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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning america. breakling overnight, police and protesters clash. and tensions boil over at anti-wall street protests in california. tear gas thrown into the crowd. people throw rocks and bottles. we have the latest from the riot zone. comedian in chief. the president hits late-night tv to talk about all the people taking swings at him right now. and what he's really worried about is what the first lady's giving out for halloween. >> halloween's coming up. and she's been giving, for the last few years, kids, fruit and raisins in the bag. the white house is going to get egged. and breaking this morning, "gma" has learned that baby
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lisa's little brothers will now face police questioning for the first time. even taking a dna test. the brand-new developments shaking up the case. and mad maks. why the dancing star is not backing down from his criticism of the judges. he's here live this morning. and chaz, booted from the ballroom. his emotional exit from the show. we'll talk to chaz and lacey. really, coming at us from a different angle every morning. >> always keep us guessing. good wednesday morning to you, everybody. high drama in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the star's former nurse, breaking down on the stand yesterday. tensions rising between the defense attorneys and the judge. >> jim avila has exclusive details. and a huge evevent in plin, missouri. take a look at this right now. these volunteers are getting
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ready for the big reveal for the brand-new home. lost their home along with so many others. something really special. the first move that bus ever live on television. and live in times square, some folks from joplin, as well, talking about rebuilding and "extreme makeover." you'll see it live. first, josh elliott has the morning's breaking news. >> no more community in need than that. seeing it firsthand, it will be a great thing today. we're going to begin in oakland, california, where one man said, and i do quote, it sounded like bombs going off. police clashing with anti-wall street protesters, cracking down on hundreds of demonstrators, who refused to give up their ground. [ explosions ] >> reporter: on the street, it had the look and feel of a war zone. [ explosions ] >> reporter: police firing stun
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grenades, steam bag projectiles and rubber bullets. tear gas flying. from the air, the crowd, panic. all the result of a day-long encroachment by police, who moved in the early morning, dismantling the protesters' tent city. >> the team that was in place, to put an end as to what i see is a very critical situation, that posed significant risk. >> reporter: but the protesters returned. trying to take back the plaza that had been theirs for more than two weeks. >> taking away people's right to peacefully assemble in this country. you know, this is really outrageous. >> reporter: also overnight, arrests in atlanta, with protesters defying orders to vacate a city park. this scene ended peacefully. but in oakland -- [ explosions ] >> reporter: a far different
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result. more than 100 people arrested, 2 police officers injured. and other people, like this woman in her car, left in disbelief at the violence and chaos, unspooling in her streets. police said they had no choice but to use tear gas after protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at them. of course, much of what's fueling he's protests, is at evidence that only the rich are getting richer. this morning, a new report supports that belief. over the past three decades, the wealthiest 1% of americans saw their wealth grow by 275%. while people in the middle income, saw their income rise 40%. hurricane rina, hitting some 110 miles per hour. they're expected to get stronger. striking cozumel and cancun tonight. sam will have more on the
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storm's track in a few minutes. finally, a cat that vanished at jfk airport here in new york and has turned into an internet sensation, has reappeared. jack the cat has been on the loose for two months. escaped his cage at the baggage area. he turned up at the jfk customs room. soon to be reunited with his owner in california. let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief, as jack as some 15,000 facebook fans. >> that picture right there, of him praying. >> jack's pretty calm through all that. >> he didn't go far. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and president obama, trying to warm up with a few laughs on jay leno's couch. as republicans deal with a front-runner that is playing by his own rules, herman cain. jake tapper is covering it all from the white house this morning. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. president obama wraps up his three-day swing through the western u.s. today, returning to the white house last night.
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he told supporters in colorado that the fight over his jobs bill is a microcosm of the pending 2012 election battle. president obama finished the california leg of his west coast tour, appearing on "the tonight show," poking fun at the first lady. >> halloween's coming up. >> yeah. >> and she's been giving, for the last few years, kids fruit and raisins in the bag. and i said, the white house's going to get egged. >> right. >> we need to -- >> you have to go. >> reporter: much of the president's west coast swing has been devoted to shaking the money tree for his re-election campaign. at the bellagio in las vegas. tinseltown fund-raisers, hosted by will and jada pinkett smith. and with some of the powerful people in the industry, the president asked for hollywood help getting him re-elected. last night, he also made certain to have a few laughs. >> have you been watching the gop debate.
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>> i'm going to wait until everybody's voted off the island. >> i know you quit smoking. >> i did. i did. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's out. >> that's out. >> remember, you're under oath. >> i am. >> reporter: while the president says he's quit, the campaign of republican presidential candidate, herman cain, is featuring smoking in a campaign ad. showing cain's chief of staff taking a puff. >> the country has never seen a candidate like herman cain. and they've never seen a campaign like the one he's running. >> reporter: with little campaign infrastructure, cain is almost defying gravity. in the latest campaign poll, cain takes a firm lead over mitt romney. among tea party supporters, the gap is much greater. he continued his message at a tea party event last night, as his bus tour rolled into texas. >> the thing about rising to the top of the polls is that you get shot at a lot. but pain never felt so good.
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>> reporter: before president obama leaves denver, george, he'll give a speech in which he talks about relieving the burden on low-income college students who have taken out student loans. it's part of his series of executive action steps he can take to help people in this economic crisis when congress is not moving on his jobs bill. george? >> jake, thanks very much. going to move on to new developments, brand-new developments, breaking this morning, in the case of missing 11-month-old baby, lisa irwin. "gma" has learned that the police will be interviewing two key witnesses. matt gutman is live in kansas city with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. those two key witnesses are baby lisa's brothers. police did speak to them the night after she disappeared. but believe they have more to tell them. you see, they were sleeping, apparently, with baby lisa's mom, in the bed that night. but since then, baby lisa's parents have denied all police requests to see them. until now.
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♪ >> reporter: after refusing police requests for weeks, attorneys for baby lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, tell "gma" exclusively, that they will finally allow their two sons, who were in the house the night that lisa vanished, to be interviewed by authorities on friday. even dna swabs will be taken. bradley was allegedly sleeping in the same bed with the two boys, ages 6 and 8, when her daughter disappeared on october 3rd. that's not enough, say police, who continue to maintain that the couple is not cooperating. that, in stark contrast with what family attorney, joe tacopina told george on monday. >> are you saying, the police say we want to talk to the couple today, no questions off the table, your clients will say yes? >> absolutely. as long as the investigators doing the questioning are ones who have not previously
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determined guilt before being vetted. >> reporter: "gma" has learned that police, along with the fbi, have cleared nearly 800 tips and sightings so far, and spoken to 300 neighbors. but they keep coming back here, to the house on north lister avenue. police say the couple has refused to meet separately with detectives to answer tough questions and recount their versions of what happened yet again. police say they have spoken to the couple over the phone. but that they believe lisa's parents still have the answers to questions that could help find her. >> the fact they haven't been arrested yet tells me they haven't found anything compelling to bring a case. so, that just reinforces my feeling that this is something from outside the home. >> thanks to matt gutman in kansas city. let's bring in our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. the two boys going to be interviewed. what can authorities learn from that? >> they're going to be interviewed by authorities, which is significant. this has been a big source of contention now for weeks.
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they were in the house at the time -- yeah. but they were still in the house. so, whatever happened, be it an intruder or something in the house, they're relevant witnesses. you have to be careful when questioning kids. you have to treat them as children. you have to be very careful the way you talk to them. >> the testimony can't be used against the parents, right? >> it could. it could. it depends on exactly what's said. but, yeah. it could be. >> meanwhile, you have a real clash between the family and the police. joe tacopina told me yesterday, they're willing to answer questions. but under real strict restrictions. >> you asked them twice in the interview, are they willing to answer any questions that the authorities want them to? yeah, they're willing to answer any questions, as long as they're fair and as long as they're by people that haven't determined guilt. yes, they'll answer questions as long as the defense gets to approve those questions. real tension here because on the one hand, the police are clearly
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treating them as possible suspects. and that means that joe tacopina and his defense team, has to treat them as potential suspects. but this is their child who is missing. and people are going to hear that and say, i don't care what your lawyer is telling you, you have to help them in every way that you can. >> and the police insisting that they believe the answers they get from the parents, interviewing them separately, are the key to the case. >> that's right. but remember, anytime you get in a battle in a case like this, with the authorities, that's the parents of a missing child, they're going to lose in the court of public opinion. the question is, are there issues that the defense really needs to protect them on here? and that's the real tension. >> meanwhile, we focus on the eyewitnesses that saw a man in the middle of the night carrying a baby. we have to believe that the police have run this down. >> they have. and now one of the witnesses saying that the person who they think could be that person, some of the other witnesses saying, that couldn't have been the person i saw. now, you're seeing inconsistencies in the accounts
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of the eyewitnesses who saw what we thought was a similar appearing person. >> a lot of focus inside that house. dan abrams, thanks very much. robin? just in time for flu season, there's a major study that says flu vaccines are less effective than previously thought. there are major implications for those most at risk, especially the elderly. how well prepared are we for a flu pandemic? let's bring in health and medical editor, dr. richard besser, in on this. get your flu shot. get the vaccine. now, what do we do? >> this is a big study that comes from a top group at the university of minnesota. what they did was combine all of the flu studies that have been done over the past 44 years to say how well does this vaccine work? i think people will be surprised because it doesn't work as well as we'd like. the flu shot is only 59% effective in adults 18 to 65. the flu mist vaccine, the one we give to a lot of children, does
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better. 83% effective in children 7 and under. but in the elderly, the group we're most concerned about, the data isn't good enough to say how well it works. >> what if you're over 70. >> they didn't have the data. but you can get it up to the age 49. >> why aren't the vaccines more effe effective? >> there's a couple reasons. every year, the flu vaccine changes. and they have to guess what that will be. some years they guess well. and it works well. but other years, not so well. other vaccines are very effective. meals are 99% effective. they need a new approach to developing a flu vaccine. >> do you still recommend getting a flu shot? >> i do. and here's why. each year, the cdc estimates that somewhere between 3,000 and 49,000 die from the flu. while it isn't the best vaccine,
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it's a good one. and everyone should get it. >> anybody that shouldn't get it? >> people with medical conditions are at most risk. get your flu shot. hopefully in the future there will be a better one. >> thank you very much. we turn, now, to big trouble for netflix. the company that runs like a locket by bringing movies straight to our homes. now, customers are jumping ship. the stock is in freefall. and some are wondering if the company can survive, thanks to a couple of terrible decisions. abc's bianna golodryga has been following this story. >> reporter: $12 billion lost. 800,000 customers gone. and a stock price that's gone to a seven-year low. >> sometimes the thing that makes you great, your speed, can trip you up. >> reporter: netflix, the company whose red envelopes had a meteoric stock rise came
7:16 am
crashing down after a report before. wall street's version of "the terminator." the treble began last month, after the company blind sided customers with the announcement that not only prices would be going up, but the company would be breaking up. netflix planning to spin off on the dvd by mail service, focusing in video downloads and video viewing. the move proved to be a disaster. >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it is a great thing for companies to understand. >> reporter: within days, the company's ceo acknowledged he had made a mistake. >> i want to say how sorry i am. >> reporter: netflix isn't alone when it comes to blockbuster blunders. coke's attempt to roll out a new formula in 1985, quickly proved to be a disaster. and jetblue's mess in 2007, left thousands of passengers stuck on grounded planes for hours. >> netflix is in a problem where they don't have leadership. consumers, investors, the
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marketplace, doesn't know what the netflix brand stands for today. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: well, that's the question that remains for netflix. and analysts are equally concerned about the company's future forecast. subscribers will likely continue to decline. there are analysts who say this is a buying opportunity for the stock. quite a reversal of fortune. >> $3.19 to $76. let's get to sam and rina. >> we showed you at the top of the show the pictures from space. this is the 3d view. and look at it tightening up. in the circle of concern this morning. the next two days, rina will be spent between a 2 and a 3 category hurricane. close to cancun. watch this area of high pressure drop down. there's a very powerful cold front, likely to catch rina and hook it off towards cuba. just under the keys and under
7:18 am
miami. putting it right around here saturday into sunday. rough weather for south florida. but maybe not a direct hit from whatever is left of rina at that point. we need to watch the storm moment by moment. and here's the cold front that's supposed to knock rina out into the atlantic. it brings dallas down 20 degrees. atlanta down 20 degrees. it is a powerful cold front. a good deal of sunshine hoursh the early morning front approaches
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the north and west. increase in the chance for showers will increase we move through the overnight hours and rain tomorrow. temperatures today will be around 70 degrees, over night the mid 40's, tomorrow, not so bad, 62-67 degrees and rain. temperatures >> from big snows in the denver area, to maybe snow by thursday in new england. robin? george? >> shame. >> all coming up in seven minutes. don't adjust that dial. imagine you're 5 years old. you're coming home every day from school. and you can't find your mother. well, one young girl took action. and it was all caught on a 911 call. josh has the dramatic story for us. >> reporter: when 5-year-old amelia kegly got off the school bus on tuesday, her mother was
7:20 am
not there waiting for her. >> you got off the bus. and your mom wasn't there? >> she's gone. and i miss her so much. >> reporter: after three hours home alone, amelia decided to go look for her mom, by taking a drive in the family's car. and while she couldn't reach the pedals, she did manage to shift it into reverse, before getting stuck on her neighbor's lawn. >> my mom's car backed out on accident. and i need the police to pull my mom's car back in. >> where is your mom at? is she in the car? >> no. i don't know where she is. and i'm lost. >> reporter: ameleah didn't know it. but her mo mom had been taken to the hospital earlier in the day. and the father never got the call to pick her up. even all alone, she remained unfazed. >> i am very proud of you ameleha. >> i have to get there quick. >> oh.
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>> not at all. coming up here on "gma," why michael jackson's former nurse said in court between the defense and the judge. and maks will join us live. vo: a breakfast worth waking up for. enjoy the sausage, egg and cheese croissan'wich today. only at burger king.
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it's not just goodor business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26 and as wednesday, october 26. opening statements could begin this afternoon in a high-
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profile murder trial of brittany in the lululemon murder trial. jurors and five be exceededhould morning. newschannel 8 will bring an in- report in just a few minutes. it is shaping up to be a tough morning for metro. oranges delays on the because of power outages. when power word on will be restored. here is lisa baden with more on the morning commute. southbound 270 had a stalled car at father hurley boulevard and democrat john 270 south falls road at montrose. look at the pace of traffic light onto 70. you lied to where 66 had a crash at manassas.
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delays are out of springfield the '95 and delays on 395 to the pentagon. a little bit of sunshine to morning anddnesday approach byuds will noon. daytime highs will be above average, around 70 degrees. overnight, 45-52 degrees and beorrow daytime highs will in the 60's. a big cool down on friday. thanks so much for watching at 7:56.ll be back
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michael jackson's former nurse breaks down on the stand tuesday. she was overcome at times. said he was desperate for sleep. begging for that powerful drug, propofol, that ended up killing him. but she refused to give it to him. why the defense is frustrated with the judge, coming up. also, the battle in the ballroom. maks and the judges, not quite in sync. we'll go inside the controversy. maks, good enough to get up early in l.a. he's going to join us live. i love that expression on your face right no, maks. >> can't wait to hear what he says. >> he's going to chat with us. "extreme home makeover" in
7:31 am
joplin, missouri right now. the first time live on television, they're going to move that bus. that is coming up in just a bit. let's get to the latest on the conrad murray trial. as we mentioned, it was an emotional day in court for jackson's former nurse, who broke down in tears on the stand. the defense team for dr. murray is getting pretty frustrated with the judge. jim avila is live in los angeles with exclusive, new details. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you say, abc news has learned that from a source close to the case, that the defense is getting frustrated with the judge because they believe that he let the jury hear the entire story of michael jackson's desperate finances, including details of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt, that was detailed in jermaine jackson's books, making it for a difficult day for conrad murray in front
7:32 am
of the judge. >> i feel dizzy. >> reporter: from the beginning, a stressful day. just the stress of getting to court. >> i would appreciate it very much. >> reporter: when able to continue, michael jackson's holistic nutritionist, cherilyn lee, who told her story on "good morning america" -- >> find me an anesthesiologi anesthesiologist -- >> reporter: painted the picture of a man who couldn't sleep. >> the only thing that can do that is diprivan. >> reporter: that's the brand name for propofol. but after investigating, immediately told jackson stay away. you may never wake up. >> he said, no. i will be safe if it was monitored. as listening as i'm being monitored. >> reporter: a story that brought her to tears for a second time, when recalling her last conversation with michael jackson. >> and he responded, i will be
7:33 am
okay. i only need someone to monitor me, with the equipment, while i sleep. >> yes, that's what he said. >> reporter: the defense moved to their other main thesis, that michael jackson was desperate because he needed the money he would make from the this is it tour, and worried he would not fulfill his contract because of sleep issues. >> greatest star in contemporary music. >> reporter: but his tour promoter, brandon phillips, was not as helpful as the defense may have hoped. hoping the money from the impending 50-show tour would allow him to settle down. >> he was tired of living like that. and it was emotional. and i cried. >> did he cry? >> yes. >> reporter: and contradicting the defense premise, that jackson had reason to worry the tour would be canceled. >> no one on our end was contemplating pulling the plug. >> reporter: today, the defense hopes to present a string of
7:34 am
character witnesses, flown in from las vegas and houston, where conrad murray practiced medicine. and tomorrow, end its case with two medical experts. george? >> jim, thanks very much. for more on this, we're joined by defense attorney, jose baez. you may remember he successfully defended casey anthony from murder charges earlier this year. you are sympathetic for the frustration that the defense has, by not putting the financial information into the record. >> i think it's devastating. they're cutting off half of the defense here. if the shoe were on the other foot and money was the motive for murder, you can rest assured that evidence would come in. as it relates to the area of discretion, i think the judge is crossing the line here. >> the defense has a very tricky job right here. in order to defend conrad murray, in some respects, they have to attack michael jackson. >> i think you can't have one without the other. michael jackson is partially on trial here. and in order to show and paint the entire picture for the
7:35 am
defense, you're going to have to show -- when you think of michael jackson, you think of things -- you think of an individual who was an accident waiting to happen. and guess what? it happened. >> here's what i don't understand, for example, how the nurse has to defend. on the other hand, it shows that everybody tried to get propofol. and on the other hand, you have others saying i'm not going to give it to him. >> what the defense is showing here, is he knows what propofol is. not every person walking on the street knows what propofol is. he knows how it's administered. he would need to be monitored. he knows quite a bit for a layperson. >> they are trying to lay the ground he would do anything to get it. he might have gotten it. >> and he was addicted. >> and knew how to give it to himself. that's what they're trying. would that be your strategy right here? >> i think it's a smart strategy. but you also have to bring in all of the doctors. you have to bring in and show how much and how often michael
7:36 am
jackson took drugs, prescription drugs. it's an all-too common hollywood story, where you have an incredibly talented individual going far too soon because of drugs. >> they're going to put on their big gun, the anesthesiologist, paul white, who will take on the prosecution's expert witness. who has the better hand here? >> it's going to be tough to tell until dr. white testifies. you have -- an individual, shafer, who was very impressionable at times. but at certain times, went a little overboard. >> the state's witness. >> yes. he was a persuasive witness at times. but also looked like he had a vested interest. what you're seeing with the defense is, is independent witnesses. people not really associated with conrad murray. more so with michael jackson. and the defense is having an opportunity to say we want to bring the rest of the picture to you. >> you heard jim's reporting
7:37 am
right there. right now, the defense not planning to put conrad murray on the stand. >> you can't put too much stock in that. that decision will be made. it's a game-time decision. it will be made at a later date. he could very well testify. an it would be a bit of a red herring. >> would you put him up? >> i would have to be at that point in the case to make that decision. it's too early to make that decision right now. >> jose baez, thank you very much. to sam and the weather. >> and here's the first punch of fall. we'll show you the tower cam in the denver area. the windchill was taken was about 22 degrees. and the blowing snow visibility is about three-quarters of a mile. denver gets three to six inches. but finally ends up six to ten inches of snow. bigger totals the foothills here, going to about two feet of snow. that's not the only place. watch that system zip across the country. by thursday, there's likely some snow in the higher elevations in new england. we're talking about the
7:38 am
catskills getting some snow. and albany looking at snow falling but not necessarily sticking on the ground. that's the one storm with astarting off of sunshine and temperatures will rebound into upper 60's, around 70 by afternoon you will need an umbrella for tonight and >> pleasant and mild in the deep south today. all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. george? >> thanks, sam. coming up here. maks and len have made peace? maks will be here live to tell us about it in a minute. almost a princess. that's the last tiara. get it. [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens where it's easy to find all the candy, plus fun costumes and halloween favorites
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are you ready for this? "dancing with the stars" pro maks chmerkovskiy is not backing down from his criticism of the judges. and it kept going last night. we're going to talk to maks live in l.a. but first, a look at all the drama on the dance floor. it started like this on monday night. >> let me tell you, maks. i've been in this by for nearly 50 years. >> maybe it's time to get out. >> whoa. don't be disrespectful like that. >> that's disrespectful to everybody. everybody's putting a lot of effort. >> that was no better. >> i know. it was awful. that was horrible.
7:43 am
>> you're absolutely right. >> reporter: by tuesday morning, len took to "access hollywood." >> how often, in the heat of the moment we say things, that the next day, why did i say that? and i think maks is going through one of those periods right now. >> have you heard from him since then? >> no, i haven't. but listen, the thing is, it all got a little bit out of hand. it was like "mad max of thunderdome." >> reporter: perhaps his most controversial comments were these. >> with all due respect, this is my show. i help make it what it is. i love every aspect of it. i love every professional that's ever been here. >> did he just say it was my show? >> reporter: on tuesday, he apologized. >> the one thing i really want to apologize for is i had an idea in my head and it came out wrong. it's not my show. i'm part of a very large cast. an i'm very proud of being here. >> maks, you got some explaining to you. maks is joining us live. first of all, congratulations.
7:44 am
you were in jeopardy, you and hope. but she made it through another round. >> thank you. >> and you apologize that you said it was your show. you realize you're part of a team. any second thoughts or regrets what you said to len or anybody else, maks? >> not really. >> no? >> not really. robin, look, the last time i apologized was to my grandma when she was dying of cancer, unfortunately. for everything that i may have done wrong. i definitely have nothing to apologize for to len. certainly not carrie ann. she can make all these faces, all she wants. i love the show. i love the fans. i love every -- the whole idea of what came out wrong, in my show. i feel like it's my family. it's my home. what i've been told many, many times during the course off-season and during the show is that, you know, we're part of the cast.
7:45 am
we're doing the stuff together. so, you know, as far as i understand, it's us and it's the judges and it's the crew and everybody else. and we're all part of this big cast. when i got on the show six years ago, i treated it as a dance competition. and everybody tried really hard to change my mind. and say, maks, it's a show. there's other elements to it, like celebrity stories. like where they come from. what they bring to the cast and so. i embraced it. but i don't embrace pointing fingers and disrespectful remarks. why is it the judges are allowed to compare us to animals and say stuff they think is funny, when it's nothing constructive at all and we can't, you know, say that they're wrong? >> voice your opinion. >> basically. >> i know you have said -- what have the other dancers said to you since all this happened?
7:46 am
>> lacey's been supportive. you will get to talk to them later. tony's obviously one of my closest friends. he's my best friend. and to be quite frank with you, i really don't care about anybody else's opinion. what i do know is there are some others that voiced their opinion on the judge's side. like i said, they're entitled to their own -- >> derek hough has been supportive of the judges saying, that's what they're there to do, to judge like that. but let me ask you -- >> no. derek hough has been supportive of his personal career on the show. when you say the judges have been generous, with if i had been with jennifer grey and ricki lake, i probably wouldn't
7:47 am
be upset with the judges, either. looking back, i had a long conversation with my dad. and i don't regret anything. you know? and that's why i think i'm misunderstood a little bit in this situation. everybody's waiting for me to bow my head. you know, take a knee and say i'm sorry and say forgive me. i have nothing to apologize for. like i said, i'm in this business because i love it. and you know, i can't really lose, with remarks like this and like that. and i'm reading what's being said. how does he dare to speak like that? and it's very simple. 17 years ago, i was given an opportunity to live in a country where i can actually exercise my freedom of speech. >> and you're not afraid to do that. >> people don't know -- >> i know. >> people don't know where i grew up, it wasn't possible. so, you know, i'm a winner.
7:48 am
there's nothing that can bring me down. >> you are extremely passionate. you are a teacher. you and your brother, val. don't know how the judges will react to this. we go out on the dance floor again with hope. thank you, maks, for stepping up and being willing to share your views with the "gma" audience. we really appreciate it. >> always. but really quick also, one thing i don't want to do, is i don't want hope to have any kind of negative vibe out of this. you know? she's truly a star. and she's been doing an amazing job. >> thank you, maks. thanks. >> thank you, maks. thanks. we'll be back. mical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't have to fret. [ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪ ♪ like a safety net ♪ even helps pay deductibles, so cover your back, get... ♪ a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aflac! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ]
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 7:56 on this wednesday, october 26. police officers and volunteers will resume their for a missing autistic hanover county, virginia. the 9-year-old was last seen battlefield park. he may try to avoid search teams. two men accused of killing a man and metrobus are in custody. vincent gray and delron atchison
7:57 am
arrested and accused of killing a 22-year-old demetrius last week. newschannel 8 will have live in- depth reports at the top of the hour. let's check of the commute with lisa baden. metrorail is reporting the blue and orange line customers additionalence an wait for trains because of a power problem that is affecting them. rte. 50 in maryland westbound bowie, an accident before .he beltway 95 and the baltimore-washington normal volume of traffic and 270 has no accident now but the dulles toll road had out of rest and to get into tyson's that bad? it is on the shoulder. springfield, va. live. sunshine out there but clouds thicken today with around 70 degrees and nighttime lows will be in the mid 40's.
7:58 am
tomorrow we will have periods of rain. much cooler on friday and the sundaycorps marathon on be dry and comfortable, near 60 degrees. thank you for watching and we update atanother 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] nice crowd out there. a little chilly in times square this morning. but it was hot in here a few moments ago. in apologies by maks. he unloaded on the judges, the producers. not backing down one bit. now, we hear from chaz and lacey live, after their emotional exit from the ballroom. >> it was beautiful what chaz said last night when he exited. a lot of class. and we're moments from the big reveal in joplin, missouri. getting ready to unveil a brand-new home for the howard
8:01 am
family. we're about to move that bus live. never done before. live. we cannot wait for that. here comes the howard family. we're going to see it happen. >> that's great. and we have superstar vampires that they can get self-conscious about their bodies. we'll tell you why taylor lautner has all of the passion and feelings, but is a little insecure. >> fall never tasted so good. wolfgang puck is right out there. has a scrumptious fall meal for us. no one can do it like wolfgang. and that's in our last half hour. josh? we're going to begin with news. we're going to head back to oakland, california, where it turned into a virtual war zone overnight last night. [ explosions ] >> a surreal scene, as police
8:02 am
fired tear gas, rubber bullets and bean bag projectiles. police insist it was the only way to prevent the protesters from re-establishing their tent city there in front of the town's city hall. meanwhile, president obama is addressing a key issue fueling those protests. in denver, he'll announce a plan to cap student loan payments at 10% of a borrower's dischristian nair income. some borrowers will be able to consolidate. it comes as a new survey of tuitions rose at 8%, compared to 4% at private schools. three, new deaths are being blamed on the listeria outbreak, traced to contaminated continue lope. the deaths in colorado, kansas and missouri. that means now that 28 people have died in a dozen states. the tainted melons are gone from
8:03 am
store shelves. but listeria symptoms can take months to appear. and '60 minutes" veteran, andy rooney, is in the hospital this morning. he suffered complications after what is being described as minor surgery. andy rooney is 92 years old. more legal trouble for the lohan family. it's not lindsay. it's her father. he wound up in handcuffs after another dispute. we have details from abc's david wright. >> i probably got an hour sleep last night. >> reporter: nope. the bleach bottle blonde tearfully telling her story in court isn't lindsay lohan. she's kind of her stepmom. >> mr. lohan is in custody for assaulting me again. >> reporter: 28-year-old kate major, ex-fiance of lohan's dad, 51-year-old michael lohan. that's him in the hospital gown,
8:04 am
being placed under arrest. >> he thought the officers were gone. he was trying to check out and leave. but they were there waiting. and they placed him under arrest. >> reporter: he checked into a florida hospital with chest pains. now, charged with domestic battery. >> tampa police 911. what's the nature of your emergency. >> reporter: it was a stressful night. >> my ex-fiance, had an argument. >> reporter: according to the police report, major had redness on her arms with bruising an her arm and knee. she said they were arguing about a restraining order she had taken out against michael lohan. michael lohan's arrest came on the day his daughter rortedly got a job. lindsay lohan is baring it all for "playboy." x17 had pictures of her arriving at a beverly hills mansion for the shoot. no comment from lohan or from "playboy."
8:05 am
for "good morning america," david wright, hollywood. here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> tonight on "world news," we think there's new hope in the fight against breast cancer. research that's been done for decades may be finally showing promise. we'll tell you about it tonight on "world news." >> very important story. guys? ready? shall we? pop news, here we go. good morning to you. and robert pattinson is revealing he can relate to the pressure that women feel about their body image. "the twilight" star said in an interview, he worked out for six months. and he did it hard before shooting love scenes with kristen stuart. and he would try to position his body when they were shooting so his muscles would be flexed. he said his self-esteem took a hit when he saw taylor lautner's muscles and six-pack abs. something that we hadn't noticed.
8:06 am
>> sort of like working with george. >> beat you to it, josh. the human slingshot is making news. it's taking extreme sports to a new level in utah. this video has gone viral on youtube, showing a group of friends who jerry-rigged giant bungee cords between two polls and swung, traveling 30 miles per hour. the group says it plans to bring the slingshot back out in winter and use a snowmobile so it the fly over a frozen river. >> there's nothing about that idea that's good. >> one of those -- yeah. please don't do it again, sam. teen pop stars selena gomez and justin bieber have taken a big step in their relationship. they adopted. a dog. the love birds visited an animal shelter this weekend and left with a 10-week-old mix. she is a big advocate of animal
8:07 am
rescue and already adopted five dogs. that would make this the sixth. that would make them the brad and angelina of pet adoption. finally, we've all felt, especially me, like we were bouncing off the walls before. but probably not like this guy. 23-year-old julian reveres, a master of the wall trampoline. he's competed in this artform for ten years. >> that's cool. >> he has a mission. he wants to compete in the x-games and have wall trampolining recognized as an extreme sport. that's amazing. we recognize this as an extreme sport. we're with you, pal. >> whoa. >> that is your pop news. >> that was great. >> that could have been "the play of the day." >> that would have been "play of the day." i love it. i think it's fantastic.
8:08 am
throw it in for "play of the day" tomorrow. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on, joplin here and there. that's moments away, the big reveal this morning. we'll show you what's going on. we start with a shot from the international space station. this is what rina looks like from space, as it passed by the space station yesterday. this storm continues to strengthen and has strengthened overnight tonight. here's the spaghetti models. five or six forecast models. it creases towards cancun and curves off towards cuba. the big question is, does it go south of the tip of florida? or go right by the tip of florida? we'll be watching that as we get to the end of the weekend through the weekend. here's where the heat is today. houston, new orleans, atlanta, not a bad wednesday morning area with d.c. temperatures rebounding into the degrees andr 70 will become thicker and look fory
8:09 am
later this evening and tonight and tomorrow. for tomorrow, grab your because temperatures in the 60's. on friday and a showers on saturday. out nicely >> when you come here and you're all shy, you try to hide from me. we're going to zoom right in on you. okay. you're not shy anymore. we just fixed that. lara? >> all right. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." lots of controversy in the ballroom. maks, not backing down. what will chaz and lacey say about that? so much and more coming up. and get ready to move that bus. "the extreme makeover" team about to reveal that home for the howard family. and got 15 minutes? we'll tell you how one speedy
8:10 am
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8:12 am
i don't regret anything. you know? and that's why i think i'm misunderstood a little bit in this situation. you know, everybody's waiting for me to bow my head, you know, take a knee, and say i'm sorry and please forgive me. i have nothing to apologize for. >> maks, a few minutes ago, on "gma," not backing down from the judges. it's been a dramatic week on
8:13 am
"dancing with the stars." capped off with chaz bono and lacey schwimmer, booted from the ballroom. chaz and lacey with us live. i want to get to the terrific speech you made last night, chaz. you heard maks saying he doesn't have anything to apologize for. i know you didn't hear hiss entire segment. but what did you think when you heard him take on the judges the other night? and does he have anything to apologize for? >> you know, i mean, everybody has a right to speak their mind. you know, i think that he cleared some stuff up last night, it seems like. you know, i mean, that's all really i have to comment on. >> and, lacey, maks singled you out, saying you're friends. there seems to be a fair amount of tension there between him and derek. >> i try to stay out of it. you know? i think everyone around here supports each other. you know, we've been around each other for 13 seasons. we're like a big family. >> just a little family quarrel
8:14 am
there? >> absolutely. >> okay. let's get on to last night. as i said, chaz, that was really -- you went out with real class last night. i want to show the audience the speech you gave right at the end. >> look, i came on this show because i wanted to show america a different kind of man. and i know that -- [ cheers and applause ] if there was somebody like me on tv when i was growing up, my whole life would have been different. so, i dedicate everything i did, to all the people like me, especially the kids and teens struggling. you're going to have a wonderful, great life, to be successful and happy. >> you had a real goal here. did you reach it? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, this experience really exceeded any expectations that i had. and was something in a, you know, will probably forever affect my life. >> how so? >> you know, it gave me a confidence in myself that i didn't have before. and a physical awareness.
8:15 am
and a knowledge that i can do more than i thought i could. and i can get through a lot. >> yet, you're so gracious last night. you didn't hide your anger after bruno's comments on monday night. and you made an important point here. i want to quote it for our viewers. you said, if you're an overweight woman in the competition losing weight, they love you. if you're an overweight man getting in shape, they penalize you for it. is that what bruno's doing? >> i got references from him, things that would indicate the fact that i'm overweight. i was called a basketball. a penguin. an ewok. i didn't appreciate it. if you want to critique my dancing and give me constructive advice so i can improve the next time i was there, that would be great. i don't know how to be less
8:16 am
pengu penguinish. and i took exception to that. >> lacey? >> it's hard to take the competition seriously when the judges are so inconsistent. it's hard. but at the same time, we did what we needed to do. and did it well. and had a great time doing it. i think at the end of the day, that's what our job was all about. >> boy, chaz, you had your mom in your corner. she took to twitter last night. she backed you up on bruno and thanked carrie ann. but also, seem to think that len was a little grumpy. your mom really got into this, isn didn't she? >> yeah, i think she did. when i told my family i was doing this, they were surprised. and i don't think they thought much. and they all got behind me, kind of like everybody else, and were rooting for me because they saw
8:17 am
how hard i was trying and how hard i was pushing myself and coming out of my shell. this is something that my mom and i could have common ground on. this is something, she knows what it feels like to go out and perform in front of an audience. >> you seemed to enjoy it, as well. as hard as you were working. that was so much fun to see. before you guys go, who are you rooting for now? >> j.r. >> j.r., for sure. >> all the way. >> yeah. >> an amazing person. >> all the way. >> amazing guy. good dancer. >> i love everybody on the cast. so, i have to go now. for me, it can't be about personalities because i love everyone. so, i have to pick cwho i think is the best dancer. for me, it's been j.r. >> and a great personality behind it. >> a great guy. >> we can all agree on that. thank you so much. you guys are terrific. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and "dancing with the stars" is back on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc.
8:18 am
robin? >> okay, george. get over here because we've been counting down all morning to move that bus live. a really special morning in joplin, missouri. the entire "home makeover" crew, getting ready to move a bus for the howard family. all part of rebuilding an entire neighborhood. and, sam, you were there with the crew in joplin last week. >> this is one of the most exciting moments ever. they have never built more than one house at a time. now, they created a brand-new neighborhood where there was just rubble. the amazing "extreme makeover" group are doing both of those now. let's catch up with the family, the howards. kyle, jill and their four boys. they will see their new home in a little bit. but we want you to meet them. what happens when you have 1 week, 10,000 volunteers, 18 builders and the skill of some of the most extremely talented designers in the world? you have the recipe for "extreme
8:19 am
makeover: home edition's" most ambitious project ever. the town ravaged back in may. >> starting over in this neighborhood. hopefully everyone will follow. >> reporter: each of the houses unique. designed specifically with its new owners in mind. >> we want this to be a fresh community where you can look out the door and say morning, neighbor. >> reporter: we got a sneak preview of the special moment when the joplin families had been told they would receive a new home. >> good morning, howard family. >> reporter: we gave one of them, the howard family, the news live, right here on "gma." >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: firefighter dad, kyle, at work, when the twister struck, and couldn't get in touch with his life, jill, or their four, young sons at home. they survived in the only place left standing, this partial
8:20 am
closet. it's been five months since the tornado altered so many lives. but the folks in joplin are ready for the healing to begin. >> i hope that when that moment comes, when they say move that bus, that soon we'll have a sense of healing and move past this terrible tragedy that happened. >> reporter: for the howard family, the time has finally come to hear those three little words we've been waiting for. >> move that bus. >> our fearless leader for this expedition is ty. ty is there live in joplin this morning. good morning, ty. can you hear us? is everything working? [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. i know the howard family is a little nervous. but you've never done this live on our show before or live at all before. you have to be nervous, too, my friend. >> you can tell, it's pretty loud here. i didn't hear a word you said. but i can tell you this. these guys are so excited. are you ready to see what's behind this bus?
8:21 am
>> indescribable. we can't wait. >> what about you guys? are you ready to see what's behind this bus? [ cheers and applause ] you want to ask any questions? how do you feel right now? >> overwhelmed. all of us. >> i cannot wait for you guys to see this. move that bus. >> very nice. >> how do you feel? >> that's our new home. >> you're the first one on the block. >> i know. >> what do you think?
8:22 am
>> they are an awesome family. i just -- >> what do you guys think? >> it's awesome. >> wow. >> amazing. >> jill, can you hear us? i know the crowd's awful loud. >> awesome. >> we can hear you. >> hey, ty, ask jill, i know she's had to keep a family together in a temporary home without anything of their own for months. did she ever think that this day was finally going to get here? >> did you hear -- did you think this day would be here? >> i was hoping. but it is amazing. wow. >> can you believe that's actually your home? >> no. i can't believe it. >> and it's stunning. it's gorgeous. it's perfect for you guys because you're such the outdoor family. i like the fireman red for kyle there and the bright red door. you guys have to hang on for just a second because we're going to show america the inside of the house. you won't get to see it yet.
8:23 am
hang on. close everybody's eyes. and, america, take a look at the inside. this is your exclusive inside tour of the new howard family home. ♪ it's designed in the tradition of a log cabin because of the family's love of nature. the four-bedroom, two-bathroom house, move-in-ready. from a fully stocked fridge to dishes lining the cabinet. the howards are an outdoorsy family, so there's a suspended canoe in the living room. just like the other six in this neighborhood, this home took only one week to build. >> we got conner over here. conner loves underwater stuff. >> reporter: just five days ago, this was 12-year-old conner's room. but look at it today. a nautical dream. >> he is all about lighting. i want to make sure he has a nice place to sit down and write. things that encourage that. >> reporter: this belongs to keenan, the oldest son.
8:24 am
now, the aspiring writer will never be without words. each room reflecting the individual spirit of its family member. along the way, our extreme design team shows us ways that we can individualize our own homes, without breaking the bank. >> i went to the recycling place here in joplin. cut them off with a tile cutter. and used tile grout and stuck them to the wall. >> i added wallpaper here on one wall. one accent wall instead of doing the entire room, it saves money and gives you a kick. >> reporter: but the most important design feature of each of the seven homes provides something money can't buy, piece of mind. >> these are storm shelters. they're made out of bullet-proof tornado. they're can survive an f-5 tornado. there's a safe place they can take their families. >> there's only one team that could have done all that in seven days. let's go back live.
8:25 am
ty standing there in joplin, right now, with the howard family. now, kyle, while you've had a chance to settle down and look at the outside, we've shown america the inside. take a look around you. that's got to be almost half the town of joplin right there, for your moment this morning. how does that feel? >> it's incredible. >> it's amazing. >> it's overwhelming. i mean -- it's just amazing all these people came out just to help us. and just to build all of this. i can't even express how overwhelming that is and humbling. i mean, for people to do that, it's just indescribable. >> jill, i want to ask you. we're seeing a look at this one block rising again. but we're not going to be able to see the entire town. what's it like there right now? what's it like as this city really finds itself again? >> joplin has been through an incredible devastation.
8:26 am
but even from the top -- even from the start, we have been able to look to the future. and say, what could joplin be now? and we have been moving towards that. and this is amazing. this was devastation here. there was nothing here. and now, now that this house -- this block of beautiful homes. and we've had a chance to meet the families that are going to be in there. and they are incredible families. for all of this, it's perfect. >> you have neighbors now. >> they are awesome. >> just the stories of everybody here in joplin. so glad you could be a part of it. >> thank you so much. for letting us in on this moment. from the crew, to the volunteers to the town of joplin. we're amazingly proud to watch your next.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning, it isy a the clock 27. a jury could hear opening statements in lululemon trial as today.s will not see the graphic the victim's body. what picturescted use in the case. brittany norwood is accused of beating her co-worker to death yoga store . newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report in a few minutes. the d.c. council will tackle at that reform on nine bills to compel the council amid for this comes ongoing corruption investigations.
8:28 am
>> here is lisa baden with a check on traffic. we will begin on georgia northbound trying to get silver spring and up to the beltway. thee is a crash before beltway. 270, there is plenty of traffic southbound at father the laneulevard to divide. virginia, more of the same and 95 and 395 near the 14th street bridge. a little bit of sunshine to wednesday but the clouds start rolling in from the the next couple of hours. daytime highs will be around 70 degrees and nighttime lows in the 40's. keep the umbrella and the two daytime highs and a 60's and better conditions will air with dry air friday and saturday and sunday ok. marathon is ons sunday with dry weather.
8:29 am
we will have another update at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ let me see your body rock [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. michelle obama speaking out this morning, on her personal passion, to help people turn their lives around. what she's doing to help so many. looking forward to share that with you. denise picked that song for a reason, "body rock." can you get in shape in just 15 minutes a day? we'll find out how in just a minute. once you've burned all those calories, let's go eat. why not? wolfgang puck is here. it smells amazing. he's cooking up a fall feast.
8:31 am
let's take a moment and congratulate robin. a big night for you last night. american association of state colleges and universities gave you the distinguished alumnus award last night. this is from making a significant contribution in the public and cultural light. >> thank you. it was for my school, south louisiana university. it's the smaller schools from state universities across the country. i was very proud to be representing southeastern. thank you. i'd like to thank all the little people who made -- it was a great, great night. happy to be there in boston. >> great. let's get to josh. >> congratulations, robin. terrific. >> u.c. santa barbara, baby. >> now, to the hit comedy, "suburgatory." it's about a girl who moves out to the suburbs.
8:32 am
jane levy, good enough to join us now. congratulations on your show. we're both from the california suburbs. there's some weird things about the suburbs. they're not the -- it's not the clean-cut place that we're used to seeing, perhaps. >> our suburbs? >> our suburbs. the suburbs. >> okay. >> is it fair to say? >> is it fair to say? >> that suburbs are not -- stranger things happen out there than we're led to believe. when the city girl goes out there, she's going to find some craziness. >> yeah. absolutely. >> you are not supposed to be making it look this easy. 21 years old. you've had a character role on a showtime series. now, this. how did it happen so quickly? >> i don't know. i moved to l.a. and started auditioning. i was really lucky. i think this role came at a right time. and i'm having so much fun. >> i want to take a look at it. this is a moment from tonight's
8:33 am
episode. jeremy sisto is your father. you're decorating for halloween. take a look. >> we need realistic arterial spray not amateur hour. >> amateur hour? i should cut your head off with that. >> you're all talk. >> any final words? >> yes. i'm not afraid to die. >> you see jeremy's sister there. you have chris parnell and ana gasteyer, from "snl," and cheryl hines. what's it like to go to work every day? >> i'm working with comedic all-stars. not only are they great character actors, but such good people. >> it's taking its first steps. "suburgatory," airs tonight. 8:30, 7:30 central. thanks, jane. >> thanks for having me. let's go outside to sam and the weather. >> josh, i'm with you. grew up in the suburbs, too.
8:34 am
i don't know. some stuff goes on in the suburbs. good morning, everybody in times square. wolfgang is here this morning. and everybody always asks -- just take a -- >> i'm here. >> everybody always asks, do you guys really like that food? and i have to say, when wolfgang puck is in the kitchen -- >> we eat. absolutely. >> let's get to the boards. our twitter pictures are all over the place. we picked two from indianapolis and also from ft. walton beach. we like the glow of sun rise and sunset, as well. let's show you what's happening on the coastline in southern california. we feel on into the southwest. this is the time you're going to warm up over the next three days. by the time you get into friday, you have great temperatures. it's a little cool on the coastline into subuanta barbara during the day today. and we have issues on the eastern seaboard. we have a storm moving in for -- it's a short storm with gusty winds and rain, probably into thursday. but we've got another situation we may be watching closely for
8:35 am
the weekend on the nice to see some sunshine on morning anday around 70es will be degrees today, similar to the clouds will increase moving through the afternoon >> all that weather was brought to you by party city. george? >> thank you, sam. and on this morning's bringing america back, first lady michelle obama, and chicago mayor, rahm emanuel, are getting together to bring food to communities. poverty and hunger are on the rise in america. affordable fruits and vegetables are so hard to find in so many low-income areas. in chicago yesterday, the first lady and the mayor promoted a plan to turn that around. the first lady was back home tuesday, touring a farm on chicago's south side.
8:36 am
>> it's alive. >> reporter: a farm in the middle of what she calls a desert. >> i saw this growing up in my own community, you know? starting out with wonderful grocery stores and places to go. you could walk down the street. but slowly, but surely, as the economies change, many of the resources just disappeared. >> reporter: they're called food deserts, areas like this one with little access to grocery stores selling fresh fruits and vegetables. 23.5 million low-income americans live half a mile from one, forced to rely on fast food or processed foods, which can spark high obesity rates. >> they just have to have access to the foods that they know will make their families healthier. >> reporter: so, michelle obama is joining forces with her old friend and former white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, now the mayor of chicago. >> this is a serious issue, with real solutions to very real problems in people's lives. >> reporter: emanuel has called
8:37 am
a summit with mayors across the country, to talk solutions. like cutting red tape to make neighbors attractive to grocery stores. 36 stores have signed on, ranging from traditional grocery stores to megaretail stores like walgreens and walmart. >> this gives growth and access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood. >> reporter: that's good news for nicki and her family, who comes to get fresh food. the demand so high, this night, the line goes around the block. >> they love eating healthy anyway. >> good to see her take a bite of that apple. coming up, 15 minutes to a brand-new you. coming up, 15 minutes to a brand-new you. back here live.
8:38 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible.
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8:40 am
so, what if you could really
8:41 am
get in shape by working out for just 15 minutes a day? i know you heard it before. but two new books from "men's health" and "women's health" magazines say, it is doable. the big book, 15-minute workouts, one for the men, one for the ladies. a and we're joined by "men's health" contributor, matt bean, and "women's health" editor, jen with some tips. you say that -- stop making excuses. it can happen. >> you go to the gym. you see a lot of people camping out on the treadmill or the stairmaster, flipping through magazines. you're not focused on the workouts. they're resistance training. just 15 minutes of resistance training is just as effective or more of twice as much cardiovascular training. >> and so, less is more in this case. >> it certainly is. and you'll stick to it more.
8:42 am
>> that's one excuse. i don't have the time. i'm going to get you with this one. i can't afford the equipment. it's too expensive. >> all you need is dumbbells and a mat. sometimes you don't need that much. all right. >> no way out. let's get started. are you guys ready? >> you guys at home, listen along. >> first up. dumbbells. these aren't too huge, are they? >> no. >> this is the tank top workout. it's great for strapless dresses. >> we don't recommend you do this in high-heels. >> it's not good with high-heels. you want your feet shoulder width apart. and you want to raise your arms to the front and lower to the side of your body. how are you feeling? >> fine. i got this. >> don't go too much higher. >> i have pigeon toes.
8:43 am
>> not to be done in stiletto heels. >> i'm feeling it. but no pressure, people. >> good one for strapless dress season. >> that great kelly ripa arm. i want that. i dream of that. >> the gun show, right? >> welcome to the gun show. >> all right. the next one, you're going to use the same way. this is great. you can transition without resting to this exercise. keeps you pumped up. >> do you recommend that? >> yeah. you're going to have the shoulders in. and you're going to raise straight ahead. press up. hold them at the top. and go back down. as you do the exercises slower, you're going to engage more of the muscles that's going to dump a lot more fat-burning hormones in your bloodstream. >> how many? >> six to eight. if the weight's too easy, go to a heavier weight. get the movement right first. >> people go for this, 15 minutes, how many sets of weights should they get? should they get the
8:44 am
two-pounders? five? ten? >> go to a store where a trained fitness professional and ask them to find you a got starter set of weights. >> you can usually start out three to five. and get an eight to ten as you progress, you have two sets. >> are you experiencing success if you can go with a heavier weight? >> you want to get your form down first. let's do one more exercise for the ladies. we'll blast you lu the men's workout. last exercise, the tricept extension. keep your back straight. let's go, jen. raise the arm and twist at the back. >> there's a twist at the end. >> yeah. >> it hits all three heads. >> you want to do 12 to 15 of those. >> and you promise, we do this workout -- >> results, do it four to five times a week, and you'll see
8:45 am
results in two weeks. >> something for the guys. >> three, quick series. jen and i will do them with you. the first one, you start in a boxing stance. and you're going to go do a knee thrust. knee up. next, do as many of those in 60 seconds. this is called front squat. you can do it if you want. and then, knee thrust in the front. last but not least, this one is a judo move. the knee trust with the sidekick. as many as you can in 60 seconds. hit a smoothie. get "men's health" and "women's health." >> we have more on our website, goodmorningamerica
8:46 am
[ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more wneh new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way y to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah.
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8:48 am
let me tell you something here. >> yeah? >> long before tv channels were full of celebrity chefs, and they're great, wolfgang puck right here, he set the bar and he set it high. now, his restaurant is expanding. he's opening a new restaurant in london, his first in europe. >> and the bel air hotel in los angeles. absolutely. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome wolfgang puck. >> thank you. >> you have two restaurants that are opening. >> it keeps me busy. also one in singapore that opened eight months ago. really nice, in a big hotel there. it's really exciting to -- for the restaurants. but i love to be cooking for you
8:49 am
here. >> what are you going to cook today? >> we are going to do chicken breast. i have the chicken breast here. and i put them between two plastic sheets. and you go -- you do it. >> that josh. george. >> beat it. >> i love lara. >> all right. a little more. a little more. don't be scared. >> don't be scared. i'm not scared. >> okay, good. let's open it up. >> that felt good. >> and take it out. now, a little salt. like that. some prosciutto. who likes prosciutto? yeah. >> yummy, yummy. >> we are living away food here. and then, we are going to put on some -- enjoy. here. make a meal out of it. >> okay. >> we put provolone cheese. who likes basil, out there?
8:50 am
everybody? roll it up like a rollup. >> like a rollup? >> yeah. all right. excellent job. >> oh, wow. >> nice. good job. now -- >> and i helped. >> i think you can do the segment by yourself now. >> no, no, no. >> you always have to check in. >> you put a stick in it, and then it doesn't unwrap. and then, we're going to cook it. >> george is helping already over here. uh-oh. >> i like that idea. >> are they done already, george? don't burn anything here. okay. we're going to put a little oil in here. >> yeah. >> what about the sauce? >> i have the tomato sauce here. i'm going to add a little olive oil. you like it spicy. a little chili flakes. a little oregano because george is here. a little wine. a little vodka.
8:51 am
what do you like better? wine or vodka? >> doesn't matter. >> okay. both are liquid. now, you can see here, very nicely sauteed. what we do then, is we add our tomato sauce. >> yeah. >> oh. i can smell it there. >> and then, we're going to bake it in the oven. and you can see right here -- >> you bake it in the oven? how long do you bake it in the oven? >> 20 minutes. and then, i put a little bread crumbs on top. and then, we put a little cheese on top, if you want to. just like that. all right. >> wonderful. >> you're eating already. >> they're loving it. look at them here. >> you're putting them on a bed of something here. >> i have a little rissoto here. they ate all my props here. >> they got here. >> did you eat my plate? >> i have one here for you.
8:52 am
>> thank you. >> all right. >> it's gone. >> all right. >> it was good. >> okay. we have some more. and the sauce. >> here's a new plate. >> okay. thank you. we want more. >> thank you, wolfgang. >> thank you. and you know, it's healthy. it's easy. it's delicious. a little sauce. >> thank you. >> all right. lara is cooking, too. >> you're such a gentleman, wolfgang. and tasty. >> get some sauce here. if you have time at home, you make a little oil. you put it in a blender. >> you can go to on
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you, wolfgang. it's so easy. it's delicious. and at yahoo! to get the recipe. thank you, wolfgang. >> and ty and crew, live in joplin. how is the howard family doing
8:56 am
this morning so far? >> i'll tell you what, everybody is awesome. everyone is excited. they're about to go inside. i want to say, what an incredible week it's been. and give it up for our builders this week. they've been incredible. we've got thousands of volunteers from all over the country. coming to joplin. amazing week. >> "extreme home makeover" friday, new time. >> bye. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning @ ayotte 56.
8:57 am
the montgomery county meeting up to address metro escalator's panel held an emergency meeting last night and they voiced their concerns about escalator problems at the bethesda station. all the stations, three escalator stop working earlier in the day. had a public meeting d.c. leaders will be an area what to do with by world war i missions. at least one home could be torn down. let's check in with lisa baden traffic.k at there's an accident that has on theking care of county parkway. virginia is loaded up this morning and across the roosevelt bridge has heavy traffic to constitution avenue.
8:58 am
north of reagan national airport virginia, it is getting better up to the pentagon and the beltway as normal delays. 95 to georgia avenue, at least we don't have rain. pretty morning and around 70es will be later and clouds will thicken from north to south and fallratures will start to as a cold front moves through. degrees tonight and tomorrow we will have periods of 62-67, cooler and drier on friday and a chance for showers saturday and drive for the marine corps marathon sunday >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month.
8:59 am
yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.


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