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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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meantime, still delightful with temperatures in the '60s. ini will tell you the details when i join you in and the weather center. >> coming up we will look at how the unseasonable weather is taking a toll on more people's help this winter. and how your allergy symptoms could be lingering around for awhile. >> breaking news in the district. two serious accidents in the district. one involving a pedestrian, and another involving a police officer. >> both of these accidents happened at separately blocks apart here on 14th street. one of them involves a delegation from the nation of georgia that has been meeting with top officials in washington and president obama at the white house. here is video. he was in a motorcade that was involved in one of these accidents. police were trying to stop
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traffic for the motorcade, and we're told what they were doing that they shut down 14 street and were not letting trap ago. a woman apparently did not know what was going on and went around in the street in hit a female officer on the motorcycle. that officer was on the ground in shock. witnesses say they eventually put her in an ambulance. i am told she has non life- threatening injuries. they were stopping traffic from the delegation of georgia that has been in the news a lot recently. just before that happened a little before 4:00, a few blocks up the street there was another accident. and that one involved a car that for some reason lost control and wound up hitting a building. before it did that, it struck t towowo people. we're not sure the conditions of them at this hour.
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these events appear to be unrelated, but they have been blocks away from each other on 14th street in minutes apart from each other as well. >> keep us posted. meanwhile, more breaking news we're following. this is of a sexual assault near a d.c. elementary school. police were called to the elementary school this government. investigators confirmed they found a young girl at that school. we of a crew headed to the scene. >> a fire at an apartment building in northwest washington has sparked the interest of the drug enforcement agency. neighbors report hearing an explosion and the smell of chemicals. >> residents tell me right after the explosion they've found -- saw flames shooting out of the fourth floor apartment building. they smelled a very strong odor
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of chemicals. drug agents have been here collecting evidence all day long fire and even the fbi rushed to the scene of that explosion early monday -- early wednesday morning. >> you think you are in a nice area and there is a chemical or drug fire going on. >> law-enforcement daysays it appears that there was a makeshift lab in something that produced an explosion. >> we go out in the hallway and smell a solvent that smell like kerosene. >> police and fire of accurate it the building. when joshed goldman got outside he looked up. >> there were flames in the apartment right by the window. we cannot believe what we were seeing. >> metropolitan police and drug agents worked into the apartmen the apartment all afternoon.
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and to go i have beeshocked is the way a lot of people living here feel. he had to spend the night in a hotel after the fire department the evacuated the building. take a surprising something would happen in dupont circle. you never really get to know your neighbors. >> the good news is no one was hurt. police questioned one of documents of the apartment, but no arrests have been made yet. >> breaking news from egypt to night were a friendly soccer game has turned deadly. at least 73 people are dead and more than 1000 are injured after a violent stamp paistampede. authorities say supporters of both teams clash, throwing stones and sticks at each other. to gotwo
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>> two armed robberies in the neighborhood minutes apart have people on alert tonight. >> is neighborhood was targeted by three masked gunmen. it began when a neighbor saw one man taking a license plate off about park. she yelled, stop, i am calling police. the men jumped in the silver car and then attack three people. the go amanda shook up after d.c. police say to women work out their wo women were robbed at gunpoint last night. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. >> the women were moving out around 11:00. when the men pulled up in the silver car come appointed a silver gun and demanded their wallets. >> i would say enough is enough.
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could people have to stand up and protect one another. >> police say the drdrove of one block to third street and robbed of howard university student and took his wallet and iphone. they said keep walking in do not turn around. >> it is very surprising. it is sad at the same time that we cannot walk out alone. and d.c. police commanders said the apartment is aggressively going after street robbers in urging people to be on the lookout. >> ofwe want to try to find out who did it and put an end to it. >> obviously the suspect got away. police are looking for the car and then. if you have any information, you are asked to call d.c. police. >> new developments tonight in
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the investigation into lenny harris's murder. one person is in police custody tonight in connection with the murder, but today police were spotted searching for more evidence. brad bell is live with the latest on the investigation. >> when police yesterday announced they had made one arrest in connection with the murder of lenny harris, they made it clear they were looking for more people. and as you said, what we saw today is the manhunt has intensified. >> armed with new information homicide commanders ordered a massive search as in -- of an area next to the beltway. four hours this morning and early afternoon recruits in crime scene investigators look for evidence connected with the murder of lenny harris. police will not comment officially, but according to sources, they are acting on clues provided by lynwood
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johnson. he was arrested yesterday after police say he confessed to being involved in his murder and the disposal of his body in a well in fort washington. we've learned detectives do not believe johnson is the actual triggerman, and are still looking for the men caught on camera using his atm card shortly after his th disappearance last september. he was abducted in alexandria near the rec center where he was last seen. we met antonio taylor year the rec center. he says harris was devoted to young people in the commuteand the community. >> no one thing, he met eight never done nothing wrong to nobody. and-- he ain't ever done nothing wrong to nobody. everyone wants to know why.
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>> why and who? the question remains unanswered. there is a $38,000 reward for information leading to arrest. >> busy metro entrance in downtown d.c. is shutting down for the next eight months. crews were replacing the escalators at the station, which were among the least reliable of the entire system. that will stay closed at through october. it is part of a multi-year plan to upgrade almost 100 escalator's systemwide. troubling >> is about a widely- used form of contraception. pfizer is recalling 1 million birth control pacts because of a problem with the packaging. and suzanne kennedy joins us with all of the details. and >> this is hardly what
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anyone who takes the pill want to hear but it is important information for those trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. >> the most widely-used form of birth control, and now comes word that a popular brand is being recalled. today pfizer announced some of its pills may not work, and could result in the one thing women are trying to prevent pregnancy. george washington university nancy grava says she is never seen a recall of this magnitude. >> if she is taking pills that do not have a sufficient or men in them, she could of the late in become pregnant. to go the voluntary recall is for november 28. they have expiration dates of july 31, 2013-march 331, 24 team. the problem is some pills make contain at inactive amounts of
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hormones. >> knowing that is really scary. it is like, what of mine do not work? i definitely do not want to get pregnant. >> you never know. >> the best advice for medical professionals, stop using the pill and use of back a form for the rest of the month until. >> thank you. coming up, why a family is extending the maryland bill that would extend time drivers have to renew their license. >> historic audio recordings released between president lyndon johnson and john f. kennedy's mother just after the assassination. i>> tonight reaction to a
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television host's death. >>
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>> one downfall to the unseasonably warm temperatures. doctors are seeing a spike in the number of people suffering from allergies. >> pamela brown talk to the exportsed to the experts about why you may be feeling like this and why it may not be going away anytime soon. >> if you suffer from allergies, you are probably not catching a break this winter. the sun is out in temperatures are rising here again to go it turned out to be nice, so we're taking a walk. >> for some this unseasonably warm weather is turning into a headache. >> according to experts come in december was the sixth month owarmest
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month on the record books. >> have one day in january were the afternoon i was at freezing. >> without the deep frost like we normally get some experts say that allergens are sticking around. you can say this year's pollen count marked in red is well above average. take a look at mold spores. >> i do believe a mold is one of the reason why people are having symptoms. >> that has kept dr. bogi busy this winter. >> some allergy sufferers say they are taking extra precautions like weekly shots to keep symptoms at bay. and >>forecasters say the mild weather will likely continue
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through february. experts say that means the high pollen count we normally see in late march and april will come knocking on winter's store a lot earlier this year. reporting live at the tamtidal basin, abc7 news. >> how about you folks? in our facebook poll of the day, 88% say this mild winter has caused them to have more allergy symptoms. only 12 percent said they're not being affected by it. > so even though it is nice and mild, people still have complaints about how it makes them feel. >> here we are. tomorrow will be cooler than today. every once in awhile i go out on
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a limb. an outside still delightful. even though the clouds are coming in, our temperature outside after getting to the high temperature of 72, which was a record, 67. the pollen count, and this is from the folks at walter reed, this team for trees, meaning that is about what you breathe in would you were walking around. unbelievable for february. here we are. temperatures -- current temperatures in the '60s after many spots being in the low 70's at the middle school. was lend a middle school temperatures 71 degrees. here is the mild air not only over us, but a wide area of these, too. although it is getting a little bit cooler. 32 degrees. our temperature right now is only three degrees above where it was yesterday. things are changing.
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and there is a little area of ripple in the atmosphere. here is the area of rain to the south. and i have definitely search around for some snow. nothing for us right now. that is the one spot. you have to go to maine to see the winter weather advisory. here is the weather moving our way now. heading towards richmond and later on, especially you folks in southern maryland will see it. perhaps as much as a half inch of rain. here is future cast. tomorrow morning early in the morning there is the area of rain around the washington area. montgomery county seeing sprinkles. then in back of it, wind will come from the northwest, so that will bring cooler air, but still
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nothing really cool. friday, high pressure around. the next batch of moisture will come our way for a least part of the weekend. not in the form of snow, rain showers. by late tonight the butchers in the 40's -- temperatures will be in the 40's. tomorrow as you head out you need the umbrella and raincoats especially southern maryland. temperatures 47 degrees. then we get into northwesterly wind. afternoon sunshine. temperatures tomorrow still about 10-15 degrees above average, even though below where we were today. sunny day on friday. even as we head into the weekend, we will see clouds and maybe a passing shower, nothing exceptionally cold. we have new logs up on our
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weather page,, and featuring some of the strange things going on. >> thank you. >> we're following breaking news tonight involving facebook. moments ago the social networking giant updated its status from private to public company. facebook filed plans to go public and eventually offer stock. this is the most-talked about since google in 2004. analysts say it could be valued as high as $100 billion. facebook could make the stock market debut in may. >> here is a look at what is coming up in abc7 primetime. catch up on your favorite shows starting with the middle"the middle"
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o'clock. >> coming up. a little girl gets a big surprise on her birthday, and it is the only thing she asked for puritan >> controversy swirling on why the biggest breast cancer charity is cutting off funding for planned parenthood. how >> people from hollywood to here are reacting to the unexpected death of don cornelius
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>> the founder and voice of soul train of for more than three decades, don cornelius, has died. >> we're joined with reaction to his sudden death and look back at his legacy. >> try and find someone who has not heard of soul train. it is probably impossible. early this morning police found don cornelius' body inside his home. he apparently died from a self- inflicted gunshot. >> don cornelius killed himself? wow. >> his show was on the air from
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1971-2006. inspiring several generations. he left in 1993 by then an international celebrity. and >> >> don easton was inspired by him. to go we got together a couple of times. he was a very cool guy. >> his contribution to musicians. >> it is like dick clark for rock-and-roll. >> recently the smithsonian national museum of african- american history and culture acquired several pieces from the show including the neon sign and applause sign, and the infamous scramble board. >> who does not remember this? it should be great. >> it will be.
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currently in stores, the soul train pieces will be on display when the african american history museum opens up. they are breaking ground later this month. >> you just brought back all whole lot of memories. >> photo gallery and clips of his 30 years. and go to >> he said that is how you learned your hit dances. and take a lot of memories. still to come, -- >> maryland drivers would not have to renew their licenses for eight years under one bill, but one family calls that a deadly idea. i will tell you why coming up. >> eviction? what depiction? occupy protesters may be ring ring
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 on your side. >> proposal by martin o'malley could cost you hundreds of dollars each year. >> this afternoon he said he wants to move forward with adding the state's 6% sales tax on gasoline sales. this tax would be on top of the state's 23.5 cent gas tax. he acknowledge the proposal does come during tough economic times. >> i know this is very difficult
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to ask but no one else will do this for us, except for us. >> with today's prices, this would hike the price of gas by 20 cents per gallon. it would be phased in by 2% per year. republicans are criticizing the proposal. >> the bill would allow for more time in between drivers license renewals. greta cruises in the newsroom to explain why the families are against the idea. >> they oppose because they say five years in the vision test fail to get a bad driver off the road making it eight years will be even worse. >> he was very talented. susan collins says her son might still be alive in maryland have stronger driving laws. the 20-year-old john hopkins student was struck and killed last year riding his bike and
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baltimore. police said the 83-year-old driver did not see him. she was issued a fine and gave up her license. >> were very close. he was my little brother. >> family testified against the bill that would allow the renewal to be every eight years instead of five. to go>> we need to find new ways of delivering services. >> many drivers say would save them a lot of hassle. >> long lines. the less time to be there. >> they fear longer licensed periods make drivers even less accountable. they want a new amendment to take computer test for reaction time recall, and other driving skills. the efforts are fueled by losing
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their son and brother far too soon. >> i am always hoping that we can make some changes. >> more and more states have upped it to eight years. so far there is no data showing any increase in accidents. if the bill is approved, the long curve license fee would increase from $30 to $48. >> thank you. taking a look at the day's top stories, d.c. police fire and drug enforcement officials are investigating a suspicious fire in a northwest apartment building. authorities say it appears a makeshift lab sparked an early morning fire. investigators seized a bag of fertilizer. no one was injured, and there have been no arrests. >> investigators are looking for more evidence in the murder of lenny harris. lyndon johnson tipped off
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police to new clues. his body was found last week. >> pfizer is recalling 1 million packets of 28 packaging pills. this has inadequate hormone levels that could lead to pregnancy. >> no more sleeping on mcpherson square. park police officers are keeping an eye on the camp. so far no enforcement. we're live to explain why. >> right now all of this is caught up in semantics. take a look at the sign, and it clearly says camping prohibited. look around here, and it looks like people are camping. but apparently a tent is not the camp unless you are sleeping in it. >> ofprotesters appeared inspired today by a small court victory. a judge has ruled park police will not be allowed to evict the
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protesters without a hearing and even then they must get at least 24 hours warning. to go i think that is a huge victory for us. the ruling comes just days after park police were expected to begin sweeping tents. the judge ruled park police cannot remove the tent because they're considered personal property. >> that is really exciting. >> park police are enforcing some rules. it is illegal to camp out so officers have started patrols to make sure no one is sleeping inside the tents. they arrested this protester this morning. the congressman released a statement in support of this move. most people who work and live near the occupied part seem to consider the movement and
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normal part of that protest mentality. to g>> as long as they're not bothering anyone, they're free to hang out there i guess. >> many of the protesters do admit they are spending the night out here. you can understand why folks want to get a lot of these people out here. >> we're going to take a back from you. we want to get a check on the traffic situation. >> dealing with heavy delays on northbound 270 as you make the trip from the belt way to clobber road. delays start to ease up. let's take a look of the beltway right now. still dealing with a pretty significant delays on to 495. this is the georgetown pike. college park to win over also
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sing delays route 1 at eisenhower avenue. also slow traffic on the outer loop if you're going to drive growth it become it is live from annapolis down to the greenbelt metro. >> coming up the first lawsuit is filed after the cruise ship disaster. find out who all is involved. >> ofthere is no place like boys town. we will show you why the parents are thi--[inaudible] >> way to repor
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>> teenagers depend on their families for a lot whether they want to believe it or not take a look at how boys town parents help raise young -- strong young men. take my name is thomas. and i am 18-years-old. and >> thomas is living proof it
5:41 pm
takes a village to raise a child. >> they are role models in my life. without them, i do not know where i would be. >> thomas says living with them and boys town was a turning point in his life. and>> their honesty, support, and the thing i needed they were there to provide for me. the unique family treatment program provides a safe home for kids 13-18. >> hubert and shawna look after six boys. there life>> they raise them in their own home on the boys town campus and said the have high hopes for each child. >> i want to be the next president. and the next fix something
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because they have opportunities they need to do that. >> thomas says they plan to do just that. he is majoring in psychology with a 3.0 gpa. >> that is the ultimate reward. the greek citizens and husbands and fathers. i am satisfied. >> there is proof the boys town family living model really works. 75 percent of juvenile that have minor offense records do not leave -- do not offend after they leave the program. if you know of someone who should be recognized, send us your ideas on facebook. >> there were perfect candidates. and coming up next on abc7 news at 5:00, find out who is cutting funds for planned para hood and how could affect breast cancer patients.
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and historic tapes released for the first time. hear what the johnson said to john f. kennedy's
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>> hundreds of passengers on the sunken cruise ship are now filing lawsuits. close comes two weeks after the liner capsized off the italian coast, killing at least 17 people. another 16 are presumed dead. the lawyer called the $14,000 that the company offered as compensation uncertain. , a form of oil is now leaking from the cruise ship. >> new audio tapes reveal a devastating moments after john f. kennedy's assassination. lyndon b. johnson tries to control -- cancel the president's mother. take out [inaudible]
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>> the john f. kennedy presidential library is releasing 45 hours of secretly- recorded meetings and phone calls in the final months of his life. the last of more than two wondered 60 hours in meetings and conversations before his assassination in november, 1963. the nation's leading breast cancer charity is severing ties with planned parenthood, and that is striking outcry from abortion rights activists. they said they have adopted new guidelines that bar it from giving donations to organizations under congressional investigation. and because of that it will no longer give money to planned parenthood. a congressman is investigating planned parent to decide whether public money was improperly spent on abortions. >> a six-year-old girl got the ultimate wish come true.
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>> bailey was in the middle of her presentation about her favorite things when one of them walked right into the classroom her dad. adam page surprise her on her birthday, giving her a big hug. >> the only birthday p present i wanted. >> it sounds like a movie script. >> he is home from serving in afghanistan. it will be the first time he has lived with his family since bailey born. take a nice time coming. enjoy. today more than 350,000 students in 30 states participated in the first digital learning day. i got a chance to serve as moderator hosted by the museum. in included live interaction with schools across the country
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here ye. it allowed teachers and students to come together and explain innovative technology in the classroom. >> very interesting. we would like to remind you that we will have a new person joining the abc7 news team. he will join cynee on "good morning, washington." so excited to welcome him. it all starts tomorrow. >> did you see that smile? it says i love waking up early in the morning. >> let's see what is coming up on the 6:00 show. to g>> a major announcement on afghanistan today from the defense secretary. we will see what he had to say. also, a busy day on the campaign trail. security arrangements have change for mitt romney.
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why the fight for the nomination could stretch out for months. those stories and more coming up the 6:00. we will see you soon. >> we're going to see some changes coming to this lovely weather. >> i am sorry. you do not get a vote in this. i wish i could. today was in the 70's. this was from pensacola florida. look at the ugly skies and heavy showers coming through in the pensacola area. this is the southern edge of an area of low pressure you can see moving through tennessee. also the first parts are moving into the southwestern part of virginia. tomorrow morning do not take along the sunglasses or sunblock. i think you will need umbrellas especially folks in southern maryland. some folks could see happen inch of rain -- could see half an
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inch of rain. a drier evening rush hour than the morning rush hour. temperatures tomorrow still above average in the fifties. that is 20 degrees above today. that will be the trend as we go on into the next seven days. not anything dramatically changing. a lot of sunshine on friday. a wet morning tomorrow morning. >> the first wednesday of february is always national signing day for high school football players. maryland had a solid day. the turks signed 24 players. i will break all stock for you coming up the 6:00. the biggest and most prominent recruit is a goldeeddy goldman. >> in front of a packed room of
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his peers and pop televisionnational television, he made one of the biggest announcements of his lifetime. to go out this year i will attend florida university. >> he is the top-rated defensive tackle in the country. he narrowed his choices to alabama, auburn, and florida state. >> they trust him i trust them. well he may be a beat on the field, he shies away from it off the charts. >> he does not really like all of this. he is just trying to get the day over with. >> he admits his decision was cup and took a while to make. his family quickly picked up that tradition. >> tom hawkahwak chop.
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>> national signing day reports coming up is 6:00. meanwhile, hockey. here he comes. are you kidding me? the drive through his legs on to the blade of the stick. great skills. that is why he has our play of the day. way to go, oliver. look at that. >> lot of practice there. that is so funny. >> keep an eye on him caps. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, the controversy continues over the new wildlife law that some says
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>> what should happen to
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wildlife that happens to be found and removed from your home? >> that is a debate going on between d.c. and virginia officials. sam for joins us to explain why there is such a controversy brewing. >> stop ours are trying to work out a meeting with d.c. and maryland officials that seem to be concerned about the new wildlife protection law, concern and may have something to do with shipping animals to their jurisdiction. they say it does not. we learned today the impact is costing d.c. homeowners who have a problem with a wild animal in their home a lot more to get the animal removed. >> they cannot break up the family. >> at first virginia family is calling it the d.c. law applied to wraps. >> that is totally preposterous. >> did say gray did not like
5:58 pm
that -- vincent gray. >> he now wants to stop dc from sending nuisance wildlife into virginia. john, who straping service operates in maryland, virginia, and d.c. says it is already illegal to dump animals in either state. he says his problem requires work that is very costly to homeowners to save it nuisance animals. to go there to bring up electrical wire, destroying their homes -- >> they are chewing up electrical wire, destroying their homes, and i cannot use my devices. >> just because an animal is trying to get into a house to survive and stay warm, it does that mean they should be tortured. >> the trapper said jobs in
5:59 pm
virginia and maryland that would cost consumers about $250 to remove an animal may cost in the thousands because of the work they have to do to keep from injuring the animal. as for the summit, with maryland and d.c. officials, no date has been set. >> thank you. that is all for us here at 5:00. a busy day on the road to 2012. and we have the latest. plus, one of the busiest metro entrances shut down. and you could almost call this a heat wave. unseasonably warm temperatures this week, but how long will it last? abc7 news at 6:00 start right now. >> live, and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the first day of february and the first day of spring. we


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