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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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get the day started. almost 6:00 on this thursday, october 27. i am cynne simpson. >> rise and shine. i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden standing by, but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. we're not seeing the cold front yet. still pleasant. >> relatively mild around 50 degrees. quickly dropping later this evening and tonight. a 30-degree temperature difference between now and this time tomorrow? in some locations, especially north of town. the rain is mainly in maryland and west virginia, northern virginia starting to get a break in the action. looking to the west, moderate rain moving our way from west virginia pushing towards the metro area. scattered showers off and on, mainly light. that's expected through the day. becoming a breezy this afternoon, highs in the mid 60's. the wind will increase. when you feel that, cold front
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as arrived. we are talking temperatures in the thirties tonight and early tomorrow. we have a freeze watch in northern maryland and west virginia early tomorrow morning. lotus mid 50's for the high temperature tomorrow. seems to be moving slowly on 66 with merging traffic at 5195 or anybody coming out of fredericksburg, lanes are open. woodbrige, normal delays. normal delays in springfield. heading to the wilson bridge looks good. this is college park, the pace is steady. on the outer loop after new hampshire avenue before university boulevard, broken- down truck, right lane is closed. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01 is the time. a shooting outside of prince george county liquor store prompted a man jumphunt gunman in
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the 12,000 block of brandywine road. no word on the suspect or motive. the victim is in stable condition. occupy wall street protesters in new york city are showing support for their counterparts in oakland, california. demonstrators clashing with police during a march from their base to city hall. several people were arrested. in oakland, protesters tore down a fence in front of the parts they were evicted from. one person was seriously hurt. several more were arrested at during clashes with police. near richmond, police and volunteers will spend thursday searching for missing autistic boy. robert wood has not been seen since sunday when he wandered away from his family at the north anna battlefield park. last night the darkness did not stop some people from searching for the 9-year-old. bloodhounds picked up his
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scent, but they cannot follow it through the rough terrain. they will not stop looking until this found. the first witnesses take the stand in lululemon murder trial. >> yesterday the defense dropped a bombshell admitting brittany norwood killed jayna murray inside the bethesda yoga store. her attorneys will try to convince the jury that she did not plan the attack, but lost control. brianne carter has details and some disturbing evidence. >> good morning. the court will resume later today at the montgomery county courthouse in rockville. yesterday if it was a day of revealing details. we are getting a firsthand look at the evidence in the case. images from bethesda lululemon store last mark deposits and what was left behind not long after police discovered terrific scene inside. these are the items prosecutors say brittany norwood used to brittanybeat and kill fellow employee jayna murray greek debt
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brittan -- -- items prosecutors say brittany norwood used to brutally beat a ndnd kill jayna murray. defense attorney said, "she lost it. there was a horrific argument, a horrific fight. it was not first degree murder. >> it's not unreasonable to think if you have that much adrenalin, that you would just keep going when common sense normally would tell you to start. >> both sides will present their case to a jury. the judge has said this case is expected to last eight days to 10 days. prosecutors would like to seek life without parole if she is convicted. brianne carter, abc 7. police are intensifying
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their search for the killer of van hollen university student. alonzo guyton was 24. he was fatally shot early tuesday morning outside an apartment building in mount rainier on kaywood drive. police believe he was the victim of a botched robbery. if he was a former marine and a member of power university's football and baseball teams. two weeks after is on the scheme came crashing down bernard madoff might of crack under the pressure of prosecution. >> according to a new interview with his wife ruth, the couple tried to take their own lives. jummy olabanji has details. >> we know he pleaded guilty to fraud charges in 2009 and is now serving a 150-year prison sentence. in an interview set to air on sunday, on 60 minutes is twice as they tried to commit suicide. on christmas eve 2008 she and her husband decided they could not take it anymore.
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if she said there were getting threatening phone calls and hate mail and wanted to end everything. two weeks earlier president had been arrested and charged with running a multimillion-dollar -- multibillion dollar ponzi scheme. she said that she and her husband invested several pills including ambien, but both of them will, the next day. two years later their eldest son pope is on life on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. this morning some are questioning her story. the head of a private security firm that was hired to guard the company said that he was inside a penthouse apartment until 7:00 at night and everything seemed fine. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. mitt romney is riding high. a former massachusetts governor is ranked first among republican white house hopefuls. the cnn/time magazine poll shows voters in the four states first to cast their ballots.
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herman cain was on his heels in all four states. hurricane rine losinga losing steam around mexico. at last check the wind was 85 miles an hour, down from 110 miles an hour earlier yesterday. rain and snow making life even more miserable for thousands still homeless after sunday's deadly quake in eastern turkey. the first round of foreign aid will begin arriving today. authorities have had problems in distributing tents and other supplies. the death toll raised overnight to 523 people. so much devastation there. >> absolutely. 57 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead, digging out
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after snow. colorado coping with winter's earlier arrival. >> depressed cancer breakthrough. a new treatment that could help eliminate the need for mastectomy in some women. >> adam caskey has a look
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ibm lawrence. >> i am barbara at the national zoo. >> today we are giving the tour buses a happy halloween treat. >> happy halloween. -- tortoisees a halloween
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treat. good morning, washington. already near 60 degrees across most of the region. 64 in fredericksburg, 64 in lexington park. that's a few degrees shy of the average afternoon high. we will climb into the mid 60's in the early afternoon. temperatures will quickly fall later this evening and night after the cold front. 50 95, 66 getting a break in the action. 81 70, 68 getting rain showers this morning. a break in northern virginia. most of the rain is in maryland and west virginia. we will continue to see showers moving through. showers off and on, mainly light in nature throughout the day. 66 and becoming gusty into the afternoon and evening. with the wind picks up, that's when you know the cold front is moving into town. the cold air will spill in with the gusty wind.
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glows in the 30's late tonight and early tomorrow morning. -- lows in the 30's. freeze watch in effect in northern ireland and parts of west virginia early tomorrow morning. 270 southbound out of frederick's is heating up. centreville at 50, slow traffic. no. i-95, heavy traffic getting into woodbrige and springfield. here's a live picture of traffic on northbound 95, headlights in this camera moving towards the pentagon. everything waiting period route 4 and route 5, no complications, does growing volume out of brandywine and waldorf on 210. more your neighbors into fort washington. everything is open onto d.c. 95 northbound. the 57 degrees on this thursday 6:12. >> european leaders have reached
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a major debt deal. >> something has to change on metro according to passengers. >> in the fight
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looking at the day ahead the trial against michael jackson's doctor is coming to close. today conrad murray's defense attorneys will call their final witnesses. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of the king of pop. closing arguments begin next week. of fairfax county firefighter will be laid to rest today. horace pendergrass died last week. a funeral service will be held this morning at the greater little saigon baptist church in fairfax. a watchdog? -- watchdog group that opposes
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the children of illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition will have a vote today. and a possible breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. researchers at johns hopkins are testing a new procedure that involves pumping medicine right into the tumor. the technique could eliminate lead for more radical treatment such as mastectomy or chemotherapy. >> if this kind of treatment could really work, we could eliminate the need for having a mastectomy and adjusts for treatment downwardl the ducts. >> the ducts are where most breast cancer begins. it could be a few years before the treatment is approved for widespread use. the world's population will hit a milestone in less than a week from now. the earth's population will reach 7 billion people by
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october 31. the planet at a billion humans in the last 12 years. researchers warn this means more demand for food and supplies. metro's board examining how the transit agency response to emergencies. there's a report the review comes after a man threw himself in front of an orange line trains earlier this month that slowesmall service during the evening rush. they will discuss realignment of the blue and yellow lines station name changes, and the results of a financial audit. european leaders reach a deal over greek debt. >> and shopping made a little bit more within reach. junji de nies has those stories and more. >> good morning. a deal. overnight the european leaders got banks to agree to take a 50% loss on the face value of greek debt. they hope this will be a turning point in resolving the debt crisis. general motors is recalling 36,000 small suv is to fix tire
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pressure monitors that don't work correctly. the chevrolet equinoxes and gmc terrain, all from 2012. bp as the green light to build a new oil well in the local mexico. it must meet strict safety rules put into effect after last year's oil spill. soon even those of us with credit cards will be about to shop at neiman-marcus. the luxury chain will begin accepting mastercard and visa next month. if it was only using american express or its own card or cash until now. the rangers long wait for world series title of past had to wait another day. game 6 last night in st. louis got rained out. you can cip cloudy and gloomy. it has been rescheduled for tonight. texas leads the series and game 7, if necessary, is friday. >> mike result will wait until
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after the world series to announce who will manage the team next season. -- mike rizzo will wait until after the world series. >> davey johnson is well respected by the players as their manager and they have had some good games with him leading them. looking at the wet weather. that will stick around moving into the day. >> areas of rain off and on through the day. you will need the umbrella. showers will come and go. >> and not a heavy coat? >> later today. this is a beautiful shot fromsent to us. keep sending your autumn
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pictures. this is a little kid learning to ride the bike. and this is jade. cute children. north of winchester in martinsburg, the rain is pushing west to east. 66 has wet pavement, but getting a break in the steady rain at the moment. more showers of blessing our way from the west. they are in west virginia and marching east. they are in advance of a cold front that will drop in the seating. behind a cold front significantly cooler air will move into town. we are talking temperatures 15 degrees cooler than what we will have today going into tomorrow afternoon. there is the front. around the drive home today and you'll notice the wind picking up. that will become gusty later on today. that's went you know the front
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is in your neighborhood. then the cold air will drop into town. we will notice the difference especially by tomorrow morning. notice early saturday morning this shows a little rain. coastal system could develop and there could be a cold rain on saturday. mid 60's today, comfortable temperatures for this time of year. falling later tonight, mostly in the 30's by early tomorrow morning. frosts likely north of the metro area with a freeze possible. we have a freeze watch in effect early tomorrow morning along the mason-dixon line in northern maryland and west virginia as well. afternoon highs in the low 50's on friday despite sunshine. partly cloudy, low 50's. upper 40's with cold rain expected by saturday. a lot of uncertainty on saturday. we will keep a close eye on that system and update the rain chances accord in the past as we go into the weekend. halloween, and '50s. how does the traffic looks?
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>> minor crashed in woodbrige on 95 norcal at prince william parkway, right lane is closed. burtonsville, 198 east after 29 because of an accident. poolesville, 198 east. 29 is open, colombia. 395, broken down vehicle at duke street on the left shoulder. in maryland wet pavement. no accidents on 270. i love this starfish picture. it looks like a starfish. rockville's mixing bowl is quiet. >> i am kind of seeing a banana. 6:21, 58 degrees. >> up next, tensions building on the set of "dancing with the stars." the latest back and forth
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between a star and a judge. >> on the next "anderson," millions will watch me eat spinach for the first time. how to introduce new foods to your children and get them to like them. a teenager desperate for help, our intervention to save her life. on the next "anderson."
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denton is brewing on "dancing with the stars." -- tension is brewing. makxs criticized the judge's on monday night. >> i have been in this business 50 years. >> maybe it's time to get out. everybody is putting a lot of effort. >> he told the judge, maybe it's time for you to get out of this. >> this is my show. i helped t to make it what it is. >> on tuesday and the 31-year-
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old latin ballroom dancing champion apologized and said that it's not a show and that is part of a very large cast and that is proud of being there. although if you are talking about who people are tuning in to see, not everybody looks good in sequins and glitter like maks does. he does captivate. >> he was not backing down that much yesterday on "and good morning america." >> i think the kind of meant what he said. >> 6:26, still another half hour. >> tens of thousands still in the dark after a fall storm. >> day for in the massive search efforts underway for missing 9- year-old autistic boy. in virginia, the latest on those efforts, coming up. >> adam caskey and in the weather center. damp on this thursday morning.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's hard to imagine with that quantity of different things being used that it could all be spur the moment. premeditated murder or a fight the spiral out of control? the first witnesses take the stand in the lululemon murder trial. good morning, washington. 6:30 on this thursday, october 27. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we appreciate your waking up with us. we start with traffic and weather. tears meteorologist adam caskey. what do we need to know? >> you need the umbrella today and you will the windshield wipers this morning. we will take a look at live super doppler 7.
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morning temperatures near 60 for the most part. a warm start to the day. 64 in lexington park along with fredericksburg. 61 in manchester, 63 in cumberland. this is 3 degrees shy of the average afternoon temperatures. areas of rain up and down 95 68 81 winchester all the way to hagerstown. southern maryland, route 50 getting showers. showers expected off and on throughout the day. in west virginia there's more rain marching our way. high temperature shortly after noon time and then temperatures will plummet behind a cold front. cold enough where frost is likely by tomorrow morning north of the metro area. a freeze is possible. chris widener effect for northern maryland and west virginia early tomorrow. tyson tomorrow, low 50's, chance of showers.
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fall is here. rush hour is starting to begin with an accident along 95 virginia northbound at the prince william parkway. that delay is coming out of dale city. route 4, route 5, a volume of traffic increasing out of tysons corner and waldorf. no problems into southeast d.c. 198 at 29 in burtonsville there's an accident. 29 is able to get through. out a lewd, broken-down truck between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. -- outer loop. a shooting outside prince george's county liquor store prompts a manhunt for a gunman. if this happened around 11:00 last night on brandywine road in the 12,000 block. o board of assessment. -- there's no words of a suspect. the victim is in stable
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condition. occupy wall street protesters in new york are supporting those in oakland and other cities. several people were arrested. one person in oakland was seriously hurt and dozens of others injured during clashes with police. police and hundreds of volunteers will spend a third day searching for a virginia autistic boy who went missing in a park. robert wood has not been seen since sunday. >> he wandered away from his family in north anna battlefield park. autria godfrey explains why searchers are not giving up hope. >> good morning. authorities are trying to employ every method possible to bring the boy home safely. yesterday officials sent out 74
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rescue missions, but they sent out more people in smaller groups. they are trying to send out more people in small groups if so they can get through the heavily wooded areas. they're asking people to get to the staging area at 9:00 this morning. anyone who wants to volunteer as we head into another day in this desperate search. >> ♪ our savior got todd to thee ♪ >> they gathered stock repairs for a little boy missing since sunday. >> something told me this is what i need to do. if it were my child, i would want the people out there. cracks in the cold, dark night is where he is. he wandered away from his family and your panel battlefield park on sunday. spending the nights in a 40- degree temperatures. volunteers have come out in the hundreds, refusing to give up.
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>> as long as we can. >> hanover county residents search alongside professionals focused on finding him alive. even as the sun fades, their resolve does not. >> most of us really believe he still has a good chance of surviving, so we all consider this to be still rescue- oriented. >> authorities are saying they still refer to this as a rescue mission and not a recovery mission. we asked police about the likelihood of surviving so many days in the cold. they would not comment on that yesterday, cusps says they are focused on bringing him home alive. autria godfrey reporting. the first witnesses will take the stand today in lululemon murder trial during. opening statements today the defense admitted brittany norwood killed jayna murray at the bethesda yoga store, but it was during a fight. the defense attorney said that
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she did not plan the attack and should not be convicted of a first degree murder. however the prosecutors claimed that jayna murray was lured back to the store by brittany norwood. bernard madoff may have cracked under the pressure prosecution. >> the couple tried to take your own lives according to a new interview with his wife ruth. jummy olabanji has details. >> in a new interview that will air this sunday on ""60 minutes," his wife will say that they attempted suicide together to avoid prosecution. on christmas eve 2008 she and her husband decided they could not take it anymore. there were getting training phone calls and hate mail and wanted everything to end. two weeks earlier he had been arrested and charged with running a multibillion dollar a ponzi scheme. ruth told cbs that they both interested pills include ambien,
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but both of them will, the next day. some people are questioning her story. the head of the private security firm hired by the couple to guard them says he was inside c-- inside the penthouse at night and said everything looked fine. bernard madoff is spending 150 years in prison for his crime. the death toll from sunday's deadly earthquake in eastern turkey rose again overnight. authorities now say 523 people died in the disaster. today the first round of foreign aid will begin arriving. rain and snow are making life even more miserable for thousands of people still homeless. people in several western states are digging out after a snowstorm moved through that region. several inches fell in northern colorado. that was enough to cause the tree branches to snap and fall down, knocking down power lines and damaging homes and cars.
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thousands of people waking up in the dark this morning. >> its not even halloween yet. 6:37, 68 -- 58 degrees. >> a floating dorm on the chesapeake. >> and a new poll could be good news for mitt romney.
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6:40 on this thursday morning. time for look at traffic and weather. >> doug hill is standing by in calvert county. changes on tap. >> a lot of stuff will be happening over the next couple days. cold in some spots tonight. live super doppler radar shows a fair amount of brain moving with a cold front. heavy downpours in the north and west of the metro area moving across martinsburg. through the metro region there will be more. of rain throughout the day, but it will be fairly comfortable crowd today. temperatures already in the upper 50's and low 60's. 59 in the district, 64 in
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quantico, 54 degrees in frederick. the moisture is moving to the east. much cooler air moves into tonight. a cold night. here is the forecast for this thursday. scattered showers breezy this afternoon, highs in the 60's. later tonight and early tomorrow north of washington around the pennsylvania line, maryland, west virginia under freeze watch starting late tonight. we will look at what the weekend may hold in a couple minutes. that's the latest. >> all right. we have halloween around the corner. let's check in with lisa baden. >> getting slow on the outer loop leaving greenbelt to college park and southbound 95, what sort things to start stacking up. leaving beltsville to get onto 495 westbound on the outer
6:43 am
loop broken-down truck between new hampshire and university in the right lane. the headlights are after the broken-down truck. coming out of aspirin in pretty good shape. no problems on the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. seven is good out of sterling and tysons. 66 and 95, a little volume. 95 northbound as a crash on prince william parkway on the shoulder. normal travel times on 270. 58 degrees outside. cracks coming up on this thursday
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mitt romney is riding high. a new pull pranks the former massachusetts governor first among the republican white house hopefuls. it survey of voters in the first
6:46 am
four states to cast ballots in next year's primary and caucus calendar. he scored his biggest lead in new hampshire and iowa. herman cain was on his heels in all four states. white house rivals teaming up to take down mitt romney. >> of alex burns is joining us with details. >> these guys have almost nothing in common except for the fact they want to take down mitt romney. mitt romney looks like the most formidable general election opponent. they would love to see him stumble in the primary before the main event. for rick perry the only way he would get a shot at barack obama is without rick perry is a picture. >>it's not surprising the front runner would be getting attacked
6:47 am
from the left and the right. both democrats and. are saying the same thing about mitt romney, that he cannot be trusted, that he is on every side of every issue, that he is not someone american people can count on in the white house. obama allies are up front about saying this is the fight mitt romney will have been the primary and we will make sure it is the fight that he will have in the general too, if he gets there. >> thanks for joining us. taking a look at the day ended, a busy thursday for president obama. he will host the prime minister of detector public after morning meetings at the white house. later in the day he will welcome city and municipal leaders from across the country in the east room reception. today conrad murray's defense attorney will call their final two witnesses. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of the
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king of pop. metro's board is taking a closer look asks pemberton response during a meeting today. the review follows a suicide along the ornstein -- resigned earlier this month that a small service during the evening rush. the capitals will try to make it a in a row in edmonton tonight. they have never started a season so well. the nhl record to start a season is 10 - 3. nba owners and players back to the bargaining table. the two sides discussed salary- cap system during a 13-hour negotiating session yesterday. it was the first round of talks since negotiations on a new labor deal broke down last week. st. mary's college will move 200 students to a cruise ship that is near campus. 380 other students already living at a nearby hotel since
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hurricane irene, which caused the dormitory to get moldy. they will stay on date seathe sea voyager until the end of next semester. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> doug hill is standing by in calvert county. >> what we have this morning periods of rain, that will last throughout the day. areas of grain, heaviest areas showing up in yellow. that is north of the metro area. that continues moving north and east. there's more where that came from. there are breaks off to the west of the metro area. we are looking north of washington heavy rain in hagerstown and frederic, which will continue moving north and east. satellite reveals the cold front that across the region
6:50 am
that extends back to the west and southwest. there's a lot more rain that will spread over the area in virginia and periods of rain will be the story throughout the day for us. pretty clearly there is a high- pressure system that will dominate tonight. the wind will pick up this evening a cooler, drier air moves in. barrick gold on friday. on the weekend cold rain for a while on saturday during the day. -- cold on friday. highs in the 60s today. 64 degrees or 66 this afternoon. periods of rain tonight should come to an end sometime and possible clearing northwest of town. 31 to 40 degrees tomorrow. lots of-- tonight.
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in the fifties tomorrow with a freeze warning in the morning. coming from calvert county there's been a crash on route 4 at 268. that will be slow from dunkirk to gadzookset to wayson's corner. 66 and 395 lanes are open inside the beltway through falls church and rosslyn heading into the district. northwest washington looks ok on massachusetts avenue, connecticut avenue, 63 down troops scott circle. no problems on 295 except growing volume heading onto the freeway. that's washington. i was going to ask lisa
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baden what her halloween costume would be? >> no idea yet but you'll be surprised. >> keeping the suspense going. we are inviting parents to enter their children into our halloween contest. >> send a picture of your kids in costume to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation every solution comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance.
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northrop grumman. o0 c1
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i've been off the last couple days because i was in new york on assignment getting a behind-the-scenes look at anderson cooper oppose the new daytime talk show. it is simply called "anderson." the sad is all glass overlooking columbus circle in manhattan. on most days he shoots two episodes in the morning then goes to cnn to prepare for his nighttime show. that is "360." he says it is worth it because it offers the opportunity to connect with a new viewers. >> if you can get involved and make changes in people's lives and help them make the changes they want to make. >> i also spoke with him about some of the challenges, especially considering he is moving to the same time slot dominated by oprah winfrey for so long.
6:56 am
my full report will air this evening on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> that's a good interview. it answers a lot of questions. let's look at the commute. some trouble spots. and huge crash on 495 southbound in maryland, montgomery county drivers headed to the american legion bridge hearing about a crash near bradley boulevard on the outer loop. it's not going to be very pretty. but let's go to adam caskey or back to the news desk. i'm not sure. areas of rain out there this morning. off and on throughout the day. mid 60's. wait until tomorrow when it's freezing north of the metro area close to the mason-dixon line. highs in the low 50's tomorrow. chance of showers on saturday, when grain possible.
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