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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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an apple in a decade. >> later on, the first lady makes it jay leno a little more healthy. good morning washington continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning washington, it is wednesday, february 1, at about 6:00 a.m. >> some rain could put an end to the mid winter warmup. adam caskey will have a check on the forecast in a moment but let's go to lisa baden. >> we go live to newschopper7 who have been watching traffic on the maryland side of town. they run the ball like close to the baltimore-washington parkway. it looks like they're moving ok in areas of wet pavement and no problems on 295. there was a crash at landover hills but that is gone. >> 6:00 sharp, it is a damp
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start to our wednesday but not a washout. we will get a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon. areas of rain on the radar around the metro area especially in prince george's county. it is moving west to east and the package is moving to east prince william county and fairfax county. locations not on the screen means you're not getting rain right now. 52 degrees in clarksburg and warrenton. already, we are above their average afternoon highs will -- it will be another one day to day and we will make it into the mid-60's this afternoon it will feel like april 1 day of february. we've had april where it feels like february before. >> thank you so much. mitt romney has his momentum
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back. he won the florida 50-delegates decisively. he had a 15-point lead over new gingrich but the race is still far from over. >> newt gingrich, rick santorum, and ron paul have vowed to soldier on. we have a look ahead to what is next. >> good morning mitt romney leaves florida with a decisive victory and much-needed momentum for the candidate took advantage of the florida divorce voting electorate and reestablished his image of electability. romney will begin receiving secret service protection this week as the campaign heads west to nevada. >> to the people in this room and the people all over florida thank you tonight for this great victory. mr. president, you were elected to lead and you chose to follow and now it is time for you to
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get out of the way. >> newt gingrich chose to survive a difficult challenge for this month as the campaign rolls through several states that mitt romney won four years ago. most florida voters thought romney was the best candidate to beat president obama. >> that's a big lead. stay with abc 7, your election station, for complete coverage of the gop primary and the race for president. for instance of dates log onto our website, president obama will unveil a new piece of his plan to fix the housing market during a stop in falls church today. the proposal would allow all homeowners to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates. even if they owe more than the houses were sprayed the president mentioned the plan and last week's state of the union address and the white house says it would save the average or were $3,000 per year.
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>> one person is under arrest this morning after park police spent the night patrolling the occupy movement in mcpherson square. >> protesters are still conducting a sleep strike. >> good morning, ever since the camping ban went into effect at mcpherson square, there has been tension between the occupy d.c. protesters and park police. police warned they would move in yesterday with force. this morning, we saw that are dozens of officers raided the camp here and they were looking for any type of sleeping material and those who still might be sleeping here at the federally-own the park. we are told that a group leaving a nightclub nearby got into an altercation with some of the protesters and police moved in and they arrested a man for disorderly conduct. the man was pulled out of a tent
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and he was handcuffed. activists say the man does stay at the camp from time to time but he is not an active member of occupy the seat they had a warrant for his arrest. there are still a number of protesters here taking part of what they call a sleep strike. they are now going on more than 30 hours without sleep. >> thank you. it was a rough night for people living in northwest d.c. apartment building. the people were forced to leave their building on r street after flames started after midnight and maz-mat crew came in to investigate suspicious material. most people were allowed back inside and no word on what was caused -- and what caused the fire. >> and eight-month escalator overall at dupont circle -- the southern exit is closed and that means riders will be rerouted in and out of the q streetside and
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it will remain closed through october. crews will replace three escalators with new modern units on the south side. >> luis the county middle and high school students will return to a five-day a week schedule starting today. students had been attending classes on alternate days since the high school was damaged by the august earthquake. >> the district online gambling program that ended before it began is expected to be approved today reviewing the on-line gambling program. council members are upset over how it became law. >> martin o'malley will deliver his annual state of the state address to the general assembly today. the speech is expected to focus on the economy and jobs and the governor will also discuss his legislative agenda. >> the time is 6:00 s56 it is 52 degrees in kensington. >> several arrests for the
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murder of a well-known alexandria activists. >> plus, caught on camera, wildlife takes over a southwest d.c. library. >> one more day of the spring break. adam caskey will
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>> i am with the pulmonary hypertension association. it is one of the most misdiagnosed diseases in the nation and you can visit online. >> good morning washington. >> we want to get a check of
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traffic and weather at 6:09. >> we looked at newschopper7 less than 10 minutes ago and they showed as a wet pavement in greenbelt on the beltway and no problems on the baltimore washington parkway and i will take on the other side too wet pavement starting to slow down the outer loop at new hampshire avenue but open to georgia ave. we will go down to springfield va. with the typical drive on 95 coming out of woodbridge to get to springfield. travel times are still in our favor. no problems for metro rail, they are on normal service. >> it is a little damp out there this morning not a total washout, just some areas of light rain. will be confined to the morning areas and we will have some peaks of some later this afternoon 350 degrees in the
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district with rain moving through. most of the rain is in prince george's county and anne arundel county and moving through calvert county and hanging on holon 95 in prince william county -- and hanging on i-95 in prince william county. i think we will make it into the mid-60's this afternoon. it will be sunshine dependent and tonight into early tomorrow, we will have areas of light rinse out of the metro and otherwise cooler tomorrow but still well above average for this time of year, in the mid- 50's. >> thank you. the washington highlands interim library in southwest will be closed today because a deer crashed through a window yesterday afternoon. surveillance video images of the animal racing around the library and animal control officers came in and tranquilize
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the deer but they have all had to euthanize because of injuries. >> the time is 6:11 and is 52 degrees in in vienna abou. >> what a facebook ipo means for the market. >> wi-fi is there is online dating servrves can get kind of expensive. so to save-meyey, i found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot ten. still doing a little exploring... on it. my sign is sagittarius i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. (falsetto chorus) getting a weave. who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> maryland state police say the driver is in this crash were both under the influence of alcohol. one car was going the wrong way on route 97 moments before the collision. >> a man is under arrest and murder of alexandria activists. >> body of 53-year-old lenny harris was found in the well behind a house in fort
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washington. he has been missing since september and police say a 49- year-old lynwood johnson has confessed. >> i started to try to put the name together with someone i might know and i was talking to sherman's brother and he was trying to do the same thing. >> robberies in to have been the motive than they expect to make more arrests in this case. >> the search for people missing on -- from the cruise ship disaster last month has ended. italian officials say it is no longer safe for the crew to look to the wreckage for bodies. 17 bodies have been recovered but 16 people including a minnesota couple are still missing. the family says they expect the decision to stop the search. >> wikileaks founder julien and
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signs will be back in a british courtroom today. you try to convince the british highest court to stop his extradition to sweden. they want to question him in connection with a sex crime investigation. >> pfizer is recalling 1 million packets of birth control pills. they said they found a packaging error that could leave women with an inadequate dose of the hormone-based drug which could raise the risk that they will get pregnant accidentally. the problem of fax -- effects 28 tablets. how much facebook could earn by going public -- plus, a stock market rebound but the stock the housing market doesn't. >> it is the day for facebook. various reports said they will file its initial public offering
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of stock today, the preliminary target is likely to be $5 billion. the markets are now waiting for them. wall street posted its best january in 15 years despite a small loss yesterday the dow was up 3.4% and investors are encouraged by modest improvement in the economy. not so for the housing market, house prices fell for a third straight month in nearly all cities. atlanta was hardest were realistic its lowest level since the housing crisis began. in chicago kazoos as a super bowl commercial featuring chimpanzees is just wrong. the ad shows chimpanzees playing tricks in a human co-worker. they say it will hurt conservation efforts. >> thank you. it is a nice start to a new month. before we get to traffic and weather every 10 minutes, here is a special announcement -- starting tomorrow, steve chenevy is joining the abc 7 news team
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here on "good morning washington." >> another very warm day. felt like april yesterday. >> i met you for not getting out enjoying the weather. >> it is wrong. >> whenever you feel the focus to do it you have to capitalize on a. >> i don't know that feeling. >> we will have a little bit of sunday but not as pleasant as yesterday. we're starting the area with areas -- we're starting the morning with areas of rain but we will have some sunny breaks. it will be another warm day but i remember april where it fell like february and late january with areas of snow. it does not mean winter is over quite yet. take a look at super doppler 7 with areas of light rain out there around the metro area and
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the beltway and moving east of the beltway and 95 is seeing some areas of light rain from prince william county through fairfax county. you can see all the green on your screen is the light rain action confined to the morning hours. we have damper roads across the majority of the metro area. it is not raining now long to 70 but it is a little damp. -- along to70270. let's jump into it, the rain will taper off later today especially closer to a lunchtime and we will see the rain come to an end and had some sunny breaks this afternoon and a new system moves into town tonight and early tomorrow and that will give us some areas of rain locally and south of the metro area. the bulk of the rain tonight and tomorrow will be south of the
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d.c. keep in mind this is just one computer model we check in with. this is a good ballpark estimate of what to expect this morning. and tomorrow morning. around the beltway in montgomery county 1/10 of an engine prince george's county should have zero 0.25 and charles 4 charles 4/10 of an engine further south, over half an inch. meanwhile, looked to the north and not much around. . frederick. sunny breaks a section in made 60's later today and possibly warmer. the more some get a warmer we will be. tonight, areas of rain south of town, in the 40's and tomorrow mid-50's. cooler but still 10 degrees warmer than average this time of year and we will have a fair
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amount of sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. friday is a gray day with a lot of sunshine. that would be a good day to do your taxes according to an attache. -- to natasha. [laughter] >> you have to do them eventually. what is happening on the george washington parkway? let's go to newschopper7 with a crash reported northbound on the ramp to the inner loop. the exit ramp it does not look like anyone can get by. park police are on the scene for the northbound george washington parkway is a happening place but not in a good way. >> 6:20 is the time and we're looking at 48 degrees in nokesville. >> healthy living with jay leno -- the first lady makes her first visit to "the tonight show."
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>> white house connie sounds bad. with a different president that could mean a whole different thing.
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>> first lady michelle obama treated jay leno to a snack last night. the talk show host a slice of apple dipped with honey from the white house. mrs. obama also discussed the upcoming reelection campaign and what life in the long white houses like. >> she is discussing her campaign theme later on today to stop by southern california supermarket chain to showcase its effort to distribute groceries to low-income neighborhoods. >> the smithsonian is getting ready to make clint eastwood day. the 81-year-old director and actor will receive the institutions bicentennial or during a red carpet event later tonight. he will also cut the ribbon on a new warner brothers theater and the museum of american history. my favorite actor and my
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favorite museum, that's all i can say. >> it is well-deserved. >> the time is 6:24 and still another half hour of "good morning washington." >> what is at stake in the rematch for the super bowl? >> a metro station will be closed for several months. we will let you know how to avoid the area where you can get into the station coming up. >> it is a little damp out there this morning and i will talk about the rest of the day coming up.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> mr. president, your elected to lead. you chose to follow and now it is time for you to get out of the way. >> straight ahead, mitt romney gets his mojo back so what is next for the former governor after his decisive win in florida? >> we are approaching 6:30 on this wednesday, february 1. >> enjoy the mid winter warmup was last because is it about -- is about to rain on our parade. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it will be another warm day today with highs again in the mid-60's but today is the last day of that because we will be: tomorrow and into the rest of the weekend. we have light rain pushing through town. even where it is not raining you have some damp rose parade up and down 95, south of the mixing bowl, all the way through stafford has areas of light rain
6:30 am
moving to the east. most of the rain is in prince george's county along route 50 along the charles county border and throughout anne arundel county. 50 in arlington and chevy chase and 52 and shepherds town, west virginia. the highs today have a few sunny breaks into the mid-60's and possibly warmer in spots depending how much sunshine we get to market cools back down into the mid-50's which is still above average. >> at least we don't have to shovel it. we will just drive through it this morning. this is what happened on a slippery ramp on the george washington parkway. the ramp was closed because of an earlier accident and that is traffic on the right still waiting to get around. we're showing beltway traffic in the area of the george washington parkway.
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you need to be careful and allow yourself extra time. >> the bruising battle in florida is over. mitt romney scored a decisive win defeating newt gingrich by 14-points. rick santorum and ron paul were far behind and the mitt romney victory entitles him to the sunshine state's 50 delegates spent his opponents are not giving up or getting out. mitt romney won florida by taking a badge of a diverse electorate and attacks a new gingrich. newt gingrich went after romney. >> mr. president you are elected to lead. you chose to follow and now it is time for you to get out of the way. >> is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader newt gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. >> the candidates are focusing on the upcoming caucuses in
6:32 am
nevada colorado, minnesota and the main. you can get election is any time the going to a website president obama will unveil a new piece of his plan to fix the housing market during a stop in falls church today. the proposal will allow all homeowners to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates even as they owe more than the house's work. the president mentioned the plan in the state of the union address and the white house says it would save the average borrower $3,000 per year. >> one person is under arrest after park police spent the night patrol ocuoccupy movement in mcpherson square. >> camping was banned in the park. >> ever since this camping ban went into effect, tensions have been high between the occupy d.c. protesters and park police.
6:33 am
officers gave a stern warning yesterday that they would avenge the move in and that is what happened this morning. and dozens of officers raided the camp looking for sleeping materials and for those who might be sleeping here on this that federally-owned part for the group leaving a nightclub got into an altercation with some of the protesters and police moved in and arrested a man for disorderly conduct. >> got into a shouting match with someone provoked a park police to come in and two scud cars came in and as they left the park, they identified someone they had a warrant on and walked away with him. >> the man was pulled out of a tent and handcuffed. many activists say he is part of the camp but not exactly an active member of occupy the state they had a search warrant for his arrest prisoner of these
6:34 am
protesters are continuing to stage a sleep strike. they're going on almost 48 hours without sleep. >> that is a long time. an eight-month escalator overhaul at dupont circle station -- >> the red line station in southern entrance is closed and writers will be rerouted into the q street side. >> good morning as we know, so many people complain about a broken escalator is at metro stations all the time and metro says they are working to fix them all and that is why they will close this entrance right here at dupont circle for eight months. nearly 22,000 metro riders enter the south dupont circle entrance every day. they will have to find a new
6:35 am
route pretty agency says all the escalators at the entrance will be closed through october. >> it will create chaos ban on metro says the closure is to allow for the old escalators to be ripped out so new modern ones can be put in. >> because of the type workspace and for the city of customers and to get the job done faster. >> the project is part of the metro $150 million plan to improve escalator and elevator reliability. riders are happy the escalators will finally be fixed but they are not too happy about the time it will take to get their. >> i think the amount of time they are closing it down is totally unreasonable. >> there is another entrance to the dupont circle entrance at 19th and q but many people or about bottlenecks there. others suggested entering the farragut north center and that that would mean a longer walk for many. >> i may change to sneakers. >> metro says this metro station
6:36 am
and the escalators are similar to ones at foggy bottom which they just repaired and that took about eight months as well as for the farragut north station which is a couple blocks away, there are three entrances over there and metro says all three of those addresses will remain open to the evening rush hour. they suggest people go too far gone north. >> facebook is friending the open market. it is expected to file to sell spot -- stock publicly as soon as today. the initial public offering could be the most talked-about cents google back in 2004. they hope to raise $10 billion and that might value of $75 billion to $100 billion. >> the time is 6:36. louisa county middle and high
6:37 am
school students are returning to a 5-day per week schedule. the highs goal was damaged by the august earthquake and the students will attend class is in trailers. >> the d.c. online pro -- gambling program could be over before star is pretty d.c. council committee will take a first step toward ending the program today. many council members are upset the way it was approved at a maryland governor martin o'malley is delivering his sixth state of the state address to the general assembly today. is expected to focus on jobs and the economy and he will talk about his legislative agenda. 6:37 and we're looking at 54 degrees in stafford. >> the battle between two major women's health advocates -- white komen for the cure pulled its support from planned parenthood. >> will talk with the mayors of york and boston and what they have writing on the super bowl.
6:38 am
>> along with a mild weather
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>> the time is 6:40 on wednesday, february 1 and a live picture from newschopper7 showing you 66 traffic and the
6:41 am
beltway at tyson's. no accidents reported here and overnight construction barrels are gone but there is activity on the eastbound side of 66 past the dun loring matt show bent down the pavement even when it is not raining. >> let's start with live super doppler seven. yesterday was a very mild day into the mid-60's. there are areas of light rain from annapolis southwest through prince george's county across the potomac toward alexandria and fort belvoir and down 95. that is pushing off to the east and iran will be confined to the morning hours today. 52 degrees in gaithersburg and 50 degrees in the district. we will have some sunny breaks later this afternoon and we will
6:42 am
likely climb into the mid 60's. should we get more sun than expected, we could approach 70 later today. it is all sunshine-dependent. >> the giants face the patriots in four days. for the mayors of the big apple and been town, this time to make your wages. that stake as a special trip. new york city mayor michael bloomberg that a family trip with a boston mayor. that means they have to give a family of for a dream trip to their town. >> 6:42 and we are looking at 52 degrees in rock avail. >> a funding fight between two of the biggest health groups. >> we will look back at last night's big win for mitt romney, stay with us.
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>> we have new details on the quadruple fatal crash around route 50 saturday. both drivers were under the influence of alcohol. 911 calls from other drivers showed a car driven by a 19- year-old was going the wrong way on route 97 just moments before the collision. >> a man is under arrest for the murder of that alexandra activist. the community activist, lenny harris was found in a well behind a home in old fort washington and had been missing since september. police say a 49-year-old lynwood johnson has convinced and police said the man knew each other
6:46 am
but the friends of harris said they cannot remember him. >> i started to put the name together with someone i might know. i was talking to his brother and he was trying to do the same thing. >> police said robbery was the multipara they expect to make more arrests in this case. >> a final vote is expected today in virginia's house of delegates on gun-related bill for the measure would repeal the virginia 1-handgun per month lot. law. that law was intended to eliminate virginia as a major source of guns involved in crimes in the northeast. >> more fallout from the scandal involving harry thomas jr.. millicent west resigned yesterday.
6:47 am
harry thomas pleaded guilty for theft in relation to that money and she has not been charged but she does not want to be a distraction among the ongoing probe the. wssc customers will speak out about a proposed rate hike. want to raise water and sewer rights by -- rates by 7.5%. there will be a public hearing tonight. there will be another hearing in rockville for you tomorrow night the nation's leading breast cancer charity susan g. komen, is hoping its partnership with planned parenthood affiliates will sparked an outcry from the washington rights advocate. they say is about the new guidelines that bar it from funding organizations under congressional investigation. it will mean a cut off of hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants mainly for breast exams. mitt romney win's florida by double digits. >> what is next for this once
6:48 am
again front runner and his republican rivals? josh gerstein is with us. >> he gets all the delegates from that state but we have only had around 5% of the delegates so far elected. america, this could go on for awhile. gop leaders are concerned that the tone that developed the between gingrich ann romney, then exchanging policy differences but more insult about their personal background. we started to save a run the numbers with the independence thrive in the last couple of weeks and that -- that has to be a worry. >> we are seeing snippets from the campaign trail where mitt
6:49 am
romney is finally being negative. is that going to be detrimental? he is the top leader but down the road, if he follows this path that could hurt him. >> it can because once these stories come out, they don't go away completely. you have really contested primaries like the fight between hillary clinton and barack obama that was very intense. some pretty mean things were said there and not only did obama go on to win but he selected her as the secretary of state and everything seems to be somewhat forgiven. it is not necessarily a death knell for the mitt romney campaign but people are worried about it. >> we expect the negativity to wonder how people will react. >> it is par for the course for politicians. maybe people are not that shocked. >> thank you so much, josh.
6:50 am
before we get to traffic and weather, we want to share a special announcement. starting tomorrow, steve chenevy will join the abc 7 news team here on "good morning washington"at 4:30. >> what is going on on the roads? >> northbound george watson the parkway at a doozy of a crash and the wet pavement to the ramp and the inner loop. everything has been moved off that ramp. metrorail is in good shape. 270 southbound had a crash near 80/urbana. we'll go live to newschopper7 flying over 66 and look at all those headlights. out of manassas through centreville its laws and then route 50 past 123 and again to the beltway. let's go to a live maryland shock where it is quite across the american legion bridge. >> a little bit of action out
6:51 am
there but not a big deal, just some areas of light rain. most of it is pushing east of the metro area. notice the line ever in stretching from philadelphia throughout wilmington. it goes down to annapolis. from lorton and fort belvoir further south down the potomac into western charles county and the crossing the potomac and into stafford county, we have areas of light rain. we could have a few more sprinkle here and there through lunchtime but otherwise, we will have some sunny breaks into the afternoon. some isolated light little sparkles not amounting to too much but some breaks in the cloud cover today which will help bring temperatures into the mid-60's. tonight the next system booster when that will give as areas of bread locally and south of the
6:52 am
metro area. the bulk of the moisture tonight and tomorrow will be south of d.c. this is one computer model in terms of rainfall accumulation. it gives a good ballpark estimate. look for the to the south fredericksburg could see almost zero 0.75 inches of rain tomorrow. 50 in the district, on their way to the mid-60's later today and tomorrow cooling and still 10 degrees above average. >> spring fever is really setting in. >> the time is 6:52 and 48 degrees in beltsville. >> stay with us.
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♪ ♪ pillsbury chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven. another sweet idea for bringing families together from pillsbury. >> good wednesday morning to all of you. mitt romney wednesday florida decisively but can he survive long haul? we will discuss it with him coming up blood. a possible break in the grosse pointe murder and the alleged accomplice says he was there when the mother was killed will he implicate her husband and the crime? that dramatic escape caught on tape of the young girl escaping from her conductor. elizabeth smart is here with
6:56 am
what every parent can learn and she ser's important news. it is next on "good morning america." >> 6:55 is your time. let's check in with lisa baden. >> we have dramatic live pictures of what is happening on a highway thanks to newschopper7 and are geico traffic center camera. the right side of the screen is a brand new incident northbound 395 on the 14th street bridge which is an accident about mid- span in the right leg. on the left, it is traffic with delays at of manassas to vienna. >> some areas of very light rain this morning but otherwise sunny breaks later today and warm, back in the mid 60's. tomorrow it will clear out and back in the mid-50's. >> sounds good and looks good,
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