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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> robert wood jr., has been foudn and reunited with his family. >> we were all just shaking. we could not believe it. this little boy is resilient, to the end. >> we are relieved, amazed. we were coming up the road and -- yeah. i give it everything i had. >> one dozen volunteers showed up every morning to traipsed through the woods, rode on horseback wrote in canoes come and the searching paid off. at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon in this rock bed, he was found lying in the fetal position. >> he was laying there in
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minimal clothing. >> it was cold and dehydrated but the autistic boy braved the elements and under -- hunger alive. >> when a child goes missing everyone wants to step up. that has happened for the past six days. >> the very quickly got him into an ambulance, warmed him up, got him fluids come and medical helicopter landed to taken to d.c. medical center. whhis condition said it was serious, by the sherriff, and the fire chief said "remarkable considering." the other big story tonight battening down and getting ready for an unusually early visit before winter. >> some parts of the east already dealing with snow. this was the scene last night in
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my home town in massachusetts. they received a couple of inches of snow last night and more on the way this weekend. >> if you would like to practice the snow shoveling, you can help gear up for whatever the weather may bring. the district has these trucks lined up. the d.c. snow team held their annual dry run today, what a coincidence? the timing could not have been better. team coverage of this weekend's winter weather. horace holmes is looking into preparation around the area. >> and chief meteorologist has the latest on what to expect. snow is coming rain for most of the area though. these are the advisories for the moment. western maryland, a large part of virginia from loudoun west.
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rayner will be the initial story. -- rain will be the initial story. snowing already in wintergreen. the bottom line is this -- maybe 1-2 of slushy snowfall, more north and west. 3-6 or more with 8 + near the pennsylvania state line. a lot more coming up. are we ready? course holmes joins us live up from northeast washington. -- horace holmes joins us. >> some communities are scrambling to prepare. >> they have enough manpower and assault, more than enough equipment. an impressive show to handle anything that comes out of the sky.
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it is just that no one anyone expected to mobilize before halloween. in these areas the rush to prepare for this unusually early snow is well under way. >> we started bringing everything down for the customers to be ready. >> in hagerstown, they can expect up to 6 inches. the fear is this well cause power outages. >> this will really catch them off guard. >> please return to your vehicles. >> the d.c. road crews mounted their machines today to begin their "dress rehearsal" for this weekend. the road crews say they are ready. >> we train a year round for this. today, we will show we are ready.
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[unintelligible] >> crews say now all we have to do is wait. >> thanks a lot. more on the weather later. updates anytime on >> when/if it starts to fall, send us pictures adnnd videos -- more testimony in the lululemon murder trial detaining the weapon used. two store managers from the apple store next door recalled the night jayna murray she was murdered. they heard grunting, screams and high-pitched noises.
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brittany norwood is charged with beating and stabbing jayna murray her to death. there is -- but they insist it is not premeditated. today's decision overturns a ruling allowing to serve the tension in his leesburg home. he is accused of illegally videotaping protesters and sending it to syrian intelligence. president obama has announced two more initiatives one directing agencies to accelerate time it takes for federal research to turn into commercial products. the other calls for a one-stop website called businessusa to find and permission on the federal services. it is expected to be up and running in 90 days. still to come, some may be hiking fees, but one big bank that is staying away from the charges.
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>> getting rid of some of those old prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet. >> the have been called odd and quirky
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>> you are rusting abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. continuing developments in
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the race for the white house. rick perry has buyoufiled to run in new hampshire. a lot of talk about herman cain and his campaign ads, but they seem to be working. rebecca cooper has a look at these quirky ads. >> for the cain candidacy, his ads are creating a lot of three media coverage. the best part? he has not even had to pay to air them. they were made for the internet, but now they are getting a lot of network news time. ronald reagan won over voters and it re-election with this memorable ad. >> this morning again in america. >> reminding them that things got better. herman cain is getting attention for his ads, but no one is quite sure what they say. this one recalls a time in america when a man on a horse was just a man on a horse. huh?
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no one from the cain campaign is explaining this one where is manager takes a big drag on a cigarette. ♪ ♪ hermain cain ♪ >> he is turning the campaign world upside-down. >> we can outvote the stupid people. that is how we win. >> it they say, "that is another in sensitive isn't it?" no because they're stupid. >> even his opponents want in. >> check out our dad on jon ♪
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>> another reason he is smiling today his campaign manager announced the ads have helped bring in attention. they have brought in $3 million in the october. reporting live from the newsroom, rebecca cooper, abc7 news. they sat outside for more than one month, not so when the going to do now that snow is letting the northeast? >> and gail joins us with what to expect when winter
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7 is on your side with a mixed report on the ailing economy. >> consumer spending increased in september, but three times the amount in august in a rise in durable goods including automobiles. the commerce department says the annual household income barely remained sluggish. bank of america is standing
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alone in the battle over debit card fees. most other banks of belmont impose fees. that now includes jpmorgan, chase, and citigroup. they sit public outcry was not a factor in their decisions. last month, bank of america announced a $5 monthly fee for some debit card customers. people in the area starting tomorrow can turn and in expired or unused prescription drugs to prevent drug abuse and keep dangerous medications out of the groundwater. you can drop them off at police stations and sheriff department's. you can look up your closest collection point on our website the weather is about to get a difficult for the occupy protestors. the have already been covered in some places for a blanket of snow, but they said they are prepared with tents and
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blankets. several protesters in denver had been taken to the hospital for hypothermia. the expected drop in numbers as the temperature goes down, but they will stick it out as long as they can. >> snow? in october? you remember back when. >> 1952? >> 1979. snowed in august there. a lot to discuss. official high and low the average height is 65 degrees tomorrow it will be 25-30 degrees below normal. that is impressive. the record set to date is 87 degrees, which we will not seat for a long time. winter storms starting at midnight tonight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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all jurisdictions west of frederick and loudoun counties. this will either be upgraded to a warning in howard and montgomery county or an advisory. there will be measurable snow. the storm is starting to take shape. a nor'easter will be developing along the coast and interior new england will get hammered. substantial snowfall heavy snowfall. here is the time line. bring developing overnight steady rain overnight. --rainj developing. rain but stnownow closer. tomorrow, a gradual mix and turnover. mid to low 30's wet, heavy snow. here is the setup. moisture moving in, here is the high pressure moving up the coast, and this will be a substantial snowstorm, let alone
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for the final days of october. sunday look sunny and bright with temperatures in the 40's. sunny skies for the runners of the marine corps marathon. here is what we are seeing precipitation-wise. 1-2 inches of slush across the metro. upper fairfax and montgomery county 2-4 inches. 5 or more in the blue ridge. 8 inches or more in pennsylvania. this will be the big jackpot of snow. 100% probability of a nasty day tomorrow temperatures in the 30's. sunshine on sunday, trick-or- treat on monday. a warming trend next week. the toyota sports desk
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brought to you by your local tweeted dealers. moving you forward. >> we begin with the injury- plagued the redskins. >> they are going to claim the bills this weekend. -- play the bills. >> when they traded for hightower, it looked like a steal for shanahan's offense. he tore his acl and is now out ofrfor the season. hightower said he has not have surgery yet and will most likely do so next week. he talked about his frustration with the injury and his belief in this redskins team. >> i am an obsessive controlling person when it comes to football. i want to do everything i can. i am just excited to get back to recovery and get back to training doing everything i can
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do to get back on the field. >> a speedy recovery. there is a tendency for the world series to get lost in this college and professional season -- not this year. the st. louis cardinals and texas rangers refused to let up. a game seven tonight thanks to dramatic extra innings last night. >> it -- is -- gone! >> cards won last night 10-9. they have won the most game 7's in history. it should be a big one tonight. >> the fans are happy. this is a dead even competition. you cannot be distracted by last night. it is a seven-game series. we knew that coming in.
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these are two pretty similar teams in the way they go about doing their business, and we will come out tonight, get after it again, and see what happens >> looking for progress in the nba lockout? sorry. look summer else. talks ended today with little to no progress on how desperate revenue. -- how to split the revenue. owners want a 50/50 split. today is the 120th day of the lockout. and counting. washington city capitals had their first loss of the season last night falling 2-1 to the oilers in edmonton. they had a lead in the first before edmonton countered with two goals, blocking power plays. university of missouri is still deciding whether to make a move but judging from a
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premature news release, have made up their mind. the ftc published a story for a few minutes thursday night announcing they were joining the conference but it was soon taken down. watch what you tweet. >> be careful.
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a local college campus wins
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a dubious honor, more parking tickets to its students than any other university in the nation. the students there are not happy. we reveal the college, talk to the students come and find out why the campus cops say it is justified. a little frost on the pumpkins this weekend. >> the storm is getting cranked up. the nor'easter has yet to develop along the carolina coast, but it will bring rain and snow across the area. we could see up to two inches in the metro area by the time it ends but the further west you go four, six, 8 inches of snow. stay up-to-date with the changing weather. is your online home for weather. bob ryan will have a big update tonight at 11. cold for the marine marathon.
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