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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 22, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is breaking news. we begin with breaking news. shotast one person was university curious gunfire broke canada avenuection of georgia nw street. they are looking for three men with the shooting. we have a crew on the way and we you more information as it becomes available. police are looking for the man to snatch a young girl got off the bus. it happened friday afternoon. john gonzalez has more from the neighborhood. >> a common walk for a 9-year- girl turned into an ordeal the sheriff's office says is credible and consistent. parents to not allow their children to walk
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bus stop alone. halloween decorations are neighborhood residents have experienced a serious scare. >> it is unbelievable how prey on these babies. >> it was a just before 4:00 victim got off the a group ofwith friends. until she was walking home that she found herself in a worst nightmare. >> we did not notice anything out of the ordinary. a stranger jumped out of a minivan and began chasing her. sprinted after before he got back into the van. the victim continue to run into were home loss screaming for help. while screaming for help. minutes later, deputies patrol
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to the neighborhood but no sign the suspect or his van. >> today we were able to students ando male van.saw the have to keep our eyes out. police are looking for a gray minivan. a dodge caravan with a large dent on the passenger side. police are officially the death of a patient psychiatric hospital a loss -- homicide. david died at the hand of is .oommate last night vitaly davydov is charged with murder.gree he was originally committed to the hospital after killing his bethesda psychiatrist. police are trying to determine what led up -- made up
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shooting of a taxi driver. will, neighbors this morning. woke up neighbors this morning. found fatally wounded. >> it is terrible. >> tire tracks, remnants of the shooting at anacostia avenue. he was among those who heard gunshots. police and not confirming reports that this was a robbery. >> safety is involved. >> a veteran cabdriver does not doubt it. was robbed and assaulted anacostia avenue 13 years ago. >> you have to be on your guard. you are still defenseless. >> sources say the cab was based in prince george's county.
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>> i wish they would do about it. >> few drivers have a divider or people in the back seat. of the risk that is part job. >> they are vulnerable and open to whatever. i feel bad for them. it is dangerous. >> police have not identified driver who was killed. of a lot of talk among the d.c. cabdrivers about wanting to be prepaid not having to drive to might be darkthat and dangerous. that would have made a difference. police have a vague description of the gunman. if you have information, call the police. firefighters and fairfax are morning after one of own died. says horaceon pendergrass was found by his
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at the station on hampton roads this morning. they tried cpr but were not able to resuscitate him. no foul play is suspected. he is a 20 year veteran of the fire department. turning out to the latest into the death of muammar gaddafi. learning about the final moments. forces thatr of the him says the dictator was dragged that of a drainage and then collapsed amid several gunshots. it is impossible to know who fatal shot. the united nations has called shouldinvestigation expected to be announced tomorrow. we are following the latest on a german satellite that is fall to earth. re-eports its satellite has atmosphere.
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up to 30 pieces are expected to fall. scientists are not sure webb -- will fall. the chances of an individual struck are one in 14 trillion. turning now to the weather, you have noticed a big drop in temperature. is a frost advisory for parts of our region. let's go to steve rudin. >> we have been watching all evening drop long. in the 30's out to the west. 51 at reagan national. to see a wide swing in temperatures. lot will have to do with elevation. elevations appear to be the coldest. this is where we have the frost advisory. shenandoah at the county, 2:00 in the morning.
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head out to western maryland a freeze warning for the overnight hours a. for the restexpect day?e michael forecast is coming up. -- my full forecast is coming up. >> and american dies while the coast of australia. a mother is killed. she shield children from gunfire. she shield children from gunfire. it is a big weekend for john
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the search is on for a killer of a young mother who shield ae trying to group of children. the shooting happen yesterday elementary school. investigators say she was of her children when the shots rang out. she threw herself over her child and several others. shot and killed. her daughter is in shock. >> she died in the corner. i saw all of the blood. >> she had 13 children.
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friends say she was a devoted and loving mother. the girl and a woman were also shot. to piecee trying together a motive. if the woman be not appear to been targets. funeral services were held today dan wheldon. they remembered him as a driver and a devoted father.and was killed and a violin crash last sunday while competing in a race in las vegas. he leaves behind a wife and sons. was 33 years old. and american diver is dead, the victim of a shark attack in western australia. has not been identified. a great white shocked -- shar attacked him. he suffered injuries.
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it is the second one in the past 12 days. the calendar is set. the nevada republicans will push back their presidential caucus early february. politicalallow tradition to continue. new hampshire is expected to later.s primary a week nevada wanted to push it to a move that upset new hampshire. the eldest daughter of john married in north carolina today. married her longtime boyfriend at a church in chapel hill. he walked -- john edwards walked her down the aisle. the newlyweds will live in d.c. today group of high-school students took part in a project called sticker shock. is aimed at reducing teenage
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drinking and targeting adults. >> one alcohol purchase by one led to her daughter's debt. can have all of those pictures but those last photos scene and the view of her in her casket, that of drunknsequence driving. >> students are targeting the source, the adults to buy them alcohol. visiting stores slapping these stickers on beer with a warning -- if buy this for someone under age, you are breaking the law. >> the campaign is all about awareness and education. it is also a visual, in your face stop. >> it is important because it from our point of view. >> in this store has seen
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adults tried many times to buy alcohol for teens. that too not want a happen. >> they hope this will make them before buying. >> gives people recognition and choice to make. maybe they will leave with a of guilt. something on their heart saying that. this store is participating in the program. they do not want any kids driving, especially not of the opera of comes from their store. fromthe alcohol comes their store. >> halloween came early at the zoo. they had a good time. they are in their costumes. it is geared toward children between the two and 12. they can go trick or treating also watch the
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animal demonstrations. continues tomorrow from 5:30. temperatures dropped a lot it seems. >> they have. they will continue to fall as you go up the door. you will want to grab a jacket even a hat. to keep your head warm. it is going to be cold. looking down pennsylvania avenue, the wind has settled down. indication the temperatures are going to fall as our skies clear. we could be looking at some of to the west. and the shenandoah valley. 62 degrees for the high temperature. averages the mid 60's. was 84 in 1979. clear skies right now. 51 degrees. the wind is nonexistent. only 36 degrees in
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oakland, maryland. head over to an nw dc, 49 degrees. centerville looking at 42 after of 59. temperatures are cooler off to the north. they will dive for martinsburg, winchester, well into the 30's. note advisers across the metro. shenandoah, all have frosted arers for tonight those until 9:00 in the morning. gary county, and that is where have the freeze warning for the overnight hours. not the only ones dealing with weather. most of pennsylvania and eastern ohio into kentucky and tennessee at frosted vice series. immediate metro. about bringingy
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the plants inside. 51 degrees at the airport. detroit is looking at 47 degrees. satellite and radar are quiet. move offsure will the east and signal a change in the wind direction and temperatures for tomorrow. checking out the color change, to the west of bust in district, -- us in the the caller will happen over the next couple of weeks. the futurecast is quiet and try. a cold front on monday will clouds and a 20% chance of showers. chance on wednesday and as the stronger cold front moves across the mid- atlantic, bringing cooler temperatures. 33 and 37 for the overnight hours. to upper 60's and around 70
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degrees. extended outlook. we will approach the lower 70's. a lava tree. >> i'm still looking at those temperatures. liking it. the one good thing about it is football. the 13th quarterback. a lot of pressure on him tomorrow. he is confident. the navy is also dealing with quarterback issues. came down to a field goal.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. said was a showdown of the teams tonight. the only unbeaten teams, facing other. might be hot now, it
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been six years since detroit has had a win. check out the past. in front. he comes up with a great save. yet 32 saves on the night. over to mike green who puts it into the net. 1-0. alex ovechkin hits a green again. on the night. three-zero, they went. just one week ago, and he looks poised and ready to take over the starting job from danny o'brien. not so much. got that out of the game. terrapinsquarter the were down. a scary moment for brown. scrambles out and is leveled nigel with a hit. broader shaken up and did not
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return. o'brien it gets his chance lead maryland to its only touchdown. how about that. it is of the terrapins can muster. a hand often goes up the meadow. he goes 41 yards. was the story of the day. virginia tech and at boston gets to david wilson sideline and breaks the tackle. way out and gets past everyone. logan thomas, how about that? the end zones. davis climbs the ladder and pulls down the touchdown pass. about the wolf pack? david with a nice play action fake. he throws deep and he goes 60 yards.
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he defied gravity on that catch for the touchdown. his magic runs out. his passes picked off by david. into the end zone for the 12 yard touchdown. let's go to annapolis. navy hosting. trey miller, a deep throat to m -- throw to matt. the officials ruled it incomplete. navy gets robins. a 42 yard field goal. it hits the upper right. they lose 38-35. we have reached the end of another d.c. united season, when charliethe comeback of davies and they re of injuries. christiania's had to leave for the season. chris pontius have to leave
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for this season. kansas city with the corner kick. it goes into the post but matt helps his teammate out and it in.s kansas city wins. forget a baseball. they are leading the rangers in the eighth. >> we are heading to carolina. the redskins. big! big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big g big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪
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