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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ill help them find men responsible for the deadly shooting on a metrobus today marks 10 years of the anthrax attacks. good morning washington begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning to you washington. 5:00 on this watching -- 5:00. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is a medium -- meteorologist adam caskey. >> the temperatures right now in the 40's. quite a contrast to what we had yesterday. 47 in northwest d.c.. 40 in fairfax. widespread 40's. rising into the lower 60's for the afternoon.
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bopper 50's far north of the metro area. when is not as gusty as yet today out of the west at 15 miles per hour. for tomorrow, lots of sunshine. partly cloudy skies. good, all weather this weekend. >> we have been clicking to the cameras to make sure everything is clear for you. that is exactly what we find through maryland. good at the american legion bridge. overnight construction in springfield, virginia has been taken care of. we are hearing from metro rail the first trains rolling out on normal service. we will keep an eye out through the morning. now, back to the news. >> our top story this morning the world continues to react to the killing of former libyan dictator walmart gaddafi. the final moments of his life were caught on camera and they
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are graphic. he rolled libya for 42 years. his days on the run came to a deadly end yesterday. we are live from the libyan embassy for more on this development. >> libyans lydian -- libyans living across the world in the united states say they were thrilled to see yesterday pottery news unfold. although they are happy to see the dictator is now dead, many know there is a long road to democracy. it was images that captured muammar gaddafi's final moments. as one woman told algeciras, she could not believe he was dead until she saw the footage. revolutionary fighters on the ground surrounded gaddafi in his
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hometown of sirte. there were reports they found did not be hiding in a drainage pipe. it is believed he was later shot and killed. >> he is not getting away with anything. >> last night outside the white house, cheers and celebrations echoed the sentiments being felt in the middle east and worldwide. many libyans now living in our area say they all felt this they would come. >> i am pretty certain that a lot of libyans would like to see him suffer, but at the same time, you know what -- if it is over it is over. >> speaking from the white house yesterday, president obama said that although the nato mission was -- will continue in the u.s.
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will support libya on the long road to democracy. >> thank you for that report. nato's governing body plant to meet today to decide when and how to end the seven month bombing campaign over libya. the secretary general says that with the death of gaddafi, the moment has now moved much closer. he said the decision to terminate the air strikes would be made in coordination with the un and lydia's interim government. you can buy the latest developments by going to website at alexandria police are looking for the gun that shot and killed a man in the street. the victim was found just after 10:00 last night. he was taken to the hospital and that is where he died. so far, police say they do not know what led up to the shooting. scary moments in a southwest
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d.c. apartment building. a fire happened on delaware ave. firefighters were there. it developed quickly but there were no injuries. we turn to the very latest developments on a deadly shooting of a metrobus. police say men responsible for the murder were caught on camera. >> as you might imagine, this is absurd -- this has absolutely devastated the family of this father of two. >> it is scary and it happened. >> it happened near the intersection of 24th street and alabama avenue in southeast. these two men boarded the metrobus around midnight. you see them point towards the 22-year-old demetrius thompson. seconds later, one of these men walked up to thompson and shot
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him in the face. >> it was not a random shooting. they were targeting him. >> the men remain on the loose nearly 24 hours after the shooting. they jumped off of the bus and fled. police hope the release of this video will urge someone to come forward and identify them. thompson's sister summonsed composer. >> i cannot for the world of me think of why or what -- why this happened. >> police, do not say necessarily that thompson was targeted. meanwhile, the search continues. two ceremonies will be held today to mark the 10th anniversary of the deadly anthrax attacks. it was 10 years ago today that the d.c. postal facility was closed for decontamination and the first postal worker died. ceremonies will be held at the basilica of the national shrine of the national conception at
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9:30 this morning and 4:00 this afternoon. investigators are trying to find out what caused the fire at a farmers' market in northwest d.c. it broke out about 9:00 last night in the 1300 block of that street. it happened a week after immigration officers raided that market and arrested nearly one dozen people. no one was hurt in the fire. 5 akaka 07. 47 degrees outside. >> still a rigid still ahead 8 sad update to a story we told you about last week in china. a toddler has about died. >> birth, we have a follow-up to president obama's bus tour to push his jobs bill. >> we will have another check on your traffic and we
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time for a check of your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is all coming weekend and we need to stay dry. >> there will be great weather to get you into the football spirit. it is delegating weather. it is comfortably cool in the morning, rising to near 60 by
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the middle of the afternoon. the dry air is helping to cool our atmosphere this morning. it is cooler now than yesterday at the time. that big area of low pressure wound up in southern canada, continuing to move further away from washington replaced -- being replaced by a high- pressure system. 48 in hagerstown. 43 in quantico. this afternoon, low 60's. upper 50's and mid 50's in some areas. 62 tomorrow afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a few scattered clouds. partly cloudy into sunday. agreeable weather for the outdoor activities for the weekend. the next chance of rain comes on wednesday. still, the odds are pretty slim. near 70. lisa what is the latest on the
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road? >> the hot line project for the night is complete. the beltway is open through springfield. it is good in montgomery county. we'll show you the approach 270 to father hurley boulevard. a nice ride through the pentagon. >> thanks so much, lisa. 47 degrees. >> coming up, the result of a new study examining the possibility of a link between
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libyans are rejoicing after the death of ousted dictator muammar gaddafi. the exact circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. gaddafi world libya with an iron
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fist for 42 years. nato is expected to decide whether to maintain its ongoing bombing campaign. a search is underway for the gunman who shot and killed a man in alexandria. people say it happened on woods' street last night. the man died at the hospital. investigators have not said who he is or what led up to that shooting. ceremonies will be held today to mark the 10 years that d.c.'s." it would post office was contaminated with anthrax. two postal workers died. the station was renamed in their honor. we want to turn to the 2012 campaign. there could be two primary elections in ohio next year. the plan calls for presidential and -- primaries for state and local races would be held in march. the plan has to be approved by
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the state house and governor. critics say it is costly and confusing. >> a data obama's jobs creation bill failed to make it through the senate. senators deadlocked 50/50 last night on whether the bills should be brought to the floor. 50 votes were needed to bring the proposal for debate. it would give states $35 million to find jobs for police and firefighters. a poll finds that americans remain gloomy about the economy. 50% of those surveyed say president obama does not inspire confidence about a recovery. more than 70% say the country is headed in the wrong direction. 43% say the nation's economy is a very poor. the income gap between the rich and poor is growing. the social security administration reports 50% of u.s. workers earn less than
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$26,364 last year. the number of people making $1 million or more soared by 18% since 2009. 5.2 million fewer jobs last year than in 2007. violent protest in the streets of athens. austerity measures include pay and staff cuts to civil servants and pension cuts. authorities say one person died and dozens were hurt in a demonstration. a class of computers known as ultrabooks are giving tablets a run for their money. >> tablets with keyboards. intel predicts that by the end of next year, 40% of all consumer laptops sold will be alter ultrabooks.
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>> they are mainstream computers aimed at the consumer who really want portability. they are light machines. they are then and good-looking. the idea is you can travel with them. >> these are not for heavy-duty gamers or video editors. the battery performance leaves something to be desired. cell phones are getting a clean bill of health and danish researchers. no link has been found between them. people who used cell phones for 10 years at the same cancer rates of those who did not. those are your attack bites. get a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is very fall like out there. much cooler this morning than yesterday at this time. i have photos to show for you. they are not necessarily fall
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foliage photos. >> let's bring them out. >> this is a pumpkin patch. this is funny because russell sent this in. they had a challenge because they had all you can carry for $20. what did he do? check out the funny sweatshirt and stuffed it full of pumpkins. that disqualified him. he carried bumpkins by hand out of the pumpkin patch. he missed the record by one pumpkin. this is a great picture from washington grow, maryland. thank you for sending it in. you can see the leaves starting to turn. 48 degrees in the district. 43 at gaithersburg. cumberland, now 46. it is 11 degrees cooler now than this time yesterday. out to the west, not all that
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different. 3-9 degrees difference. here is the wider view. clear skies overhead. that low pressure is now over southern canada. it will continue to push on out of here. it is moving further and further away. the winds up subsided. it is not as gusty as it was yesterday. luckily, it is sunny and present. high pressure will move into town. in the 40's this morning. 57 but was down and partly cloudy. 62 for a high temperature. very similar condition tomorrow. no big changes. start the day in the 40's. a mixture of sun and clouds. lucky ahead even further by monday and tuesday it will warm up closer to 70 degrees. a chance of rain on wednesday and third day of next week. until then, more sun than clouds and comfortable conditions. >> it is comfortable on 66 car commuters heading up to the
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beltway. i do not have any accident to report, just a couple of slow stock -- slow spots starting to develop. good across the roosevelt bridge. we will take you live to the pictures of traffic on the springfield side of town on northbound - 5. headlights to the camera. the beltway looks great here at andrews air force base. if you take metro rail the first trains are on time. 5 akaka 21 right now and 47 degrees. >> the capt. take command. it was a breakout game for alex ovechkin. could he keep the unbeaten streak alive? >> on my next show, meet the johnsons little people, a big love. >> i have been inspired to share our story of being divorced.
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we do not have a web is me attitude. >> there -- they are one big happy family.
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>> he hits it in the air to right. a comeback win for the texas rangers as they tie this best of seven series at one game a peace. quite the texas rangers rallied with a couple of runs in the night to take game two of the world series 2-1 over st. louis. >> game 3 will be on saturday. >> . tim brant with the rest of your morning sports. >> they're not look now but the
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cap -- but the washington capitals are 6-0. they went to philadelphia and took care of business last night. we pick it up in the first period tied at one. the shot les a juicy rebound for alex ovechkin. to-1 washington. the capitals they perfect with the undisputed red wings here saturday night. high-school football. paint branch up 14 dess 7. all they have to do is run out the clock, but a fumble. fernandez smith picks it up a rubbles for the touchdown. 14 dess 13. all they had to do was make the extra point and we have a tie game but he blocked the kick. he is the hero for paint branch. they hold on to be sure would 14 dess 13. and for all the high school sports check out a high school sports -- high-school sports final at 11:30. your time now is 5:26.
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46 degrees. >> still ahead, the san francisco area was jolted by a couple of earthquakes yesterday. why the timing is so eery. >> local libyans are celebrating the demise of a dictator. >>
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" -- on your side. straight ahead children's and adult r.l. libya celebrating the killing of former dictator
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muammar gaddafi. the final moments all caught on camera good morning to you washington and happy friday. it is october 21. >> we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here. >> it is very fall like outside. cooler than yesterday. not as gusty today. take a look at some of the colder temperatures on the weatherbug network. a wisp ski resort, 35. dr. hill, 40. leesburg, 39. a reading of 40 in rockville. 46 in chevy chase. opera maryland 46. manasseh's at 43. cooler north and west of town. the potomac highland should be in the mid to upper 50's.
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west winds at only 5-15 miles per hour. not as gusty. los 60's. similar conditions to up the weekend. a mixture of sunny, clouds, and fall like to printers. lisa what is the latest with the commute? >> more of our neighbors are hitting the road. we are still safe on the beltway. on 66, the toll road in the beltway coming out of aspirin. we go live to 395. duke street. quiet at the pentagon. in maryland, a crashed onto 70 southbound between 819. the "live to a picture of 270 traffic at shady grove road. headlights southbound. the latest news from, and a tossup and cynne. >> of a plot 313 the u.n. rights office is looking into a probe of the killing of muammar gaddafi. >> he was shot and killed in his
5:32 am
hometown. shocking reaction across the globe. >> good morning. libya's flamboyant former leader has been on the run for weeks. he was chased by rebel forces and nato bombs. in the end, is end came at the hands of the people who love him. >> these are the final moments of mortgage of the's live. the world's most wanted man is battered skate, invisibly afraid. six months ago he insisted that all libyans adored him. >> they love me. >> if they do love you -- >> his final hours began when revolutionary fighters stormed his last stronghold, sirte. the dictator was shot in the head and died on the way to the
5:33 am
hospital, but there are convinced that -- there are conflicting accounts. this man takes credit for the final shot, the shot heard round the world. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of tierney has been lifted and with this enormous promise, the libyan people have a great responsibility. >> secretary of state hillary clinton reacted with surprise. >> wow. >> libya pottery prime minister was somber. >> we've been waiting for this moment for a long time. >> this man was a teenager when the lot is -- lost his brother on pan am flight 103. everyone on board was killed. gaddafi claimed responsibility. >> his 42-year reign ended months ago. the is the latest dictator to be taken down by the arab spring. for libya, the post-gaddafi era
5:34 am
begins. libyans living in the united states are reacting to the death of the former dictator, including celebrating outside the white house. >> many of them saying they have been waiting decades for the day to come. a lot of them saying they knew it was a matter of time before gaddafi was brought down. they gathered today outside the white house in celebration, cheering, applauding each other many of them holding the lid be applied next to the american flag a sign that democracy could soon be coming to their country. they watched yesterday's coverage in disbelief on networks like out to zero tv. many have not been back to their native country because they were too scared to visit. now they look forward to going back to libya and reuniting with
5:35 am
loved ones. everyone is saying it was a bittersweet victory. >> a lot of the libyans like to see him suffer, but at the same time at this point, you know what? if it is over, it is over. >> many of the folks out of the white house last night told us they hope this serves as a message to other dictators in the arab nations that these kind of dictatorships will not be taken lightly anymore. arlington county will hold a committee briefing today on its plan to end homelessness. an effort is underway to identify every homeless person in the county. those who are the most volatile bowl into permanent housing. there are no reports of any damage or injuries after two
5:36 am
small earthquakes struck northern california. the first quick with the magnitude 4.0. it was centered under the university of california berkeley. a magnitude 2.8 earthquake struck the same area a few hours later. the quake came 22 years to the day that a powerful earthquake the san francisco area. millions of californians took place in any earthquake preparedness drill. nearly half a million people took place in the event. it was called "the great california shakeout." jim west wants to know why fema rejected the state's earthquake application. the earthquake was centered in mineral, virginia. webb said about 1000 homes were damaged in many people who live there did not have earthquake insurance. >> it is 5:36 and 46 degrees.
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>> still ahead, the latest on the search for an arizona girl. hear her grandmother's message to the public. >> we are learning more about the pet owner who turned dozens of wild animals lose before killing himself. >> we'll have another attack of your traffic and weather. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male ann
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> happy halloween. good morning washington. >> they do not like morning people. >> if it 5:40. we are going to get a look at the forecast with adam caskey. >> happy halloween, by the way. halloween is a happy time of the year. 43 at dulles airport. fairly uniform temperatures. for the most part in the 40's. it is finally friday. it should be very polite as we can. low 50's this afternoon around the beltway. hagerstown, 59 later on today. i think we will be stuck in the 50's to up this afternoon.
5:41 am
partly cloudy skies. a lot of sunshine in the morning in the clouds in the early evening. similar conditions through the weekend. high pressure in place. light winds out there. sunshine, 62 tomorrow. 64, a little bit warmer on what -- on sunday. lisa how is the traffic? >> this is the time of year when we have a lot of accidents with deer running out in front of vehicles. be very careful. we have had several on the rise this morning. we will begin over with our map and zoom in to 95 and 66, running very nicely is traffic out of aspirin and leesburg. to 70 had a minor crashed. baltimore, washington parkway and interstate 95 -- nothing complicated. across the bay bridge is clear. we are good out of southern maryland.
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libyans are rejoicing and looking ahead after the death of ousted dictator muammar gaddafi. rebel leaders say gaddafi died in his hometown. nato will decide today on the future of its bombing campaign in libya. investigators hope this surveillance video will lead them to a two men who shot and killed a man on a metrobus. police say the video shows suspect pointing at 22-year-old demetrius thompson before shooting him. virginia and senator jim webb want to know why the but rejected the state's application for earthquake relief. the earthquake was centered in mineral, virginia, and nearly 100 -- 1000 homes were damaged. a chinese toddler run over twice by vance and ignored by passers-by as now died.
5:47 am
she died early this morning a week after the accident. nearly 20 people walk by the child before someone picked her up. the incident has led to bitter soul-searching over morality in china. some survivors of the virginia tech shootings and family members testified. the school is appealing finds it received for failing to notify the campus sooner for the 2007 deadly shooting rampage. the u.s. education department fined the university $50,000. the hearings will be held december 7 through the night. prosecutors are expected to rest their case today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. yet today, a medical expert testified that jackson was so heavily drugged, he would have been incapable of giving himself the drug that killed him. he also told the jury that murray should have noticed that
5:48 am
jackson was in distress. >> if the had turned off the infusion there would have been no injury to michael jackson. >> he said it was likely that murray administered and i the drug, then left the room. and arizona a grandmother is pleading for more help in the search for missing granddaughter. shirley johnson says certified tester old granddaughter disappeared october 11 from her apartment near phoenix. police have no suspects or leads in her disappearance. johnson wants the national media to help find jesse. >> they have the ability to send it out to every state. they have the ability to make sure someone across the nation knew what was going on. >> johnson believes her granddaughter has not been made a priority because she is black. there is a $16,000 reward for any information. we are learning more about
5:49 am
in the -- the owner of an adult will preserve the killed himself after freeing dozens of exotic animals. terry thompson and his wife work -- owed at least $16,000 in unpaid taxes. he had two liens filed last year. an animal escape tuesday, and deputies killed 48 of them. >> so glad everybody is safe after that. it must have been very expensive to maintain that many at -- that many animals. >> he has been doing it since the late 1970's. >> in ohio, the most relaxed laws when it comes too wild life. >> for a while like to adam caskey. how are things looking? >> fall like. great for oncoming. are you going? >> of course. i do not think i will tell day but i will be out in the yard. >> this is whether more
5:50 am
indicative dump of north dakota. but take a look at some of the pictures i have so far of the fall foliage. thank you for sending this one in. this is at crabtree falls. it is out west of charlottesville. a beautiful picture there. the campground area. this is on the drive through western maryland. you can see some of the colors off in the distance started to change. michelle somerset me that first picture from crabtree falls. 48 in the district. ackles started the day compared to what we had yesterday. 11 degrees cooler at reagan national. you may want your coat when you venture out today. this afternoon, it will give full light. los 60's pour the highs. that is pushing it.
5:51 am
some not even making it into the 60's. a fair amount of sunshine. that low pressure is pushing out of our area, moving further and further away from washington into southern canada. it is being replaced by this sunny, pleasant, and, high- pressure system. it was gusty yesterday. winds in excess of 35 miles per hour at times. today, maybe some dust at 15. that is it. nothing like the winds we had altered the. 40's this morning. about 57 at lunchtime. 62 but this afternoon. similar conditions tomorrow. the minister of sun and clouds monday afternoon. temperatures will rise only to about 64 on sunday. most of the day will be spent in the 50's. that is what used to prepare for rather than the 64 you see there on sunday. double just be a few hours in
5:52 am
the afternoon. by next week, mid 70 -- low 70's. >> no new issues right now. all around the beltway, we are still good. we are hearing that mark rail the brunswick line trains were suspended because of police activity. also metro rail is just out reporting unscheduled track maintenance affecting blue and yellow line customers. nothing would you hit the road. we take you live to the fact -- we take you live to the geico camera. look at all those folks on 95. the beltway is good at university boulevard. >> ipod 52. faults in thailand are hurling supplies at apple and toyota. >> as thailand faces the worst flooding in half a century toyota and apple are now facing
5:53 am
supply disruptions. toyota is suspending production of certain models while apple's ceo says the flood has affected supplies. the country faced situations like this back in march. bad news for be lovers. animals are being bridges for processing because of tighter supply. mcdonnell's and sonnets are raising prices. for that special someone in your life, the secret unveiling of this year's fantasy brawl. it is encrusted with white and yellow diamonds. 18 carat white and yellow gold. at a price tag of two $0.50 million. -- $2.5 million.
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does anyone actually ever by this bra? >> i do not know what you are talking about. we are both wearing them. >> 5:53 is our time. 46 degrees. >> you are
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so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. straight ahead, one of the world's most wanted man is dead and the nation is still celebrating. the latest on the death of gaddafi. >> a deadly shooting on the


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