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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. earthquake chaos. we show you the images from the moment of impact in turkey, as rescue teams work through the night. we're live from the quake zone. right now, a frantic hunt for a real-life jaws. an american on vacation is killed by a great white shk. all witnessed by his friends as the shark rams their boat. this morning, the family of the victim speaks out. and only on "gma," new details on the search for baby lisa. cadaver dogs got a hit in the bedroom. is this the break? and who is harry's new
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american gal pal? the party-loving prince caught canoodling. the girl looks like his sister-in-law, kate. she speaks out this morning. good morning, everyone. we hope you had a good weekend. boy, yours ended with a bang. >> oh, my goodness. >> saints. >> i was racking my brain thinking, what did i share with you? yes, the saints. >> we're starting off the week with a bang. two big live interviews this morning. the first look at the very private steve jobs. what his family life was like. when he never reconciled with the father that gave him up for adoption. one of the fascinating revelations in the book by walter isaacson. he will share the details in his
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first live interview on "gma." also, madoff family secrets. bernie's daughter-in-law, stephanie madoff mack is here. her husband, mark, committed suicide. she blames bernie madoff. first, to josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with the desperate search for survivors at this hour in eastern turkey. the death toll is now at 239. dozens of people are still trapped, though in the rubble of buildings, which, really in an instant were flattened like pancakes. alex marquardt is in the quake zone. >> reporter: this video shot inside an apartment shows the moment the quake hit. outside, chaos in the streets.
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women clutching babies. screams of red dents everywhere. across much of this swath of eastern turkey, all that remains is rubble. hardest hit? ercis and van. cities near the iranian board. more than 80 multistory buildings in ercis collapse, half of them with people still inside. rescue teams are working around the clock. pulling people from the rubble. more than 1,000 teams have been called in from across the country, as well as turkish troops. the conditions here are just right for a catastrophe. turkey sits on a number of fault lines. the quake's origin was 12.4 miles beneath the surface. much of it due to lack enforcement of building codes. one-third of all buildings in turkey are estimated to come
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ply. almost all the mudbrick houses in the surrounding vaujs have collapsed. the death toll will continue to rise today. josh? >> thank you, alex marquardt in turkey. breaking news out of syria. u.s. ambassador robert ford is being removed from there. 3,000 people have been killed in syr syria's months long crackdown on protesters. one of moammar gadhafi's sons is promising to avenge his father's death. he says he'll continue his father's struggle. libyans are lining up to see the former dictator's body lying in a meat refrigerator. today, president obama is expected to announce a change in home refinancing rules. the change will make it easier for home owners to refinance
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under a federal program, even if they owe more than their home is worth. he'll make the announcement in nevada. last night, the world series, mike napoli's three-run shot sent the rangers on to win. game five tonight in texas. and in football, as robin well knows, a new record for the who dat. the saints of new orleans. without peyton manning, the colts were no match. 62-7. >> 62! 62. >> 62-7. and how did they get even? th seven. that's what they want to know. >> going to move on now to the latest on the real-life jaws that attacked and killed a texas man diving with his friends in australia. the rogue great white has
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residents and tourists running scared. cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: the shark attacks are terrifying the australian coast. now the government is on an all-out hunt to capture and kill the dangerous great whites. the usually serene waters off of austral australia's southwest coast look like a scene from a hollywood horror movie. they true to lure in great whites, hoping to catch the lethal maneaters before they strike again. the family of thomas wainwright grieves. he's the third man killed by a shark in two months. the texas engineer had been part of the team that capped the gulf oil spill. just five months ago, he decided to follow his dreams and move to australia for a new job. >> he loved the water since he
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was a little boy. >> reporter: that love included diving. he was diving alone, his two buddies nearby in a boat. his friends noticed bubbles and then his friend's lifeless body. they say a great white ten feet long surfaced, brazenly nudging their boat as they headed for shore. wainwright talked to his family the night before. >> you can't wrap your head around what happened. you just can't. >> we try to focus on the great things that were his life. >> reporter: in the same waters, an australian swimmer was killed a few weeks ago. last month, near the same area, a shark said to be 15 feet long attacked and killed a body-boarder. now the hunt goes on. a hunt some call a pointless
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revenge. >> it's hard to locate the exact shark. and even if you did, the idea that a shark once it's tasted human blood would continue to attack is simply false. >> reporter: wainwright's family says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> he was cautious. >> and not afraid. >> reporter: scientists believe the sharks in the area are probably following the whale migration. the likelihood of one shark being responsible for all these attacks sims impossible. >> so sad. now, for the next major stage in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. this crucial week in the los angeles courtroom. >> can you demonstrate how that might have been used? >> reporter: as the prosecution winds up the case, conrad murray
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was seen about town. while the stakes are high -- >> i'm not able to talk about the legals a pecks of this case. >> reporter: -- he seemed at ease. >> i would like to pray for the prosecutor, his associates, and his expert witness. >> reporter: the defense should start its case today. >> how did michael jackson receive the propofol that was in its body. >> reporter: dr. paul white was chastised by the judge friday for breaking the gag order by calling his prosecution counterpart a crude na. the judge ordered a contempt hearing for next month. but white will still be allowed to testify and count ter damaging evidence presented by dr. steven schaefer. >> the possibility of a direct self-injection seems extremely unlikely. >> reporter: his research went to far as to ingest the fatal drug himself. >> you literally swaled
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propofol. >> before the study, yes. >> reporter: the defense will call two police detectives and the pro motor of the jackson tour as the firstens withes. >> the defense expected to start today. now steve jobs. and new video overnight from his memorial celebration at apple head quarters. with songs from norah jones and coldplay. and speakers like former vice president al gore. this comes along with the release of the new biography of jobs. we'll have an interview in a moment. but first, some revelations from the book. in over 40 interviews with acclaimed journalist walter isaacson, steve jobs offered a glimpse into the rare genius that touched so many of us. >> today,'s sl going the reinvent the phone.
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>> reporter: and a window into his personal turmoil. like his regret at not having surgery after his cancer was found. i didn't want to open up my body. he held off on surgery for months, relying on alternative treatments. >> today, for the first time ever, i would like to let m macintosh speak for itself. >> reporter: the boss had no problem giving blunt advice to presidents. he warned president obama that he's headed for a "one-term presidency." he also revealed he unknowingly met his biological father. he told his sister, he had no interest in a relationship. i learned a little bit about him and i didn't like what i learned. i asked her not to tell me anything about me. quite a difference between his
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own relationship with his son, reid. in one letter, he wrote -- today is one of my happiest days. reed is graduating from high school right now. and against all odds, i am here. and walter isaacson joins us. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> this is a fascinating character study. what is also fascinating h citizen motivation. he wanted his children to know him better? >> it's hard to know the motivation. he called in 2004 and suggested it. when he was sick, i decided, this is the most innovative guy, the guy who is connecting poetry to technology and it would be a great thing to do. i asked him on my last visit, i said, why did you do it? he said, he wanted his kids to know him because he wasn't always there. he said i kind of want the truth out. and no other great leader has
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ever sort of opened up this way. >> and he under the it over to you. didn't ask you what you were writing? >> he said, are there going to be things i don't like in the book? i said, yeah, he said, i'm not going too road it for another year. that's good. >> he didn't like the cover? >> he hated the color. an apple logo. he got -- i heard his temper. that fury he sometimes has. he said, i'll only work with you if i have some input on the cover. >> you call him in the book, a charismatic and inspiring leader. you use a word to describe him i can't repeat on television. this is a tough guy. he could be real le mean. >> look, we have all known some tough bosses. what he's able to do is gather a team of what he called ""a"
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players" he said in the book, the ones who survive, look at the team he has at apple. they have that charismatic leadership style. he said, i like to be able to go in a meeting and something stinks -- i want to be able to say it. they can say it to me. we are rip-roaring fights. i'm just a middle class kid from california. i don't know how to do the velvet glove approach. >> not just? h in his business life. he had a daughter, out of wedlock early on. denied paternity. they had a tough, sometimes distant relationship. >> the arc of his life is that way. at first, how he deals with something. and then reconciles. by the time, at the end, this past month, they're all around
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him. all four of his churn, deeply loving. his sister, mona, his wife, a few close friends. they're all with him. because he had such a pull. he was such a compelling character. >> such a genius. one reconciliation that never happened, the father that gave him up for adoption. you mentioned the sister, mona simpson, the novelist, he met her when they were fully grown. she could have gotten him in touch with his father but he said, no way. >> she tracks down the father, he's running a coffee shop. he's from syria. a graduate student at the university of wisconsin. that's when they had steve who was put up for adoption. thought he would never see the boy again. mona simpson tracks him down. he talks about the great restaurants he used to run. he said, everybody used to eat there, even steven jobs.
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>> this is the father? >> the biological father. steve told mona, don't tell him about me. she had to bite her tongue and couldn't say, steve jobs is your son. he just said, he was a great tipper. >> the father and the son met. didn't know they were father and son. yet, when they both know it, steve says, i want nothing to do with this man. >> steve jobs is a person of intense emotions and loyalty. his real family, his adoptive parents, who he called his real parents. they were just great people. his four children, there's a strong bond there. if you're not part of a strong bond, somebody like his biological father, he had no need to see him. >> reality distortion field. he thought he could bend facts to fit his will. that may have shortened his life. >> that magical thinking worked.
7:17 am
95%, 99% of the time. he could have steve wozniak, his early partner, create a circuit board in three days that would normally take three months. he gets cancer. the tension within him. between the poetic, new age guy and the scientific technology guy. gnat that's a tension in his life. for about nine months, he's weighing both. looking at alternative treatments and cutting-edge medicine. finally, when he does it, he's looked at the greatest cutting edge. >> he regretted not getting the surgery sooner. >> once he decided to get it, he said, i should have gotten it earlier. it took him a few months to decide to get the surgery. he was searching. always on a search. >> you have a surprising phrase. you said he's not exceptionally
7:18 am
smart, but a genius. what was his genius? >> the ability to connect poetry to technology. that art and technology thing. i mean, bill gates has astoni astonishing mental processing power. he didn't have the feel for design and art. that's an american thing, if we're going to be success nfl the 21st century. how do you connect artist try to technology? that comes, whether it was the cancer, his personal life, professional life, from having that new age, poetic side to him. >> it made him unique. thank you, walter. fantastic book. >> thank you, george. now let's get weather from sam. >> get ready for the first big punch of cold air this week. denver will drop 50 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. this time, it's coming with snow. about 6 inches of snow expected
7:19 am
in the areas in blue. that will be a really big difference going into tuesday. the southeast, 30s over the weekend, we're back into the 70s. memphis, 75, atlanta, 73. new orleans, 79. >> we are just a few minutes sunrise. clouds overhead.
7:20 am
60 degrees downtown. a fairly uniform temperature across the day. result of the cloud cover. cloudy into the midday. we cannot rule out a few sprinkles and isolated showers. >> new tropical storm pops up on the board this morning as well. we'll tell you all about rina in the next half hour. >> not unusual? >> no. coming up on "gma," exclusive new details on the search for baby lisa. her mother breaks down in tears last night. and what cadaver dogs found in the bedroom. and ashton unplug. taking on the rumors. and we'll bruintroduce you
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>> live and in haiti. this is an 8 -- and in hd. this is an abc7 news update.
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>> i am cynne simpson. the murder trial will get under way in a few hours of brittany norwood, who is accused of killing jayna murray. in thathave a life report throughout the morning. traffic in fairfax county. vdot is expected to close the gallows road and north. it will be closed for a couple weeks. finish paving the hotlane. drivers will be detoured into rawlinson villard. boulevard.n delays are out of dale city. taking a video of an accident on loop in springfield drivers through get to 95 and 395. this is the accident as cleanup
7:28 am
continues. topside, next picture, is the loop at university boulevard. the right says on the- right side with delays. adam caskey. >> 51 in the district. 55, winchester. 46 gaithersburg. 50 along the water in quantico. temperatures upper 60's today. more craig -- more grave than today. the sky possible afternoon showers. than blue in the sky today.
7:29 am
7:30 am
in the world. i just wanted to open up a little dialogue on the state of honesty. the state of truth. the state of truth as it pertains to literature and media. >> ashton kucher. don't have to look to close and see there's though wedding ring on that video. >> takes the media to task as well. and inside the madoff family. bernie's daughter-in-law, stephanie madoff mack is here live this morning. was it too much for her husband, mark, to bear. he did commit suicide. does harry have a new
7:31 am
girlfriend? we'll introduce you to the cocktail waitress that says he's a real-life prince charming. now to the latest in the frantic search for baby lisa. her parents returned to the home for a sunday night vigil. her mother so emotional she could not speak. matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since the disappearance. not a trace of baby lisa. "gma" tracked down eyewitnesses who say they saw man carrying a baby down these very streets. all that's left here is grief. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: it was the first time in days that deborah bradley appeared in public, sobbing, uncontrollably. trembling in her husband, jeremy irwin's arms.
7:32 am
at a vigil outside the home where baby lisa disappeared, she couldn't speak. from this billboard overlooking i-35, to lister drive, baby lisa's disappearance is consuming the community. >> to think of an innocent baby to be harmed or abducted, in any way, it's a terrible thing. >> reporter: her fate remains uncertain. "gma" got this exclusive tour of the house by family attorney, cyndy short. and to the very bedroom that cadaver dogs got a hit for a human corpse. >> the dog alerted on one side or the other of the bed. but as you notice, the carpeting is in tact. it was not cut out. i find that surprising. >> reporter: she tells "gma" that police removed at least six
7:33 am
items during their 17-hour search of the home. >> we believe they drained out the wine left in the box so they could measure the difference between what had been consumed and what remained. >> reporter: deborah bradley admitted she was drinking the night her daughter disappeared. arousing suspicion. she made odd comments, including she was afraid to look outside the house because she was afraid of what she might find. >> the police think perhaps mrs. bradley had something to do with the disappearance. >> reporter: the family says they have been cooperating with police. they're accusing the police now of not sharing information with them. >> it goes on and on. we'll bring in legal analyst dan abrams now. so many more twists and turns.
7:34 am
you saw the cadaver dog getting a hit. what do you make of that? >> it's indicative of a deceased body. it's not infallible. doesn't mean they have the proof they need to move forward. they can be used in investigative phases and the trial itself. this is far from the end of the question. >> is it a little odd for the family's lawyer to allow a camera crew into the family's home like that? >> it's a little odd. they have to balance, not antagonizing the police too much with trying to respond to what the public is seeing. when the grounds for a search warrant are the fact that these dogs detected a dead body, that's not good for your client. and i think that it's smart of the attorneys to have some sort of public response. does that public response need to be showing the entire house?
7:35 am
no. i think it's dangerous for the family attorneys to say, loong, they only took six items. it's not like a shopping trip. you don't go in and say, if i like the store, i'm going to take out a lot of items. a search woshs based on the fact you spend a lot of time in the house. you understand everything about the house. you look around. try to find evidence. and you take certain items you think could be helpful. >> could this be -- the surveillance video. a mystery man. could this be some sort of connection in the case? >> it could be. distant surveillance video is not going to be the end of the question here. a number of witnesses say they saw man, out of place, holding a baby in a diaper, in conjunction with this, it's an interesting theory. the police must follow up on it.
7:36 am
it still doesn't answer where the baby is. >> the mother said she didn't want to look outside the house because she was afraid of what she might find. you don't think that's out of the ordinary? >> it's an odd thing to say. but when your child has just been taken, if that's what happened, people react and act in unexplainable ways. this could very well be that. she was so afraid, so scared. again, think some people will say, hmm, that's an odd way to respond. the baby wasn't found there. it's not as if she said i was afraid to look in the back of the house and the baby was found there. >> the start of a new week. now prince harry's latest adventures. he's been out in the u.s. having fun, including reports he's been keeping company with a cocktail waitress in california. nick watt has the latest. >> reporter: good morning,
7:37 am
george. prince harry is supposed to be in the u.s. learning how to fly attack helicopters. but, george, never forget that is his middle name is ext extracurricul extracurricular. just hours after touching down on u.s. soil in san diego, harry met jess. harry's a real-life prince charming, she told the "sunday mirror" newspaper. >> when he sees a beautiful barmaiden, he's got the best line on the planet, hi, i'm a prince. >> reporter: she's been hailed a princess kate look-a-like. full name, jessica donaldson. age, 26. status, not single. harry got her number, he took her for brunch. they allegedly kissed. might have gone to a hotel together. >> some of the hotel staff that say they saw harry and a pretty
7:38 am
brunette kissing in the foyer at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning on a saturday night and saw the same girl leaving the next morning. >> reporter: that wasn't me. it must have been another girl. i'm not sleeping with prince harry. he's never been anything other than a gentleman to me. so, a few sides to the same story. i'm fine with that. i don't get the princess kate comparisons. is she a princess kate look-a-like? only in the same way that i'm a justin bieber look-a-like. >> nick, i'm with you. split screen. everybody weigh in. jessica and kate? are they dead ringers? >> other than the fact they have the same hair color. >> both have dark hair. a little bit in the eyes? a little bit?
7:39 am
i'm just trying to give the other side. >> at least you didn't say a dead ringer. >> okay, all of you at home -- >> weigh in. >> sam, your vote? >> the bigger split screen. does nick watt look like justin bieber? that's the split screen i'm interested in. >> nice profile. >> do we have it? i don't know. here's cuba. here's mexico. this is the yucatan peninsula. the 17th named storm of the season, rina. a strong western wind. it's likely to cap the direction that rina can go. we think we'll have a hurricane by thursday. there has been big talk about the warmup in the deep south. it was such a chilly weekend. watch the numbers go to the 70s.
7:40 am
san francisco, 72, phoenix, 93. the fog just wouldn' here is a beautiful shot of the sun rise over the bed. bay. downtown we are at 51 degrees. more clouds and sun today, >> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. all that weather was brought to you by edward jones. >> sam, we're working on the split screen. coming up, ashton kutcher lashes out online. that's ahead. i wish you guys had layaway --
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another twist in the saga of ashton and demi. kutcher decided to produce his own online video. it had some thinking of the actor he replaced. andrea canning is here. >> you remember, charlie sheen at the emmys turned a bit of a corner wishing kuchtcher and th show good luck. now, he is not afraid to say he's unimpressed. kutcher voiced opinion of his own online. >> reporter: his wedding ring is off and so are the gloves. >> a lie can travel halfway
7:45 am
around the world before the truth can leave someone's lips. >> reporter: amid rumors of cheating and divorce, ashton kutcher seems to lash out. >> i wanted to open up a little dialogue on the state of honesty. the state of truth. >> reporter: kutcher is a top target for the tabloids in recent days, they continue to print stories on the possible affair with a 22-year-old. there is no gatekeeper of the truth. we're our own editors and our own publishes and our own printers. and -- people can change the truth in any way, shape, or form that day want and spread that around the world. >> negative media attention can affect people in a lot of ways. it's a wild west of innuendo.
7:46 am
>> reporter: no sign of the wedding ring he was spotted with just last week. now, his personal life appears to hang in the balance, his professional life has hit a bump. >> sometimes a lay down. sometimes i curl up in a ball. >> reporter: can "two and a half men" in a ratings slump. >> he's doing the best he can. i don't think the role is cursed. um -- but i'm extremely disappointed with how they're handling what i left behind. >> of course he is. the season premier pulled in nearly 30 million viewers. it's dropped down to 15 million. there was high interest in the first episode. now some are wondering if charlie was better in the role. the show -- >> this is, ashton, kind of a complicated message. taking on the rumors but showing that finger again and again and again. >> and it went on for 4:00. he never said much.
7:47 am
it was a little bizarre. demi has not reacted. coming up here, what this referee did that not even thought was a good call. that's ahead. and an abc news exclusive. stephanie madoff mack speaks out for the first time. almost a princess. that's the last tiara. get it. [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens where it's easy to find all the candy, plus fun costumes and halloween favorites like reese's peanut butter cups, snickers bars, and cheetos snacks for the party. right now, select snack size candies just $1.99. shopping simplified. with walgreens, there's a way. [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it
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right now, here's "the play of the day." >> come on. robin. give me one. >> we can shake things up a little bit. >> normally, they say when streaks hit the field, the cameras won't tape them. they want to say we're not going to validate the behavior. we're just once. it was on the creativity. this is jase. >> no, he didn't.
7:52 am
no he didn't. posing as a ref? >> and then as a swimmer. that's a speedo. >> oh, that had to hurt. >> not a full streak. >> a full streak? >> i'm sure if we had given him another couple of seconds. >> it could have been. >> kept alive. >> i know what we're being for halloween. this is it, people. no more streaker videos. that's the one. that's the only. >> we have eight more seconds of it if you would like. >> j.r. martinez, "dancing with the stars," don't go anywhere.
7:53 am
and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. thise time is 7:56 on monday, october 24. i am cynne simpson jury selection is expected to begin in a high-profile murder case. prosecutors say the woman killed marie and lied to police. we will bring a live in that you on newschannel 8 at the top of the hour. montgomery county honored of its most famous public
7:57 am
service. the aquatics center was renamed the eunice kennedy shriver and shriver aquatics center. and familyers attended the event. let's find out what is happening on the roads. first of all, we wanted to take ever went to some live pictures. the inner loop leaving 210 across the wilson bridge looks moving well on both . des the inner loop has been -- been very long time. is near 95/395 coming off of the wilson bridge. our next camera will take us to delays out of greenbelt on laurelund 95 out of crash atre is a university boulevard. it is pretty comfortable out there. now,l temperatures right 51 degrees in the district.
7:58 am
some the thicker cloud covered northwest of the metro area and we cannot rule out a few sprinkles here and there day especially afternoon upper 60's this with a lot of sunshine tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us and at 8:27.e back
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ baby baby looks like it's gonna hail ♪ great crowd wee have here. >> a fantastic crowd. what a great jive from j.r. martinez. the iraq war veteran. he's leading the leader board right now. what is the secret to his success? find out from cam mathison, right there. >> he's a dancer. you're not learning that in the practice. come on, he can do it. >> are you invested in that? >> i'm completely investing in that. he can do it. >> now it's the nitty-gritty time of the competition.
8:01 am
gotta bring it. and bernie madoff's daughter-in-law, stephanie, is speaking out. how the scandal tore their family apart. >> such a sad story. also coming up, how your children's halloween costumes could turn deadly. we'll show you how to make sure that halloween is all treats, no tricks. it's an important story. >> sure is. first some news from josh. daylight in eastern turkey has now revealed the grim aftermath of the devastating earthquake. at least 270 people are confirmed as having died. this video capturing the moment that the chaos hit. people running through the streets. hundreds of mud-brick buildings gone. there is some encouraging news here. the death toll is hopefully not going rise as high as once feared. meanwhile, the president travels to nevada today that
8:02 am
could allow thousands of home owners to refinance. later this week, the president will announce changes to ease student loan payments. americans now owe more on student loans than credit cards. in texas this morning, police hunting for a serial rapist attacking women from one sorority. the sorority is sends on an alert. police say this man is responsible for sexual assaults in the area. >> it's happening in the one place they feel the safest, in their own home. >> reporter: all women attacked in their hone homes in the middle of the night. after investigators learned all of the victims are african-american women in their
8:03 am
mid-50s and 60s, they found another link. they're all part of a sorority. >> their victims were associated the same way. >> reporter: the attacks spread across three towns over the last 11 months, all between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. during each assault, the suspect revealed he new personal details about his victim. in an e-mail, delta sigma theta leadership admitted, this is frightening to all and some what unbelievable that our sister hood is being attacked in this manner. police say it remains unclear how or why the attacker is choosing his victims. medical news. new concerns about the chemical widely used in plastic food and drink containers, bpa.
8:04 am
researchers found that mothers exposed to high levels of bpa in pregnancy were more likely to have daughters with that were depressed and had behavior issues by age 3. no such link to boys. a guy set a record. no, he didn't. his car did. his honda just went past 1 million miles. to celebrate, honda threw him a parade, gave him a new car. his 1990 accord still running on its original engine and original transmission. >> that's in maine, those are long winters. >> is milli1 million miles. >> that's not good news nor me. all right, thank you. how about some pop news. good morning to you and you all. will ferrell took home the
8:05 am
country's hop tumor prize on sunday night in d.c. honored by fellow funnymen. he dropped the mark twain award. believe me, it was on purpose. he said he jokingly refused the prize 13 times before. decided to accept it this time, well, because of the prize money. by the way, there really isn't any. you can see that on pbs. jennifer lopez took a trip down memory lane over the weekend. using look-a-likes of her former loverers as her backup dancers. what a show. in choreographed vignettes, a look-a-like to puff daddy danced with a girl in a dress that was the down to the navel dress.
8:06 am
storm troopers have feelings, too. an online hit with her art project. photos depicting what she would like to think darth vaders evil enforcers do when they're off the clock. it's as if you can hear the action figure whispering, i am your father. finally, halloween is coming this sunday. some folks in southern california are getting their neighborhood in the mood for serious monster mashing. the owners -- yes --- ♪ party rocker in the house tonight ♪ >> totally choreographed. the owners in this house in riv riverside have lights strug
8:07 am
together. it's gone vooiiral. it is expecting to get a crowd shuffling, shuffling. >> when is hat? >> sunday or monday? >> monday. >> sunday, monday, the 31st, okay? happy halloween. >> it's monday. >> i can report, it's monday. >> my kids are e-mailing me, it's monday, dad. >> are we doing something? >> you're going to see. >> that looked so noncommittal. >> that was a tease. >> then you have it here first. george is dressing up. >> maybe. could be. maybe. >> we know sam is. >> i haven't picked it out yet, lara. come on. we will. halloween is coming up this weekend. a lot of folks are celebrating. look at the crowd this morning. young lady, what is your name? >> rebecca. >> where are you from? >> fairfax station, virginia.
8:08 am
>> i am, too. you want to show your sign? >> i will. >> i got you a little mint if i fresh. i freshened up a little bit. >> i freshened as well. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. here comes the front. this is a little shower later on tonight. if you're getting ready for the big halloween weekend, a lot of folks are going out friday, saturday, and sunday. you'll get rain leading up to the weekend. here's what goes on out west. 59, portland. into the southwest, pleasantly warm. 71 is a good number this time of year. denver drops 50 limited sunshine today and morning fog. there is a little bit of sun as but aes over the horizon whichmount of cloud cover case throughout the
8:09 am
day to day. there will be more clouds than degrees in the district. uniform temperatures but eyes be in the upper 60's this afternoon. sunshine tomorrow, in the mid 60's and coleen by friday in >> none of us out here have picked our costumes yet. have you picked yours? >> i have not. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." stephanie madoff mack speaks out about her family was torn apart. plus, marvelous martinez. behind the scenes with j.r. the man to beat in the ballroom. and a warning for every parent before halloween. what you need to know about your kids' costumes. that and more coming up on
8:10 am
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coming up, "good morning america"'s million moms, brought to you by truvia. and now to an abc news exclusive. for the first time, a member of bernie madoff's family has written a book about how his lies tore apart the lives of those closest to him. bernie's daughter-in-law, stephanie madoff mack tells her story. her husband, mark, took his own life in the wake of his father's financial crimes.
8:13 am
first, here's chris cuomo. >> reporter: what you're seeing here is not just any wedding. it's the wedding of stephanie and mark madoff. >> i was so happy that day. so happy to be mark's wife. >> reporter: he was the son of the legendary bernard madoff. the money man of wall street. >> you may kiss the bride. >> reporter: she was part of the family. she found an instant closeness with bernie. >> he was quiet. there was something sweet about his quietness. i didn't find it to be odd. >> hat they do is bad. >> reporter: there was something more troubling about bernie. his obsessive secrecy. how he managed remarkable returns for his clients. it was stephanie says in her book, a source of tension between father and son. >> he said to me, stephanie, i don't have any clue what my father does. and bernie would always say the
8:14 am
same thing. you do your job, and i'll do mine. >> reporter: december 10, 2008, she received a panicked call from her husband, mark. >> it's my father. my father's done something really bad. >> reporter: event eventually, bernie pleaded guilty to 11 counts of fraud and shift. he got 150 years in prison. all madoffs were believed to be in on the scam with bernie. >> my husband knew nothing. he thu nothing. i could tell how he reacted. he was in pure shock and you could see the betrayal on his face and in his body. >> reporter: stephanie and her mother decide to go the disney world, a special trip for her 4-year-old daughter, audrey. mark stayed behind with nicholas, just 22 months old. the two-year anniversary of the scandal had arrived. with it, a flurry of reports
8:15 am
linking mark to the sins of his father. it would be a single article that would be mark's last straw. >> i saw my husband fall down that same rabbit hole again. i remember, i tex texted him, enough, enough of this. i can't take this any more. >> reporter: and apparently, theatre could mark. the next morning, stephanie woke to two e-mails from her husband. >> the first line in the subject line said help. and the contents said, please send someone on take care of nick. the next one said, in the subject line, i love you. and then it was blank. and i was -- i -- i just knew in my gut that something was wrong. something was very, very wrong. >> and stephanie madoff mack joins us. it was difficult for you to watch that. you would learn and the world would learn that mark took his life when you were down there at
8:16 am
disney world. you want to talk about the mark before his father told him what he had done. what was mark like? >> mark was the nicest guy. he was the most devoted father. he was so sweet. he had a beautiful smile. and bright eyes. and he truly was my best friend. >> you write beautifully about that. how sensitive he was. there has been no proof whatsoever that your husband has anything too with his father's scheme. but, yet, he internalized so much. he changed physically after this. didn't he? >> he did. now i look at photos of mark, before bernie confessed his crimes and after. and he just look like a different man to me. after bernie confessed to him and his brother, he just
8:17 am
physically changed. he was hunched over a lot. he was growing a beard. he wore glasses that he didn't have to. he was destroyed. >> you reached out to bernie in jail at the time. you blame him. >> i do. >> and how did hi respond to the letter you wrote him? >> my letter started off as a condolence note. and then i got very angry. i told him how i felt. and his response was -- that he felt very bad for himself. a very sort of narcissistic response. >> he felt bad for himself. >> he felt bad for himself. >> you shared the thoughts of many. he bilked so many out of billions of dollars. and how you feel about your father-in-law now? >> i will never forgive him what he did to so many lives. to so many families. to my own family. and to my husband.
8:18 am
i will never forgive him. >> ruth madoff -- and reading, stephanie, i can see where you're conflicted a little bit. toward the end of the book, you wrote -- i do still think of ruth often. i don't regret my decision at all to honor mark's wishes. i wonder if i will ever face her again. my heart softens and hardens. your husband had nothing to do, no contact with his mother or father after his father revealed what he had done? >> i mean, he and ruth shared some e-mails back and forth. right before mark took his life, he just -- he wrote his mom an e-mail saying he was not ready to see her yet. and, you know, i'm a mother. i can't imagine the pain ruth must be in right now after losing a son. but some of the choices she made, i really have a difficult time understanding some of the
8:19 am
choices she made. to doubt did she love mark very much. but -- unfortunately, i feel that she height have loved bernie more. >> and chose him 37. >> and chose him. >> some still question where th or not she knew about the scheme. >> i don't think she knew. >> why? >> she's not a villain. she's not a villain. she did not know. she just made some bad choices. >> this is -- you're the first family member to step up. i know this has been very difficult for you. >> very. i'm nervous. >> you're doing great. and in part because people who lost millions and so much more money, they're so angry, they hear the name madoff and automatically assume something. you wanted to come out why? why now? >> i wanted to give mark a voice. and i really wanted to give my children something to read when
8:20 am
they're old enough to understand what happened to their dad. i want them to be able to read the truth. and that's why i wrote the book. and -- it's -- the response has been amazing. and it really makes me miss mark even more. because he's not here to share that feedback that i have been getting. >> do they ask about him? >> the children, yes. they ask about him every day. they look at pictures of him every day. they draw pictures for him every day. i keep a memory book of -- i write about in the book, in the book, about the memory book. and i just write down things i remember about mark. funny things they say about mark. and it will be nice for them to have. >> i know that you say your son has been asking even more and more because he's 2 1/2. 2 3/4. >> he'll be 3 in february.
8:21 am
he just started preschool. he's all of a sudden, talking up a storm. he's starting to say he misses his daddy very much. >> you prove that life goes on. when things happen, it's how we react. some people are asking, mack is not your maiden name. you have not remarried. and so -- >> no. >> how did you come up with the make the mack? >> mark and i decided to take the m from madoff and ack is the nantucket airport code. that's how we came up with mack. it does have meaning. >> thank you for sharing and helping so many. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> george. it is "dancing with the stars" time now. and the man to beat this season, j.r. martinez. the actor who was seriously wounded serving in iraq and is
8:22 am
at the top of the leader board. his life story is an inspiration to us all. cameron mathison is here with the inside scoop on this hero who was born to dance. hey, cam. >> hey, george. what a guy, j.r. martinez. he's stole stn hearts of everybody on "dancing with the stars." i got the sit down with the man i know. the man behind the dance. ♪ grew up in a small town >> reporter: he's charmed audiences and judges alike. his charisma, zest for life. this jive and that -- samba. >> you were like a loin-shattering sex machine. >> reporter: have kept him near the top of the leader board for five weeks running. >> heroes are normal people.
8:23 am
ordinary people that do extraordinary things. tonight, you did something extraordinary. >> reporter: an iraqi war vet, an actor, a fellow "all my children" alum. i'm fortunate to call him any friend. are you hurting? >> my feet feel swollen. it's hard to move. i'm brushing my teeth like this. it hurts, man. i never thought dantsing would be this hard core. >> reporter: we hit the park with romeo. >> he's so focused on the ball. >> reporter: it's that same determination that got him to where he is today. favorite meal? >> i'm a sucker for spaghetti and meat balls. >> reporter: hard es part of "dancing with the stars"? >> mentally reversing when you
8:24 am
have somebody tells you all the time, that's wrong. a lot of people say, i've heard, physically, physically, physically. it's tan take ken a toll, but m, too. >> reporter: after joining the army at 19, his humvee drove over a land mine. >> since my injury, i'm that much more in tune with things going on in my life. ky see things in a different light now. as long as you do good things and have a great attitude. stay strong, stay positive, things happen. >> reporter: you have devoted your life to getting that message out to others as well. >> the way i see it, i was given a second chance. not a lot of people get that. i want to help people understand certain things i have learned on how to make the first chance that much more meaningful.
8:25 am
>> reporter: you're a big practical joker. j.r. hasn't texted you yet. >> no. >> i guess he hurt his groin. i feel totally responsible for this because he's walking through the door right now and i finally got you. i finally got you. okay, so maybe practical jokes really aren't my thing. i should probably stick to my day job. cameron mathison, dance critic. speed is the biggest challenge for j.r. what is his biggest at tribute? >> he's really moving. >> reporter: after last week's shattering samba, they're in the top spot. they're hoping this week's quick step keeps them there. keep the elbow and -- shoulders down. >> give me a frame.
8:26 am
>> get as uncomfortable as possible. >> five, six, slow, slow. >> you look good. you got all of it. looking good and feeling good. the right. he's killing it out there. but most importantly, he said, personally, he's having a phenomenal time on the show. and he also told me that before he goes live every night, he prays. not only for himself and his partner, but for all the cast on "dancing with the stars" so they don't get injured every night live. what a guy. >> he certainly is. what a great guy. the next round is tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00. we want to hear what you think. which celebrity is the one to beat? vote using the "gma" app on your smart phones. coming up, halloween cost e costumes that could be dangerous. we have a warning for parents.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. could monday morning. the time is 8:27. rest cures are sifting rubble of collapsed buildings in eastern turkey. for and finding survivors from yesterday's 7.2 magnitude earthquake. least 270 people died and others were hurt. newschannel 8 will have an in- up in a few coming minutes. there is word that the istrict's homicide rate than it was this time last . there been 95 homicides so far year compared to 106 this year.ast the district had 132 total
8:28 am
homicides last year. let's check on traffic. 66 andl begin with eastbound delays are typical fair oaks. havebound 95 delays woodbridge and onto 395. slow traffic on to 95 after a southeast. minnesota avenue and benning road had a car wreck. 952 georgia ave is slowing on the beltway on the topside that the moat wilson bridge. friday and into the weekend, we are talking high 50's.atures in the mid fall air, you will weekend. mainly in the 40's right now and 50 degrees downtown. we are on our way into the mid afternoon there's a
8:29 am
for a shower or two later today. we will have another news today. we will have another news update at 8:56. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a scho that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible.
8:30 am
♪ if i could turn back time if i could find a way ♪ if you hear that cher song, you know you're about to see embratszing pictures of us when weere teenagers. what would we say to ourselves? get a hair cut, george. and robin. or not. >> rocking the dennim. that's right. >> "gq" josh. >> awe. >> really, george? >> and sam. >> that's a treat. >> that was me at 16. >> this is about a letter you
8:31 am
would write to your 16-year-old self. >> dear self, destroy pictures every ten years. >> i couldn't get them away from my wife or my mom. >> it's been enlightening what people are saying. >> i can't wait for that. i can't wait to hear what you have to say, mister. and a serious story as well. imagine your child wearing this costume. this could be the scariest part of halloween. it's a warning for parents. stay tuned. josh was hanging out with his old classmates. >> a quick shoutout to the c-pickles. they play once a decade. they did in san francisco. jeff and andy and evan. it was an absolutely wonderful time. a quick turn around from san francisco to here is tough. >> he's hurting. >> and i'm on the floor a little bit. i was in nashville, turning the
8:32 am
opry pink. it was a peck tack lar event. i joined forces with women rock for the cure in support of breast cancer awareness. i introduced the honorary young survivor of the year, yolanda smith. an inspiring, memorable, important night. she's how to teaching survivors and stuff how to belly dance. >> looking great there. >> fantastic. >> and you look stunning. >> you are an inspiration to many people. including us. >> that sounds like a good weekend you had, too. >> it was a great weekend. >> the pickles? >> the sea pickles. it's @the sea pickles. lots of excitement all across the country for this big night out. it can be dangerous if you're not careful.
8:33 am
elisabeth leamy is in washington with more. the two big hazards? cars and fire? >> reporter: that's right. halloween is great. it can be hazardous. sugar, fire, darkness and costume. costumes and candles can be a deadly come bin nation. if kids get too close to an open flame, the fire travels fast. we're not going to tell you. with the help of underwriters lab toirs, we're going to show you. the pants of this robot costume burned slowly. foam body section went faster. >> the costume is gone at this point, less than a minute. >> and i with teal if heat here. clothing sold in the u.s. is not supposed to easily ignite. this costume goes out on its own.
8:34 am
that's great. girls costumes are usually more flammable because of the extra glitter and glue. it's not just costumes but accessories. we were worried about this wig. sure enough, it burned so hot the head fell off the mannequin. it adds another whole element that could catch on fire. >> absolutely. >> reporter: long, bulky costumes are another possible hazard. same goes for sleeves. these ones melted slowly. rather than burning fast. this one looks like cotton. keep your eye on it. it burns hot and fast. you should avoid other natural fibers, like linen and jute, too. >> this could be very, very serious if that ignited. >> reporter: most costumes contained the same fire
8:35 am
warnings, yet they burned differently. everybody in position? one, two, three. you light all five on fire at once, the contrast is obvious. >> they all burn. but the fact is, some are slower. and some are mighty fast. >> reporter: the companies that make the costumes said the products undergo rigorous testing and meet all federal flam blt standards. 3 minutes, two costumes have completely disappeared. one is still melting away. a couple of on them have held up well. there's no way for parents to know in advance which ones hold up best. keep all costumes away from candles. fire officials urge you to use the battery operated candles instead. it looks like the real thing in
8:36 am
a pumpkin. >> a lot about the fire there pip thought you were going the take the hat off for a second. what about the other dig danger, cars? >> safe kids said on halloween children are twice as likely to be struck by cars than any other night. most costumes are dark. we'll simulate dark costume on a dark road. one, two, three. and now i have basically disappeared. but get this, we still have two headlights on me. now, the solution. take off the outer cloak, i have fantastic reflectors, bracelets, glow stick necklace. blinky lights. so -- lights, please. just a few dollars brings a lot of safety. >> that makes a very big difference.
8:37 am
we have more safety tips online. let's go sam for the weather. >> we're live outside the window. we're waving at josh. hey, what's going on? one or two things we want to talk about. we want to show you the twitter pictures. got this from angie. she took a shot of the pal loons in north carolina. i couldn't belief how beautiful that was. and then from honolulu, how beautiful it is, every day of the year. here's what's going on into the northwest. brand new system pulls in cool air. 55, 59 there. watch the cold front. it drops the temperature 50 degrees in the denver area between now and the middle of the week. 6 impbs of snow coming with that system as well. a couple of feet into the mountains. the southeast, wednesday, parkegrees in college
8:38 am
and 50 degrees downtown. more clouds and sun today with isolated apostlebird the best rain comes on thursday. >> you know i said north carolina, you know i ment jacksonville, florida. i did, i did. coming up, kathleen
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
how many times have you said, i wish i knew then what i know now? now turn to this camera. in this book, "dear me" a letter to my 16-year-old self, joseph galliano has given a large group of people the chance to offer advice. >> dear 16-year-old me. >> i still remember how you always wanted to be a writer. >> find the thing that makes you leap out of bed in the morning.
8:42 am
>> think great thoughts but always relish small treasures. >> the letter writers are from different walks of life. a movie star, an author, a financial advice guru. the theme is constant. hang in there. you're going to be okay. >> i'm writing to you from 40 years passed by. you'll be told your dreams are absurd. don't believe anyone. moufr much they mean well. trust that core that tell use your dreams are true. >> reporter: the little girl from the south side of chicago writes about a life that exceeded even her wildest dreams. >> you will never have to worry about finding love. you will never have to worry about being able to support yourself. you'll never have to worry about being happy or fulfilled. >> reporter: and author jody picot wrote about her mother, her hair, and the boy who broke
8:43 am
her heart. >> he broke your heart a thousand ways with one word and one glance. that years from now, he'll thank you and call you. he won't remember hurting you. but when you write, you will always remember what it felt like to have that bandage ripped off your heart. that's why people when they read your stories will bleed a little bit on the inside. >> reporter: the creator of so many comic book icons, stan lee. >> i still remember how you always wanted to be a writer. in your last year at dewitt clinton high school, you practiced signing your name, stanley martin lieber, over and over again. you were so certain that the day would come when you would write that great american novel and peel would ask for you autograph. >> reporter: but would 16-year-old stanley believe
8:44 am
this? >> today, people do occasionally request your autograph. not for the great american novel. the name you now sign is stan lee. which you adopted legally because you were embarrassed that stanley m. lieber was writing the lowly come ix. >> you'll be shocked by how happy you can be. you need to make a decision to change. you do. why not do it sooner. happy is better than sad. >> people you don't know will come up to you and tell you how much they love you and thank you for changes their lives. >> reporter: and finally these words of advice. >> calculus, trust me, you will never use it. >> finally, someone speaks the truth. but it's really beautiful. what would you write? >> i didn't have a whole lot growing up. i just said remember that it has -- life has nothing to do -- it's not the opportunities that
8:45 am
you're given. it's what you do with them. and in a couple of years, you'll quote, luck is the residue of design. >> like that. >> i would have said, play your gam game. kiki vandeweighe gave me that. >> mine is just, you're gefr going to get any better at driving. >> and because of this show, i did have the hand pictures. also, the biggest struggle with people is because they love you the most. and you know, we're about a year to my dad passing away. that's what i think about now. the biggest struggle with people is because they love you the most. >> angie had a good one. >> i would tell myself to be kinder to myself. not beat myself up when i do something wrong. >> that's good. a lot of people on twitter said
8:46 am
the same thing. being kinder to themselves. >> everybody has a piece of advice. there's something we can all get out of it. doing a lot of kicking ourselves. >> robin, how about you? >> a portion of the proceeds -- >> coming up --
8:47 am
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we bring you this next story as part of the million moms challenge. abc news and the un foundation effort to raise awareness about the health of moms and babies in the developing world. i travelled to africa to see
8:49 am
some of the mother to mother's work firsthand. oh, i got a smile. you're smiling at me. these beautiful children are born in south africa in a poverty stricken township. heres a mothers are hiv positive. >> in africa, 1,000 babies a day are hiv positive. >> reporter: the bay beast here, beat the odds. hiv-free and healthy. even though every one of them has an hiv-positive mother. their clean bill of health is a result of this man's vision. >> it takes not seconds to educate a mother. but hours. doctors an nurses are in such short supply, they don't have that kind of time. >> reporter: mother to child transmission of hiv is preventable. there are simply not enough health care workers to guide women through a safe pregnancy
8:50 am
and childbirth. mitch besser had a solution. employ local women to help teach women. mothers 2 mothers. >> mothers that are gainfully working. mothers are hiv. they come to the clinic to support mothers are hiv. they're paid as members of the health care team. >> reporter: this baby is the healthy, happy result of their work together. >> give me a strength to help other mothers. now i'm giving back what i've got to other mothers. it will still continue to other mothers. for me, it's a great, great pleasure. >> it's like a great circle. >> right. >> mothers 2 mothers enrolls about 300,000 new mothers with hiv.
8:51 am
that's 20% of the hiv infected mothers in the world. >> reporter: it is impossible to know how many cases of hiv they have preventing. mothers 2 tmothers is a ray of hope. the founder, a member of our extended "gma" family, dr. mitch besser, dr. rich besser. how do two gorgeous brothers like this, i should say. mom and dad are watching. >> they are. >> i had to throw that in. how did you both come to do this type of work? >> it's in our genes. my dad's a doc, my mom's a social worker. we would go to reservations in the summer. we would give back. sit spg we were raised with. >> we do pieces like this. some saying, i want to help, i
8:52 am
understand. but boy, we have problems right here. what do you say to those people? >> i don't think it's an either/or. i think if you can get people started when they're young, it feels good, you want to do more of it. for us, it's taken us around the world. but there's a feeling you get. >> what is that feeling? >> making a difference. it's energizing. it's fulfilling. it's gratifying. >> give me stories growing up. >> it's hard. he's much, much older than i am. >> i knew that was coming. >> we have worked together in a number of places. >> i was a doctor in micronesia. rich came out and worked with us. >> the final word on mothers 2 mothers. what do you want our audience to take away?
8:53 am
>> that we can make a difference. we don't have to have my more babies infected with hiv any longer. write your representative. the american people make quite a difference. we mustn't walk away from that. >> bless you for the work you're doing. >> thank you. >> amen. the beautiful besser brothers. what you can do to help, sign up. million moms for each of the first 100,000 people that sign up, johnson & johnson will donate to the cause. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have o on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so f this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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and that can be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily,y, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star
8:56 am
hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's gdp; a rebth made possible by the international business and tourism management programs at rochester institute of technology. we're going to get off the air today before sam and lara get news a lot of trouble. we'll see you tomorrow. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 8:56.
8:57 am
themr. romney is coming to commonwealth. he will be campaigning in northern virginia this week. have a fund-raiser in county and on wednesday, the fairfax by county republican headquarters. the governor and lieutenant governor will be with him. alex of the skin has been immortalized in wax. there will be a wax replica of on bill this afternoon. he is thrilled with the project. he spent hours posing and donated his jersey. it will include his signature missing tooth. i was wondering. it should be in ice. things should be clearing out on the roads. we will give the normal travel on father hurley boulevard to the beltway.
8:58 am
this is 270 at democracy boulevard. it looks decent out there. clouds and limited sun throughout the day. 40's and outlying areas and 50 degrees downtown. upper on our way to the afternoon with skies and isolated two during the day. this week until the weekend. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next. [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
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