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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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of winter before we even hit halloween. >> carroll county, frederick county winter weather. several inches by tomorrow evening in northern maryland. there's a trust advisory this morning in northern maryland and west virginia until 9:00 a.m. highs today in the low 50's, becoming cloudy. a few evening showers developing. areas of rain heavy at times tonight, mixing with a few wet snowflakes in the metro area. no cancellations expected. we could have accumulations northwest of town. more on that coming up. more traffic on 95, 66, looks good on 395 for now. no problems on 95 and in maryland.
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-- 95 in maryland . 66 and the beltway, normal. no problem in tysons on the beltway. newschopper 7 there. normal travel times on 50 between annapolis and cheverly. new this morning in fairfax county, a police chase ended in a multicar crash. an officer is recovering. it started around 11:00 last night. four men robbed a convenience store in alexandria. the pursuit began when officers spotted the car on route 1. during the chase the suspect car lost control and hit two cars and a police cruiser. the officer inside will be ok. three suspects are in custody and the other is still on the loose this morning. the search for robert wood
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is now entering day five. the 9-year-old with autism disappeared on sunday while on a walk with his family. last night friends family members, searchers held a candlelight vigil. police are asking a thousand volunteers to join in today's search. another miracle rescue, days after the deadly quake in eastern turkey. yesterday, crews pulled its 13- year-old teenager from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building. he is injured, but they would not give further details. the quake killed 570 people. thousands more injured. a montgomery county jury will hear another day of emotional testimony in lululemon murder trial. >> yesterday the court listened to taped interview with brittany norwood and this of graphic images from the crime scene. jummy olabanji has the latest. >> good morning. we are expecting the prosecution
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will continue to bring more witnesses on the stand later this morning. yesterday the jury for the first time heard brittany norwood's voice during a taped interview with the police detectives right after the murder happened. they also saw a graphic pictures from the crime scene. all this because the prosecution hopes this was a premeditated murder. at the start of her first statement to a police detective brittany norwood whispers can you tell me how my friend is doing? prosecutors say that brittany norwood knew that jayna murray was dead. in court, a police officer displayed clothing brittany norwood was wearing, including stocks -- socks soaked with the blood of jayna murray. they were suspicious at a hospital of how blood ran down
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norwood's face after she claimed that she had been lying down in the opposite direction. brittany norwood pose a defense lawyer has admitted that his client killed jayna murray last march, but he says the murder was not premeditated. if brittany norwood is found guilty of first-degree murder, she faces life in prison without parole. court will start around 9:30 this morning. we expect more people to take the stand. the will of a full update later at noon on abc 7 news. jummy olabanji reporting. and melons man jailed in aruba faces a detention hearing today. gary giordano, has been in custody since august. authorities suspect he's involved in the disappearance of
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robyn gardner, but he still has not been charged with any crime. a judge could release him during today's hearing. a trip from farragut north to farragut west aboveground might cost what it costs below ground. the virtual model will allow you to transfer between the red line station and the blue and orange line stations without paying an additional fare. the two stations are just one block away from each other. a rally on wall street is calming fears of a double-dip recession. >> the dow jones closed up 340 points intraday. >> traders heading to work today feel a little more optimistic. let's get answers from karen travers in northwest washington. good morning. >> good morning. the dow jones closed up 340 points yesterday.
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that puts october on pace to be the best month for the stock market in 25 years. the good news was spurred by news at home as well as news abroad. yesterday the government said from july through september the u.s. economy grew at a rate of 2.5% and it was mostly spurred by consumer spending. overseas, european leaders announced a deal that will deal with the critical growing debt crisis there. that is affecting the markets here as well. economists sound optimistic about the way and things are headed, but the white house is cautious. >> 2.5% is better than the previous quarter and the quarter before that, but not good enough by a longshot. >> it is also not good enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate. it has been stuck above 9% for the last six months. reporting live from northwest karen travers, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you.
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howard university students and faculty are joining the wall street occupation in washington. today they will march from the chamber of commerce in support of the economic protests that have taken place all across the country. organizers say it is intended to bring racial diversity and to the movement. 41 degrees on this friday. >> still ahead the capitals make it a great 8? >> and quite a finished in game 6 in st. louis. highlights from a heart stopping world series. >> parts of new england already digging out. >> and [ male announcer ] want
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this is haunted forest in colesville, maryland. check them out here. >> happy halloween. good morning, washington. >> that was cute. we are wearing halloween colors. tell us about the halloween forecast? >> it's going to be ok. it is saturday for some of the halloween parties where it will be gusty air and damp, but the rain will come to an end by sunset tomorrow. let's break it down. according to right now and the district, 36 in frederick 4535
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in hagerstown, 47 in lexington park. prize in the low 50's with a few areas of rainfall developing later this evening and especially tonight. heavy rain at times tonight and tomorrow. over an inch of rain of accumulation. mixing with snow at times in the metro area. by midday tomorrow we could have a few wet snowflakes, but no accumulation around metro area. only in the 40's, low 40's tomorrow for the high temperature. gusty as well. by sunday, sunshine, and 40's. improvements by the end of the weekend. winter storm watch in effect for northern maryland and some locations west of the metro. above 1,500 feet and in northern maryland we could be talking 5 inches of snow or more by saturday afternoon. we are talking newschopper 7. no delays on 66 at 50 in fair oaks. eastbound traffic on 66 is the
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headlights. no problems between manassas, fair oaks, vienna, and on to the beltway. green light on 95 in maryland and virginia. good between washington and baltimore. we will take you to a picture of traffic on the beltway at university boulevard and colesville road. moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12. it is not even the end of october, but there is no falling in parts of new england's. >> look at this video of heavy snowflakes falling in central massachusetts. some locals say they are not ready for another round of winter yet. canour region is getting ready for winter. this is video in foresthill where the tortoises county department of public works is holding a snow and ice control dry run. workers will history and look for any potential problems. already that time of year.
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coming up who winning the smartphone fight. and why in a halloween must have will cost a little more. >> lady liberty celebrates a milestone
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the brother and sister accused of killing the d.c. pizza shop owner will be sentenced in superior court. shanika robinson and leon robinson stabbed 44-year-old shahabuddin rana and sat him on fire. michael jackson's doctor is expected to explain what he thinks happened the day the king of pop died and what role powerful anesthetic play. if conrad murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter. the statue of liberty will celebrate its 126th anniversary
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with an upgrade. internet-connected cameras today on the torch will begin broadcasting views of the new york harbor. the statue was dedicated october 28, 1886. taking a look at news around the nation, we're learning more about what bernard madoff's family went through after his arrest. >> a book released next week reveals that his son sent a suicide note by means of a text message. ruth madoff said that she and her husband tried to commit suicide. the state has ordered some exotic animals to be quarantined. authorities shot and killed most of the animals that escaped from terry thompson's farm. accord is expected to
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interview the older half brothers of a missing missouri baby again. the child specialists will talk to them about what happened when 10-month-old lisa irwin vanished earlier this month. the boys ages six and eight were interviewed just after she disappeared. new allegations by sulaiman brown against d.c. mayor vincent gray. a source tells the associated press that brown has told federal authorities that vincent gray gave him a list of talking points to use against the incumbent adrian fenty. extend will show that brown and gray work closely together during last year's democratic primary. -- the exchange will show. president obama treated some donors to dinner last night in clarendon. they ate at liberty tavern. the four were chosen as part of a contest. each had previously donated at least $5 to his campaign. none of the winners were from
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our area. >> why pumpkins prices are higher than last halloween. >> and bankamerica customers could be all along with a big debit card fees. >> good morning. bank of of america all along. most other major banks are not imposing fees to make purchases will debit cards, which bank of america announced. the others said it was not a factor in their decision. apple is not the top smartphone maker. samsung is. its sales jumped 44% in the last quarter. samsung has almost 24% of the smartphone market. hewlett-packard is changing its mind. the ceo has decided not to sell off the personal computer business. the division contributed a third of the company's revenue last year. your jack blanton will cost more
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this year. due to bad weather. retail prices are up an average of 40%. your pumpkin will cost more this year. i am junji de nies. we are concerned about the weather with halloween around a corner. >> we have a lot of action to stop about until then. frost advisory this morning north of the metro area. storm watch in effect north and west of the metro area. winter storm watch. there is a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning in northern maryland and west virginia. we talked about this yesterday. 35 in hagerstown right now, 36 in frederick, 32 in cumberland. 42 in the district, mid 40's farther south of the metro. 47 in lexington park. a mixture of sun and clouds to
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start the day with increasing cloud cover throughout the day and afternoon. becoming cloudy. most of the rain showers moving to the gulf coast. that's a weak area of low pressure. as the tracks of the north carolina coastline by saturday morning it will quickly strengthen to interact with the warm waters of the gulf stream and strong upper level energy swinging in from canada. let's talk about today. 52 degrees, increasing clouds, much colder than yesterday. tonight into tomorrow, rainfall. cold rain, heavy at times. over an inch of rain. locally and it will mix with a little snow at times by tomorrow afternoon, no accumulation. north and west of the metro area is where we have the winter storm watch, northern melons and parts of the blue ridge and westward. in the d.c. metro, cold rain expected with a few wet snowflakes, no stimulation. shenandoah valley, a few inches
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of snow possible. northern islands along the pennsylvania line and elevations above 1,500 feet, you have the potential for over 5 inches of snow with this system by saturday afternoon and saturday evening. there is the map. along the ridge tops and the rest of southwest's, and along the northern maryland and pennsylvania line we have the potential. clearing by sunday, a rise in the upper 40's. i have built a couple maps to look at. 95 out of woodbrige, briefed allies forming. looks good through springfield. route 4 and route 5, we started with an accident of waldorf into brandywine owns five, but there's nothing left there. 95 and b-w parkway looking good. we will take you to the american legion bridge, very nice. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20 40 degrees.
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>> up next on this friday, game 7. the rangers with a shot at winning the world series in game 6. on the next "anderson," actor mark wahlberg, how he survived the streets and rose to worldwide fame. >> i was arrested at 16. a lot of guys i looked up to in the neighborhood were there and i had become one of them. i said this is not what i want from my life, i have to turn my life around. >> and a teenager shot by his friend and left for dead. we will meet his mentor. 4:00 on abc 7.
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gets in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> that's right. the world series headed for a decisive game 7 tonight. the cardinals made an incredible comeback with a walk off solo home run. st. louis defeated texas, 10-9. >> the capitals were on the road open to extend their season. after the edmonton oilers, they could not get it done. the capitals are just one of 10
6:25 am
teams in nhl history to start a season 7 and 0. talks will continue today between nba owners and players. they negotiated seven hours yesterday. they ended with some optimism. >> some people are ready for that to be wrapped up. >> i am ready. still another half-hour of "good morning washington." and find out where people are lining up to get some free gas. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. strong storm system develops late tonight and tomorrow.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:00,
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evidence and a grisly crime scene. yesterday a jury heard more testimony in the lululemon murder trial. good morning, washington. it's friday, october 28. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela borwn. happy friday. there's a threat of winter for october is over and. adam caskey has been a busy man. >> very busy. mainly it's cool to be a cold rain a special repor -- especially and northwest ofin the metro area. low 50's today. a cold day with increasing clouds and a few rain showers developing this evening and especially tonight. we have a winter storm watch in effect for northern maryland and some locations along and west of the blue ridge for tonight through most of the day tomorrow. locally, cold rain.
6:30 am
what snowflakes will next in, but no stimulation. above 1,500 feet and in parts of northern maryland there's the potential for the inches of snow or more. in the valleys out west, four inches. montgomery county, loudoun county, getting a dusting. clearing on sunday, highs in the 40's this weekend. it's been busy on the highway. newschopper 7 has already looked at the beltway in virginia. looks good between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. 66 between 50 and the beltway, uneventful. looks good through falls church and rosslyn. 95 and 395 in a moment. newschopper 7 is on the way to the beltway. at new hampshire avenue, there's a crash reported, outer loop side after this camera. everybody involved has moved to
6:31 am
the right shoulder. now to virginia, you can see across the 14th street bridge looking good. back to you. >> thank you. 6:30. don't be surprised if you see snowplows on the roads in prince george's county. this is video from foresthill where the department of public works is doing a dry run on snow and ice patrols. they will be practicing routes and looking for any potential problems. the lululemon murder trial resumes today after a day of rioting testimony. detective who interviewed britain america stand. he said brittany-- interviewed brittany norwood took the stand. her lawyers said it was not
6:32 am
premeditated murder. today hundreds of searchers will continue the rescue mission for robert wood, nine years old. ben eisler has the latest developments. >> the search has become personal and emotional. more than 1000 volunteers came out yesterday, so many that they have to turn some folks away. once the number hit 1000, we told the folks i don't you spend the day training and we will go out tomorrow. a number of people out there are parents. they are thinking about the possibility this could've been one of their own children. if they are starring the 14-mile area looking under tarps and in the river and anywhere a child could possibly find. this is day six of the serbs. they are concerned about shelters because it's pretty cold this morning. there are concerns about tight 0 permian now -- a about it
6:33 am
hypothermia. time is the enemy right now. we will keep you up-to-date on the latest. i am ben eisler. abc 7 news. a fairfax county police officer recovering after police chase ended in a multicar crash. this started around 11:00 when four men robbed a convenience store in alexandria. then the pursuit began when officers spotted the car on route 1. during the chase, the suspect's car lost control and hit two cars and a police cruiser. the officer inside will be ok. the suspects are in custody and another is still on the run. another miracle rescue, days after the deadly earthquake in eastern turkey. it is today the crew pulled a 13-year-old from the rubble of a collapsed building. authorities said the teenager is injured, but would not give further details. the quake killed at least 570 and thousands more were hurt.
6:34 am
a trip from farragut north to farragut west aboveground will not cost any more than a dozen belowground. today at noon metro will launch their a good crossing, a virtual tunnel that allows you to transfer between the red line station and the blue and orange line stations without paying an extra fare. the two stations are just a block away from each other. -- and they will launch the farragut crossing. streets will be closed in d.c. and arlington due to the marine corps marathon this weekend. log on to our web site [unintelligible] -- the dow jones jumped nearly 340 points yesterday on a double dose of good news. the government says the economy grew to 0.5% from july through
6:35 am
september, driven mostly by consumer spending. but it's not enough to make a dent in the high unemployment rate. european leaders agreed on a deal to'stabilize s debt crisis. how or university students alumni, and faculty are joining the occupy protests in washington. today the bison will march from the university in support of the economic protest. organizers say the march is intended to bring racial diversity to the movement. 6:35, 40 degrees. >> still ahead, a white house money rates. some former financial supporters are examining the president. >> its a great weekend for new movies including a justin timberlake thriller and an animated delight. that's coming up. >> andy have a check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> "good morning washington
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welcome back. 6:38 is the time. time to look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> doug hill is joining us from calvert county. a lot of action in the forecast this week and not even the end of october. >> i know.
6:39 am
we cannot even judge what winter will be like based on a little storm. on abc 7 news at 5:00 on monday i will be walking the plank and giving my outlook for this entire winter season. let's get to what we have right now on this friday morning. cold to the north and west of the city. temperatures in the 30's now. 36 degrees in frederick and a preferred, 35 in hagerstown. 42 in the district. those in the 40's -- low 40's to the south of town. there is a wintercrossed frost warnings new this morning in maryland and virginia. tomorrow there is a winter storm watch. there is sparse cloud cover locally this morning. a low pressure area will take
6:40 am
shape to move northeast and become a bit stronger tomorrow morning off the carolina coast. that will deliver fairmount of snow to doing one and possibly our area. rain will be mixing with snow at times locally. the farther north and west especially in the higher elevations, less than an inch in montgomery county. possibly 5 inches or more in northern sections of frederick county. we will keep an eye on that canada could look ahead to a halloween forecast in a couple minutes. that is the latest. >> 5 inches is not sweet. that is soutr. >> i am with you on that. >> thank you. lisa baden has the latest on the road. >> accidents on the outer loop new hampshire avenue has been
6:41 am
moved quickly. climb over the area, creeping along from new hampshire ave to colesville road -- flying over the area is newschopper 7. these headlights are northbound on 95. slowing in woodbrige. building in volume in landmark. looks good across the wilson bridge. metro rail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 6:41 40 degrees. >> coming up, should you rustic appearance tuesday "in time" -- should you go to
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tonight at 5:00 o'clock, what comes first, getting engaged or booking your wedding avenuevenue. in the d.c. area they are booking before they get the engagement ring. join us at 5:00. texas governor rick perry may skip some upcoming gop presidential debates. this follows recent rocky performances that have hurt his standing in the polls. he has committed to participating in a november 9 debate in michigan but none beyond that. why some of the president's campaign donors are jumping ship. >> dave is here with us this morning. many of his big money supporters from the last go-around don't seem to be putting the cash behind the president this time. >> obama setup are so high in
6:45 am
2008. he raised about three-quarters of a billion dollars, which is unprecedented in u.s. history. that probably will netnot be touched for some time. but is having some trouble. it is early. in 2008 he was running against hillary clinton and john edwards. he had competition within his own party. now all the action is on the republican side. >> he still has so much more money than all the other candidates. pepsi is the most political fund-raiser in u.s. history. and is not changed. he's sitting on a lot of cash. -- he is teh the most prolifithe most prolific fundraiser in u.s. history. >> were you surprised rick perry is pulling out of a debate? >> he was never seen as a bad
6:46 am
debater back in texas. he always did pretty well in texas. what plays well in texas is not necessarily going to play on a national stage quite like it might there. he had a rocky road on the first couple of debates this time and rebounded in the last one, but this is not his strong suits when compared to mitt romney or some of the other folks running for the gop nomination. >> it's not as looking too good when you say i am not going to debate any more. >> true. former alexandria teacher pleaded guilty to producing child pornography will be sentenced today. 35-year-old justin coleman is a poor grade teacher at john adams elementary. a key defense witness will take the stand again today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. he's expected to explain what he thinks happened the day the king of pop died and what role a
6:47 am
powerful anesthetic played. conrad murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter. picture is of leading black figures in entertainment business, sports, and politics will go on displayed at the national portrait gallery. hill harper and others are among those to be featured. it is spectacular. >> good for them. authorities are investigating the second death in a week at a maryland state hospital. a man in its 30's was found dead in his room last night at the hospital in jessup. an autopsy will be performed to find out what killed him. a 24-year-old man killed his roommate at the same facility last friday. the final stretch of the intercounty connector open november 22, but i will officials have not revealed the exact toll rates. the first section open since february. the distress will connect
6:48 am
montgomery county with interstate 95 in prince george's county. -- this stretch. the shell station at route 1 and 198 giving up to $20 of free gas to drivers. the line is growing. it's part of a promotion from discovery to get ready for tomorrow's season premiere of "gold rush." all good things must come to an end. that stops blowing at 9:30 this morning. a satellite in space after lifting off this morning. >> 1, 0, left off. >> it happened shortly before 6:00 our time. a rocket carrying a nasa satellite blasted off from a california base. it will monitor climate change
6:49 am
and more > traffic and weather. >> a wintry mix on the way. >> yes, i am looking like a lumberjack this morning. >> very fitting. >> and early feel of winter. beckett started with friday morning temperatures. a cool start especially north and west of the city, 36 in frederick and gaithersburg. low to mid-40s south of town. morning sunshine will give way to mostly cloudy skies, unseasonably cold temperatures. showers this evening 49-64 degrees. if low pressure developing in the mid south of and moving northeasterly during the day and intensify tomorrow morning along the coast. that will bring some cold air into the north. the stage is set for a first encounter this fall with a wintry weather for us. the areas include depict possible snowfall. areas and greens is rain. that will move in during the
6:50 am
overnight and through the day tomorrow. moderate to heavy rain across southern maryland briefly. and it clears out as we go through the late-night period. the area under the winter storm watch tonight through tomorrow. north and west of the metro area. the north end of the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge and beyond through north central maryland. the d.c. metro area, cold rain with snowflakes, no stimulation expected. shenandoah valley, a few inches possible. no. maryland and above 1,500 feet, rain and snow and maybe a telecom -- up to 5 inches. adam caskey will have a seven- day forecast. i used to be one of the snow lovers but not so much anymore. >> definitely not. it's a little scary. >> i don't like it when my trees are freezing out there.
6:51 am
let's skip the latest on the roads. >> is a good-looking on a highway? judge for yourself. i will go to the cameras. delays on 270 pantry 70 to get to the beltway. during washington parkway and ok at reagan national airport. leaving ashburn out of leesburg, 28 out of sterling to get to centreville is pretty quiet. 95 is loading up in the normal areas. northbound at woodbridge, headlights are northbound on the way to the pentagon. all clear. metro rail, marc rail, vre normal service. back to you. >> thank you. we are wearing halloween. colors this halloween >> we did not plan this. and there's still time to take part in our halloween costume contest. send a picture of your son or daughter in their costume. >> we are putting some of those
6:52 am
photographs on the air and on line. we will announce a winner on halloween night. pl
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6:54 am
captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. your weekend movie guide. i am arch campbell. >> a ball of yarn.
6:55 am
>> you made the cat angry. antonio banderas is the voice of the pcat. 3 stars. >> allow me to introduce my mother-in-law, my wife, and my daughter. >> justin timberlake stars in the science-fiction adventure "in time" a land where everybody stops aging at 25. this is a mind bender, a three- star. four stars for ""the ides of march" and "moneyball" and "martin -- margin call."
6:56 am
two stars for the new movie "the rum diarrhea" andy" and "footloose." let's see how the traffic is. >> we will go to newschopper 7 and look at interstate 95 in maryland for change, between laurel and the beltway, normal volume. everybody headed through the icc works on and on to 495 west normal and stop and go. >> highs in the low 50's, increasing clouds. heavy rain tonight through tomorrow morning. mainly cold rain in the metro with a few wet snowflakes. clearing by sunday. low 40's tomorrow. there could be accumulations of snow in maryland and virginia.
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