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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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time there with police. >> following a developing story overseas, european leaders reached a last min ought agreement to end the two year debt crisis in greece. the crisis threat tuned derail the economy across europe and perhaps lead to a global recession. word of the agreement sent asian stocks higher. >> should be a good day on the markets. in other news this morning, the wife of notorious wall street swindler, bernie madoff is breaking her silence with a pretty stunning claim. in an upcoming interview with 60 minutes. ruth madoff said after her husband admitted to stealing billions of dollars, they were so distraught they tried killing themselves swallowing various pills. but both of them woke up the next morning. bernie madoff in today's "the new york times" is telling a different story.y. inhio the trial of a former high school gym teacher charged with having sex with five students expected to wrap up today. 33-year-old stacy shuler pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity saying the teen boys actually took advantage of her.
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a string of character witnesses, some former students took the stand in her defense telling the court sunny was a dedicated teacher who often acted as a second mother. >> her classroom was a place you could go few no matter what kind of problem you were dealing with and she would help you with it. >> she made sure that i knew it was okay. and that i was going to be okay. and that if i never needed anything she was going to be there. you know, for emotional support. >> five teens have testified about sexual encounters with shuler. they say she was drink at the time and initiated much of the contact. here is a story people will be talking about today. about an obscure law in florida that is getting a lot of attention suddenly. the law makes it illegal for unmarried couples to live together if their relationship involves sex. jerry hume of tallahassee's wtxl reports. >> reporter: eddie and melanie have been going out nearly four months. but little did they know they were breaking the law by living
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together. a florida statute says it is illegal for an unmarried man and woman to cohabit. >> kind of absurd at this point. i understand back then. now in these, ever-modernizing times -- i mean it just doesn't seem look that big of an ush to anymore. >> i agree with him. people should make their own decision. people do practically live with, they're a couple anyway, stupid having the law. >> reporter: now the republican state representative, rich workman wants to repeal the statute which dates back to the 100s. >> a second degree misdemeanor. 60 days in jail. 550,000 people put on their census form. either arrest them, or repeal the law. that simple. >> reporter: workman says because the law isn't enforced it shouldn't be on the books. but members of the faith community and social conservatives in the state legislature are prepared to stop the bill saying that the government should be a strong
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supporter of marriage. zach allen works with college students at first baptist church in tallahassee. >> we talk to them about the wisdom of the decision that they make. and knowing statistically how those that cohabit before marriage have higher divorce rates after getting married. >> for now, half a million floridians living with someone not their spouse is breaking the law. >> jerry hume reporting in from tallahassee. interesting. can't imagine that is ever enforced. jerry said in the piece it is not enforced. stow who cares? >> yeah, not going to enforce it, what is the big deal. another one of the issues i thought republicans were the party of little government. government out of your life. i can live with this, a political issue. little crazy to me. >> we see where you stand on the issue. >> just saying, my opinion. >> we have an update to a story, historic copper church bell missing from st. mary any church cathedral, san francisco, turned up in one piece. the homelessman found the bell under tarps in a salvage yard.
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police believe it was about to be broken down and sold for metal con nent. the bell will be returned to st. mary's and this time it will have much better security. >> good for the church. >> unbelievable they were able to drag it away. >> here is your thursday forecast -- wet from boston to d.c. snowing in new england, upstate new york, pittsburgh. showers from cincinnati to houston. rain and snow showers from santa fe, into western texas. windy with high fire danger around san francisco, l.a., san diego. >> 54, seattle. 49 in billings. 50s. fargo, kansas city, detroit. 67 in baltimore. 85 in miami. whenever we read miami. >> hard to not get jealous. >> until the storm may come over the weekend. be careful. that time of year again, turkeys all over the country preparing for the annual presidential pardon at the white house. >> thatbusiness. at the national turkey
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federation. 30 turkeys are working with a trainer, acclimating them so they won't freak out in front of the white house crowd. i have been to the turkey park. it is a great time. but you got to feel bad for all the other turkeys. a couple chosen few, and they're big, fat turkeys. >> how many do they pardon? >> they do one and then have extras on the side. one big star of the show. >> very cool. one lucky bird. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ ♪ with good-byes you think i'd crumble you think i'd lay down and die oh, not i ♪ >> announcer: attention, those on medicare with diabetes. you may be eligible for an upgraded meter. >> if you're tired of stabbing your fingertips to test your blood glucose, we have news that could change your life.
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weird al you are on your apocalypse tour and on "world news now." how about playing a little accordian? >> is this little enough for you? >> perfect. watch weird al do the world news polka thursday morning on abc. >> weird al and barry mitchell. that will be fun. >> our face book picture of the day, what makes you smile, a couple wrote in, the polka. >> proud tradition on the show. >> the hunt is on in plainsville, massachusetts area looking for a burglar. >> interesting story here. he was caught on camera while breaking into a home. and the victims didn't even know the camera was rolling. rondella richardson of boston reports. >> a little surreal. i am glad the technology worked. >> he went through my jewelry and took a couple tiffany necklaces. >> reporter: police say you are looking at a most valuable piece of evidence, web cam video of a guy breaking into a plainville family home.
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>> this is pretty good piece of evidence if we can now find out who he is. >> that's where he take is my iphone. see him put it in his pocket. >> reporter: homeowners and police put the suspect video and photos on facebook. >> we find that facebook page is looked at more than our actual web pages. >> reporter: it is pitch black in the room. it is an infrared night vision web cam that makes the difference. this is how dark it was sunday night when the burglar was caught on the family's web cam. >> built in surveillance module. where you do is plug in a web cam and records 24/7. >> reporter: he stole rolls of coins worth hundreds of dollars and never took anything large, like a laptop. it's look he hoped the homeowners wouldn't know anything happened. he entered through an unlocked door and left five minutes before the wife returned home. >> it's scary. and now every time i drive in the car i an looking at all the cars, trying to figure out if i am driving by the guy. >> wow. i did a story like this for
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"good morning america." we talked about how web-cams and facebook, really sort of the new wanted poster. you know they had those in the wild, wild west. now, they have these and these are the wanted posters of the modern age. you can really, if you know that man, you recognize him. >> absolutely. amazing. how clearer the picture is too. good. keep the web-cams rolling. that's for sure. all right, coming up next, this year's trends in halloween costumes. >> you will see robin a costume. you don't want to miss it. >> you will see robin a costume. you don't want to miss it. stay with us.
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for cleaner air and your right to breathe it. for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're ghting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung sociation isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. joinin us in the fight at ♪ the mash he did the monster mash the monster smash ♪ >> time for my favorite segment of the year and really the favorite of the staff here at "world news now." halloween of course almost here. lots of fun for the kids. even us grownups. if you need some ideas about making it a better holiday for your little ghost or goblin out there maybe even yourself, our
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toy insider mom can help, let's welcome back, laurie shack, co-publisher of the toy insider. i'm obviously scooby doo, my daphne, yes, indeed. awe haul wean >> halloween is so much fun. we can decorate. posters. stick them on. reusable. no tape. we have jason in the background. >> look at that. very cool. >> right. isn't that great? >> a touch for the house. >> so these are big, big, gigantic, hands. you know not every kid wants to put on a whole costume. here is some extra gear, good for role playing. >> full costume, hand action. >> this is just for us. look, scooby's mystery mansion. >> >> fun things to do. goo dripping down. you have creepy crawlies, zombie hex-bug nanos, and remote
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control tarantulas and spiders. and now we'll take a look at costumes. >> halloween, got to diet. >> kids are babies, choose what they wear. great bunting, catch a package. >> cute for the little ones. >> smurf, a huge movie. great for toddlers. and lala-loopsie. dinosaur train, from, this is buddy the t-rex. the t-rex. everyone knows car lightning mcqueen. ra p p rapunzel. hair hold separate. captain america shield. and you have to have super heroes. we have power rangers. >> roughly how much do they cost? >> from $17 to $30. >> not too bad. >> real life models coming. let's start with draculara from
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the dolls and books. wearing her beautiful outfit. >> ha-ha-ha. >> lighting effect we like that. all the munsters part of the series. high school girls. >> very nice. thank you. >> next, hello kitty. the new rad outfit. whole lot of fun. okay. moms love hello kitty. kids love hello kitty. >> colorful fun. your lovely daughter right there. you guys are a fun family. i can tell. >> so what would halloween be without witches, should we choose a good witch or bad witch? >> let's bring out the witches and see. >> from classics "wizard of oz" glenda the good witch and wicked witch of the west. >> depending on which, witch do you want to be. very nice. very cool. >> green lantern. so we have our green lantern. green lantern coming. >> there we go.
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>> the movie. >> sparkling. >> sparkling and everything. >> very cool. nice to moot you green lantern. >> most popular app anywhere now. anywhere, that we have angry bird. red, yellow. toddler to adult. clearly angry bird. >> people are so addicted to that game. that may be the biggest costume. >> me too. >> angry birds. we luike it. bring everybody out here. everyone can see. all the great costumes again. look at the witches, hello kitty. everyone, thank you for doing this. you look good. happy halloween. have fun. be safe. laurie thank you for coming back. or daphne. >> thank you scooby. >> very, very cool. again our toy insider, mom, laurie shack, thank you for coming in again and getting details on costumes and products at facebook, you are watching "world news now." a very special edition of scooby doo as well. ♪ we did the mash
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>> we'll be back, everybody. stay with us. and happy halloween. bell bottoms in the '80s? not pretty. then she found them. she loved them, so i washed them in tide with downy and they're still soft and fresh. right?
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i'm blogging. really. i'm talking. that's my tide. what's yours?
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a lot of interesting buzzy news unpapers this morning. we'll update you on a story we told you about earlier this week. you remember the performance artist who was going to deliver her baby in front of an audience in brooklyn. she had her baby. joking this morning that it is not performance art it's pop art. >> yes. >> the mother, she has given birth to her baby. she is going to put that birth online so if you missed it in person you are going to be able to watch it on her website. >> oh, good. >> her baby is ajax. >> like to clean the toilet? >> right. the birth of baby x, now she is going to continue this
2:56 am
performance art with the raising of baby x, going to document, the raising of this baby and something that will continue now for the rest of the baby's life. some critics are saying is this really art? or any different than what mommy bloggers and people who update on face book, what's the difference. how can you call it art? >> publicity stunt. >> as long as you have an audience. >> there are millions of moms, why would her story and little ajax. i will throw up at my dex. the funny photo here, proving that morons come in all ages. out of the ornuof the orange co register. the police had to come. heard his screams. they did have to cut the tree to get him out of there. apparently, they heard him. authorities got alerted. they came and got this idiot out of the tree.
2:57 am
this grown man who got stuck in a hollowed out tree. >> okay. moving on now to another dumb man, i would say, 24-year-old kevin gaylor, from the gazette. he invited a woman over to come get to know him better at 3:00 in the morning. >> bt bootie call. >> his girlfriend got there before the woman got there. when she got there he called police and said this woman was an intruder. he's charged with filing a false police report. proof that a man will say anything to get out of trouble. >> the woman showed up. he called the cops. this woman tried to break into nigh house. quick thinking. >> now he is getting in a lot of trouble. >> in the moment he thought it would work. last thing, apparently ketchup is going high end. heinzypicallytypically, blended with balsamic
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this morning on "world news now" -- darkest despair. ruth madoff, wife of convicted swindler, bernie madoff, says the couple tried to kim themselves. >> she is making the shocking claim during her first interview since her husband's arrest nearly three years ago. it's thursday, october 27th. good morning. i'm yunji de nies. >> and i'm rob nelson. ruth madoff is breaking her silence with a bombshell. she says the suicide attempt took place weeks after bernie madoff's ponzi scandal was busted wide open. you will hear from those who question her claim. >> shocking admission there. also this morning, winter's instant, early arrival in colorado and wyoming.
3:01 am
the nasty autumn storm that caused big problems in denver and a system that could barrel across the country. could your halloween be snowed out? >> oh. >> bad news for trick-or-treaters. >> winter is coming too soon. i am so bummed out. later this half-hour, a dog named ruby certainly no ordinary pet. trained to detect a little girl's blood sugar problems. you will see why ruby is a lifesaver in more ways than one. an incredible story here. >> absolutely. very talented dog there. first to the very stunning claims made by ruth madoff speaking publicly for the first time since her husband's arrest. >> at least one person is questioning mrs. madoff's version of what happened that night. here is abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: according to her interview, ruth and bernie madoff tried to kill themselves on christmas eve in this new york city penthouse apartment. it was just weeks after madoff had been arrested and his thousands of victims realize heed had cheated them out of
3:02 am
billions of dollars. ruth madoff admitted the suicide plan to cbs news "60 minutes." >> i don't know whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls. hate mail. >> reporter: ruth and bernie had been married 50 years and she told cbs they decided to gets to swallow pills including am bill. en. i took what he had. he took more, she told cbs. but it was not enough. we took pills and woke up the next day and it was very impulsive and i am glad we woke up. ruth told cbs. but her account of the christmas eve suicide is questioned by the head of the private security firm hired to guard them who was inside the apartment that night until about 7:00 p.m. >> sitting there with them talking. i didn't see anything unusual. >> reporter: nothing that would suggest they were about to talk
3:03 am
a bunch of pills and try to kill themselves? >> correct. >> reporter: it was last year, madoff's eldest son mark took his life hanging himself in his apartment on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. and his wife told 20/20, mark felt ruth was wrong to stand by bernie after the arrest. >> he could not understand how she could stand by this man, how she could stand by a monster. >> reporter: ruth went into hiding in florida after madoff went to prison. even dying her hair red in an effort to avoid being recognized when she returned to new york. ruth madoff was allowed by federal prosecutors to keep more than $2 million. she lives in boca raton, florida, and always denied knowing anything about her husband's massive scheme saying her close friends and even her own sister lost a lot of money in it. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> shocker there. >> the madoffs, drama continues. the morning's "the new york
3:04 am
times" is reporting bernie madoff acknowledged the couple considered suicide but never actually acted on it. he is saying one thing. the wife is saying they popped the pills and tried to do it. so the stories aren't matching up. >> either way though a very, very troubling story. her interview comes after she has agreed to help her other son promote his book. you wonder about her motivations in making this shocking revelation. where is the truth? only the two of them really know. >> only the two know with a book to promote. sheds another light on it as well. one of the biggest wall street power players caught up in a massive insider trading scheme says he is not guilty. former goldman sachs board member gupta is accused of providing tips for a hedge fund founder. facing securities fraud charges carrying a potential penalty of 105 years behind bafrmentz his trial set for next april. five former patients have jumped to the defense of michael jackson's doctor portraying him
3:05 am
as kind, compassion that and competent. one man told the court murray was the best doctor he had ever seen and murray was moved to tears when an 82-year-old woman praised him for opening a clinic in texas to serve mostly poor senior citizens. they each said murray never rushed his patients and was not after their money. in turkey, excavators with heavy equipment have started clearing debris from sunday's devastating earthquake. after miraculous rescues search crews have determined there are no more survivors. abc's alex marquardt has more from the southeastern city of van. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was brought to the surface after 61 hours under the rubble. a few hours later in the same town, ercis hardest hit by sunday's earthquake, a 27-year-old teacher was also found alive. two week old baby azra rescued with her mother and grandmother is resting in an incubator in a hospital in turkey's capital anchor ra. the hopes of finding others
3:06 am
alive are fading fast. search-and-rescue operations are now shifting to recovery. turkey's prime minister said sloppy construction was a major factor in the high death toll and compared irresponsible building to murder. tens of thousands who survived the quake are unable or afraid to go home. it's cold, and people are hungry. there are long lines for tents, armed guards protecting their distribution. >> translator: i have five children, this man said, weight in the rain. haven't been able to get a tent for two days. >> reporter: the problem is it is getting even colder and expected to snow. potentially turning what is already a very difficult situation for those who have been made homeless, into a full blown crisis. alex marquardt, abc news, van, turkey. >> things getting desperate. turkey asking for more aid. israel providing some of that. it can't come soon enough especially with cold weather. >> any tragedy look that there
3:07 am
is never enough, quick enough to meet the demand. hopefully it will get there soon enough to help as many as possible. we'll see. new developments in the case of the missing baby from kansas city. lisa irwin any two brothers will be reinterviewed tomorrow, the boys, ages 5 and 8 have not been allowed to speak to investigators since their first interview after lisa disappeared. detectives won't be speaking to the boys they're bringing in somebody especially traund ined interview children. we have now learned singer amy winehouse drang herself to death. a report from the coroner found winehouse had a lethal amount of alcohol in her blood, five times the british drunk driving limit. singer fought drug and alcohol problem for years was found dead in her bed in her london home in july just 27 years old. hurricane rina just hours away from sweeping along mexico's most popular tourist destinations. vacationers in cancun, cozumel and rivera maya headed to the
3:08 am
airport in droves more than a dozen flights were canceled and shelters filled with residents. winds have dropped to 85 miles an hour, it is sexpected to whacken more before the weekend. the denver area buried by the first storm of the season. dozens of flights were canceled yesterday. thousands of folks are struggling through the night without power. some have no heat. and abc's correspondent is there braving the storm. >> reporter: if you can believe it three day as go out was 80 degrees here. now look, snow falling since early wednesday has turned neighborhoods around denver into winter wonderlands. here is the problem. take a look at this. many of the trees here still have not lost their leaves, so when all of this wet, heavy snow comes down, it collects on the branches, and far too heavy, and the branches simply snap off. >> well, when i cam out this morning there was a big tree branch on my car. >> reporter: crews were busy dealing with fallen branches that locked out power lines.
3:09 am
the local power company here tells us across the region at least 100,000 people right now are without electricty. they brought uncrews from around the country to fix the damage. it could be a day or two. denver has gotten five inches of snow. in parts of the mountains a come of feet. this is colorado in october. it's beautiful. you have fall colors and snow on top of that. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: the good news is after bracing overnight temperatures in the teens, temperatures will be back in the 60s by the weekend. many people here are hoping for a quick melt. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> stay warm, clayton. you know the guy in the end he had a really good attitude. fall foliage, little bit of snow. if you live there you have to love that kind of weather. >> you would have to. you get sick, 80s, 30s. snow, that's how people get sick this tomb of year. >> you are watching the forecast here on the east coast for hall wevenhall -- halloween.
3:10 am
hope we stay drive. >> here is your thursday forecast. rain from washington, d.c., new england. changing to snow around pittsburgh. syracuse, burlington, vermont. showers from houston to memphis. louisville, rain, snow showers from santa fe to the texas panhandle. >> 52, albuquerque. 47 in salt lake city. 70s, sacramento. phoenix. and listen to the song. ♪ you can't stop a great song. 50s in the middle of the country. boston, chilly 48. atlanta, 75. who sings that. peebo bryson. >> the only show on television where the anchor sings through the news. >> why people love us. different kind of news. >> for those insomniacs, you know what this feels like, next time you wake up dragging your feet complaining abut going to work. think about art hewitt. >> a fire fighter in leak city, texas. still on the job. and get this, 92 years old.
3:11 am
hewitt spend his time, checking equipment. >> he credits his lifestyle, no drinking, smoking, pushups, situps every morning. and intends to stay on the job as long as he is needed. >> during world war 2 was shot down by the nazis and survived a year as a prisoner of war. heck of a life. tough guy. kind of guy you want in a fire. >> no drinking. no smoking. pushups, situps. that age. i'm impressed. >> i can't do pushups and sit-ups now. and we'll be right back with more "world news now" right after this. you go, dude. ♪ forever young ♪ do you really want to live forever ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything.
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as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins.
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welcome back. when we say the word smartphone these days you probably think of the iphone or android phone. >> absolutely. thanks to a new loon of phones, nokia is out to change all that and regain its past glory.
3:16 am
and our correspondent looks at the company's chances. >> reporter: remember this, just a few years back, the nokia ring tone was the sound of a company that dominated the mobile phone industry selling twice as many phones as its nearest rival. this man, the finnish company's first foreign boss had to show he could restore nokia's fortunes and make desirabl desirable. >> i am proud to introduce you to the nokia lumina 800. >> reporter: he believes this will be the key to the come back. the first nokia, featuring windows software. by going with windows he is backing it, and a gamble one most think nokia had to make. >> nokia's brand sustained damage. they consistently delivered smartphone products that didn't work well. they have a software platform that will work, small fortune on
3:17 am
marketing hoping that's enough to get them back on track. >> reporter: hard to exaggerate just how important this phone is to nokia, the company may say the is happily selling cheaper phones across the world, but the smartphones where profits lie, competition is intense and nokia is behind the leaders. four years ago nokia was relaxed about this rival, apple's iphone changed the industry. google's androids arrived. in india and the developing world, nokia its the best known brand. it unveiled more phones aimed at this market. regaining a standing as a mobile phone superpower will be tough. >> anyone in this industry cannot say it deserves a position out must earn it. it must earn it every day with every consumer with every device we share. >> it looks awesome! >> the finnish company's
3:18 am
transatlantic executives were shedding their inhibitions but will have to make plenty of noise if nokia phones are to get a hearing. >> love the guy's energy. >> the story was awesome! dude, take it down a notch. relax. have a drink. coming up next, when a dog is more than just a family pet. >> you are going to want to see this. introduce you to ruby, part doctor, part detective, and quite a babysitter. you are watching "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ you're the best friend that i ever had ♪ >> that is a song from an important tv show. it is hard to argue with this, today's favorite story of the day. >> come on now. >> boom. right there. features a dog being credited this is really crazy with saving and changing lives. >> the dog's name is ruby.
3:20 am
as you will see, it may well be dr. ruby. >> what is it, ruby? okay. let's check. >> reporter: while most 3-year-old's fear the rick of a needle, faith wilson does it herself. she knows no different. she goes through the drill around 30 times a day to keep her type i diabetes in check. by her side is ruby, a dog more like a doctor. >> good, ruby. >> reporter: ruby's job is to sense a change in faith's scent before her blood levels plummet or skyrocket. she uses this to alert sarah who used to get up every two hours to test her daughter's levels. >> if i wake up and wonder, i look around and if ruby is not in my room i go back to sleep. i know ruby is on the case. ruby will alert faith's mom to a problem, 40 minutes in advance.
3:21 am
ruby doesn't have to be sitting next to faith. can be in the next room. some times in the next house. there she its. ready to alert. >> here. >> reporter: sheer enough for the fourth time in one hour, faith's blood sugar levels were too high. with that, her mom administers insulin using the device connected to an iv on her leg. >> she would not be here if it were not for ruby. ruby saved her life 100 times. >> reporter: ruby costs $10,000. charity members say seeing this work motivates. >> reacting, acknowledging the highs and lows, it makes your hair stand up. it really does. >> reporter: faith got ruby at 18 months old. >> they didn't know exactly how it would work with a baby wearing diapers and drooling on themselves. i can't even put night word what it has meant for our family. we're so thankful. >> dr. ruby. love it. >> wow. an amazing, amazing story.
3:22 am
>> changing their lives. can you imagine getting up every two hours and getting to trust the dog. >> poor little girl. man's best friend. >> there you go. >> we love it.
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3:25 am
finally this half-hour, what was in the water this week on "dancing with the stars" yes, mre there was plenty of dancing. >> the drama has everybody talking. we get the blow by blow with t.j. winick. >> reporter: good morning, rob and yunji. even for a show used to controversy, quite a week on dancing with the stars. he is known for shaking his
3:26 am
hips, now maks is known for shaking up the judges' table. >> let me tell you, maks, i have been in this business for nearly 50 years. >> maybe it's time to get out. >> didn't be disrespectful like that. >> it's disrespectful. >> i'm not going to let anybody talk to you like that. >> reporter: perhaps the controversial comment came later. >> with all due respect, this is my show, i helped make it what it is. >> did he say it's my show. >> reporter: on tuesday the latin ballroom dance champion apologized. it came out wrong. it is not my show. i am part of a large cast. >> reporter: maks stands by his verbal sparring, so does chaz bono voted. >> i was called a basketball, penguin, iwok, and i just didn't appreciate it. >> reporter: on gma, the man now being called mad max didn't back down. he even took a dig at derek hough, the show's only three time champion. >> derek hough has been very
3:27 am
supportive of his personal career on the show. >> reporter: maks told gma he speaks his mind ever since emigrating to the u.s. from ukraine. >> when i grew up it was in possible. so i am a were in. >> reporter: if maks and partner hope solo were to win the show's 13th season they would clearly have to do it without any favoritism from the judge's table. rob and yunji? >> thank you, tj. on one hand, it sounded look he was eating crow, part of an ensemble. this is not my show. you saw him on "gma" saying i will speak my mind. >> i kind of like the fact that he is outspoken. and it's hard, judges are there to be judgemental. some times they're harsh, for camera's sake. as a performer. >> they were mean to chaz. >> i love that outfit. hot. >> only 30 score for the season. 18 million viewers.
3:28 am
one of the best watched shows
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- tearful testimony. emotional stories told in the conrad murray manslaughter trial that literally brought the doctor to tears. >> defense attorneys are trying to show the court murray was not the type of doctor who could kill michael jackson through negligence. it's thursday, october 27th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm yunji de nies. after so much clinical and investigative evidence presented by prosecutors in the murray case, the latest testimony from the defense paints a caring and heartfelt picture of the doctor through the eyes of his former patients. >> a different story being told than certainly what prosecutors have put on the stand there. see how it all kind of balances out.
3:31 am
another big headline this morning, the bombshell claim from ruth madoff, she and her husband bernie attempted suicide a few weeks after his arrest. the story everyone is talking about today. >> a shocking admission there. later this half-hour, a promising experimental treatment for breast cancer. could this new advance replace chemotherapy and mastectomy, see how it works. very interesting there. could be a big breakthrough. >> absolutely. we begin though with damage control in the conrad murray trial. after weeks of incriminating testimony, former patients are stepping up to vouch for the embattled doctor. >> they all say, murray is anything but the greedy negligent physician that prosecutors have made him out to be. abc's diana alvear was there. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and yunji, good morning. it was incredible to hear the witnesses talk about the care they received from dr. murray, a man they all said went above and beyond his responsibilities. one woman even credited him with saving her life.
3:32 am
>> of course, when this -- >> reporter: if you believe the prosecution, dr. conrad murray was money hungry and neglectful, chatting away on his cell phone with various girlfriends as michael jackson lay dying. wednesday's witnesses said that's not the doctor they knew. >> what i know right now and what i feel -- he didn't do it. >> reporter: one by one his former patients took the stand. >> that man sitting there is the best doctor i have ever seen. >> i don't understand to this day how the other doctor missed what was wrong with me, but dr. murray found what was wrong. >> and i explained to him, i can't really afford to do a lot of stuff. so he did it for me free. >> reporter: prosecutors used their testimony as comparison to what jackson did not receive, adequate care in a proper setting with plenty of personnel. >> wouldn't you believe that every patient deserves that level of care? >> yes, sir, i do believe that that statement is true, but i also believe that -- >> thank you. you answered the question.
3:33 am
>> reporter: when it came to questions of murray and money, witnesses were specially adamant. >> do you think dr. murray is greedy? >> do i think? >> yes, ma'am. >> no. >> reporter: ruby mosley told the court that murray took special care with poor and needy. testimony that elicited tears from the defendant. >> he made a promise to the community that he would open a clinic in honor of his dad. >> reporter: when asked about interviews they had done with the media prior to the trial, some witnesses said they felt compelled to speak out because they felt their beloved dr. murray was not getting a quote, fair shake. rob and yunji? >> diana, thank you. we all want to know will dr. murray testify? that's really the big question. as they go forward in this next week. >> some legal analysts say that really is game time decision. you don't know if you get further in, another week or two. whether that is to your advantage or not to bring the doctor to the trial. >> i would love to hear what he has to say. big question mark on that one. >> moving on now, the wife of convicted swindler, bernie madoff is claiming the couple
3:34 am
tried to carry out a suicide pact. the first time ruth madoff has spoken publicly. since her husband's arrest in 2008. she told cbs they were upset after receiving hate mail and terrible phone calls. and decided to overdose on ambien. >> i don't know whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was, it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. >> according to "the new york times" this morning, bernie madoff disagrees. he acknowledged the couple considered suicide but says the two factors that stopped him, one he felt he could help in efforts to recover assets for his victims and two he felt that he could not abandon his family. anti-wall street protestors ventured out of their now infamous encampment in new york city last night. hundreds marched out of the park to city hall to show solidarity with fellow protestors in oakland, california, of course,
3:35 am
battling with police. oakland's mayor says protestors will be allowed to gather outside city hall but not allowed to camp overnight. >> much of what is fueling that protest, the perception that the rich are only getting richer. and now it is official -- an enormous income gap between the lower and middle-classes and the top 1%. here is abc's john berman. >> reporter: over the last 30 years, the richest of the rich have been riding a rocket ship. everyone else, on a slow climb uphill. the top 1% seeing their incomes shoot up more than six times the rate of the middle-class. in minnesota, bonnie and dick, a meteorologist and school volunteer, say they may now have to rely on their kids in retirement. >> we toed the line, did all the right things, followed the guidelines and in this position because of nothing we ourselves did. >> reporter: the cbo study says this income gap is partially the result of big time salaries and
3:36 am
bonuses rising since 1979, and taxes on the rich falling. the economic result, if you think of america's total income as one giant pie, the richest 1% have seen the size of their piece double over the last 30 years. and everyone else, have seen their piece get smaller. but the social result might be bigger. >> the first question that comes to my mind is are we all still in the same boat together? >> reporter: the middle-class for so long, the great engine of our economy seems to be gasping. over the last two decades, the cost of health insurance, up more than 150%. the cost of housing up 56%. the cost of a college education, up 43%. no wonder 94% of america's middle-class no longer believes they can get ahead. while they balance checkbooks they see banks get bailouts and ceos pocket multimillion dollar bonuses. starbuck's ceo howard schultz is trying to show we are all climbing this hill together. providing small loans to small
3:37 am
business that prove they will hire. >> i think it is about americans helping americans to bring back the self-esteem of those individuals left behind. >> reporter: starbuck's putting $5 million of its money into the effort. starting tuesday in 7,000 stores they will sell wristbands for $5 apiece. proceeds going towards building jobs. schultz says, building self-esteem. john berman, abc news, new york. >> so many people criticize the wall street protests, where its the agenda, not specific enough in what you want to do. numbers you saw in the story, that is kind of what they are railing against. maybe a nebulous kind of agenda. the numbers kind of tell the story where we are as a country. >> they are very depressing. to think that those gains are so hard to make. stand they've been getting harder and harder. president obama said he wants to increase taxes on the wealthy. but every time he tries to do it. it doesn't happen. >> class warfare argument. we will see how things move politically. we will see. speaking of the president, he has a message for young people who are burdened with student
3:38 am
loan debt, saw education expenses in the last piece. president's message basically i feel your pain. he told a crowd at university of colorado yesterday, that he and the first lady graduated law school, they had about $120,000 in loans. mr. obama outlined a plan to -- outlined a plan to lower loan payments and consolidate outstanding loans starting next year. storm shelters are filling up along mexico's caribbean coast asurricane rina moves closer tourists in popular resorts scrambled to leave the country yesterday. but others plan to ride out the storm as hotels and businesses boarded up. winds have dipped to 85 miles an hour. but rina could dump up to 10 inches of rain when it makes landfall along the coast later today. forecasters say it will turn back into the sea. here is a look at your thursday weather. rain and snow showers from new mexico to the texas panhandle. showers from dallas to oklahoma city. and a little around little rock, nashville and cincinnati. rainy in the northeast.
3:39 am
changing to snow from pittsburgh to northern new england. 48 in boston. 54, new york. 82 in new orleans. 50s, dallas to minneapolis. phoenix, 78. sacramento, 70. 60 in portland. >> we have all seen those notorious streakers that jump on to a football field. i think rob does that on the weekend. a run for their lives -- those interruptions last 30 seconds. >> check out this dog who interrupted a south american soccer match. he ran up and down the field for nearly 3 minutes. outsmarting and evading everyone until eventually he was lured away. >> maybe someone had a bag of dog treats on the side line to get him off the field. who knows. he just wanted to be part of the action. >> better than a naked dude streaking across the field. the pup. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. ♪ baby you can't catch me let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. welcome back, everybody. well breast cancer awareness month is coming to a close on something now of a hopeful note. all because of a new possibility in fighting the disease. >> this is amazing involves pumping cancer fighting medicine to the tumor therefore reducing the need for more radical treatment. abc's dr. richard besser reports, results from initial testing are encouraging. >> reporter: the idea is simple. attack the cancer in the breast with a direct hit. that's what the researchers at johns hopkins university along
3:44 am
with breast cancer specialist dr. susan love are trying to do. could they pump medicine right to the tumor and avoid removing part of breast or sending toxic chemotherapy through every cell in the woman's body. >> right now the treatment is surgery trying to cut it out pretty blind ly and then radiation and then hormone treatments. if this kind of treatment could really work, we could eliminate the need to have a mastectomy and really squirt the treatment down the ducts like draino and clean them out. >> reporter: 40,000 will in a year could use this treatment. the ducts are where most breast cancers begin. doctors would take a thin catheter and thread it into the woman's duct, creating a passage way allowing them to deliver medicines directly to the tumor cells. >> this could be a treatment to give people a way of getting rid of their breast cancer without so many of the terrible side effects. >> reporter: suzanna wolf is part of the cutting edge study which was just testing to see if the delivery system would be safe. she had stage 2 breast cancer
3:45 am
and knew she would have a double mastectomy. before her surgery she volunteered. >> i wanted to do whatever i could to be helpful to people who came after me. >> reporter: the results are encouraging. showed no major side effects in patients, and it worked and knocked out cancer in animals. >> this change in treatment is not that far away. i would say in five to ten years we should see it in the clinic. >> reporter: dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> remarkable. would really change a lot of lives. we want to give you an update you will remember linda fratato, an anchor there, she shared her story of having breast cancer. she has undergone a double mastectomy. had the procedure in recovery. the surgery went off without a hitch. she has been in correspondence with one of our producers here. we wanted to share the update with you. >> wrote an e-mail -- i appreciate all the good wishes, talked with robin roberts, an core of gma, also a survivor
3:46 am
of breast cancer, the conversation with robin convinced me to be honest, upfront and own my story about breast cancer. she was right. i am a stronger woman for it. got e-mails from all over that helped get her through. she said, she prompted other people to take action which as a journalist felt good. linda, we are praying for you. so glad to hear you are doing well. a big fan of the show. good for her. >> thank you for watching. we wish you a speedy recovery. great to hear you are doing well. switching gears, coming up -- wedded bliss may be wearing off for some rich celebrity newlyweds. wonder who we are talking about there? >> one of my favs. and, is it a boy or girl for beyonce and jay-z? that's coming next in "the skinny." jay-z? that's coming next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny tell us the news. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right, time for "the skinny." rob brushing up on his notes there. tell us the news. >> study up. sad news to start off with. talked so much in the last few months about amy winehouse her untimely death the now we know the reason, a report from the corner that showed she died of alcohol poisoning. she battled drugs and alcohol,
3:49 am
for years, and had been clean some time, appears at this point was drinking really heavily before she died. apparently blood alcohol level was .4%, now, the u.s. drunk driving limit is .08. she was at .4%. the alcohol they found in her body was literally, like five times the drunk driving limit in britain. apparently before she died, july 23rd. hit the bottle pretty hard. empty vodka bottles in the apartment. she just really, had, kind kind of went on binge drinking free-for-all more or less and claimed her life. the family, little relieved as you can be. they finally know exactly what happened. still, tragic all the demons she couldn't overcome. >> surprising. she had been so clean for several weeks. they had been hopeful. >> unfortunately, the final word on amy winehouse. rare talent. and that is kind of, where it is. >> very sad. moving to happier news, we now know, or at least according to "in touch" magazine whether
3:50 am
beyonce and jay-z having a boy or girl. they're expecting a little girl. insider tells "in touch" she and her mother are so close she wanted to have the relationship with her own child. so she is thrilled she is going to have a little mini-me. i can't wait to see the outfits this little girl will be wearing. >> see how the girl ends up looking. a whole lot of something going on in the gene pool. i want to say, hope the girl -- >> beyonce. >> hope she comes out all right. all i'm saying. and more baby news -- >> bruce willis and second wife are expecting. bruce willis, 56 years old. and emma hemming willis, 35, expecting their first child. of course, you will remember he has three daughters with his first wife, demi moore. oldest, 23, youngest, 17. you know, second marriage, second life, now another baby. >> younger woman too. >> bruce. >> good for him. all may not be well in the kardashian marriage, stunning isn't it? stunning. apparently kim kardashian and chris, according to latest issue of "us weekly" which will hit
3:51 am
stands friday. the couple is not doing well, after the lavish $10 million wedding. the issue, kardashians are money making fame loving people. reality shows and product lines. because of the nba lockout he is a new jersey net, not doing anything. but partying on the kardashian dime. not liking that too much. so, they got into a big fight before her birthday on the 21st. in the audience of "dancing with the stars" kind of icy not a lot of affection. all may not be well according to sources. who have spoken to "us weekly." kim if you need a shoulder to cry on. >> a lot of men would be happy. >> this is kind of a shocker. lionel ritchie is going country. he is set to release a country album, with duets on the cmas. we know that you are a huge fan, as am i. >> hello. >> classic here. >> hello. >> what is the country version of hello? >> howdy. is it me y'all looking for? i don't know what the country version would be. i like the idea, first country
3:52 am
singer with a jerry curl afro. lionel ritchie. >> as long as he keeps the mustache. i think he'll do just fine. >> you go, lionel, running with the night. mustache. he'll beep just fine. >> you go, lionel, running with the night. bounty extra soft can help. it's super durable, and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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♪ when you're smiling ♪ when you're smiling ♪ when you're smiling ♪ the whole world smiles with you ♪ >> how could you not smile with that song? >> classic. love it. >> to end the half-hour on a happy note. what is better to indicate happiness than a smile. >> smiles are frowns turned upside down. >> you are funny. >> as cecelia vega reports, new research indicates that smiles are actually good for you. >> reporter: the economy in the tank. winter is on its way. it might seem easy to walk away with a frown these days but there is actually a reason you should be smiling. ♪ when you're smiling >> reporter: it turns out frank sinatra had the right idea. and no matter what kind of mood
3:56 am
you are in, the act of smiling makes you happier. charles darwin was one of the first to study it. today, scientists know that when you smile, your muscles send a signal to the part of your brain that controls emotion. it makes you feel better and maybe even live better. psychologists from university of virginia looked facebook pages to study smiling. they rated facebook smiles of first semester students and found those with intense smiles were happier in their senior year. of course there are those smiles we all know. george clooney, julia roberts, even that famous cheshire cat grin. >> he went that way. >> reporter: what about the rest of us? are we willing to take a break from a busy day to just smile. >> what makes you smile? >> i wake up every morning of my life. >> what makes you happy? >> everything.
3:57 am
>> reporter: is it tougher to smile this day and age with the economy and everything going on. >> yeah, but again it's also easy to smile, costs nothing. >> reporter: so easy, who knows, it may add a few years to your life. cecelia vega, abc news, new york. >> i love that. >> a big believer, laughter is the best medicine always. something made me smile this morning. let us know on facebook what makes you smile. our question of the day. walked into the makeup room. makeup artist. had one of these. >> making me smile through every break, with the exercise kick he suddenly is on. >> i have seen the commercials and laughed privately. i have never seen one and some one that used one. so during the commercials -- >> here you go. >> laughing and blushing. ♪ when you are smiling >> there you go. look at us. >> yes, indeed. always smiling on the overnights. the happiest shift in tv. >> catch us on facebook and stay with us. ♪ when you are laughing when you are laughing ♪ when you are laughing ♪ .
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