the cockpit along with the pilot and co-pilot. >> pan am called me at work and said there had been an accident. and so i went home and i turned on the news and i knew immediately that nobody had survived that. >> reporter: now 23 years later, judy learns moammar gadhafi is dead. >> it wasn't like i rejoiced or anything. i knew one day he would die. and now he has to go and face the lord.
3:36 am
and he has to answer for what he has done. >> reporter: her husband was 46 years old at the time of the bombing. he and judy had two children and he had plans to retire early. >> his whole life was kind of saving up for that. to get a boat, go fishing, just kind of relax. didn't get to do that. so, my philosophy is don't wait too long to do the things you want to do. >> judy raised her children alone and is a grandmother of five, yet still misses her husband. >> we just had a really, nice, nice family life. >> reporter: while gadhafi's death doesn't really change anything for judy it does bring her the closure she has been seeking for years. >> i just -- thank the lord that that's over with. and i hope and pray for the people of libya that they can have a new life. something good will come out of this. and they can have some of the freedoms that we have here in our wonderful country.
3:37 am
moving on to the economy now. the latest poll shows president obama is doing little to inspire confidence about the economy. seven in ten say the country is heading in the wrong direction. 43% describe the economy as very poor. that is an all-time high. but 40% believe the president's plan to turn around unemployment will significantly improve the job market. there are stunning new evidence of the growing income gap in this country. one of the factors of course fueling those anti-wall street protests around the country. a government report now finds that half of american workers earn less than $26,300 last year. and number of millionaires soared by 18%. and last year, there were 5 million fewer jobs to be had compared to 2007. stats like that say it all in a lot of ways about the economy. >> very tough out there. to the aftermath of the game hunt. the toll is staggering. 49 wild creatures killed and
3:38 am
owner dead in an apparent sue -- suicide. >> there are lingering questions about how so many dangerous creatures could have been kept as pets. abc's t.j. winick joins us with details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and yunji. the threat in ohio is now over. dead animals buried in the ground. people are asking how could this have possibly happened? ohio's governor has already formed a task force in the wake of the mass exotic animal escape in the city of zanesville. the state has more incidents with exotic animals than any other. its laws among the most lenient in the country. >> i am pretty sure i just saw a wolf in our parking lot. >> reporter: despite numerous past complaints about this property, the local sheriff admits he was powerless to act. after 56 animals including bengal tigers and mountain lions were let off the farm by its suicidal owner many expect changes. >> we have been there numerous times. and we have been told that he was acting under what minimal
3:39 am
law there was at the time to be housing the animals. >> reporter: the governor's task force will reportedly seek tougher restrictions including laws that allow internet and in-state exotic animal auctions. >> there is no sensible reason for any private citizen to keep a dangerous, powerful wild animal as a pet or as a roadside attraction. it is madness to allow this to occur. >> reporter: since 1990, one wildlife organization reports there have been 1,500 incidents involving exotic animals in the u.s. 5% taking place in ohio. rob and yunji. >> t.j., thank you. i am with the humane society on this one. i don't see any reason to have an exotic animal as the a pet. i don't understand that. >> i tend to agree with that too. amazing what a reactive, country we are, some times. takes something like this for people to go maybe we shouldn't keep, cheetahs as pets. a shame it takes something like this to point out the obvious. >> you are right. they're plan to introduce laws in ohio.
3:40 am
which would have pretty stringent laws, including microchipping all of these animals. a very good first step. surprised that is not required already. >> american engineer evacuated from the south pole plans to return to the u.s. next week. doctors in new zealand agree that renee douceur did suffer a stroke. she'll be treated in johns hopkins. for at least a few days. not sure when she will return back to new hampshire. >> glad to hear that she will make a full recovery after all that anxiety there. here is your friday forecast. lingering showers in the interior northeast, pittsburgh to western new york. a rainy day in the pacific northwest. spokane, seattle, portland. otherwise looking at a dry nation with sunshine. >> mostly 60s, boston to atlanta. 77, miami. chilly, 54, windy city. minneapolis, 57. omaha, 67. and upper 50s in seattle. 67 in salt lake city. 75, colorado springs.
3:41 am
here is a story we can all relate to. when you got to go you got to go. it is nice to go some place nice. some place like chicago's field museum of natural history which won this year's best bathroom in america contest. >> all right. the museum's two large restrooms feature art work, even a scene of the night sky overhead. but they also had plenty of stalls, sinks and even kid sized facilities. wow a nice john. >> the women's room has a special area for nursing moms and a nanny caddie vending machine filled with diapers, wipes and other handy items. >> we have all probably had an experience, in a nasty, festival, port a potty. to see that is encouraging. almost as nice as bathrooms here at abc. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round ♪ baby
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you are going to love this one. time for our -- "favorite story of the day." we told you earlier in the week about an apartment fire in a building in boston. >> the hero a fire fighter who caught a young boy dropped out of a window. as abc's john berman reports the pair got back together just yesterday. >> reporter: look at that face. did you catch that smile. fire fighter glen mcgilvrey caught that and oh so much more. 1:00 a.m. monday when a
3:46 am
six-alarm fire devastated 27 apartments in boston. judith lost her home and all most her grandson, 6-year-old xavier. as the fire blazed she held him outside the third story window with nothing below. nothing but the arms of the lieutenant. >> i knew she couldn't hold him forever. >> god, please don't let this man miss the catch. please don't let this man miss the catch. he fell into the officer's arms. >> reporter: right into the arms of the 22 year veteran. good to see him smiling and happy. >> reporter: fire fighters rescued 15 people that night. what can you say about such bafry? >> i said thank you. >> that's right. you are most welcome, pal. >> reporter: he says he is no hero just doing his job. though he admits 22 years on the job he has never had to make a catch like that. but then only a catch like that could earn a hug like this. john berman, abc news, new york. >> what a wonderful outcome. such a terrible story.
3:47 am
the origins of the fire, apparently the person who suspected of starting it all, it was a botched suicide attempt. remember he cut the line and set all that on fire. he survived. unfortunately though he is left 75 people homeless. thankfully the little boy is okay. >> everyday heroes. we'll be right back with "the skinny." stay with us. e skinny." stay with us. band. ultimately, i decided to take the next step and talk to my doctor about my options. that step was a big one. but i'm glad i made it. instead of looking back on memories. i was determined to keep on making 'em. don't wait to tune in to your hep c. talk to your doctor w about your options. and find out more attune .
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny we have got a juicy skinny for you today. starting with this first story. it looks like jessica simpson is pregnant. at least that's what she told "okay" magazine. take a look at this cover -- this is the new cover coming out today, actually thursday. so, last night. she joked that she can eat anything now and no one will care. sort of a rule with pregnant women. she, apparently, was holding out, she wanted to get paid, apparently, she got paid $500,000 for this news. not like she needs the money. maybe she wants more swag for the baby. >> exactly. she's made a ton off that
3:50 am
clothing line. music. >> a billionaire. she is doing well. of course this is with her fiance, eric johnson. she is 31. and he is 32, getting ready for number one on the baby list. >> good for them. happy for jessica. that kid will be a good looking kid and well fed. also here, adam levine from the band maroon five, may recognize their hit "sunday morning." apparently he is in a twitter war with folks at fox news. apparently he launched a war of words with some of the guys, the two guys, greg gutfeld, i should say. he tweeted dear fox news don't play our music on your evil blanking channel ever again. thank you. they played it on the station one day. then apparently, andy leavy and greg gutfeld decide they'd would respond back all kinds of nasty tweets. dear adam levine, don't make crappie blanking music again. thank you. back and forth. sometime later they played more
3:51 am
music on the air of adam's and maroon five. started trashing him. being mean about the music. back and forth. he has not responded. whatever reason that dude does not want his music on fox news. they took their battle to twitter. they were equally vulgar. let's just say that. >> all being mean over there. moving on -- an update on the story we told you about earlier this week, rancic underwent a double lumpectomy. tuesday as part of her breast cancer treatment. her husband went on the morning show. talked about it. he said, she is relieved to have it over with. the cancer is now out. she is doing well at hope recovering. he is adding nursing now to his resume. >> very cool. >> being her home nurse. >> her husband, the guy, first ever winner of donald trump's apprentice. tough time for them. they're making it through. pick this next story. hasn't been a name we have seen, mc hammer, remember this guy way back in the day. apparently this week's web 2.0 conference in san francisco he unveiled he has a new search
3:52 am
engine coming out, called wiredoo, search for car, more of a vertical search. he went broke a few years ago. he is doing it. god bless hammer. >> let's see you do it. >> there we go! god bless hammer. >> let h's see you do it. >> there we go! you could spend as much as $200. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. new olay pro x advanced cleaning system.
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. ♪ stop, oh, yes wait a minute mr. postman ♪ >> i love the music department here. >> they are good. nail it every time. >> final lie, going postal. of course this time we don't mean that in a bad way. >> not at all. one family has been doing it in rural indiana for more than a century. wpta's eric olsen reports. >> reporter: another day at the post office. the mail carrier, drew helmer is preparing for the day as his father denny did 40 years before him. >> this is dad's route when he
3:56 am
worked here. this is where he stayed. if he would come to the post office you would find him in this little area here. >> reporter: drew took over his dad's route when denny retired last july. denny is proud to see his son pick up where he left off. >> i trained him to be my sub, when he first started. he did it a few times. he said this is cool. a neat job. >> reporter: denny knows how it feels, denny took over the same route from his dad dale, when dale retired after 40 years. and dale took over the route from his dad, charles helmer when charles retired after 43 years. in fact a helmer has delivered the mail nonstop for 110 years. >> kind of a neat feeling. my dad did it. grandfather did it. now my son is basically doing the same route. makes you feel warm inside, you know. >> reporter: do you ever when you are here feel your dad or grandfather or your great grandfather looking down at you
3:57 am
and making sure -- >> kind of funny. i think about it on the route. what would grandpa have done. great grandpa worked this. he was here and went down the same roads. he knows the families. their grandparents. so, pretty cool. >> wow. >> no pressure there. if he has got a son, right? can't break that. >> in the blood there. and interesting too, apparently first started delivering the mail in the town, 60 mailboxes. now 500. they have seen the times change. all in the family. very cool. >> we're squg you on facebook would you pass on your job to your son or daughter? what do you think? do you want your child to be at some point when you do have a child to be a journal snis. >> rob jr., find a job in the day light. would be my fatherly advice. >> there you go. i forgot about that earlier this week. >> ha have? you look good in your blues there. extremely happy to be at work. >> nice. >> oh, man. >> i love it. that's the news for this
3:58 am
half-hour. don't miss updates on facebook and >> catch us on twitter. stay in touch on air and on line. coming up more news from abc.
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