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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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accusations and covered by our partners at politico. today, he spent the day at the after the report caught in the press. let's go live to the newsroom for more. there is a downside to so much meteoric rise, you get a attention right away. politico gave herman cain 10 days to respond to the accusations. he did not and now it is a big campaign controversy. >> under the glare of a crush of cameras, so many they had to doors, herman cain came withpress club abuzz controversy after a political working for the association,aurant least two women filed sexualnts over his suggested behavior. the first addressed on sunday. have you ever been accused
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of sexual harassment? >> he obviously did not want to answer it. want to say yes and to say no. he did not say anything for a while. i have never sexually harassed anyone. it was concluded after a investigation that had no basis. do you know why he would not initially answer the questions? >> they were anonymous accusations and we did not want way make those real. herman cain claims he never knew of a five figure settlement to end theere paid matter. this a witch hunt. result of today's big story, i really know what be number one. if he does lose some support of this, he will still top many polls, including in texas, among gop voters worry
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currently be tell governor rick perry. >> there is more on the herman controversy coming up at 6:30. you can follow the story any more graphic testimony tonight in the lululemon murder case. prosecutors outlined how jayna was killed. among the witnesses on the of thethe director whoington crime lab pattern of blood on floor. the experts very clinical and, to your sure -- to use your word, graphic testimony, was people infor a lot of the courtroom to hear and see. what is news is what the jurors will not here, and that is a in the case. at the outset of the trial, murray's attorneys
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-- m that she did kill norwood's attorneys did killed theshe victim. the d.c. crime lab used illustrateotos to how droplets and smears of blood of a crimee story scene. that it seemedy him jean-marie was initially the showroom area and the ground in a back hallway. described blood on the underside of shells, indicating bludgeoned after she was already down. there is a gasp in the courtroom blood splashed from jayna murray's head. but the jury may never know what happened. in court, with the jury of the room, the state attorney asked for testimony to be allowed to sher a coworker that said caught brittany norwood stealing from the store. that is why norwood ambushed
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murray, but the judge ruled the is here say and because murray herself cannot testify about the shoplifting. >> after the jury was dismissed, heard about scheduling in trial. tamara, the jury will see about videotapes of by brittanyiven police and then wednesday, the state will its last witness, the . dical examiner in a bit of a shocker, we heard are not committing to it, like the defense judge they will not present any witnesses and straight to closing arguments. could happen as soon as wednesday. an undocumented immigrant killing an end. driving accident is found of involuntary border. before the trial, he pleaded
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guilty to five related charges. he has been convicted of drunk driving twice. he was awaiting deportation when the crash occurred. an update now on the news we brought you at 5:00. a couple have been charged in with their child's death at a fairfax county hotel. month, police say the couple left their 1-year-old the childalone drowned. police believe that charles was alone. charged with felony child neglect. with muammar gaddafi dead, mission wrapped up its in libya. the secretary general was on hand for their wrapup. nato launched 96 air sorties. the no-fly zone has been lifted. is planninggislator
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push for statehood. his office says it involves lawmakers around the country to pass ceremonial resolutions. earlier this year, new hampshire introduced a resolution of for d.c. statehood. the main hall in union reopened after undergoing emergency earthquake repairs. friday, a piece of plaster fell from the ceiling and struck a restaurant worker. nutting was put up there to fromnt more plaster falling to the floor. plenty of people are still in the dark following the october snowstorm. mostly to the far our viewingrt of area. customers are waiting lights to come back on. most of those are customers of potomac edison. the highest concentration is a
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washington, frederick, and alleghany counties. still had, much of the northeast is still only the dark. --will see what's done being done to get millions back on line. see how macy's is making shop ando let you holidays a few hours earlier. it's a cheap way to get you want to go, but see this government is saying about those buses from new york to chinatown. your forecast when we return.
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they federal report finds as cost, curbside services can be dangerous for passengers. >> the national transportation these board found a fatal accident rate seven times higher than those of regulated buses. this year alone, there have bus 23 interstate accidents, injuring nearly 500 passengers. 33 people have died. kerbside buses pick up from street corners traditional bus depots. president obama is introducing legislation, citing an
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executive order directing the take action with stepped trapping of the problem. the agency reported nearly 200 job storage is. -- 200 drug shortages. the forecast for the housing is gramm. will fall more than 3.5% by this summer, a new low. with homes worth 35% less than in 2006, economists say several against theworking market, including an andease in foreclosures high unemployment. we call it black friday. start early enough, will open even earlier. at midnight on thanksgiving night. they will start four hours earlier than previous years. ofy's will post a list openings in the coming weeks. millions still in the dark
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october snow. the ability of long the sun will stick around. not a very sunny at redskins park. over thes hanging team. below 500, one of your says it's halloween.
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we continue nowadays you can effort forp people throughout the northeast. millions of people from made are without power after the heavy and wet trees andht down power lines. be the end of the week before people in the hardest-hit states get their lights on. we have more on what the october snow left behind. >> all it took was one winter pounding. before winter starts to make northeasterners long for the days when a direct hit from was the hurricane biggest fear. it turns out that this year's
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weather event with a halloween snowstorm. no trick or treating in massachusetts. it's too dangerous because of the trees falling down. >> some places up 30 inches of snow. than 3 million customers lost power. this is a power outage driven the snow and the fact leaves still in the trees. >> in new jersey, more than half that went dark on saturday still don't have power. more than 70% of the state lost electricity in connecticut. could take a week. in new york city, the storm destroyed as many as 1000 trees in central park. eight times as many as tropical storm irene took out two months ago. in 24 cities, the snowstorm set records. people died. en in connecticut, 123 passengers extremely unhappy. demonstrated a
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its customersward found hard to comprehend. the --e were trapped on on the tarmac for seven hours after their flight was diverted. we can't seem to get help from our own company. i apologize. the company says the would be reimbursed. in the storm, they could turn out to be the lucky ones. you read about that? that is a nightmare. >> when you get something like this in october, and has no affect what the rest of the winter is going to be like. just something that happens rarely in october. i think we will have a fairly normal winter as far as precipitation totals go. maybe a little bit below average temperatures. >> like christmas? >> let's hope not. let's go to oakdale high school
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in frederick county. just behind that is the football field. the sunshine and warming temperatures did a number. you can see it disappear right before your eyes. skies are cloudy now. 56 and 36, a high and low temperatures. are below average will get closer to by wednesdayage and thursday. 49 in hagerstown. 53 at reagan national airport. mostly cloudy tonight for the trick or treaters. generally good weather. another chance of showers across area late tonight. a cool and cloudy day across the mid-atlantic. a few milder spots like miami at 75. 76 in dallas. a slight moderation in
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next couple for the of days. pressure falling apart over the appalachians. heavy rain developing across the that will probably happen around 11:00 tonight. we will get back: count their goodies before that happens. tomorrow, that system will move out and help to clear us out as moves in. re partly cloudy and breezy with in the upper 70's. despite clouds early on, a bit of a breeze and is near 57 degrees. degrees tomorrow. 57 on thursday. increasing cloudiness on friday weekend, partly skies and a reminder to your clocks back one hour saturday night before you go to bed. desk. toyota sports
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brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. call 911. ady to it was a crime. they should have. the redskins were beaten physically and mentally. out coach and outplayed. time to look ahead to the forty- niners. said than easier done. have been all lot worse. they gave up nine at saks. gave up onlyey entire season in 1991. it looked like he was in a daze. >> everybody looks at the line. ve that's not the case. there are a lot of people involved. sometimes pass protection,
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sometimes the cornerback. it won't go into a sack and this no different. may have been more than line. ensive their running game never got going. 14 yards on eight carries -- nonexistent. it would have been better, bring that out to 20. the offense would have loved to of gotten a good field position. defense, believe me when i say defense still has problems, tackling in the secondary. >> its execution. we have not had a significant loss of personnel. there is no real excuse. the fans are all for it. trent williams could be back on line. ensive no. 83 was walking around with a boot on. ankle sprain.
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fred davis is questionable. the nationals have made it davey johnson will to management season in effort to make a run to the playoffs. davey is in and tony is out. his retirement today. winning thefter dramatic world series, s third over a 33 year career, and getting the cardinals were tan and a half , and they still go on to win the world series. time for something else. you have to look and the mayor. i know if i came back, and come the wrong reasons and i that. ot do the caps play anaheim to our night. say theyaring folks lost two in a row, which is true, but there closing out the best october they have ever had. >> we need the caps these days.
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give us something exciting.
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had it good. concierge for canines, tonight at 11:00. >> let's get one last look at that the weather. i a here mr. peterson will be monster mash. 51, dropping into the upper '40's overnight. the next seven days, our sunshine tomorrow and in the upper 50s. warming on wednesday and thursday, clouds increasing on friday. reminder to turn your clocks saturday night before you go to bed. lead to all be extra careful road tonight with all of those obliqued little guys out there. abc world news is up next. there. abc wor[ female announcer ] this is trish.
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