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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 26, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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quickly wrapped in a blanket. she was born prematurely. after 47 hours in that pile of stones, she was found clinging to her mother and grandmother. the rescuer who pulled her out, told us he felt like he was holding his own child. >> translator: to bring life back into this world is the highest satisfaction, he said. azra was rushed to the hospital. the rescuers went back to work in search of her relatives still trapped inside that heap of concrete. then, within an hour, azra's mother and grandmother have been confirmed alive. the digging has stopped. there is an ambulance waiting. and it looks like they are about to pull someone out. >> a stretcher appeared. azra's mother. 20 minutes later, the grandmother. >> translator: i never lost faith, azra's uncle toad us. you always believe god will help. rescue crews kept digging.
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still in there, azra's father. and around 15 others. then, silence. a pause. as everyone strained to hear any signs of life. nearby, as dusk fell, family and friends of those still inside huddled around a fire. blank faces, eyes swollen from crying. a reminder that those three rescues were miracles in this place of so much heartbreak. alex maquardt. >> three generations rescued altogether, all survived. amazing story. so much death and devastation there. >> you love those rescue stories. you see the faces there people who won't be as lucky getting their relatives out. also more good news overnight. an 18-year-old university student was also found alive in all the rubble. he actually survived for 61 hours, beneath all of that debris. so, there are miracles happening in the midst of devastation in turkey.
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good news this morning. new worries about the debt crisis in europe sent asian stocks lower. a meeting of finance ministers was chanced yesterday, that helped to trigger a selloff on wall street. the euro zone countries have not reached an agreement on how to reduce the mounting debt crisis in greece. well when was the last time that you used a dollar coin instead of a dollar bill? probably not very often luke most of us. but now the government wants to change all of that in an effort to save some cold hard cash. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: dollar bills we use them. but the paper dollars are wasting our money. >> we could save a lot of money if we want to a coin dollar. >> the problem. paper dollars wear out quickly. each and every bill needs to be replaced every 36 months or so. 7 cents per bill it adds up. a recent government report says eliminating the dollar bill and replacing it with the more durable dollar coin could save $5.6 billion over the next 30 years.
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in fact, government is already making 2 million dollar coins every day as we found on a trip to the mint in philadelphia. right now nobody seems to use them. here at the federal reserve in baltimore, you see the coins packed in plastic bags, stacked on top of each other. aisle after aisle. millions and millions of dollars and dollar coins. just sitting there. we consumers are the problem. as long as the dollar bill is around, most people will not use the dollar coin. >> you have to eliminate the dollar bill. shocking, but yes. >> an army of special interests fighting it out. ink and paper lobbyists want to keep the paper dollar. so does mt. vernon lady's association. they like george on all the bills. on the other side, lobbyists from mining and vending machine companies, they want coins. if the government can save a few billion by sending george to retirement it may be time to start using those coins.
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jonathan carl, abc news, washington. >> i know it saves money. but i like the bills better. there is sawing but paying with bills. and it doesn't feel like real money. feels like it is not worth as much. >> if we can save $6 billion, country hurting for cash, go ahead and do it. i am shocked there are lobbyists on either side. is there, is there lobbying behind anything? everything has a lby. amazing to me. >> money, money, money. >> that's our democracy. >> if you have a fear of germs, get ready to squirm. a study reveals the dirtiest surfaces in public, the personal hygiene giant kimberly clark, swabbed the surfaces nationwide and the results are frankly gross. 71% of gas pumps handles tested, that had disgusting levels of microorganisms. 68% of mailbox handles considered downright filthy. along with 40% of escalator rails, atm buttons testing for germs. makes sense. all stuff of us never clean.
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who is cleaning. >> take it. a nasty world. >> i appreciate that. >> got to do hand sanitizer. atm makes sense. atm machines. >> no one is cleaning that up. >> swabbing down. all the stuff on there, people sneezing, dirt, man, disgusting stuff. got our purel in this morning. here is your forecast now. a wintry storm dumps up to two feet of snow out in colorado. 6 to 12 inch as len around denver. showers in the pacific northwest. texas panhandle. saint louis, pittsburgh. sprinkles around philly, big apple and boston. >> 71, baltimore. 48, miami. 50s, detroit, omaha, fargo. below freezing in colorado springs. 47 in salt lake city. sacramento gets all the way up to 74. seattle checks in at 50. >> we'll quick, we are asking phone face book what you think is the dirtiest surface you think people touch. >> keep it clean, guys. >> yeah, please.
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>> there is something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way. a would-be carjacker got nowhere because he didn't know how to drive stick. >> yeah, in the dumb criminal file. clear water, florida man, was sitting in his car in his driveway when a young man appeared pointing a gun in his face. demanding the car. the man gave up his toyota, ran inside to call 911. >> when he looked out the window the car was still in the driveway. police later told him the thief took off. found another car, automatic, jacked it. led police on ape chase. and shockingly the police actually caught up with that mensa member. got him for his -- i can't drive a stick. i can't, i am not a carjacker. >> not jacking cars. >> i've don't know, people like stick shifts. that's just me. >> all right. weigh in on facebook. we will be right back with more "world news now."
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♪ ♪ >> we have got a technological sign of the times for you now. there is evidence about just how much young children even babies are using today's digital gadgets, like ipads and smartphones. >> a study says their exposure is higher than we ever imagined. but that'sis that a good thing? >> reporter: a 1-year-old, at ease with an ipad, her hand moving the screen. what about when given an old-fashioned magazine. point, swipe, that doesn't work. she has no idea what to do with it. she is not alone. in fact, more than half of 5 to
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8-year-olds have used devices like smart phones or ipads. 40% of 2 to 4-year-olds. even infants are using apps, 10% of babies under age 1 have had some screen time. >> this is the reality for this generation. the jeany is out of the bottle. >> reporter: this generation of children is starting young, turning on computers for the first time at an average age of 3 1/2. just like hannah. nearly 4 years old, who showed us her favorite ipad apps and favorite game angry birds. >> i made him go so far. >> reporter: while experts say allowing kids to sit and stare at a screen is not healthy. interactivity, especially, when parents are engaged, could be helpful to developing minds. even for a child as young as 3. >> at 3 years old is a time when the imagination is blossoming like ever before. >> they're in the jungle.
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>> by having tools to be able to draw, explore and create things, on the fly, taps into that imagination. >> reporter: and that is good news for hannah. who has no plans to hand over this ipad anytime soon. >> if you had a choice to play with the ipad inside or go to the park outside, which would you choose? >> i could choose inside. >> inside. >> reporter: that is exactly where hannah's mom says she steps in and makes sure hannah gets outside on a regular basis which is exact plea what this study recommends. it says parents need to set clear limits. they also need to lead by example. parents on their smartphones all day will have children on their smartphones all day too. not totally sure about that. i think it is better to go outside. >> play a bit. >> you have your whole life to sit in front of a screen. that's what you are going to do when you grow up. >> motor skills, mental exercises.
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all about balance like everything. now an app gap between lower income and higher income. big difference in technology. higher income kids get than lower income. so with everything comes a downside. >> downside. >> yes. coming up next, avoiding an unpleasant encounter -- with a skunk. >> get some expert advice on protecting yourself from a very big sting. that's coming up nevenlgts axt. >> excuse me.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ooh that smell can't you smell that smell ♪ >> yeah, buddy. >> music is on the money tonight. ooh that smell, one of life's unmistakable smells, the skunk's spray. >> so horrible. this tomb of year people around
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chicago are smelling the smell, it ain't good. phil schwartz has the details. >> reporter: if you have taken your dog out for a walk lately you have probably smelled or seen a skunk. >> within 20 feet of us the we try to cross the street as quick as possible or get away so we don't get sprachlyed. >> reporter: encounters are way up. keeping trappers busy. >> we noticed a 50% increase in our numbers. yeah, we noticed that. >> reporter: population is part of the prey/predator natural cycle that will likely reverse itself as competition for food increases. it is relatively easy for us to avoid skunks. but if your pet takes a direct hit it is important you take some immediate steps. this veterinarian has seen many pets sprayed by skunks. >> flush their eyes and mouth out with copious amounts of
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water. and the sulphur in the ex-crease is caustic to the eyes, mucous membranes and mouth. >> reporter: in addition t. skunks can bring health concerns. >> make sure your pets are current on rabies vaccine. second on any vaccine, second thing is heart worm disease. skunks carry heart worm. >> scott smith who has a skunk as a licensed pet says skunks by nature really are pretty dos sill. >> they're more afraid of you they want nothing to do with peep. he would curl up and go to sleep if i stop petting hip. just laid back, not confrontational at all. >> reporter: by avoiding skunks and keeping your dog on a leash you should be able to avoid the spray that makes the skunk so infamous. phil schwartz, abc news. >> so you are saying you don't want a pet skunk? >> who wants a pet skunk, come on. >> maybe you do.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> we have got good news in the papers this morning starting with a really interesting story coming out of "the daily mail" there is a pill in development that would actually turn your sweat into perfume. so in stiffed having to spray on perfume you could take a pill and make you smell nice. still undevelopment, researchers have not put this on the market. it will turn perspiration into fragrance. >> for women or both sexes? >> presumably if they could do it for one they could do it for the other. they say we are all genetically unique our scented sweat, would
2:56 am
never smell like any one else. you would smell better. >> people look to pop a pill for anything in this country. they would do well. >> it would be weird. don't want to smell like rose tuesday, want to smell like something else. >> something else like a skunk. something else. >> put the hat back on. >> yeah, exactly. good news for those of you out there this morning who have a sweet tooth, apparently we both have a lit bit here today. a new study out says, those who do have a sweet tooth have more agreeable personalities. probably nicer, easier to get along with people in "journal of personality and social psychology" phonfound those who sweet food are likely to help a person in need and perceived to be more agreeable. >> maybe sugar makes you sweet. eat them. >> you have a sweet tooth. i have a salt tooth. you are the sweeter of the two. >> what time do you eat lunch? >> asleep at lunchtime. breakfast at 9:00 a.m. dinner at 9:00 p.m.
2:57 am
>> eat at all kinds of weird times. down in florida, over 60 schools have been permitted to start serving lunch between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. the students are starting their days much earlier get tole school at 7:00 and out by 1:00. it can make some sense. you have to wonder if that affects the rest of their day. breakfast at 6:00, lunch, #:30. when do they have dinner? how does that work? >> assume they get home like lunchtime. want to eat again then. dinner when mom and dad get home. 6:30, 7:00. >> childhood obesity. i think it is a little weird the a lot of schools are saying it is better for the students they crash if they don't eat early enough. >> things have changed since we have been in school a lot. a new study out of britain, how rampant cheating really is. staggering 47% of the british population admitted to cheating. apparently they are forgiving. 42% say they admitted taking a partner back after being cheated
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on. primary motivation for cheaters has been alcohol. primary motivation for cheaters has been alcohol. they get for cleaner air and your right to breathe it. for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're ghting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung asassociatin isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at
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this morning on "world news now" -- miraculous rescue. crews discover a 2-week-old baby missing since sunday's earthquake in turkey. >> she is a life and soap are her mother and grandmother. all the cheers from this otherwise tearful tragedy. it is wednesday, october 26th. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm yunji de nies. as the the number of dead from that powerful quake in turkey continues to skyrocket this morning. the rescue work stopped for a while for a celebration of life. baby azra her mom and grandmother survived after their apartment building collapsed. and overnight another rescue as a teenager was pulled out of the
3:01 am
rubble after being trapped for more than 60 hours. >> unbelievable. >> amazing. >> in every tragedy there are a few miracles seeing two right there. also this morning, game six of the world series tonight. i will explore the tradition of chewing tobacco in pro baseball. yum, look at that. and hear from critics players who chew tobacco are anything but role models and want it banned altogether from america's pastime. >> does not look tasty at all. later this morning, something you don't see every day on the beach. a giant lego man washed up in florida and no one knows just how he got there. >> i'm smelling publicity stunt. just saying. what a scene there on the beach. all right. before all of that, miracles did emerge from the rubble in the quake devastated area of turkey, devastated by the quake. >> rescuers erupted into cheers and applaud at the sight of the tiny infanned. alex marquardt.
3:02 am
>> reporter: othjust two weeks and buried for 37 hours. she was in this apartment building with family members when it collapsed sunday in ercis, the town hardest hit by the quake. i am nervous and happy, azra's grandmother said. as azra came out, word spread that her mother and grandmother were both inside, both alive. they were soon pulled to safety. put on the stretchers and taken to hospital by ambulance as the crowd cheered. rescuers continued to dig, using drills and dogs, looking for azra's father and others in the building. around 20 were thought to be buried. most of the rescues over the last two days haven't ended this well. more than 400 have been confirmed dead and more are still missing. the three pulled out of that building are reportedly doing all right. but this was a rare moment of
3:03 am
very good news amid this tragedy. alex marquardt, ercis, turkey. >> miracles are few and far between. more news, an 18-year-old young man just discovered stuck in the debris for almost 60 hours. he, too, has been rescued alive. more good news. >> wonder in that situation how you hang on for so long. what goes through your mind? are you conscious? are you just, you know, just got to wonder. love to interview those folks once they're, in better shape. >> absolutely. and surprising infants can survive weeks without food. they're amazingly resill ynt to be so young and so small. so just, miracles. good news. >> good news out of that terrible disaster. moving on now just in time for the flu season. there is a major study that says flu vaccines may not be as effective as we thing. researchers found the shots prevent only about 59% of infections in adults. the nasal spray most often given to children did much better preventing # ining 83% of infec.
3:04 am
doctors say the should not discourage people from getting the flu shots. some protection is better than none. the occupy wall street protest has taken an ugly turn in oakland, california. last night police threw flash-bang canisters and fired tear gas at protestors blocking streets downtown. the protestors were trying to make their way back to city hall where, hours earlier, police in riot gear swept through their encampment and literally cleared them out. 100 arrested there. president obama unveiling more plans to help americans struggling in this very difficult economy. this time it is to help people drowning in student loan debt. it calls for loan consolidations, lower interest rates, and lower monthly payments. it is a plan already passed by congress that was set to go into effect in 2014. but the president using executive authority wants the changes to take place starting next year. staggering fact about debt in the country. as part of that report. student loan debt in america is now greater than credit card
3:05 am
debt. think about that for a second. the debt that people are in just to get, you know, a degree. >> very difficult when you are starting your life out. some people, $80,000 out of college. how do you deal with that when you are 22,23-year-old. >> many, six years out of school, move back with mom and dad. sad situation all the way around. progress through the new plan. also this morning, republican presidential candidate, rick perry has ideas of his own to help americans struggling with that debt. >> perry proposing new dramatic changes to how we pay our taxes and spend government money. abc's john hendren, joining us this morning from washington with details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and yunji. texas governor rick perry making his effort to retake the lead in the republican presidential race. a flat tax you can put on a postcard. rick perry joined the flat tax bandwag bandwagon. >> a kind of bold reform that its needed to jolt this economy. >> reporter: his tax plan would let voters opt for the current tax code or 20% flat tax on the
3:06 am
postca postcard. the texas governor's effort to revive a flagging campaign and combat the improbable rise of rival herman cain. >> the perry plan is about as big roll of a dice as any republican candidate has put forward on any policy. >> reporter: it does one thing, past flat taxes failed to do keeps the popular home mortgage. that presents a math problem. lower taxes and less money for uncle sam. to balance the budget he would have to cut federal programs dramatically. herman cain wants to cut personal and corporate income taxes farther, slashing both to 9% and adds a 9% federal sales tax. president obama appearing on the tonight show, poked fun at the gop field. >> have you been watching the gop debates? >> i am going to wait until everybody is voted off the island. >> his appearance came in for criticisms of its own on conan o'brien. >> obama is appearing with jay leno to highlight the one job
3:07 am
that was saved during his administration. >> reporter: o'brien famously ousted from the job that leno holds. it's not clear the public will go for flat tax. more than half oppose cain's. rob and yunji. >> lot of interesting math out there. thank you, john. well a fixture from the last presidential campaign is now running for office himself. joe the plumber has now kukd off h -- now kicked off his campaign in ohio. blue-collar disfrikt from toledo to cleveland. could face a tough challenge, the seat is held by marci kaptur longest serving democratic woman in the u.s. house. >> to emotional day at the conrad murray trial for a nurse who tried to help michael jackson with holistic sleep remedies. she testified that jackson told her propofol was the only thing that would make him sleep. she tearfully warned him that the drug was too dangerous to use at home. the head of concert giant, aeg told the court jackson insisted
3:08 am
on having his own doctor on tour. >> now we turn to a bizarre incident in ohio. a 5-year-old little girl ended up behind the wheel of her mom's car, anything but a joy ride. she was a desperate daughter on a mission, luckily didn't get far. details from a.j. ross. >> reporter: when the 5-year-old came home from school monday she couldn't find her mom. >> get off the bus and your mom wasn't there? >> she's gone and i miss her so much. >> reporter: she waited home alone in the dak frk for more t three hours and snatched her mom's car keys to try to find her. >> my mom's car backed out on accident and i need the police to pull my mom's car back in. >> she managed to turn the car on but couldn't reach the pedals. she shifted the car in reverse and got stuck in a neighbor's yard. before calling 911. >> i see it. i seat lights on.
3:09 am
>> you seat lights on? is the car -- >> the star is staying on running now. >> now you got to get here quick. my mom is going to be -- at me. >> reporter: amelia's mom had been taken to the er earlier that day. she claims she told the girl's father to pick her up from school. but he says he never got a call. this 911 dwispatcher kept her o the phone. >> you've spelled your name for me and you told me your mom's name and what has happened. and i am very proud of you, ameleah. >> we are all proud of you ameleah. my mom is going to be -- at me. >> adorable. >> the little voice. >> smart little gir, huh. >> just fine. calling 911. >> police have not filed any charges. child protective services into looking the matter as expected. >> naturally. >> needed the laugh. wednesday weather, everybody. cold, stormy in colorado. with up to a foot of snow in
3:10 am
denver. two feet in the foothills. winter is here. showers in the pacific northwest. windy along the california coast. showers from the texas panhandle to oklahoma city. st. louis and pittsburgh. >> 63 in new york. 75 in atlanta. and a warm 84 in miami. 50s from minneapolis to kansas city. 28, colorado. 47 in salt lake city. 50 in boise. well, another fan favorite has danced his last tango. chaz bono booted from "dancing with the stars" last night under a growing cloud of controversy. >> yeah, on last night's result show, bono and his partner, lashed out at judge bruno, now i will get bruno's out. he lashed out at bruno who described him as "a cute little penguin" and compared him to an iwok. that's harsh. >> bruno, come on. in his farewell, bono said he did not, said he, said the show, sorry, said he did the show.
3:11 am
try this in english. chatz sa chaz said he wanted to demonstrate he was a different kind of man and hoped his time on the show would be inspiration for kids and teens struggling with their identity. >> to do think from a societal point of view he was out there doing this things. >> definitely. got everybody talking. got a dialogue going. >> yes. if you can't dance, you get booted off. that's how it works. more "world news now" when we come right back.
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welcome back. the world series could end tonight if the rangers defeat the cardinals. if the cards win the series will come done to a decisive game seven tomorrow night what we look to see. >> game seven is always good. if you watch closely you are likely to see at least a few players out there chewing tobacco, a long time tradition some critics are trying to chew up and spit out. it is one of baseball's grittiest traditions -- chewing
3:16 am
tobacco or dipping as it is known. a ritual perfected by the pros. >> what do you do with it? >> you are killing me, smalls. chew it of course. >> reporter: imitated by little leaguers portrayed in "the sand lot." >> yeah, that's it man, all the pros diet. worries about the health risks from that kind of hero worship is fueling a push to snuff the stuff out of major league baseball. >> the would be absolutely criminal to continue to allow our children to have modelled before them, by their sports heroes, such destructive behavior. >> reporter: reverend richard land, head of the southern baptist one of dozens of religious leaders calling for a big league ban. they said chewing tobacco is hurting their communities, addicting their young exposing them to cancer and high blood pressure. smokeless tobacco use among teen boys is up 36%.
3:17 am
and this man was one of the teens the now after more than 30 surgery for oral cancer he has taken his stories from high schools to the halls of congress. >> i want them to look at my face, and my word and understand what i have been through so they can make an educated and thoughtful choice for themselves. >> reporter: this is an uphill battle. many players we spock ke to sai they're well aware of the health risk but said chewing tobacco and baseball go hand in hand. >> i don't get any buzz, it is a baseball thing. >> reporter: 21-year-old ray mccourt, started chewing seven years ago after watching heroes do it. he thought dipping would give him a competitive edge. ryan ray insists that one day they will quit. but some big league veterans think the time has come for baseball's role models to step
3:18 am
up to the plate. >> the message is, wise up. we have to -- put, put forth a better face. that face has to be one without a bulge in our lip. >> unbelievable. let me ask you this, those boys said they thought it would give them a competitive edge in what sense does it give them that? >> they see their heroes do it. that's the real, the motivation for them. group of senators now is trying to get this stuff out of the game for good. trying to get into the next mlb contract. contract up in december. players are trying to fight it. between now and end of the year. look at the guy who suffered 30 surgeries, oral cancer, how do you look at the guy's face and keep doing it. hopefully see where the debate goes. >> is there any high associated with it. relaxes them. what's the draw other than the fact that their idols do it? >> some one in jersey get a little buzz off of it. but it is more, some point becomes an addicting something they do associated with the game of baseball. so interesting topic here. >> great story there.
3:19 am
>> thank you. more "world news now" coming up right after the break.
3:20 am
welcome back, everybody. the most well known group of african-american world war two veterans, the airmen served in the sky over europe. >> another group has gotten well deserved recognition. abc's bob woodruff reports. >> reporter: they came to washington with heads held high, the few, the proud, beneath their worn faces memories of valor in america's segregated past. >> 82 years offage today i feel like a marine. >> reporter: nearly 70 years after president roosevelt ordered the marines to accept black troops, the house voted unanimously to award the congressional gold medal, the nation's highest civilian honor to our nation's first black marines those who trained here
3:21 am
at monfort point. >> i shed some teshgsz ars. >> reporter: the monford marines proudly served in iwo jima and okinawa sent in to clean up debris after bombs dropped in japan. back here at hope, racism, white marines trained at cam lejune. black marines weren't allowed on the base unless guided by a white officer. >> we didn't have officers to protect us. we got kicked. got slapped. couldn't do anything but say yes sir and accept it. >> reporter: inspiration to those serving in their footsteps. and most of the 19,000 monford point marines have passed away now their honor lives on. >> sempre fi, always faithful, the motto of all marines. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. >> putting their lives on the
3:22 am
line for a country that still treated them like second-class citizens at the time. those are heroes. >> wonderful to see their faces there. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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♪ i'm watching i'm watching i'm watching american television ♪ you want news of the weird we got it for you here on "world news now." >> oh, yes. >> we have a story tonight or this morning rather that will make you realize just what a weird place our world can be. this one takes place in siesta key beach, on florida's gulf coast. >> they had a visitor there, beach-goers couldn't miss. he was 8 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. lisa carlson of wsb reports.
3:26 am
>> reporter: jeff hineman was the first to spot lego man as he strolled the beach. >> i thought it was marine life, a manatee or something luke that it was still pitch black. the sun wasn't up yet. then of course when i got up to it i realized, you know some big, lego looking thing. so i just kind of drug it up out of the surf so it wouldn't float away. >> reporter: when he stood lego man up he was 8 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. he has the words no real -- it said ego leonard and #. >> reporter: a crowd gathered. >> i see this giant legoman standing here with lots of people around. and i assumed this person -- he found it. and it was just -- you know, stuff happening. so it was -- little bit crazy. >> we call out to go for a walk the we saw it and the sign on the little robot or whatever, big lego man was, no real than you are. so i figured it probably fell down from up above some where.
3:27 am
i don't know. rricane. >> i kind of thing it was from the ufo peep. i really do. >> reporter: another theory maybe it floated here. after all he is made out of fiberglass just like a boat. similar lego men have appeared on beaches before. once in holland in 2007. again on a beach in england in 2008. thought to be the work of artist ego leonard from the netherland. how legoman got to the countries and why is a mystery. here in sar so tthe investigati continues. they loaded him on a truck and carried him away. >> i think they should leave him on the beach. at least people enjoy it. >> let him work on his tan. lego man is in protective custody with police, undisclose the location. the owner has 90 dies piays to
3:28 am
him up. >> we dumped them in the h
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- emotional testimony from a nurse who warned michael jackson about the powerful drug that killed him. >> her claims plus the impact she made on jurors as conrad murray's attorneys tried to defend the doctor in his manslaughter trial. it's wednesday, october 26th. good morning, i'm yunji de nies. >> and i'm rob nelson. after hearing so much condemning testimony in the conrad murray case the defense waste ed no time putting a nurse on the stand who claims michael jackson begged for propofol. >> the case goes through so many twists and turns.
3:31 am
>> it is bizarre. >> also this morning, strange political advertising. gop presidential candidate, herman cain's campaign manager is seen smoking in a new commercial. could the bizarre ad make cain's lead in the polls go up in smoke? >> no one quite gets what the message or intent was supposed to be by lighting up in the ad. don't quite get it. also, later this half-hour, outrage on campus, a gay high school teenager says he was singled out and suspended because of his hair style. that will ignite some debate this morning as well. >> but first, tearful testimony in the conrad murray trial. a nurse who said she refused to provide michael jackson with the drug that's eventually claimed his life. >> jurors heard from a man considered the king of pop's last boss, the man who planned his final concert series. abc's diana alvear has been following the story. >> reporter: rob and yunji, good morning. by far, the most riveting witness a nurse working with jackson to improve his sleeping habits. she says she wanted him to try natural methods but he wanted one thing. the first witness of the day
3:32 am
made it clear. michael jackson's desire for propofol existed long before dr. conrad murray came into the picture. a nurse practitioner told the court the singer first experienced the drug, known on the market as diprovan, during surgery years before. >> he said, i know this, will knock me out. >> reporter: when lee asked a physician about the medication diprovan, he said it was an anesthetic. >> jackson was insistent. lee was visibly shaken as she recalled her last conversation with jackson. where she warned him, if he kept using the drug he might not wake up. >> he responded again, i will be okay. i only need someone to monitor me with the equipment while i sleep. >> yes. that's exactly what he said. >> reporter: later the head of aeg live testified about a tour meeting where the star seemed
3:33 am
especially distracted and he question ed jackson's assistant. >> i said is everything okay, out of concern the he said, nah, he just came from dr. klein's office. >> reporter: brandon phillips said he was not aware that jackson was being treated by a dr. klein. he then told the court the last words the singer spoke to him in rehearsal. >> you got me here. now i am ready. i can take it from here. >> reporter: others witnesses, a hospital executive, described katherine jackson's reaction as she was informed her son passed away. he said clearly it was a very difficult moment for all involved. rob and yunji? >> thank you, amazing this trial has gone on for five weeks now. just when you think you understand and know what was going on in the house you hear bizarre details. turns out jackson insisted conrad murray come with him on tour and obviously the two very were close. >> obviously. clearly michael jackson did have some kind of drug problem. as the doctor you get paid to watch out for the singer's help,
3:34 am
if i'm begging for a drug that obviously is dangerous. it doesn't mean you have to give it to me. no matter how well paid you or or how addicted i may be. where do the ethics of being a doctor come into play? that's what the defense has to answer to. so why will see how it moves on. switching gears now, riot police and protestors faced off last night in oakland, california, for the second time in less than 24 hours. protestors were blocking downtown streets, trying to make their way to city hall. when they met up with police, throwing flash bang canisters and firing tear gas. earlier in the day, police in riot gear swept through their city hall encampment and cleared them out. nearly 100 people have been arrested so far. financial relief may be coming sooner than expected to millions of americans struggling to repay student loans. the president will call for speeding up plans for loan consolidations, lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. congress passed this measure and set to go into effect in 2014. the president using executive authority wants the changes to take place next year. students who are in college
3:35 am
now, can expect higher fees as schools face pretty steep budget cuts. a new study out this morning shows the average full time student paying in-state tuition and fees at a public college will pay $8,000 a year. that is a record. now you add in room and board, it's $17,000. overall, college costs went up more than 8% from last year. turning to politics, a bizarre new campaign ad from surprise republican front-runner herman cain has the political blogosphere on fire or at least smoking. abc's john berman explains why. >> reporter: herman cain's campaign is smoking. >> keep up the good work. >> reporter: not just latest national poll numbers that show him on top of the republican field his campaign is literally smoking. in this video from his chief of staff, which lit up the internet overnight. >> herman cain will put the united back in the united states of america. >> reporter: it made it all the way to "the view."
3:36 am
>> are they going for the pro emphysema vote here? >> reporter: it is controversial. so, why then is herman cain smiling? maybe because the hot topic on "the view" was this video and not rick perry's new flat tax plan. the smoking chief of staff says there was no subliminal message behind the ad, he just smokes. and herman cain is just herman cain. >> i love it. >> the american people look at herman as, they look at themselves. >> reporter: traditional rules would dictate cain would be hurt by recent seeming contradictions on issues from abortion to negotiating with terrorists. even his signature 9-9-9 plan isn't that popular. with 59% of voters saying they don't like it. but his supporters say it is not the message that matters most, but the man. >> if you meet herman cain, you love herman cain. >> reporter: which is why
3:37 am
struggling candidates may have been out selling their simple solutions even if they can't cut through the smoke. john berman, abc news, new york. everything in politics is calculated, choreographed. can't imagine a calculation beyond stealing headlines. why you have your guy smoking in a political ad? >> don't know if it engenders votes, something a lot of people find distasteful. smoking is banned. don't see it on sitcoms or television. >> in political ads made a come back. weird stuff. >> overseas to the miracle rescues in quake devastated turkey. a university student pulled from the rubble overnight. he managed to survive 61 hours trapped in a collapsed apartment bidding. earlier there were those amazing pictures of 2-week-old infant rescued. her mother and grandmother freed hours later. doctors say the little baby is doing just fine. hurricane rina is getting
3:38 am
stronger by the day as it slowly crawls through the northwest caribbean. this is what rina and 110-mile-an-hour winds look like from the international space station. on track to hit cozumel by tonight. tourists and residents have evacuated. and cruise ships are shifting course to avoid that growing storm. a new study finds the flu shot may be less effective than doctors originally thought. researchers found the vaccine prevented infections in over half of cases. the nasal spray often used in children did a better job of protecting against the flu. doctors say this should not discourage people from getting flu shots because some protection is still better than none. an historic 2 1/2-ton church bell has gone missing from a cathedral in san francisco. the copper bell used to sit in front of st. mary's cathedral. church officials say a priceless artifact, survived the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes.
3:39 am
police believe it was stolen for its metal content, actually worth $75,000. you know the economy is getting tough when people are stealing, 2 1/2-ton church bells. what is going on? >> you hear about copper thieves. church bells? strong thieves out there. >> yeah. americans have real-life career fears as halloween approaches. a new survey out this morning lists the jobs that people fear the most. >> yeah, a lot of smart choices on this list. at the top of the list, bomb squad technician. good call. >> no-brainer there. >> no-brainer. high-rise window washer. they do amazing things. and anyone in the armed forces is in a scary spot for clear reasons. miners and police officers. >> i would pick window washer. at least you get a nice view. >> as you fall to your -- all the jobs freak me out. the biggest fears people have on any job. 36% fear layoffs. 13%, pay cuts. 9%, changes in workload.
3:40 am
9%, experience anxiety if they have to make a presentation. 4% fear forced relocation. 3%, say they fear the boss the most. of all the factors your boss would be the most intimidating. who do you work for that you are that freaked out. >> the layoff thing. >> that's right. >> little job security here. hello to our bosses upstairs. yeah. >> here is your wednesday weather. heavy snow across colorado with up to 2 feet in the mountains. light rain, seattle to portland. showers from texas to pittsburgh. sprinkles from philly to boston. and in northern minnesota and wisconsin. >> mostly 50s across the midwest. 55 in boston. 75 in atlanta. 81 in new orleans. phoenix, 82. and just 41 in billings. wintery 28 in colorado springs. okay, well this next story calls for a little prop that we have here on set. most of us at least i have, i think you probably have too, take in a shot at solving this
3:41 am
maddening rubicks cube. it's very, very tough. how about adding juggling to the mix? >> david calvo can do all that in less than a minute, juggling two rubik's cubes, in his other hand and, includes solving a cube blindfolded and two cubes at the same time while under water. this man has four guinness world records. we actually stole this from a colleague here at abc. it was sitting on her desk completed. they told us not to mess it up. this one has been don't whether she bought it or did it. we don't want to mess it up. >> could you ever do one? absolutely not. i am jealous. i would peel the stickers off and put them in order. we'll be right back with more "world news now" right after this. after this. ♪ you go next if you had a
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welcome back. ♪ welcome back. a high school student in louisiana believes he has been treated unfairly because of his hair. he says his hair extensions got him suspended. >> weird story here. the principal said it was for his own protection. but the student believes it is actually discrimination. angela cruz of ktvs has the facts so you can decide. >> reporter: nathaniel williams an 18-year-old in shreveport. he says he has never received any disciplinary action at the alternative school but when he showed up last week wearing hair extensions he was immediately put into in school suspensions. williams says the hamilton terrace administrators told him his hair was a distraction. >> i say i cannot not go to class. so maybe put me in iss because
3:46 am
of color of my hair. >> reporter: williams is openly homosexual and has never discriminated against because of his sexual orientation. he feels school administrators discriminate against him over his hair because he knows students to wear hair extensions of any color or length. >> because of my appearance. i am not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: williams says he has lost a week's worth of learning. >> i was out of class for a whole week. and they tried to start it again this week. and i just don't think that was cool. i'm missing too much school. >> reporter: in shreveport, angela cruz reporting. >> bizarre story there. >> the haircut looks like a longer version of what justin bieber had going on when he came on the scene. he had long bangs. a lot of boys are growing their hair longer. >> you have to wonder, if it was less obvious it would be as much of an issue as it is. bizarre story for administrators.
3:47 am
>> he got the extensions removed and now he has been allowed back into school. good news he has been allowed to go back to class. the district school board says it is a violation of privacy act to comment on student discipline they don't want to comment at this time. they said this is not a discrimination issue. >> freedom of expression versus school rules. always a good debate. coming up next in "the skinny," the top grossing actor in hollywood you may be surprised who it is and the amount of dough we are talking about. >> how cher is reacting after chaz got the boot on "dancing with the stars." get the scoop on "the skinny" coming up. ♪ skinny
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny and what would "the skinny" be without a little "dancing with the stars" news. always rob's favorite topic here the we have news to report of course, chaz bono going home after a six-week run. lasted longer than a lot thought. there was controversy because bruno had been so mean to chaz comparing him to an iwok saying
3:50 am
he looked like a penguin. cher was tweeting at her son's defense, saying bruno was taking cheap shots. it's okay to critique dance steps. but don't make fun of my child on national tv. chad made his exit saying i came on the show i wanted to show america a different kind of man. he did that. >> he did. he will go off into the sunset. thank you, chaz. this story really caught my eye this morning -- who do you think is the highest grossing actor of all tie. his movies shaf have grossed the most? samuel l. jackson, samuel l. jackson yelling in his movies. highest grossing. over the span of his career -- this man's movies have grossed $7.42 billion. he is now 262 years old. may remember him from "pulp fiction" and "jungle fever" and "star wars" and "time to kill." all these great things. he says look -- i group in a working class family. taught tau work hard. that's what i do. stays booked in three to four movies a year. doing his thing. now on broadway, angela bassette, "mountain top" about last few days of
3:51 am
mlk's life. he does it all. $7.5 billion over his career. a new record. samuel l. jackson. >> cannot argue with that. we want to send well wishes to our friend andy rooney from cbs. he went into some surgery, scheduled surgery. but apparently had complication and now he is being hospitalized. cbs says that the 92-year-old writer's condition is stable and at the request of his family they're offering no other medical information about what is going on with him or where he was hospitalized. three weeks ago he made his final signoff on "60 minutes. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> also more drama from the lohan family. lindsay's dad, michael, arrested again on domestic abuse charges. came from a flight in florida with his on and off again girlfriend, kate, over a scheduled court hearing. he says he grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground a couple times, arguing over sex, about the most recent restraining
3:52 am
order she had against him. he was upset. she wouldn't have oral sex with him. he tells a different story. the point is more legal trouble in the classy lohan family. >> wouldn't be "the skinny" without the lohans. >> keep it up, guys. that could change your life. if you're on medicare with diabetes, then you need to know there's an alternative method for checking your blood glucose every day. you don't need to stab your fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club
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call this toll-free number now. the realization of a dream, and rob is jamming out here -- >> feeling it. i was feeling it. >> the reason the story is our "favorite story of the day" and it takes place in worcester, massachusetts. >> worcester. >> worcester, got it right. home of the guardians st. peter marian high school. >> one player isn't likely to forget his home coming game. the reason why, from our affiliate, wcvb. >> how did you feel? >> reporter: he wears number 12 like tom brady. like the football mega star,
3:56 am
patrick is all about team. >> with pat we come together as a family. he helps us to come together the we are a better team because of him. >> 17-year-old patrick has down syndrome he doesn't let that define him neither do his teachers or coaches. bh bhen -- >> when you have a student with special needs, you angst over finding for them, a place where they will be included valued and where they will set high expectations. >> reporter: here patrick is a member of the national honor society, student council, chorus, and ran cross-country for two years before signing up for the football team. something he did and his schoolmate happened, before his mother knew or had time to worry about. >> how great coach is, and how great the team is and how great pat is he had the courage to go and play football. and challenge himself. >> reporter: courage that earned him a shot to play in the fourth quarter at last friday's homecoming game.
3:57 am
both coaches agreed ahead of time to put patrick in at tailback as long as the game was pretty much decided. with pat's team up 33-6 it was feel good time. >> very exciting. the football team got pumped up and i liked it. >> it is humbling to all the kids. it puts life in perspective. yeah, great, we want to win go to the playoffs, go to the super bowl. patrick deserves his memories too. >> congratulations to patrick. wonderful to see him -- over there in the end zone. >> what that must do for his confidence, sense of normalcy, congratulations to the team, you did a beautiful thing. >> sure they're learning just as much from him as he is from them. >> hopefully lifelong lessons too. that's the news for this half-hour. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> catch us on twitter. stay in touch online and onair. coming up more news from abc. stay with us.
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