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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we begin with a shocking case in rockville. police are investigating a murder-suicide inside a nursing home. this happened around 10:00 this morning at the village of viers drive and the greta kreuz joins
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us. >> this is certainly shocking. it is a continuing care community at 9701 viers drive. there is some independent living and there is a skilled nursing facility, which is where this happened. this is what we know. at 9:30 this morning a man entered, into the facility, his wife is in rehab facility here and has been for some time. he went to her room and apparently shot to her and then himself. >> we are investigating these two deaths as an apparent homicide-suicide. a husband and wife were found the seats in the patient's room. >> this is a terrible tragedy and we are deeply grieving for the family. >> no names have been released at this hour. they are still in the process of contacting the husband and
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wife's family . we could know more later today. they are not released any other details, but they tell us this is an isolated incident, none of the other residents are in jeopardy. they are bringing in grief counselors to take care of these residents and help them through this. that is the latest from abbeville, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. we turn now to our other top story. one of a high-profile local murder trials in years gets underway. prosecutors and defense lawyers are choosing a jury in the trial of brittany norwood, charged with murdering her co-worker jayna murray inside a bethesda store. brianne carter has been following this case outside the courthouse with the latest. >> jury selection is underway at this hour. this morning a pool of about 300 potential jurors was divided into two groups. the first group of potential jurors is an hour in the courtroom with the judge at this hour.
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later this afternoon the second pull 150 potential jurors will banter the courtroom -- will then enter the courtroom for questioning. the judge asked them about the knowledge in the case and more. individual questions will be done in the deadliest chambers later today. brittany norwood showed up dressed in a sweater and pants with her hair tied back. her family is in the courtroom. she is accused of killing her co-worker jayna murray at the popular lululemon store in bethesda last march. they believe a jury could big selected by tomorrow. this trial is expected to run about a past 10 days. the prosecution has said that if she is found guilty, they say that they will seek life without parole in this case.
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jury selection is underway and there could be a jury as soon as tomorrow. reporting live in rockville brianne carter, abc 7 news. police are hunting for a driver involved in crashes that injured several children on a school bus. this happened around 8:30 this morning in the 4800 block of temple hills road. and students from third good marshall middle school were on the bus when it collided with another car. the children were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. the other driver involved left the car and fled the scene. a construction worker is hospitalized after an accident at a construction site in northeast d.c. police are telling us the worker was in the head by a piece of machinery on site. this is in the 1600 block of maryland ave. the worker was unconscious when taken to the hospital. we are waiting to learn more about a d.c. police cruiser
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which crashed into another car. at least one officer was hurt. this was after 5:00 on sunday evening near alabama avenue and seventh street in southeast. officials will not confirm the severity of the officers injury or what might a letter to the collision. in turkey, residents are searching, hoping that family neighbors, and loved ones are still alive. but the devastation of the 7.2 magnitude quake has not taken them. jummy olabanji has the latest. >> using everything from cranes to their bare hands rescuers and residents are digging through rubble to find survivors from sunday's deadliest quake. before sunrise this morning does man was found under layers of concrete debris. the interior minister says the death toll in the 7.2 magnitude quake has reached do hundred 70 people and more than 1007 been
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entered. >> yesterday there was nothing profound and then there were two screams and the rescuers came late and they cannot make it any quicker. yesterday we tried to pull the rubble ourselves but what can you manpower due? -- do? >> turkey is in one of the most active seismic zones and is crossed by fault lines. the earthquake yesterday was 12.5 miles below the surface of the earth, causing maximum devastation. you can feed from this video taken inside an apartment the moment the ground started shaking. chaos broke out in the streets. several people crying and yelling out for loved ones. several dozen structures in the down upon and another town are reduced to rubble. -- the sound o town of van and another
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town. 2300 emergency personnel on the ground. officer daers of aid are pouring in from around the globe. the country says that it can handle the disaster on its own. breaking news we are following. this is coming out of nut york city. that's where the man charged with trying to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. has pleaded not guilty. mansour arbabsiar entered the plea in manhattan this morning on the five-count indictment. a u.s. citizen in with an iranian passport and admitted supplying detailed the ambassador at a restaurant by setting off explosives. the white house has accused the iranian government of being involved in the plot. iran calls that accusation baseless. police investigating an intruder at george washington university at the west end residents all friday morning.
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a 34-year-old man followed a student into a dormitory and then walked into a female students room and allegedly threatened her and then left and got into fights with other students. this is left students shaken. >> concerts and yelling and it was scary. >> in the freshman residents all there's always someone station after hours. it would be nice if they were in all the residence halls. >> the suspect is mergen battulga. he faces charges of burglary and assault. a warning for drivers try to get on the beltway in va. the ramp from a gallows road north to interstate 95 south will be closed two weeks. that's to give road crews times to remove the old grand finish paving for the hot lanes. traffic will be detoured onto arlington boulevard. expect delays.
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looks like the weather will cooperate for those repairs. another mile day in store. adam caskey has a first look at the forecast. >> bartec in it from the belfort furniture weather center. a mixture of sun and clouds today. a fair amount of cloud cover locally. that's was spinning out -- thinning out. a beautiful sunrise at washington-lee high school, and filtered sunshine all morning. when you have sunshine right now, you will notice an increase in the clouds this afternoon and evening. a cold front may drop a few isolated sprinkles. 57 degrees in sterling and rockville, 59 in d.c., 65 in huntingtown with sunshine. upper 60's today with a few sprinkles through the evening. a much stronger cold front by the end of the week. the u.s. ambassador to syria is leaving the country amid
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safety concerns. the white house says the ambassador has been threatened by pro-government forces in syria. they're blaming the regime of the syrian president for those truck -- threats. 3000 protesters have been killed there recently. the investigation into the death of gaddafi continues. it's not clear what happened between the time the libyan leader was captaicaptor arrived in his hometown and the time he arrived in another town. his son seif al-islam is not accounted for. he was opposed to succeed his father. president obama ticking off a west coast tour and in las vegas and unveiling help for struggling homeowners. he will announce new rules to help homeowners with little or
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no equity in their homes to refinance to avoid foreclosure. the program will apply to homeowners with the federal guaranteed mortgages who are up- to-date on their statements. the president was kohl's will also include several fund- raising stopped. dozens of jobs are opening in the district for residents. the jobs there is happening right now at the department of employment services headquarters on minnesota avenue. seven eleven stores looking to hire nearly 40 employees as they open a two new locations in the city. >> it is a little chance. you have to say the right thing they want to hear. >> we are looking to work with local people. we want to hire the community, a local neighborhood students staff the stores. >> the hiring of and continues until 2:00 this afternoon. as of noon the company had still
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does two of the positions. there are still opportunities. coming up, did the delay lifesaving treatment? steve jobs secrets revealed in a new biography. and get ready for medical and a local hot spot. why parking could get even more difficult in bethesda. we have that and adam caskey has a cooldown on the way this week. how
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seekers are being revealed today and as the first on authorized or rather authorized biography of apple co-founder steve jobs hits the store sell shelves. it's based on interviews with him, his family, friends
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colleagues, and its competitors. the author, walter isaacson said that steve jobs struggle to maintain balance in his life including when it came to decisions about his health. >> when he got cancer there was tension for him between the alternative, hippyish and the scientific technology guy. >> he says steve jobs delayed surgery in favor of alternative medicine. he was first diagnosed with cancer and then later began to regret the decision. he wanted the book to be open and revealing and never asked before his death to re-book. wikileaks says that it plans to stop releasing secrets to focus on fund-raising. the notorious online website has
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had no choice. paypal, visa, and other companies pulled the plug on the company last year after it began publishing thousands of secret state department cables. three weeks into the search for baby lisa irwin in missouri, a new twist. witnesses reported seeing a man with a baby near the girl's home the night she vanished. and a convenience store surveillance camera shows a man leaving a wooded area just hours later. authorities are looking into a dumpster fire nearby around the same time. the mother named barbara bradley and it's that she was drinking the night the baby disappeared but she and residents say they had nothing to do with the disappearance. several dulles airport airplane hangars that were buried by snow two years ago almost are back in business. there's a report two of the four have reopened. construction on the other two expected to be finished next month.
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airplanes were damaged by the storms on february -- its february 2010, but no one was injured. still cleaning up from last year's snowfall and you cannot wait for more of it. >> time flies. that's amazing. >> february 2010. >> almost two years. unbelievable. the cold front recently has dropped are temperatures. like an appetizer for what's coming. if you love snowfall, that will be the desert coming within the next month or so. colder weather by the end of the week and into the weekend, if you enjoy the cooler weather. there is a beautiful picture sent to us in the weather center from katie data as a couple weeks ago when the colors were at peak at reich the gaps -- at rocky gap . this one was sent from mike and
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barbara overlooking the shenandoah valley. the vibrant colors. lindsay sent this from the thurmont area at a state park. a beautiful picture with the lake. thanks for sending those pictures. i have posted photographs on my blog. or you can scan at the qr code on your screen to make it easier. 60 in the district right now. 65 in lexington park, 61 in quantico. there clouds in ohio and in west virginia are moving our way. some showers are falling within those especially with the cold front that will continue to move to the washington area later this afternoon and especially in the evening. we cannot rule out a few isolated straigy sprinkles, very
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light showers widely separated. futurecast does indicate that especially north and northwest of the metro area shown in green and yellow. we could get a few raindrops locally. clearing skies late tonight and early tomorrow with a lot of sunshine tomorrow. upper 60's today, dropping into the 40's tonight. a strong cold front of their stay, and highs in the mid 50's friday into the weekend. hello, fall. parking problems in bethesda's restaurants and shopping district about to get worse because of a three-year construction projects that will soon begin near would montand bethesda ave. in january two parking lots that provide 300 meters spaces will
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close. woodmont avenue south of bethesda ave will close or about 10 months. drivers showed their support this morning during a salute to breast cancer survivors. staff from the michael and sons services company lined up on 395 in alexandria. they got plenty of attention with their pink balloons and a sign out there asking drivers their horns to support breast cancer awareness. the company has promised a $50,000 donation to the susan g. komen foundation. very well done. coming up, washington's less serious side. comedians in the red carpet in down here. >> on my next show, we will save you thousands. >> the final total $33 61 cents.61. >> if i saved $200 after
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captioned by the national captioning institute some of the country's funniest people walk the red carpet at the kennedy center last night. >> i will find a place of honor in my house for this magnificent bust. [laughter] if my children try to touches or look at it, i will be to them -- beat them.
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>> that is actor will ferrell accepting the mark twain prize. he droppedit it stage smashing it into several pieces and then he tried to clean up the pieces. he was honored with the award during a star-studded gala last night, special guests including conan o'brien, jack black and some of his fellow saturday night live alums. >> some people are just born with it and he is one of them. he is a thoroughbred. >> is a bad guy. will is out for will. he won because he knows how to play the game. >> when you to think about it, this is truly the only legitimate awards that recognizes comedy. >> the oscars of comedy. this is the 14th year that the mark twain prize has been handed out.
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hopefully, they will get a replacement for it.
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here's another look at the forecast. a strong cold front moving our way of thursday. best chance of rain all week on thursday, widespread showers. temperatures will fall off the deep end, mid 50's's friday into the weekend. >> thanks for joining us.
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