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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at noon, "on your side." >> we are learning new details about muammar gaddafi's final moments alive. a chilling video shows the
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dictator pleading for his life. libyans are celebrating the death of a man who ruled for four decades with an iron fist. >> those images are causing some controversy. libyan officials say his burial has been delayed until his death can be examined by an international criminal court. many around a world are praising those who brought him down. these are some of the graphic final moments of muammar gaddafi's life, ended yesterday by rebels. >> they love me all. they would die to protect me, my people. >> no love was shown by this group of libyan fighters who stormed his last stronghold yesterday. he died on the way to the hospital. this young man who was captured
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takes credit for the final shot. political leaders around the world reacted. >> we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the libyan people now have a great responsibility. >> could have day's reign -- gaddafi's reign ended months ago. a man who many showed no mercy in his own life begged for mercy as his life was coming to an end. >> nato's top commander said he will end the mission in libya. he called it "a good day for nato and a great day for the people of libya." >> some people with local ties
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to libya celebrated his death late into the night. from the gates of the white house to a suburban bars, news of his death caused a flood of the motion. >> my father of law had been tortured for four years and died. my uncle has disappeared. i do have a close family that we lost. >> it is like a double edged sword. i am pretty certain that a lot of libyans would like to see him suffer but at the same time -- you know what? if it is over, it is over. >> many think they hope it will send a message to other dictators in the region. for the latest development, you are welcome to log on to our website where you will
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find a photo gallery of the celebrations in libya and around the world. ceremonies at the d.c. office this morning marking the 10th anniversary of the deadly anthrax attacks. >> some of us were unable to come back to brentwood. others of us had to come back to show that we survived. >> brentwood's postal employees were two of the five people killed by anthrax exposure in 2001. bruce ivins was blamed for the attack and committed suicide three years ago. >> not being able to come back would've said he won. i could not have let him win. >> recently, scientists announced a big plan to publish a report saying ivins did not
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have the equipment to complete the attacks on his own. and memorial service was held late this morning at the basilica on michigan avenue. and man is dead in alexandria, the first homicide of the year. police found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the hospital. the name of the victim has not been released, and there is no information on suspects or motive. fbi agents carried boxes of evidence out of a home last night late last night in arlington. neighbors reported seeing agents searching the yard with flashlights. bomb squad units were also on the street. the fbi confirms the raid and tells abc 7 there is no threat to safety. no details are being released.
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we turn now to a developing story. police called the murders caught on camera. two men are on lose more than 30 hours after a cold-blooded killing on a metrobus on alabama avenue and se. >> they think that somebody boarded the bus and did get to my child. it is scary. it is real scary. >> it happened at this intersection in southeast. these two men boarded a metrobus of around midnight. they point toward a 22-year-old. witnesses say, seconds later one of these men walked up to thompson and shot him in the face. >> if you know him, he is smiling and happy. >> as the family struggles with grief, the two men remain on
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lose more than 24 hours after the shooting. metro police hope the release of this video will help them capture the suspects. >> i never thought that would take place on a bus. >> police have not said thompson was necessarily targeted. some passengers confess that these days they do not feel safe. >> i do not feel safe writing an arlington metrobus. that is why i do walking. >> we are told he was unemployed bar recently received his commercial driver's license. fire officials are investigating a fire that broke out at a farmers' market. the flames started at around 9:00 last night on fifth street northeast. the fire comes less than a week after immigration and customs
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enforcement officers made a major raid at the market. no one was hurt, and it is not clear what sparked that fire. it is finally here. get ready for a sunny weekend ahead. adam caskey is here. >> we are checking out the conditions. fall-like weather is really in place. take a look at this beautiful sunrise in arlington. some thin mid level clouds rolling overhead this morning. day dissipated. a nice time lapse there. 59 degrees in arlington. still some cloud cover northwest of the metro region. only in the mid to upper 50's. locally, we will be in the lower 60's today. >> and mall security guard who
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confessed of using his job to lure teenagers into prostitution will spend 12 years behind bars. prosecutors say he recruited under age girls at the mall as well as online. he was caught after a 16-year- old victim came forward. police are hunting for a suspect after someone tried to rob a gas station this morning. that suspect broke the front window at the shell station. the suspect is on blues and may be injured. coming up, a search for a missing baby. witnesses say they saw her the night before she disappeared. a look inside the exotic forms before tragedy struck. home video with the animals.
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are they safe? major new findings on cell phones and cancer.
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defense attorneys in the michael jackson trial plan to challenge a key prosecution witness today. conrad murray says he gave jackson 25 milligrams of the drug before his death but dr. schaefer said jackson had a much more of the drug in his system.
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new home video shows what life was like for terry thompson. >> they will scare the average guy. >> tuesday, authorities say thompson opened dozens of animal cages, releasing lions tigers, and monkeys into the countryside. he then took his own life. his wife came to the zoo yesterday to visit the survivors, including two cats. thompson said they slept in her bed at night. now to the case of the missing 10-month old in missouri. witnesses are now coming forward and they all say they saw a mysterious man carrying a baby dressed only in a diaper the same night when the baby went missing. scott has the very latest. >> it has been nearly three
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weeks since the baby disappeared from her parents' home in kansas city. abc news has learned that at least three eyewitnesses say they saw the same thing on october 4. >> 4:00 in the morning, 49 degrees. the baby did not have a coat or nothing. >> he called police after seeing a man in a t-shirt carrying a baby just down the block from the parents' house. >> it was shocking because i cannot imagine anybody outside walking with their baby in the cold like that with no clothes on. >> the woman says they have now interviewed her four times. the attention seems to be focused on the parents themselves this week. the parents have said all along that a stranger snatched her from her crib into night. an analyst says the three
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eyewitness accounts have been examined over and over by authorities, but those authorities still do not know what to make of it all. >> i think they have some level of distrust for the parents which is leading them to focus on the parents, but there are a lot of questions about what happened here. >> the parents say are cooperating with police, but the police say they have questions that the parents have not answered. cell phones are getting a clean bill of health from a new study, the biggest teddy ever looking at some funds and cancer and finding no link between the two. people who used cells loans for about 10 years at about the same cancer rate as those who do not use cell phones. vegetarians are finding a happy home in the district bank first, we want to take a look at
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the with there. it feels like fall. >> homecoming tomorrow. i know you will be attending. much of the day tomorrow will be spent in the 50's. first, look at this spectacular video from newschopper 7. this is shenandoah national park. that is skyline drive. they are at peak color in the park where there is a 90% color change. they just passed their peak a few days ago in the highest elevations above 3,300 feet. they have lost some of their leaves. at the lower elevations beautiful color. here is a look at the sunrise from cristina smith who send this to me on facebook. what a beautiful shot.
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this is a nice one. brenda johnson sent me this onee. a beautiful sunrise. this is a unique 1. melinda sent this one to me. a big pumpkin pyramid. i did count with my cursor on the computer. 87. 57 degrees at reagan national. notice is much cooler in northwest of us. cumberland only 46 degrees. that is because of the cloud cover. you can see it there indicating in white and gray. we had that earlier in the metro area. now we just have those fairweather cumulus clouds. temperatures of course will be cooler northwest of the metro this afternoon. there is that low pressure system off to the north.
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it gave us the howling winds yesterday and rain on wednesday and now it is finally far enough removed from washington where the winds have died down and we are enjoying more pleasant conditions. slowly inching overhead and sidling into place. is going to be with us through the weekend. 62 degrees locally this afternoon. mid to upper 50's tonight. close to 50 degrees. when you wake up, lower 40's and maybe a couple of opera 30's in some low-lying areas. most of the day tomorrow will be spent in the 50's. sunday made 50's. a good weekend to get outside and check out the changing colors west of the metro. >> those pictures you showed us
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where breathtaking. >> how about that pumpkin pyramid? >> vegetarians are finding a home in the district. they are the most likely people in the country to skip the state and go right to the vegetables. 38% of local residents describe themselves as meat lovers. 8% of locals call them to carry in order to begin compared to 5% nationwide. an early start on halloween tonight. hundreds of kids and families are expected to go to the national zoo for the 13th annual boo at the zoo event. there will be treats and a chance to see some crazy animals. it starts at 5:30 and runs until sunday but it does do tells us there is a are no tickets left for tomorrow night.
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coming up, -- >> he said, you know what? i am going to leave. after that, an hour and a half, i started to get scared. >> money stolen from millions of people. a family torn apart. on my next show, more people big love. >> i have been inspired of sharing my story. >> despite every obstacle -- >> god does not make mistakes. >> they are one big happy little family. >> i am still the same, except my legs are a little bit different.
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it was a shocking arrest. bernard madoff accused of the biggest ponzi scheme in american history. three years later the first family member is speaking out in an exclusive interview. chris cuomo is joining me now. how are you doing? >> i am doing well. >> stephanie madoff is breaking her silence and had a very candid interview with you. what did she share? >> stephanie changed her name as mark had intended to do if he had not killed himself. she is the one person who can tell us what was going on inside that family.
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stephanie had nothing to do wwith what went on in the hedge fund, but she was living with someone who discovered the problem and had to live with the shame of being implicated in everything by the public scrutiny. her story is as close as you can get to what it was like inside that family. >>in one of the worst situations in financial history. >> she spoke about bernard madoff's wife and her involvement. >> yes. because her husband was so intent on getting his name back and felt he could not if his own mother would not abandon bernie and the decision of ruth to stay with bernie tortured him as a sound. >> all right, chris, thank you so much as always. we ask you to join us tonight at 10:00 to catch the story on
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and nice and mild this weekend. >> looking good. what you would expect for october, really. a fair amount of sunshine for the next several days. keep in mind, most of the day will be spent in the 50's. early next week, warning a little bit near 70.
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>> thank you for joining us. we will see you back what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip.
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