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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> it is the case that shocked the reason. the mother of nonemployeesan employee.
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captioned by the national captioning institute to a beating. thank you for joining us. in just a few hours, one of the highest murder trials in this area in years will get underway. when the norwood is charged with murdering her co-worker in march. there is growing in regulation about the type of defense her lawyers will use. jury selection is scheduled to get underway at 9:03 a.m. tomorrow morning. they have posted no talking signs -- no parking signs all along maryland avenue that is reserved for the news trucks. bigmemories of the brutal murder trial are still fresh. >> there is a lot of interest. something heinous has happened
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here. >> jena murray was killed at an upscale clothing store after hours on friday night in march. her co-worker britney norwood was found tied up. she told police that masked men had beaten and sexually assaulted them and then killed murray. but as the memorial group, so did questions about norwood's story. police concluded that norwood herself had killed murray and then tied herself because murray had confronted her with shoplifting. >> in a serious case like this, you have to explore every possibility. as you go along, you discover searching things in the case. >> the store has reopened.
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>> walking into the store was a difficult period. for me personally, it felt like jana was there with me personally. >> shoes genuine can she give everyone a big smile and hugged. >> prosecutors say that they will seek life without parole if she is convicted of first-degree murder. montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy is himself parsley going to try this case. he has called the 29-year-old nor would it pathological liar. but we do not know yet it -- the 29-year-old norwood a pathological liar. but we do not know yet they will do. >> we will have complete coverage of the trial and all of our newscast. to get a look at that, you can go to our website, the major accident shut down
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part of i-274 part of this evening. the crash happened around 7:00 p.m. near the jae part of i-27 -- part of i-270 for part of this evening. the major crash happened around 7:00 p.m. and 7.9 magnitude quake centered in eastern part of turkey devastating several towns and villages. >> here is the full force of the earthquakes violence. rockville walls, coupling furniture, leaving behind a -- rocking the walls toppling furniture, leaving behind ruins.
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still reeling from the shock residents began frantic rescue efforts. those who could not find shovels used their bare hands trying to reach survivors. i witnesses said that screams for help were coming from beneath the piles of wreckage. this woman was rescued. the pain is seared on her face. and worse survivors, only comfort one another as they waited helplessly for word of family and friends. >> there was a livelot of shaking. i have a lot of family and friends and i hope they will come out alive and well. >> this man says that they have been to the hospital and have not been able to find their friends. frequent aftershocks disrupted rescue efforts. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. hunters are hospitalized and -- hundreds are hospitalized. a rescue team of about 500
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people is on the ground. turkey's prime minister is helping to coordinate relief efforts. they have made it official. libya has declared liberation from the rule of gaddafi. it will take up to two years for libya to transition to democracy. they say the country will be governed by islamic sharia law. this comes two days after the duffy was killed in sirte. police have identified a young man killed near howard university campus. he was shot while standing in the 2200 block of georgia avenue saturday night. he later died at a howard -- at howard university hospital. police said he is not a howard student. there are still questions on whether he was taking part in the howard university hello
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wayne celebrations. a stranger made his way into one of the dormitories and a salted allegedly some students. it happened friday at the west end residents haul. >>-- residence hall. >> they should be suspicious of the intruders and be sure to lock the doors. >> i heard some yelling. i was really scared appeared correct what she heard was a fight right down the hall from her room. a stranger had gone into the hall made his way into a room and allegedly threatened to kill her . >> it was really scary for me. >> students heard the kicking in screaming and the
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confronted the perpetrator. >> there is some station after hours to make sure that you live in the building. they should have that in all of these buildings. >> there probably could be something that could be useful. >> last year we had a guard and it made her getting friends in and out kind of a handful. >> it is easy to be give back your way in. -- easy to piggyback your way in. >> if i see someone who does not look like they are a student trying to get and, i would not let them in. >> on the second floor of the residence hall, police arrested morgan betulga. he is facing charges of burglary and assault. washington is usually pretty
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sears place. but not tonight at the kennedy center. this evening hollywood stars and fellow comedians honored will farrell. he is this year's recipient of mark twain prize for american humor. big molly shannon says that, despite his wacky persona on camera off-camera he is pretty shy. we caught up with them before tonight's event. >> i do not know if i am shy. but i am definitely not -- [unintelligible] i have never felt any pressure to be on. >> malia shannon and conan o'brien or some of the comedians who honored him tonight. this is the 14th year that the mark twain prize has been awarded it has been a beautiful and mylonite today. we could have even warmer temperatures more geared for a preview, let's check in with steve. >> the clouds are beginning to
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roll in from the west and we will look for them to continue to increase for the overnight hours and early morning. 54 degrees at reagan national airport is the bit cooler at dulles -- 54 degrees at reagan national airport. it is a bit cooler at the dallulles. take a look at arlington national cemetery. more details on when we are expected to reach their peak coach change around the meat metro area is coming up in just a few minutes. >> the wrong way crashed in maryland. one person is dead and a second is clinging to life after a head-on collision. congress woman gabrielle richards. and new details of the
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one person is dead and another is in critical condition. it happened early this morning.
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investigators say that an suv was driving southbound in the northbound lane and crashed head-on with another vehicle. the second car then sideswiped a third vehicle. the passenger in the second car was quickly hurt. no one else was seriously injured. several people were hurt after a collision between a d.c. police cruiser and a sedan. it happened at the intersection of seventh street and alabama avenue around 5:15 p.m. there is no word yet if there were any officers hurt. the accent was relatively minor. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is undergoing intensive therapy over the next two weeks to help her in her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head. the therapy is taking place in asheville, north carolina. she will be working with the same terrorist she had been working with in houston texas. she was shot last january. she has not yet decided if she
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will run for reelection next year. an explosive new biography on the life of late apple's found -- apple founder steve jobs. it was written by walter isaacson appeared he had unprecedented access to jobs including conversations with him several weeks before he died. in an interview tonight, he says that jobs was highly driven. he did not always have good relationships with the people he worked with. >> he was not the world's greatest manager. in fact, he could have been one of the world's worst managers. he was always up pending things and throwing things. this made great progress, but it did not make for great management style. >> two and half weeks ago jobs died from pancreatic cancer. he delayed getting surgery when he first was diagnosed, deciding to treat cancer with alternative medicine.
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and one of his signature inventions has marked an important milestone. 10 years ago today, that pied debuted -- the ipod debuted. it could hold 1000 songs. since then, apple has sold more than 320 million ipods. today's devise featured different colors and sizes and can now hold 40,000 songs. county leaders and members of the kennedy and shriver family were on hand as the montgomery aquatics center was officially renamed the eunice kennedy aquatics center in north bethesda the shrivers were longtime county residents. i interviewed him and he was such a wonderful presence. the weather worked out for the ceremony.
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we will keep this fine stretch of days going. the clouds will continue to increase tomorrow afternoon. a week frontal system will likely cause any problems. but later on this week, get ready. cooler air. we will see the difference. the wind is not so bad, about two miles to 5 miles per hour. they will settle down as we move to the early morning hours. our high debitors were 60 -- are high temperatures were 64 degrees around reagan national. high temperatures today we're well into the mid-60's. now we have cooled quite a bit. 54 degrees at reagan national. the wind is really beginning to settle down pit.
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our temperatures are cool, especially at of the west, but not as cool as last night when we had frost advisory is -- frost advisory isies. this will work best and insulation dumb and temperatures will not fall as much feared we're looking at nighttime lows in the 40's -- as much. we're looking at nighttime lows in the 40's. this is where the near peak conditions are right now appeared had ever to montgomery county, frederick county, off to western maryland -- pete conditions are right now. head over to montgomery county, frederick county, of to western
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maryland. in the next 48 hours, tomorrow will start off with plenty of sunshine. clearly, we have a weak cold front that will move through with a chance of a few sprinkles, only about 20%. 42 degrees to 50 degrees possible overnight. here is a look at the extended outlook. holding at the lower-70's. wednesday. but then look at the tempters falling into the mid-50's by friday. a week from today, we will look at temperatures, hopefully, fenders crossed, in the mid-50's with sunshine. i understand that that is excellent running weather. i want to thank the montgomery county humane society for the wonderful help that they gave us.
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yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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first game of the john beck error was met with mixed results. -- john that era was met with mixed results. the skins lost to the panthers. >> the start of this game looked much like the last one against the eagles.
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john beck response? not quite. he was met with an interception, was sacked, and fumbled. hightower would later leave the game with a knee injury. it did not take long for newton to catch fire, running into this 16-yard touchdown. not to be outdone john beck drove a score of his own with this four-yard touchdown. jonathan stuhr punches in a touchdown in the third quarter to make it -- jonathan stewart punches in a test and in the third quarter. then the panthers are in scoring position. then it was 30-13. that would find the end zone again, going down the middle to
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brett to davis. it was a tough road loss for the skins progress from an offensive standpoint, when we were marching down the field -- it was a tough road loss for the skins. >> from an offensive standpoint, when we were marching down the field, i felt comfortable if we could do this. we can climb back one score at a time. but it did not have been. >> i have to take my have to candle. he made plays that most quarterbacks do not make. you do not see many like that . >> when you are a player, you know what you're going through. tomorrow, you will be back to normal laughing and joking, and getting ready for next week. right now, no one is happy. >> hightower said that x-rays came back negative and he does not believe that he tore his acl. but he will consult the doctors
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tomorrow to confirm. >> the cowboys got themselves into 500 today and drive back into nfc. watch someone shoot to marco murray out of the cannon. 91 yards later he scores, 7-0 dallas. tony romo adds itto it, too. the cowboys win big today, 34-7. raiders-cheese, jason campbell, the quarterback for the raiders he might be out for the season. -- raiders-chiefs, jason campbell, the quarterback for the raiders he may be out for the season. brendan flourlessflowers still that
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one. the chiefs beat out the raiders. quite a serious happening. >> it is an exciting one. more is still to come in including a verizon 4g lte. america's
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fastest and most reliable 4g network gnin over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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homecoming week is a treasured time. hundreds turned out for the event.
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now you can follow britannia's on our tour count and help fight breast cancer at the same time -- now you can follow ourus on our twitter account and help fight breast cancer at the same time.
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it will look pretty nice tomorrow. this is a sneak preview. you can head over to our website and show us the higher clouds earlier today. now we're looking of the extended outlook. tomorrow, there is a slight chance for a shower or two, but only limited to 20%. we will be in the low-70's on tuesday and wednesday. the upcoming weekend looks good. you have a fan club in the newsroom. thank you for look, every day w
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