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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and no front runner. we will preview the last-minute campaign push. >> later, a sentimental story of a boy, and course, and world war all-in-one. - -a horse adnnd world war rahman onei. i am natasha barrett. good morning, washington. >> i am kris van cleve. the holiday weekend is going to bring it warm up. snowy weather in loudoun county did not last. >> we have no advisories or watches. relatively dry and quiet entering the new year. but some big changes of all the way. 50-55 degrees for the daytime
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high today. if temperatures tonight in the mid 30's to low 40's under mostly cloudy skies. there could be a stray rainshowers after midnight. not going to amount to much. partly sunny tomorrow, 52-57 degrees. coming up, i will look the extended outlook. the daytime high temperatures only in the 30's 40 end of the extended outlook. coming up, we will look at that and much more detail. first, the rush hour commute with steve. things looking very good. here's the beltway at colesville road where we usually things really slowing down by now. not today. no accidents or incidents. right now, no delays all the way around the beltway. that's silver spring, near colesville road is a good example of what it looks like2 around the region like70 at father hurley boulevard, the same thing, no delays all the way down to the beltway. there was an accident at
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bailey's crossroads after route 29 that was blocking couple of planes eastbound, but everything is open. back to you. >> thank you. traffic is moving along the outer loop, but a stretch of the beltway was closed near colesville road in montgomery county over night while police investigated a double motorcycle accident. kevin hinnant, jr. of laurel. speed may have been a factor. on wednesday a pickup pressed into a metrobus killing nkonou ayaovi edorh. and jenice richards, 22, and tamara nicole johnson, 19 died in a crash in langley park. police are still investigating the causes of both of those crashes. four amdays until iowa. mitt romney is back on top in
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the latest polls. but ron paul and rick santorum are moving ahead of where they work. >> jennifer donelan joins us from the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. [no audio] the republican race. it's up this final weekend of 2011 with mitt romney looking at the 2012 election with growing excitement. as i feel like breaking into 76 trombones, not that good a singer. >> he leads the pack nationally. newt gingrich is struggling behind. gingrich slid down 14 points after surging ahead earlier. >> who can be firm enough and decisive enough to defeat barack obama?
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>> his battle up to run against obama got a boost from who filed the lawsuit to getting rich on the super tuesday ballots in virginia in march. gingrich did not make the cut because it failed to secure 10,000 signatures. cornell all the candidates will have to focus on iowa. >> i believe the future of america and the balance. >> rick santorum and ron paul are in the running with mitt romney. >> we have a big crowd. >> 41% say that romney has the best chance of winning the general election. correct 41 degrees is the predicted temperature on tuesday and that could mean big crowds on crocus day. north korea's new leader has a new title. kim jong un is being called a
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great leader. the commission has warned south korea and the rest of the world not to expect any change after the death of kim jong-il. d.c. is on track to record the views number of murders in nearly half a century. there have been 108 homicides this year so far, down from 132 at the same time last year. this is a nationwide trend. it is a star dropped for a city that had nearly 479 homicides 20 years ago. 2012 is not looking bright in alexandria. we're not talking about crime or the economy. >> event organizers are giving the first night celebration and extreme makeover. for the first time it will be fireworks-free. pamela brown is in old town alexandria to explain why. >> there is an explosive
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fireworks display launched at the masonic temple, but this year it will be different. instead there will be a couple laser light show. event organizers say they simply had no choice because of a new virginia law. there needs to be more space between farmers displays and spectators, so that prevents the city from making the sky sparkling exports. several people had been injured from pyrotechnics including the one in vienna in 2007. -- the new law says there needs to be more space between fireworks displays and spectators. there will be a laser light show and quebec reps up there will be small balls that will fall on spectators with directions to let the spectators know how big a win $500. always a good way to ring in the new year with a little money.
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looking at the day ahead, a hunger strike for voting rights goes virtual. a trio of occupy protesters will launch an on-line petition to get congressional representation in the nation's capital. they are trying to get one signature for every one of the 689,000 residents. if only one of three demonstrators has maintained a fast since starting three weeks ago. it is 36 degrees outside. >> much more ahead like the year in review. a final look back at those we lost in 2011. >> a man and his dog stuck on the side of the clipped. a dramatic air rescue attempt caught on tape. >> starting the year off right. if steve rudin has
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welcome back on this last friday of 2011. temperatures outside, nothing to complain about for this time of year, this time of morning. reagan national airport, 37 degrees, 28 in manassas, 30 in culpeper. satellite and radar, a disturbance to the south and west may bring a few sprinkles for the overnight. it will not amount to much. anything that falls from the sky will fall in the form of raindrops. partly cloudy and while today, a 50-55 degrees, wind out of the south at 5-10. we will look the extended outlook that will take us into the new year. if you like temperatures in the 30's for the daytime high,
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you'll love what is on the way. the rush-hour commutes, steve . at bailey's crossroads there was in accidents. this is about seven westbound down about seven in the baileys crossroads area after about 29 near charles street. watch for an unexpected slowdown, but a brief one. that is out bound. looks pretty good elsewhere in the region. nothing to slow you down. back to you. >> thank you. a happy ending to a cliff hanger in los angeles yesterday with two lives hanging in the balance. a 19-year-old and his dog or hiking when his father threw a ball and the doc try to affect it sliding halfway down the
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ravine, so ivan with down to rescue her. >> i was tumbling down and finally got to my dog and we were there for awhile. >> 35 firefighters responded and had too slowly climb down. normally they would use a helicopter to hoist them but it was not saved because of wind from the glades. >> no words for that. -- wind from the helicopter blades. >> everyone is ok. 6:00 hour 12 on this friday 37 degrees. >> coming up, a shootout that the alamo bowl. we will of violethave highlights. >> and online fees for verizon
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customers. >> i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurce.
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taking a look ahead of this morning, millions of commuters will lose part of a popular tax break. people who participated in the smart benefits program were able to set aside $230 a month tax free. because congress did not extend that, that will go back to $125 a month on sunday. the dulles toll road, the polls at the main toll plaza are going up 25 cents starting on sunday. the toll hike will help pay for a mature extension to dulles airport. montgomery county shoppers will have to pay a nickel every time they ask for paper or plastic. that takes effect this sunday. part of the revenue will go
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toward the water and litter cleanup. an item once owned by the virginia tech shooter is up for sale. >> the washington post is reporting a web site is selling his calculator for $3,700. he sold it to raise money for the guns and ammunition used in the shooting that killed 37 people. other bits of memory billion have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. almost a year since the tragedy in tucson. wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will join other survivors for more. several events are planned to mark the occasion on the grim anniversary of that day. her spokesman says that she is not decided which events to attend. six people died and anoa doesn't others injured -- and 12
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others injured last year. president obama and the first lady played a wreath at the uss arizona memorial and then scattered floor battles in the water. if the family is spending the christmas break in hawaii. earlier in the beats the president -- earlier in the day the president went to the beach and then had a snow cone. michael bloomberg tested work stopped of the world trade center because of a money dispute. the ground zero museum was supposed to open on the 11th anniversary of the attacks, but he says there's no chance of that happening. paying to pay your wireless bill with horizon. >> top america's money, new complaints about verizon wireless. the company plans to charge a 2$ fee for every payment you make on the phone or online with your credit card. there are ways around this.
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but customers are outraged especially after a three network outages this month. economists expect 200,000 jobs if will be created every month next year. that's total of 2 million for the year. but all this could change if the european debt crisis worsens or american stop spending. the new york stock exchange is delisting the parent company of american airlines after its stock averaged below a dollar. amr stock fell 30 cents. there's a new sign the economy is improving. team parks -- theme parks are having to turn away business because they are that crowded. lady gaga will join the new year's eve party in new york city dropping the crystal ball. she is also expected to perform that night. yesterday they tested the confetti.
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about 1 ton of the colorful papers will be released at midnight. i did not realize they do a test of this. the party planners say the winds has to be just right and to make sure they are using the right tissue paper. >> to you think they have tested out the ping-pong balls in old town alexandria? >> you did not win, you did not win. $500 in the ping-pong ball. it's going to be mighty cold around here moving into monday and tuesday of next week. temperatures will only be in the 30's. enjoy the weather today and tomorrow and sunday, because the changes will arrive quickly. 37 degrees right now at reagan national airport. the weatherbug network will take us to gaithersburg, 31 degrees. our next stop, temperatures holding in the 30's at fairfax
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station. lafayette elementary school in the district, 33 degrees with wind gusts around 7 miles an hour. 28 at dulles and manassas. lexington park, off 39 degrees. there's a significant warmup to the west. temperatures are 20 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago pin pittsburg band charleston. that is an indicator of what's on the way. there's a small disturbance to the west that may bring us a few stray showers for the overnight. it's not going to amount to much. and in that falls will be in the form of raindrops. 50-55 degrees for the daytime high. nighttime the in the 30's and 40's. 52-57 tomorrow. a big cooldown tuesday and wednesday, highs in the 30's. let's get an update on the rush- hour commutes with steve. a live shot of route 7 at
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bailey's crossroads from newschopper 7 over the scene of an accident that was blocking the westbound side of route 7. some traffic may be squeezing by. this is outbound at charles street in the baileys crossroads area. the beltway at the american legion bridge, that's a much better situation, a little more volume crossing the beltway except heading down towards northern virginia on the altar loca -- the outer loop. 36 degrees outside. >> the stars we have lost in 2011 part two. >> next "anderson," people with curious eating habits. >> i am an angry eater. >> i eat in a circle >> and i taste spinach for the first time.
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the biggest stories from the year of 2011. now we are saying goodbye to the people that we lost. >> yesterday we started to say goodbye to the stars we lost including elizabeth taylor and steve jobs. it is a small group but they
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made a big impact. >> ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much. >> somebody was an inspiration to me, so we will pass along. >> america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> randy savage.
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>> why can't they invent a way to end this stupid war? >> i have made my living as a writer. 70 years now. it's been pretty good.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> straight ahead at 6:30 four days until the first votes of the 2012 election season. dozens of campaign stops before the ballot. who will win the republican caucus is anyone's guess. good morning, washington. it's friday, december 30, i am kris van cleve. >> i am natasha barrett. some areas got a surprise snowflakes yesterday but there's a slight warm up headed for the holiday weekend. steve rudin has the forecast. >> a big warm up later this afternoon and extending into the holiday weekend. from then on we will have temperatures falling. looking outside for today 50-55 degrees for the daytime high. if the wind will be and out of the south at 5-10. a few raindrops tonight, not going to amount to much.
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35-42. tomorrow 52-55 degrees. we have daytime highs only in the 30's coming up in the extended outlook. details on that in a few minutes. first, an update on traffic. the beltway near university boulevard, looks very good right now. there's usually heavy volume on the westbound sited between college park and silver spring, but not today. nothing to slow you down. still dealing with an accident westbound on route 7 at bailey's crossroads that was blocking all lanes westbound after route 29 adderall street. eastbound, everything is open. it is a little slower than usual. springfield, a pretty good. and moving well onto 395. back to you. >> thank you. new details about the deadly overnight crash on the beltway.
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24-year-0 kevin hinnant, jr. overall loss control of his motorcycle near colesville road. the by then caught fire. he died of a hospital. if alcohol and the speed may have played a role in the crash. that capped a deadly few days in montgomery county. wednesday afternoon pickup truck plowed into the front of a metrobus along rockville pike, killing nkonou ayaovi edorh. yesterday denise richards and tamara johnson died after their car lost control on university boulevard in langley park. last night family and friends of those two women gathered for a vigil to remember them. >> words cannot describe. i will miss her so much. >> tamara will always be my heart. >> its third woman, desaleen james, is still in the hospital. four days until iowa of votes and the race is still hot.
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mitt romney is back on top in the polls, but ron paul and rick santorum if are right behind him. >> who will win remains a mystery. jennifer donelan joins us with the latest from the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. the final weekend of 2011 and all eyes are on 2012. with mitt romney having pretty good reason to feel confident. the former massachusetts governor is leading the pack of candidates nationally. if his numbers up by 5%. 41% in iowa believed he has the best shot at winning the general election. rick santorum and ron paul still in the running with romney on tuesday. struggling is newt gingrich. his number is sliding all month long. in virginia and attorney and tea party activists filed a lawsuit to get gingrich placed on the super tuesday ballot in march. party officials said gingrich did not have the required 10,000 signatures.
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will gingrich to join in lawsuits? that remains to be seen. right now all the candidates must focus on iowa. romney has nearly a dozen events in the next couple days. the man- tothe nation will be watching. abc 7 news. 6:33. the new leader of north korea has inherited one of his father's titles. the national defence commission is calling kim jong un great leader. the country has warned south korea and the rest of the world not to expect any changes. d.c. will have to pay more than a million dollars in attorneys' fees as the results of the store a gun case. if the man sued the city in 2003 over the handgun ban. the supreme court overturned the ban in 2008 saying that it violated the second amendment. is today a federal judge ordered d.c. to pay the men's
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attorneys over $1 million in fees and expenses. no one will celebrate the new year at the third edition in georgetown. the alcohol control board suspended its liquor license on the holiday weekend after it was cited for serving alcohol to minors and not checking id's. this was during a sting operation earlier this year. the tradition was also fined $3,000 for those violations. 2012 does not look very bright in alexandria. we are not talking about crime or the economy. >> event organizers -- >> event organizers are giving the first night's celebration and extreme makeover. sorry. i did not know it was my turn. >> pamela brown has more. >> thousands of spectators looked for to this explosive fireworks display at the masonic temple. but this year the sky will be lit and up in a different way.
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it is a decision that is sure to set off fireworks among revelers in alexandria. >> a bummer for the kids. >> the thinker has put on high octane display over 17 years if making it one of the biggest displays in the region. >> it's wonderful, they have something for everyone, the bands places for everyone to dance. >> i love it. >> fireworks this year will be replaced with a laser light show instead. >> it's ok, but fireworks are the big part. >> the new virginia law was announced after several pyrotechnic-related accidents including the one in vienna in 2007 that severely injured several people. >> they have increased the setback lawsa so they take
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explosives farther away from the people, so there's no where in an urban community like this where we can do fireworks. >> if you still are banking on cfr tomorrow night, your best bet is the new year's eve celebration at the inner harbor pinball to more -- in baltimore. pamela brown reporting. >> good to see you. 36 degrees outside. >> the worst words of the year. we will tell you what makes the list. >> and the weekend movie guide. arch campbell has your best bets. >> first, traffic and weather. we will be right
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37 degrees right now at reagan national airport. a beautiful sunrise about to happen in another 24 minutes or so. looking at temperatures right now at around 6:40. 37 degrees of the airport, 28 in manassas and fredericksburg or reporting 36 degrees. a few sprinkles possible during the overnight. not expecting a lot from this system. daytime highs today a fair amount 50-55 degrees. a look at the extended outlook
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in just a few minutes. first, steve has a look at the rush hour commute. >> good morning. a live look from newschopper 7 over a water main break on east- west highway between chevy chase and silver spring one lane getting by. not causing much of a backup. light volume of traffic. you will see a lot of traffic cones and bright lights. if you are able to get by in both directions. east-west highway between silver spring and chevy chase affecting traffic both ways. father hurley boulevard, 270 looking good. no delays from frederick to the beltway. the beltway looks good in virginia and maryland. bailey's crossroads is closed at route 7 because of an accident. back to you. >> thank you. lake superior university has its annual list of words and phrases that should be banned in the new year. this year's list of words
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banished from the queen's english or misuse, overuse, and general uselessness includes occupy, baby bump, shared sacrifice, win the future, man cave, and the new normal. >> what if you violate the rules and get two of those phrases into the same sentence? >> you would not be winning. and the word "like.' remember the alamo bowl. find out why this game will go down in history. >> the holiday weekend will be guided is coming up. >> first dave breaks down the final four days of
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today, just four days left until ottawa and things are getting interesting. -- iowa. i think people are getting desperate for votes. >> dave is here. it will come down to who has the money. >> that is a big factor. so much money over the past couple weeks has been spent by newt gingrich, but his numbers and dropped. he is almost certainly not going to win. mitt romney and ron paul are at the top in iowa. so he is in trouble right now. millions of dollars have gone toward him not winning.
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>> there is a piece that talks about campaigns trying to sell face time for contributions. one of them says donate $5 and to grab a bite with mitt romney. that's not the only campaign going this way. >> barack obama, mitt romney, several congressional campaigns have been conducting a sweepstakes-style campaigns and are doing it under the guise of fundraising. it is not like purchasing a lottery ticket and having an even chance. these are fixed contests. the campaign's actually choose who the people are. >> good to see you, dave. happy 2012. president obama will hit the road the day after the iowa caucuses. the president will travel to cleveland on january 4. it will largely focus on the economy. he won that state in 2008, but
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it has been hit hard economically and is expected to be a major battleground in next year's presidential risks. d.c. councilman marion barry is facing problems after being scolded by the d.c. council chairman. sources tell us the issue centers on a formal letter sent by his office. marion barry criticizes his former spokeswoman natalie williams who is now running for marion barry seat in ward 8. a grand jury indicted curtis lopez on murder, kidnapping, and robbery charges. he's accused of killing his estranged wife jane mcquain and her 11-year-old son william. police found her body in october. lopez moved to north carolina the next day. william's was found in clarksburg just days later. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has approved a new set
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of relations for abortion clinics. he says the new rules will help ensure the safety and well-being of patients. opponents say they could force most clinics to close their doors. people who participate in the ssmart the benefits program will lose some money. congress still to extend the provision, so global will fall to $125 a month on sunday and that they don't have to claim on taxes. if the burgundy and gold been on sunday against the eagles, mike shanahan's record will match that of his predecessor. the books could not be defended in the alamo bowl. >> 100-18-yard pass. a touchdown! >> baylor defeated washington in
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regulation. the two teams combined for over 1,300 yards and 17 touchdowns. the redskins will have an eye on baylor's quarterback robert. the fifth annual winter classic is this monday. the flyers will host the rangers at citizens bank part. mother nature is not cooperating. temperatures are too high for an outdoor game so there is no word of the start time will be pushed back. >> it is supposed to be really cold in january and it is not. >> it is going to get really cold. we'd just have to wait another couple days or so fans things will change quickly beginning sunday night. the sun will rise around 7:30 this morning. some better news if you like a little more daylight for the end of the day, we are gaining
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about 1 minutes of daylight per day from this point on until june. something to look forward to. looking outside right now here is annapolis the sun rise beginning. looking at a quiet day across the mid-atlantic. that is a nice way to end 2011. 37 degrees at this hour, reagan national airport. feels like 34 with the wind. at lafayette elementary school it is freezing. our next stop takes us to gaithersburg, 32 degrees. 30 at fairfax station with pretty much know wind. 28 degrees in hagerstown, 36 in manchester, culpeper now 30, 39 at lexington park. there's a small disturbance to the west that is moving east and could bring us a few hours after midnight tonight not going to amount to anything. with temperatures well above freezing we are looking for anything that falls from the sky to be in the form of rain.
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a few showers here and there. a good mix of sunshine and clouds moving through the day. showers pushing into the picture overnight scandal that will be about 30%. a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. mild temperatures sticking around until sunday. 50-55 degrees for the daytime high today. nighttime lows in the mid 30's to low 40's with a few scattered showers. tomorrow temperatures once again to 55 degrees, more sunshine than clouds, a little breezy. coming up, we will look the extended outlook. we will talk about the big cooldown. first, the rush-hour commutes. not much of a rush hour commute. there's a water main break on east-west highway between chevy chase and silver spring. just a little east of brookville rd. getting by with one lane in each direction. you'll see all the bright lights and calotte of traffic cones.
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traffic moving pretty well there. 270 near shady grove road, moving pretty well. pretty typical of all the usual slow spots today, they're moving very nicely. that is also the case around the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51, 36 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning
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>> good morning. the ultimate cliffhanger. a teenager plunges 150 feet down a rich trying to rescue his dog and end up needing a rescue. we will speak with the hiker and the first responders. and the republican candidates in a last-to win every single vote in iowa. and could pillory clinton be on the ticket in 2012? rumors are swirling this morning. -- hillary clinton. and clients the crest has a preview of the year's biggest new year's eve bash. that's coming up next on gma. will to see you then. good morning, washington. i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. best new movie is war horse a steven spielberg movie. sentimental, inspiring and it is worth three and a half stars
6:55 am
pg-13. it feels like the kind of movie they used to make. four stars for the defendants are -- descendants the artist, and my week with marilyn. those are all oscar contenders. young adults and hugo gets three and a half stars. 3 stars for we bought a suit, sherlock holmes, tinker tay ilor. two and a half stars for the dragon tattoo and mission impossible. two stars for tin-tin, twilight, shame. one star for the sitter. happy new year's. i'm arch campbell. >> always good to see him in the morning. a last look at traffic and weather. >> what's going on? >> westbound rte. 7 in bailey's
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crossroads, that is still blocked right now. you won't be able to get by westbound. the eastbound, everything is open. everything doing pretty well in springfield. there was an earlier accident, but that was cleared away quickly. no delays all the way to springfield and continuing on to 395. lanes open. here's a look at the weather. here's a look at the forecast. temperatures today well into the fifties, holding in the '50s tomorrow. 54 degrees on sunday, first day of 2012. then a cold front. much colder on monday. windy on tuesday and wednesday as in the 30's. it's enjoyable the mild weather today. it makes a lot of folks happy. including me. >> happy 2012.
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