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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is tuesday, october 25. i am scott thuman. >> thanks for waking up with us i am pamela brown. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden standing by. but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. colder temperatures on the way. >> friday into the upcoming weekend. until then, we have fog. otherwise a pleasant day. there's a dense fog advisory in fairfax, prince william stamford culpeper, prince george, a spotsylvania, and orange until 9:00 a.m. with disabilities west of the potomac in parts of virginia, down 2 1/4 mile or less. current temperatures, 50 at reagan national, 43 in gaithersburg, 49 in martinsburg, 46 in cumberland. 66 this afternoon, mostly sunny through the afternoon. partly cloudy tomorrow. best chance of rain is thursday with nighttime rain possible wednesday.
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now to lisa baden. 70 eastbound before meyersville there's an accident. that was allowing traffic to get by, and give yourself expect -- give yourself a couple extra minutes. we begin in maryland in this camera. i love this picture, the beltway near route 5 near andrews air force base, moving nicely. and across the potomac river, we have no worries on the 14th street bridge. stick around. we will have the latest from newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. during selection continues today in the case of a store employee accused of illegally intrudin -- accused of beating a co-worker to death. >> jummy olabanji is at montgomery county court house with what to expect. >> high-profile case. it's hard to find anyone around
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montgomery county who has not heard about this murder case. that is the problem when trying to find a jury. many prospective jurors brought to the courthouse yesterday had either already heard about the case or already formed an opinion about it. during monday's jury selection and there were two very telling moments. 160 or so potential jurors were asked if they had not heard about the case and all 18 people stood. when asked if any had already made up their minds, 38 rose to their feet. with all the attention this crime and this case received locally and nationally, some in montgomery county wonder if it's possible for brittany norwood to get a fair trial. >> i don't know, i don't know if it will beat. it will be a challenge. >> maybe they shouldn't move did charter way to get more of an impartial jury from all the media coverage. >> know what is accused of killing her co-worker jayna murray.
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-- norwood. she staged a scene estimated look like she was the victim, according tulips authorities. -- brittany norwood staged the scene and to make it look as if she was a victim, according to authorities. it is expected opening statements will begin tomorrow morning. if the jury is selected this morning, opening arguments could start later this afternoon. jummy olabanji reporting from rockville, abc 7 news. following a developing story from libya. ousted dictator muammar gaddafi pay pass reportedly been very. an official in misurata says that gaddafi along with one of his sons and an aids have been secretly buried this morning in a secret place. he had been held in cold storage
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until now. this is not confirmed. thousands of people spent another night in near-freezing temperatures in eastern turkey, two days after a deadly earthquake. rescue crews continued digging through the rubble of collapsed buildings looking for more survivors. so far today searchers have found five people alive. overnight the death toll rose to 366. republican presidential hopeful rick perry will unveil his economic plan today. the texas governor will propose a 20% flat tax option. he preserves some parts of the current tax structure including mortgage interest deductions. it eliminates the estate tax and a tax on social security. mr. obama will stop at the tonight show and a trip to san francisco. >> tester data commander-in- chief announce a plan to help
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struggling americans keep their homes. karen-- yesterday the commander-in-chief announced. >> for millions of americans drowning under the weight of their mortgages, yesterday in las vegas president obama said help is on the way. >> this is going to help a lot more homeowners refinance at lower rates. [laughter] >>-- [cheers] >> the plan will make it easier for americans to refinance their mortgages even if they're alone on their house is more than 125% more than what their house actually cost. this is something that could help more than a million americans and that is needed around the country. the president's plan into action through executive order. the white house says that because of partisan gridlock they cannot get anything done on capitol hill and this is the way
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that he has to do it. more than a million americans could benefit from this plan. as the president said yesterday that is not good enough and there's still a long way to go to get the housing crisis under control. reporting live from northwest karen travers, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. former mayoral candidate sulaiman brown is due in court to be arraigned on traffic charges. police arrested brown in september for driving with a suspended maryland license. he also has accused d.c. mayor vincent gray of corruption and those allegations are the center of an ongoing probe at the u.s. attorney's office. reports the nba will cancel two more weeks of regular season. the new york daily news says the league will make the announcement today and that would suspend the start of the season until at least november 28. players and owners still cannot reach a deal over revenue. sad news. the pentagon has confirmed the death of and airmen from the
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district in afghanistan. 23-year-old jerome miller jr. died october 13 in helmand province in a non-combat sinc incident. 7 is on your side with a potential change in vaccination requirements. the centers for disease control expected to recommend that girls and boys are vaccinated against the human papillomavirus. hpv is common in women, but an increasing number of men are developing cancer is related to the virus. men get it through sexual contact with women. it is 47 degrees on this tuesday. >> still ahead assigned to stranded at the south pole finally arrives on american soil. on the on seven, we catch up with her on the final leg of her long journey. >> there you see it. tensions boil over in the ballroom on week 6 of "dancing
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with the stars." >> first some rain in
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we are waking the dead. are you up yet? good morning, washington. time for look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. a lot of people wonder what pthe halloween forecast will be. >> it is a spooky starts out there this morning.
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a little foggy and just west of the potomac in northern virginia, which is where we have a dense fog advisory. there could be thick fog especially in the neighborhoods where you are prone to getting fog. 45 in bethesda, 47 in arlington, 48 in waldorf, 44 in fairfax. for the most part we are in the 40's. a few 50-degree readings here and there. 56 later on today for the high temperature. fog burning off shortly after sunrise. increasing clouds cover tomorrow and of around 70 degrees. tens of rain showers tomorrow night and especially into thursday. by the weekend, temperatures in the mid fifties. we will talk more about that coming up. , i wanted to talk about 66 traffic, because we will start with volume. eastbound traffic out of manassas to get into centreville
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will be slowing. there's a crash near nutley street. that is involving a tractor- trailer. that is on the left and right. slowing to get to not the street. i'm sorry. northbound on 95 tahlequah woodbrige to get to springfield a little volume. headlights are northbound. looks great across the american legion bridge. 270 as a crash southbound at urbana or rather everything has been taken care of. that is on the shoulder. baltimore washington parkway and clara barton parkway, no problems. good morning u.s. park police. i know they're watching. back to you. >> thank you. a new speed cameras program and restored its county is generating thousands of tickets. the program started september 20 and involves 14 cameras. there's a report that since then
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the county has mailed out more than 13,000 citations. the fines total about 527th thousand dollars. >> back a lot of money. 47 degrees on this tuesday. >> coming up netflix subscribers to abandon ship. did until you hear how many customers canceled their accounts. >> the northern lights like you've never seen them before. why the light show was visible to a new a
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in the day ahead, a los angeles jury will hear more testimony in the michael jackson case. a nurse will detail the warnings that she gave. she will be ain't helping the
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defense of dr. conrad murray. the st. louis cardinals will try to figure -- the nurse will be helping the defense of dr. conrad murray. the rangers lead the series, 3-2. redskins fans have a few more reasons to worry this morning. the beaten down team got some more bad news yesterday. rex grossman is hospitalized with pneumonia. running back tim hightower will miss the rest of the season so that he can have surgery on a torn acl, out for the rest of the season. moss is out its five-seven weeks for surgery on his broken hand. an american scientist rescued after suffering a medical crisis at the south pole is now being treated at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. >> renee-nicole douceur arrived
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at dulles international airport last night. she believes she suffered a stroke several weeks ago. tea party would be airlifted out within days, but weather conditions delayed the mission. -- she believed that she would be airlifted out. >> the disillusionment started setting in. >> she is dealing with speech, vision, and memory problems. doctors say her prognosis is good. we're getting a first look at the first lady's new book. michelle obama's book about the white house produce garden will be called "american grow" and will be published in april -- "american grown." proceeds will be donated to charity. d.c. mayor vincent gray will be raising money buying groceries.
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he will be a special guest at the safeway on the southwest waterfront. the trip will raise money for breast cancer awareness. making news, movie fans are abandoning netflix. >> the holidays could cost more to travel, but last to shop. junji de nies has those stories and more. >> good morning. more bad news for netflix. the video service's third quarter report shows an even bigger customer exodus than expected. 800,000 with more on the way. major airlines raising fares again. united continental start the latest round of increases appeal $5 a ticket. discount carriers may not go along, which could make this increase pashort-lived. walmart will give you a gift card if you buy something there and find it elsewhere for less. other brick and mortar chains say they will match amazon and other big internet retailers. bad news for us in the news
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business. those using a tablet computers spend more time on news web sites than facebook, but they are reluctant to pay for it. but that is slowly changing. that is america's money. i am junji de nies. a rare sight in the skies last night. people living in some southeastern cities could see the northern lights. this is normally only seen in places like seattle and minneapolis and boston. but the aurora borealis was visible as far south as oklahoma city, memphis, and atlanta. >> that means we had a strong solar flare. the ionized particles get ejected out of the sun and they get attracted to the north pole and the south pole. that's why you normally see them often in the north and in the south the closer you are to
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the polls. sometimes you can see them pretty far south. beautiful. and it's a vivid red color. nice picture from kansas city. i have some more photographs sent from viewers. this is the rainbow yesterday. a lot of people witnessed this especially commuting around tyson's corner. dixie, thanks for sending this rainbow. that's due to the low angle sun and the rain yesterday. stands the fall colors, this is from lindsay at cunningham state park near thurmont. the beautiful colors along the shoreline on the trees. we have areas of fog this morning and a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. in fairfax prince william stafford basically just west of the potomac in northern virginia. but in those locations we can anticipate reduced visibility and potential visibility down to
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a quarter mile or less at times. degrees in the district, 43 and gaithersburg. 43 in culpeper, 49 in martinsburg. some of us at 50 degrees. clear skies overhead. one spot burns off, but sunshine for the rest of the day. -- once the fog burns off nothing but sunshine. best chance of rain is thursday. we will have areas of low pressure will disturbance is riding along the front triggering showers and storms. behind that, much cooler. 66 this afternoon. partly cloudy tomorrow, 70. we are talking about traffic and newschopper 7. traffic in cheverly and on the beltway where 50 murders on to 495 in maryland, everything
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moving fine. outer loop where they have been doing long-term construction to get to new carrollton, all lanes available. no worries. 95 in virginia, normal volume, slowing in stafford, 610. dumphries looks ok. now to the next the geico traffic camera. northbound 95, those are the headlights. lanes are open to the pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge. thanks for your patience. back to you. >> thank you. we will invite you to take part in a new contests on sent pictures of your children in costume. we will share the pictures on the air and on line and we will announce a winner on monday, halloween night. 6:21, 48 degrees outside. >> up next on this tuesday
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dancing, and a fight with the judge's. we will wrap up highlights on weeks 6. >> on the next "anderson," could you go 24 hours with no cell phone, computer, e-mail? >> every electronic device that you have, hand it over. >> we challenged the nunez family to do that. a real-life experience you don't want to miss. >> it's already been a couple hours and i like playing video games. >> it is like a detox from technology and electricity. >> 4:00 on abc 7.
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a little bit of tension taking over the ballroom on "dancing with the stars"last night. a professional dancer and a judge butted heads over the room umba. >> don't start, because half the fault is yours. >> as long as the audience is in charge of our journey. >> the audience likes the e fect. i have been in this business nearly 50 years. >> maybe it's time to get out. >> they called its doors dance of the whole season.
6:26 am
her instructor suggested that the judge get out of the dance business. chaz bono was in last place. ricki lake and actor j.r. martinez tied for first place with 29 points. rob kardashian in the middle of the pack. we will see what happens tonight. there's still another half- hour of "good morning washington." >> i have heard of marriages weathering some storms, but we will show you more amazing pictures. >> curious selection continues in a high-profile lululemon murder case. jummy olabanji live in rockville, we will never preview coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. foggy this whenen you spend m more
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>> it will be a challenge. >> straight ahead, trying to seat a jury for a high-profile murder trial. we will have a live report. good morning, washington, it is tuesday, october 25. >> that you for being here with us. let's check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. at caskey is here to start. clear skies and a beautiful day to day with temperatures on par. 48 degrees in college park. leesburg is 49 degrees. we are near 50 degrees with a little bit of fog in fairfax county and prince william. that is where there is a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m..
6:31 am
that will quickly burn off this morning and we will have sunshine with a high of 66 which is average for this time of year and a little bit warmer tomorrow. there's a chance of rain showers tomorrow night but especially thursday and then the temperatures take a nosedive. there's a chance of showers again on saturday. we had an accident on 66 eastbound close to nutley street which has been moved onto the shoulder. there are delays in the area and newschopper7 is flying into that region. we will have some pictures from them live. we have slow traffic on 95 which is normal out of woodbridge to get across the river. 95 maryland is good as well as the baltimore-washington parkway and 270 has volume southbound. no accidents and here is the elderly delayed 95 around 2 georgia ave.
6:32 am
that is normal and metro rail has normal service. jury selection continues in the case of eighan employee accused of beating a co-worker to death. we go live to the montgomery county courthouse. the judge is trying to get brittany norwood as fair a trial as possible which is proving challenging especially in montgomery county where so many people are well aware of this case. about 150 of these potential jurors were asked to stand if they had not heard about this case. only 18 people stood up. that same group was asked if they had already made up their mind and 40 people stood up. many people heard about the murder of jayna murray inside
6:33 am
the upscale bethesda lululemon store where she learned -- work with brittany norwood. brittany norwood say they were beaten by massed intruders and it captured national headlines when brittany norwood was accused of staging the scene. an attorney not part of this trial believes the judge has made a wise decision in bringing in some many potential jurors. jury selection will continue this morning at about 9:15 or more of these people will be asked questions. we are expecting that they will whittle the numbers down to 12 that they need along with five additional alternates. opening arguments are scheduled to start tomorrow morning. after lunch today, if they select a jury, we could get this trial under way. we are following a developing story out of libya
6:34 am
where moammar khaddafi could be in his final resting place. they say gaddafi and one of his sons and a top they were buried in a secret location early this morning. the bodies had been held in a location in mizrata in cold storage. thousands of people spent another night in near freezing temperatures in eastern turkey two days after a deadly earthquake that the region. rescue crews continued to dig through the rubble of a collapsed building looking for more survivors searchers have found six people live so far including a two-week-old baby. the death toll is 366. rick perry will reveal his economic plan today. the texas governor will propose a 20% flat tax option. that program preserve some parts
6:35 am
of the current tax plan. it would eliminate the estate tax. president obama says help is on the way for homeowners drowning under the with their mortgages. the president announced a plan that would make it easier for people to refinance their mortgages held under fannie mae or freddie mac even if it is more than the current value of their homes. >> this initiative could keep 3% of foreclosures from happening that has a profound effect. >> the president plans to put this into motion by executive order. the foreclosure rate and is dragging down the economy. formal merrill candidate suleiman brown will be indicted
6:36 am
-- will be arraigned today he has accused d.c. mayor vincent gray of corruption. there are reports that the nba will cancel two more weeks of regular games in the season. that would extend the start of the season until at least november 28. players and owners cannot reach a deal or revenue. we are hearing from my scientist stuck in the south pole waited months for medical treatment after an apparent stroke. she wanted last night at dulles airport on her way to johns hopkins hospital. good morning she was a one year in one of the most isolated spots on earth in the south pole. since suffering a stroke two months ago she has tried to find a way to get medical help.
6:37 am
she arrived at dulles airport last night. she is so glad to be here and so glad to be in america after an agonizingly long two months. she is believed to be well on her way to getting medical treatment. while working in the south pole, she believes she suffered a stroke hundreds of miles away from any medical professionals. she initially thought to be airlifted out within a couple of days. rescue was delayed because of weather. >> it was extremely frustrating and the disillusionment started 27. >> she is headed to johns hopkins and she still struggles with speech, vision, and memory. these are problems that she
6:38 am
thinks a full recovery is a matter of time. doctors say her prognosis is good. >> the time is 6:37 and 48 degrees outside. >> still i had -- putting a price and a life -- police say a deadly cabdriver shooting stems from a fight over less than $1. >> + why democrats are avoiding the president. >> fourth we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minute
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tuesday morning and 6:41 and this is a beautiful photo from melinda southerland. look at the light from the sun shining on those trees in the background with splashes of fall color man golden the green of the trees. thank you for that photo. i have a few other great photos to show you. i will show you those in a couple of minutes. 50 degrees in the district. for the most part, we are in the 40's in outlying areas. mostly sunny today and beautiful, in light of sunshine and average temperatures. a little warmer tomorrow, closer
6:42 am
to 70. we should have some added cloud cover and rain showers expected tomorrow night but especially on thursday. look at those temperatures behind the rain. friday into the weekend, made it 50's 4 highs. there's an accident northbound 395 on the 14th street bridge. you can see the crash on the beginning of the bridge in the second lane from the left. slow traffic continues across the bridge because of a tractor- trailer that is too tall to fit in the third street tunnel. if you go into the district, police say they are on the way to the suitland parkway to look for a crash either on the suitland parkway at silver hill road or on silver hill. if you go near the federal center, allow yourself extra time. >> busy morning out there.
6:43 am
the time is 6:42 and 48 degrees. >> coming up, what one bride and groom had to weather their first storm on their wedding day. >> first, we will talk a politico on the controversial what's the one best thing about vacation on the gulf? the great outdoors in mississippi. our seafood in louisiana. our beaches in florida. alabama beauty. choosing between them might be tough. but everyone agrees, the gulf is vacation at it's best. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. so come on down to mississippi. ( louisiana. florida. alabama. the gulf is the rlrld's goodtime headquarters, and we're 100% open for business.
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we will talk about why democrats are ducking the president on the west coast tour. >> we are joined by a reporter from politico. it is interesting to see this because it mirrors what we saw in the bus tour - the perception that may be big-name democrats are keeping arms distance between them and the president. rights democratic
6:46 am
operatives say they embrace the president. then you look at the attendance record of these guys in north carolina virginia, even in michigan and pennsylvania, all states that the president needs to carry and democrats are not showing up. that is what the indicators we are watching. he will have trouble and the battleground states. in 2008, everybody wants to be on stage with this guy but not so right now. one analyst compared him to the 1984 presidential candidate. >> nobody wants to can the day with this guy. polls change the democrats over all are not showing up. >> it seems like rick perry is reducing his campaign. >> he has a lot going on. he hired a bunch of national
6:47 am
operatives who are known for brass knuckle tactics and he will go after mitt romney. he is buying extra advertising in the state of iowa. >> we will see what happens and thank you so much. a man is behind bars for allegedly killing a local cab driver over 75 cents. >> des moines go and read it was killed early saturday morning in northeast d.c.. two men were in his taxi cabs and one of them paid the fare. police say that when the cab driver as for an additional 75 cents, he was shot. >> i am at a loss for words. >> usually people run but they don't usually rob for 75 cents. >> police arrested the man and charged him with murder and he is now in jail rating trial. texas authorities are
6:48 am
searching for a serial rapist who may be targeting alumni of one college sorority. four women were attacked at their homes in the middle of the night and investigators say they were members of the delta sigma theta sorority. the attacker and a personal details about the victims. in north carolina high school student is expected to be in court today when a female student was shot as she stood outside the school cafeteria. she is said to be in stable condition this morning and two students were arrested with no word on what sparked the shooting. the ongoing pricing trauma at netflix has led to big losses for the online movie rental companies is 800,000 customers quick in the third quarter which is about the same time the company raise rates. every marriage as to whether a few storms.
6:49 am
one arizona couple had their first store on their wedding day. take a look. it was a dust storm in the middle of the wedding when the wind picked up a dust swirled everywhere. the wedding pictures are not exactly what they expected but they say their wedding was anything but forgettable. >> things are little bit calmer in the area, right? temperatures are normal but that will fall off the deep and by friday. >> that is something to look forward to. >> it will be called an alley monday? >> it will be cool. it is october in washington, transition time in the d.c. let's look at some of the photos. this is great. this was from a beautiful, act
6:50 am
right on the other side of the occoquan. these are the changing leaves on the shoreline. thank you for sending us that. this photograph captured the rainbow and the fall colors yesterday. this is near shenandoah national park. this is the view from her backyard. look at the fall colors and the rainbow. what lovely shot. thank you for sending back in. 50 degrees now in the district. we are in the 40's and outlying areas. -- in the outlying areas. the dense fog advisory has been cancelled. we still have some patchy fog in locations across our area. if your areas prone to foggy got rain yesterday anticipate some patchy fog this morning but otherwise bright skies with
6:51 am
sunshine today. there's a cold front developing east of the rockets which will move our way and by thursday, that will drop into town giving us our best chance of rain. behind that front friday into the weekend that is when the cold air comes into the washington area and we will fill it with highs in the mid 50's. it is very fall-like at that point. mostly clear this morning and mostly sunny skies and pleasant out there. temperatures are in the mid 60's and tomorrow near 70 with a chance of nighttime showers tomorrow into thursday. the temperatures will take a dive saturday. if you travel from fairfax this is on the ramp from lorton road to go north and the interstate 95.
6:52 am
newschopper7 is flying over this minor accident. that will cost you extra time out of lorton to join northbound 95. now we go to the 14th street bridge with an accident at the beginning of the bridge and traffic has to stay to the left and the right to merge with the george washington parkway folks. in maryland, we have normal volume on 270 southbound at germantown and the outer loop through silver spring. we will have more in a moment.
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jury selection resumes in a high-profile murder trial of brittany norwood accused of killing jeanette marie at the lululemon store back in march. 150 potential jurors is now being whittled down to 12 and five alternates. , a county council is introducing a new bill that targets people who loiter or parole outside of county property. the proposed curfew is losing support among county leaders. rick perry will unveil his economic plan today when he will propose a 20% flat tax and he says he will eliminate the estate tax and taxes on capital gains in social security. a busy morning on the road
6:56 am
-- two separate accidents on the virginia -- on the 14th street bridge. that the latest information we have. we want to show you newschopper7 because they were flying over the ramp from lorton road to go north on interstate 95 with an accident on the exit ramp. that is the right side of your screen on the left side of your screen is the first accident on northbound for 95 at the beginning of the bridge for drivers out of virginia. on the d.c. side of the bridge there is a separate crash. clear skies today and a beautiful day. temperatures in the mid 60's and tomorrow and the 70's and the best chance of rain is thursday and much cooler friday into the weekend. >> that will do it for good morning, washington. >> thank
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