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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, cell phone crackdown. a massive, all-out ban on talking and texting on the road looms, as the nation's top safety officials say we're all in danger right now. why they want every american to put down they're phone for good. an entire country glued to tv. watching a marathon 18-hour operation to separate conjoined twins. every moment of the surgery playing out on live television, in the ultimate reality show. shocking impact. the moment when a driver speeds into a store, trapping the owner. the scene caught on tape. and you'll never believe what happens next. and oh, boy. the real thelma and louise.
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a teacher and a paralegal, for for a shopping spree in new york. now authorities finally grounded the high-flying pair. makes you want to stand up and be proud, as we always are. good morning, america. we have exciting news of our own. george is returning to familiar territory, as the anchor of "this week." you're not going anywhere. you're staying here, too. going back to "this week." >> this is such an exciting political scene. how unpredictable it is already. excited to go back there. have our whole political team. you have to cut me slack on monday morning. josh, get me starbucks. >> for me, that starbucks is yours. >> a little extra work this year. but it's going to be great. >> that's going to be so worth it. and christiane amanpour is going to be the global affairs anchor
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for abc, as well. >> i appreciate it. and speaking of politics, we have a new national poll out there morning. it shows the biggest lead for newt gingrich, over mitt romney, almost 20 points. romney is stepping up the attacks even more. the white house likes this fight. they want it to last. but the poll also shows that the president's approval rating is in the danger zone, as well. >> that's the case. we're going to get that ahead. but to the urgent action being recommended by top safety officials that could affect almost every american. a ban on all cell phone use while driving. so many of us talk and text on the road, putting everyone in danger. abc's dan harris is on the road with more on this. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you, from the backseat of a moving car on the streets of manhattan. i said, in the backseat, in honor of this radical shift that the feds are proposing. they say you need to be in the backseat or riding shotgun, if you want to use your cell phone in a moving vehicle. and that includes if you're using a hands-free device.
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this is exactly what federal officials are hoping to avoid. watch as this bus driver takes his eyes off the road to look at his phone. and seconds later, slams into an suv. pictures like this, provoking the national transportation safety board, to propose a ban an all personal electronic devices while driving. that goes well beyond laws in some states that require hands-free devices for drivers using cell phones. this is a total ban on any talking or texting, period. >> we know that accidents happen in a blink of an eye. you never know what call, what text, or what post, could be your last if you're doing it behind the wheel. >> reporter: distracted drivers, many of them on their cell phones, caused more than 3,000 deaths last year alone. case in point, says the ntsb, this sickening pileup in 2010. a deadly accident in missouri, involving a teenage pickup driver who received 11 text messages in the 11 minutes before this accident with school
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buss. two people died. when you're texting while driving, your eyes leave the road for an average of five seconds. at 55 miles per hour, that's essentially driving blind the length of an entire football field. when abc news correspondent, lisa stark, went on a racetrack in connecticut with her phone, she shroud down and hit twice as many cones. 90% of drivers say they support a ban on texting. and 60% say they support a ban on cell phone use. but clearly, many drivers do not practice what they preach. >> people think they can drive safely doing this or doing this. and you can't. >> reporter: back, now, on the streets of manhattan. to be clear, the ntsb does not have any power to pass any laws. that's up to individual state governments. there may not be any major changes soon. the federal officials say they know the proposal is not popular. but they needed to do this now to start the discussion. robin, back to you.
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>> yes, unpopular. but necessary. we're going to turn to josh elliott with the other top top stories developing now. good morning, josh. >> we're going to begin with another partisan standoff in washington. and this one directly affects your paycheck. house republicans have voted to extend the payroll tax cut, protecting americans from a tax increase at year's end. but senators say not so fast. president obama is promising to veto the bill. that's because it also includes a provision to speed up construction of a controversial oil pipeline from canada, to texas, which the white house currently opposes. president obama will be addressing troops, meanwhile, at ft. bragg, north carolina, to mark the end of the war in iraq. he is going to promise veterans the help they need on return. some 5,000 troops are still serving in iraq. but all are due home at month's end. and new developments in the sex abuse scandal involving syracuse university's basketball
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program. two men claimed assistant coach bernie fine who abused them are suing the school and head coach jim boeheim for defamation. boeheim called them liars when they first came forward. he apologized for those remarks. police say the men's abuse claims are credible. but it's too late for criminal prosecution. and if you've ever been annoyed by television commercials that are suddenly louder than the program you're watching, we have good news. the fcc will enforce new rules to make tv stations have the same volume between shows and commercials -- >> yay. all right. woo hoo. also this morning, the postal service is delaying its plan to close some 3,700 offices. until may, after congress requested more time to come up with a financial rescue plan for the agency. meanwhile, a burglar in kansas city, caught on camera, redefining the smash and grab. take a look. in reverse, crashes the truck
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into the store. goes off on a shopping spree of sorts. eventually stop stuffing the pickup with $1,000 in clothes. then, the hitch. he didn't post it on facebook. he got stuck there. spinning his tires and filling the store with smoke. he did finally get away, but not for long. police have since tracked him down. we've been talking this morning about distracted driving and the dangers it poses. we have a shining example for you right here. take a look. that's a miami police cruiser, pointed skyward. >> what? >> almost completely vertical. landed on a cable of a utility poll after the officer lost control. he said he got distracted when he reached down to pick up a pen. the officer was not hurt. at least he wasn't texting. >> up the pole. >> bad luck. it's a bad luck. >> he wasn't hurt. now, the latest on penn state. jerry sandusky chose to waive tuesday's hearing, avoiding an emotional confrontation with his
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accusers. but he vowed to fight all the sexual abuse charges. and his attorney, joe amendola, called it a fight to the death. first, here's abc's jim avila. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. one attorney told me it was the first smart move made by the defense. a decision to pull the threats of open accusers in open court. and more details in this case overcame that bravado. as he left home for court, jerry sandusky was keeping a secret. as he arrived at court, he ignored shouted questions from reporters. perhaps, now, we know why. >> mr. sandusky, how do you feel about the opportunity to face your accusers, sir? are you looking forward to it? >> reporter: sandusky and his attorney had changed their minds about any open-court showdown with his alleged victims. >> as hurtful as it was to son-in-law of the survivors to be built up and not testify,
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this was smart for sandusky. >> reporter: with his accusers standing by, sandusky's attorney waived the right to a prelim ne preliminary hearing. >> we're going to put together the best possible defense we can do. stay the course. fight for four quarters. >> we have not, or are in any way, conceding guilt. jerry is as adamant as ever in his innocence. >> reporter: for the witnesses ready to testify, it was not welcomed news. >> my client feels disappointed, indeed, angry, that he did not have the opportunity to face sandusky. >> reporter: in fact, the first witness, prepped almond by prosecutors, was so upset, he wrote a note, ready his attorney. >> this is the most difficult time of my life. i can't put into words how unbearable this has been all my life, both physically and mentally. i can't believe they put us through this until the last
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second, only to waive the hearing. nothing has changed. i still will stand my ground and testify and speak the truth. and he underlined the word truth. >> reporter: sandusky and his attorney say the alleged victims are motivated by greed. and see a big payday by suing the second mile charity after criminal proceedings. george? >> thanks, jim. and jerry sandusky's attorney, jim amendola, is with us this morning. it does appear that the hurdles for mr. sandusky are quite high. you have ten alleged victims here. eight accuse him of having sex with them. for him to win this case, he has to show that all of them are lying. >> george, i've expressed my opinion in this case and tried to analogize it as climbing mt. everest from the bottom of the hill. jerry sandusky was condemned by the public and the media, the day the charges were filed. and we've been fighting a battle
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since then, a monumental battle. we're taking it one case at a time. there's ten cases right now. we look at each one individually. we feel like we have a defense to all of them. >> it sounds like you're saying that the alleged victims are in for tough cross-examination. >> that's right. and we're going to do that at trial, when we can test their credibility, which we could not do yesterday. we can ask them about relationships over the years, including the relationship with jerry sandusky, and his wife, dottie, after the alleged horrific events occurred. >> we saw dottie sandusky yesterday. she is alleged to have been in the house, when some of this is going on, and hearing the screams. what's going through her mind now? >> she was irate over that accusation. dottie sandusky, when she heard that accusation last wednesday afternoon, when the attorney general's office carted jerry out of his home in handcuffs, even though he offered to turn himself in voluntarily, many, many times. she said, joe, that did not
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happen. if i heard a child screaming in my home, i would have gone to his assistance. if i saw my husband doing something inappropriate, i would have attacked him and certainly put a stop to it. she says that never occurred. and the other thing that accuser number nine said, george, he was forced to stay in the basement. he was fed in the basement. he was not allowed upstairs. and dottie sandusky said that never happened. the kids that came to their home were treated like their own kids. and you may recall, the sanduskies adopted six children and raised them. and all of the children are behind jerry. and none of them have intimated that jerry did anything inappropriate. and they find it incredible that the other kids made the accusations. >> these are ten different accusers coming forward. are you concerned that others may come forward, as well? >> well, of course. let's face it. there's a money issue involved. individuals now realize that penn state is being sued. it already has been sued.
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the second mile program. it's been routine knowledge that it's been published in the media. >> many of the lawyers for the victims say the statute on the limitations have passed. and they have no interest in any money. >> well, we'll find out. it's interesting that a lot of these accusers have attorneys and criminal cases. the attorney for the alleged victim, the accuser, is the commonwealth attorney. the district attorney, and the attorney general. i find it curious that if not all of them have civil attorneys. and yet, you're telling me they're not after money. that's an interesting comment. >> sounds like a rough trial is coming up. >> it's going to be a tough trial. we know we have a big uphill battle to climb. but jerry sandusky has made it clear. he's going to fight this to the end. we're hoping that we get a fair shake by the time jury selection comes around. we'll be able to get 12 people who can fairly listen to the
7:14 am
evidence at trial. afterwards, they can fairly decide this case. that's all we've asked for, george. >> mr. amendola, thanks for your time. >> you have a nice day, george. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. a new abc news/"washington post" poll, may spell trouble for president obama. his unfavorable rating hitting an all-time high. and another poll has newt gingrich hitting a new high as front-runner for the republican nomination. lots of numbers to crunch. who better to do that than abc's john berman. >> reporter: robin, now is the winter of our discontent. big, major, across the board discontent. the president has never been this unpopular in our polls ever. but if it's a consolation to him, voters seem to dislike a whole lot else, too. overstatement alert. the president tells supporters his re-election is not a slam-dunk. >> there's going to be some skepticism. there's going to be some pushback. >> reporter: understatement alert. not going to be skepticism.
7:15 am
there already is. his popularity has fallen a full 31 points since before he took office. and for the first time ever in our abc news/"washington post" poll, more people have a negative view of him than positive. >> this is going to be tough. >> reporter: the president's campaign guru, david axelrod, says they're betting infighting between the republicans will soften up whoever wins. videos like this overnight from mitt romney's camp, ridiculing newt gingrich's efforts to fight climate change. as axelrod says, of newt gingrich, the higher a monkey climbs on a pole, the more you can see his butt. and forgive us, some voters don't seem to like the view. while gingrich has opened up a wide lead over romney in a new poll, understatement alert, there's warning science for newt. more people view newt unfavorably than favorably. and that number is up six points in a month. gingrich did try to stay positive overnight, firing an iowa staffer, who called
7:16 am
mormonism a cult. meanwhile, romney stayed on the attack. in an interview, calling gingrich an extraordinarily unreliable leader in the conservative world. even as democrats impishly spread this video of romney from 2002. >> i'm somebody who is moderate. my views are progressive. >> reporter: the democrats are having more fun with mitt romney today. today, he's in new york city, for big money fund-raisers with investors and bankers. democrats have a plane to circle the city that reads, bet you $10,000, romney's out of touch. >> they really have? >> reporter: that's right. >> they're spending money on planes this early. >> thanks, john, very much. let's go over and say good morning to sam champion. >> i'll bet you that plane costs more than $10,000. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you exactly what's going on. a lot of rain in the country today. and check out where it is raining and maybe where it shouldn't be this time of year. chicago, 51 today.
7:17 am
they would normally be 35. this system would have a cold and snowy edge. but it doesn't. it's about an inch of rain there. and two inches of rain. what's going on here? that's where the severe storms are, near the dallas area. that pulls through abilene, dallas, mcalester, also san antonio. this could draw up strong storms there. the middle of the country, very wet. nice and mild on the east coast. new york city, a gorgeous day today. so is d.c., philly, up into boston.
7:18 am
you are witnessing the sun rise right now. it is currently 7:18 and that is exactly sunrise popping up over the district. is a beautiful picture and notice the cloud cover overhead. the clouds will be increasing this morning. it will be mostly cloudy for the the day and tomorrow. 41 degrees in the district, morning than yesterday. we >> after a dry start to the month, the northwest gets some rain today. now, to the miracle surgery overnight. an 18-hour operation, to separate conjoined twins, playing out on live television. josh is back with all of this. and it had a country transfixed. >> it sure did. millions of people, leaning into their television sets and their computers. watching all of the tense moments of this remarkably
7:19 am
complicated surgery, play out live on their television set. it wasn't the first operation for the two baby girls. but it was, by far, the most difficult. anxious parents kiss their girls good-bye. and the 10-month-old conjoined, twin girls are wheeled into surgery. not just any surgery. the most complex of its kind ever attempted in chile. their odds of survival, only 50%. and the nation watches as the 18-hour marathon operation to separation them began. millions watched, as it aired live, on chilean tv, as well as streaming on the internet. the girls, joined from the neck, stomach and pelvis. they had already survived seven earlier surgeries. but this was the most intricate. and the most dangerous. one of the surgeons told reporters, quote, it's very complex because they are extensively joined from the neck to the pelvis and passing through the legs. so, it's a very complicated operation, end quote.
7:20 am
the 10-month-old twins are in stable condition. and doctors are working on them individually. when the high-risk operation began yesterday, their mother said she was waiting for a miracle from god. thank god, she said, everything has been okay. they were happy, calm and awake. so, with hope and faith in god, everything will come out right. we are going to come out of this. and it will be wonderful when we are together, end quote. you really see the remarkable power this medium, if nothing else, and again, to make it clear. those two girls are rusting comfortably. and doctors are working on them individually. >> can't imagine watching that live. >> that's great news. josh, thanks. >> you bet. coming up on "gma," the stunning moment when a pluck plowed into a convenient store. this is what you saw in josh's newscast. wait until you see what happened next. and the real life thelma and louise who banded together to pull off the cross-country scheme that landed them behind bars. and barbara walters is here,
7:21 am
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♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning to you at 7:26 on this wednesday, december 14. we have breaking news from germantown where police are fatal pedestrian
7:27 am
interstate 270. the pedestrian was hit in the southbound lanes of the route 118 exit. traffic delays area.t the latestwill have information coming up in a moment. national transportation calling for as on texting, email on cell phonesg driving. after a series of accidents. ntsb is urging states to impose restrictions because it do itot have the power to itself. more innel 8 will have a couple of minutes. here is lisa baden with traffic. will go to new york avenue structureere is a now inppening right northeast. new york avenue is closed in between blaiss ginsberg wrote and montana ave. we go to our picture southbound
7:28 am
on i-270 and the ramp to 118 remains closed and delays are frederick.ut of i-395 live as a normal backup. beautiful shot of the sunrise here. clouds are increasing this morning. even when i'm not working, i like to see the sunrise. warmer now that has been the days.ouple of quantico and 41 degrees in district, on our way to the low 50's with rain chances by tomorrow. we will be back
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7:30 am
take a look at this video right here. yeah. that's a man plowing right into a convenient store. he was going after his girlfriend. but the store owner, as you see, got in the way. he's okay. we're going to tell you what caused this stunning crash. as you can see, it was all caught on tape. >> how is that possible? it was such a direct hit right there. and the real-life thelma and louise. they banded together, for a high-crime spree. that landed them at tiffany's, a couple thousand dollars later. and we cannot wait to welcome lady antebellum back here live. they will be lighting up our studio in the last half hour.
7:31 am
let's begin with the startling moment we just saw in tennessee. yunji de nies has more on this. hey, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. the video is unbelievable. police in tennessee tell us the man you're about to see has a history of attempted violence. he is facing first-degree murder charges after that shocking incident. watch closely. this woman, laquisha dansby, is running for her life and ducks into this convenience store. unfortunately for that man there, inside, the man in yellow, he has no idea that she is running from a speeding truck, chasing her, just seconds behind. it crashes through the door, barreling him in, running him over. look at slow-motion, as his body, pinned to the front grille, as the truck collides into the counter. multiple surveillance cameras capture the moment of impact, as a witness calls 911. >> oh, my god. he just went into the store.
7:32 am
>> who did? the man? >> yes, ma'am. he hit somebody. >> reporter: amazingly, the store owner gets up and is able to escape. watch as the driver, eric whitaker, who allegedly had been chasing dansby after a confrontation, gets out and seems to look for her under the truck. but she is safe on the other side. and when she sees him, she runs. whitaker then calmly walks out, as this woman, a nurse, runs in to help. >> i'm right behind him. he drives all the way down. and i see him take a -- go across that curb and take that tree out. at this point, i'm on the phone with 911. >> reporter: but she left her suv at the gas pump. whitaker gets in, and drives away. >> he's in my car. >> reporter: that's right, stealing her car. did you see that? that's him, driving head-on into
7:33 am
a bread truck. the suv's owner, still talking to 911, is stunned. >> he just stole my truck and hit somebody. >> i'll never forget it. >> reporter: whitaker is hospitalized, in critical but stable condition. he's facing a litany of charges, including attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, and theft for taking that suv. >> so, i'm just out a car. it's okay, though. it's a small price to pay, really. just to know everybody's okay. nobody lost their life, you know? >> reporter: and the family of mr. patel, the convenient store owner who you saw there getting hit, they tell us that he is recovering. but he suffered severe wounds to his face and chest. and he is thankful to be alive. >> we're all thankful for that. that man was not meant to get away. >> huh-uh. what did we do before all these cameras were everywhere and capturing everything? now, to the two california roommates, accused right now of forging an almost $300,000 check
7:34 am
and going on a high-flying shopping spree, chartering a private jet to new york city. even putting a deposit on a house before being caught by police. abc's david wright has their story. >> reporter: like a real f life thelma and louise. >> all right. let's not get caught. >> what are you talking about? >> reporter: an orange county schoolteacher and a paralegal, aledgedly went on a cross-country adventure. they're accused of stealing $300,000 for a wild weekend in new york city. >> a second grade teacher and a paralegal, went on a spree. having a good time. first time i've seen that. >> reporter: police say the women stole a $25,000 check from a new port beach law firm. changed the amount to $285,000.
7:35 am
and deposited into a joint bank account. >> that's not usually the smartest thing to do if you're going to get away with this. >> reporter: police say they chartered a private jet and invited five friends to new york city. this picture taken just before takeoff, and posted publicly on robin pabello's facebook account, is exhibit "a" against them. the caption reads, flying in style. they took five rooms at the marriott on broadway. went to tiffany's and montblanc. and even put a deposit on a house worth $700,000. >> it's not the smartest thing. tracked very easily. >> reporter: authorities say the bank caught up with them when they were still in new york. freezing their joint account. and forcing them to fly back coach. >> if it's a plan, it was a poorly done one. >> reporter: we reached out to their attorneys, who declined
7:36 am
comment. according to police, their defense is some guy on craigslist, hired them to do a documentary on occupy wall street. the teacher, robin pabello, has one film to her credit. a video made for her school. >> our school's running out of money. >> reporter: pabello and polar, are facing grand theft, and embezzlement. for one weekend, they allegedly partied like rock stars. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> the sergeant's expression said it all. not the smartest two. >> hope they had fun. >> that's going to have to hold them for a while, it looks like. hello, sam. >> hello. hi, there. i'm not doing it. let's start with snow. we're going to show you pictures of flagstaff this morning. this is the way it looked. if you want to know where all the snow is, flagstaff usually has 17.9 inches of snow at this time of year. now, they have two feet of snow.
7:37 am
this system, with an inch and a half of rain in phoenix. two feet of snow in phoenix. now, it moves into the country with heavy rain. the rain comes up through texas. all the way towards chicagoland. mince, you're getting rain. the great lakes get the heaviest rain, as well. some of that will be strong to severe weather. the temperatures, look at this. new orleans at 73. jackson at about 69. memphis at 66. look how mild this air is all over the southeast. is there anything that's going to change it before christmas? we are above freezing right now, that is an improvement over couple of mornings. the 30's right now on our way to 50's and mostly cloudy >> all that weather was brought to you by purina. wet and mild. wet and mild. >> not down south. look at that heat. look over at mississippi.
7:38 am
i like the 70-degree weather. yeah. just a little to the left, george. coming up, the man who canned charlie sheen is finally speaking out. his side of the messy "two and a speaking out. his side of the messy "two and a half men" split. ont a time. growling ] come on, snowy. look! did you ever see a more beautiful sight? captain! it's just a mirage. - snowy? what is it, boy? - [ barks ] what do you see? [ yipping ] [ woman announcing ] just like snowy, your dog's one of a kind. overactive imagination and all. [ barking ] long live your buddy. long live your dog. [ tintin ] snowy! purina dog chow. see the adventures of tintin, only in theaters. done done done done done done,done,done almost done. done done done done done,done,done,done,done done
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thanks! ♪ nook by barnes & noble. starting at just $99. so much of that charlie sheen meltdown that cost him his job on "two and a half men" was directed at the show's creator, chuck lorre. but lorre mostly kept his
7:42 am
silence until now. and andrea canning had that memorable interview in all this. has lorre's side of the story. >> reporter: you may remember, chuck lorre and charlie sheen, appeared to be locked in a bitter feud before sheen was fired. now, lorre is denying there was ever a feud. saying he was concerned about sheen's well-being. it was not a game, but big-time cocaine use, in an epic drug run that could have ended in sheen's death or someone else's. he was the man in the crosshairs, during charlie sheen's epic meltdown nearly a year ago. >> you picked a fight with a war lock. >> reporter: chuck lorre looked to be in an exclusive feud with the show's falling star. now, the hollywood megaproducer is finally breaking his silence. >> it's been a characterization of a feud between the two of us. i never felt like i was in a feud. i felt like he was my friend. i really loved the guy. i loved working with him. >> reporter: it's hard to believe lorre could be so
7:43 am
forgiving in this "e.t." interview, after sheen attacked him in a series of radio rants. >> i spent, i think, close the last decade converting your tin cans into pure gold. and the gratitude i get, is this charlton. >> reporter: and he called lorre, a little mag et. sheen oes words were the final straw for sheen and the network. >> they're on the battlefield. they let their emotions and their diaper -- >> reporter: he admitted he was struggling with drug use. how much? >> i was banging seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that's how i roll. i have one speed. one gear. go. >> reporter: he watched the actor spiral out of control. the studio claimed that sheen was losing too much weight and forgetting his lines. the studio and network chose to make a moral decision, as opposed to a financial one.
7:44 am
people were really frightened that they were signing off on what could have had devastating consequences. while sheen has cleaned up his act and is working on a series called "anger management," lorre credits the man who took his place on "two and a half men" nor giving the show a fresh start. >> if ashton didn't come along, it would be over. he came along just when we needed him. >> reporter: sheen made news yesterday for tweeting his cell number to his 5.5 million followers. the message was apparently meant for justin bieber. it included his number. sheen got tons of phone calls and answered some of them, saying ray's pizza. and, of course, winning. >> that gets you every time. >> reporter: seriously. he had his number disconnected. >> no getting through anymore. thanks very much. coming up, josh's "play of the day." also, barbara walters here with a sneak peek at her ten most fascinating people. with a sneak peek at her ten most fascinating people. katy perry made the list. at w so you don't have to deal with this.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. here we go. check out this young fella. preston letterman. he goes dancing around his local mall. now, imagine not knowing what he's listening to. it turns out, he's listening to mariah carey, all i want for christmas. let's all dance, shall we? ♪ i don't need >> one more time. >> i like to see the christmas shopping, buddy. i don't know what you have going on. >> wow. >> it only works because of the sweater. >> i'll have what he's having. >> i love it. it would make me smile. >> would it? or would it make you run for
7:50 am
your life? >> let's pull out the cell phone, take a couple pictures and tweet. now, just to look back at one of our favorite "play of the day." remember the english sailors making this video. when they found out they would be home in time for christmas. trust me, letterman, you have nothing on the british navy. and of course -- actually, we're going to wait. let's wait until they get to the end. >> a lot of it this morning. >> pushing. pushing. now, cut. ♪ you >> oh, wow. >> benny hill gets involved in this production. you know what? it's george's day. george, this was really an excuse to get you to look at
7:51 am
your favorite movie of all-time. >> i do love the movie. >> this is where the song came from. in 2003, starring hugh grant, keira knightley. >> and if they only knew. >> and the guy gets the girl in the end. >> and he does. biggest "show me the money" ever, katie couric, jude law, barbara walters.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. thise time is 7:56 and wednesday, december 14. preliminary hearing is set with for a man charged presidentassassinate obama. say the 21-year-old at the white shots house last month. two bullets hit the white house. avian of father is behind bars accused of killing his daughter. two-month old was not breathing when she was rushed to
7:57 am
the hospital on saturday. she later died. her father was 21-year old and murder anded with howorities have not said died.s newschannel 8 will have much top of the up at the hour. let's check on the road with lisa baden. error is a structure fire in d.c. and art -- and closed invenue is directions. inbound traffic have to turn at bladensburg road. 270 had a fatal pedestrian southbound at 180 and is the pace of traffic to get past. in virginia we have the normal delay on 95 and 395. we have clouds increasing tomorrow but temperatures are mild. it is above freezing for the part. is at 30 degrees. we are on our way to the low
7:58 am
50's today and upper 50's tomorrow and rain chances locally by tomorrow afternoon and evening. not to widespread just a few sprinkles. >> thank you for joining us and back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight ♪ ♪ just a touch of the fire burning so bright ♪ i see a lot of lady antebellum fans out there. and we're excited to welcome one of the hottest acts in country music, lady antebellum. and their latest album, "we own the night," hit the charts at number one. look forward to hearing from them. also, someone in america is about to receive millions of dollars. it's the largest "show me the money" ever. those millions coming from unclaimed funds. we have the story. and katy perry makes fireworks in her interview with barbara walters. the rock star is one of barbara
8:01 am
walters' ten most fascinating people. you won't believe who made the list. barbara is here. >> barbara broke the rules this year. >> what did she do? >> i don't know. i want to find out what it means, too. >> oh. surprising me, george. you really think she's going to tell us? oh, boy. maybe we can get katie couric to tell us a thing. she's here also. she talks with a very busy steven spielberg. his new movie is getting a lot of oscar buzz. and you got to see "sherlock holmes." jude law coming in today. all that, but first, josh with the news. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with new numbers, just out this morning, showing president obama's approval rating now in the danger zone. a new abc news poll shows, for the first time, more people disapprove of the president than approve of him. it's a 31% drop since before his inauguration. but the president's top gop
8:02 am
challenger, newt gingrich, actually fairs worse. his approval rating is about the same as the president's. but only 35% of americans have a favorable opinion of him. and our poll shows, that since last month, gingrich has actually grown more unpopular among independents. meantime, gingrich is looking for a new political director in iowa. he fired his old one for referring to mitt romney's religion, and i quote, the cult of mormon, end quote. speaking of quotes, how about this one? we're not here to win a popularity contest. that's what the head of the national transportation safety board said, while recommending a ban on all electronic devices while driving. the ntsb does not have the power to actually change the law. but it does carry weight with congress and federal regulators. a remarkable turnaround at chrysler. the car company on the verge of collapse three years ago, is out with an eye-opening prediction
8:03 am
today. its ceo, says the company is on the road to make some $3 billion in profits next year. and some new research this morning tries to answer a very complicated question. whether it's better for mothers to work or stay at home. the study found that mothers who work are, in fact, healthier and less likely to be depressed than their stay-at-home counterparts. the study found part-time work especially ben fifl. researchers are calling on companies to expand benefits for part-time workers. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> so, good to see you last night, josh. here's the question for tonight. are the rules of marriage and family truly changing in america? we have a revelation of why so many women say they're choosing to stay single. the new, modern family, part two, tonight. >> i'll be tuning in. finally, tonight -- >> what did you do last night? >> we had a lovely time on "world news." >> uh-huh.
8:04 am
>> we'll be showing you just how much money you have unclaimed or lost being held by the government. hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. >> push through, josh. >> one lucky person is receiving a record-setting check. abc's elisabeth leamy, now, joins us from washington with much more here. good morning to you, eli. >> reporter: hey, josh. the states estimate one out of every ten people has unclaimed money waiting out there for them. and sometimes the amount can be eye-popping. in dusty warehouses like this, in states around the country, lie the records of $32 billion worth of unclaimed money, just waiting to be claimed. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: all year, "good morning america" has been showing people the money. $418,598 so far.
8:05 am
$13,345. >> there is so much money out there waiting for americans to claim. i mean, just to give you an example, in missouri alone, i have more than $600 million on-hand, waiting for missourians. >> reporter: now, the state of missouri is about to present the biggest known unclaimed money check in history. >> $6.1 million. >> reporter: that's right. more than $6 million. the check will go to a kansas city woman who wants to remain anonymous. her ancestors invested in an obscure company. wisconsin has turned in $1.5 million before. and new york held the previous record of $4 million. but best we can tell, nobody has ever presented a big check as big as today's. so, could there be big money out
8:06 am
there for you? searching takes ten minutes. and we have a complete, unclaimed money guide on our website, on yahoo! josh? >> you laugh at me. $6 million, i'm going. thank you, eli. $6 million-plus, waiting for somebody. >> that is big money. how about some big pop news? >> good morning to you all. elizabeth taylor's jewels sold at auction last night. and the tally was a record-breaking $115 million. christie's auction house president, mark porter, says it's a testament the affection the world has for the actress who died this year. the courtier pearl and diamond necklace, given to liz by richard burton, it went for $11.8 million. no word on whether he bought anything for his lovely bride. he was eyeing stuff.
8:07 am
another sign the economy must be doing well somewhere. an old-school profession has become a new career trend. the english butler. bloomberg news is reporting that the demand for the fancy service is coming from russia and asia, where the number of millionaires is expected to double over the next three years alone. finally, perhaps channeling gentle ben. this giant, kodiak bear, filmed waving good-bye to a visitor, in washington state, has gone viral. look at that. the bear, we should point out, is a retired actor. and he reminds us of another friend friendly carnivore, who is smarter than the average bear. he's an actor bear. he knows how to do that stuff because he was trained were disney movies. that's a real story. and he lives in a retired actor bear park. it reminded me of yogi bear.
8:08 am
>> you wanted to say yogi's line. that's what you wanted. >> and that's pop news. >> keep the hand in the car, please. >> a respectful distance. good morning, everybody. we are live in times square. let's start with pictures from duluth this morning because there's some very important stuff going on in duluth. normally, they are cold enough to build all kinds of things out of ice and have it stay. one of the favorite things they build is you might call it an adult refreshment center. you get where i'm going here? they build out of ice here. the normal low is 8 degrees. the high is 23. they've been in the 30s. the adult refreshment center made out of ice is melting. ladies and gentlemen, this is bad news. bad news. but only one more day because the cold air finally gets in. look at minneapolis at about 23 degrees by the time we get to friday. detroit at 37. and even the east coast, we'll see cooler temperatures by the time we get into the weekend. there is some rain coming. but not today, for new england
8:09 am
and the east coast, and the mid-atlantic. it is coming tomorrow. it is warm outside, above part withor the most exception in manassas. the clouds are increasing from the west. manassas is that the freezing of 40 and the district and dulles airport. 36 degrees in winchester. our way to the low 50's this afternoon with a more than blue in the sky. tomorrow mostly cloudy and rain chances by tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> we are right in the middle of where? >> we're in the middle of new york. >> you're from jackson, right? >> jackson, mississippi. >> and you're from? >> detroit, michigan. >> we're all in times square. that's true. lara? >> oh. looks like pat's bucket list. she is -- oh, wow. she's done it all. sam, you have to give pat a big,
8:10 am
old kiss. >> what? wait. i didn't even see you. how sweet. no, no. no. we have a lot more on the list. hold tight. hold tight. >> we have more on the list. >> i think pat needs to help out with weather next round, sam. here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." "modern family's" mitchell and cam. and barbara is here to tell us who else made the cut. and the gorgeous jude law rides into times square ahead. and if that wasn't good enough, country superstars, lady antebellum also here, singing live for you, coming up on "gma." ornaments also make beautiful center pieces.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
barbara walters, katie couric, both live in the studio, to tell us about our star-packed specials. go nowhere.
8:14 am
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♪under the mistletoe ♪whether it's beach or snow, ♪you sparkle and you shine ♪because it's christmas time. ♪no one does christmas ♪like kmart does christmas. ♪kmart. smart. so great to have barbara walters back with us, with a december tradition we all know, love and debate for days. her list of the ten-most fascinating people of 2011, is on tonight at 9:30. we have a preview. >> we're usually on an hour. a half hour more fascinating people. >> this is the 18th year. how do you choose the people? >> we take this exhaustive poll. our producer and i sit down and
8:16 am
say, who are the people who really made a mark? who really made a difference? and we try to have them in different categories. sorry, dear. >> i didn't make it? >> you know -- >> there's always next year. >> i was teasing before. you did break the rules. >> on the most-fascinating person. we did break the rules. and you just whispered to me who it is. and you're right. i'm not going to tell you. we have the two, wonderful guys from "modern family" who play the day couple. we have simon cowell, the kardashians, katy perry, donald trump, and on and on. >> let's start with katy perry. >> fascinating background. five hit singles from one record. fascinating background. parents, father had been a drug dealer. now, they're evangelical pastors. want to look? >> sure. >> i want to talk about your childhood. your parents were itinerant evangelical pastors, who went
8:17 am
from town-to-town preaching. tell me what it was like with these parents. >> when i was a little girl, i kind of thought that my family's world was the only type of world that existed. we had television. but it was very censored. if people were about to kiss, i would never see that actual kiss. and it would be changed the next second. >> reporter: before that, before they became pastors, your mother went on a date with rocker, jimi hendrix. your father was a drug dealer? >> yes. >> reporter: did you know that? >> i heard it in a sermon. it's part of his testimony. and i started to register, oh, their lives were very colorful before this very black and white world. >> she has that high-profile marriage with russell brand. >> and he has done this now, please. she's had that experience in her family. >> reporter: >> you have eric stonestreet and
8:18 am
jes jesse tyler ferguson. >> they play a gay couple. and the one who is more flamboyant, is straight. >> eric. >> and the one who is more subdued, is actually gay. they have a good deal in common, besides what they play. and they're very fond of each other. but let me show you what they have in common. >> were you bullied? >> i was made fun of for being overweight. i was the biggest kid around. the tallest, and widest. it helped me become mean. i learned to take jokes away from people before they could say them. >> when you talk about being bullied, what did they do? what did they say to you? >> there were times when i'd be called names. i was pinned up against the fence, my jacket. and left out there for the recess bell. teacher had to come find me.
8:19 am
>> was it because you were gay? >> i had red hair. i had glasses. i think maybe some kids knew i was gay. and i was a threat to them. i knew that i was always trying to stay in the shadows and not make too much noise. >> i love them. >> they are such great guys. and then, you took one from the political world. herman cain, skyrocketing here in the fall. >> we just did better. after everything, we have not heard the end of herman cain. i mean, wouldn't surprise me if he had an anchor chair in the future. we asked him about his political ambitions. if it's not this, what then? do you think that any of the candidates might choose you as a running mate? >> i honestly don't think that they would because then, the spin of the spin would start all over again. >> what kind of cabinet position might you like, if it were possible.
8:20 am
>> we are speaking totally, totally hypothetical, right? >> yes. >> department of defense. >> what? not treasury? you're the 9-9-9 guy. why department of defense? >> because if i could influence rebuilding our military the way it should be, that would be a task i would consider undertaking. >> herman cain, starting a new campaign. >> department of defense. donald trump, who we have on, is still saying, i'm going to be a candidate. maybe. i think even after the election, donald trump is going to throw his hat in. >> and herman cain, not shrinking away at all. >> no. he's going to have a voice. he's going to want to be heard. and he has a lot of fans. and he has great charm. >> tell us more about the kardashians. >> i think more people have us criticizing having the kardashians. last year, we had "jersey shore." but the kardashians are larger
8:21 am
than life. nothing is private. they talk about everything, from the sex tapes to that marriage. >> the short marriage. >> and the mommy -- the mother is on with us, too, kris. >> going to be fantastic. 9:30 tonight. the ten-most fascinating people of 2011. barbara walter' special. >> sorry you're not on it. >> just keep rubbing it in. it's been three years since steven spielberg has directed a movie. now, he's back in the director's chair, with a movie everyone's talking about, "war horse." and katie couric had a chat with the director. >> it was a best-selling children's book. then, a sellout play. now, steven spielberg has turned "war horse" into a feature film, that promises to give other
8:22 am
oscar contenders, a run for their money. >> and action. >> reporter: in his legendary 40-plus-year career, steven spielberg has directed dinosaurs. aliens. >> e.t. phone home. >> reporter: sneaks. and sharks. so, it should come as no surprise that the star of his latest movie is not hanks or hoffman. it's a horse. >> i don't have to rely on that. i don't have to give undue attention to my star. when, in fact, in this story, the star is joey, the horse. >> reporter: "war horse" is about the special bond between albert, an idealistic farm boy, and his beloved colt, joey. >> england is at war. we are at war. >> reporter: but when world war i intervenes and joey is sold into the service of the british
8:23 am
army, both man and horse must go fearlessly into battle. >> what is it? >> it's a horse, if i'm wandering about in new man's land. >> what kind of a horse? >> reporter: it's a subject, spielberg says, that's near and dear to his heart. >> my daughter is a hunter-jumper. and my wife was dressage, and still dabbles in horses. that was another thing that we really invited me into this process. >> reporter: i know the story, in the book, is told through joey's eyes. unless you want to make mr. ed the movie. like old wilber. >> i know him. >> sing me to sleep, wilber. >> what a night. >> reporter: that wouldn't have worked, right? >> i didn't do the wilber version of this. >> reporter: nor did he want to reproduce the full-sized puppets
8:24 am
that had been used in the tony award-winning play. instead, spielberg let the epic ride on the expressions of his equine star. >> i realized the horses were talking to you the way they look at you. they talk to you, in the way their ears look at you. and there's a lot more expression in a horse than people give a horse credit for. >> reporter: were they demanding? do they ask for extra sugar cubes in their trailers? >> i'll tell you what they were. beyond demanding. they would suttonly get into a sequence. and in an unscripted fashion, they would be reacting to the actors. to putteter mullen. and he liked his jacket. these are the things that you don't expect. when a they happen, you just go, thank you. >> reporter: and come next weekend, spielberg will be in a different kind of horse race.
8:25 am
competing against himself at the box office, with his other movie, the 3d, animated adventures of "tintin." you wouldn't still be doing this if you didn't get a huge charge out of making movies. >> yeah. it doesn't change. the same level of excitement has been with me ever since i first picked up an eight millimeter movie camera when i was a kid. slowly moving down the street, like this. >> speaking of "super 8," that's another movie steven produced in 2011. six movies this year. two that he directed. and had his hand in four tv shows. at 64, robin, he's showing no science of slowing down. >> good. >> he's such a nice person, by the way. i love talking to him. so smart, and so creative. >> you did this on location, in richmond. >> that's right. i went to richmond, virginia. my home state. he rarely lets journalists walk around his set.
8:26 am
they transformed the state capital into washington, d.c. it's the last four months of lincoln's life, based on "king of rivals." he has an incredible cast. daniel day-lewis, sally field. >> when do we wait for it? >> after the election. he doesn't want either side to use it as political fodder. both lay claim to being the party of lincoln. so, he's delaying it for that reason. >> all right. great to have you here, katie. >> thank you, robin. really strange. but really fun. >> we'll have you back tomorrow. >> that's right. to talk about the year. which i'm very excited about. >> we'll have to do that. i'm going to wear this, if you don't mind. >> that's okay. >> you can see more of katie's interview with steven spielberg, tonight on "nightline." and katie will be back tomorrow with a preview of her special. lady antebellum coming up.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. you at to nationals park will be into a disaster zone today. d.c. fire department and an corps unit marine will hold a disaster drill. the exercise will simulate their response to a major terrorist attacks. tsb is calling for a textingbanemailing or a phone while driving. they are urging states to adopt phone use while driving. here is lisa baden with a check on traffic. 28/centreville,
8:28 am
to find allies but (we had a broken- loop of on the inner legion bridge. the left lane as moved shoulder witht ofw traffic on both sides bridge which is normal for this time of day. was closed for a structure fire. a fatal crash this morning on southbound at 118 and the investigation is still ongoing. it is above freezing outside, manassas is at 32 but otherwise 37 in winchester. we are on our way to the lower more clouds than sun. the clouds will increase and tomorrow we have a chance of by the afternoon nothing heavy. it will cool but be pleasant for
8:29 am
the weekend. we will be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ i'm all alone and i need you now ♪ said i wouldn't call ♪ ♪ but i lost all control and i need you now ♪ ♪ and i don't know how i can do without ♪ ♪ i just need you now [ cheers and applause ] how much we love that song. lady antebellum. what a year you have had. it's so great to have you back here live with us in the studio. and they're going to really be singing for us, coming up. can't wait. and i love watching jude law watching lady antebellum.
8:31 am
"sherlock holmes" is out. we'll talk about that. >> looking forward to that. and also, it's a trend that angelina has done. lots of moms are doing it. it's gone mainstream. it's a tattoo, celebrating your child. remember the mom, the heart on your bicep. now, moms are doing that. and juju chang is here to talk about the latest trend. what happened to the good, old photo album. we'll take a look at that, coming up. >> hmm. i guess -- i don't know. >> sam voted. >> let's get to our big, bright showdown. the brightest lights in the i skies are probably robin. in your neighborhood. you need to send them to us. you saw two families go head-to-head on tuesday. and you voted all day. we can now reveal that the zinakowskis are headed to the finals. today's matchup. we start off with the gioves
8:32 am
family. they play music that you can get in your car. the house dances to the music there. and it's about 60,000 l.e.d. lights, all computer choreographed to the music. >> you're saying, i could find it on my -- >> on the radio in your car. like the folks pulling in front of the house right now. it's so good. they back up, turnaround and go another pass at the house. who is family number two? >> let's check out the challenger. the witis family. they've done this amazing tribute to the 170,000 lights to the troops. it's dedicated to the semper fi fund. and the lights are synced up to "god bless the usa." >> anytime you have the tornado of lights on the right-hand side there, that's a winner. you can vote all day. who do you think has the best lights in this pairing, on your
8:33 am
smartphone, using the "gma" app. get the app first. then, you can do it. you can vote on our facebook page if you don't have the smartphone app. robin? i'm over here talking with jude. the first "sherlock holmes" movie showed the great on-screen chemistry between robert downey jr. and sherlock. now, dr. watson, the bromance continues on the big screen. it's great to have jude back with us. i couldn't wait to talk to you because i watched it last night at home. first of all, welcome. >> good to be here. >> great to have you back. and you picked up right where you left off with the first one. >> we did. you make a film. and halfway through it is about the time you get used to each other. and get used to the way people work. and we worked out a very particular process with how we evolve this working
8:34 am
relationship. there's a lot of improvising. but a lot of rewriting in the mornings and playing and using little bits, snippets from the books. so, when it was as well received as it was, and we had the opportunity to revisit it, it was like we never sort of dropped the ball. we picked straight up and hit the ground running. >> i'm sure that had to be a relief. you never know when you're coming back together, if you can recapture that magic. >> you never know. and we weren't sure. it's a much-loved duo. we weren't sure if people would get the take on it that we decided to take it down. i think what was nice was people embraced that. this time around, we're a little more confident. and it has a little more swagger. and a little more scale. >> those are great words. and after seeing it, that's exactly it is. there is a confidence. there is definitely a swagger. and there's a whole lot of action. >> truly.
8:35 am
guy's idea from the get-go was not to put us in -- to put the characters in as much danger as possible to see how we get out of it. on the hunt for moriarity, the primed focus of this particular adventure, he had his fingers all over europe. we end up in ammunition factories. the paris opera. and all sorts of places. >> when you were in the ammunition patch, i'm like, there's no way they're getting out of this. i know when you said guy, you were talking about guy ritchie, the director. you can feel his influence on this. but i want to play a little bit of a clip. >> sure. >> this is when you're seeing your old friend again. you make a little house call. >> at the beginning. >> yes. >> the story picks up pretty much where the last one left off. watson is still getting married. he's moved out. he hasn't seen holmes for a couple of weeks. and holmes has disappeared in a way. he's not sure what he's been up
8:36 am
to. >> that sets this up perfectly. "sherlock holmes." >> i don't care where you are. i'm not going to play this game. i have to catch the last -- train. >> oh, you did it. >> you win. i lose. game over. >> still don't see me? quel surprise. >> i'm not going out with you dressed like that. >> there is something that is unmistakable when you all are together. and robert talks as highly of you. and saying that there is -- it's got to be just a real comfort level to trust each other as much as you do on screen. >> yeah. and huge mutual respect. also, i'm thinking opportunity to play. guy ritchie is very good at letting the two of us just play. and from the day we met, when i think i was being auditioned for the part, we just hit it off, robert and i.
8:37 am
and we loved the idea of this sort of strange domestic relationship. it's almost like brothers or two students living together. a relationship that's familiar to all of us. and yet, they take it out on the house. and suddenly, they're bickering when a gun fight's going on. and they're bickering when their lives are in danger. that always tickled us. and it kind of works. you know, he's a -- he's an extraordinary guy to be around, robert. he's incredibly creative. he's incredibly challenging in his work set. you know, when he turns up on set dressed as a woman, you just go with the flow. i'm lucky, to play a character whose feet is on the ground. and offers the stability of friendship. >> that's a good way to put it. i love when you take a little spin on the dance floor. we won't talk about that. i love this look here. the beard and everything going
8:38 am
on. is this for an upcoming role? >> it is. i'm making a movie with keira knightley. >> i think we have a look, the split-screen. yes, and see? and the on the red carpet look. it's a win-win. >> good, good. >> seems like you were here two years ago, about this time. and we talked about the holidays with your kids. >> yes. >> looking forward to going -- >> we're back in the holiday season. i've been a busy dad. i've been working. i was doing a play in london all summer. i went straight into this film that i'm making at the moment. so, i'm going away. we're all going away, somewhere warm. stick our toes in the ocean and enjoy the sun, which isn't massively christmasy. but a good way to relax. >> as long as you all are together. >> yeah. >> you are a delight. and always such a gentleman. jude, thank you very much.
8:39 am
>> my pleasure. thank you. >> "sherlock holmes: a game of shadows" opens nationwide this friday. time, now, for sam, with a big announcement. >> good morning, robin. first off, the audience was completely quiet when you were talking to jude law. this is sara. where are you from? >> baton rouge. >> who do you want to meet? >> jude law. maybe we'll get him outside. and we'll see. it's all magic when you come to "gma." we want to tell you something very special. it's about our warm coats, warm hearts efforts. and it's a challenge out there. do you think your schools can help us get to 1 million coats? we think you can. if you'll take two days and collect some coats at your schools and bring them to your burlington coat factory. and you take a picture or a video and put them on our website, on yahoo! we're going to feature your school prominently on that page. we're going to pump your school up because you're helping us get
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to 1 million coats. do you think you can help us out? we need to get to 1 million coats this year. gather up the coats from your school. find out how on our web page. it's all that easy. let's get to the boards. here's yuma, arizona. watch the clouds roll out of the hills. loved this picture. fresh off twitter this morning. and that's our twitter shot for the day. that's my favorite, anyway. in comes the front. austin, dallas, mcalester. looks like abilene, as well. wouldn't be surprised to see hail involved in the power not bad out there now, in the 30's. temperatures will climb to the today with more clouds and sun and maybe a few showers west of 81 today but
8:41 am
>> i'm going to put my arm around you. and practically gave her a paper cut. i'm sorry. we're glad that you're here. we're in times square this morning. lara? >> it's me. >> robin? >> it's me. still here with jude. getting ready? yeah. we make good use of this little studio, don't we? >> y
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
keep those coats coming. there are so many things we moms do to celebrate our kids. keeping pictures in our wallets. but some moms are going a step further with some permanent ink. abc's juju chang has been following this hot, new trend. >> reporter: what do hollywood power moms angelina jolie, hieii klum and christina aguilera have in common? for the answer, think ink. guess which celebrity mom
8:45 am
belongs to this tattoo. and this one? victoria beckham. pamela anderson has reportedly changed her tummy tattoo, to mommy. in fact, mommy tattoos are a huge trend. >> hundreds of readers are sending in tattoos, they've gotten to commemorate their children. the remarkable thing about mom tattoos is how universal they are. they're not just happening in the hipster enclaves, on the coast. they are across the united states. >> reporter: the pew research center found 35% of 20 to 45-year-olds, have at least one tattoo. including homer simpson. >> my tramp stamp. i got the idea from a show. >> reporter: we did hear from some real moms with real regrets. >> you can't wake up the next morning and remove it. >> reporter: but most seem to wear their ink with pride. like christy kchrystie. >> i'm like a traditional mom.
8:46 am
>> reporter: and she doesn't care what other mothers think. >> i've gotten looks while on the playground with the kids. >> reporter: jeanette got this biggie as a tribute to her children. >> my mom's tattoos are cool because i like it. >> this design for you. >> reporter: erin's getting a tattoo of her daughter's name, chloe. who wasn't sure how many tattoos mom already had. >> there's so many. >> and if you head to our website, on yahoo! you can see if you can ide
8:47 am
8:48 am
delighted to say that our fall concert series continues with some true superstars all ready to perform. lady antebellum. their latest album, "own the night" debuted number one this fall.
8:49 am
one of the hottest acts in all of music. give a big welcome to charles kelley, and lady antebellum. what a fabulous year you've had. >> thank you. and this time of year, it's a good time to reflect and look back on it. and we have a lot to be thankful this year. >> the first leg of the tour has wrapped up. you get a little bit of a break before you head back out. >> this is our last week on the road. and then, get to spend some time with family. we have darius rucker at thompson square out with us next year. >> you name-dropper you. >> i am a name-dropper. always promoting. >> you have a lot to promote. and the awards just keep on a-coming. the vocal group of the year. another grammy nomination. it's got to be a thrill for you. >> it is. the awards are surreal for us. for us, it's about making music. we want to keep writing.
8:50 am
we're working on new stuff on the road. >> it's not just about making music. this one here has gotten engaged since the last time we saw you, to that guy right there. that's okay. she was staring at jude law across the way. >> it didn't mean a thing. >> not at all. here's lady antebellum, performing their hit single, from their latest album. it's called, "we owned the night." ♪ tell me, have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts? ♪ ♪ your lips keep trying to speak ♪ ♪ but youust can't find the words ♪ ♪ well, i had this dream once i held it in my hands ♪ ♪ she was the purest beauty but not the common kind ♪ ♪ she had a way about her that made you feel alive ♪ ♪ and for a moment you made the world stand still ♪
8:51 am
♪ yeah we owned the night ♪ ♪ you had me dim the lights you danced just like a child ♪ ♪ the wine spilled on your dress and all you did was smile ♪ ♪ yeah, it was perfect i hold it in my mind ♪ ♪ yeah we owned the night ♪ ♪ when the summer rolls around ♪ ♪ and the sun starts sinking down ♪ ♪ i still remember you oh, i remember you ♪
8:52 am
♪ and i wonder where you are ♪ ♪ are you looking at those same stars again? ♪ ♪ do you remember when we woke under a blanket ♪ ♪ all tangled up in skin not knowing in that moment ♪ ♪ we'd never speak again but it was perfect ♪ ♪ i never will forget when we owned the night ♪ ♪ yeah we owned the night ♪
8:53 am
♪ whoa, whoa oh, whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ oh, whoa, whoa oh, whoa, whoa ♪ [ cheers and applause ] at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country,
8:54 am
from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can helpake opportunity possible.
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8:56 am
a new band. >> thank you very much. tomorrow, robert downey jr. have a good day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning @ 8:56.
8:57 am
the head of a congressional panel that oversees the d.c. affairs is taking aim at the inupy protesters mcpherson square. darrell issa wants them to why they have been to camp there. the square underwent a row for hundred thousand dollar renovation. mortgage rates are now at a record low. just 51% of americans 18 and are married to which is from -- marriage rates. 57% of adults are married to 50% in maryland and married ints are d.c.. it was a structure fire on york avenue which is not helping. is result but unusual delays expected through new --
8:58 am
through northeast into cheverly. we had a fatal crash on 270 everything isnd result. things have settled down nicely the american legion traffichere is heavy nothing in the roadway and great south of town at the wilson bridge. here is a shot of the roosevelt bridge. holesise, there are a few the clouds and clouds will be the increase. it will be great today and tomorrow but warmer, 33 degrees at dollars and 40 now in the on her way to lower 50's, closer to 60 to more with rain chances in the afternoon and evening. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next. state farm. this is jessica.
8:59 am
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