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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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with sunshine. not quite as warm as yesterday but still well above average. 43 in frederick. notice rain showing green on the radar screen. we have areas of light rain and even in south maryland, where the bulk of the moisture is, stretching down to northern neck. sky will clear around lunchtime. high temperature of 57 this afternoon with a lot of sunshine later on today. tomorrow a little bit cooler with sun. let's go to lisa with traffic. >> around the belt way, a lot of rain and road spray. you're going find plenty of traffic starting to wake up as far as interstate travel. let's go live to our picture of i-395 across the 14th street bridge. more to come on the traffic side but now news. >> we begin with the search for a suspect behind a bold crime. >> the man accused of going
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into ketcham elementary school and sexual assaulting a student. >> d.c. police said a man boldly walked into the school with no authority or sprigs and sexually assaulted a student inside. >> usually you would think the student in school is safe. that was a safe spot. not anymore. >> this allegedly took place before parents picked up their students. the man inappropriately touched a young girl who immediately alerted a teacher. >> a school spokesman said dcps is treating this matter very seriously. we are working with m.p. dombings make sure we have the best protocols in place to prevent a further breach. >> oh, my god, a elementary school? really? that's terrible.
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>> john gonzales. investigators hope a clue will led them to finding who left a baby to die in washington. she was discovered on january 15. the child was abandoned outside a channing street home in the cold. police have made a public appeal for information in the little girl's death. >> another misstep by republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he is trying to clarify remarks he made about not being very concerned about the very poor. >> good morning. democrats are going after mitt romney for what he said, but they are not the only ones. so is his top opponent and fellow republican newt gingrich. speaking of gingrich, it appears he will be getting a big political push today. sources say donald strump expected to endorse him. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix
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it. . >> the statement made during an interview yesterday with cnn. >> i think there are lots of very poor americans who are struggling who would say that sounds odd. can you explain it? >> he said what meant is while he is concerned with all americans, rich and poor, his focus is on the struggling middle class, but critics say this latest misstep shows he has a hard time relling to everyday people. voters in our area appear divide. >> i think in this situation he is saying we have to focus on what is really going to make a difference in america overall. >> does he know what it is like to be poor? does he know any poor people, really? >> at least one of his opponents said it reflects a billionaire businessman who is out of touch. >> i'm running to be the president of all the american people and i am concerned about all of the american people. >> mitt romney trying to move on from that comment. he and the other candidates are
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now toing on three state which is hold caucuses or primaries next week, colorado minnesota. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 your election station for completes coverage of the presidential race. for updates any time go to >> president obama will gather for annual prayer event to discuss matters of faith. several groups will hold an alternate event called the people's prayer breakfast. 5:04 is your time now. >> still ahead on "good morning washington". new information on the war in afghanistan when the white house is proposing to end u.s. combat operations in that country. >> also pennsylvania known for its groundhog day tradition.
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>> folks up early for that one. we'll check your traffic and weather ev [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banki. standard at citibank.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citink popmoney. easier bking. standard at citibank. >> some folks living in oklahoma and texas got an unexpected light show last night. there it is coming off the left hand side of your screen. if you watch that, that little
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ball moving across the screen there was most likely a meteor. you're not going to see that every day. >> wow. >> expect a huge show this morning in punxsutawney, pennsylvania where clouds will gather to see if phil the groundhog will see his shadow this year. >> according to the tradition, if he sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of wirpt and if he does not, spring comes early. it is not considered the most accurate tradition. are >> there is a new one they are hoping to get organized in dupont circle. it is going to be first ever groundhog day celebration featuring, ready for it? potomac phil. >> very nice. so we have adam caskey standing by. with all of this clouds, it is unlikely that he will see his shadow. >> shadow. shadow. we want winter. i want wirpt.
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two years ago today we were focus one of the snowmageddon snowstorms. let's take a look at doppler 7. rain in charles county. in virginia, a little bit left over on 95. damp roads all around the metro. even if you in your location don't have the rain falling at this time. notice this next batch of rain on the heels of the first batch. that is going to move on and give us some rain up until 11:00 a.m. and then the skies will clear. we'll have a pleasant afternoon. 57 and sunny later on today. tonight cool. temperatures dropped zpwune the 30's. lovely day but not as warm. back zpwune the lower 50's. still above average. average high by the way is 45. as we look ahead to the weekend, fairly agreeable. maybe a brief shower early sunday.
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otherwise near 50 saturday and sunday. another look at the seven-day coming up. >> no shadow. no shadow. other side of the aisle here. live we're going to take you to some pictures and show you beautiful ride around town. i don't have any accidents to report on the west pavement. i just selected these pictures. we're concerned about the condition of the pavement. 29 in maryland. over to the belt way on colesville road. back to steve and cynne. >> lisa, i'm with you. no shadows. we're going to outvote adam here. it is 5:10. >> changes on the way for a woman seeking an abortion in virginia. what a proposed bill would require her to do before terminating the pregnancy. we want to protect the house. right. but... home securits systems can be really expensive. to save money, we actually just adopted
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>> 5:13. investigators searching for a man who walked into a southeast d.c. school. it happened yesterday afternoon. parents want to know how something like this could happen. d.c. police hope a new clue will help them find the people who left a baby to demy the cold last month. they released a picture of the blanket the girl was wrapped in. that girl later died. mitt romney under fire for his comments about the poor. he told cnn he is not concerned about the very poor because they have an ample safety net. he said he is devoted to helping middle income people. >> at least 74 people are dead after a roy yacht at a soccer game in egypt. hundreds of others >> r-injured.
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at least one fire there. this is the worst case of soccer violence ever in egypt and the deadliest worldwide since 1996. >> we are getting a better idea of what's next in the war in afghanistan. they expect to end their combat roles next year. >> the u.s. military and nato want to end their combat mission in afghanistan a year ahead of schedule. the obama administration has is the a deadline of 2014 to end the fighting, but defense secretary leon panetta hopes the mission will shift to an advisory role in 2013. president obama painted an optimistic picture during his state of the union address last month. >> the taliban's momentum has
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been broken and some groups in afghanistan have begun to come home. >> it has raised concerns about what will happen in afghanistan once coalition troops pull out. the reports suggest the tal bran confident they will be able to take over. -- tal bran confident they will be able to take over. mitt romney slammed the defense secretary for publicly revealing u.s. plans to tend combat mission early. >> he announced that to the taliban hears it, the pakistanis hear it, the afghan leaders hear it. why in the world do you go go to the people that you're fighting with and tell them the day that you're pulling out your troops? it makes absolutely no sense. >> no plans will be final until a nato meeting in may. >> 5:15 now. on the hill today, the nation's national security leaders will discuss threats against united states.
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the director of national intelligence and the f.b.i. and c.i.a. directors will even the before the house intelligence committee on national and international security threats. d.c. is the nation's fifth top terrorist hot spot. sparks could fly when attorney generic holer heads to the hill to attorney general eric holder . the documents on fast and furious. the panel's chair said holder will behold held in contempt if they are not turned over. >> the bill requiring women to have an ultrasound before they get to an abortion, the house is expected to pass the tpwhill the coming weeks. virginia's tebow bill is now a step closer to becoming law.
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a house panel approved the law yesterday. it would allow home schooled children to play varsity sports. tebow was home schooled in florida but was allowed to play football at a nearby high school. it is expected to pass. >> you know you're big time if you get a law named after you. just three days away from the super bowl. the nfl using social media now to help fans on game day. >> microsoft slams google's privacy policies. microsoft is running full page ads in major newspapers saying the privacy guidelines don't benefit users. they suggest using hot mail and bing services instead. it is not certain whether the game will be profitable.
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the nfl is using social media to help 150,000 fans expected in indianapolis sunday. it is monitoring 300 key words on 2013, facebook and other sites. the staffers are ready to answer questions such as where to eat and which parking garages still have spaces available. >> you know twitter is going to be on overload on sunday. >> the weather doesn't matter this weekend. nobody is going to be out. >> we could have a little shower or two on sunday. not a big deal. don't worry about it. >> it is great to have you here but i don't know if it is going to work out between two of us. >> we do love it. >> two years ago today we were forecasting the first february snowmageddon story.
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anyway, 71 yesterday. feels like spring. my daffodils actually bloomed in my backyard yesterday. hey, it is february. february 2. should be happening in a month from now. going to be warm today but not as warm as what we have had over the past couple of days. still well above average by 15-20 degrees. some areas of light rain moving through town. heavier rain further to the south in the northern neck of virginia. one of my weather watchers called in with half an inch already. you can see 301 from brand quay wine southward, damp. strass burg, east of woodstock front royal, we have some light little sprinkles moving off to the east. here is the wider view. we have the second batch of
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rain that is going to follow the first batch. this is going to move through later on this morning and just give us a few more areas of light rain. after that a beautiful day today. back to the sunshine and temperatures well into the 50's. even near 60 in spots. especially south of town. 49 in d.c. martinsburg. hagerstown checking in at 44. tomorrow closer to 50 degrees. locally, i think in the lower 50's. maybe a passing shower, especially sunday. we still have some wet roads. >> yes, i'm not going call it a beautiful commute. we'll call it uncomfortable but doable this morning. 95 in virginia, you're always the hottest tic ticket in town northbound out of fredericksburg. good right now in maryland along 95 and live we'll take you to a picture of traffic in maryland just kind of selecting some of the secondary roads to
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show you the pavement wetness starting to increase. >> 5:20 is your time. looking at 49 degrees. >> a major disconnect for connecticut. can you hear me now?
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>> quick check on sports now. 5:24. question is how close are the washington nationals to being a serious pennant contender? yesterday a baseball publication ranked their farm
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system the best in the league. plenty of help on the farms, the nats are not going to play league doormat anymore. believe it or not, it is almost baseball season. just a few weeks away now. the nats pitchers and catchers report in florida. >> feeling like spring. spring training around the corner. here is the rest of this morning's sports. >> john thompson 3:00 slept well last night baze the hoyas won with defense. when georgetown plays defense they are really hard to beat. georgetown controlled the game from the get-go. thompson hot from the beginning. thompson ended with 18 points. here was the exclamation point. henry simms. bam. not in ourous. georgetown beats them 58-44.
5:26 am
uconn's fourth straight loss. two technical fouls for arguing but it got the terps fired up. they went on a run against miami. four threes in the second half. that one tied the score at 69-69 at the end of regulation. the terps then showed fatigue and miami holds on to win 90-86. >> thank you so much. 5:26 now. 48 degrees in potomac. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> still ahead in our next half-hour, an update on a texas woman who asked the president to help her husband find job. did president obama make good on that promise to pass along her husband's resume? >> this morning parents wonder how a student sexually assaulted inside her own school. >> and we're tracking some areas of rain this morning. i'll let you know how long the
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rain w
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>> be safe. rilingte right? that was a safe spot. not anymore. >> straight ahead, a man walks into a school and sexual assaults a young girl. the search is on the suspect. good morning washington. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday, february 2. i'm cynne simpson. happy to introduce my new co-host. >> i'm steve chenevey. hope you're off to a good start this thursday morning. of course adam caskey is up first with a check on the forecast. i'm guessing the rain is still falling. >> grab your umbrella.
5:30 am
you'll need it just for the morning hours. later on today, a lot of sunshine and a good chance of clouds. well above average temperatures for this time of year. we're baby stepping our way down in terms of temperatures. a lot of rain out there in southern maryland. a few lingering light sprinkles hanging on. the rain starting to gather and organization around front royal. more rain in west virginia that is going to move through up until 11:00 a.m. theand we clear around lunchtime. high temperature 57 and even near 60 in spots. >> we had an accident moments ago on 270. it is near democracy boulevard. for the time being, no one is getting through. northbound 270 in the rush hour near democracy boulevard.
5:31 am
virginia, everything is passable on 66. 9 5, 39 5, good on the green way and the dulles toll road and a live picture here. now back inside. >> our top story this thursday morning, an alert for parents in southeast washington as police are looking for a man who entered a school and sexually assaulted a student. >> this happened at ketcham elementary yesterday. john gonzales is live at the school and joins with us the latest. >> good morning. school officials tell us it does not appear this man has any connection to the elementary school in southeast d.c. but somehow he was able to walk into the building during school hours when the building is normally locked. this morning parents students and teachers will try return to some normalcy after a young girl was attacked. it was around 3:30 yesterday when the man walked in with no authority and unsuper vidse and
5:32 am
sexual assaultly -- sexually assaulted a student. the man fled the scene. school officials said the young girl was not injured during assault and they immediately swept the building. this morning police are still looking for the suspect and police are trying to figure out how something like this could happen. >> very concerning. thank you, john. a d.c. police officer is recovering after being hit by a car yesterday while on a motorcycle. now she was part of a police escort for the motorcade for the president of georgia. they stopped traffic to let the motorcade pass by. a woman then drove her car around a bus and hits an officer. her injuries are not life threatening. it is unclear if that driver will face charges. >> job growth in the d.c. area is heading in the right
5:33 am
direction. it fell last flont 5.9% to 5.8%. the labor department said the federal government lost 3900 jobs in that year period between december 2010 and december 2011 but the private sector created more than 13,000 jobs during that same period. >> turning to the 2012 campaign republican presidential candidate mitt romney getting plenty of criticism about his comments about the poor. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it need repair, i'll fix it. >> he made the comments in an interview with cnn just after his florida primary victory. he tried to clarify his words saying he is concerned about all americans but focused on middle income families. >> a key vote in the house impacting thousands of local workers. house approved a bill yesterday freezing the wages of federal
5:34 am
employees for a third year in a row. many democrats object to the freeze. president obama is expected to propose a half percent nike federal employee wages in his proposal. -- hike in federal employee wages. >> a woman said the president followed through on his promise. she asked the president for help on monday. she said the white house told her that the president sent her husband's resume to contacts in the dallas area and he has already been contacted by several recruiters. virginia's population is growing faster than the nation as a whole. it finds the commonwealth grew by 1.2% in the last couple of years since the 2010 census. virginia's growth rate ranked 13th nationwide and it was the distribute coming in at number one. -- district coming in at number one. >> two great places to live.
5:35 am
still ahead on "good morning washington". it was a shock to music mans. they are now mourning the -- music fans. they are now mourninging the sudden death of an icon. >> we are remembering the legacy of the creator of "soul train," don cornelius. >> coming up, we're going to check up with thenologist punxsutawney where the crowds are gearing up for the appearance of phil the groundhog. >> we have a check of your
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hyperextension one of the most misdiagnosed diseases in the country. >> good morning washington. >> and good morning to you, washington. 5:138 your time. time for a look at traffic and weather. >> let's check in with adam caskey. are you sure this is february? >> i need to check the calendar. really i do. my daffodils fully bloomed yesterday. yellow daffodils in the backyard. confusing me. we'll start out with rain and then have the sunshine late in
5:39 am
the afternoon. it is just starting to gather off to the west, shenandoah valley. i-81. stretching all the way into northern fauquier county. locally, we'll get a little break for a brief period this morning and then more rain up until about 11:00 a.m.. then the sky clears and it becomes a beautiful day. 57 this afternoon. 30's tonight and cooler tomorrow with sunshine, 53. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> ok. a live anywhere the geico camera northbound after democracy boulevard but before the point everybody melds back together. traffic merging on the 270. northbound, all traffic should bail out at old georgetown road or stick with the belt way and
5:40 am
avoid the left exit. cynne and steve? >> thank you, lisa. 5:39 now. the man who trained some of the biggest names in boxing has died. >> angelo dundee died while surrounded by family at his home down in tampa. he was muhammad ali's corner man in his greatest fight and worked with sugar ray leonard and also worked with george foreman. >> i wish you love, peace. >> singers and fans remember the creator of "soul train." 75-year-old don cornelius. los angeles police found him yesterday in his home. he died of a gunshot wound that was self-inlittle bit ined. he was pronounced dead at the -- that was self-inflicted. "soul train" aired until 2006.
5:41 am
they was first host and the executive producer. >> a lot of questions into what led to the death of 25-year-old singer lesley carter. she died yesterday in upstate new york. she was the sister of aaron carter and former back street boy nick carter. the family released a statement and said they are grieving and requested the utmost privacy. >> so young. >> without a doubt. >> february 2 already. >> yeah. coming up here. the capital bike share program about to expand. which cities will be added to the list. >> and new details about the death of amy winehouse.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, for five years local residents kept alive a lost dog who lived in the woods.
5:45 am
tonight we'll have the story of titan the dog. tonight titan is tame and looking far new home. join us for his amazing survival story tonight at 5:00 . >> checking our top stories. parents and investigators want to know how a man would walk into a southeast d.c. school and sexual assault a student. the man inappropriately touched the girl. the girl is said to be doing fine. the suspect rpgs though, is still on the loose. the house approved a bill that would freeze federal employee pay for a third year in a row. it also prevents congress from giving itself a raise. the u.s. and nato want to end their combat in addition afghanistan a year ahead of schedule. president obama and his administration set a 2014 deadline to end the war but the defense secretary wants to
5:46 am
shift to an advisory role in 2013. >> cam rass outside drew freeman middle school columbia park elementary in landover. john bayne elementary in capital heights. the capital share -- bike share program is expanding. the "washington post" reports bike share stands could be set up in bethesda, silver spring, tacoma park and maybe even more locations. there are coronner who oversaw the inquest into amy winehouse's death has resigned. her husband appointed her to be london's assistant deputy si coroner.
5:47 am
she had been registered as a u.k. lawyer for five years. -the-investigation into winehouse's death could be reopened. newt gingrich has been sued for using a song at his campaign event. the composer is complaining he didn't get his permission. romney is facing the same issue by rapper k'naan. he was dismayed that his tune was played at romney's primary victory. he said the campaign didn't ask for permission to use the phone and even if they did ask he would have said no because he likes somebody else. >> hit with a shower of flour. he was giving a speech at a podium when a woman ran on
5:48 am
stage and dumped a bag of flour on him. the woman said she was unhappy with the socialist party and that she was afraid for her life. he is now running against current president nicolas sarkozy. >> if you're heading to the super bowl this sunday, congratulations. hope you have a good time. super bowl 46. one devoted fan will be in the stands arrest as the giants taken to patriots. >> he has never missed a super bowl. if he looks familiar, you may have seen him in a visa credit card commercial that ran last year. he is from maine is actually a patriot fan. >> you knew he wasn't going to miss this one. >> this is a big one for him. >> doctors are seeing a big spike in people suffering from aling allergies. december was the sixth warmest
5:49 am
month on record. the pollen count and mold spores are still well above average. >> i believe that the mold spores are one of the reasons people are having symptoms. >> lots of sneezing. >> looks like allergy sufferers will get little to no relief. the mild weather expected to stick around for a little while. >> it is amazing, in my neighborhood, i'm noticing some of the trees are already blossoming in the beginning of february. so strange. >> daffodils and tulips. they are blooming and growing. >> in a couple of weeks, we could be buried under snow too. >> i remember april. it could happen again. but not any time soon. that's the way we're looking now. some areas of rain to talk about outside early this
5:50 am
morning. if it was cold enough yesterday, we would have picked up an inch of snow. if it was cold enough now, we would eath add another couple inches. just dealing with the rain. lisa baden is happy covering just the wet roads. northern fauquier county, some light rain. just brushing chantilly and frederick county. st. mary's county seeing the bulk of the rain at this time. marshall virginia, flint hill, front royal seeing rain move on through. we had a batch move through yesterday and early this morning. here is the next batch of rain off to our west. this whole area is going to move on through about 11:00
5:51 am
a.m.. then the sky will clear and lots of sunshine. actually a very pleasant afternoon today. not a bad afternoon. still well above average for this time of year. area of low pressure along the front. that is going to clear out to sea by the afternoon. high pressure is going settle in from the west. look how clear it is. you don't even see any clouds. that's what we will have later today and through tomorrow. tomorrow i'll be surprised if we see even a cloud in the sky. 49 in the district. 49 at dulles airport. cumberland currently 37 degrees. already temperatures are above our average afternoon high. 59 and sunny this afternoon. clearing by lunchtime. a beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine in the lower 50's. we're not talking 70 but hey it is above average for this time of year. >> ty, adam.
5:52 am
>> living social might not be worth what we once thought it was. let's check in again with linda bell. >> good morning. let's begin with living social. it may not be ready to go public on wall street as of yet but we still get a closer look at its financial picture. it is not too rosy. the d.c.-based daily deals startup had more than $5 million in losses last year. its book value is only $671 million. that is a far cry from $6 billion. despite lower defense spending, profits soared 80%. they now see opportunities in military sales overseas. finally, as you both mentioned, it looks like the price hikes at chipolte are here to stay. they said the costs of
5:53 am
everything have climbed and beef costs remain especially challenging. they are still facing ingredient inflation. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> that's going to hit us where it hurts. we have a chipolte right across the street. that's where most people go for lunch. we'll have to cut back. 5:53 now. >> you're watching "good morning washington". appreciate you being with us on this thursday morning. there is a live look at the folks in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. getting ready for phil's presence [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> welcome back. it is 5:55. dealing with some wet roads this morning. >> northbound 270 after democracy boulevard but before everybody kind of melts back together before montrose road. it has been closed now for over 30 minutes. this is a jackknifed truck in this accident we are told. nobody getting through. coming off of the belt way after river road you'll have to bypass that left exits and take the exit for old georgetown road and then you can access 270. river road is another option. if you're southbound, don't freak out. your side is completely open. now back to cynne and steve. >> thanks so much, lisa. we'll definitely be checking
5:57 am
back on that one. mitt romney, it seems is at it again. >> take a listen. >> ♪ america god shed his grace on thee send in snepped >> what do you think? bhelted out a verse just like he did at mooped rally in florida, but he did admit he is not the best singer. [applause] >> if we keep that up, if we keep that up, i'm going to have to get singing lessons because i'm not so good. >> they say the third time is a charm but time will tell if he will serenade supporters. >> coming up, a push for students to eat healthier food at school. >> and lisa baden is coming back to help you navigate your thursday morning commute. traffic and weather when "good
5:58 am
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>> a student is attacked inside a school and how stranger managed to sneak past security n.y. parents are outraged. >> are following the latest in a vote to 2012 with newt gingrich expected to


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