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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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funeral of kim jong il. >> u.s. park police have had to take down a structure built by occupy d.c. protesters. >> trying to figure out what to do with your christmas treat? one farmer is giving a tour is coaxed -- his goats for dinner. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's wednesday, december 28. i am kris van cleve. >> i am kendis gibson. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. >> it is going to be a windy day. that is the headline on this wednesday, gusts up to 40 miles an hour. temperatures hovering around 40 degrees with winds gusting up to 20 miles an hour. those will gust up to 40 miles
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an hour later. 39 degrees in frederick right now. on our way to the mid 40's this afternoon, but it will feel like the mid 30's with the wind chill factor. not as windy tonight. down in the '20s. low 20's north and west of the metro. thursday, highs in the upper 40's, light wind, partly cloudy. the seven-day forecast is coming up soon. the beltway at the american legion bridge looks very good. between montgomery county and fairfax county, looks good. there's a report of an accident, in bound on the cabin john parkway at clara barton parkway. there is some activity there. not far from the american legion bridge. we are still dealing with a
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truck fire on eastbound route 50 in annapolis at route 2. everything is open around the beltway. looks good. in springfield still looks pretty good. a little volume heading towards the springfield interchange, but moving at speed. looks good on 395 as well up to the 14th street bridge. u.s. park police spent the night taking down a wooden structure that was built illegally at mcpherson square in the occupy wall street camps -- occupy d.c. camp. >> park police found another structure last night. the first structure was built a few weeks ago. that ended with 31 arrests and a
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standoff with police. police received an anonymous call about this one around 11:00 p.m. last night. they arrived to find a 12-foot structure made with two by fours. no one claimed this one. police then declared it abandoned and dismantled it saying that it violated federal law. no one was arrested. earlier this month protesters said they built its so they could have a warm shelter for the winter. they said it was designed by volunteer architects and that it was designed according to federal regulations. police deemed it was temporarypermanent and that the protesters did not have permit. a funeral procession is making its way through p'yongyang for the late leader
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of north korea, kim jong il. tens of thousands are lining the streets to watch his first goodbye. he died december 17 of a heart attack according to state media. a national memorial service is set for tomorrow. south korean activists and north korean defectors have been gathering near the border between the two nations floating propaganda into the north. the son of kim jong il has been chosen as the successor. a funeral mass will be held today for u.s. park police officer who died in a line of duty. his funeral will be helping in burke, virginia. the 19-year veteran collapsed on december 15 while responding to a report of an injured man under the key bridge. drivers should expect some rolling road closures in d.c. and northern virginia for the procession after his funeral.
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a needed break for police in a number of home burglaries in cheverly. new surveillance video may help track down the thieves. we are at prince george's county police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. >> these break-ins have been happening since november in the cheverly area. police open new video is there a clue to catch ining the crooks. this moment is the latest victim. >> i am a little upset that they heard mighy -- >> the suspect knocks on the door and when no one answers, he grabs a propane tank and smashes inside. it happens during broad daylight. he is in the house an hour-and- a-half and then come back later with two more suspects. >> police are hoping you can help them learn batman's real
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identity. one of them was trying to do sell a stolen computer and was seen driving this silver vehicle. >> i would feel so much better if he were arrested. >> the suspects tried to use a stolen credit card at a seat pleasant gas station. if you have information, call police. 43 degrees. >> still ahead the countdown to next week's iowa caucuses, how the candidates are campaigning before the big event. >> and a close call for customers in south carolina. what caused the big sign to come crashing down. >> first, a look at the roads and the weather. things
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strong wind blamed for bringing down the six signs that used to hang right there at the best buy. no one was injured and the stores remained open for business and yesterday. there is a temporary signs and
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they hope to have everything cleaned up sometime today. it is 43 degrees 5:09. we will experience windy conditions today. >> are we expecting damage? >> anything that is not secured, there could be minor damage. anything that is lying around the backyard, it is one of those days when the trash cans could tip over. let's look at temperatures first. 39 in cumberland, 44 in the district, 39 in quantico. the wind is gusting approved 20 miles an hour. later on today, gusting up to 40. it will feel like the 30's even this afternoon due to the gusty wind. tonight, cold, low 20s northwest of town, mid to upper twenties around the beltway. temperatures will slowly climb the next few days.
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by sunday, mid 50's. the computer model is hinting at some of the coldest air of the season by the early to middle part of next week. a couple problems in maryland. still dealing with a vehicle fire on the eastbound route 50 in annapolis near route 2 with one left lane and getting by. that is headed outbound. westbound everything is open. on the b-w parkway near 895 on the way it towards bwi marshall airport, there was an accident, only the left lane and getting by. you may want to consider using 95. 395 looks good towards shirlington and a light volume of traffic to the 14th street bridge. no problems. 270 near 121 in montgomery county, looks good and it looks
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nice towards the lane divide. moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you. the new year will mean more speed cameras in the d.c. area. prince george's county police plan to add at least six cameras every month. montgomery county police are planning to install 10 in the coming months. it's not clear how many d.c. plans to add in 2012. local police say the cameras issue hundreds of thousands of tickets every year. 42 degrees. >> coming up and alert for apple customers. an e-mail you need to watch out for. first, the latest on the campaign trail. >> man: my electric bill was eaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea
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taking our top stories thousands of mourners filled the streets of north korea oppose
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the capital today to say goodbye to kim jong il. his son and successor kim jong -- kim jong un led the procession. there will be a final farewell tomorrow. u.s. park police for down and unauthorized structure at the occupy d.c. camp at mcpherson square. the structure was made of planks and nails and was found last night. officers dismantled its because it violated federal law. investigators are searching for suspects in a series of daring daytime burglaries in cheverly. the suspects may be linked to at least seven burglaries in prince george's county and could be behind burglaries in other towns. now that iraq war is over, some york city officials want to organize a parade to honor americans who fought.
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a similar parade to place after a depressed gulf war. pentagon officials say now is not the time for a parade honoring the iraq war veterans. they say having a parade while we still have troops in harm's way in afghanistan would send the wrong message. the pentagon is reporting a sharp rise in sexual assault at the nation's military academy. there were 65 attacks this year, which is up from 41 last year. the pentagon says a new policy of encouraging the victims to report abuse could help explain the increased. now to the presidential race, virginia's and editorial board meets today amid worries that rick perry is suing to get on the ballot. the texas governor failed to qualify after the virginia republican party said his campaign had not filed the required 10,000 signatures. newt gingrich is also not on the ballot for the same reason. of primary day is march 6 in
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virginia, which is known as super tuesday. before the candidates can think about super tuesday, they have to get past a big step. this coming tuesday the iowa caucuses. >> the the tahman bradley has more on the final scramble. >> six days before the iowa caucuses, it is getting nasty. candidates are hammering away at each other with supertax financing some of the dirty work. >> new gingrich has a ton of baggage. he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. correct new gingrich's trying to regain momentum and fend off a garage of negative ads by the romney campaign and outside groups. >> if you want to run a negative campaign, at least be man enough to own it. that is your staff and your organization and your millionaire friends paying for this. >> is referring to ads being run by a pro-romney super pak, which
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can raise an unlimited amount from donors. they are forbidden by law from coordinating with campaigns. romney is also going on the attack personally, slamming the former house speaker for failing to get enough signatures to get on the ballot in virginia. >> you can compare that to pearl harbor. it is more like lucille ball at the top with factory. >> gingrich is worried about ron paul. even going so far as the second of all the nominees, he will not vote for him. >> i think the choice of ron paul or barack obama would be a very bad choice for america. >> rick perry and his supporters have spent more money on advertising than any other candidate or all of them combined. but he is still behind in the polls. unsettling news for democrats concerned about keeping control of the senate.
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senator ben nelson of nebraska will retire rather than seek a third term next year. he was expected to face a tough republican challenge. the gop needs four seats to regain control of the senate. nebraska appears to be an easy target. a record number of people activated mobile devices that they receive as holiday gifts. >> however, you need to be aware of a new e-mail scam. cor>> many people found smartphones and other mobile devices under their christmas tree on christmas morning and nearly 7 million of them activated those devices right away. that is more than double the number last year. some of those new apple users are getting what looks like a message from apple, but it is not. it is asking them to update their billing information. it looks real, but isa a
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scam. netflix users spend more than twice as much time watching asked hulu users. lg plans to unveil the world's largest organic l.e.d. tv at next month's consumer electronics show, 55 inches. and the company will show off the world's largest led television at 72 inches. those are your "tech bytes." 5:20 this morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning. >> windy on this wednesday. that is the headline. the big gusts out there. >> hold onto your hair piece. >> temperatures will climb a few degrees this afternoon, but the wind will offset that.
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44 in the district right now, 42 at dulles airport, 41 in manassas 39 in lexington park. the wind is steady at about 10- 15 miles an hour. in winchester, steady at 26. the wind speeds will increase over the next couple hours. you will really notice especially by midday and into the early afternoon. temperatures will rise a few degrees. all day long we will feel like we are in the 30's because of the wind. it will be blustery. clouds this morning especially northwest of the metro area. snow showers in west virginia and western pennsylvania and pittsburgh. that will come to an end as the wind begins to a shift westerly. there's a low pressure system that moved through yesterday. vrs in between back and -- we are wedged between that and
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another system. 45 is a high temperature expected but it will feel like the 30's. downright cold later on tonight. it's chilly start tomorrow in the '20s. widespread 20s at this time tomorrow. luckily, not as windy. not a wind chill factor to deal with. a pleasant afternoon, highs in the upper 40's. continuing to warm up all the way through the weekend, mid 50's by sunday. that will be the warmest. some of the coldest air of the season will make its way into washington by tuesday and wednesday of next week. something to keep an eye on. that's the forecast. what about the traffic? a couple problems. the beltway, things look pretty good. you may want to exit onto river road into town because there's an accident on the clara barton parkway in glen echo that may be blocking the entire roadway. you may want to exit at river
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road or cross the american legion bridge and head down to the george washington parkway. 66 at the glebe road looks pretty good inside the beltway. no significant delays at centreville and continuing to 495. still dealing with a vehicle fire, eastbound r50 in annapolis at route 2. you have to stay to the left to get past the incident. a brief delays so far. back to you. >> thank you. 5:23 right now, 42 degrees. >> georgetown and louisville kickoff tonight. tim brant will break it down in a preview. >> hoarding what is causing people to live in this mess. >> you're not going to get rid of my stuff. >> and a plan to declare your
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the nfl released this season's pro bowl roster last night. absent was redskins linebacker london. he wrote on twitter whether he did not know wheth -- he wrote on twitter that he did not know whether to be upset or to laugh about it. >> maybe did not call enough attention to himself. baltimore linebacker ray lewis is going to hawaii. now tim brant. >> the maryland terrapins have one four in a row and are excited that a 7-41 center will make his debut at the comcast
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center when they take on albany. georgetown is rolling and everybody's talking about tonight's match up at lewisville. the head coach added to the drama by saying that when his contract runs out in 2017, he will not coach anymore. he is 59. >> we're not thinking about records at all. >> they are one of the best teams in the country. they have a lot more energy at home than they do on the road. i think we are ready. >> in college football, the military bowl this afternoon at rfk stadium kickoff at 4:30. have a great day. 42 degrees, 5:28 this wednesday morning. the news continues at 5:30. >> north korea says farewell to a longtime leader kim jong-il.
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we will have more from the dictator's funeral. >> ben eisler. another structure in the occupy d.c. hit camcamp. nowata
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are following several big stories this morning, including a repeat act that's causing trouble. and we will follow the funeral of kim jong-il as well as issues close to home. problems in mcpherson square with occupy protesters. >> kim jong il funeral was held earlier today in north korea. we are also covering several big stories in our area. good morning, everybody. wednesday, december 28. i am kendis gibson. >> i am chris van cleve. we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is in the weather center. we saw ben eisner with earmuffs. is it that cold? >> it feels like the 30's. despite temperatures in the mid 40's this afternoon, the event will make it feel like the 30's
5:33 am
all day. very gusty later on today particularly. 40 degrees in waldorf 41 in aldie, 40 and olney -- in olney. mid 40's this afternoon but it will feel like the 30's with gusts up to 40 miles an hour at times. temperatures will plummet into the twenties tonight. much cooler tomorrow morning than what we have right now. partly cloudy tomorrow afternoon. starting a warming trend tomorrow, a upper 40's. low to mid '50's by the weekend. very cold by tuesday. we have a problem, on the daric barton parkway. this is a near macarthur boulevard. all lanes are blocked because of a serious accident. we are on the scene with police, fire and rescue, medical personnel arriving on the scene
5:34 am
as well. watch for day stores. you may want to take river road or the george washington parkway to avoid this right now. we are still dealing with a vehicle fire, a tractor-trailer that was carrying something to the eastern shore. that is eastbound 50 eastbound route 2 in annapolis. this is heading towards the bay bridge. westbound, everything is open. from annapolis towards the beltway, it's ok. it is the eastbound side that is affected. it could be quite a while before this is reopened. back to you. >> thank you. the funeral that has drawn the attention of millions of supporters and as many critics the north koreans braved the weather the to go to the funeral of the longtime dictator kim jong il. now the latest. >> as the military elite filled
5:35 am
the plaza the body of kim jong- il made a grand entrance, escorted by his son and heir kim jong-il panama of the military -- and the head of the military on the other side. the car drove around p'yongyang passing by places where kim jong il used to reside and work. people displayed incredible emotion. is this a genuine? >> i cannot imagine anyone having a genuine sorrow and condolences for this leader, but they are afraid. this is staged. >> the crying is proportional to the proximity of the camera angle. the big question is, will this young twentysomething leader be able to keep an iron grip on the people and how we ill he leave the
5:36 am
army? an incident that has park police saying here we go again. officers spent part of their morning in mcpherson square removing another structure built by occupy d.c. protesters. ben eisler is live in northwest with the very latest. >> that's right. park police overnight found another structure inside mcpherson square. of course, the first thing that comes to mind to those of us covering the movement for some time is the incident about three weeks ago when they first build another structure that ended with about 31 arrests and perhaps one of the most confrontational standoffs with police here so far. police got an anonymous call about this one around 11:00 p.m. last night. arrived to find a 12 foot by 12 foot structure built with planks. no one claimed responsibility
5:37 am
for this one, unlike last time. police adeclared it abandoned and said it violated federal law and then dismantled it. the last time three weeks ago the protesters said that volunteer architects designed it to federal regulations so it would be temporary and would be ok to stay in the park but police insisted that it looked permanent and that the protesters did not have a permit. ben eisler reporting from north west, abc 7 news. three men wanted for robbing a seven eleven store in northeast washington around 12:00 third new this morning on seventh street and maryland ave. no one was injured. they got away in a gold dodge intrepid. 5:37 this morning, 42 degrees. >> local rapper shot and killed while getting in his car in maryland.
5:38 am
the latest on the hunt for his killer. >> and an effort to track down home burglar's imprint or discounted. police of surveillance video will help to make an arrest. you are a looking at 395 southbound.
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people with life challenging illnesses. myself along with all our staff and volunteers would like to which you -- wish you a -- >> good morning, washington. gusty wind expected today. here's a look at rainfall totals. over an inch in mount airy and adelphi. almost an inch at children's hospital in the district, 0.84 inches in some of the bank. 34 degrees in the does -- 44 degrees in the district right now. we will drop a few more degrees and climb into the mid 40's. -- 44 degrees in the district this afternoon. down in the twenties this time
5:42 am
tomorrow. the upper 40's tomorrow afternoon. not as windy tomorrow. there's an accident on the clara barton parkway in potomac, maryland, outside the beltway near macarthur boulevard. all lanes are blocked. if nobody is getting by. the combination of macarthur boulevard and river road are probably the best alternative. looks like the clara barton parkway towards canal road will be ok. in potomac, all lanes are blocked, and parkway. we will take you to the american legion bridge. the traffic is headed over to the virginia side, not bad, a little heavy. no incidents all around the beltway. let's have a quick look at the map. still dealing with a tractor-
5:43 am
trailer, con eastbound 50 in annapolis at route 2 the only thing getting by is the left lane. now we are hearing two left lanes are getting by. a slight improvement in annapolis. westbound inbounds everything is open. back to you. >> thank you. 5:43 is the time, 43 degrees. cracks coming up, details into a fire that killed five people in connecticut on christmas day. was investigators think caused the blaze. >> and the story of a bad santa claus
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investigators are looking for the gunman who murder they local rapper. 24-year-old frank was getting into his car on stored lane in white oak when someone fired shots. he was known as "frank diggy".
5:47 am
he staggered down the street and died. no word on what led to the shooting. police are searching for bandits in prince george's county who have been breaking into homes in cheverly. a recent incident was caught on tape. the man smashed his way into the house. he was inside for hour-and-a- half and ransacked the house. he later returned with two more suspects and they stole several flat screen tvs. metro has inspected all of the 5000 series railcars. if shutdown the orange and blue lines last week. the investigation into the cause of an incident last week is underway. the incidents stranded several hundred passengers. passengers on a southwest airlines flight in sacramento, a two tires blew. the pilots quickly aborted the takeoff and emergency crews were
5:48 am
called in to a hose down the plane. a stairway was used to remove 130 passengers from the plane. no one entered. they are trying to determine why the tires blew out. a tragic christmas day fire in connecticut. investigators say old fireplace embers sparked a fire that killed two adults and three children. two people escaped the burning home. it's not clear if the million- dollar home had any working detectors at the time. investigators are searching for a santa claus who was very naughty on christmas day. >> the man walked into a california pharmacy on christmas eve. the man handed the promises a note demanding drugs and cash. he complied fearing he had a weapon. >> i was more shocked to see something like this happening to a neighborhood pharmacy. >> the pharmacist said
5:49 am
everything happens so fast he did not have time to be afraid and said the did not look a man in the eye. that is not something they tell a pharmacist to do in this situation. the latadies should check their hair weaves today. that is quoting beyonce in. >> it's going to be a gusty day. >> the dancing is finthe dancing is fine. the wind will be gusting up to 40 miles an hour today with wind chills in the 30's all day long. let's look at the numbers right now. 44 in the district, 43 in manassas, 42 in martinsburg 37 in cumberland. in lexington park, 39.
5:50 am
notice the wind chill numbers, widespread 30's. the wind will continue to increase in intensity. steady right now i 10 to 15 miles an hour. later on today within the next several hours you will notice the been gradually increasing. it will be steady out of the west at about 15-25 miles an hour, gusting up to 40. that will make it feel like we are in the third is all day long despite air temperatures in the mid 40's this afternoon. some clouds streaming overhead. we will have a little cloud cover this morning, then a lot of sunshine for the majority of the day. there will be some snow showers off to the northwest especially on the western enslavemenslopes. there is a tightly spun system over new england. we are wedged in between that
5:51 am
and the high pressure down to our southwest. that will lead to gusty winds today. the wind will subside around sunset this evening, drastically diminishing. calm through the night time. down in the '20s by this time tomorrow. big changes tomorrow morning. frigidaire in place. warming into the big tent, mid 50's. some of the coldest air by tuesday and wednesday of next week. -- warming into the weekend, mid 50's. inbound side of the car parts and parkway is now closed. you-- inbounds side of the clara barton parkway is closed. one person was extricated from the vehicle. the investigation continues. that is closed. ongoing activity in annapolis involving a truck fire.
5:52 am
eastbound route 50 at route 2 they have opened up another lane to the left. now you have two lanes open. there was a truck fire. westbound is open. eastbound has two left lanes getting by. only a brief delay. back to you. >> thank you. new developments in the oil spill and the fight over who is liable. >> google plus is gaining ground. linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. >> good morning. bp's top-ranking u.s. executives have been called to testify at the tora bora trial. this will determine who is responsible for the biggest oil spill in history. 350 lawsuits by thousands of coastal property owners as well as businesses are claiming damages for the 4 million barrels of oil off the louisiana
5:53 am
coast in 2009. things are picking up for google plus. a quarter of its total user base has joined the social networking website that allows users to organize their friends. that is thanks to the growing number of operatingmobile devices that use the android operating system. rumors are flying about a new ipad model. apple may be planning to unveil its third generation ipads rihanna tora bora 23 in honor of the birthday of its late co- founder steve jobs -- third generation ipad 3 in honor of the birthday of its late co- founder steve jobs. >> thank you. today is a big day for d.c.
5:54 am
area football fans. the air force falcons in the fourth annual military bowl at rfk stadium this afternoon. this is the first time the two teams employed each other ever. proceeds go to the uso. you are watching "good morning washington."
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animals in pennsylvania getting plenty of greens in
5:57 am
their diet. turns out they eat christmas trees. >> the owner of the pennsylvania farm learned a few years back that his goats enjoy christmas trees. it is a move to save money because the animals don't need much hay so it is cheaper if you use christmas trees. >> it's a good meal. there is much more to come. >> learn how the holiday season was good for some retailers but not for others. >> and steve is coming back to help you navigate your commute. 395 southbound, traffic is
5:58 am
5:59 am
straight ahead at 6:00, the death of a dictator, a rare glimpse inside north korea during the funeral of kim jong- il. >> and other crackdown on occupy d.c. demonstrators. we have a live report. >> six days until the iowa caucuses. the gloves are coming off on the campaign trail now. >> later economic upheaval. to go on terror -- the war


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