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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 30, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning --snowtober. it's an epic early snowstorm. the biggest of its kind in more than a century. look at this tree slamming down on a house in new jersey. nearly 2 feet of snow, 2 million without power this morning and winter is still two months away. ambush. it is the single deadliest attack on americans in kabul since the war began. ten are dead. how did the taliban pull it off at a time when the u.s. said they had the insurgents on the run. shark attack again. this deadly season of shark, nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's swim saved his life. we'll hear from his friend who was in the water with him.
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and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted. we put one viewer's house to the test. and is this house haunted? it's the ultimate halloween house party. the man behind it is joining us on the live show. ♪ if they had taken that camera shot seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by lara spencer. >> i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is a live rehearsal. they'll be with us about 50 minutes. this guy's been programming this house since march. >> how excited are his neighbors right now? not very happy. 300 hours of programming to get
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it perfectly in sync. no pun intended. it's a lot of fun. >> party rock house. our house is party rock house. just by having lara spencer with us on this sunday morning. >> thank you. we have a lot of news to get to, including this new revelation in the bernie madoff case. they call him the most hated man in america. there's this new book, that says bernie madoff's wife is now claiming that there was one thing that hurt her even more than ripping off thousands of people in that huge ponzi scheme. >> pretty shocking revelation there. a really hollywood horror story. actors leaving a movie premiere, in an elevator, goes into free fall, plunging eight floors. we talked to the comedian who took that wild ride. you know, we all think about it. i do, every time i get on an elevator. how common is it for them to go wee? >> the doors of the elevator were opened.
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>> they saw it. >> incredible story. >> we'll have that coming up. we'll start with this freak halloween snowstorm that has basically shut down parts of the northeast this morng. it's still raging right now. check this out. we have a picture of a tree in new jersey crashing down on a family home, there it is, it's amazing that this house doesn't crumble under the weight of the tree. this illustrates the big problem with this storm. the weight of the wet snow, bringing down trees, knocking out power lines, killing the lights in hundreds of thousands of homes. a huge mess. >> all right, let's take a look at the numbers. in this mess, the snow totals really are astounding. 28 inches in plainfield, new -- massachusetts. a foot in snowshoe, west virginia. yes, a town called snowshoe. at least three deaths are being blamed on this rare autumn snowstorm. state of emergencies are in effect in new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts. >> we got reporters out
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all throughout the storm zone. let's kick it off with t.j. winick. who niece windsor, connecticut. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it's hard to believe that december 22nd, that's the first day of winter, still seven week away. but you wouldn't know it. it actually quite pretty. like a norman rockwell painting. down here on the road, you can see the downed trees and power lines. hundreds in each town. right up there, you can see the top of the power line sheered off. things got so bad here in connecticut yesterday, at one point, two municipalities, there were no businesses or homes without power. across the northeast, near white-out conditions. roads completely shut down. when this wet, heavy snow fell atop trees, still carrying leaves, many simply collapsed.
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in new jersey, where a tree was uprooted, it smashed into a house, under the weight of the heavy snow and many of those trees took down power lines, leaving millions in the dark and cold. >> another huge branch just fell down. >> reporter: from the white house to white plains, new york, this early-season snowfall kept on coming. the plows were out earlier than they have been in decades. they couldn't keep up. short commutes dragged on for hours. >> i hate it. i hate it. >> reporter: connecticut was one of the hardest hit states. planes grounded. flights canceled. and even the airports are having power troubles. >> the power is going in and out. bathrooms locked. people are quite upset. >> reporter: over a half million residents are without power and the governor warned people to stay indoors. >> if you are without power you should expect to be without power for a prolonged period of time. >> reporter: in meridian,
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connecticut, we found this man about to check into a hotel. his house lost all of his power. >> that's it. >> reporter: and this storm didn't stop for anything. while frightful is a weather forecast normally reserved for christmas, it's looking like this year, many children will be dreaming of a white halloween. if tropical storm irene is any guide, it could be four to five days before everyone in connecticut and across. the region gets their power back. dan? >> all right, t.j., we thank you very much. let's head north with adam harding. >> let me show you how much snow this historic storm dumped on this small new england town.
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14 inches here in peterborough between last night and early this morning. snow falling 3 inches per hour. look at all of this snow. it comes up to my knee in some spots. the big concern is power outages here in the state. we're talking about 30,000 waking up this morning without power. lara, we'll send things to you. >> let's go to reporter norman in auburn maine. norm? >> reporter: lara, a steady snow here in auburn, maine, for the most part, a half a foot here in auburn. problem is, all of the slush the issue along the main turnpike. the speed limit is down to about 45 miles per hour because of a heavy, wet snow, it's weighing down on power lines. this line is down for example.
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we have seen some branches on roads as well. we're used to this. maybe in december or january. i have lived in maine all my life. i have never seen this kind of snow before entering november. >> that's our snow report for this sunday morning. new taliban suicide in heavily fortified kabul. the attack killing ten americans in the deadliest strike against the u.s.-led coalition. abc's jake tapper is in bagram air base, in afghanistan, with this report. >> reporter: lara, good morning. they called this latest attack the signs of taliban desperation, that seems debatable. talibans attack here in kabul are getting more brazen and more deadly. it was the deadliest attack on coalition forces in kabul in more than the ten years of the afghanistan war. five coalition service members
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and eight contractors, most of them americans, were killed when the armored bus they were in was targeted on this road by a taliban suicide bomber. driving an suv with a bomb, the taliban later said weighed 1500 pounds. four innocent afghans were also killed by the explosion. the attack took place near a bombed-out former palace. it came one day after the pentagon issued a report heralding how year to year attacks are down for the first time in america's longest war. which the report claims has laid a firm foundation for the afghans taking control of security in 2014. u.s. military however, focuses on attacks on u.s. service members. the united nations says violence in afghanistan, including against civilians is up 40%. this war has take an turn from largely rural to increasingly urban.
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last month, a 20-hour siege of the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters. in the southern part of the country yesterday, an afghan soldier shot and killed three australian troops and an afghan interpreter. the commander of international forces here in afghanistan, issued a statement, quote, the penmy ofs peace are not martyrs but murderers. they're losing territories support and the will to fight. lara? jake tapper in afghanistan and now here's dan. and now, lara, over to the latest twist of the race to the white house. your voice your vote. herman cain, the former pizza mogul, appears to be a front-runner, at least in iowa. more on this from christiane amanpour. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, dan. of course, we're going to drill down on all of this. the latest poll from des moines, register in iowa, show herman cain at the top. he has 23%. his closest rival is mitt romney at 22%. that's basically a statistical dead-heat. ron paul at 12 .. michele bachmann at 8. governor perry at 7%. rick santorum at 5%. what this is showing is that perry is really -- rather cain is gaining the momentum, he's kind of the man of the moment but mitt romney is still very very steady there. what it shows also is that, michele bachmann who saw so much early success in iowa, has now plummeted here to number four. we'll be talking to her when the program starts not so long from now. >> let me drill down on michele's number. in june, she was at 28%. now she's 8%.
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nearly in first place back in june. now she's in fourth place. what do you reckon is behind this drop? >> well, dan, because it was such a surprise when she surged to the top about twowo months a, everybody was sort of looking at michele bachmann. when she entered she was the only tea party candidate. and since then, you have had rick perry, herman cain who have drawn a lot of support away from her. you have also seen that she's sort of been more sidelined. she's not as visible as she used to be. certainly in media coverage. she has had all sort of issues. campaign staff issues, which have shown a bit of disarray around her campaign. on the other hand, she's in iowa, she's staying in iowa. they're trying to win in iowa. that's going to be just two months from now. many people are saying that it's must win. the only way she's going to get herself back. we'll ask her how she's going to get herself back in this race.
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>> such a fascinating race. herman cain at number one. christiane amanpour, thank you very much. be sure to join her later on "this week." now, an explosive new book about disgraced former wall street financier bernie madoff will be released tomorrow. his son andrew and his wife ruth both cooperated for the book. in it, ruth revealed that she was more hurt by her husband's mistress than by his massive fraud scheme. abc's david kerley has the details. >> reporter: bernie madoff scammed 15,000 investors, some out of their life savings. but madoff's wife, ruth, said it wasn't the ponzi scheme that caused her the most pain, she was more deeply troubled with her husband's long-running affair with another woman. according to the new book, ruth madoff said that the affair was quote the most hurtful thing that ever happened to her. ruth asked, what's a ponzi scheme?
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she also said that on "60 minutes" that she and bernie madoff attempted suicide. >> we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said, i can't, i just can't go on anymore. >> reporter: the attempt failed. but she stayed with madoff, infuriating her son. one of them, mark, took his own life. his wife recently spoke to abc's chris cuomo. >> he couldn't understand how she could continuously stand by this man who ruined so many lives. who ruined his life. >> reporter: the book says that ruth madoff confronted her husband during a prison visit about the affair. his response, denial. and in a prison interview with barbara walters, bernie madoff suggested that it was the suicide of his son, not an affair, that caused the rift with ruth. >> they are estranged. he said that after their son's suicide, when she said, let me go, he said yes, and he hasn't
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heard from her since. >> reporter: the book, some suggested, are ruth madoff's attempt to gain some public sympathy. she reveals that her sister and brother in law, in their 70s, lost money in it. they're now driving airport taxis for a living. >> continues to be an incredible story. let's check the rest of the morning's headlines with andrea canning. >> good morning to you all. we begin with a deadly grain elevator explosion in kansas. three were killed and three were missing. the explosion was felt miles away. sent a fireball so high in the sky that it was seen in neighboring missouri. authorities plan to bring in equipment today. tensions boiled over between occupy wall street protesters and police in denver, officers fired pepper spray into the crowd and arrested people demonstrating at the steps of the capitol. police in riot gear also moved into a park late saturday to keep protesters from setting up
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tents. in all, nearly two dozen people were arrested. an unusual and ironic high-speed chase in florida, a state trooper pull over a miami police officer in his squad car earlier this month. the officer was arrested at gun point after a seven-minute chase reached speeds of 120 miles per hour. the officer said that he was late for his offduty job. and finally, congratulations to penn state football coach joe paterno, he now stands alone as the winningest coach in division i football. after penn state beat illinois, 10-7, saturday, paterno's 409th victory, moving him past former grambling coach eddie robinson. we have two penn state graduates in the room. lara, take it away. >> i can't wipe the smile off my face. this was an ugly win, but this was such an important win for joe paterno. 409 wins in history. he's been at penn state for 62 years.
8:17 am
>> incredible run. >> he's such a class act. and we are -- stephanie, come on. we are -- penn state. >> she's up on the roof covering the weather for us. can you chieer for us? >> penn state! >> that's right. >> such a convincing lion. >> good morning, it's very chilly in new york this morning. but it's a beautiful morning. after a historic october snowstorm. 2.9 inches of snow yesterday in central park. now, this storm is still punishing new england. winds recorded upwards of 70 miles per hour. it will diminish in boston as we go throughout the day. on the backside of this storm the cold air continues to move in, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal tod
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it is a sunny but winter the nation's capital. can see the sun shine in annapolis. at or below the freezing point. we have a consequence of wind chills up there. a tough day for the marine corps marathoners. we will do better today. have a freeze all in all, 16 million people affected by the early season snowstorm. >> thank you again for the forecast. a huge landmark for the planet tomorrow, a baby born somewhere on earth tomorrow is going to tip the planet's population over to 7 billion. that's a guess, of course. the best estimate from the u.n. check this out.
8:19 am
250 people are born every minute. by the time gma has been on air this morning, 4500 have been born. can the planet handle all of us? here's abc's chris bury. >> reporter: so just how scary is it that some time on halloween, our planet will welcome its seventh billionth mortal soul? >> very scary. not enough water and food. >> reporter: 7 billionth, scary? >> no, not all. exciting. >> reporter: why? >> the more the merrier. >> reporter: every minute in india, 51 bundles of joy. that newcomer joining a rapidly growing global population. china still boasts the most people, 1.35 billion people. mind blowing to think that just 12 years ago, the u.n. leader welcomed baby 6 billion. a boy born in sarajevo.
8:20 am
go back to jefferson and napoleon to mark the first billion. not so long ago, in ancient egypt, this whole planet held only 15 million. the inevitable question, with one in seven going hungry now, how can the world feed even more? >> we need to do a better job of taking care of those people who can't take care themselves. >> reporter: all 7 billion of us, could fit in texas. >> very interesting and very crowded, too. >> reporter: although we'll keep growing, another billion by 2025, the birth rate is slowing remarkably, only half its peak of the 1960s. when baby 7 billion arrives on halloween, it might not be so scary after all. for "good morning america," i'm chris bury, abc news, chicago.
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>> i love that chris just walked up to a woman on her wedding day about the global population. coming up here on "good morning america" -- this is an incredible story. a great survival story. this is the latest victim of the deadly season of the sharks. >> he got lucky. falling stars, actors leaving a movie premiere, get on an elevator and have the ride of their lives. it plunges. we'll talk to one of those people on that elevator. morning! big day, huh? thank you. ♪ oh that mountain grown taste, ♪ ♪ just what you need ♪ for the big race. daughter: morning mom! are you excited? ♪ as you finish every mile... ♪ how rewarding are those smiles... ♪ [ cheers from the crowd ] ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ mommy, you did it! ♪ is folgers in your cup. i wanted support for my heart...
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live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. good morning. taking a look at some of the stories topping the news. a good day for thousands of runners are already out in the of our land and for the marine corps marathon.
8:28 am
many of the roads will be closed later on this afternoon. now for a check of our forecasts. snow on the ground or not, is cold out there. it is above the freezing point. wind chills in gaithersburg up in the 20's. coldesty was the october 29 ever. had a freeze warning today. finally by the mark, some for halloween.
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♪ see this video, lara spencer. this is a youtube sensation. one man in california, very dedicated, has been working since march, to outfit his house. with all of these lights. people are going crazy for it. thousands show up every night. >> it's a youtube sensation and we can't stop watching it. it just makes you smile. >> kevin and his family will be with us live this morning. we'll talk about how and why they did it. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm lara spencer. it's sunday, october 30th. welcome to "good morning america." coming up two stories that tap into our most basic fears. this is eric tarantino, he got bitten by a shark, right in the neck. >> if that doesn't stress you
8:31 am
out enough, an elevator suddenly drops eight floors, the door is opened. you're seeing yourself whiz down the shaft. this one was packed with stars and party goers attending a movie premiere here in new york. we'll hear from one of the people will be here. now, though, now that we're in that the halloween spirit, we put out a call to ask people if they feel like their homes are haunted. one guy said yes. we sent a paranormal expert over to check it out. but we're going to start with the very latest on this prehalloween nor'easter. at least three victims of this storm, more than 2.4 million people without power. some areas got 2 feet of snow. abc's t.j. winick is in windsor, connecticut. which got really slammed this morning. hey, t.j., good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the snow is actually quite picturesque.
8:32 am
but looks can be deceiving. this stuff is heavy, wet and down here on the road, you can see why it's such a problem. power lines and trees down. hundreds in each town, last half-hour, we showed you the tree. power line sheered clean off. the problem with a storm this early in the season, there are still leaves on many of the trees. they catch that heavy wet snow, it snaps the branches and it takes down the power lines. the latest report we have is, about 750,000 people here in connecticut, alone, without power, as tropical storm irene is any guide, it could be about three to five days before everyone gets their power back. i asked one public safety official, he told me, so far, ice has not been a problem. dan and lara. >> incredible scene behind you, t.j. we're supposed to be racking leaves. you had a lot at your house. >> the leaves are still on the trees and that's what's making what them heavy.
8:33 am
our lights flickered on and off three times. the good side of this, was that my daughter and i were able to make a snowman. which she named creatively, frosty. today, i had to break it to her, his name will be soggy. and then, this is his first foray into snow. and stephanie is going to tell us, she's on the roof, not a lot of snow left, right, steph? >> things are going to melt quickly today with the sunshine. good morning, everybody. we have mentioning that the leaves are still on the trees. they haven't changed colors in central park. but yet, we'll be shoveling snow. the snow totals are definitely impressive. a storm of this size, historic this early in the season, look at the 19 inches in west milford. a foot in snowshoe. and again, a record three inches in central park. cold extends all of the way
8:34 am
good morning. but trace of snow at reagan but it is called. temperatures and the 30's. will would be lucky today. the freeze warning >> this weather has been brought to you by hunter douglas. be careful shoveling that heavy, wet snow. and now we turn to an amazing survival story on the california coast. a young man manages to swim away from a shark, after suffering multiple bites. abc's dan kloeffler has the latest. >> reporter: in yet another clash between sharks and sur fors. a california man was within a few feet of a shark attacking his friend. >> came down over the top of the wave. i started hearing him say scr m
8:35 am
screaming, shark, shark. at that point, i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: dan was surfing with his friend when a shark snuck up and attacked eric. bleeding and still in harm's way, eric feverishly paddled for shore. brandon swam ahead to get help. >> i looked over, at that point, i saw quite a blood come out of his arm. >> reporter: amazingly, eric managed to get himself out of the water. other surfers forced him to the ground and tried to stop the bleeding with towels. he had gashes in his arm and neck. still conscious, eric was starting to slip into shock. >> you try to keep him calm. >> reporter: paramedics arrived and air lifted him to san jose medical center. his friends stunned and his board left with 19-inch chunk removed. >> i have been surfing there for about 15 years. i do have a friend who was attacked there four years ago. >> reporter: it's been a bad year for sharks.
8:36 am
sightings up and down the west coast. putting beach goers on edge. in oregon, one man was thrown from his board after a shark took a huge bite. last week, george wainwright lost his life to a ten-foot-long great white in australia, it's these attacks that leave surfers wondering, could it happen to them? >> it could have been me. >> eric tarantino's injuries were considered not life threatening. he is expected to make a full recovery. but park rangers are urging people to stay away from the water, although they haven't closed down the beach altogether. >> it's really horrifying story. >> it is. what's most surprising about this, they don't shut down the beach. because the ocean is so big, because at this point, it's probably gone away to somewhere else. >> dan, thank you. appreciate it. coming up next -- an elevator that plunged. it took a terrifying free fall. one of party goers talks to us
8:37 am
about it. and then, we're going to a real-life haunted house. we'll meet a family who claims they live with ghosts year round. we're sending a ghost buster to get the truth. and the youtube sensation, the party rock house america can't get enough of it. but how do the neighbors feel? are they sick of this song yet? we'll talk to the family live. >> we're not. >> we're not.
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now, a story that preys on many of our fears of elevators. a freak accident at a movie premiere after-party sent an elevator packed with stars and party goers into an eight-floor free fall. andrea canning back with a look at this frightening ride. really scary. >> just like the tower of terror at disney. several of the 14 passengers had a feeling that the el i have or the was too heavy with people. this is really a worst nightmare come true. >> it was a terrifying scene right out of a hollywood movie. like in "die hard." or "inception." the irony -- most everyone
8:41 am
onboard works in hollywood, including josh charles, one of the stars of "the good wife." it happened here at the gramercy park hotel here in new york city. right after the premier of the new movie "jannie jones" on thursday night. charles, the movie director and several other actors piled into the elevator. seth herzog was there. >> elevators aren't huge, they're very small. >> reporter: it was then that the elevator suddenly shockingly began to plunge. with the door open, the passengers could see the floors flying by. you know you're going to fall. you don't when it's going stop. >> reporter: finally it came to a hard stop. the elevator grounded to a halt thanks to those emergency brakes. the group was left waiting for help. >> we're waiting far long time. people started getting angry. >> reporter: gramercy hotel general manager later released a statement later saying --
8:42 am
elevators are behind many people's most nagging fears. that fear of a sudden drop or getting stuck. but experts say those fears are irrational. >> they're safer than riding in an airplane. they're safer than driving your car or being in a bus. >> but tell that to seth herzog. >> my biggest fear that i was going die with people more famous than me and i wouldn't get top big. billing. >> he tried to crack jokes like, who are we going to eat first and we should decide have we're going to repopulate? they went to get some stiff drinks after the experience. tv wouldn't be the same without josh charles. i'm glad he's okay. >> he was very upset about it. andrea canning, thank you so much. i think. coming up on "good morning
8:43 am
america" -- how can you be sure your house is or isn't haunted? we know who to call. we know who to call? ♪ [ male announcer ] these days, even your trash can be a gold mine for identity thieves. ♪ we don't believe your garbage should be used against you. [ alarm blares ] we're lifelock. go to and join the fight against one of the fastest growing crimes in america. lifelock. relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1 (800) lifelock today.
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if you ever suspected that your house is haunted, we asked viewers that question, we got tons of reply, we picked one out and we sent in a paranormal expert for a checkup. >> i wouldn't hurt you. >> in the animated horror, blood oozed from the walls. in "poltergeist," it was a hand reaching out of the television. >> they're here! >> reporter: in the gambrell home, the signs of the haunting are every where. shadows moving through the
8:47 am
house. doors opening on their own, footsteps in the hallway and then the lights. >> so we unplug the lamp, and we had all of the lights were off in the neighborhood. and all of a sudden, the lamp came on. >> reporter: so when gma asked viewers for a haunted house, he jumped at the opportunity to get his family home in talladega, alabama, checked out. he used to share it with his parents before they passed away. now he's sure they still stop by. >> someone is still watching out for me. >> reporter: but is his house really haunted? we asked chip coffey, world renown medium to come visit. he walked through the house, looking for signs. >> your mother had something with the abdominal.
8:48 am
because i'm getting punched in the abdomen. like right there. >> reporter: and a lot more. >> this room feels like it could be very active. i think these spirits are haunting. >> reporter: then a mysterious hit. >> it feels like it's at the beginning of her name, like a millie or a mildred. >> reporter: was that a miss? chip says that every message is not about the present or the past. >> this room feels like it could be very active. >> reporter: chip felt that this house was full of more spirits than just his parents'. >> it's very calm. >> you could say the hospice worker is bringing his work home with him. >> lots of times, you're one of the last people they have contact with on the face of the earth. so, naturally, they're going to feel a kinship to you.
8:49 am
before they move on. >> just to be on the safe side, chip sweeps the rest of the house for ghosts. the living room and the kids' bedroom br clean. but syd comes back with a message. >> they want me to meet her and her name starts with "m." >> really? >> what's her name? >> millie. >> oh, my. >> are you convinced now? >> yes, i'm convinced. this show is making me very nervous. coming up next -- something to calm lara down. a completely different kind of halloween house. the party rock house. we'll meet the guy who spent months programming that house. ♪
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♪ check out this house. it's tricked out for halloween. this is the home of kevin and amber judd. when they put this clip on youtube, it took off. >> the clip has topped 4.5 million views and counting. thousands of people are flocking to the house for this nightly light show. in an halloween exclusive, they're joining us live from their home in riverside, california. i imagine the neighbors are awake as well. good morning to you all. >> good morning.
8:54 am
>> kevin, tell us about what the light show? >> i was looking for something to do for christmas. i came across a light show. it looked amazing. a company makes controllers for lights. >> and why this song? because, boy, have you nailed it. >> my wife picked that song. >> it was a song that was very popular during this time. and it just seemed to fit very well. >> are you not tired of the song one tiny, little bit? >> not at all. we still listen to it even in the car. >> what is your electric bill like? what is your electricity bill like? >> um, probably about $50 more a
8:55 am
month. because i switched to l.e.d.s. >> we have to ask the big question, what do your neighbors think about that? not only do you the lights in the middle of the night but the music. >> the neighbors are very supportive. they're out here every night with us. they help us with the crowd control. really great neighbors. >> everybody shufflin' to your house for trick or treating. >> thank you. the kids love it as well. as we go off the air on this sunday morning, thank you to the judds, thank you to lara spencer and an degree kang for joining us this weekend. we'll be played off the air by the judds' crazy family house. >> happy halloween!
8:56 am
♪ party rock in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ we're going to make you lose your mind ♪ live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. good morning. in the news, thousands of out in the road of arlington and the district for the marine corps marathon. many of the roads will be closed until later on this afternoon. stations areo
8:57 am
of track work. es arehuttle bus available. of unionain hall is close this weekend. repairing damage from the august earthquake. look at our for a forecast. >> some of those marathon have snow to contend with. temperatures only in the 30's. it feels like 30 degrees because those winds are gusting. improve but nothing like typical fall weather. be at 64 degrees. yesterday was the coldest october 29 ever recorded. all across the area, there is a warning that should expire in a few moments. not bring in your
8:58 am
chances are you lost them. temperatures tonight will be not quite as cold. the no. there is still moving over new england. by noon, we will be in the upper 40's. very chilly date. keep that coat with you. things improved tomorrow. temperatures are route 60. >> thank you for watching.
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