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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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different times, a media departures and a shelter and a place option for times when getting in your car can be dangerous. just like last january when people got stuck in their cars on the gw parkway. ultimately, the department says the responsibility for a smooth, snowy commute lies in the hands of the employees who must take warnings seriously. >> we must all share responsibility for our safely -- safety. we are all in this together. what's the transit agency says they have enough equipment to keep all of its lines cloud. for the first time, they could run above ground trains even and 8 inches of snow. what's that is great news. it is always a hassle getting places when petrol is not running. >> they will also continue to increase the number of federal employees that are able to tell
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to work. critics accusing them of overreacting. he says he has to put safety first. thank you. remember when winter weather had our way, you can stay up-to-date with abc 7 at on line. we will have latest closing and delays traffic information. right now you rightbob ryan's updated winter forecast. out to the latest on a mystery and aruba. gary giodona spoke for the first time after the presumed death of his traveling partner. he said he has nothing to do with her disappearance. he says robyn gardner was pushed out to sea when they were snorkeling. he said the insurance policy was not an indicator of his guilt. he always purchases insurance before he travels. >> a nightclub but -- a nightclub located has been shut
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down until further notice. it closed after an outbreak of violence left one man dead and five others injured. the restaurant will have to submit an appeal in order to reopen. that is expected to take months. plenty of local communities were damaged by several days of heavy rain. upper marlboro was hit especially hard. one-man battle with his mortgage company for months trying to recover. seven on your side stepped in with success. >> it has been a rough time. first his life was severely damaged by floods. he said a mortgage company was not reimbursing him thousands of dollars that he was owed. for the first time today, a glimmer of hope. the damage from the -- september's tropical storm is appearing on every corner of his
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home and marlborough. >> it looks like it was gushing and kept coming. what he has flood insurance but could not wait to make the repairs. he dished out $21,000 out of pocket to replace his electrical panel and tear out his walls and floors. he says his flood insurance company said a joint check to him and his mortgage company for just over $20,000. he says he had the check endorsed and all of the masses -- necessary notarized documents including his receipts from the work already done. >> two-thirds of that money should be here. pretty soon all of it should be here. once he receive these documents in october stating that if all the paperwork was received, the first one-third of his jet would be sent immediately. after waiting for weeks, he says a supervisor sent -- told him the money would be sent to the contractor not him. what i said i already paid the
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contractor. what would you pay him twice? >> he said the supervisors would not budge. he was stuck with the bill while supporting three kids. >> finally some good news for shaw wells fargo called us back today and said it is over 98 $10,000 check to him. the remaining about will come when all protocols are followed. it could not discuss why the money was held up due to customer confidentiality. we will be sure to stay with the story. tonight al qaeda claims responsibility for kidnapping a maryland man in pakistan. . steen was abducted out of his home in august. they released a video message today with a conditions for his release. among the demands that the united states stopped its airstrikes in pakistan and afghanistan. weinstein is a contractor. but it is official -- cuccinelli
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will run for governor in 2013. he was elected in 2009 says he has no plans to step down before the end of his term. he may face the lieutenant governor in the primary. he stepped aside when the current governor decided to run. one of the women -- one of the woman accusing the herman cain a a social harassment has a problem of her own. she is being kicked out of her home in chicago. she reportedly owes $7,500 in back rent and has been ordered to appear in court. she was the first of herman cain accusers to go public. >> more for the race for president of abc 7 news at 6:00.
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continuing with the countdown to republican caucuses. >> forced up the iowa caucuses. folks in the hawkeye state courses in the push by mitt romney after he ignored iowa for most of the year. newt gingrich continues to give iowa a run for his money. >> mitt romney is making a plea for iowa. with just over one month to go mitt romney released his first television ad in the hawkeye state. >> spent my life in the private sector. >> for mitt romney has only been in iowa four times. four years ago, he spent $10 billion there but finished a distant second. this time round he focused his time and money on new hampshire. by the new focus on iowa? look no further than the surging anew to gingrich. >> i think for the very first time in this campaign, it is clear that mitt romney has a
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challenger that will stick around for a little while. the time is running out. >> newt gingrich is not the first candidate to crash his party at the top of the republican field. unlike other candidates to quickly search only to collapse newt gingrich might be the anti mitt romney alternative that republicans are desperate for. >> everybody gets excited and start shooting at you. i think it is better to be the front-runner. >> herman can also unveiled a new ad in iowa and insisted he is staying in the race. >> is not over until it is over. is not over yet. >> herman cain has admitted he has not spoken face to face with his wife since allegations of a marital affair. >> mitt romney campaign says it is just a meeting between friends, not an endorsement. >> next, you may have some tax
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money coming your way from the irs. >> a chilly night ahead. a look at the forecast after the break.
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>> you are watching abc news at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureene bunyan, this is abc 7 news at 6:0. >> just an hour or so ago, the first family flipped a switch to like the national christmas tree. there will not be a star-studded celebration tonight including carson daily who is hosting. new unemployment numbers are
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out. they are a bit disappointing. >> applications for jobless benefits grew last week. that means layoffs are likely on the rise. better numbers are expected tomorrow morning. retail sales are pretty good. retailers say the month of november was very good -- largely fueled by a black friday. macy's, costco, and the limited all had gains that beat wall street estimates. the overall tally for the 21 retailers reported revenue was a rise of 3.2%. >> a lot of black trysails or run by credit cards. credit card use is up 7.4% over the past year. that is a trend that is expected to continue. when the recession first hit people pull back from using plastic. now, there is some signs of recovery so more people are
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turning back to credit cards. >> would you like some help paying off those bills from the irs tax the tax man has more than $150 million in undelivered tax refunds. the average check is about $1,500. if you were supposed to get a refund and you have not, you can log on to the irs website and find out if it is still there for you. there is a link on our web site "a nice christmas gift. >> to you want to check what i do the weather? >> . chile. clear. it is december the first that is what we expect. let's get you started on a thursday evening. it is 44 and gaithersburg. we will set out conditions south of the city in woodbridge. 43 degrees if you live in the neighborhood near river oaks an elementary school, the highest
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51. look at the averages. 52 and 37. that is as close as you are going to get. the record high set five years ago today was at 75 degrees. 39 degrees in gaithersburg, 49 in annapolis. 45 degrees in quantico right now. the mid-atlantic is chilly and clear. you do not have to ride that far to the north to find much colder temperatures. a little bit of a warm pattern developing just to the southwest. we will see that was our way tomorrow. today we are in the low 50's. tomorrow in the mid 50's. the key is no big storms. the next chance of rain will not come our way until probably tuesday or wednesday of next week. crystal clear skies all across the northeast. a few clouds across the midwest. this is a little bit of disturbance that will shift once
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for us. that is how we will turn somewhat cooler toward the day on saturday. another clear night. a few showers expected in the morning. this is a wind shift will cool off and stay senate on saturday. then we start to get under the influence of an approaching cold from per that would not get here until wednesday. such at the top today. temperatures a couple of degrees warmer. as we get through the next seven days, and don thermometer the time we hit monday we will be in the low 60's. another cold front will bring showers in the evening wednesday and thursday. anytime you need weather, go to our online home at click on the water tap. you will get interactive doppler radar, all kinds of features. a good place to visit. the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local
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toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> he landed on his feet. >> and this is hockey night in washington. i will get to that in just a minute. certainly not surprising he has won four division titles and four years. he replaces randy carlyle who won the 2007 stanley cup in anaheim. bruce boudreau has a job again and has taken the focus off of the marquee game of the night. the penguins in the capitals do not like it without the spotlight. "i will answer those questions tomorrow if you want. >> today conversation centered iran somebody who just left town. three days after the capitals let him goafterbruce boudreau was named anaheim's new head coach. >> i a dozen cars to get a job
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quickly. what's more, for the capitals. tonight they are pitted against the pittsburgh penguins. >> that is the way hockey should be pure >> speaking of revelries, sydney crosby will go up against the capitals in the first -- for the first time in almost a year. the >> now it is another dimension. >> the capitals have taken a out -- out of their last nine meetings and. -- in pittsburgh. it will suncor a message. >> what we are doing right now is working. it would just a little bit of time to iron out. >> thank you very much. the nba facilities were open today for the first time since the lockout. at the horizon center, the practice court has come down to squeaky shoes and physical contact. they are optimistic about the
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wizards predicting the lockout may help them. >> there are a lot of supply young guys. it will be situations where it is back-to-back and back-to- back. it will give us a high leverage with young players. we can come out and run. >> it is not a normal night when the redskins get pushed a couple of paragraphs away from headlines. that is where we are tonight. they were back on the practice field tonight. there are optimistic with five games left. they are not talking about the possibility of finishing 9-7. they're talking about the new york jets. >> they are definitely trying to get him the ball. there are trying to get him the ball downfield with the play action passing game. he looks good. >> the jets are favored by 3 points in that game. in college basketball, georgetown plays 12th ranked alabama tonight. that game is in tuscaloosa.
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the have been having a good season. it is a good opportunity on the road.
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it is almost time for the annual lighting of the buildings. >> doug hill is outside with more on this event. >> i have done this many times over the years. we have been located here in
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rosslyn. it is a lot of fun because it is an activity that is your round to light up the lights on the buildings here in roslyn. they do a lot of stuff. there is a charity drive that led up to this. major clothings election -- collection. they will celebrate with a jazz performance across the street. it is another one of those moments that the holiday season kicks off in a big way. the lights are so noticeable when you drive over the bridge, you can see the lights lit up. let's get a look at the next seven days. a feel of december in the air tonight dropping into the 20's and the 30's. tomorrow you will see temperatures in the mid 50's. the next chance of rain comes this way and that will be on tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> what about those lights?
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>> we cannot wait. >> we are out of time. we have to go. >> white christmas? >> [ baby coughing ]
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[ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. wean't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ]
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this is "world news." and tonight, man of the hour? nut gingrich in a feisty one-on-one with abc's jake tapper. the newest front-runner makes a bold prediction tonight. >> i'm going to be the nominee. wild winds. 100 100-mile-per-hour gusts crash gas stations shut down schools out west. every 12 seconds, another 911 call and it isn't over. abc news exclusive. and our year-long investigation. we track down the doctors


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